Monday, August 27, 2012

Rough Week

Tuesday of Last Week -
Went home to visit the family and get shots. Not a bad evening - I know Mike was a little disappointed I didn't come home.

Wednesday -
Mike texted me he was getting in at midnight and back at midnight. He walked in around 11:30 or so and I was long gone - fell asleep a while before he arrived. I was tired.

Thursday -
Up early, made some small talk with him, and he got up too, to give me a hat he bought me the previous weekend. We made plans to meet up for dinner. After work I left as quickly as I could to drive down to the south OC to meet him and his coworker, M, whom I'd met before. She was so excited to see me, as I was excited to see her too. Mike suggested we go to the beach for dinner, and head that way. Hit some traffic. Talk about my day. I had a girl get her period for the first time ever in my class the other day if that gives you an indication of the day that I had. 3 glasses of wine and mussels and other seafood. It was nice to chat, flirt, and make fun of Mike/him make fun of me. We talked about work, college, her kids, California, and more. After dinner we put our arms around each other and headed to get dessert. I got fudge and when Mike saw a toy that was appropriate for me, told her I needed it, and she bought it for me. I thanked her. We get dropped off at her hotel, back at my car, at about 8:30. We tell Mike we still could use a night out, but he was tired, and in pain after his rib. We drop his rental car off and head home, chatting about random stuff.

Work was long, got out, and we hung out at home. Talked to The Guy about trying to make plans this week, but his health scare has prevented him, and his boyfriend was getting his wisdom teeth out. We made fish and veggies for dinner, and rice, since Mike was napping when I arrived. We did go out for dessert, and we had some treat - I forget what. We go to bed about 10.

Mike is up at 6 and I sleep in until 9. We shower and then get dressed. We go to the pet stores in his city, the next one over, and then we go to the shelter in RC. We go to the shelter by his house and a few more. We go home and look at kitties. Pizza for dinner.

We get up, go to breakfast at McD's by his house, which was so slow and disappointing. We head to the pet stores this time looking for litter and food, but it was all so expensive. We decide to go to another shelter and end up at one with a beautiful 7 week old siamese kitty. Mike said it was mine and we went to WalMart for some prepping things like a crate and food and bowls. We talk about the kitty and the plans all evening long while I lesson plan. We go to bed about 9 after I pick out my clothes and he packed for his trip. Talked about my concerns of bringing the kitty home alone.

Long day at work. Kids are out of control. Admin is not in control. My kids are good. Long day. Drama over a few activities at work. Out of work, call my mom, and it turns out my sister's dog died today, which crushed me. The dog was at the gate this morning and my dad had to convince her to go and lay up on the grass, then my sister was getting ready to go to school when she again refused to move from the fence. When my dad got home from work he took the dog to the vet since she seemed off, and she had a stroke and died on the way. I'm crushed. We've had the dogs 11 or 12 years and both are/were very active. Both are sisters who can't be separated. When they were being spayed they had to be in the same crate because they couldn't stand being alone-despite being in pens next to each other. My dog knows something is up and is super lonely - I know it is only a matter of time for her. I thought my dog would die first given the number of health issues. Oh well, had to persist and get to the vet. I was not looking forward to it, but the kitty put a smile on my face. Got its nails trimmed, took it home and played with it in the office. It has been a bittersweet evening.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Broke my boyfriend

Busy weekend... here's how it went down

Got out of work at 7 on Friday night. No bueno. Principal and admin have a new field trip policy that left my coworker, Sissy and I scrambling. Mike was a little ticked I was home late. He hadn't even packed! We went to Olive Garden where we had some pasta and really bad service. The neverending pasta bowl was good. Our main course came when we finally got our wine. We get out about 9:30 and head to the movies. We saw the Meryl Streep movie, "Hope..." whatever the title was. It was cute. That was a true Meryl Streep classy porn movie... hahaha... that's what we characterized it as. The movie was over at 12. Walking out I was harassing Mike over something and he was harassing me over something, then he thought he should kick me in the ass, so I thought I should trip him. As I tripped him he leans over and goes falling in the pavement. I catch him before he goes down. I felt horrible and told him that. Dropped him at the airport. He told me as I was driving home via text he thought he broke a rib. I told him I hoped he didn't, and sent well wishes. I was really worried about him and didn't want to drop him off at the airport feeling like that.

I stayed in bed until 11- My BF did call me about 10 as he was driving to his parent's house and that was nice. He was in pain, though from the night before. I was still in bed. I slept all night, and I hadn't done that in weeks- probably a month. I was so nice and refreshed. I got up and went to Target and the outlet mall. Apparently a student of mine saw me there. Didn't see much. Went to the other mall up the street, the outdoor one, and then headed to LA to visit Sissy. She was in LA and thought we should meet in LA to do some work, so crazy me drove to LA to meet her. We worked until about 7 or 8 and then she figured she should head over to see her family, so I get ready to go. She had an idea that we should sweeten the principal up, and took a trip to Sprinkles for cupcakes. I texted blog reader Bruce to see if he was in WEHO, since I figured I was in the area, and sure enough he was. Made plans to meet and hung out at Micky's with a friend of his. It was good catching up. It was crazy to see 2 kids I went to high school with in the bar, Sean O, and Steven. Sean was a year older, but he sat off my gaydar in HS, and whenever we see each other we kind of stare each other down and then pretend the other doesn't exist. I was getting pretty worked up with the go-go dancers and the flesh they were showing. We left about 12:30 or so. Head to my car and head home. Had to stop to get gas in Pomona... GRRR. Home about 2:30 and bed about 3. Did I mention stopping to get gas is my least favorite chore? It isn't even just paying for the gas - it is the time, having to touch that icky pump, and the weird people around.

Mike shot me a text early in the morning to talk about how he was in pain, like a workout pain, in his chest. He said he would go to the doctor if it still persists later this week when he gets home. I spent the day vacuuming, dusting, went to the store for stuff for dinner, made dinner, and lesson planned. Busy and productive. Spent some time with my NJ wives.

Up for a long day at school - it was pretty good.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Getting into planning

I need to plan some dates for Mike and I. We tend to go to our favorite restaurants over and over. We have neglected a few of them, so I have a few dates planned.

Next time we will visit our favorite steakhouse.

When the weather gets cooler we will go our French restaurant.

One friday afternoon I plan to send him a text, tell him to be ready for me when I get home, and to be dressed up since we are going to a fancy dinner at a restaurant I know he has wanted to go to, but is very expensive. I want to swing that one as spontaneous, but also for a special occasion. We have I guess our anniversary-ish- as I don't know how long we've been going out. I would say we went to the next level about December nearly 2 years ago. Craziness! WOW! I've known him for almost 2 years - we started talking in probably September 2 years ago. I may, in the middle of next month, say that we've known each other for about 2 years, so need to celebrate.

I also want to go see my little cousins in Ok, as well as best friend, so am going to try to swing that for Thanksgiving Break.

Still need to track The Guy down and his boyfriend to do something with my BF and I.

Need to go with Blondie from work and her girlfriend on a double date.

Of course I am going to need a happy hour soon with my Sissy.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We are going to go see them!!!

It was an expensive purchase, but worth it.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Away.... wheeee!!!!


BF made it back after travel delays that prevented him from coming Thursday. I had an ok day at work. I was exhausted, especially since the heat is taking everything out of me. Again 90 degrees in my room. I came home and took a nap while my BF played on the computer. I woke up about 5:30-6, then we headed out to dinner somewhere - can't remember where. We came home after dinner and I went to bed about 9:30. My BF stayed up. 


Woke up at 8:30 and showered. We plotted out our day, then packed. We drove down to DellMar in SDiego. We used the rental car he had, which was nice, a top of the line Taurus. We discover it isn't very cool down there - 88 and humid didn't beat the 110 and humid in Mike's mind. I was fine with it. We walked to Banana Republic and found a crepe place after where we sat and enjoyed a bottle of white wine and savory/dessert crepes. We go back to the hotel and our room is finally ready - we were in a deluxe hotel that was hundreds of dollars a night, but nothing out of the ordinary from a typical hotel room. Mike was disappointed and fired off some emails at the manager. We were also not treated very well at check in. We rested up and then changed for a night out. We ended up at an expensive $20 per plate sushi, and only 3-4 rolls on a plate. We just had some beer and 2 rolls there. We walked back to the hotel so we could sit looking at the beach. We ordered a bottle of wine and sat flirting talking about his need for animals/buying a rental/vacation home. I told him more about my parents not seeming to have it 100% that I'm moving out. We go back to the hotel about 10 and lay down to relax. I get bad heartburn and sleep upright most fo the night. Boo. 


Up about 8, went to breakfast at an outdoor place where I had eggs benedict. Another expensive meal. We calculated we spent about $200 just on food alone this weekend. We go back to the hotel, pack, and then head to a pet adoption event where the dog he wanted wasn't. We get in the car and drive through the desert to Pallm Springs - opposite direction. We wanted to see what clearance was going on at our favorite stores. We go through the crazy thunderstorms along the way on these mountainous and easily floodable roads. We stop at the fish bar we like, not where we get fish tacos, but the other place. Had a vodka and tonic, which was good, and a few other appetizers. It was fun to go there again - it'd been maybe a year since we were there. Back home I lesson plan and we head to bed about 9:30 when he is done packing. The TV is on for maybe 5 minutes, but we're all over each other, making out, and then you get the idea... 


He left for a business trip. Hot again at work. Feeling bitchy today and tired. It's a Monday.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Working hard and playing hard with my sister

Just a quick update - super busy week. Spent the entire week with my BF at his house because honestly, I was too tired at the end of each night to drive back home.

School started over a week ago, and the 2nd night of school and 3rd night of school we had back to school night. Idiots disguised it and called the first a parent night - parents went to 1 set of classes 1 night and another set another night. We had several parents come, but 2 nights in a row was killer. I had already worked 2 other nights until nearly 9pm at school with my coworker Tagalong. Working until 9 every night was a killer.

My kids this year are surprisingly well behaved. I'm teaching mostly 6th graders. No complaints yet. Hopefully this keeps up, and I'll have a fantastic year. I'm getting jazzed walking in everyday actually being able to teach.

Well, after working 4 nights from 7am-9pm I told my coworker, Tagalong, that we needed to go to happy hour- partly so she could meet Mike. We go to a Mexican restaurant at the far end of town and run into about half the staff from our school, some other teachers from other schools that she knew, and one of our "favorite" student's dads. Of course this was after 3 drinks, but the dad was cool, and he was supportive of us, and agreed after putting up with his son we needed a drink or 3. Mike and Tagalong talked about education and her life, lots of little things, and they came out really good friends. He kept telling me how much he likes her during our time. We left about 9pm when she had to go home to her hubby and kids. She told her hubby and he knows that I am the wild child, and Mike is her brother in law. She calls me her brother. I call her Sissy now. She wrote us on Saturday telling us how much she loves us and can't wait to do it again, and I know we're going to need it.

Oh, and it was 95 degrees in my room today. Damn AC broke. It is 110 outside.

So the weekend was pretty chill, we went to Target and a few other places, to breakfast one morning and sat and talked.

So I'm home for the first time in a week to say hello to the family, but unfortunately I won't get to see my BF until Thursday.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Songs keeping me going

Work is crazy. Thankfully I have music to help get me through...

... And the story of my life... I have 2 lovers at work and 1 at home.

It is so hilarious. I call Blonde Lesbian my girlfriend as the kids always saw us together, and we are close like that. She often leaves posts on my facebook calling me boyfriend etc., or tells everyone we are on a lunch date. Then there's Tagalong, and she's my sister, but for a while, we were seeing each other so to speak. And then the one at home, well, he's just a little jealous of these moments, but a little bit of jealousy is always good.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Tired - Late Nights

Monday Night
- Decorated my classroom all day
- Gym
- At work until 6, then went shopping for my classroom. Got home at 9:30pm

- Up at 6:30, shopping before school
- Decorated my room/lesson planned all day
- Welcome BBQ from 6-9
- Home at 10

Day 1 of school
- Long day. Kids.
- Parent Night

- Day 2 of school
- Back to school night

Day 3 and I'm exhausted with all these parent nights...