Sunday, May 19, 2013

Days of busyness.

Been so busy at work with a new program we are implementing, plus recruiting students for the program I teach has had me putting in many 15 hour days. Little bf time.

I have also been busy doing things. Had a surprise bday party for my bf last weekend.  Contacted his cousin and told her I wanted to surprise him. We made it happen. Drove up to a posh hotel 3 hrs north of us. He was surprised. Had a nice dinner out too.

On his birthday surprised him with flowers and a special vase he had been wanting. Also got him a pizza stone.

Vegas getaway weekend and my anxiety has been to the max. My mom was assaulted, carjacked, and had her purse stolen yesterday afternoon. Sis shot me a text and have been on the phone constantly. My mom is ok - thankfully the man pulled my mom out of her vehicle so she didn't fall face first. She has some bruising, but is ok. Car was abandoned in the parking lot my mom was carjacked in.

Spent yesterday night partying with the bf's coworkers. Glad to meet them. Tonight I did sort of that trophy wife thing - went to a reception and benefit for his work and wined and chatted with important people. Great time.

3 more days of School