Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sexy professor takes off his shirt

I've been meaning to post this since Friday after it happened, but things were busy and things happened.

So on Friday I had my music class. The sexy professor lectured the first half of the class. At 10:30 he gave us a break. During the break he came outside and was talking to various students. I was standing around talking to Randy, a 50 or so year old Mexican guy who is taking the class. He is a cool guy to talk to. We were talking about how we noticed the professor had got his tattoos inked between last Friday and this Friday. Randy asked the professor about them.

The sexy professor then tells us about all of his tattoos- a sun on his neck, a sea turtle on his left breast, a random circle with a design around his belly button, then a tattoo with a circle on his right arm that looked like a maze- I forget the meaning of that one, he has a tattoo that says "faith and music" on his left arm, then there is his new tattoo that we could see. When we started the class he told us he only had 3 tattoos- the turtle, belly button, and sun. He got this new tattoo in exchange for giving music lessons. We asked what it was because it looked like a bunch of random swiggles. The random swiggles were water we found out. The tattoo is of a koi fish swimming upstream, which he said symbolizes all of his struggles in life like his divorce and some of the things he has been through. We couldn't see the tattoo well, so then the professor said to come inside and he'd show us.

Randy and I went inside and the professor took off his white buttondown shirt and white t-shirt he had on. He doesn't really work out, but had a nice body, not a lot of hair on his chest. He kind of reminded me of Enrique Iglesias and that would be the best description of his frame I guess. The professor took off his shirt as I said and he began twirling around showing us each tattoo and telling us about them.

The tattoos were ugly- the sun on the back of his neck looked nice. The sea turtle looked like a little stick on tattoo you get as a kid from one of those machines in the grocery store... yes... that bad. The koi fish tattoo that we could see from his shirt was ugly- it had a bunch of swiggles representing water and you only saw the middle section of the fish (no head or fin), which seemed pointless. Though the tattoos were ugly (with the exception of the sun), I don't care. I got to see him strip off his shirt for me and see his hot body. That was good enough.

The professor gave us his myspace and when I first went on it there was "no answer" for his orientation, then he changed it to straight, then took that portion of the information box out, which is where he stands currently. That to me is an indication he is gay. Another indication is he was so willing to strip off his shirt- how many straight guys would do that for another guy? I know friends who have tattoos just kind of lift up their shirt and show them, not so voluntarily strip off the shirt.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I like the white, sugary stuff

Went over to The Guy's house this evening about 6:00p.m. We talked several times during the day. Our water and electricity was out. Electricity because they were working on the road/power lines again. Then the water was out because my dad decided to be Mr. Fix It today and fix the hot water because he didn't think it was giving out all the water it could in the bathtub.

Got to his place and we played Dungeons and Dragons with his friend Sam, the one he met in Arizona last month who wanted to go out with The Guy, but The Guy said no. We sat in the den playing. Didn't get much playing done since The Guy wanted to create a new character and then he needed a break after playing all day.

We went to the bed and played with his dog. It was fun- he was telling the dog I was a scary guy who was going to kidnap The Guy and all this other stuff. The dog completely ignored me. It was funny. After rolling around in bed with the dog and The Guy we went to CVS. The Guy wanted the sugary Mini Wheats as opposed to the organic Mini Wheats where the sugar falls off in the milk. I told The Guy I like sugary milk and like the sugar to fall off the cereal and make the milk sweet, which is the whole reason I eat cereal. The Guy then said his dog probably likes sweet milk like that when the sugar comes off the cereal and into the milk. That actually led to a funny conversation where I said I like sweet milk- ok guys... what is sweet and white? haha... cum... yes... The Guy laughed at me for coming up with that one. In all truthfulness I don't find cum that tasty, but for the joke's sake, I said I did.

Then The Guy told me in the car about his ex boyfriend Danny from 5 years ago who contacted him the other day. Danny was 18 at the time and moved in with The Guy when his parents kicked him out and has been disowned by his family because he was gay. Danny lied to The Guy quite a bit and The Guy still hasn't forgiven him. He said when he was talking to Danny he was making jabs about how Danny did this and that. The Guy isn't sure he'll go visit Danny.

After we got back to his place, we ate cereal because The Guy is trying to diet and so he was only eating cereal today. We watched "The Fugitive" since he Tivo'd it. I have always came in about the last 45 minutes of the movie where Harrison Ford goes to the hospital and that blond girl (can't think of her name) realizes he was basically framed. It was so nice to see the beginning and the whole story. I really enjoyed that movie. It was a great movie!!!

Left his place at 11:30 and came home to water and electricity. My dad was working under the house until 8:30p.m. he said.

Friday, September 28, 2007

The past few days

The past few days have been crazy. I START SCHOOL TODAY. YUCK. YUCK. YUCK. I HAVE TO LEAVE IN 12 MINUTES TO GO TO SCHOOL. I saw The Guy Tuesday night. We watched Reaper on the CW together. Not a bad show. Then he gave me an Airport Extreme router to try out. Saw him Thursday because the router was not working here at home. Went over to his place and he tried to configure it. He configured it and it worked. I'm pretty good with this stuff, but for whatever reason was not working. Ugh.

Anyways, he wanted a nap afterward. That meant going into his bedroom and I could see that he was hard. I started rubbing his dick with my hand, then started sucking him. Did this for a while and then he started rubbing my dick through my pants. It was pretty fun. Then we got naked and grinded and kissed. Then I sucked him some more. It was pretty hot. After, we napped until 3:15 and I had to leave to get allergy shots.

He called me at 5:40 to see if the router worked. It did. He asked if I wanted to play D&D, the new game he has to play. I liked it a lot in that you must work as a team, so I didn't feel alienated like other games. So I drove back over to his house to play that last night. I left about 11:00p.m. and got home at 11:45. I hit traffic coming home.

I finally added The Guy to my myspace... that was big news... we always talked about how we aren't on each other's pages. He says his myspace is mainly for his friends he doesn't see all the time. I was checking mine out last night waiting for the game to install and added him. He tried to give me a guilt trip for taking so long to add him. HAHA.

I've been gone so much lately my family is wondering where I am. Not in a bad way, but like when I'm home and what I have up my sleeve to do next... I am serious. I've been out until about midnight nearly every night this week and haven't really seen my family. I doubt I'll see much of them this quarter, just seeing how my schedule is.

Tonight my plans are to stay at home and RELAX.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My dad was just walking down the hall singing this...

instead of some of the other old songs he usually sings like "City of New Orleans" by Arlo Guthrie...


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The details on the firing

So in my last post I said rumor had it that Loud Mouth Coworker was fired. Indeed, she was. 

Without going into all the details she really made a mistake by messing with the sub who was the principal's secretary's daughter. Administration was on Mrs. C to get rid of her. 3 teachers did not want Loud Mouth in their classroom because of her attitude. Basically Mrs. C saw that basically it was a waste to have her around since she wasn't being used in the classroom. She was let go Friday and was not happy about it. 

She went to the middle school and wants to tutor there. She lied to the coordinator there saying that everyone at the high school wasn't working with her schedule and she needed more hours- not that she was fired. 

Now for more drama. Loud Mouth has talked to a couple kids in a couple of the classes who she is buddies with and told them that Gonzo and I are working together to get everyone fired. She's just saying it because she is mad and the kids have no problem telling and helping her spread that rumor. We're doing nothing- in fact we seemed so much closer today at work without her and I had to do some more rumor control to explain what happened last year about D & N getting told they can't come back. Got that sorted out. Good deal. 

Dang, now everyone can't ask if Loud Mouth Coworker and I are going out because we're so flirty. 

In other news I still haven't decided on which internship. I threw the idea around at work today with the various teachers and each one gave me a different opinion. All agree the opportunities are incredible, but figuring out which one to take is the hard part. I got a couple different perspectives, so that helped. 

Monday, September 24, 2007

The rumor mill says...

Loud Mouth Coworker has been fired... not sure on the full details, but I'll be finding out more when I go back to work. I know most of the details like the stuff I've been blogging about, but want to find out more.

I'm kind of shocked Mrs. C had the guts to get rid of her, but know that she means business. I'm kind of sad because I really do like Loud Mouth as a friend. I think that it'll be ok though, as my coworker D told me the other day, I can fill the bitch role just fine. HAHA.

Conflicted over amazing opportunities

I have 2 internships I can choose between this fall. I interviewed for 2 over the past couple months and got both.

Internship 1One is with a high ranking official with a name. If I could get a letter of recommendation from this individual, I'd be set. It would basically be doing paperwork type stuff at her office. But there could be good things to come from this- lots of connections with public officials maybe and other big name people.

The main reason for this internship: the name and possible connections, plus I would learn some skills transferrable to other fields like public relations, journalism, etc. I would be closer to home and so closer to family etc. and less stress probably cuz of less driving

Reason to not take: sounds rather boring, 30 minute drive to the office

Internship 2 is working at a newspaper as an entry level reporter- writing stories and going out in the field. This paper is on the small side, but has a good reputation. I'd also be videotaping and shooting footage of the stories I cover.

Reason to take this internship: it is what I'm interested in, my name would be in print, it would help me in the journalism field cuz my name would be in print, learn a lot of skills like writing and photography

Reason not to take: 60 mile each way commute (1 hour), far from home, working under deadlines, etc.

I HAVE TO DECIDE BY TOMMOROW. Both are more than willing to work with my schedule. Both are excellent opportunities, but I really don't know which to take. I won't say right now which way I'm leaning...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blowjob coupons

I am getting my computer back in order. Yesterday night I went out to dinner with the family at TGI Friday's for my sister's birthday. When I got home, The Guy instant messaged me asking me what I was doing. I told him I was trying to get the computer back in working order because I still wasn't satisfied with the changes that had been made when on the phone with Dell. He told me to come over and he'd help me. He is a computer tech for his dad's business afterall, so why not?

I got over there and he played around with my video card software for a long time and couldn't get it to work. Basically it came to where we had to wipe the computer clean- thankfully I backed everything back up earlier. WHEW!!! Itunes was a differen't story. The Guy showed me a neat trick how to back all of the music onto 1 DVD and it won't forget the song titles like when you do it with CDs. That was sooooooo cool!!! I thanked him profusely.

While that was going on, we went to get food. He was hungry. I wasn't. We went and ordered pizza at a place that a friend of The Guy's said was fantastic. The Guy didn't have any money and asked to pay me back. I said NO. I was paying because he was fixing my computer and he does so much for me already. He tried to pay me back, but I refused after he got cash at Trader Joes. Went to Trader Joes for little things while waiting for the pizza and stared at the cute hot guys there. Talked in the car while waiting for the pizza about the guy who The Guy is playing Dungeons and Dragons online with. It was the same guy he met during his weekend in Phoenix. The guy is from Colorado and basically asked The Guy to be his boyfriend over text messaging and made a scene out of it and brought on a lot of drama. The Guy basically said no- we're not talking about this over text messaging and you're 3-4 states away, so distance is an issue, and you're not living with me. We also made fun of girls in the pizza place who looked like they came from a Renaissance Festival, but actually just go to the all girls college over by The Guy's house. It was fun stuff.

Got back to his place and put the groceries from Trader Joes away, he ate pizza, then wiped my computer clean. Then he went online and downloaded all the drivers on his Mac, put them on a CD for me. Aaron came over because The Guy said he had to try the pizza, even though it wasn't that great. We stood around in the den talking about things like ringtones, cleaning, stuff like that.

That was another thing, The Guy hired 2 gay guys he found on craigslist who own a cleaning service to clean his house; which was another reason I had to come over- to see how good of a job they did. They did more than any mainstream maid service would do. They organized his drawers, did his laundry, vacuumed, cleaned the shower and sinks, counters, and organized everything. Aaron the clean freak was impressed and The Guy took all the credit. Aaron didn't believe The Guy did all of that, and Aaron still does not know.

When Windows was finally reinstalled we had the same video card driver error message. We were sooooo upset. The Guy, since he does know all about computers had a couple ideas how to get around it. He did!!!

Aaron, The Guy, and I went out on the couch and talked. The Guy was very tired and so was I. It was 12:45a.m. Aaron and I talked about coming out and whether I should come out to Gonzo. Then I was so tired I said I have got to go. Aaron stayed around a while... still didn't get his number... dang!

The Guy called me this morning to tell me he would install Microsoft Office on it. I said that's ok, I have a copy of that. He told me to come over because he has Office 2007. I said after my haircut and went over. We installed it, he did a lot of nice little things for my computer. The Guy has tons of spare computer parts just laying around because he is always working on computers. He decides my computer needs more RAM and so puts 2 1GB sticks in the computer. I had 1GB in there before. MY COMPUTER IS FAAAAAAAST NOW!!! I thanked him again and told him how appreciative I was. He said no big deal, just pay him back with a blowjob one of these days. Done.

We hang around, eat some chicken lasagna, then decide to lay down. We both talk about how we haven't slept well lately. Then he remembers that I owe him a blowjob. We tease each other for a moment and I ask when he wants it. He asks if he needs a coupon. The other night when Aaron was there, he gave us $10.00 coupons to Best Buy he had as a thank you for helping him fold his laundry. Aaron read the coupon and thought he couldn't use it, when he can. The Guy asks if he needs a coupon and I said yes. He pushes my head down, under the cover, then I suck him. I did that for about 15 minutes while he moaned. Haha.

So I sucked him for a while, then he pushed me over and we grinded on each other for a while. The Guy started licking my ears and sucking on them. That turns me on like you won't believe. Then we laid up against each other and felt each others bodies. Then The Guy leaned up against my back end, grabbed my dick, and jacked me off. THAT WAS SOOOO HOT!!! I shot my load all over my arm and on his sheets. Then we had to roll around in the mess. By this time it was time for the shower. We jacked each other in the shower and shot a load each in there. The Guy proclaimed that he thinks me sucking him off today was worth 512MB of RAM. So, continuing off of the joke about Aaron and the coupons, I'm going to create my own coupons on the computer that say something to the effect of "Blowjob for The Guy," and give them to him to equal up to 2GB.

After we got out, got dressed, then I helped him put things back in order because he had some people working on his electrical on his house today. They never reconnected his central air and heat, so he has no heat and air. He was not a happy and I don't blame him. We finished up on my computer. Then we went to the bank because he needed money. He is having a friend who is a massage therapist give him a massage tonight. I thanked The Guy and we hugged.

I took off at a decent hour- very decent. I still have the rest of the evening ahead of me. It is only 6:45p.m. and I feel brand new and so does my computer.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hit Me Baby One More Time and more...

Some girls from high school whom I'm still good friends with called me up tonight. Jenn and Cherry said we were going to go to Cherry's house and sing karaoke. I've never done it... I'll admit. I have always been too shy and embarassed, so I jumped at the opportunity tonight. I can't stay in my shell all my life. The girls seemed like good sweet innocent girls. Cherry and Jenn were the only ones who surprised me since they supplied us with the jello shots.

Got over to Cherry's house and things were very PG. The girls were playing some Disney trivia game. Then came Cranium with some jello shots. If you got an answer wrong, you had to have a jello shot. Watermelon jello and vodka... good stuff. My team was uneven- Jenn and I vs. the other 5 girls, so we lost- that just meant more shots for us.

Then came karaoke. We took turns singing songs like "Skaterboi," "Lips of an Angel," some Panic at the Disco, Franz Ferdinand, etc. Then came my turn. My first turn was "Hate Me Today" by Blue October and I sucked at it since I couldn't stay on tune. Second time around I sang "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol and pretty much nailed the song. I got 9,000 out of a possible 10,000. I can't hit high notes- I can sing the low stuff and Snow Patrol was just about right. My second turn I sang "Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down and didn't do as well because they go from high to low at severalpoints in the song like the aooooo parts. The girls decided to sing some Alicia Keys, "Fallin" and "Girls Just Want to Have Fun."

Then the only songs left to sing were "Hit Me Baby One More Time." The girls didn't want to sing because it was too slutty. I volunteered. I got up there and just hit my side at first when the song said "hit me baby one more time." Then about halfway through the song my friends Mike, Steve, and some other people showed up. Steve got a kick out of me singing this and we shared the microphone and finished. We were staring at each other while sanging it and making little hand motions back and forth to each other. Then at the end Steve hit my behind, so I had to do the same to him. I'm going to be mortified to find if those pictures actually end up on facebook. So far the photos that have ended up on there show the very innocent side of me.

My final song for the night were "Invisible" by Ashley Simpson. I couldn't stay on key and my voice is too low to hit all those high notes. I had never heard that song, so I also had a hard time keeping up. Some of the alcohol may have contributed. I sang that with Jenn.

We were about to switch gears and do something else when the sheriff came. Yes, we weren't loud. That's what the sheriff said and thanked us for that. The problem? The neighbors complained there were too many cars in the neighborhood and it was a safety hazard. We weren't blocking access from their driveways or blocking the street. In fact most of the cars except for 3 fit in Cherry's driveway. So that pretty much ended the party and I came home. Was going to meet up with The Guy to have him fix my computer and spend the night, but he was a little buzzed himself after going out for dinner and drinks with friends.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Quick post- met up with a fellow blogger

What's up? I've been so busy over the past couple days with little things and big things like computer problems. Dude, I'm not getting a Dell next time. Anyways, I'll save the angry rant about Dell for another time, but after spending 7 hours on the phone with tech support in India I want to focus on something happy.

Last night I met up with a fellow blogger Closetedonlychild. He's a real nice guy. We went to Chevy's Mexican Restaurant and then walked around the mall. We talked about a lot of stuff and it was cool to meet someone from online in the same closeted situation. I had a great time and hope we can do it again real soon.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chipotle date

The Guy and I decided late last night after texting each other back and forth that we needed to have a Chipotle date at his place at 12:00p.m. today. Sounded good. The Guy called me at 10:30 today asking where I was. I told him at home and he told me to come over. I did.

We were going to go to Chipotle, but the guy was waiting on plumbers to clean his drains. They said they would be there by 12. They didn't show, so The Guy called them and said to call his cell. That gave us time to go to Chipotle and get food. Lots of good conversation in the car about concerts, driving, and work related stuff.

When we got back to his place we ate- he had a burrito bol and I had a burrito. I left about the last 1/8 of my burrito because I was full, so he finished it. That was funny. Anyways, I helped him pick up around his apartment for a few minutes. Then we got into talking about networking (as in computers). The Guy is getting rid of his Mac router and wanted to use his $100 from his iPhone to get the new router that is more large file transfer friendly. Anyways, he showed me some cool things you can do and how easily it is to network a printer, stuff like that. I knew it was possible, but not really sure what to do. Now I know and he said a mac router would work with our Window's PCs here at home. It was really cool to see all of that.

We played around and were going to play Dungeons and Dragons- a new game The Guy is playing. The Guy started playing and showed me how it works. Then the plumbers came and said they can't do anything because they had the wrong truck.

We played around some more on the game and sat up my account when The Guy's friend Aaron came. We talked about random stuff like clothes, cleaning, and other random stuff. Then we helped The Guy fold his clothes he had been washing. The Guy only does laundry when he has NOTHING else to wear- he can go weeks without washing. Aaron is a major neat freak and came over to help The Guy clean. We talked and folded clothes. Aaron couldn't tell the difference between workout clothes and cotton shirts. It was funny.

Then The Guy tried to install D&D on my computer, but it wouldn't work. It was a videocard problem. The Guy then helped me clear up some files on my computer I didn't need etc.

Then Aaron was hungry, so we stood around eating brocolli and chicken in the kitchen talking about gaming, stuff like that. The Guy got a call from his friend to play on the computer in the meantime, so he went and did that. Aaron and I stood around talking about things like hanging out with friends, what we do in our spare time, coming out, going out to gay clubs (which I never done). Aaron hasn't told his parents he is gay, but is sure they suspect. He also says with him it is hit and miss and some think he is gay, some don't. Some people know he doesn't want to know. Aaron and I left about 8. He is shy like me, so I know he wouldn't make a move. What I mean is I had the perfect opportunity to ask him for his number etc. to hang out with cuz he seemed real interested when I said I hadn't been to a gay club and stuff like that about going like he would be interested in going with me. Aaron is 19 and will be 20 in December. He seems like a cool guy overall. When we were getting ready to leave, we shook hands and hugged. I remember last time he was hesitant to shake hands, so that was a definite step forward.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hottie returns to the gym

I haven't been going to the gym in the evenings during the summer. It has been pretty much in the early afternoon or whenever I feel like it. When I stopped going to the gym then, apparently I missed the hottie with the hardon. He was back tonight. He walked in- not with the guy who looks a lot like him. He was with a guy who was mostly bald and had dark brown hair and wore the same tight fitting type clothes that this guy does. They walked in together. I had to wonder if this is a new guy like a new boyfriend... wishful thinking.

I made sure to be working on machines facing the hottie. He decided he wanted to take the biking class tonight. I worked on the bicep and tricep machines, which face the bikes. He sat in the back row with his back facing me. When he stood up on the machine to petal I could see the outline of his briefs. It was hot. I was getting ready to leave and went to get a drink of water and hand sanitizer. I walk by the room and I see a sideview of the hottie on the bike and he has a hardon there!!! NO joke! It was obvious, even though he was pedaling up and down on the bike. Does this guy even know? I'm serious. 2nd time I've seen him with a huge hardon. And new guy? hmm....

Oh... and the workout... it was good... I was really pushing myself tonight.

My mom needs help programming her radio stations... how cute

KBIG 104 in Los Angeles switched formats yesterday from their 80s, 90s, and today mix to adult contemporary yesterday. Basically so they could fit in between KIIS (teen pop) and soft rock on KOST for the older listeners. I always thought that KBIG filled the void in between, but programmers thought otherwise. Now MYFM is going to go with a no DJ format like JACK FM. I really liked KBIG (except I was not a fan of Kari Steele and detested her, as well as how so many of the songs seemed to be repeated over and over... apparently that hasn't changed).

My mom listened to Charlie Tuna on KBIG because she grew up listening to him and so she mentioned last night how sad she was he was leaving and was going to stop listening to KBIG. This morning my mom calls at 6:40a.m. while she is on her way to work and says "I don't like this new format- they're playing country." Indeed, I put on KBIG and Carrie Underwood was on there singing 1 of 2 songs I think that MYFM (KBIG's new name) has. The other song I heard 4-5 times on there was "How to Save a Life" by the Fray. My mom asked if I was in her car last night listening to country and I said no, it was KBIG. My mom said it was downright disgusting and she was going to go back to KOLA in the morning because she likes oldies, and though she was not a fan with what KBIG played, she liked Charlie Tuna. I really liked Leann and Charlie way back when, I also enjoyed Irma on the block most recently when Irma Blanco would poll viewers with random questions. It was so funny though talking to my mom how upset she was over the format switch.

I have listened off and onto MYFM yesterday and today and heard that same Carrie Underwood song 5 times so far. My mom said she doesn't like it and wants me to reprogram her radio stations tonight. My mom liked KBIG because they played some oldies on there and Charlie Tuna. I think I'll put HOT 92 JAMZ on my mom's car to replace that since they play a pretty good mix of oldies like the Temptations, Supremes, stuff like that.

In other news, I'm home from work. It did not go well. Loud Mouth was gone. It was wonderful. It wasn't wonderful that Loud Mouth decided to battle the principal's secretary's daughter yesterday when she was subbing in one of the classes giving her attitude. I spent most of the morning ratting out Loud Mouth. It felt so good. We're good friends really, but she deserves to be called out because we all got in trouble for the little incident yesterday and nobody was calling her out. I did. Hah. D, one of my coworkers told me afterword I am indeed a bitch. I told her yes, deal with it. She laughed and told me how I fill the void of Loud Mouth so well by being on constant bitch mode, but I'm a fun bitch. It was too funny.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm on bitch mode

I have not been happy at work this year. I can deal with the changes of having a stricter boss/new coordinator. I have no problem with that because I follow the rules and stuff like that. There are some definite changes from previous years, but overall in most aspects I'm not complaining.

People however, like Loud Mouth Coworker do things to try and piss you off like trying to avoid clocking out for lunch when everyone else does, being a stickler about timecards when that is none of her business- she makes others clock out, yet not herself. It all came to a head last week in a lunch meeting when I sent an e-mail to the coordinator about how Loud Mouth was pissing me and everyone else off. The lunch meeting just got the issue out there, but it is far from handled. I can handle and deal with Loud Mouth, so it is no big deal, but it is really taking a toll on everyone else at work. The issue will be addressed this week sometime. Loud Mouth isn't talking to me, but you know what? Everytime she doesn't like something I do she tells me I'm on bitch mode. I just say I don't abuse my privileges and don't know why you're pissed off. Poor Loud Mouth didn't get her way.

I just feel like I don't need to be caught up in Loud Mouth's drama and problems. I have better ways to spend my time. I will have another job soon and an internship. I don't need her to tell me what to do, I can, and do stand up to her, but I'm tired of the drama. In my e-mail I told about how I have better opportunities etc, yet come back to work because I used to enjoy it. I don't this year. In the e-mail I also said I work there because I enjoy it- not because of the pay, but this year I haven't enjoyed it because of Loud Mouth and because of the lack of pay.

I really don't give a rats ass about anything at work this year. If there is a chance to leave early, I do. If I'm not needed, I leave. Today we were done at 10:30 and had a lunch break until 12:30. My coworkers were standing around being indecisive about where they wanted to go eat. I was willing to go with them, but I was tired of them standing around being so indecisive and then finally they told me I was going to drive since it was my turn. I said ok, just tell me where we're going. Every place I mentioned in the area we could eat didn't strike their fancies. 10 minutes later and they couldn't decide. I told them screw it and left. Loud Mouth called to ask why I was on bitch mode and bitching at everyone, but I didn't pick up. I let the phone go to voicemail. And because I'm bad like that, I didn't come back at 12:30 when I was supposed to be back. Instead, I was at home watching videos on xtube, relaxing, relieving stress before my dentist appointment.

It was nice to go in relaxed to the dentist after my mid-afternoon stress relief. I LOATHE the dentist. I don't like the drill, the dental pick, the technical talk, stuff like that. It was a LONG appointment- it lasted an hour and 10 minutes because they kept getting a bad x-ray reading on my back right molars. No cavities though... no surprise. The doctor said that he has no problem sedating me next time it comes to me going to the dentist. Apparently the hygenist saw my nervousness going in to the dentist. We talked about random stuff, so that did calm my fears, but sedation sounds like the way to go next time.

Loud Mouth called this afternoon wanting to know if I had a problem with her and to confront her rather than go to authority and get her ass in trouble. I let it go to voicemail, but listened to the voicemail and heard that. It is so typical of her, she's scared. What's going to her going to do? Nothing... she won't change and my going to authority just pisses her off. I've gone to Loud Mouth before when I have a problem with her and it does nothing- she just puts you on her hate list and won't talk to you for the rest of the year. It is kind of sad that I'm the only tutor at work who has no problem standing up to her. But I do plan to tell her what is on my mind next time I go to work and have no problem if she doesn't talk to me for the rest of the year.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

TV Theme Songs... a disappearing thing?

While cruising around youtube the other night I stumbled on the "Chips" theme song. That lead me on a pursuit (haha) to find other TV show theme songs from shows I watched when I was a kid like "Fall Guy," "Little House on the Prairie," "Simon and Simon," "Perry Mason," "The Rockford Files," "Matlock," "In the Heat of the Night," "Quantum Leap," "Growing Pains," "Knight Rider," "Northern Exposure," "Baywatch," "Murder She Wrote," and so on. I watched most of these during the day at my grandma's house... she wasn't a cartoon fan as you can see.

All are pretty memorable theme songs I think. I think I could safely hum the "Little House on the Prairie" theme song and someone would know what I'm humming. In "Northern Exposure" I can still see the moose walking down the street and hear the theme song in the background. It is memorable. It screams "Northern Exposure" because it is easily placed with the show. The theme song for "Perry Mason" begins with that eerie music and the courtroom scene with that dunt dunt sound and when I hear that, the first thing I think is a courtroom and Perry Mason.

Even kids shows when I was young had a theme song like Sesame Street. Power Rangers was memorable with the "Go go go go Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." Remember Bananas in Pajamas? That was a short, but memorable theme song... "bananas in pajamas are coming down the stairs, bananas in pajamas are coming down in pairs, bananas in pajamas are chasing teddy bears." There were a ton of other kids shows with theme songs like "Shining Time Station" with Thomas the train. One cannot forget "Reading Rainbow." Winnie The Pooh had his own theme also! ALF had about a minute theme song and is memorable in my mind because it always reminded me of a morning news program wiht the soft music playing and it seemed so welcoming as ALF was walking around the house videotaping everything taking place. I don't hear kids of today singing theme songs or even talking about them.

More current kid shows include Teletubbies, which has some random music playing, then some guy says "over the hills and far away Teletubbies come to play," there is a countdown for all the Teletubbies and then a voice says TELETUBBIES" Then there are speakers saying "time for Teletubbies." While this might not be memorable, this is the only kids show I can think of with a theme song nowadays and it is not in production. "Bear in the Big Blue House" also had a theme song welcoming you to the big blue house. Again, it was not catchy, but it was a theme song nonetheless.

I can't think of many shows that use theme songs today. "Law and Order" has the pin drop then that doot doot sound and a song that is about a minute long. "Friends" used the song from the Rembrandts "I'll Be There For You"- it is catchy and memorable like a TV show theme song should be. Maybe I haven't been watching a lot of TV lately and it showing, but I honestly can't think of any show with a memorable theme song that is out nowadays.

Shows of today like "Ugly Betty" don't have a theme song- it is just a short musical sequence and then a montage of faces from the show. It is probably 20-30 seconds. I can't think whether or not there is a theme song for Grey's Anatomy, but what I'm saying is theme songs are memorable and so it probably doesn't, or I'd remember. NAVY NCIS has a short, but unmemorable theme song where all of the characters are introduced. It is not as memorable as say the show they spun off from (JAG). "Desperate Housewives" has a short 40 second or so theme song, but it is not really that memorable in my mind.

I guess in my opinion it seems TV show theme songs are disappearing. A lot of it probably relates to the fact that it is all about money and advertising. TV show creators and writers can't afford to spare a minute or two of a show to create a memorable theme song when a show only lasts about 23 minutes. I guess I'm kind of bummed about that. The theme song is supposed to pump you up, create suspense, create action, bring you into the show. It is sad that a minute can't be spared for that. TV show theme songs are memorable and talked about. I might not remember a lot of the shows I have watched when I was young like "Rockford Files," but I do remember the theme song.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A burglar, perhaps?

Last night at about 3:30a.m. I hear my sister's dresser open. Yes, her dresser is in my room since her room is too small for it. I do have the biggest bedroom in the house (it is bigger than the master). The dresser has been here for 2 years and I'm told to suck it up, so I do. No big deal. Long story as to why it is here and whatnot, but it's not a big deal. I don't mind it too much because up until now it hasn't been a big deal. It does a good job working as a TV and stereo stand. There is no space in her room- her room is just big enough for her bed, desk, etc. I can live with it and only have to for 15 more days.

Back to the story... It sounds like a little mouse or something coming from her dresser. It scared me considering it was so early in the morning and it woke me up from a deep sleep. It is unusual I sleep real soundly. I knew what I heard, but in my mind it took a few seconds to process the fact it was something in or around my sister's dresser- perhaps a mouse or someone breaking in. I grab my flashlight which is in the crack in my bed between the bedframe and the mattress. I turn on the light and flash the light toward the ground to see if ti was a mouse. The first thing I see is someone standing there in black sweats. My sister should have been in bed hours ago, so I didn't think it was her. She knows better than to come into my room when I'm asleep and without knocking. We have a rule in my family because my sister is so irresponsible that she has to have her bath by 10:00p.m. I didn't really give myself time to process what was happening and I impulsively slid off the bed to do something. I plopped on the floor in my groggy state, make a fist, then slug the person standing there as hard as I could right below the knees. They let out a huge scream. My heart was pounding because someone was in my room in the middle of the night who could have been a robber, but also because I was about to get involved with whoever this person was and take care of them. I grab the light after this and realize it was my sister.

Uh oh was all that went through my mind. The next thing I know my parents are in my room, just as shaken as I am, asking what happened. I was reluctant to admit that I was in a deep sleep, realized someone was in my room, grabbed my flashlight, saw legs, thought it was a robber. My sister was upset, crying, and yelling at me for being so stupid because it is her dresser and only she would be in it. My parents are mad because I woke them up, I didn't look further to see who it was, and my sister was upset and crying. My mom was worried because the neighbors might have heard. My dad of course had to further piss me off in this situation because he took my sister's side and said "she didn't do anything to you." Like I was supposed to know at 3:30a.m. she was in my room and that I was doing that on purpose. I was pretty shocked someone was there and I didn't think it was her. It was not that I did it on purpose. I didn't. I apologized to my sister because I really was sorry (surprise, I know). I did slug her hard I will admit and felt bad because it was obvious she was in pain. It was hard to apologize when I wanted to laugh so hard for my stupidity and by this time I was getting a kick out of the situation.

I did manage to get back to sleep at probably 5:30a.m. and slept until 7. My sister managed to sleep until 10a.m. and has been telling me how I've been so stupid all day, in a playful way though.

Went to the LA County Fair today. It was much better than last year. I told myself last year if it did not improve this year, then I wouldn't go back. There were a lot more vendors that sparked my interest this year. I still found some of the things stupid like one of the shopping buildings converted into an ice skating and Christmas village. Oh well... that's my rant on that. It did seem crowded and the parking lot was very crowded; inside the fair however it wasn't bad. I also didn't have to stay to see Lifehouse tonight. My mom decided she was too tired after the incident this morning, I was too, and my dad doesn't like them.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I think I just came out

Went to lunch with my friend Melbatea as I call her. She and I go to Disneyland together a lot with a group of friends or bowling. We met up for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and talked for 2 hours. The cheesecake factory is waaay overpriced and not that great. $26.00 for just myself and the lemon chicken tasted like I was eating a lemon- not chicken. Good times overall. I had to leave tutoring early to meet Melbatea for lunch. Gonzo asked why I was leaving and I said I had a date. I just say that to appear straight cuz that's what us closeted guys do. So I give her the details, say some random girl, and everything. Good deal.

Went to get allergy shots with my mom tonight and apparently wanted to know if I think Melbatea is dateable material. I said maybe... that's a usual response from me.

I had to be back at the school tonight for parent night. Gonzo asked me how the date went- I told her awesome. Great conversation and everything. Everything seems great? Right. Well, as we're leaving I tell Gonzo I have a class and won't be at work tommorow. She says oh, ok. She asks what I'm taking and I tell her. I was totally not thinking, then I add in "the professor, he is soooo hot." She looks at me smiling, not like alarmed or anything, and she says, "what did you just say?" I realized I must have said "he," so I said she is soooo hot. She has dark brown hair with brown streaks in it, she is 27, and so on. Then she says "Mike, you need to watch yourself, she is 27- she is your professor." I said that's only a 7 year difference and that was ok because she's smart and hot... two big prereqs in a person. Then it was just so casual afterward; we walked to the teacher's classroom we were going to and that was it. Nothing more was said. Not sure if she knows now or what or she heard "he" or "she;" at least for me it is possibly a small step/reminder about how I have to be careful about what I say.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I came this close to getting a piercing...

My cousin and I have been trying for 3 weeks to get together for lunch or something. We tried to go clubbing one night. We also tried to go to a concert one night. Never worked. We talked and finally decided today we will do something at 1p.m.- PERIOD. 1p.m. rolled around and my cousin was just waking up. She said it would take her 3 hours to get ready and we'd meet at 4 for something.

We met up at 4:30 for Chipotle. Best burrito there... steak burrito with black beans, cheese, tomato salsa, and rice. We got all caught up on the family gossip/drama and talked about stuff going on in our lives. It was sooooo fun and so overdue. I enjoyed it. We definitely want to go clubbing or something soon.

My cousin broke up with her boyfriend recently and she was talking about how she was changing her appearance, improving her life, etc. etc. So appearance came up as we were walking by a jewlery store. I said well, maybe you'll get your ears pierced one of these days. She refuses to get her ears pierced because her mom and grandma both had earrings torn out of their ears when they were little by kids on the playground etc. so my cousin is scared. I said let's go in the store and see about getting pierced. Basically it came down to I'll do it only if you do. I said fine. I will. So we were there in the store talking, picking out what we wanted. I was just going to with a little silver hoop deal and had it picked out- nothing girly. See the pic below... I guess I'm not good at describing piercings. So we stood there and talked and she said that she wants to live life with no regrets and I agreed- so I would try it.

We had the stuff picked out and were almost ready to pay. I was going to go first. The girl helping us, Kelly, had began asking me where on my left ear it was going to go and was showing me where she thought would be best. Then she marked my ear with a pen and I filled out the paperwork. My cousin was paying for hers and then the girl marked her ears. I walk over to pay when my cousin chickens out. She begins saying stuff like what would my mom think, what would other people think, her grandparents would be upset at both her and me, she is scared of needles, etc. etc. I told her oh well... I'm over 18... I'm doing it regardless of what others think cuz it is my body and it will freak my mom out... but she's not the one wearing it. I told her forget her grandparents... she can handle telling them she was out all night, yet she is scared of getting a piercing. My cousin then walks out. I would have done just went through with the piercing if I had thought she would come back and change her mind, but she didn't. I gave her a few moments and nothing. I finally said it's going to be a no and went out talk to my cousin. I told her she can always take the piercings out, the holes will close, no big deal. I am now kinda just sitting here wondering if I should have gone through with it or what. Haha... it probably wouldn't have looked good on me anyways.

My mom is too cute. She really only listens to oldies- Beach Boys, 4 Seasons, Buddy Holly, etc. etc. etc. The only 2 exceptions are the Backstreet Boys (aunt in Oklahoma raves about them and turned my mom onto them) and the song "I Hope You Dance" by Leann Wommack. My mom comes home tonight and heard that Lifehouse will be at the LA County Fair Friday night and wants to go. She was so excited. She came in the house I'm sitting here with my dad in the living room and the first thing out of her mouth was she heard on the radio Lifehouse will be there. My dad asked who they were. She said "SMALLVILLE... you know them... they're really good soft rock... you've heard them in the background music on the show." My dad let out a groan and asked if I was going to go or he'd have to. She said they're really good and asked me to play them so my dad could hear. I don't care for them, but went onto itunes just to appease my mom and played a sample. My dad just teased my mom about being so excited about a boy band like Lifehouse.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Miss South Carolina VMA

Couldn't find the video on youtube... it was removed. Everyone is talking about Britney at the VMA's, but what about Miss South Carolina? She was just about as bad. And no, I didn't watch the show. Had no want to... just heard about it on the radio and watched the Britney vid on youtube... I'll do you a favor "such as" and I'll spare my opinions on that one...

CLICK HERE... When will she go away? I'm tired of her... just like Britney.

ALF en Espanol... only on youtube...



Last night I met up with The Guy after calling him and reminding him we said many times we were going to hang out. He said he "forgot" to tell everyone he was going to Vegas etc. Then I called him and he forgot we were going to hang out- he was playing a game online. We talked, then decided we would hang out.

I get over to his place and Luis is there because his roommate's computer just broke and needed it immediately, so The Guy was fixing it. I have heard a lot about Luis- how he is good with stuff like painting/carpentry etc. Luis is also the friend who is maybe lying to The Guy about running marathons etc. and has MS or some muscular disease that he could die within a year. Luis has the same football type players build that The Guy has, but was not as toned as The Guy. Luis was blond and had spiked hair, but didn't have it done.

I talked to The Guy about the trip and told him about it. I don't remember how, but Luis brought up the topic of fisting a guy. The Guy said he has never done it, never wanted to, but has heard about it. Luis wanted to see a guy be fisted, so The Guy logged onto adam4adam and found some vids of it. The Guy had me move over next to him so I could see the computer screen. We talked about how painful and stuff like that it looks. It doesn't interest us. There was a little smalltalk about playing with a guy's ass inbetween.

Then The Guy pulled both of us into his chest. I was thinking well before this happened that we were going to have a 3-some. The Guy and Luis start making out. I am rubbing The Guy's chest and dick. Then he pushes me down there and I tease him some. The Guy and I make out some and that was really hot. Then he stands up, pulls down his pants, and I suck him.

The Guy said we need to go to the bedroom and so we did. In the bedroom The Guy stood in the middle while Luis and I stood on either side grinding up against him teasing him. Then we took turns doing that to each other, then The Guy stripped each of us.

We get on the bed and suck each other. Luis isn't really into it and I can tell, so we go back to making out. There was lots of making out on the bed. We take turns making out with each other and The Guy and Luis both lick my neck. Luis and I made out; there was lots of tongue involved.

The Guy then got out the lube and we took turns grinding on each other, making out, stuff like that.

We went back to sucking each other and after about 2 minutes Luis pushed me away and said to stop. He shot his load. The Guy laughed and said that's because I give such great oral. He was being really serious about it and telling Luis how I do it better than so many other guys... Luis said it was definitely hot.

We then took a shower and washed our hair and talked about The Guy's $40.00 shampoo. It makes your hair silky... haha.

I noticed that as we were in the bedroom and after Luis had on a shirt from a local private Christian college. I asked him about it and he goes there. Interesting. He is gay, closeted, and religious? I guess. I don't know. Anyways, we sat talking on the couch, watching "Arrested Development" and ordered Pizza Hut hot wings. Good deal. I was getting so tired. It was 11:45p.m. I'm still stuck on Nashville time. I got home and was in bed at 12:30; and was up at 7:10.

Speaking of the time difference. I'm stuck on Nashville time as I just said. The past 2 days I've wanted dinner at 3p.m. (5p.m. Nashville time). I want breakfast at 6:30a.m. Cali time. I want lunch at 9:30a.m. My sleep schedule is also off. When I went back to MS this summer it was not bad because I was going to bed at midnight (10p.m. Cali time), eating breakfast about 8a.m. and getting up at 8 a.m. Cali time, lunch at 1p.m. (11 Cali) Mississippi time, and dinner at 7p.m. (5p.m. Cali) Mississippi time, so I stayed on schedule with how I do things out here in Cali

Another thing that crossed my mind... Hamilton said it in his blog about how he kind of has a black book for his sexual encounters. That's what my blog is to me... to deal with coming out... throwing in my experiences and thoughts with and about guys. It is online- anybody could read it and chances are noone in my family. So whew. But that did get me thinking... I probably beause of this come off as a really slutty/bad person sometimes... haha. I dunno. Oh well. I guess I'm thinking about that more and more about how I'm coming off with what I say on my blog as I chat with more of you bloggers and may possibly meet you guys one of these days. I just want to make it clear I don't think I'm really slutty etc. I am a normal person, which is why I try to throw in some stuff going on in my life on here so the blog seems less sexy and perhaps more relatable and show that I'm like everyone else.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Work and interview

Went to work at the high school today. Wish I didn't. Had to be there at 7:30. Traffic sucked getting into the school. The coordinator is a nice lady, but her and that damn time card clock. She got it as a gift; and let me tell you, I will be raising hell. I was not happy, so I left work 2 hours earlier than planned. Was going to stay until 12:30, but left at 10:30 just to make it clear I was pissed off because I'm straight up like that... haha.

Had an interview in Palm Springs for an internship. It went GREAT. I am apparently one of the most qualified and that I know Spanish was a definite advantage. The HR coordinator kept telling me to tell the person who was interviewing me I know Spanish. I did. I'll know by Thursday or Friday whether I got it.

Coming home I resisted the temptation of stopping at the Desert Hills Outlets in Cabazon. I remember when there wasn't many good stores there... now I think otherwise... Guess, Lacoste, Crate and Barrel, and a whole bunch of other stores. I wanted to get home, but need to go out there soon... a blogger shopping day perhaps? haha.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Trip wrap-up

- Went to Gaylord Opryland Resort: HUGE HOTEL/INDOOR GARDENS... it was HUGE!!! I walked the whole thing
- Toured the Grand Ole Opry: Who knew it seated 4,000? It sure doesn't look like it does on TV. It was neat to see all the behind the scenes stuff. At the end of the tour everyone stood on stage and sang "You Are My Sunshine."
- My dad's army unit's dinner: my dad's unit all wore black t-shirts with his unit's name and each member's name on the shirt. My dad does not wear t-shirts, so to see him wear a t-shirt was surprising.

- Got up at 5:00a.m. (3a.m. Cali time) to go to the airport
- There were maybe 40 people on our flight to Phoenix
- The flight back to Cali was packed... I had an aisle seat thankfully
- Got a text as I was getting off the plane from The Guy asking where I was. I replied the Southwest terminal and he said great, I'll be there soon. I was a little worried he was coming to pick me up. Got another text and he said he was going with Zach to Vegas for Zach's birthday. He'll be back tommorow afternoon he says. He's definitely going to get some heat from me for teasing me like that and we had said for a few days we'd hang out when I get back.... haha. Damn for missing him at the airport.
- I'm stuck on Nashville time. I want lunch about 9:30a.m. Cali time. I wanted dinner at 3p.m. Cali time (5p.m. Nashville).

Friday, September 7, 2007

Dressing rooms?

Well, I think I need to build up suspense before getting to the really juicy part. So we'll start with some random vacation tidbits. It is awkward to go to Sams Club with a group of 6 50+ year old women and buying 30 bottles of margarita mix or beer. You get stares. I feel awkward being with older women and being under 21.

So in shopping news- I bought a pair of Diesel shoes the other day at Opry Mills. I called K to tell him I bought 3 pairs. My favorite pair I bought were some Diesel's though. The only reason I did was they were $59.99 regular $89.99. See pic below:

Bought lots of shirts today at Fossil, GAP, and Banana Republic. Everything was on sale, so there was less guilt involved. Bought the 2 buttondown shirts shown below, blue sweater, beige pullover sweater, shoes.

Now at GAP today I went in to buy my stuff and was over by the jeans. I see a cute German (I later found out) blond guy walking around in a brown polo with a popped collar and blue GAP jeans with a price tag and size label on it. I figured, like another woman he was just trying stuff on. Soon there is a little commotion. I walk over and look, the guy is standing there in the open for all of the peopple in that corner of the store to see leaning over taking the jeans off. He was wearing some Hanes navy blue boxer briefs. He folds the pants up while standing there in his boxer briefs. Then he puts on his pants he was wearing. In the meantime the 2 women with him take off their shirts, strip down to their bras to try on shirts they found. They did this in the open- like maybe they didn't know there were dressing rooms available or know what they were.

Meanwhile, the guy walks over to the underwear and a few minutes later he is back over by the jeans taking them out of the package and putting them on. NO JOKE. He didn't know you're not supposed to try it on. By this time the cashiers had left the register and were trying to tell him. I did however see his nice uncut member. He wasn't hard (which after putting on such a public display I think is kind of hard).

The guy and the girls never understood what was going on I don't think. After this, they put the clothes back and left. The cashiers were like trying to clothe them and touch them and put clothes back on them and pointing. But the guy and the girls didn't speak English.

It was very interesting though. Must admit. Very hot!!! I was seriously thinking when I was there I have my camera and I could probably snap pics of this. It crossed my mind, but then I felt kind of bad knowing that these people didn't know what was going on. It would have definitely been something for the memory book.

Tonight I took one of those Gray Line tours of Nashville. Wen tto the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the Ryman Auditorium. Saw lots of Downtown, Vanderbilt University, etc. etc. Went to the Legends Corner bar (yes- I got in with no trouble) and had a coke and listened to some random singer play some songs. He sang one of his own, sang a Toby Keith song (Shoulda Been a Cowboy) and sung it better than Toby. He sounded a lot like Chris Cagle. Then another bar... Tillys I think it was called was another one I hit. It was right in back of the Ryman there on Legends Corner.

This evening my dad's army unit had their own dinner. They're very close and they're the only unit who does this out of all the men here.

Tommorow I may try to hit the Gaylord Opryland Resort and more bars... I've been told you can get into the bars as long as you're 18 and have a wristbannd etc. saying you're not 21. The Jack Daniels Distillery tour is also tommorow. That sounds really neat. I could also go on the homes of country singers tour. We shall see.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

2 guys in my hotel

posted ads on craigslist wanting another guy for sex. No joke. Don't worry... not interested... I have a guy... also these guys are 46 and 65. The average age at the hotel is probably 55. No joke. But to just know there are guys here in the area... in the hotel... not hot guys... but guys. DO NOT WORRY about me. I'm keeping my cock in my pants. I was just curious if there were guys, which is why I looked on craigs. I confirmed my hypothesis. I'm satisfied.

Toured Nissan/ The hotel

Got to tour the Nissan Factory in Smyrna Tennessee today. They make the Altima, Pathfinder, Xterra, and Frontier there. VERY COOL. There's so much I want to say, but we had to sign waivers saying we wouldn't tell or post anything about it online. Serious. Haha. Anyways, I thought I'd share where I'm staying this week.

It's scary... here's some tidbits

--- 2-tone ceiling

--- lots of cracks at the top of the walls where the walls meet the ceilings

--- stained carpet (I am wearing shoes wherever I walk)

--- my pillows the first night felt lumpy- I opened up the pillowcase and found an open pillow with a Better Homes and Gardens magazine stuck inside. Went to front desk and was told they had no pillows- my pillows were probably used in a drug trade to hide drugs. I was given the pillows off the couch in the lobby. No joke. I bought pillows at Opry MIlls yesterday since I don't want to sleep where other people have sat. Nassty.

--- the shower head has rust all around it

--- the bathroom paint is chipping and stripped in several places

--- there is mold growing all over the bathroom

--- the hotel across from us is blue, yellow, and purple

--- it is in a very poor area with lots of homeless people and they try to stop you when you're walking out of the hotel

--- we have a patio, but the door has been glued shut

--- we're 5 miles from downtown

--- We're paying $60 a night- with a $25 discount. We'd be more than willing to pay $85 or more for a nice hotel

--- The continental breakfast is a banana

--- ACCORDING TO MY DAD'S FRIENDS... we have a nice room... they've had worse problems

This is Tennessee hospitality?

A stain on the floor... it is probably 3x5 feet

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Nashville Day 1

Woke up at 8:30 Nashville time after going to bed close to 3a.m. It didn't help that I haven't slept more than a few hours for the past couple nights. Sleep problems suck. Enough about that... on with the show. Met a couple of my dad's friends at breakfast and talked to them. I've only met the guys once before, but they're cool guys and tell cool stories.

I'll spare you the rant on our hotel... It is in a bad area, the hotel is bad in general. Ask if you must know... I counted at least 10 defects with our room and I'm not one to complain. I need little to get by and will often just suck it up. I'll just tell you I don't feel comfortable walking barefoot in the room.

We took off at 9:30 to go to the Opry Mills/General Jackson steamboat. We had an hour to kill, so we shopped at Opry Mills. Small outlet in comparison to some in California, but found 3 real cool stores. Fossil had shirts on sale for $6.00. Journeys, the shoe store was about 5 times the size of any I've seen in California. I went shoe shopping- bought 3 pairs. It was exciting. They're wild-er than what I usually wear. It was so exciting, I had to call K and tell him about my experience. Then I found a store called Kirkland with lots of art/brass work and a lot of stuff I liked for my room for when it is finally done. I'm going back on Friday with the wives in my dad's army unit. I'll shop there then. Something tells me I'm going to need the extra room in my suitcase.

Went on the General Jackson steamboat from the Opryland Resort all the way down to Downtown Nashville, then turned around. It was a fun little boat cruise. The country music they were playing sucked (and I like country, but Little Big Town is not one of my favorites and neither is Carrie Underwood). Then the band playing was not good at all. They tried. I think. The food on the boat was not great, but oh well. It was soooo cool to see downtown Nashville by boat.

When we got back to the hotel we met up with the guys in my dad's army unit. I went over with the wives to plan out our excursion for this week. I get to hang out with women over 50... but they can drive... I am too young to drive the rental car. We all want to go the same places, so it shall work and they're nice... not real exciting... but oh well. I guess I'll just be a pimp hanging out with all the women... yeah... that's how I'll roll this week.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Another day of travel

Got up at 5:30 to go with my mom to school. We left the house at 6:00a.m. I spent the day photocopying. At 10:15, my dad called and said he was on his way home. I drove home to pick him up.

I'm coming home and am going down the freeway with the cruise control on doing 70 and I notice a jolting feeling. I figure it is nothing- perhaps it is windy, as the branches on the trees were moving. I got off the freeway and am on surface streets. I get to a stop light and the car shuts off. I restart it and the check engine light is on. I say oh well, I'm 5 miles from home, I can make it. The car shuts off again less than a mile away at the next light. I get to a stop sign as I'm about to turn onto the highway we live off of and the car shuts off. I start the car again and there is a vibrating/jolting feeling that is making the car undriveable. I figure I can't make it home- even though I'm 3 miles away and call roadside assistance. They say they'll be there in an hour. In the meantime I call my dad and tell him to just load his car up with the suitcases and meet me at the car dealer. It made me mad- my mom's car is only 2 years old and already something is going wrong.

Roadside assitance said they would be an hour and 20 minutes. I call back nicely and say I'M GOING ON VACATION. I AM ON MY WAY TO THE AIRPORT. I NEED A TOW NOW. Within 20 minutes a tow truck arrives. I am good like that. I ride in the tow truck, check the car in, then take off back to my mom's school. We get to her school at 12:45. Pretty amazing we got there so soon after that experience.

Honestly, the car could not have broken down at a better time. My dad and I'll be gone- she'll have her choice of 2 cars to drive (my large car and my dad's small compact, which makes her claustrophobic). My mom said she'll drive my dad's car. My mom is lucky she didn't happen tommorow when my mom won't have anyone to come pick her up and she'll be dealing with all the craziness of making her hair appointment and getting my sister to and from the train station. So all is well and the trip wasn't ruined.

We get to my mom's school, then pick her up. We go to lunch at a Mexican food restauraunt.

We get to the airport and are told the flight is 1 1/2 hours late because of the thunderstorms in the area. 3:30p.m. flight and we're going to leave at 5:00p.m. to make a 6:00p.m. connecting flight. 1 hour and 5 minute trip to Phoenix. YIKE. Southwest was luckily able to swap planes and get us one that was only 55 minutes late. YAY!!! It canceled my plans. We had a couple hour stopover in Phoenix where I planned to meet up with one of my best friend's J for dinner. She is spending the summer with her mom in Phoenix. Didn't work. Oh well.

There was a woman who sat next to me on the plane ride to Phoenix who asked me when she got on if eating her spicy chicken salad would make me throw up. I looked at her and was going to laugh. Why would her eating her salad make me throw up? Oh well. I said no. She was really annoying and everytime my dad and I said something back and forth to each other she had to lean over and listen to what we were saying, then chime in. She was a nice lady though- she let us off the plane first because she was not in a hurry to switch planes.

Anyways, in Phoenix we learn our plane came from LAX and was also delayed due to the same thunderstorms in the desert and was running 40 minutes late. Enough time to grab dinner at Windys, which was underwhelming by the way. We didn't think we'd get dinner, so that was a good thing.

We're supposed to arrive in Nashville at 11:30p.m. ON TIME- the pilot says we'll make up for the lost time in the air.

On both of the flights I have been BOILING. I swear. It is not that the air condition is not running in the plane. In fact on both flights I placed my dad's air vent and mine on me, yet I am still boiling. I have been unusually warm this summer or maybe it just is the lack of air condition. My dad says he thinks I'm finally warming up after all these years. I'm always cold though... no kidding... in previous summers it was not unusual to find me sleeping under 1-2 heavy covers. The Guy has a nickname for me when he feels me and I'm really cold... Ice Queen... haha... My hands, feet, and arms are perpetually cold. I just want to pour buckets of water over me or something right now. This is ridiculous.

I'm on the plane right now writing this. Yeah... I'm cool like that.

EDIT: Plane got to Nashville at 12:15a.m. We are just now getting into the hotel at 1:33a.m.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Found my cousin in the alternative book section

Ok... maybe not exactly. One of my cousin's from Oklahoma is a romance/erotic writer. She has about a dozen books she has written. She told me last month her newest book would be available in Borders in July. Well, I'll admit I haven't read any of her books. But I'm going through Borders tonight and am looking at a row and see it says "alternative lifestyle books." I just scan the area real quick and see lots of erotica. I see erotic stories about fantasies with cops, etc. Then something catches my eye- my cousin's name on one of the books. So I picked it up, looked at it, then wonder if she is writing gay or lesbian erotica and I didn't know about it. It turns out all the erotica was clumped into that section.

Anyways, while there I had to pick up my cell phone and call my cousin. I told her I was at Borders and found her in the gay book section. She laughed, asked what I was talking about, then said I saw your book clumped in the alternative lifestyles section. She first asked why I was there in that section. I said it was on the row with the biographies, which it was. Of course, I just randomly looked through the alternative lifestyles stuff. She said sure, but that's my deal. Then she said that was soooo cool and how it made her day that her book was actually in a bookstore and I found it. My cousin was disappointed however, that she went to the Borders in OKC and the Borders in the town she lives in in OKC and couldn't find her book- it had to be ordered. So she asked that I take a picture of me finding her book, then for me to send it to her. So I just did that.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

City of Heroes

Went over to The Guy's about 6:30 last night. He told me he had a new game I just had to play with him called City of Heroes. Basically it is an MMORPG fighting game where you go kill bad guys and do quests.

He was watching "Arrested Development" when I got there and the game took about an hour to install, so we just sat there on the couch real close to each other watching the show. We watched 4-5 episodes, then switched to news and Star Trek Voyager.

Finally when the game was installed The Guy showed me what to do, I created my character, which was very sexy by the way. He was wearing a speedo, had a 6 pack chest, start tattoos on his arms and back, then spikey shoulder pads and boots. He had dark slicked back hair and sunglasses. The Guy laughed and said he was definitely hot. So I got to playing and going around with The Guy in my scanty clothing doing our quests. I got a character who wouldn't die easily, so that was cool. The Guy however was not happy with his character because he cast ice onto bad guys, then killed them; whereas my character just ran in and killed stuff. That explains why I got up to level 7 in about 2 hours and The Guy only to level 4.

We quit playing and watched more Voyager. I left at 12:08 and I'll let you see how hot it was outside, STILL. We're talking 12:08a.m., not 12:08p.m.