Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday mumble

Watching Project Runway. Sandhya is my fav this season.

Looking forward to a weekend getaway. Going to the fair and seeing Jennifer Nettles. Excited.

Hopefully meeting up with our friends J&B.

Currently dreaming of living in NYC one day. I need to make enough to eat out all the time, hang out at the bar, you get the idea.

I made the best Manhattan the other night. Pure deliciousness. And it was strong. Make a good Manhattan, and make me swoon. Oh, btw, daninokc, I know the best place to get a Manhattan in NYC. It's a must. I really want to get in to making custom cocktails. I made my own concoction with pineapple vodka, coconut water, and pear juice. Tasted like a margarita with probably a lot less calories. I am convinced I was a drunk in my past life.

I bought tickets to see my man Luke Bryan the other day. Invited my fav bartender along with Mike and I.

Tempted to sell my car. A coworker at my old school wants to buy my car, will pay top dollar. Mini Cooper as a replacement? Maybe. I doubt I will part with it. I really want an SUV, one that doesn't require gas. Tesla, hurry up, please.

Going to be getting a new boss at work. Not thrilled. I really like my current.

My sister may be getting married. That's the word from my mom. That threw me for a 180. WTF? That mess? Really?

Oh, and someone wake me up at 3am please. I need to buy my iPhone.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bits of news

That new iPhone is sexy. Damn sexy. I want a 5.5'' because I'm a size queen. That's on my to buy list this month.

So is the watch. I have missed reports on the battery/charging for that.

I tried to watch the address, but I ended up having to go to work.

In other news, Mike's best friend had been visiting for the past week. They went on a cruise this past weekend. I went to visit my cousin in SD with my mom. We had a blast. Wish we were closer distance wise. Took a few ussies to commemorate the occasion. Back to his friend. Had fun seeing Mike's best friend as she's the opposite of Mike in many ways, and feels sorry for the way he torments... haha... or things he does. It's not bad... like he'll poke my leg when we drive, or he'll pull the hair on my leg to be funny. He tried to do that to her. I react, which makes it amusing.

Need a weekend getaway STAT.

Also need to do brunch/hang out with my former coworkers. Miss them like crazy.

Work has been crazy because of a coworker making drama and internalizing everything. Some people need to get over themselves. I am keeping my distance, but it has caused me to have to recreate my entire course.

I'm on a folksy/oldies kick lately. Here's what I'm listening to at the moment:

Eric Burdon has a SoCal hangout I want to go back and visit - kind of a weird bar in the middle of nowhere. Visited on a random road trip one weekend. Its outside of 29 Palms.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I am going to toot my own horn because I feel like it is necessary. I have had a difficult time at my new school. I like the kids. I like admin and the support staff. I dislike all but 3 of the teachers. I may not like the staff, but I try damn hard at my job. I have had more praise in the past 3-4 weeks at work than I have had in 3 years at my other school. And it means a lot.

The principal sent an email yesterday saying how it was so refreshing that I am a go getter and easy to deal with. I assume it is because so much of the staff is so hard to deal with and unfriendly.

He came in my room to tell me how impressed he was with everything other teachers have told him about me has been positive, how I am always on top of everything, and get everything done so efficiently. He said he wished he had come into my room last year because he is so impressed with everything I have done.

The vice principal last week told me that the kids love me, and she wanted to thank me for that.

And I love there is so little stress.

I just hate working nights and dealing with unfriendly people.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Remember how often we used to be asked that ubiquitous in the good ol' internet days?

Well, I'm following what Joe at Closet Professor has done to find out a little more out about who is reading my blog...

I also want to know your A/S/L, how, how did you hear about my blog, how long have you been reading it, and tell me a little bit about yourself. I am curious to know...

You can do it anonymously, or with your blogger handle.

I'll start...

Age: 27
Sex: Male
Location: Southern California
I'm a high school teacher, been partnered with an amazing guy for nearly 5 years. I love to travel, eat out, cook, and technology.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I'm so lucky I've got to go to so many concerts this year... Dolly, Cher/Cyndi, Reba... 

Coming up next month we are going to go see Jennifer Nettles. She's country with a little rock mixed in.

I WILL NOT miss Chris Cagle when he comes into my area in November. I have missed him 3-4 times. It looks like I'll be going to this concert alone as he's too twangy for my partner.

And I want to go see Luke Bryan badly at the Hollywood Bowl. Those tickets sold out FAST - I didn't even have a moment to get my hands on them. My partner and I want to go with our favorite bartender from our favorite restaurant. She's in love with him, as am I. We just don't want to pay $125+ for seats in the last few rows. Luke Bryan and an outdoor picnic with wine under the LA sky would be so amazing. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Shoe binge

I am about to go on a shoe binge. I have found so many cool new shoes I need. For those of you who have followed my blog, I have a lot of shoes. Lots. Well, I have been condensing my shoe collection over the past several months and have whittled down ones I won't wear again or that have been vetoed by my partner. Here's what I am thinking I need now...

I want the above pair of Cole Haan baldy. I have been eyeing these 2 years, but $249 was too expensive. I was at the outlets recently and they had these for $59 in 11.5 and 13, but not 12. I have called all over - NJ, NY, IL, OH and all of them are selling these shoes for $119. They're $119 or so online if they have them. I'm not going to pay $119 when I could have gotten them for $59 had they had my size.

I want a green pair of dress shoes. Wingtips are hot.

Vans are always in - especially in leopard!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Images of the future

So my mom had surgery last Wednesday - she had a hip replacement. She'd been having difficulty walking, was using a cane, and stumbling from side to side. 

I went down to the hospital to be with her before school Wednesday, and stopped by after. She was sleeping. It was haunting walking into the hospital wing and seeing my mom there laying in a hospital bed, in a dull blue gown. I went in Thursday to see her after the surgery, and she was tired, but in good spirits, but nodding off. I could only think I hope this is not something I ever want to see again. She is healing pretty well - using 2 canes at times, and doing physical therapy. She was released from the hospital Saturday night. That's the longest she was ever in a hospital. 

So I went to see her last night, and saw another image I don't ever want to see again. She was in her new chair, the kind that has the motor to lift you up and off the chair. Her usually well coiffed hair was not. She had no curls left, and had all of her hair in a bun on the top of her head. She just didn't look herself - and I know nothing could be done - but that image stuck with me and kept me up all night. I know our parents age, change over time, sometimes the progression is gradual and sometimes it is more obvious. But to see my mom in a way I have NEVER seen her over these past few weeks has been disturbing. I hope I never have to see this in the future...