Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My roadtrip playlist

So I keep getting an email from a reader/start up website about my roadtrip playlist, and well, I like the idea, so here it goes...

Starting with the ubiqitous...

This song just reminds me of driving and the "places"

Yet to be on a roadtrip with this song, but I need to be, soon

If its rainy and overcast out, this is a msut

Another rainy must

Now if My Partner is in the car, we must add these:

Austin!!! The only song, ever, that Blake should sing.

Unfortunately I just found myself having to sell my tickets to DC. DEVASTATED.

And love my Kandi Burruss

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I've had my cell phone number since at least 2007 - a good 9 years - and I have no plans on changing it.

Unfortunately at that time when I was young, dumb, and seeing anything horny, I would give out my phone number to potential suitors. Ever notice how numbers in our phones never seem to disappear? We always store those numbers.

I've had numbers of hookups stored, but they're all gone. They were years ago when I realized they weren't coming back. As for me, I'm still dealing with suitors from the past.

Remember Chris? He added me on linkedin. There are several others who have added me on facebook like Ry, a guy named Dom, and more. There was the principal of the local Catholic school, who was a flight attendant, he added me tonight.

I am not worried - we are professionals - that was years ago - all of these people have never texted me. It's interesting. We just follow each other on facebook and ignore the past.

Has anyone else experienced that?

Thursday, March 3, 2016

TBT Music

I remember thinking how creepy this music video was, and annoying the song was, but I caught it on 90s on 9 the other day on Sirius XM, and well, its been in my mind ever since.

I woke up with this song in my head this morning and couldn't remember his name, I knew it was Josh, Josh Groban, Graves, all sorts of things came to me, but it wasn't until a half hour later or so I remembered.

Went to the chiropractor and got adjusted yesterday. I feel amazing again. It is crazy how horrible my posture is, how once I'm adjusted I can really feel the difference.

Have a 2 hour massage next week.

My stupid principal is on the shit list right now - he's ignoring my emails and changes the subject when I talk to him about my comp hours and taking 2 days off. He's such a hypocrite.

I had my 3rd fight of my teaching career break out in my room today. I had one my first year, I had 2 big girls my final year at middle school, then this one. Why would 2 girls that hate each other sit next to each other?

It's been a shitty week on the shit scale, it was definitely a 10 out of 10. I found myself drinking and inviting the new VP to the local bar for a drink. Tuesday night I came home and made super strong Manhattans. Tonight I needed another drink.

Oh, and tomorrow night is drinky night, as termed by the new VP. The security guy, accountant, the female science teacher who doesn't brush her hair, and myself, are all hitting up his favorite bar for drinkies, as he put it.

The VP dated my cousin's best friend. I learned more about him and her than I ever needed to know. It is crazy. He's a nice guy, so I'm considering him a friend and he invited me, and he's paying, so why not?

Does anyone listen to 50s on 5 on Sirius? Brenda Lee and Connie Francis are every other song I swear, which this one is a nice diddy.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

On being too valueable

You'll recall my last post about my principal saying I am "too valuable." That phrase has been in my mind for the past week. I do work hard when I am at work. I do try to do my best. I know there's room for improvement. I could listen to the kids more, I can do more checking for understanding with my students, I can integrate more technology. There's lots of room for improvement.

I recognize I'm valuable as a team player, in helping kids learn, in helping the school's mission. I guess too valuable shows I'm versatile, but I feel like there's other teachers who could/are as valuable. My roommate is as valuable as I am - no doubt in my mind. She is as proficient, if not more, in technology. She has more experience even in the new role as she has done that job prior. She isn't being called upon, though. There's another teacher who is working on articulation agreements and public relations with local colleges, she is definitely valuable. Maybe I'm just overanalyzing the situation. I guess part of it too is that I'm a favorite, and well, I am surprised, considering I don't ass kiss, and am constantly critical of the principal/VP.