Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spending time with the parents

Busy week at work - still have TONS going on. Was supposed to be observed - again - and that never happened. One day.

Since Mike's parents have been here we've been taking them out. It's been nice - eating out every night, and Mike's dad pays. That's really nice of him. Took them up to the mountains Friday night and then came down the mountain to eat at the local French restaurant. Saturday we went to the horse races where we bet on some horses, and lost money. We ate at the fish restaurant we like for dinner. Sunday we laid around all day. Monday we went to the OC to Dana Point and a few other areas.

Been busy moving my money around to bank and retirement accounts too. Good stuff. Specially if it makes me money.

Heading to the gym tonight. Trying to get back into the habit of going. I'm at 155lbs - my lowest was 138. BOO. I feel fat. My 29x32s aren't fitting as well.

My sister, because we all love her, has dropped out. She only had her masters thesis writing class left, and she decided she didn't want to write the thesis. It was too much work. So she decided she would go to school, but not do that. I asked her what the point was if her only class was to write the thesis, and she then decided to leave.

She's applying for jobs in fields that have nothing to do with her major - and calls it working the hard way around, which is admired, when she could have had the silver platter handed to her. She applied for a job at the local country radio station as a web editor for their site. It has nothing to do with her degree. She cries when I put country music on. Hypocrite much?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Updating on me

Been super busy, but I'm still around.

Work has been kicking my behind. Due dates, projects to grade, and planning have been crazy. Principal is making an "unannounced" observation in my classroom tomorrow since I've been evading him for the better part of 2 weeks. NERVOUS AS HELL, especially since it is not a great lesson I have planned with plenty of room for failure. LOL. It boils down to he doesn't want to watch the good lesson, and so I have to half ass with something for tomorrow. I have tried to make it interactive, and it could be good, and he could be happy, but that means my kids have to be on the ball 100%, and I hope they will be.

Mike's parents are in town through the end of the month, which is cool. Mike is probably taking them to Vegas manana. I wish I were going along to skip this observation.

My aunt in Indiana wrote me an email the other day. It shook me. I read it in the middle of class - and the only reason I had my phone out was I was texting my Sister trying to lesson plan with her while my kids were typing their assignment in the computer lab. Here's what it said:

We been writing each other for many years!  I want to ask you a question, please don't get mad at me for asking this!  If its not the case, I'm hoping I didn't hurt your feeling.  Are you Gay?  If your not, I'm sorry for asking.  Please for give me.
But, if you are, I want tell any one and I'm OK with it!  I had a good friend who was, he was my boss when I worked at the Garden Center!  We had some great talks! I do miss him, if he was still around, we would still be friends today!  He tried to cover it up and the day he was going to tell me, and couldn't!  I told him, what he wanted to tell me!  He was surprised, but was happy I knew, because we were friends and it was OK with me! 
I just want us to be open with each other!  So, your open to talk to me, if you wish too!  

Obviously the answer is that I am. I never expected her to be so bold and ask. I have never spoken of girls. I am sure my other family on facebook in Indiana has seen my relationship status, so they probably told her. I have yet to write back, but will.

I need a massage. I got one the other day, at it was amazing. My massage therapist is this chola lady who has tattoos, and man, she gets in and works every muscle. I had such a knot in between my shoulder blade that she worked out, and she said it was the biggest one she ever found in me. It hurt a lot after, but felt good. My legs were also aching, and she worked on those, but I feel like I could use another go around with those.

Hung out at a country bar with my cousin about a week ago. That was fun times.

Wanting to get to Dallas and OKC in the really near future, but not sure when that will happen. Air fare has been ridonkulous as of late.

Need to plan our Mexico Spring Break trip.

Caught up with Gonzo twice over the past month at Starbucks and at breakfast one Saturday morning.

Met Darla Friday night too, but Mike didn't want to go since he was tired after getting home about 3am from his trip.

Well, that's it from the front lines here... how's everyone else doing?

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Been super busy at work - will be for the next month or so... grrr