Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finding some trouble to get in to

The Guy and I had agreed after calling him the other day, and texting him today that we would meet about 3. He texted me about 2:20 and said he'd be home in a few minutes. I met him at his place. I was killing time at the mall.

We meet in the carport and he waters his newly planted plants. He actually watered them. Haha. Then we go in and he tells me about Robert, the guy he is sort of seeing that I met at his birthday party since I was seated next to. I give The Guy the birthday card I've had for him for months (probably 4-5), although he was insistent to not get him a gift. I had to when I saw it, plus although he didn't want gifts at his party, I would have felt bad not. The card said something of "this card has a GPS tracker on it," then you open it up and it says "right now it is right in your hands" and had 3 yellow lights that flashed in sequential order. It was cute, and he got a laugh. I gave him a gift certificate to the chicken/salmon restaurant we like near him. The Guy opens his new HD camcorder he bought on amazon and plays with it. He tells me his husky is getting fixed today, so we should go out and do some things. His idea was BB (Best Buy) and Target.

We go in his office and he tells me more about Robert. He plays around and tells me I need a account since he is actually meeting quality guys on there. I think that's where he met Robert. I did sign up for one tonight just to see what is out there. In my area there was not that great of a selection. I've seen all the guys- it's the same guys on adam4adam, manhunt, craigslist, etc. He tells me about going out with Olly finally on Monday, and how he was texting the entire time they were watching Robin Hood, and texting his coke dealer. He told me last Friday he hired an escort, a porn star, and it was worth every penny, and the sex was great.

We talk about this story, which really made us sad, and touched us. Poor woman. We felt really bad because she is on a limited income and probably how humiliating it was to go to the store and be told she couldn't buy an iPad.

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Soon we head out for Best Buy. He tells me about Robert and how last night something just clicked. It had been building since he gave The Guy a birthday card, took him to dinner, and he is actually doing things for THe Guy instead of the other way around. I hear how Robert is so shy, like me, and how he got that at the party. He said he thought if it were the 3 of us to hang out we'd be good, and would be less shy.

In the store we look for a video camera because The Guy's video camera he just bought was only ok, but he needed another. We look at the Canons for a while, and it was impressive that everything now fits onto a memory card and can last several hours. Insane. Crazy how it has changed since VHS or Hi-8. He was going to get one for $699 it seemed for the longest time. Next we go to the speakers since he wanted new ones for the living room. His had busted somehow, sometime. We go into Magnolia at Best Buy and they had some really cheap no-name brands like Vienna and Canton The Guy was not impressed with. We looked at a pair of floor speakers for $3,000, but the man working told us he didn't have any, and The Guy said he wasn't interested, and that he lost a $3,000 sale because it was not in stock. We toodle on over to the place The Guy gets all of his car audio. There, the man helps him in deciding what the speakers will be used for, how they'll sound different, and how maybe his others can be repaired. The Guy then sees some $7,000 speakers that are an upgrade to what he had in the living room, and asked what they wanted. The man said he'd give The Guy a killer deal- $3,500 for both- $3,500 off- $1,500 below cost. It was a no brainer for The Guy, so he gave his credit card info, and he scheduled delivery tomorrow.

We go back to his place- on the way he calls Zach and texts Robert. He tells about his purchase to Zach. They chat and we get back to his place, The Guy is still on the phone, and is fiddling around with the speakers. He turns down the treble or something on one of the speakers and notices the hard sound was gone that he was experiencing with the speakers in the living room. So um... he doesn't need the $3,500 speakers... haha. We chatted some more about random stuff- birthdays- my mom's and his dad's. I told him about the surprise party for my mom, and he told me about his dad's 70th. He asked about if I could dog sit for him tomorrow night since his husky will be home, and he is going to be at his dad's party. It would only be until 11 and I told him I could get my homework I've been putting off done. He said I could crash for the night on his couch tomorrow. We shall see.

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