Friday, February 29, 2008

Meatloaf round 2

The Guy called me at 2p.m. right as I was walking out of class. He was talking about how he was very Jack McCoy at work today (a reference to "Law and Order.") He was preparing a legal document and the wording was really technical.

He told me I should come over. I had a meeting I was supposed to be at the high school I tutor at 3p.m. for a mandatory meeting. I obviously said screw it. The Guy and I talked in the car as I decided I to drive over. He was in traffic so he hung up a couple times and called me back. It was funny. We talked about random stuff- idiot drivers, cars around us, work, and family. The Guy was so annoyed by traffic he made his drive so much more complicated than if he had just come home on the 60 freeway, but hit traffic in Rowland Heights, so he took surface streets up to the 10, the 10 freeway was crowded, so he went up to the 210. That explains why I got to his house before him. Had he stayed on the 60 or 10, he would have been home much sooner.

I stopped to get drinks at the liquor store and met him at his house. He called me as I was pulling in his carport to say we were going to try meatloaf round 2 tonight. He was at the grocery store getting ingredients. This is the first time he spent less than $100 at the Farmer's Market. The Guy calls me and tells me to go in his house and he'll be there soon.

I let myself in, go to the bathroom, talk on the phone with The Guy. We talk on the phone until he gets home and as he walks in the house. Then we ask how each other's day was and talked about random stuff, then I said I had to go and then we hung up our phones. It was pretty funny. We put the groceries away and he warms up some bean soup he had made on the stove the other night. We do the dishes also.

The Guy then gets out the vacuum and vacuums the living room and kitchen. Then we trim his dog's nails. He uses an electric sander on them (it is small- don't worry). He has a big dog though. I hold the dog's back end while he works on the front nails. He kept rubbing his ass in my face. Then The Guy talks about how he wants new carpet or hardwood floors. We go in the office and he pulls up He finds some hardwood floors he'd like for the house. Then he goes to Empire Today and sets up an appointment on their website for 1-3p.m. tomorrow. We made the meatloaf and talked about following recipes and other random food related stuff.

The soup is ready by this time, so he pours some for me and him. We go to the couch and eat. We turn on "Law and Order." It was good soup! After the soup The Guy laid down on the couch and told me how his feet ached so bad. I gave him a foot rub. He told me about going to the gym last night and meeting his trainer's girlfriend and talking to his trainer who is obviously questioning his sexuality. He admitted to used to liking and checking out men. We snack on the meatloaf, which by the way is DELICIOUS. The Guy did random things like buy a new $6,500 Mac desktop for his office to replace the one he currently has that he is going to take to work. He also bought a new video card and Mac Mini. Then he pondered buying a PS3 for his living room. He asked if I wanted to go to Best Buy and do it. I said sure- if he wants to go.

We didn't get that far. We ended up in the bedroom laying down on the bed with the dog. We lay for about 15 minutes, then he says he is going to bed so I say I'm going to take off. He gets up and goes to put the meatloaf away. Then he gives me the "yucky ass poopy" tapioca pudding he bought at the farmers market and didn't like. I leave his place at 9p.m.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mike's current favorites...

Justin Timberlake- "Until the End of Time"

Chris Brown- "With You"

On the annoying/overplayed list we have Kenny Chesney's "Don't Blink," "Low" by Flo Rida, Pat Green's song "Way Back Texas," anything Brad Paisley, and "You Still Own Me" by Emerson Drive.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What your candidate's political logo says

Interesting read on what the candidate's political logo says and the message it conveys.

Couple hours of play

The Guy texted me asking me if I wanted dinner yesterday. I said sounded good and see him in a while. He called me to stop at Stater Brothers to get dishwashing detergent tabs.

I get to his place and he has spaghetti going on the stove (with buffalo meat, pork, and hamburger). He also had romaine lettuce salad in a bag he was shaking up with vinagrette salad dressing. We ate and it was really good. The Guy even put the peppers from the other day that were so hot in for a little kick- he only used 1/4 of a teaspoon of peppers though, thankfully.

Afterward we played WOW on the couch and watched "Law and Order." The Guy and I couldn't play together, but I didn't complain. It was fun to just be with him and everything. We played until about 9:40 and then The Guy declared bedtime. I was on AIM and didn't know it. He starts im'ing me, though I am sitting on the couch next to him. He says "hey!" later he starts his famous "since you are up..." will you get me this? I asked what and he said the remote. HAHA. It was over nearer to HIM on the coffee table. I did get it for him since I didn't want to watch CSI.

I left about 10:00p.m.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Best friend in Mississippi knows!

The best friend from Mississippi knows. There is no doubt. We are talking, so that must be a good sign. I think we will remain friends; it will just be hard for him accept and take a long time for him to.

I think a lot of it is that he is hurt that I am not straight like he would like to think; and is trying to convince me I am. I have a feeling he will hold that above me for a while.

Secondly, he was mostly joking around when we were talking tonight, which since it was online I'm not sure if he was being funny, or he was using it more as a defense mechanism. I was telling him about going out with certain friends and he had to ask whether or not they were gay or straight friends. I told him about hanging out with my "gay friend (The Guy)" last night and we made a meatloaf together. He told me making a meatloaf of all things was the height of gayness.

-- In another completely unrelated note, my coworker Trish was fired. Gonzo and Darla are keeping me up on all the gossip at work. One of the reasons was she went through and regraded notebooks and tutoring logs from kids that I had already graded because she said I am such an easy grader. Mrs. C said Trish was out of line because I'm one of the toughest graders. Mrs. C said all of us tutors are equal and Trish disagreed, so she left.

Dog food with tomato sauce

The Guy was im'ing me while he was at work on Saturday. He told me to meet him at his house at 1:30- he got off work at 1:30, which he didn't tell me. I got to his house at 1:30 as he was getting off work, so he told me to go in and walk his dog. I walked his dog and we talked on the phone to each other while he drove home.

When he got home we talked for a few minutes and then went to the farmer's market for some sandwich stuff. We decided meatloaf sounded a lot better, so we bought all the ingredients for meatloaf. The Guy kept asking me what went in it and I said hamburger, bread crumbs, brown sugar, worcestshire sauce or ketchup, and onions. With The Guy, you never know what to expect. You expect him to go all out when you cook something, and this meatloaf was no exception. We bought mushrooms, cilantro, onions, couscous, bread, eggs, chipotle peppers, buffalo meat, hamburger, and ground pork for the meatloaf. We also got grape leaves, chicken nuggets, brie and bread, and other healthy stuff.

We had fun getting all those ingredients- there was a rude older lady who told The Guy while we were looking at eggs to "make up his mind already, she needs to get her eggs." He was at the side of the egg cabinet and she wanted right in there and didn't have the consideration to say please- only move and make up your mind. We joked with Jennifer, the awesome checkout lady, who we like to check out with when we go there. She is a heavy set, older, blond lady with wavy hair and cat eye glasses. We talked about the catchy songs they play in the store (mostly oldies), how The Guy wouldn't want to look like any of the people who shop there (really old and wrinkly or fake looking), how the woman who told The Guy to move was probably the one who will come to the register talking on her phone and forgets 5 things she came for, thus holding up the line.

We go back to his place and make the meatloaf. It was fun doing that. We snacked on grape leaves and chicken nuggets while waiting for the meatloaf.

The meatloaf came out and the guy dished out some for each of us. The Guy put sooooo much pepper in it, it was hard to stomach. The Guy didn't think all this pepper would do anything. I did. It is pepper, it is hot, and a lot is not good. The Guy thought the meatloaf had good flavor, but in all honesty reminded me of dog food with tomato sauce. We only had a few bites.

The Guy sat on the couch playing WOW on his level 60 character. I couldn't play with him because he was too high of a level, so I just sat with his legs on me and we watched "Law and Order." We watch about 4 episodes.

After the 4th episode The Guy's dog is laying on me- head and paws. The Guy puts his legs on me also. Then he puts his legs on my head and pushes my head toward his dick. I pull down his pants and suck him for a good 10 minutes or so. We make our way to the bedroom where he fucks me with me leaning over the bed, then he flips me over and fucks me. We roll around on the bed and I suck him some more. Too bad I didn't get off.

We go back to the couch and have some brie and bread. I leave about 10:00p.m. because I was falling asleep.

Friday, February 22, 2008

He has to know

Talked with my best friend over AIM tonight. He was asking me about some random girls he met he thought were hot. Something came up while talking is that I can never tell him anything good about girls- only why a certain girl is wrong for him. I've been right about all of his ex's... go figure. I made a comment later that I'm about ready to give up on girls. He said he was too; but I meant it in a different way.

I brought up going to a gay club with Gonzo here in my city and all the hot people there. He told me how nasty that was. I said that Gonzo encouraged me to go- which there is partial truth in that statement; it was her wanting to go and me too. Then he asked why I did and I finally got the words out- not I'm gay, rather I am questioning my sexuality. I felt that was safer.

His responses to the club thing were negative:
- tell Gonzo "sorry, but, I don't like having a dick shoved up my ass"
it's ALL about the pussy
-just sit down, watch some NON-GAY porn, and relax
PLEASE don't question your sexuality
you know pussy feels a LOT better than ass
plus, if you happen to LIKE ass, get a girl that will let you do her in the ass

Now if I had the balls I would have said girls just don't turn me on. I like guys; but it has been such a difficult thing to admit to him; especially since he is so homophobic.

He had a response later "If you ever turn gay, I swear"

Later he was stereotyping all gay guys as being flaming gays and stuff like that. I asked him if he knew any gay guys and he said "no, only that queer Matthew Sheperd." That sent me over the edge- he was on the phone with his mom at the time, but as soon as he was off I was on the phone with him. On the phone I was mad and said I take offense to what he said because I am questioning my sexuality, that it is wrong to categorize all gay guys like this since many are not. There are straight guys who stay closeted their whole lives and hide it, so don't flaunt it.

That shut him up and I said that I'm experimenting right now and at least I'm getting around exploring both sides- male and female, so I think that is pretty good. He reiterated if I'm gay he's going to have a real issue. JR asked what the real issue was since I happened to be im'ing him at the same time. I'm not sure what the issue is- I mean we've been friends 15 years or so, so I think the friendship would last. I just don't know what the issue was.

We resumed talking on AIM and he was telling me how this whole conversation we had tonight was about gay guys and how there are so many signs I'm leaning toward being gay. My first problem is I went to a gay club. My second problem is I bought a Mac last month (sorry JR, B, and K). My friend went on a tangent about how all gay guys have Macs. Then I said I was saving for an iPhone and he said that's another sign because Apple is synonymous with being gay. I just told him those are all false stereotypes. My friend always likes to bring up he bought an HP iPod rather than an Apple iPod.

He went on telling me how everyone in Cali is basically bad for being so open about sexuality and I seem to have jumped on the bandwagon.

At least I said QUESTIONING... right? He's gotta know now...

Edit: Thanks guys for the comments so far. I am debating the "best friend" portion of this relationship. I think I want to talk to my friend more and just let him know where I stand and how I feel, how I don't want to lose him as a friend- then leave the ball in his field where he can choose to accept me or not. All I know is that he believes homosexuality is wrong because the Bible says it is; he believes homosexuality/orientation is chosen; and that he is very homophobic.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Today in my Spanish class I sat next to Anita. Anita never does her homework and doesn't bring her book to class. She is a prime candidate for the teacher to call on her and is called on daily.

Today Anita realized she was about to be called on and asked to borrow my book. I realized beforehand that the teacher was going up and down each row. When I saw that the teacher was at the beginning of Anita's row I began writing answers in pencil in my book in the hopes Anita would read them.

We were conjugating a paragraph from 3rd person present tense to 3rd person past tense.

The sentence Anita had to read said, "tiene que llamar un taxi y llega de mal humor a la oficina." In English that translates to "he has to call a taxi and arrive in bad humor at the office" In my book below the sentence Anita had to translate I wrote "tengo un pene en un taxi y llego con mi pene a la oficina." In English that translates to "I have a penis in a taxi and I arrive with my penis at the office."

I knew Anita wouldn't do the work on her own and was relying on me for the answers. She always relies on who she sits next to.

After Anita read "tengo un pene en un taxi y llego con mi pene a la oficina" a few people looked around at her and kind of giggled. The teacher questioned, "tiene?" "tiene?" The teacher then said "traducir tiene a la tercera persona preterito/translate to the third person preterite" Anita said "I did." Nicole then said "ella dice pene p-e-n-e" and my teacher looked up wondering and explained "no hay pene en este cuento/there is not penis in this story." By this time the majority of the class realized what was going on and were giggling.

Anita looked at me and said that she thought I had the answers. I just kind of stared at her casually thinking to myself that she should have done the work on her own.

Monday, February 18, 2008

WOW challenges

The Guy im'd me about 2p.m. yesterday asking why I wasn't over there at his place. I said I don't know, but I would make an escape plan and be over soon. He asked me if I was hungry and said to pick up something at Bakers Square, then decided on In-N-Out.

I go to In-N-Out, wait 20 minutes in the drive through for our burgers and fries. It gave me time to balance my checkbook, listen to the radio, and call my cousin.

I get to The Guy's house and we eat our burgers while watching "Shattered Glass." The Guy tells me he doesn't know what the show is at first, but he thinks it is true. I keep watching and realize it is Hayden Christiansen and say it is "Shattered Glass" and that I haven't seen it, but have heard about it. We watched that and he talked about how he just watched it because he could rent it on iTunes.

We sit down to play WOW. I get a call from my aunt in Oklahoma about this time. She had called 3-4 times before, so I took the call finally. I went into the office to get away from The Guy and talk to her. I updated her on some family stuff and talked for probably 20 minutes. Then I am sitting at the desk with my hands covering my eyes trying to calm down before going back to The Guy. He asks if everything is alright, if I was crying, and stuff like that. I said I was fine.

He had brought his laptop in the office so I could play on it and he'd play on the desktop. We ran a couple instances with friends of his. The Guy was telling me how he tried to be so nice to me last night and that the burgers from In-N-Out would cure everything, but I just wasn't being nice. I said that's not the case and I'm always nice etc. etc. etc. This conversation went on for a few minutes. I got up and went to the bathroom, came back, and tell him I'm refreshed. I took my nice pills or something to that effect and put my arms around him. Then he asks me "since I am up" to get him a drink" and he went into how I could be really nice and do that or how I could have an attitude. He would love me forever though if I made no fuss about it and got up to get him his Diet Coke. I got him his diet coke and then came back and told him what a nice guy I am.

We go into the living room about this time and The Guy makes bread with brie cheese on it and taquitos with pepperjack cheese on top. I had not had taquitos in YEARS. The dog stole my last taquito as I was grabbing it. We both yelled at the dog and The Guy had me put his dog in the crate to go think about what he had done. Then we played some WOW with his friends again. I had a problem keeping other characters healed in attacks, as well as trying to heal myself. I was busy trying to kill other stuff. Then I fell into ponds of water with brick walls surrounding the scenes, so I couldn't get out. The Guy and his friend Dan who was playing made fun of me for always doing stuff like that, how impossible it was to fall off a ledge, etc. etc.

We played until about 11, then I said I'm tired and walked over to The Guy at the other end of the couch, waved to him and we smiled and waved bye bye to each other.

On another note, The Guy as I have said before buys everything in bulk- from paper towels to toilet paper, to laundry detergent to dish detergent. He buys anything he can on Well, the other day my parents were talking about saving money and everything, so I suggested we buy some stuff in bulk online mostly as a joke. My dad was completely serious however. We priced out Charmin tolilet paper online and Brawny paper towels to start. Buying the toilet paper online- 5, 12 packs saves roughly $15.00. Buying the paper towels saves about $15.00 also. So we ordered our stuff and 2 days later (no we didn't choose the 2 day shipping, rather the free shipping) I get to the post office to pick up the mail and there are 2 boxes waiting to be signed for. I laugh when I think of The Guy and how he is always getting packages, and how now we're doing that in my family. HAHA.

I don't think we'll go to his extreme however, who needs 12 bottles of Tide at once?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

7th grade crush

There is a kid named Dennis who I've known since 7th grade. We had a lot of the same classes together in high school, a lot of the same friends, and stuff like that. Dennis and I go to the same college and have taken 2 classes together. This quarter we have the same film class. I looked him up on facebook one day in class and added him as a friend. I realized he was gay.

Dennis is very introverted and so we never really talk. In middle and high school, he was always reading. The other day however, Dennis was very bold and told me this. He comes up to me one day as we're walking from class. I am wearing black jeans and a black buttondown shirt. He tells me that the dark look works on me. I say something like I'm trying to be dark and mysterious. Dennis says something to the effect of it is sexy on me and works for me. Then he tells me he has had a crush on me since 7th grade. WHOA is all that I can think in my mind- does he know I'm gay? It caught me off guard, so I didn't say whether or not I was. My facebook and myspace both say straight; maybe he just has a good gaydar.

In 7th grade Dennis was a heavyset little kid in my science class. He would always smile and make eye contact with me. He would steal my papers and stuff like that, which I found strange. I realized later it was his way of flirting. In 9th grade in literature we always did group projects together. Dennis is not hot, so we don't have to worry. Anyways, in 10th grade he joined water polo and he lost a lot of weight. Now he is tall and thin, but definitely not my type.

Anyways, we have been flirting quite a bit online via facebook. I am a little hesistant to as everyone on my friend's list can easily view my profile and see; but so what?

Dennis: "thanks for the add."

I changed my facebook status to say "I am excited for Wednesday."

Dennis: What, Mike, may I ask is so exciting about Wensday? - I'm reading Thomson today, very pessimistic about film as a medium. But today is Hump Day, the middle school year, the middle of the quarter, and the middle of the week, so its all downhill from here!


You summed it up so well! Hump day- that's always a good thing- middle of the quarter - middle of the week - everything is downhill!!!

Other little things that excited me about today:
- I got a haircut today
- I filled out my timecard at work
- I got an -ok- grade on my Spanish test and that was my midterm... so I feel relieved... the end is near
- On this fine Wednesday I enjoyed our film class. It gave me lots of time to surf myspace, facebook, and the like. I was paying attention though- I always do.
- As for Thompson, him and I have a date a lunch date tomorrow where I'll learn about his ideas on film and QUALITY TV.

Dennis: don't be so precocious: you make feel hopeless by comparison. But I'm glade you're doing well. Let me know how lunch goes.

"...the end is near."
One can only so many ways.

Me:How are things going for you? Sounds like you are busy! I am too... but I'm trying to be optimistic as opposed to pessimistic.

Lunch didn't happen- Thompson stood me up. Can you believe that? (translation: I left my book at home so I couldn't read on my lunch hour).

Now, unlike you I am further behind because of Thompson.

Dennis sent me a message on facebook:
I feel busy, but I don't know why. I wake up each morning, riverrun to midnight and wonder what I did all day: nothing productive apparently. I see my work piling up each day and promise, "tomorrow, tomorrow," secretly hoping I can hold out until the end of the world.

I'm too cynical to be an optimist for any reliable length of time. I start out each day saying to myself, no matter how ridiculous the cause, "What a lark! What a plunge!" Really it just seems very ironic before noon. But I do find random people and things to keep me happy throughout the day, and that is enough to keep me in the present most the time, beyond optimism and pessimism.

It's too bad about your lunch, though I'm not sure Thompson is the kind of person I'd like to meet. This is getting a bit long so I'll send it as a message.

But don't disparage! Put everything you can't do today into a pile, promise to do it tomorrow, and hope the world ends before too long! My God, that's a desperate view of things, isn't it? Well in any case, this letter distracted me enough so I will not have to worry about it.

Me: How do I respond to that? I don't... and wait for the next message I get from him last Friday.

Yay! 3 day weekend! My midterm for class wasn't very good, but I'm at the point where it would be alright if the world kept going. I liked "Sex and the City" more than "The Sopranos." Maybe I'll rent it one day. Have fun.

Totally agree with you on everything- yay for a 3 day weekend!

My midterm also wasn't very good. A lot of it I felt like I didn't have the adequate knowledge to talk about- like camera techniques, then it was like we haven't had enough discussion on quality TV for me to be able to elaborate as much as needed when it came to explaining how a show was more literary like. Oh well, it is done; I tried, so I'm not going to let it get to me. Something tells me the world will keep spinning.

Definitely enjoyed Sex and the City more... hey... it involved sex... that's a good thing... hot people... good topic. A couple of friends have recently got me into the show and it is pretty funny. Miranda gets on my nerves though. I like Charlotte and Samantha.

Ah, really? I like Miranda. She seems like the most sensible character. Anyway, you've been one of those random people who have made my happy lately, so thanks.

So that's where everything stands right now- decisions decisions. What witty comment can I come up with to write back with? Do I tell Dennis about me? What does Dennis know? I have been trying to hint in my wall posts to him though- instead of saying "hot guys or girls," I said "hot people." I said I have a "lunch date with Thompson." How many straight guys would say that? HAHA... it's all good... not worried... just kind of enjoying our comments back and forth to each other

The challenges continued

The Guy im'd me about 11a.m. yesterday asking if I was ready to be subjected to more of his verbal abuse. I laughed and said yes. Then he asked me if I'd run to the store for him for some hamburgers, chips, cheese, and cheese to snack on. I go to the store and spend $40 on practically nothing just those 5-6 items.

I get back to his place and we snack on the brie and bruschetta bread rolls I got. We watch "Pay it Forward" and both end up crying. Then we get into WOW. Things go well to start and do for a few hours. Then about 5p.m. or so when The Guy has me help him use his level 20 character to battle in a level 60 character area so he can get good gear/loot by doing this. I accidentally grab a few items of loot he didn't want and things like that. We playfully argue and he makes fun of me. He also makes fun of me for falling somewhere in the game during this and having to have him bail me out.

About 7p.m. The Guy goes out to the spa and we sit out there for a few minutes. I sat on the edge talking with him. We didn't talk about much though. We go back in and he starts the burgers to barbecue. YUM! He has me take all of his dog's poop to the trash and I say eeeeew and I see that's all I'm good for and things like that. He makes fun of me and says I know where the trash is, I always take the trash with such efficiency, and stuff like that. I playfully hit him afterward.

We enjoy our burgers and watch "Hitched." He says that he has been in love several times and never had someone run back to him and how he's just not run backable. Hah

We play until about 9p.m. when the game starts acting really weird and we aren't getting XP for playing. I left about 9:40p.m.

Friday, February 15, 2008

WOW this was hard

The Guy im'd me about 4:00p.m. Friday saying I was supposed to be at his place 20 minutes earlier, and where was I? I played around saying I am glad you know where I'm supposed to be, I am still figuring out where I need to be, etc. The Guy also told me how fat he was because he ate a whole pizza and coffee cake last night, in addition to Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

Got over to his place at 5:00p.m. It took an hour- I did some rerouting due to a sigalert (an unplanned lane closure that lasts longer than 30 minutes due to an accident etc.) on the 10. The side streets I took were packed because everyone else had the same idea to go around the sigalert. The timing on the lights were also off on a couple of the streets backing up traffic even further.

Got to The Guy's place and he was on the phone talking to Mike, the one he plays COV with. They talked about random stuff, nothing of great importance. The Guy and I go into the living room and he chats with his best friend Zach, who was writing a letter to his parents about coming out to the rest of the family. Then The Guy and I chat about putting a new character onto the server he is playing for WOW so I could play along.

We went at a pretty slow pace tonight just hanging around and enjoying each other's company. I was pretty sassy and had an attitude tonight; all in good fun though. The GUy was teasing me for taking so long to help him kill things in the games, he was expecting me to heal him, kill stuff, and stuff like that. It was a challenge. I had a little attitude and am like you're giving me too much to do and stuff like that. He got a kick out of it.

We didn't eat anything- The Guy did have a handful of pretzels about 8:30, which I hid on top of the refrigerator after he told me to hide them. He had me take the Ben and Jerry's and Hagan Daaz ice cream he had leftover home. Yum. I'm about to have some.

I left about 10:30 and got home at 11:20. There were 2 sigalerts on the 10 coming home, which forced me to reroute again.

Edit: I just had some of the ice cream- I went for the chunky money from Ben and Jerry's. Good stuff. I changed my myspace status message to be "Mike is eating The Guy's ice cream. Thanks, it was delicious." I just had to rub it in to him. It will be the first thing he sees when he gets up tomorrow and checks his myspace. haha. Let's hope I'm not disowned... haha

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Clubbing with my cousins

At the birthday party last weekend my 23 year old cousin and I talked about going to a country dance club out here because Wednesday night is college night. I thought it seemed like a good idea. Last night at 9p.m. I get a text message asking where I was. I said at home, ready to go to bed. She said I needed to come because all of my cousins that I haven't seen in 4 years or so because of family stuff were there.

I finally get there about 10p.m. I call my 23y.o. cousin and my cousin who is my age (21) comes out to get me and gets me in the VIP entrance. My 24 year oldcousin comes up to me wasted, throwing herself in my arms saying how I'm the last one who can carry on the family name and became really emotional. She broke out into tears when she saw how anorexic I looked. I just laughed, and thought in comparison to her? I have lost weight, but I'm not anorexic and am more toned. We go in, find my 23 year old cousin who called me and she introduces me to her friends. I had met 2 of her friends since they were in theater with her. Then there was one guy who was with her named Don who was very cute.

So I met all of my cousins and we just said hi, things are great, etc. etc.

So here are some random thoughts from this...

- 4 female cousins are great because hot guys are always trying to pick them up (it gave me a chance to kinda dance with/see other hot guys)
- there were tons of hot guys there
- there were about 10 guys I recognized that I went to high school with
- having something to drink gives you an excuse to dance with people of the same sex - not that I would know... hehe
- I danced with my cousin's hot male friend Don. There was lots of grinding and ass tapping
- I only did the above because my cousin encouraged me to loosen up
- My cousin's friend had the most amazing eyes and hair
- grinding and dancing close to my cousins feels strange
- seeing the wild side of my cousins is fun
- lots of drunk, straight guys don't mind dancing with you after a drink or 2
- At midnight I was dancing with my 23 year old cousin who wanted me to come last night, dancing to Garth Brooks' song "The Dance." Then she kissed me on the cheek and wished me Happy Valentines Day. I didn't think we were that close.
- My youngest cousin is 18 and just stands shaking her ass, making facial gestures, and calls that dancing.

- Confused on which cousin is which? Me too!

I left at 12:10a.m., because unlike them I have to get up early. It was fun. Definitely need to do this again soon.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We were "Superbad"

I texted The Guy yesterday that I had just got a gift from my boss- a box of Russell Stover chocolate. There is a commercial on TV right now asking what would you do if you got a box of this? I have seen it several times with The Guy and his response was that it is bad candy and he would shit in it. I thanked my boss for the candy, but texted The Guy just cuz that made me think of him. He said he was sorry for me and stuff like that. Then when I got home and online we chatted for a few minutes and both went to our gyms. Then he texted me when I got home asking if I wanted to come over and help him clean. I lied and said I'd love to... haha.

I got over to his place at 5:30. He had texted me at 5:19 asking if I was there yet. I texted him 11 minutes and that is with traffic factored in. Made it exactly at 5:30 like I said I would. He texted me back asking if I'd be there in 10, 12, or 14 minutes. He was out walking his dog and I met him right in his carport.

We began our marathon cleaning spree by putting the dishes in the sink. Then he gave me Pledge wipes to clean all of the surfaces and wood stuff in his house. He was impressed at my skill. He was helping, then his best friend Zach called complaining of a cold sore; so they talked.

After, we ate some turkey and mushroom burgers. It was pretty good, but would have been better with cheese. We sat on the couch watching "Transformers" because The Guy just rented it on Apple TV. We had both never seen it and thought it was pretty good.

Afterward, we cleaned up again by putting some clothes in the washer and putting the cover on his goose down comforter. The Guy just bought 2 pillows for $500. They are goose down, 1300 thread count, Egyptian Cotton pillows.

The Guy had been talking with his friend Ulysses online and said he was coming over. All I could think about was threesome, but not in an excited type way... more like again? Ulysses called The Guy having trouble finding his condo and I was wondering if The Guy had really met Ulysses before.

Ulysses came in, we both hugged, and then chatted. He was 5'8'' and 140 pounds (he weighed himself on The Guy's scale). He was wearing a beanie, was latino, and looked emo. He works for a phone company and so we talked about phones like the iPhone. The phone conversation spurred to how they both met. The Guy met Ulysses when he first moved here 5 years ago or so. Ulysses worked in a phone kiosk in the mall. He is now 22 meaning he was 16 or 17 when The Guy met him. The Guy says Ulysses had to lie about his age because he doesn't go for guys so young. He makes sure they are legal.

Then The Guy asked Ulysses what he wanted to drink. He said make it a surprise. The Guy wanted to do margaritas, but didn't have all the stuff. The Guy had tons of oranges, so he squeezed juice from about 5 oranges. Then he had some vodka in the freezer, so he poured that into some wine glasses. We all tasted it and it was STRONG. The Guy then tried to dilute it. He poured some strawberry margarita mix in, which helped. Then he wanted to dilute it further by using sweet and sour. It was a pretty zingy drink.

We went to the couch and tried to find something to watch on TV. We talked about "Superbad" and The Guy had that on his other Apple TV. The Guy said we'd go to his bedroom and sit on the bed like a couch because there are big pillows. He propped the pillows up, then we sat on the bed sipping our vodka through our wine glasses. We were laughing pretty hard because it was a hilarious movie. About halfway through the glass Ulysses became buzzed. When we finished our drinks, Ulysses got up to go to the bathroom. I wasn't that buzzed.

The Guy told me "he's a total bottom boy," "make the move on him," and things like that. HOLY SHIT! I have never made a move on anyone for sex before. I was a little nervous- hell, more than nervous. I need to work on making the moves on a guy. I just rubbed Ulysses' leg for a few minutes, then eased my way to his crotch. The Guy followed what I was doing. Soon enough Ulysses turned over toward me and kissed me. We made out and The Guy got on top of us. We did a 3 way french kiss. HOT! The Guy on top of us felt so hot. Ulysses switched positions, sucked The Guy, then went back to making out with me. We were really into it. IT WAS SOOOO HOT!!! We had tongue going, were squeezing each other, and grinding back and forth. The Guy in the meantime pulled off both of our pants. We got back and spent some time on top of each other, making out, playing with each other's nipples and stuff like that. Ulysses spent a good deal of time sucking both of us off. The Guy fucked me and then Ulysses. Then we went back to kissing, hugging, grinding, and making out. HOT! HOT! HOT! We ended by laying next to each other, me in the middle and Ulysses to my right by jacking ourselves off. I shot 2 loads in a row within about 2 minutes. The Guy shot his load on mine and Ulysses chest. The Guy got us a hot towel to clean off with. We spent about an hour and a half doing this!!!

Overall this threesome was a lot of fun and I felt a lot less pressure. It seemed a lot more natural and I liked it because I didn't seem like an odd man out. That's the problem with threesomes. I like 1-on-1 a whole lot better!

We finished watching the movie and then I went to the bathroom. Ulysses had left before I got to say goodbye. The Guy was in his office and I went over and rubbed his shoulder and told him thank you. He hugged me and thanked me for the sex. He said next time it is my turn to find a guy... haha... no... that's ok...

I left The Guy's house at midnight and got home at 12:23a.m. I FLEW HOME!!! No kidding!!! Usually it takes 30-45 minutes to get home.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

3 in 1- catch-up with coworkers, The Air, and Birthday continued

Met up with Darla and Iman from work yesterday at Starbucks. We haven't hung out in weeks. Actually I planned on coming out to both of them- we work together, but have been friends for a long time; meaning it is not purely a work relationship. One of the first questions they had for me was about my personal life and I was so tempted to tell them. I wasn't nervous or anything, but they had a friend along named Atila. It would have been too awkward for me as well as the friend I'm sure to come out then, so I said nothing is new. I'm remaining celibate. They got a good laugh out of that and asked what I was doing prior. I said the key word was REMAINING.

I called The Guy on the way from Starbucks to say hello and chat because we call each other when we're bored in the car. He told me about his killer workout where his trainer had him lifting weights on the exercise bikes, that he was considering buying a Macbook Air, and that he was about to order Thai food, so I needed to get over there immediately.

I get to his place about 30 minutes later and he had just pulled in the carport also. He was texting a guy in Philadelphia he met on and they just text each other. We went in the house and The Guy realized he had no drinks, so we needed to go to the liquor store. We got some energy drinks, Vitamin Water, and Smart Water. We got to CVS also

We get back, eat the Thai, and then The Guy goes to the bedroom and comes back with $550 of his Christmas money from his parents. He talks about how he had a change of heart on the Macbook Air. He puts the dog in the crate and we take off. In the car, we talk about cars. We talk about how his parents would kill him if they knew his car was still registered to his mom and that it has been that way for the past 4 years. He is going to suck it up and just pay the money to have the registration put in his name. His mom is talking about giving him her 2006 Honda Accord EX V6 for his birthday if it has depreciated enough and she can convince his dad. It has maybe 30,000 miles he is thinking on it. He has his mom's old 2000 Honda Accord EX V6 right now, which he has put 40,000 miles on. We talk about Fords. The Guy used to have a Ford Ranger- random fact that made me laugh. We talk about the ideal car for me- we decide a Civic or a Mazda 3. We talk about what great choices both would be. Then he tells me how impressed he is with me for saving up what I have for a car for myself. Then we see a new 2008 Honda Accord and talk about how ugly it is. To The Guy, it screams old man in a sedan.

We spend forever looking for parking and finally make our way to The Apple Store. It is PACKED. The Macbook Airs are right in the front. The Guy looks, a sales rep comes over to help him, they talk, then The Guy asks what I think. I said I don't know. We walked away and over to the computer software so he could think about it. He walked back and forth several times asking what I thought. He talked to a cute boy with black hair and he said he had it and plays DVDs on it. The Guy was thinking of buying it because he is too lazy to unplug his computer power cord for his Macbook Pro from the wall and getting his computer off the stand to carry it with him, which is why he would spend $1799 to get this. The Guy keeps asking me my opinion and I say nothing. I smile occasionally. He asks why I'm quiet and I said I'm not being blamed for this purchase, that it is his decision. For me it is no problem packing up my laptop to take with me so for me it would not be a problem to decide. The answer for me would be no. He asked himself if he was going to buy it because it would fulfill his need for something new. I laughed and told him he just got the new 32gb iPhone and so that should have settled it. I suggested an iPod touch to save money. Next thing I know he's telling a salesman he wants one. This was the first one the salesman sold. The salesman at the front doesn't help us even though we were next in line- we were standing off at the side like we were told, so he complains to the manager and then we're helped. Going to the car, The Guy asks why I let him buy it; and I said my silence was indifference meaning I didn't care. He said it was me hinting to buy it and I vehemently denied it. It was all in good fun though. As we're leaving, The Guy tells me he is going to fuck me as a punishment for letting him buy it. I said that would be hot; definitely rough. In the car, The Guy is calling and texting his best friend Zach and friend Jeff about his new computer. He was making plans to show it off today.

We get back to The Guy's place, open up the computer and he turns it on. We admire the packaging. Then The Guy turns on the computer and realizes by reinstalling Leopard, he could regain almost 20gb's of hard drive space. I tell him to reinstall it, that it would be worth it. I'm sitting next to him on the couch throughout all of this admiring the computer, holding my crotch, and watching "Law and Order."

The Guy gives me the look he is up to something when he gets up once and I realize he is going to the bedroom. The door is closed. I open the door and The Guy is laying naked on his stomach. I undo my shirt and pants, then get on the bed, lay next to him, and rub his back. He tells me to lick his ass and I do. Then he has me suck his balls and suck his dick from that angle. He was really turned on and moaning. Then he has me get the lube out and lube his dick, rub it in, then my ass. He tells me to get on him and ride his dick, so I do. We do that for a few minutes, then flip over while he is fucking me and then finally end up doggy style until he is about to cum. We shower and I jack off in the shower since he got his pleasure. HAHA. We talk about how we sometimes don't get each other both off. He was saying it was because he was just so excited with his computer.

We go back out and then sit admiring his computer. I leave about midnight. I get home at 12:40a.m.

Today we had a birthday party to celebrate all of the January and February birthday's in my aunt's family. When my uncle called Thursday night we were told it was for my little cousin and my oldest cousin's wife. I knew it was really for my aunt, my little cousin, my oldest cousin's wife, and myself. Why? I don't know why nobody comes out and says we're celebrating everyone's birthday, but that's just how we do it. HAHA. We went to an amusement park out where I live. It was fun to see my cousin and his wife since we haven't seen them in 3 years. They're always going to her relatives during the holidays or my cousin is working. It was nice to catch up and see all the family. I don't get to see them enough. We only see each other 3-4 times a year.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I voted

That's something I always make a point to do; that is not the point of my post however. My rant today was about the stupidest ballots we had to use in my county. The electronic voting machines that I have always used to vote on were outlawed since they are easily hackable. To avoid the whole bubble issue of whether someone meant to bubble something or not my county took to this method- A LINE.

You were to mark with 1 line going across the column yes or no for each issue. If you do more than a simple line, your ballot will be void according to poll workers. IT WAS SO CONFUSING when the poll workers tried to explain it to you, but after looking I figured it out.

This is my handmade rendition of what it looked like. There has got to be a better way is all I'm thinking.

Another weekend away with The Guy

The Guy im'd me at 9a.m. Saturday morning asking me to come over. I had just woken up and told my parents I was going over to The Guy's house to work on Spanish. They bought it.

I got over to his place and he said he didn't know I was coming... haha. We played COV and kept dying because of his stupid friend Mike who kept ditching our group. We got bored about 12p.m. and watched really bad TBS shows that were on. We both sat curled up under the cover on the couch We watched "Sex and the City" and that wasn't bad.

Then we decided about 2p.m. to go get lunch. We went to the farmer's market over by his house that had those EXCELLENT hamburgers he made the other night. The Guy bought a lot of pizzas, chicken, and hamburgers. There was an older man with bleached blond slicked back hair dancing in the pharmaceuticals aisle with a radio next to him. Workers were stopping and talking to him and I guess shooed him to the checkout. While he was dancing though, The Guy and I were glancing at what he was doing and wondering. Then once this guy is in line he is staring at me. It was so evident. The Guy asked me what I did and then the checker began looking and wondering what I did. I just stood and smiled. The Guy and I walked out of the store- the same door as this guy did moments before. The Guy and I ran to the car with the cart as it was raining and for fear this guy would try to run me over.

We get back to The Guy's place and put the groceries away. The Guy barbecues the wonderful burgers for us. That was totally awesome that he did that. Where else can you grill on a rainy day but So Cal? It has been raining 20 minutes before when we came back from the supermarket. The burgers were delicious.

Afterward, we were laying on the couch and The Guy wanted cookies. He wanted to know if I would make a CVS run for Oreos and Dove Cookies. I did and called my parents to say I was going to the backup's house (Steve). Something told me in the back of my mind that I would be spending the night and to stay at The Guy's so soon may appear suspicious. I got our cookies and headed back where we enjoyed milk and cookies on the couch. We continue watching bad chick flicks on TBS. A couple hours after we had enough cookies to satisfy our cravings, The Guy throws out the cookies in the trash so he is not tempted to go back to them (he does this with just about any unhealthy food he buys).

The Guy's dog was insistent on being snuggled inbetween us on the couch, which was absolutely precious according to The Guy.

We play and watch movies until 1:00a.m., then go to his room to watch "Absolutely Fabulous." I can't stand that show, but I didn't complain. I was tired and The Guy insisted we watch, so I let him. We watched 2 episodes followed by "Miss Congeniality." We fall asleep at 3:30a.m or so and wake up at 7:00a.m. The Guy was jealous his dog wouldn't curl up to him and I spent most of the night with my leg and arm wrapped around the dog. About 5a.m., the dog got up to use the bathroom and The Guy curled up to me and put his leg on me. It was hot. HAHA. It made it hotter to be snuggling under the cover with him and the rain pouring down outside with the window open.

Sunday we just hung around the house playing Warcraft and City of Villains. The Guy's mom called needing help with Microsoft Excel, so The Guy spent about 45 minutes helping her while I finished watching that Barbra Streisand movie "Behind The Glass" or something.

We go back to the Farmers Market for lunch and call Aaron to see if he is hungry and what he is doing for Super Bowl Sunday. The Guy woke Aaron when he called, but Aaron said he'd come. We decide since it was Super Bowl Sunday we needed chips, dips, sandwiches, and stuff for cold cuts. The Guy buys chicken breasts, roast beef, and ham for sandwiches, 4 or 5 types of cheeses, and 2 or 3 types of chips. We also bought bacon, which The Guy fried when we got back to his place. Aaron took about an hour after we got back to The Guy's place to arrive, but we waited for him and then made our sandwiches.

We all sat around and enjoyed our Anti-Super Bowl show, Figure Skating. We sat watching the girls skate first; then the guys came on. The Guy and I began saying "he is a hot guy...," "he has a nice ass..." Aaron was pointing out the girls like "she is kinda cute...," After a while, Aaron began saying that some of the guys were hot. We watched this for about 3 hours. The 3 of us sat curled on the couch- The Guy and I under the cover with our feet on the coffee table.

We left about 9p.m. Sunday night.

I had to go back Monday night because I forgot my computer power cord. I spent all day trying to call The Guy to see about getting it. Finally he returned my call about 6p.m. and I headed over. He was sitting on the couch and playing "Law and Order." He had me sit down and he asked me how I was, told me about his day. We went out to the spa about an hour later and we talked about family and things like that. We went in and watched "The Closer." The Guy jokes he loves the show and I hate it, so we watched it and then he talked about how dramatical it was and how much drama and attitude is in the show. I watched that with him and The Guy told me about how Mike and another one of his friends had a blowup in COV when they were talking because Mike called THe Guy's friend fat. The Guy is over Mike and doesn't really care, but is upset that Mike called his friend fat because the word fat is very sensitive to The Guy. He's not fat, but he claims he is, just for the record. Anyways, we talk about that and how he bought his parents new cell phones. HAHA. We're so much like a couple we talk about little things like that... haha... I love it... really.

I left at 9p.m. despite The Guy asking me to hang around. I had to get gas and had almost no sleep the night before, so I was tired.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Introducing mom to The Guy

Not in person, but in conversation. I've said before that my code name for The Guy is "Steve," a guy I knew in high school. After a lot of guilt on my end for still hiding and worrying that what if I'm forced to come out, then should I really say Steve? I posted a couple weeks ago and daninokc asked me if I ever mentioned The Guy by name to my parents and the answer was no. I feel guilty for not mentioning him and lying.

Yesterday I was on the way home from work carpooling with my mom. My phone starting ringing and it was The Guy. I wondered for a few minutes if I should answer or not. I finally decided to answer. I said "hey buddy, friend, amigo" or something to that effect; that alone is something I only do with The Guy. Anyways, we answered the typical relational questions for each other- "How was your day?" "what are you up to?" "what did you do today?" and things like that. He had a bad day at work and so bitched to me about it. He made a website for his dad's business and the company in charge of hosting the site published The Guy's cell phone number on the website and the contact number for the website. The Guy has got about 100 calls on his cell phone asking for the company he works for. HE WAS LIVID TO SAY THE LEAST. He also had a bitchy guy helping him at Best Buy and so he called Best Buy's corporate office to complain. He also spent $800.00 to get a sensor fixed in his car that was causing the check engine light to come on. I complained about my day and the rotten kids at work.

Anyways, we talk, then my mom asked who was on the phone. I hesitated for a moment and then I said The Guy's name. She asked who he was- how I knew him, if he goes to school, and what he does for a living. I answered all of the questions mostly truthfully. I know him from school, he does go to school and is studying English, and he works for his dad's company. She said that's nice and he sounds like a great guy. I began to get a little carried away and I'm saying he is and naming all of his qualities. I almost let that three letter word slip also... "mom, I'm ____." I was easily a few words from dropping the bomb thankfully caught myself. It was definitely a shock for me. My mom asked why he called and I said he needed some help with Spanish and I said I'd help him, so I'd have to drive over to his place. I gave my mom a vicinity in which he lives that is a little closer to The Guy's house.

We got allergy shots and I took my mom's car and went over to his place.

The Guy was playing with his new $300.00 remote when I got to his place that will control his Tivo, TV, Apple TV, DVD player, and all of his other electronics in his living room. We spent about 2 hours helping him update the firmware on his DVD player and other electronics. It was funny- he had his computer hooked up to the DVD player and he was talking to it in a sexual way as it was updating the firmware, he said things like, "oooooh do this for daddy. I want to see those blue bars (across the screen. OOOOooh just a little more. Give it to me bitch." It was entertaining.

Through all of this, The Guy asked me if I was hungry since he bought one of the best burgers ever. It was at least an inch thick!!!! It was bought at the farmer's market we got food at the other night. It had portabella mushroom, jalapeno peppers, and a few other things in it. It was delicious. The Guy kept telling me how good it was and he was not lying. He just put a little cheese on it and warmed it up in the microwave since he cooked it earlier. That thing was so flavorful (and didn't need ketchup). Things don't need ketchup in my opinion, but The Guy says they do. I hate ketchup.

We watched an episode of "Law and Order," then went into the office where The Guy told me he didn't want to go to work tomorrow so would stay at home (and work, I mean do nothing). He played around with parallels for Mac and a few other programs that allow you to access a PC from Mac. He downloaded one and played around. Then he said he wanted to try the new Office 2008 for Mac. He wants to buy the big business edition, but there are flaws in it and things like that. He asked me if I wanted to go to Best Buy and get a copy. I said we can if he wants. He wanted. We went down to Best Buy about 8:30 and walked around looking for someone to help us. Finally found someone after about 10 minutes to help us. We bought the copy and went back to his place. It has some NICE features like a bibliography creator that will site your sources in turabian, MLA, or Chicago style. That alone, in mine and his opinion make it worth it.

We watched another episode of "Law and Order," then I called it a night at 10p.m., though The Guy encouraged me to stay around. I was tired and had been up since 3:45a.m. I have woken up with headaches every morning this week and the headaches seem to last most of the day. I got my allergy shots yesterday, so that should help- I only had a slight headache this morning waking up.

My mom was still awake when I got home last night and asked me what I did with The Guy. I said we went out to dinner at Sizzler, then back to his place to review the stories we had to read for Spanish for homework. It wasn't necessarily truthful, but it felt better to at least mention his name. That was a lot for one day!