Monday, February 1, 2016

Almost a month of no posting

I cannot believe how crazy this month has been. Gather round and let's talk about it.

Work ---

While on vacation in the Caribbean I had a voicemail from 3 different leaders at my school/in the district asking me to take a temporary position outside of the classroom at my school due to a shit storm that occurred at it and another school prior to going off on break. I agreed because it is good experience and when a district office person asks you to do something, you do it.

So I've been out of the classroom for the better part of a month. My new position is not bad. I have all of the qualifications and skills necessary to do the job. It involves little student interaction, which I'm told with how terrible my classes are right now, that is a good thing. Long term, I'm not sure about that...

The position could become permanent - we will find that out as the year progresses.

School ---

I finished my last admin credential class this month, which is awesome. Before my vice principal finished his. LOL. Part of the shit storm.

So back to that, the class was painful. I had no interest in it. The book was of little help. The professor was of little help also.

Had a ridiculous 75 slide PowerPoint to complete that just wasn't writing itself. It took some serious drinking on my end to get it there, and then the only comment I got from the professor was how I didn't cover the topic. Oh well, I got an A, still.

Family --- 

Sister is a hot mess. We were at dinner a few weeks back and she swore one of the waiters was her student. Didn't even give her the time of day. I went up to the guy afterward and asked if he went to the schools she has taught at. He didn't. She lied.

Things are going well with my partner and I. His parents have been here for a few weeks. They're fun. His mom is nice and easygoing. His dad is fun, especially since he treats us to dinner, and is amusing in just the stuff he says. They're here for a few more weeks.

Me ---

Little gym time with the parents here, but I am making it a point to walk and stay active however that may be.

My favorite drink of the moment - a Manhattan. I can make a pretty bomb ass one if I do say so myself.

I discovered when I get too overheated at night from too many covers is when I will usually start dreaming. And I have some weird ass dreams. A lot of them about my grandma's property. GRRR.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

These guys and the neighbor

When a neighborhood event draws everyone outside - namely a car hitting the light pole in front of our house, we get to meet the neighbors.

The guy diagonal to us - he has 3 kids, whom he is very strict with. He's a police officer and his wife is a teacher. She's friendlier than him, and many neighbors have said that. He never waves when we see him.

Regardless, we all find ourselves outside. He asks me what was going on. I go over to tell him and introduce myself. He then says "how many of these guys live there?"

Was he referring to the fact that we're gay? These guys. He asked if there were 3 of us. These guys?

Maybe he just misspoke? Maybe he just doesn't have the way with words.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Vacation is over

This vacation was pretty incredible if I do say so myself...

- Hung out with my cousin in San Diego
- Had a good time with the family on Christmas Eve
- It was incredibly hard to not be with my family Christmas Day, but being with my partenr's family made up for it
- Met some of his extended family I hadn't
- Spent some time in Atlantic City
- Went to Puerto Rico
- Spent my birthday on a cruise ship, which was the greatest thing... had an amazing wine pairing with each course of my French birthday dinner
- Met a cool older couple from Florida and wife was originally from Jersey. His birthday was same as mine
- Even did some schoolwork... last class in my credential program... and potentially the most boring... ethics...

So that's a rundown here... other than work will be a new experience tomorrow... that's another blog post... trying to wind down...

Monday, December 21, 2015

Still can't stand her

Spent the afternoon with my parents... and sister... focusing on my sister because I'm here at their house and she is driving me hella crazy.

- Parents needed to leave the house by 1 - my dad goes in to tell my sister and she barks at him that he should friggin' know she was doing her hair
- In the car my sister wanted "to go play with planes." Are we 5?
- My sister talks like an old woman... this pothole wasn't here last week
- She kept talking about different happenings like it was 100 years ago
- My sister tutors her students in math... where does she find the time in three 50 minute classes per week?
- My sister loves her students. She brought them cider so they could have a party, as well as baked cookies, brought chips, cookies, and more.
- My sister has convinced so many students to take statistics because she is such a great tutor
- My sister was putting down my dad because he said he hated Algebra. She said that statistics and Algebra are the easiest subjects. I remember many nights she spent crying taking Algebra because she didn't get it, or know what was going on. I remember her going to tutoring for that for hours on end just to make sure she would pass the class.
- My sister was telling how easy calculus was... she never took calculus. In high school she went as far as Algebra II, then in college she went up to College Algebra and took several statistics classes.
- I called my sister out on this and she said that I didn't know, I hadn't been there with her, I don't pay attention to her, and I have no right challenging her

Monday, December 14, 2015

Winding Down

This month has been tough - I have been super busy at work. I will be the first to admit I work in the ghetto, and I don't use that term lightly because of the stuff I see and hear on a daily basis. There was a guy pushing a cart of scrap metal down the street the other day going with traffic if that gives you an example.

Though I work at an alternative school I have to say the group of kids I have right now are among the smartest/highest performing I have ever taught. I am sad that when we come back in January I won't have them anymore. They all have been so sweet, so willing to learn. They have actually challenged me. We were reading a random poem that was related to our unit a few weeks back, and my goal with using it was simply for comprehension. These kids brought up the diction... who uses those words?!... then the rhyme scheme. I had to take a step back when they mentioned this and quickly think on my feet to handle this.

Our Christmas tree is up. Presents need to be wrapped.

I have had almost no motivation to work on my admin credential this month - I will on Friday - that's my goal. I already had a mess up as I was supposed to go to a meeting on Friday regarding this. Now it will be at least February before I finish the credential since I missed the December meeting. I really didn't mean to. I had known about the meeting for a month. I had it on my calendar - I just switched from Mac to Google Calendars, so I'm thinking the event didn't transfer over. Oh well, I admit that I missed it, and take responsibility. It happens.

I plan to get my name out there once I finish my credential and try to teach a few college classes. I need something to keep me busy now.

I got an award at work the other day, which was pretty cool/surprising. A few people there appreciate me.

Haven't really seen my parents/been to dinner with them in months since I have taken on so many admin duties. I have been meeting my dad for breakfast weekly. I saw my mom last at the Christmas party I blogged about a few weeks back, Thanksgiving, and then maybe around Halloween.

I did go to lunch with my parents/sister on Veterans Day. I remember that. I remember the conversations my ssister had...
- My sister has a photographic memory, which is why she is able to tell me all the streets she takes to get to work... I thought repetition, and simply driving the same way each day would do that for you.
- Aristotle is sexy and her BFF.
- There's no way I'm a good teacher because I use too many red herrings. It is funny she brought that up because my roommate (the other teacher I share a room with) was just teaching about those the day before.
- I rpobably haven't read anything intelligent ever because I can't hold intellectual conversations like she can. Well sis, I don't always engage in conversations like you do where I have to be the know it all.
- I don't read quality literature and science fiction, so I don't have any creativity.

She is a piece of work. She should be a Nobel PRize winner by now or something.

Looking forward to Christmas. It is going to be a new experience since I will be with my partner's family. I am looking forward to a new experience. This will be our first CHristmas we have actually spent together. Usually I arrive the day before or after Christmas to be with him.

A little disappointed we won't make it to NYC this year. It has been a year!!! :(

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

NYC Christmas Trees

As our man Dan is headed to the NYC for some holiday spirit I'm posting a link from one of my favorite websites. One day I might own an apartment in NYC.

Where I come from

GREAT weekend

FRiday night was some Montgomery Gentry

2nd time seeing them in concert, and both of them get finer with age

Saturday was a CHristmas party with the teachers I used to work with in my old district/my mom's friends. Great time catching up. My mom sees them all monthly at an early dinner they all have, but working the schedule I have, it is impossible to get off to see them. Everyone was excited to see me. Networked with a few and got a job offer to go to a district about 30 miles away near The GUy's house. It is an interesting offer, but would mean a greater drive, probably not as good benefits. I am going to check the school out on THursday.

SUnday I relaxed.