Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dog sitting

As I mentioned in my last post, The Guy was wanting someone to dog sit for him since he had to go to his dad's birthday party, and his dog had just gotten spayed. He wanted to make sure that the dog wasn't trying to pick at the stitches like his other dog did. I can verify that his husky didn't go after the stitches.

When I got to The Guy's about 3:30p.m. he was ready to shut himself in his office to come up with a toast to write up for his dad's party. He put the Glee version of "I Dreamed a Dream" on repeat and blast it through his office while I sat on the new leather chair in the living room and surfed the internet.

Probably an hour later The Guy emerges from the room and asks me to listen to him read his speech. It was good- lots of emotion in it, and he had a hard time getting through it without crying. I was nearly in tears just watching him read it, and seeing him well up. He changes the subject quickly saying we need to go get the husky, and we start the drive over to the vet.

On the way there was a long silence, and finally he said he was unsure he could get through the speech. The subject changed suddenly and he told me he has a burning in his penis that hurts when he has to urinate, and especially when he cums, but there was no discharge like gonorrhea. He asked me the symptoms of gonorrhea and stuff like that. He should know, he's had it before, and we shared personal experiences. He told me how hurt he was and how he didn't know how to tell Robert about this. He said it wasn't like they were exclusive, but telling a partner is never easy, and especially when he feels like there is something more there.

We get to the vet, get the dog, and he is very energetic. The drive back was a fight trying to keep the dog from going all over the car and just sitting still.

We get back home, and I hang out on the bed playing dog monitor while The Guy showers. When he gets out he has issues with everything- pants too small, pants too big, doesn't like khaki, doesn't like the pleated pants he has, likes one shirt better than another, one looks like a blouse, etc. etc. He was such a girl going through his wardrobe trying to find what to wear. He finally settles on the first shirt he put on that didn't look like a blouse with black, purple, blue, and white stripes. He goes with black pants and a black suit jacket. He gets his iPad with his toast downloaded onto it, and he heads out at 5:30.

I run up to the restaurant row in his city with all the expensive restaurants. I always kick myself for not trying them when I'm over here. I was not tasting anything, but the special at the Italian restaurant struck me. It was red pepper ravioli with seafood bisque soup. I was somewhat disappointed- those 2 dishes tasted a lot alike as far as the sauce, and they shouldn't have. The only difference was one had a seafood taste.

After dinner I start on some school work. I have a write up for all of my observations due on Wednesday. I got through half of the observations in about 2 hours. I still have about 4-5 pages left to go. A little later I realize I am horny and decide to jack off. That was fun. After that I showered and got back to my schoolwork. I worked up until about 11p.m.

At 11p.m. I get a text from The Guy asking how the dog was, and I told him great, he hadn't gone after the stitches, etc. He then tells me he went to the ER, there are like 50 people ahead of him, and he hoped to be home by midnight. We texted for the better part of an hour. During this time I get really silly with The Guy- he wanted me to entertain him while he was at the ER. I told him I needed him to because I had 2 lifeless dogs around. I joked he better hurry to be home by midnight, otherwise he may turn into a pumpkin just like in Cinderella. At 1:18a.m. he texts me telling me he is almost done. They gave him a shot in the ass and doxycycline. I was in a light sleep at this time, at 1:18, and just ignored his text. Also during this time I played around on looking for a guy... haha. Met one friendly guy who really amused me ;-)

The Guy gets home about 1:45 telling me how stupid he was for not going, how he feels so bad because he is not sure he can tell Robert, and stuff like that. He tells me everytime he has had sex with Robert they played it safe. On Wednesday night Robert just sucked The Guy a little bit. They've always used a condom for anal. The Guy turned down hooking up with a 21 year old on Thursday night. He doesn't want to lose Robert, and was on the verge of tears of whether to come clean or not. I told him I understand he was hesitant to come clean, but as a partner I appreciate being told about these things from the other person. He hopes Robert won't get it. He told me the only time he didn't use protection was in the week prior with the prostitute/escort that he hired last Friday and had great sex with. We both agreed that was probably when it happened. The Guy went through the Jack in the Box drive through and ordered curly fries, egg rolls, a big burger of some sort, and buffalo wing pieces or something. He eats some of each. I wasn't hungry, so said passed on everything. We continue talking about the events. He tells me the speech went very well.

We try to get back to sleep. I was heading into the office to the couch when he told me to come to the bedroom and just sleep there so we don't have to worry about comforters. We put on an episode of "Law and Order SVU" with a gay pastor who denies he is gay. Good stuff. During this time we have some little issues. The husky is needing to go outside, though I had taken both dogs out about 11. I open the doggy door, and that startles The Guy. The husky takes off his inflatable cone around his neck. The Guy goes out to handle that. We lay back down, and his other dog is wandering around. About 10-15 minutes later the other dog again causes a stir, and is shaking his head violently. He's a big dog keep in mind, and we thought he was attempting to do some serious damage. The Guy told the dog to stop, which did no good. The Guy and I both get up. The Guy cleans his ears. He puts the dog in the office, and we still hear him shaking his head back and forth. We close the door on the office, and that helps alleviate the noise. The dog was not happy about not getting to sleep on the bed. We slept pretty well until 8a.m. or so.

We get up, read the news on the internet, and discuss some of it like the Muslims being upset about the use of Mohammad in things like South Park. We eat some mini wheats. He asks how long I'm going to stick around and determines I'm bound to him for the day. He decides we're going to have a movie day. We watch an episode of Modern Family, The Adventures of Merlin, Law and Order SVU, and then move to "Pride and Prejudice." This is another one of those movies The Guy can recite word for word. We only got through the 3rd hour of the 6 part Pride and Prejudice, but I have a much better understanding of the book now. That was one of those I never read.

The Guy had been talking all afternoon about wanting to buy Robert something for his trip to Chicago this week. He said iPad. I said NO. He said he could loan his iPad. I said fine. He realized his email and everything would still be on it because you need to have your Mac ID to activate it. I mentioned maybe a little travel bag for his deoderant, etc. He came up with a different idea shortly after- a goody bag for the plane. I said that was perfect! We brainstormed things for it- I mentioned magazines, he mentioned gummy bears since Robert really likes those, Goldfish, and CLIF bars. The Guy leaves shortly after to get all of those things. I stayed to keep the dogs occupied. The Guy runs to Vons for those items, then he comes back to put them in a little gift bag, and we enjoy some chocolate cake and vanilla bean ice cream. It was delicious.

The Guy and I start on a quick cleaning spree. A glass bottle had shattered in his refrigerator and the glass was everywhere. The bottle also froze because it was pushed so far back. We cleaned up the glass and then did some dishes. He said he needed a personal assistant and asked me to take his car to the car wash. I said sure. He said he didn't have cash, so he would paypal me some money for that. He gave me much more than necessary. I had a great time. I got to drive his 2006 Honda Accord EX V6 with sunroof and satellite radio. It was a fun spin up to the car wash seeing the type of power the car had. The car wash didn't take long and his car looked a million times better, and wasn't as furry on the inside.

I get back and we watch the 2004 Mac WWDC where they are discussing the Airport Express. We watch that and talk about how smart Steve Jobs is.

About 7:30p.m. I take off since he needs to finish getting ready for Robert to come over. We hug and talk about getting dinner this week. I told The Guy to treat me to dinner rather than giving me money for house sitting. The money is nice, and appreciated, but as much as there are things I'd like to buy with it, I don't. I save my money. Save, save, save. I like money, but to me, I would rather be treated to dinner with The Guy since we can sit and talk, and to me that is more special than money.


Aek said...

Oh wow, The Guy should see a doctors ASAP (if he hasn't already by now).

Anonymous said...

There is a fair amount of drug resistant gono around now, especially in the LA area. Tell the Guy to follow up with his primary care doc even if he has no further symptoms. The doc can swab his urethra and throat, grow some cultures looking for any virulent gono.

Anonymous said...

makes me glad I haven't hooked up in a long time!
Well, I'm all caught up on your blog....I could be a daddy on daddyhunt lol. I've never heard of daddyhunt before, what's up with that?

sunraysian said...

it could be chlamydia?