Saturday, April 26, 2014

He's getting married

Remember the guy I was sort of seeing a few years ago, well, several now, Ry? Of course you don't! The past 4 years have been all roses with Mike, so of course you don't. Anyways, we are Facebook friends, so I always see his whereabouts. A few weeks after Mike and I were together, he met his new beau. This guy was pure white trash, and I'm not saying it in a bitter way. He just has that look you can identify as that. So I've watched their drunken stupors over the past several years, their out and a abouts, their proposal, and all their prepping. And today is their big day - they're getting married. I wish them the best.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easing into the new job

So far so good - I'm excited - I have a crazy group of kids. Kind of the mix of high school rejects. The problem kids, stoners, pregnant girls, and kids who did things to get them kicked out of regular school. I've heard more arrest stories than necessary. But you know what? This is a neutral zone. The kids all mostly want to be there to get their credits to graduate. I'm easing into the job slowly, but surely. I get to plan a completely new curriculum next year - I'm holding out with what the former teacher left through the end of the year. I also plan to teach, unlike the previous teacher. This job is going to be MUCH less stress than my former job, and I'm thankful for that. I see it has the potential to be boring at times, but I'm ready to see what becomes...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Job

I have been keeping kind of mum, but it is true. I have a new job. At first I was devastated.

I have posted a lot about the crazy kids, but I didn't post much about the harassment I was facing on a daily basis from an administrator over lessons, management, etc. I could have been the stronger person and waited it out, but this opportunity sounded too good.

I was at district about 3 weeks ago to turn in my transfer form, and saw an immediate open at our continuation school. I figured what the hell, why not? I applied. Shara, the math teacher on my team, encouraged me to apply, saying this is one of those places teachers get hired and never leave. I got a call, did an interview. The interview with the VP was cool, she seemed supportive, and interested. I thought it was a horrible interview - I was all over the place in what I said. I normally interview well.

I did the interview the Thursday before we went off for Spring Break. The Tuesday of Spring Break I got a text from my principal congratulating me. That sent me into a tailspin. I was crushed. I was so devastated I was leaving my great friends at work, which I truly LOVE. I LOVE my coworkers like you would not believe... lol... sounds so cliche. I knew that when it was a midyear transfer, if you got the position, you had to take it. I had perpetual anxiety and was up until at least 2am for several nights thinking about this. That was my every other thought. It helped to hear Mike say that I could always stay where I am, though I knew that wasn't true.

The Monday we came back from Spring Break I was apprehensive all morning. I met the principal, and she was genuinely happy for me. After sharing with several friends my anxiety decreased. Everyone has been supportive and happy for me, we have vowed to remain friends.

So today I met with the English dept. head at the new school. I was put on the night schedule - ice - 12-7pm. I am not a night person. Grrrr. But she was so nice and supportive. She showed me how it is mostly packet work, but she does teach lessons at least 2 days a week. WOW. How easy. So much less stress. I get to choose the stories I want to teach as long as they hit the standards for common core. WOW. I am now somewhat excited... hoping it will turn out well...