Thursday, December 18, 2014


When did Elex Michaelson become ABC7's lead reporter at 11? I have to turn overtime he is on. I cannot watch him. He makes me cringe. He often needs a haircut. Tonight he was doing a breaking news story, and I had to turn the channel. I turned to Beverly on Channel 4 to tell me about it.

Last weekend as he was anchoring the weekend news I couldn't take it. I cannot watch him. He's just difficult to watch.

Maybe its his head movement? Too full of himself?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Alert me when I'm near

So I'm a nerd. I have places I want to visit, but I know we won't go out of our way to visit. Someone needs to create an app for when I'm near one of those points in NY where if I'm near I can decide to walk down to.

I mainly want to visit celeb houses and hangouts, and if I'm near, then great. Some people whose houses/apts. it would be interesting to see include:

- Truman Capote
860-870 U.N. Plaza.

- Edgar Allan Poe

- Mark Twain
14 West 10th Street
21 Fifth Avenue
Chelsea Hotel  <--janis joplin="" p="" too="">
- John Steinbeck
38 Gramercy Park N.
330 East 51st street
206 E 72nd St

Joan Baez
Washington Square Hotel (formally Hotel Earle) 101 Waverly Place

The El Dorado — 300 Central Park West <--moby span="" too="">
San Remo Apartments —145-146 Central Park West

Bob Dylan
161 West 4th st. 

Jimi Hendrix
55 West 8th near Sixth Avenue
59 West 12th Street
61 Jane Street

Billy Joel and Idol
The Brentmore—88 Central Park West <--sting span="" too="">

John Lennon
434 East 52nd Street

Carly Simon
The Langham—135 Central Park West

Cary Grant - Warwick Hotel

Katherine Hepburn 244 East 49th Street

Marilyn Monroe - 444 East 57th St, 13th floor.
569 Lexington Ave

I should probably create an offline map I can look at while in NY to be able to remember the places I want to go. I just need to figure out how to create the map or alert...

Nerdy me ;)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My NY Wear

And my quintessential NY song to go with it.

My clothes surely aren't as exciting as Dan's - I love the color of his, and his shoes. His shoes he is bringing along put mine to shame. Probably my Guess black boots with laces and a pair of dress shoes. Going to bring my peacoat that I don't get to wear enough.

Undershirts to match... lol. Going to wear sweaters over the shirts - a navy blue sweater, purple, and pink.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Nearly a month

I've been meaning to blog, but I've been so busy. Here's the rundown:

- Thanksgiving was good. Mike brought spiked cider to my cousin's. My uncle is very anti-drinking, so that was his way of getting some in. Just so happens my cousin had a friend there who was opening up bottles of wine. The wine hardly got drank, so Mike had to polish it off at the end. I didn't really hang out with my parents at Thanksgiving. My mom could hardly walk, so she was pretty stationary in one of the chairs. I did go and talk a little bit to her. Felt kind of bad.

- Spent some time in the hospital - only an evening - esophagus constriction - glad that's over

- My mom's hip replacement didn't go so well she found out - she's been in excruciating pain for over a month. Turns out the hip wasn't cemented into the joint properly. She has an appointment later this week to find out what, if anything, they can do to fix it.

- Last week of work. So excited. Lots of grading. Lots of teaching. Lots of high kids.

- New admin, both principal and VP. Lots of feeling everything out.

- Spent the weekend, Saturday, with J&B, exploring Newport Beach. We don't need to go back. We ran into a bunch of Santas doing the Santa Pub Crawl. We started off with lunch at a seafood place. Good to catch up.

- Went off to the Christmas party for my old school - the party for my new school was at the same time, but I didn't want to go to that one as much. EXCELLENT time catching up with old friends. Apparently there was some apple pie cider spiked with moonshine that got me talking. I apparently knew everyone.

- Yesterday morning we had brunch, everyone was probably hungover from the night before... good to have my coworkers over. Love them. So glad Mike helped and did all the cooking and buying. I cleaned.

- SOOOO excited for this weekend. Going up the coast, then spending some time with Mike's cousin and hopefully aunt. They're both really fun to be around.

- Christmas should be a blast.

- NY is so near. Cannot wait. So many people to see, things to do, and places to go. My list is mainly eating places - a couple of restaurants and bars. I am so sad Mike's friend is no longer in the West Village. I loved it there. She's now in Brooklyn. I feel like that's so Miranda from Sex and the City, and what happens in Brooklyn? Want to go to some of the popup shops. Want to visit my favorite shops - Century 21, ABC Home, Fishs Eddy, and a couple more. NYE is gonna be a big dinner with a bunch of friends, cooking, and celebrating.

Friday, November 21, 2014

You know I love my country boys


He should. His voice is incredible. And he's gay. And that's what Nashville needs.

And my favorite Ty Herndon song.

Cheryl Wright also deserves big props. She has been ousted from the country community and going a more alternative country route. She has a coming out bio story on Netflix.

Now we just need Kenny to come out!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Today Show vs. GMA

So I'm a morning news junkie. We know that. Often, when Mike is gone I'm up at 4am watching the KTLA Morning News as it comes on, flipping over to Alysha and Garth on ABC7 because the weather and traffic gal just make my morning.

I didn't watch the Today Show until high school. Matt and Katie. I enjoyed them. Al was whatever. Meredith was great too. I would always flip back and forth between that and GMA. I liked Charlie and Diane, then Diane and Robin.

After Meredith left I was solely an ABC watcher. George Stephanopolous, Robin Roberts, Josh Elliott, and Sam Champion had such great chemistry together, and were fun to watch. After Josh left it became hard to watch. Bringing Michael Strahan on? That was jumping the shark. He is tough to watch. He doesn't fit into my morning. He's not a news guy. I can somewhat stand Lara. I still watch GMA or CBS. CBS does real news, and I like that.

GMA continues to drive me crazy. Amy Robach has zero personality and Ginger Zee has her moments. I was hoping that Juju Chang or Bil Weir would be on in mornings. I remember when Bil Weir used to be in LA. Loved watching him, he's a looker, and great sense of humor. GMA I feel needs someone with a little more personality in there to read the news in the mornings.

Savannah Guthrie is imposible to watch. I was hoping after all these rumors that have come up over the past few days about the radical changes at the Today Show were true. Willie Geist would be gone. He's tough to watch. Here's the changes I would make

7-9am - Matt and Tamron Hall, Natalie Morales reading the news
9-10 - Natalie Morales and Josh Elliott, or Josh would be great reading the news on the 7-9am
10-11 - Hoda and Kathie, you can't separate them, they remind me it is ok to drink wine before noon.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Revolutionary Idea

Tie welfare checks parents receive to their child's performance in school.

Parents receive welfare checks on many condition - one is that their children go to school.

I work in one of the most impoverished counties in the nation - let me tell you - I hear what the kids say - I see it on a daily basis inside my class and outside in the community, tie those checks to welfare benefits, and those kids would be busting those arses. That would create a more educated workforce in the future and better citizens.

Obviously I could never run for office.