Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011


Got to Mike's about 3:30 and we headed to get his car at the repair shop. After the repair shop we go to Chilis where we have great service- bartender remembers us from a few weeks back and was awesome. We have the nachos and chips/salsa. We go back to his place afterward and watch the TV we missed from the week like Top Chef Desserts. We both fall asleep on the couch.

We got up at 7 or so. Mike had to rearrange his flights for work and so he does that while I watch the news and play with the kitties. He comes in when he is done and we take turns showering. He spends the morning cleaning and doing clothes- I had offered to help, but he refused. We go to IHOP for breakfast since I had a gift certificate. The food was mediocre at best. I had the Nutella crepe.

We drive around town after looking at the councilman's house and exploring random neighborhoods. We go back to his place and watch TV. We head out a little later to get groceries for The Guy's party. We get mushrooms, hummus, spinach and artichoke dip, celery, and carrots- a few other basics. I pay for all that stuff. We decide to do stuffed mushrooms with spinach and artichoke dip and hummus with carrots and celery. We go back to his house and have a glass of wine while we arrange the food.

We head to The Guy's about 4pm and get there at 4:30. It was pretty fun. We walk in and there is a lot going on- everyone is in the kitchen. We set our food out and the party is on. The Guy explains the rules- it was a themed night. There was picture taking, judging, then you got to pick your pumpkin, and then you carved your pumpkin. The pumpkins were judged, and those with low scores had to sing for their life. Mike and I stayed pretty reserved mainly sitting and chatting on the couch. We made comments and jokes about random stuff like The Guy's decorating, his walls, and the queeny people at the party. We take our photos together for the judging part of the competition and I had a pretty awesome photo- I got to pick the 3rd pumpkin. Mike had an advanced design he was carving and it didn't turn out so well- his pumpkin caved in- but he was the one ahead of everyone telling them how to carve their pumpkin. He was awesome! The judging started at 8 and our pumpkins were ready to be judged. The Guy was the judge and he shouldn't have picked the ones he did to win. The winner was Zach, his best friend, whose pumpkin was late for the judging. He just did a generic happy face. The gal who did the intricate wolf in moon design should have won. I should have been 2nd, but I was 3rd. Zach won an iPod nano. Runners up got a $25 iTunes gift card and those who had to sashay away got $15 iTunes gift cards and candy. The event was pretty fun, although Mike was mad I didn't win and The Guy picked his best friend. Before we left, The Guy, said how nice Mike was and how happy he was for us.

We chat all the way home about the people there and The Guy's decorating. We both fall asleep on the couch.


Up about 7 to go to Kohls and go to breakfast. WE head to McDonalds. We chat about random stuff like my cousin moving out here from Oklahoma. Mike buys several pairs of socks on clearance at Kohls. We head back toward his place and again do some exploring on the other side of the tracks. We watch some random Bravo show he Tivo'd while I lesson plan for the week. I am feeling hungry, so we head to a sandwich shop that he heard good things about. We wonder why... it wasn't that good. We watch some more TV and relax. I finish reading "The God Box" by Alex Sanchez, which was a pretty good story. I went on gay erotica downloading binge after. I have lots of new readS. Mike asks me if I want to go to New York to visit him for the holidays with his family. Yes. OMG. A New York Christmas!!! CAN IT GET ANY BETTER? I AM SO EXCITED TO MEET HIS FAMILY AND POSSIBLY SEE SOME SNOW... LOL.

We go to Loosill's BBQ for dinner and shop around the mall afterward. We went there since my bf wanted a veggie burger. We had a good time just walking around the mall. He bought a sport coat and polo at Banana Republic on sale.

We go back to his place and he packs for his business trip. We head to bed about 10:30 watching Old Christine.


He is up at 6 to shower and head off on his trip. I wake up at 6:30 and rush to get to work. I got out of the house about 5 minutes than earlier since the shower water was already hot, which was nice since I needed every minute at work today. Crazy day at work. Good day, but crazy.

Home now...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Break me

I feel I am at a breaking point. I am only teaching one subject, but I have 3 groups that are at 3 different levels/spots. 2 are my advanced classes, 1 is my mostly 6th and 7th English learners, and the other are my 8th graders who are a day behind the 2 advanced classes, but are at a different point.

Within these classes, admin wants me teaching something different, so technically it is like teaching 2-3 different preps. Just tonight I have had to modify and change my lesson for different classes. The 2 slower classes need a more intensive reading based class, so I am having to delve into the language arts textbook and basically make my class a language arts class. I am having to write 2 different sets of plans and create 2 different sets of activities. The fact that the students are at 3 different levels my mind is spinning. I

guess it'll just have to be...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Music Wednesday

Favorite songs of the week - no particular era or genre-

I want to win the MYFM Halloween Contest to get to see Daughtry. I'm trying. I want to see him in concert badly.

Not a fan, but someone was listening to him all weekend...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I forgot to mention, but The Guy and I hung out last Monday. I had himwork on my computer. I had a minor faux pas that I was hoping he could correct, but it left him perplexed. A trip to the Apple Store is in order. Mike and I are going to his party this weekend.


Mike and I were texting during my lunch break and he asked if I wanted to go to Yoooosemite. Sure, why not? We'd talked about going. I told my coworkers who were in the room at the time, Lipstick Lesbian, and Hangs on Every Word. They were jealous. I just said it is a perk of a great guy- a guy who takes me where I want to go.

After work I head to his house. I tried to get out by 3:30, but it didn't happen. It was a tough day and I had several battle scars... lol. I am the biggest klutz. Once I am done head to his place. We take off a few minutes later to the airport for a car. We think about a Ford Edge for a moment, but decide on a Volvo XC60 despite his dislike for other Volvos, but we figured if we were going to be outdoorsy, we should go all the way with that AWD vehicle. We go in to change his reservation a bit, then we are off.

We drive to a basque restaurant we went to last time where we both dine on fried shrimp and other fun stuff. WE had about a 30 minute wait in a bar. One guy at the bar, a hick cowboy type, asks me if I was the one hit by a car outside of the restaurant earlier because of my battle scar from work earlier. All Mike could do was laugh. We eat, then as we are leaving, we both use the bathroom. I am walking out and one of the cowboy guys puts his hand on my dick as I walk by him- like he feels my package through my jeans- he has a beer in his hand, and I am walking out to where Mike is. I tell Mike and he just laughs. He tells me I was toasted because I had several glasses of wine. He gets some pleasure that I feel violated. Don't grab my dick unless you are my boyfriend, thanks.

We make it to Frezno where we stay at a hotel for the night. We both fall asleep shortly after we arrive. We are up at 7 on Saturday. We take some time getting ready, then leave about 9:15 to Panera. We go to Fresh & EZee for wood, plasticware, salads, breakfast, and cookies. We also stop at Rite Aid. We are then off to Yoosemite.

It is about a 2 hour drive, but it is fun. We talk and pass time pretty easily. We get to the park and start out exploring at the top looking at the Half Dome and other points of interest. We drive down to the bottom after a couple of hours where we find our campsite and set up for the night. We unload the car and then catch the bus, get off the bus, and make our way to a hotel for a bar. We have awful chips and salsa that we douse in salt and pepper. Then we go across the way for some so-so French onion soup and Caesar salad. I am toasted yet again- or so Mike thought- so we head back to the campsite.

We set up our fire where Mike pours wine, and I am again toasted. We go through 1 1/2 bottles of cheap wine from Fresh & EZee. We talk about my boy scout years as we sit at the fire, his camping experiences, family, and a few other topics. Fun stuff. We are watching fellow campers go to bed 1 by 1. We make it to bed about 10:15, but we play around and cuddle for a while. It was fun to play and know that there was a couple with a kid on the other side of the wall. We were quiet. We both fell asleep until nearly morning. I think I had my hand surrounding him the entire night. We woke up and I was again horny and insisted that we play. He was too, thankfully. We are by now wet and need to shower. We head to the shower. He pass├ęs me the soap and other items as we take our showers. Fun times.

We clean up at our campsite and talk about how "eco-friendly" we were in comparison to other campers- never mind the 4 bundles of firewood. We drive around and check out the big Awahnee Hotel.

We leave about 12 and head to the outlets in Tularee. We stop at Basss so that Mike could get a few shirts since he liked the ones we got a few weeks back. We decide to do a late lunch at Bravo Farms, the cheese place at the outlets. IT WAS SOOOOOOO GOOD, and the guy who served us was so friendly. Indee-in tacos are my new favorite thing.

We get back home about 8 and I stay at his place since I still have clothes around. We watch Desperate Housewives and Real Housewives before bed.


I'm up early for work and shower. I have a pretty good, yet busy day at work. I leave work earlier than usual to pick Mike up after taking his convertible to the repair shop. We head home and watch lots of Ellen on Tivo and have some more wine- I don't get toasted this time. He makes his proscuitto bake again. Delish! Lunch for the week for me! Woo! We both fall asleep to Desperate Housewives about 9:30. We go in and brush our teeth, and I fall asleep quickly after.


I get up and have a fashion emergency. I picked up the wrong pants last week and these pants are 3'' too wide around my waist. I borrow a belt of his and then decided to wear my shirt tail out to fix that. It was no bueno. I felt so dumb.

After work I head home for shots and to visit con la familia. We dine and get flu shots.

So now I'm home and working on lesson plans for school..................... woo.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thanks for waking me up at 3:37

Good morning! I thought I'd blog since I am now awake and have nothing to do. My sister couldn't sleep and thought she would make it a point to let everyone know. She sleeps with her bedroom door open and pushed it shut loudly to wake everyone up to show her displeasure that she was still up I guess, then walked in to tell my mom that my dad was snoring in the living room where he fell asleep on the couch.

So now that I'm up, here's to hoping for a good Friday!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I hope I didn't make him mad

I think my BF was expecting me to be at his house tonight when he got home from his business trip. He asked me when he was on his layover if I was at his house, and I told him no. He texted me when I got home and asked where I was. His texts seemed short after. Ugh. I want to bring it up to let him know I'm sorry- thinking of texting him in the morning, and just saying something like "wish I were there waking up next to you," or something like that to show I wish I were there, or "wish I could wake up every morning next to you." Or should I come straight out and say, "I am sorry about not coming over last night and meeting you when you got home from your trip. I hope you weren't mad," and wish him a good day. Ugh. I hate being the overanalyzer.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Luke Bryan made my day

Got caught up on Tivo with my bf the other night and I couldn't help but notice how Ellen is like a giant promotion for groupon and Tide. That is all she seems to talk about- like "As the Tide Turns?" Giant ad for Tide cleverly disguised.

But the good thing about this one was I saw Luke Bryan's chest, and well, it was hot!

And I love the sound in this new song

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Favorite positions

I feel at a loss - my boyfriend and I tend to not talk about sex and other things - and so I guess this is why I'm blogging about it.

His favorite position is to be held/squeezed as he is fucked, so I lay on my side and we spoon, which is totally hot. I play with his chest as I do that and his dick, but his nipples aren't really an erogenous zone. We've tried missionary once and that wasn't that great. I felt like I was all arms...

Suddenly I feel at a loss of new ways to please him...

I do want to have him ride me one night...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bringing up the taboo

How do you bring up taboos in random everyday conversation with the one you love, such as, oh, I don't know... road head... or sexual positions... or... lol.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kitty psych

It was a fun weekend...


Thursday afternoon I planned to head to Mike's, but some family drama made it so I had to rush home to handle that since my mom couldn't be reached. It was nearly 8pm before I was done


Friday at work was pretty good. I learned and got some clarification on some policies, which was nice.

Friday afternoon I headed over to my love's house. He was starved and was cleaning when I arrived. He was running the vacuum. He put that away and we headed to Chilis for a margarita, chips, nachos, and spinach & artichoke dip. I told him about the issues with my dad on Thursday, the conference for work, and about my favorite lesbians. We went to Ontario Mills after to shop. He didn't say where we were going, but I am glad we did. We went to Marshalls, then I told him I wanted to go to Nordstrom Rack despite it being halfway around the mall and him having to walk. He tried to give me the keys so I could get the car for him.

We go back to his place where we both fall asleep on the couch. He hadn't been feeling too well this week. We go to bed about 11 or 12. We kiss and he holds me as he leans over on me as we fall asleep, which was so romantic.


I had to get up and go to work on a Saturday. I signed up to do home visits for several of my students with 3 other teachers from my department. There were about 15 of us teachers in total. I was up at 7 while someone who didn't have to work on Saturday laid in bed. I showered and headed to work. My favorite teachers were there, so we had a good time. It was really eye opening to see the kids and where they live- a 2 bedroom apartment with 10 people, a relatively nice house, a new house that looked to be falling apart, a house with a ton of dogs in front and windows shot out. It would have been great to see more of my kids. Went back to school when we were done and had lunch with our students/parents.

Head back to Mike's and tell him about my day. He was a little scared for me going on those home visits. We watch "Big Bang Theory," and I text my coworker, Blondie, my lesbian coworker, about going to dinner with her girlfriend. She and her girlfriend had a fight, which put that in jeopardy, but they reconciled, and we went about 5:00pm. We also watched some pet psychologist or cat doctor or something weird like that on Animal Planet who was giving all of these suggestions about cats socializing, so Mike heeds their advice and blocks all of his anti-social cat's hiding places and closes off all of the rooms in the house. She was nervous it seemed, but she was out and about.

Mike and I got to PF Changs at 5:30 and we were to meet at 6. We grabbed a margarita and green bean fries at the bar while waiting for the table. They arrive at 6 and we sit down at the table. A good 2 hours or so of laughs, making fun of each other, and lovers quarrels. We were getting very touchy, had our cute little lovers quarrels, talked about cruises, drag queens, and vacations.

We leave about 8:15, hug, kiss, and then head back to Mike's where he packs for his business trip. He showers. We fall asleep about 10pm snuggled up to each other, which I loved. The alarm goes off bright and early at 4am and he snoozes for 15 minutes. I hug him, see him off, and tell him that I love him while I continue to sleep.

I wake up and do some lesson planning. Woo. I've just been hanging out at his house this morning. The cat seems a little out of place, but so far is out more than usual.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011



WHAT A WEEK... OMG... I HAD AN AWFUL WEEK. I was out 3 days due to jury duty and a conference. I was not happy. I came back and my kids were off the wall. I had to get out of school ASAP, but knew that I needed to do lots of planning during the weekend. I left at 3:30 and went straight to Mike's. He was working on his expense reports for work, so he did that until nearly 5:30 and I created 2 Powerpoints and my lesson plans for the week. It was productive and in an environment I was much less frustrated in. We spent some time chatting about our days, Adam Levine, and how we both assume he is gay despite him dating girls. Sure, part of the reason was to move like Jagger, but Mike is convinced after seeing him on Ellen the other day that it is not the case.

After, we head to the French restaurant we went on one of our first dates to. We had to spend at least $100 to use our gift certificate, so that meant imbibing on a nice $40 bottle of wine, a steak with shrimp, and he had a vegetarian deal. We spent about 2 1/2 hours at dinner- sit down, wine, dine, good stuff. Lots of talk about frustrations at work.

After dinner we head home and relax on the couch watching Ellen. We both fall asleep on the couch.


We both wake up about 7:30 or 8. We shower and eat breakfast about 10 or so. We go to the dry cleaners to drop off our clothes, then go to Kohls to price vacuum cleaners. We also go to Target to look for clearance and don't find much. We went grocery shopping at Fresh & Easy, got a lot of squash, a cake for me to make. I went back to his place and made the cake- it didn't turn out well. We didn't have a cake for dessert as the center wouldn't cook even after an hour +. We had some leftover spaghetti that he made for dinner. We both fell asleep on the couch- we watch the Bravo Top Chef Desserts, Food Truck Race, and more.


We woke up, showered, watched Anderson on Tivo, then ended up cuddling on the couch. He made an egg and bread for breakfast, but then we went back to cuddling. I laid up against him and on his lap for a while until we decided to move. We went to Kohls and Home Depot. We bought an LG vacuum at Home Depot since they price matched Sears saving him $75.

We went to Lake Arrowhead after. We walked around the village and ended up in a Mexican joint where we ate tortilla chips, tacos, and enchiladas. There wasn't much to see and I was disappointed not many of the trees were changing for fall. We went to a few more mountain communities while we were up there just to drive around and see what was there.

Back down in the city at his house we try out the vacuum and discover how disappointing it was since it doesn't suction well. We decide it has to go back. We have leftover spaghetti from the other night for dinner, then spend some time lesson planning.


Up at 6:15 since he had an early day. I had another awful day at work- a headache compounded with an observation, compounded by stress from testing, plus a few wacko kiddos.

At 3:30 I head home to get clothing and visit with my dad for about 30 minutes before turning around to get back at Mike's at 5:15. I come in, put my clothes in the closet, and he is showering. I go in the living room and text a coworker, Blondie, who was under the weather. Mike comes out dressed and we go to return the vacuum. We look at 2 Kohls for the new vacuum he wanted, but they didn't have it, and refused to match Walmart's price, so we give up. We go to Olive Garden for the never-ending pasta bowl for dinner. We enjoy chatting with the guy at the bar who encouraged me to get some pasta to go for lunch- that was nice. While at the bar he buys a vacuum online for less than what he would have paid in a department store.

We go back to his place and watch Desperate Housewives and Pan Am, and sort of doze on the couch.

We go to bed about 11. We brush our teeth and kiss each other good night. He's getting into the habit of saying "I love you" when we go to bed and he was so tired he didn't realize he didn't say it and 2-3 minutes after we went to bed he poked me and rolled over to kiss me so he could say it. Too sweet. I was the one that started saying it as we went to bed... lol.


Back at work and more chaos...