Saturday, November 30, 2013

My thoughts and likes and recent travels

Need to get back into the blogging habit. I find it so therapeutic.

2 weeks ago we spent a great weekend in San Clemente, which is a newfound love. Great food and Fun people. Spent about 4 hours in a bar with a sassy latina bartender. Viva Columbia. Good wine too.

Last weekend we hung out with J&B at a fish restaurant we like. Caught up on family and happenings in our lives. Fun times. Went to a brewery attached to a pizza place after.

Spent this past week in NY - my first Thaksgiving away from my family. I missed seeing them since I haven't seen the majority of them since Easter, but it was good. Here's how the week unfolded:
- Spent Sunday night in LAX hotel with crunchy sheets. Got no sleep.
- Monday morning we had a nice 1st class flight to ORD and then onto Philly. Took forever to deice plane. Wanted to go see Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, as well as Poe's house, but didn't get the chance. Went to Atlantic City instead where I wasn't paying attention and was making $10 bets on video blackjack, and made over $100. Yay.
- Tuesday we visited Mike's family. Went to dinner with his parents at a Chinese restaurant where I had the most amazing grand mariner shrimp.
- Wednesday we went to NYC where we hung out with K, Mike's friend from Kindergarten on. We checked out her new studio apt and then went bar hopping in her neighborhood. We happened upon the most amazing restaurant there with shoestring fries and fish and good mashed potatoes. We will go there again. Also went to the Stonewall Bar where we found some really friendly people. Also met a hairstylist who was giving everyone pointers. Good times. Went and saw the balloons too. Stayed at Hilton in Fashion District.
- Thursday we got up about 7:15 and dressed. We got dressed and met up with K again. Drove uptown to a parking garage to go to our caviar restaurant/benedict restaurant. After, we went and watched the parade. Saw the pikachu, doughboy, and buzz lightyear balloons before heading out. So fun. Drove to Jersey and chatted with Mike's bros and parents as Thanksgiving dinner was being prepared. Did a little browsing online too. Watched TV and the games on.
- Friday we were up early. We were upgraded to 1st class again for our jaunt to LA.
- Weather throughout the trip was nice - cold, windy, and in the 30s. Wish it were a little colder. Snow would be nice too.

We are going back to NY next month, and I can't wait.

Christmas season is here. I have a strange obsession recently with my last name - those of you who know understand - it is unique, and well, I'm on a search for anything related to my last name. Have come across some good knick knacks for my classroom and for Christmas related to it.

My other big Christmas wants this year include a massage, pedicure, any Vans casuals shoes size 12, a small brown leather jacket that is collarless, a pair of any color of Nike Airs in size 13.

I'm thinking I want to propose to my man near the end of this year.

Work has been ok - we will talk about that later.

Anyone tried vaping? That seems to be the new thing, and well, for shits and giggles I tried it. It's so so.

My parents have 2 new dogs. 1 of them got lost and they got a replacement. Both are interesting. Both are house dogs now, but need to go out.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend getaways

Nearly every weekend between the past 3 and Christmas is booked. So thrilled. Loving it. It is really what is keeping me sane, besides a partner who will listen to me bitch about work, and everything else

Weekend before last was Laguna, which we had mussels at one of our favorite restaurants, then enjoyed wine and a fire in our hotel suite.

Saturday morning we ventured to Phoenix/Tempe/Tucson. Good times. We had nothing but amazing food all weekend. It was relaxing. Was great weather too. Bought lots of good stuff. Making fun of the BF and him making fun of me. Good times.

Next weekend is the all night Knotts Field Trip, and the beach again.

The following weekend we are hanging with our friends J&B, and the weekend after that is a shopping weekend.

Hopefully going to hang out with The Guy Friday. I need to see a friend. Hanging out with my former boss Thursday. Can't wait for either.

Bought a Macbook Air the other day. I had a very old 2007 Mac that I traded in. So far it is hard to get used to the small keyboard.

Songs I am listening to, and you should be too:

Need a massage badly ASAP. My hands have been knotting up lately, and it is hard to make a fist. I got a massage last month, and the therapist only focused on my hands, and it took like an hour to get the knots out. I got a massage last Wednesday, and same situation, she spent the majority of the time on my hands. I have no clue what's going on - i am not really doing anything different, or using my hands in new ways. Therapist on Wednesday said it is possibly knots in my tendons in my elbow, which I never heard of such a thing. Oh well... massage ASAP.

Disappointed I don't have tickets to see George Strait's farewell tour.

Wanting something fun to do for my birthday coming up.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hi guys…

Stream of thoughts… here we go…

Work sucks. I'm tired of being cussed out on a  daily basis. Fuck you, stupid ass idiot, whatever, why the fuck can I not send the kids out on a referral? Why am I supposed to take that? Why when I send them out for that, you tell me I don't have control?

Why, when 80% of my kids have a D or F in 1 class it is my fault? I am teaching at grade level. I have a bunch of lazy kids, and I'm supposed to pass them? Laziness is not getting the kids anywhere. They need to see they're going to flunk, and hopefully be held back like the principal says. I can't in good conscience pass the kids for doing nothing. We hear it nonstop from the high school that the kids wonder why they can't succeed in high school when middle school they didn't have to do anything. My kids are going to work their little selves to get the grades they deserve. I don't baby.

Why do I have to have such crazy kids? No joke. I have 1 kid who has called in threats about the school, another who has been suspended 30 days this year, another who cusses me out, and then goes and punches the wall, one who thinks he is a dog and crawls on the floor and tries to pee act like he is peeing like a male dog, and barks randomly in class, or the kid who steals and doesn't know he is doing it (forget the name for that). All of these kids have been suspended at least 15 days, and due to district bureaucracy get to stay in the class and disrupt others. Kids like these need to be in a more restrained environment where they can't hurt 30 other students.

I did have a pretty good evaluation last week despite most of those crazies I mentioned above being present in class. The other 20 kids did a pretty good job ignoring them.

The students like A, K, R, M, and a few others do remind me that I am there to teach, and make my day better.

I've been so busy at work I haven't seen family.

I have had 2 great weekends, and am looking great to another. Spent last weekend along the beach, and the weekend before that in wine country with my man.

Took the test to be able to teach Espanol, and think I aced it. Hopefully it increases my chances of getting to high school….