Monday, April 30, 2012

3 1/2 weeks

3 1/2 weeks until the end of school. I cannot wait. I am so frustrated with 2 of my classes. I am frustrated with the general behavior of the kids. I'm tired of the kids saying "suck my dick," because no, I don't want to, you need to shut your damn mouth, oh, and if you're a girl, I hope you don't have a dick. I'm tired of immaturity. I'm tired of dumb questions. I'm tired of calling parents.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Passiveness a year later?

Facebook messenger pops up with a message from Mr. Keith. I found it really weird that he messaged me, as I thought telling him off back in September was enough. I ignored his messaged and kept typing away fooling around online. All of a sudden a wave of messages came in...

Keith: Hi Mike!

Keith: What's new with you?

Keith: What are you up to right now?

Keith: Still the popular teacher?

Keith: Making dinner?

Keith: I am just popping in to say hey.

Keith: Are you there?

Keith: You still upset at me for not thanking you for taking care of my house? You're foolish mister. You know what I remembered? You never said thanked me to take you to a political party or football game. You are full of he/she said. I'm starting over and forgetting all the silliness. I don't have time for you. Life is too short to sweat the small things. How are you? Hello to you!!!!

Keith: Now we can be friendly.

Keith: How are you?

Keith: I am now working from home.

Keith: Have a bf for the past 10 months.

Keith: How are you?

Keith: Hello! Keith calls 5 minutes after all these messages. Desperate much?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Music Weekend

Spent the evening at my guy's, even though he wasn't home.

Had to head home before I headed to Mike's. He had a meeting he was coming home from and I had a video I needed to pick up at home. We chat, then confirm plans. I get to his place about 5, we spend time napping, then I tell him I'm hungry about 7:30. We run into the neighbor across the street, chat with her and the kids, then take his rental car home, and stop at El Toreeto for some munchies. Head back to his place where he gets to work...

EXHAUSTING DAY AT WORK. I come home pissed off at the world. After I calm down we head out about 4:30 to meet my friend Gonzo at 5:15. We go to her favorite burger place in my city. Finally introduced my boyfriend to her. We go to the park in downtown, then a coffee shop, Home Deepo, and finally home.

Spent the morning relaxing, then headed out to see what there was to see. Go to sushi place near The Guy's house, then kill time at the mall, and a few other places before going to karaoke with my coworker, E. She was a blast. Her husband was great too. We can't wait to invite them over for dinner... We were out until 12:00a.m... wow! Yay! Must do again!

Mike ran to get a haircut, but couldn't, so he did some shopping. I vacuumed and when he got home made breakfast. Cruised the 66 to El Lay blasting my "old twangy" stuff instead of the crossover, fun stuff. Stopped at a brewery for lunch and watering. Went to Skechers and found a new gem in West LA for Italian. We enjoyed some wine and lasagna and bruschetta and tiramisu. Dropped him off at the hotel before coming home. Hit lots of traffic. KFROG pissed me off on the way home too, in addition to the traffic. They were at Toby keith's new place and I stopped by to try to win tickets, given this is 10:30 on a Sunday night, and well, they were inside the bar, there was a cover charge, and for being there for a few minutes, and no guarantee of getting them, I was unable to win a pair of Stagecoach tickets. I'm boycotting KFROG for the time being until I get over my hurt. Stagecoach tickets would have made my month. I need it. Work is stressful. I'm on my last nerves...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Going, going

visited 22 states (44%)
Create your own visited map of The United States or jurisdische veraling duits?

I've visited 22 states so far...

This summer the map shall expand...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I --> We

Monday Night
Spent the evening with Mike, we made dinner together. Was at school together very late due to photocopier issues.

Family time at TGI FRidays with my parents.

Spent the night at Mike's

At work early and late due to photocopier issues and a parent meeting

We decided to go to Daynuh Point for the night, packed a bag, and drove out. Told about all of the drama at work, our ice cream get together after work in the pouring rain with admin, which was nice. Went to my bf's favorite restaurant there and enjoyed drinks on the water. Soooo romantic. Awkward gay couple next to us meeting the parents- we didn't get it.

Up around 9:30, head to McDonalds for breakfast where I get an iced coffee as opposed to soda- much to my boyfriend's approval- but he seemed to retract his statement after I found this. Go to the Spectrum, South Coast Plaza, Maggeanos, and I-kia for wine racks. Texted our friends J and B, as well as The Guy, and his boyfriend about getting together. All were busy. We go to the Gardens for Cheezecake Factoree,but it was super crowded, so we go to the fish restaurant and eat. Go to grocery store after for lots of veggies and cookies, then to another for wine. Good times. We also get my liquor. Go home to have my liquor and watch something on Netflix. Camp on the couch since the sheets weren't done.

Up around 8, watch a few morbid shows about sinking ships and airliners. Then we go out in the yard. He mows and I weed whack. Weed whack the backyard since he finally gave me the chance. It looked sooooooooooo good. It was tiring. Then we dig holes in the yard since we finally decided how we will fix up the backyard. Home Depot for plants, Wallyworld for plants, then home to plant. Yardwork to 90s country- the good stuff- Mike put it on- and he said he actually liked it. WOOHOO!!! I noticed in a couple of the conversations the "I" statements became "we" statements, like "we won't be in this house then," hinting at our long future together. I make an eggplant concoction he found for dinner, which was tasty, and we eat/talk. Bed about 11.

Love me some Wynonna!

Off to work, then to my layoff hearing. 9 hours of boring. Head home to my BF and tell him about my day. Off to Awlive Garden for a politically charged discussion that had us at each other's necks, but we came to an understanding. We get home and watch 2 TV shows while I'm laying on his legs on the couch. I go to bed about 10 as he had to stay up for work.

Home now

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Extended family meet

Tuesday - Shots and gym

Wednesday - My bf had a meeting at his company's headquarters, so was gone, but I spent the evening at his place. I cooked a meal- tried fake beef, went to WalMart, and lesson planned.

Thursday - After a long layoff meeting I ended up at his house. Lots of bitching about our days.

Friday - Went to see Titanic. It was only showing at 7 at all theaters so we went to one where we could have dinner close by. It happened to be the Italian restaurant. I got my cinnamon whiskey and coke, and was happy. Mike wasn't happy with his drink. The service from most of the bartenders was bad. Had a pretty bad meat pizza. The movie was pretty good. We sat in the 3rd row of a packed theater. Lots of "crying." After we head home and fall asleep on the couch watching TV. I insisted about 12a.m. we work our way to the bed. He was resisting. I won in the end.

Saturday- a protein breakfast for a nice hike. We ran into a snake on the hike. EEEEK. He tried to scare me with other random snakes. I nearly walked on the snake as we were walking. After the hike we went back and he made burgers for lunch for us. About 4p.m. we ventured out and went for a drive on the other side of the tracks, then down to the city south of me. We were going to the mall that was mostly closed- it is too high end for the area and few stores remain. We did stop in at a restaurant and had some calamari and gin/tonic. We discussed our upcoming vacation and what we both discovered while searching on our computers earlier in the day.

Sunday - EASTER!
It was an Easter like no other- it didn't really seem like it was Easter, but it was relaxing. Watched News, Chopped, and had a protein breakfast. Found maps and travel guides for our vacation. I have yet to print anything off - Mike was after me for making sure I had all the details and every minute detail planned.
We got ready about 1 and headed to my aunt's house about that time. We got there super early- my cousin said she was going to be there at that time and wasn't. We drove around the block several times killing time. We finally go in and mingle with everyone. I introduce Mike casually and help my uncle to bring things in. Chat with my uncle more than I probably ever have. My parents showed up a few minutes later. Lots of talking and catching up with everyone. Everyone seemed to like Mike and we chatted about random stuff, tried some brandy cake, and made jokes about that and how bad it was. We left about 7pm. As we were leaving my aunt who was hosting whispered in my ear she was so happy I found someone. That blew me away. WOW. It felt good. I dropped Mike off at home and came to see my parents since mi madre wanted to give me my Easter basket. Home now and planning out my week...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Angry women you don't want to cross

Not a fan of most of these songs, but I thought it made for a good theme

Taylor Swift would top the list, but I don't endorse her, nor like her

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good morning

Tired, yet being a trooper and going to work. Over that funk from last night...

My emotional side

Gah. I need to be in bed sleeping, but I'm awake and up.

I was having a funky night. Spent it with the familia, hit the gym, and then did some prepping for school in my room. I felt like I could cry for the first time in months, and I did. Shortly after everyone went to bed I locked myself in my room and I just let loose. It is not that I'm not happy. I am elated. I have an incredible guy in my life, wonderful friends, and lots of support. It always seems to be that no matter how perfect other areas of your life are, there's still some areas that could be better. I thought about my parents arguing earlier over something really minute- it was my dad not listening to my mom asking for help earlier to put her bathroom back together. I hate to see my parents argue. Back to what was bothering me- it is my dad and his health- I worry about that daily. I am hoping that he is retired at the end of this year, but what if he is retired- he doesn't exactly have anything to do to occupy his days? My dad's health is taking a real toll on everyone in the family. It makes me not want to be around him, it has to be hard for my mom too. It feels like a repeat of when I was a kid, except now I know why. I felt alone in my own room. I have really grown accustomed to sleeping next to someone, and though it was temporary, it was hard. I enjoy getting off work, heading to his house, telling him about my day, and seeing what the evening has in store for us. I love that this is so different than the life I had imagined for myself where I was the single bachelor type well into my 30s. I also felt uncomfortable in my own bed as I have for months- maybe Mike has me accustomed to colder temperatures now, but 78 for sleeping is wayyyyyy too hot. I can't use my heavy down comforter, the throw on my bed is too hot, and the furry blanket thing I got at Christmas is equally as bad. Window was opened and it is fine, but then the heat kicks on every few minutes, and my fan blows above me. I'm stressed over the work situation. An error with scheduling at the beginning of the year is now being corrected and now I'm teaching way too many classes, I'm frustrated, I'm not wanting to get caught in the crossfire, and so alas I try my best. I am working on getting this work in progress sorted out with a bunch of different people, but in the meantime I feel like I'm drowning there. Oh, and don't you recall I received a layoff notice, so while I'm working extra hard dealing with the shitty course load I have, and bitchy whiney students, and all of that other rigamarole, I am putting a smile on my face while I do all of this. I don't want to get caught in the mess with all the icky courses and am sorting that out with the powers that be, but the planning, the daily lesson plans, the other shit is driving me crazy. I wish I had a job at times like my boyfriend where I didn't have the pressure of 200 kids, the planning and other thing. I feel like at times I chose teaching because it was easy and something I knew how to do. I believe I could work in many other fields and be good- training- I work well with people. I am good at sales, but that's not my desire. I would love to be able to work from home. I would love a job where I travel. I hate the swipes people try to take at me because I'm a teacher. I'm working hard, damn it. I feel I could do something planning related or something that requires my organization skills- that would be awesome. I would enjoy coordinating events, looking at details, even researching is a fun thing for me. I'm still young enough to start over, but would starting over hinder my independence and freedom my paycheck is giving me, or wait, my current paycheck, as we know I am being laid off. Oh, and my toenail is bothering me. How's the weather? The heat just kicked on. Now I'm feeling snide and tired. Goodnight.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Viva Las Vegas Strategy - videopoker bar

Monday Night
- He texted me that he wanted me to come over, so I did. I had already eaten. They were just eating/snacking when I got there
- Bed

- Hung out with him most of the day while he worked, his parents went shopping, and I did leave for about 2 hours to car shop with my cousin, spend the night at home since I had shots that night

- Back at his house about 11, watched vacation photos, then headed off to Las Vegas with his parents. Stayed next to Imp. Palace. Talked a lot with his parents about school, music and sights we were passing.
- Went to the TK I <3 This Bar
- $25 for 2 drinks at TOby's was a major ripoff, met his parents there while they put luggage in their room - our room wasn't done
- Wait in line and got a room, then head out for drinks. Park at a video poker bar at the Irish hotel and began drinking our gin and tonics, have a few more at another bar. Lost about $40
- Tipsy and ready for dinner, ate at Venetian, drank some good wine with his mom and him
- Did some shopping and more drinking before going and doing more gambling and drinking

- Woke up about 9:30, showered, and was off. I went to all of the Banana Repub's on the strip. Had a potato at Wendy's for breakfast. Headed back to hotel to get heartburn meds and met Mike, then off for more shopping at Planet Hollywood. Bought some jeans at GAP. Back to another BR to get Mike a pair of jeans since he kept saying he wanted something. After he was done with work we went to an oyster bar for drinks, then a sushi bar for drinks. I dropped my sunglasses from 4th story of a mall at Casear's - very embarrassing- and I heard about it through the trip. Damn $100 sunglasses. Sushi bar for more drinks- lots of being made fun of- Mike's best friend called. Lots of making fun of my country music. Mike had no love for this voice.

Went to casino to play more and drink. Met his parents about 7 for dinner. Went to steakhouse at our casino. Met my coworker, E, in the piano bar with her hubby and friends. Mike's parents joined us and paid for the drinks. Lots of interesting stuff to see... Left and went out to gamble.

- Up and off for the day. Checked out of hotel around 11. Met his parents in lobby, then in car, we take them to the airport. Hug and say goodbye. Head to another casino apart of the one we have comps at and played for a few hours. He had a few work calls to make. I made $350.00 back on a machine after dropping probably $300 in Vegas. WOO. NEVER HAD I IMAGINED I COULD DO THAT. TOTALLY CHANCE. Head to a coffeeshop so Mike could make another call, I look at cruises on my iPad. Drive back about 5pm, stop at state line to laugh at the lottery line- 6 hours to get a lotto ticket - really? Home about 9, make fun of all the people stuck in Vegas traffic, then off to take car to airport. In my car Mike heard the following "oldies" that got a head shake of displeasure, all songs that had great meaning from my childhood

A day of Tivo, a visit to Target, made some chili for dinner. It could have been better. Trip to Kohls for a pick.

Day of booking vacations. Home now as I forgot my work keys at home. Grrr.