Sunday, July 29, 2012

For AEK - My GI Procedure

I had a GI procedure about a week and a half ago. I have had this problem for at least 10 years where I get particularly meat stuck in the back of my esophagus. It isn't like the food goes down wrong, it just gets stuck. Sometimes it felt like there was a bone or something in the back of my esophagus preventing food from going down. I had always reasoned I took too large of bites, and it is probably true.

In April I ended up in the ER because I couldn't get any food or water down - the meat was stuck, and I threw up anything I tried to get down- that always happens. I have found over the years drinking a large amount of water really quickly helps push the meat down when this happens. My regular doctor told me he wanted to schedule me a GI procedure to scope my throat and see if there was something causing it. So here's what I learned...

The procedure was a blast getting to be under anesthesia... I remember burping constantly during it since there was an object being put down my throat.

The doctor said she dilated my esophagus to help enlarge it to make sure that food goes down easily. I had no idea that was possible - The Guy's boyfriend reasoned it was soft muscle. It seems to me that would be a temporary fix.

She said that I had some acid reflux damage and put me on a pill to heal and deal with that. She said to take 2 omeprazoles a day before breakfast and dinner to deal.

She said that it could also be a food allergy and asked me the type of foods that it happens with - breads and meat. She reasoned maybe gluton. She referred me to the allergist for that. Grrrr. I am not giving up my breads.

She said that I also have 2 things going against me - I have allergies and I'm an asthmatic. Like there are receptors on your skin that when aggravated by something in the environment cause you to break out, you have those in your throat too. People with asthma and allergies are often extra sensitive and have more receptors, which can cause an issue. She said it could be food or anything from the environment like dust getting into my throat causing me pain. She said the omeprazole should take care of that.

So far so good... hopefully this continues.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sis' job offer

Since we haven't had a story about my sister in a while, partially because I'm not around, partially because there's too much to chronicle...

My sister is in grad school pursuing a masters in the humanities field, but there is almost no demand for the thing she is getting her degree in. She has taken a lot of math classes in a field, and being a woman, interested in math, it opens a lot of doors for you. She was approached by a large corporation that is interested in having her work for them. The company is a household name. She received a formal offer with the offer to pay for her to finish her masters here at home, or in her new city. They offered to pay relocation 1,500 miles away. They offered her a salary that even I am jealous of since it'll be thousands more than I am making a year, and will make for several years.

She is very interested in working in this field and doing this job. So why did she turn down the offer? She would have to move. Her tuition is already being paid for. She is waiting for another opportunity. It is hard to go to a more prestigious company than this one. So what is she doing in the meantime? She is being a professor... hahaha... yeah... right.... TA... She is also being a webmaster making crap for some random company. She makes $600 a month, and is happy with that. My dad even told her to take the job, even if for a year, she could come back home, no problem. He told her she would be making more than me... didn't matter.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Relationship Status

About a year or so ago I changed my status to "in a relationship." Today, while I was at work, Mike changed it to "in a relationship with Mike." The response has been overwhelmingly positive on facebook. WOO!!! Who knew?! It was a big step. My ex gf from high school - the 2nd to last GF I had liked my status, and hadn't told her, or even spoken to her in 3-4 years. Now the family is going to see who didn't know...


Teacher trainings are nothing but mindnumbing pain. We sit and do campy activities that have no practical application to the classroom or real world, and generally bore you to death. Here's to another 32 hours of those trainings.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back to school

Thursday Night
Head to Mike's after my parents finally released me after being around them for 72 hours. Damn surgeon said something about me having to be monitored for the 72 hours following my GI procedure. We talk, I tell him about my week. 

BF overslept on accident. I slept in. We got up and headed to breakfast, then I headed into work where my coworker and I did stuff from 10-4. I kept texting my BF that I was ready to leave, or needed a drink, or something along those lines. I told him to plan a weekend trip, but he said it was too hot. He finally appeased me by taking me to Lay-Z-Dog for dinner. Poor service and poor appetizers, but he appeased me by taking me out of the house and getting me a drink. After that day at work I needed it. We spent the evening on the couch watching chef shows and housewives. 

We have omelets for breakfast and do little tasks around the house. I remember we did fool around in the evening as I was falling asleep in bed he insisted on tickling me and starting it... 

FB's for breakfast (not fuck buddy's). We talk, read the paper, and oh yeah, I slept in that morning. We drive around the city, neighborhood, and then go to the mall in his city, the outdoor mall, and look for pants. Find nothing. Head home and shop online. Decide to postpone purchase. We watch our housewives on the couch and make some bag fish and pollenta. We both cook a dish. We sat down to a bottle of wine. 

First day of school! Mike was up nice and early to cook me breakfast. I demanded. I needed energy to go, and some motivation to get out of bed. He made me a mushroom and cheese omelet. Highlight of my day. I took photos of it and told everyone of how lucky I was to have breakfast made for me on my first day of school. 

And Mike harassed me all weekend about going back to school. 

Dumb day at work. 

Go home to visit parents, get mail, discuss random issues. Go to Mike's where we have a great convo about common core standards, teachers/meetings, and professionalism. 

Bed about 11 after all the chef shows. 

Up to do it all again... better day at work... 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Buy a house?

My life took a turn I never thought it would - I am about to move in with a guy. I had been setting a personal timeline in my mind to move out by the time I am at the end of the 2nd year of my job. Housing prices are crazy here in California, so I figured I would be moving into an apartment for a short time.

I have been looking at houses recently on a website and eyeing a particular neighborhood, an older neighborhood, built post WWII and the houses in the area range from 1946-60. The houses range from 1,000 to 1,600 square feet. The houses are all well kept and almost all have redone kitchens and bathrooms. The costs range from $140-180k.

I don't plan to be moving into one of these as I'm about to move into a nice modern house with my BF, but I have been encouraged by our friends J&B to have a house as a rental. Mike says it should be local so I don't have the problems J&B do.

Being a teacher I can qualify for some special programs for low down payments etc. I have been playing around with some statistics and seeing what I can afford using online mortgage calculators.

$165,900 house
$15,000 down (9%)
Loan left is $150,900
Interest rate about 2.75-3%
Term - 30 years
Monthly payment would be about $616.04
Property tax rate about 1.25% to be about $2,100 a year
Insurance about $1,000 a year
Monthly payment about $872 including taxes/insurance

The house could be a good investment, a place to move into if things were to not work out... Would be nice to rent out because I am local and can keep an eye on it - not like J&B who have investment properties all over.

I know that no more than 1/4 to 1/3 at most should be dedicated to your house payment, and that would be a little less than 1/3 of my income.

Should I save for a larger down payment and more expensive house?

Thoughts? I'm sure this won't be in the next couple months, but something I think about over the next several months. There is one house though, that I REALLY like at the moment and has a Palm Springs look and feel to it with modern updates and this funky Victorian bathroom. The bathroom would need help.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moving in

Wednesday Night
Conference ended and headed back home. Texted Mike with status updates since our flight kept getting delayed. When we landed I asked where we were going to party since Tagalong and I were wide awake. He asked if I had been drinking jack and coke. I said no. I gave Tagalong my phone and she chatted with him unbeknowest to him. We make it to the baggage claim and she yells a hello to him, he comes over and gives her a hug, and I meet her hubby. FUN TIMES.

Headed home to visit family, left about 3pm when my mom and dad took off for some appointment. Mike and I went to PS to visit Banana Republic and the fish place we like. Rained on us a little. Went to the city to the south of me to buy a door handle since it wasn't on sale at the Lowes near him.

Hung around, went shopping, and more.

We went to dinner at Chevee's. This was the same place he mentioned I move in the first time, and he brought it up again asking when I was going to move the rest of my stuff in. I told him it will happen one day. I said I didn't have a lot, mainly clothes and shoes, and my yearbooks etc. were in storage. Once we have a place for my shoes I'll probably move the rest in. I said that I guess that since I am moving in one thing we need to discuss is expenses and he said I would just pay for the water and electric bill. He wouldn't make me responsible for his mortgage because I get nothing out of that. I joked he is home all day and that I hardly use any water/electricity compared to him. I more or less agreed.

So I have a question- when you decide to move in with someone like a BF and take on the responsibility like a utility bill, do you make a contract, what do you do?

Mike took off on a business trip about 4:30 in the morning.

I had a procedure with the GI doctor and was under anesthesia for several hours. It was pretty trippy I recall being in there, burping a lot, as the GI doctor was in my mouth probing around, and could vaguely see the doctor/nurses moving around, but I wasn't in pain. Slept all night.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Outed to my boss

The AP and Tagalong were on the same flight together going up to the conference. The AP asked how my trip was to Spain. Tagalong said I had a great time, but Mike had a hard time accepting that Tagalong and I were apart because we were texting each other once I got home. My AP asked who Mike was, and she told. The AP asked what my parents thought since they both seem very conservative, and that was it, that was all she told me. I loathed this woman finding out because she is very judgmental, born again Christian, but so far things are ok, and in fact we have been mostly friends over the past week or so.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tired of everyone

Wednesday  *********4TH OF JULY*********
I spent the early morning with the family where my parents were just hanging out. My dad and mom were talking adn doing random stuff. I get over to Mike's about 11. We hang out watching TV, then go shopping. We go to the outlet mall and a couple other places. We stop at the supermarket for groceries, as well as Target. We get lots of fake meat. We even get charcoal. This was the first time Mike BBQ'd food. Delish. He BBQd veggies and veggie burgers. We then took off to go see fireworks at the baseball stadium. We had to wait a while until the game ended, so we waited in the hood where some crazies talked about pot smoking and blew up fireworks that nearly sat trees and other things on fire. The fireworks were pretty good.

Spent the day with family, left after a few hours because I was tired of them, headed back to Mike's. Spent the day with him enjoying each other.

Spent the early part of the day with Mike playing around on our computers. Went to physical therapy, or tried, but was stuck on the freeway and went 4 miles in 45 minutes due to construction. FAIL. Went home instead where my mom was bitching about wanting to get a cedar chest out of storage and her horrible decorating/house ideas. I got tired of her quickly and left. I went to Mike's where he was busy cleaning because J&B were on their way. Did a beer and tortilla chip run, then B showed up shortly after. We chatted about work, our vacation, and Mike's house. J showed up when his coworker who lived down the street from Mike dropped him off. We had a drink and ate tortilla chips, looked at the backyard, and chatted about decorating etc. We headed to the baseball game about 6:15. We grabbed hot dogs and beer, then sat waiting for the game. B and I sat next to each other talking about work, and it became too much for Mike, so we moved, and let J and him sit next to each other. We talked about discipline and he told me how when the kids act up he tells them "they're not going to college," it's cute, and I'm thinking of doing it. The game was good. The score was 4-2 when we left in the 9th because J was tired and had to work Saturday. We drove back, then made small talk and said goodbye.

We woke up and fooled around. I rushed home to get my suitcase and stuff for my conference for work. My parents were gone and Mike had already insisted I just spend 20 minutes there, but since they were gone, I spent less, and was back by 1. We went to LA to the Discovery Science Center for the Cleopatra exhibit. We went down to the OC after for Nordstrom Racks and Banana Republic. Ended up at a watch store where Mike finally got his white watch. We made it back late in the evening.

We were up at 7am and out of the house by 7:35. We stopped at McD's for breakfast. I was the first to arrive out of all my coworkers. Enjoyed meeting up with all of them at the airport and heading to NorCal for our conference.

SO here is the recap of last week... wooo!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Black Sheep

I'm up here at a conference for the program I teach getting tons of new ideas. Principal brought 26 of us along because this prog. is the vision for the school. Good idea, but everyone has their idea how to run the program and it just doesn't work - and I have 10 years experience with the program.

Well, this conference has been a vacation.

Arrived up here SUNDAY

- Met 5 coworkers at airport, talked, caught up, and these weren't ones I was close to. Walked all over the city and found a super expensive restaurant. Not good, but good wine, and good conversation. Talked to the 6th grade teacher who seemed in her own little world. She was cool. Tagalong and I were supposed to hit the town that night, but her flight was delayed. Instead I slept as the principal, AP, and Tagalong texted me all night long as they arrived into town. I kept waking up listening to my phone buzz.

Up early and at a tense group session with all 26 of us, and 6 who never should have been here. Nothing accomplished and lots of misunderstandings. We headed off to our sessions and then met up to discuss what we learned. Suddenly the principal had a new vision for the school that shaped all around this. Lots of flustered people - namely tagalong and myself. Dinner at Changs with principal and coworkers I flew up with. After dinner Tagalong and I hung out in her room, went to the closed liquor store, then took a taxi to the open liquor store where we got wine coolers, pork rinds, Reeses, and Skittles. Talked and planned until 2am.

Up early. Met my Santa Fe group again. I'd met Dakota from the fitness center my first night and met her coworker David in the morning. He went out of his way to be friendly with Tagalong and I. We walked to the conference together. Tagalong and I did lunch, then headed to the meeting with our principal. David was there at the time we arrived back and watched our frustration as the principal had this new vision and didn't understand. We discussed at the meeting, then came out in the hallway where he bought us drinks because he felt bad for Tagalong and I showing our disgust because this was so awful. Seriously. You don't know. We were coaxed into drinks with him and Dakota, then we went to dinner with our group at Joe's Crab Shack from 7-10. We agreed to meet up wtih Dakota and David after. They called us, we chatted, and we got it squared away. We met at our hotel, then went to our food place from our last conference. We got to talk more with the 2 of them and heard their story, shared our struggle at work, and they were surprised. Good stuff. We enjoyed that. We had 1 camacazie, 3 jack and cokes, then went to a dance club where all of us danced and had 1 more jack and coke. We had a blast. All of us were black sheep not getting along with the rest of the group, but had the greatest time. We ended up at Tagalong's room where we debriefed and hugged before departing our ways. Bedtime now at 3am. We closed the club down BTW. David knew I was partnered as I mentioned my BF many times, but I politely turned down his offer, and Sis (Tagalong) supported me. I went back to my room, texted Sis I was ok, and am here now. I am priding myself in turning down his offer because I do love my BF and he's long term. I am glad we got to meet up with other black sheep. Tagalong and I refer to our selves as brother and sister now. She's my sissy. She's fun.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Daddy's got some new shades

I have been in the market for some new shades. Expensive ones. Partly out of spite. JK. No, really, I think expensive glasses are sexy.

My bf and I were talking over the past several days as we've tried on 10s of frames that he goes for cheap sunglasses because he is harsh on them and sometimes loses them. I, on the other hand, do not. I bought 2 relatively expensive - at the time they were for me - $75 Spy sunglasses. I have 1 pair that had an accident in Vegas as I dropped them from a 4 story floor in Vegas, and only got scratched up. They work, but only as backups. I have 1 pair for 1 car, I have 1 pair for another, and here is my third. Pretty sexy. I got them for 30% off. That made them even sexier.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Altura Credit Union's poor customer service

I've blogged about my displeasure with Altura Credit Union before, where I have had my money for over 10 years.

I switched to Bank of America last summer and could not be happier. I like Keep the Change and Add It Up. I am making more on my money than Altura.

I am not having my card declined anywhere. I went to México y Europe this past year and not once did I have Bank of America calling me saying these were fraudulent charges.

I have kept my savings account with Altura, but today, I am moving most of the money from it. I also have my money in the military credit union where they almost always have better rates than Altura. Altura used to match rates with them, so when CDs were paying 5 and 6 percent I would just call up one bank and ask if they could beat the rate another was offering, and most of the time they could.

Times have obviously changed, and savings accounts/CDs are not paying what they used to. Well, today I called up Altura asking whether or not they match the rates of another bank just like I've done many times before, and the gal working at Member's Services, Christine, was super bitchy. She asked what she could help me with. I said I had an account with them for several years and see that another credit union is beating their rates, and would they match. Christine started out saying, "no, we can't do that. Why would we do that? If you don't like your money here you can take it elsewhere." And that was what she told me. And Christine, I am. Part of it was the rude customer service on your end.

Oh, and my new credit union is paying 2.5% on savings accounts as opposed to your meager 0.02%.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Taking shots

Thursday Evening
I went on a search for dinner, got a salad, a fake chicken dish with mushrooms/onions/garlic, and dessert. Mike got home and I made dinner, a fake chicken dish, that he doubted because he's not into fake chicken. He doubted my cooking the entire time, but lo and behold it turned out pretty well. We had dessert too, a lady finger and amaretto sprinkled dish with ice cream. It was pretty good.

We got up and I headed to physical therapy. AWFUL. OMG. I nearly blacked out and fainted. It was bad. Do not show me pictures of bones. Do not use models of skeletons to demonstrate the meniscus in my leg and what is wrong with it. That's just nasty. I felt myself start sweating, I told the woman, and got really vocal with her I WANTED THAT SKELETON OUT OF THERE. I couldn't take that much longer. So the physical therapist said her job is to find me an exercise machine I can use while I repair my torn meniscus. Um? Really? Um. Ok.

So after that I head to Mike's, tell him of how bad it was, then we head to Magic Mountain. We only get on about 4 rides, and it was pretty fun. We would have liked to gone on more rides, but it was hot, and we had no patience. We gave up. We decided to not come back. We got a funnel cake and left. We went to Marshalls, TJMaxx, and Big Lots. We found a sushi place for dinner, a sushi boat deal. Fun times chatting about our week, my family, etc. Fool around at bed.

We drove up to SB to meet his cousin and his aunt. They were so happy to see both of us, told his cousin of my job since last time we saw them was last 4th of July weekend when we were going up north for this job interview. We chatted about anything and everything, her family, my family, Mike told how he knows my family is crazy as is his, our trip to Spain, and more. We go to dinner with his cousin at a mediterranean place. We did a shot of tequila since his cousin thought Mike and I needed to be loosened up after arguing over a parking space... small stuff... lol... our normal. We did a shot, then we ordered a bottle of wine to drink. We had some delicious pizza, hummus, and calamari. We then walk down to downtown for a drink in a bar her friend owned. She met a friend there, introduced us. I had a glass of wine there. We go see her new bungalow she rented that is charming and in a beautiful location. Then we were off to a karaoke bar since I told her someone wouldn't let me do it. So we are off and picking out our songs. Mike's ordering us the drinks- 2 gin and tonics for me. We listen to a bunch of karaokeing of songs like "Because I Got High," Katy Perry, and then us. His cousin sang Sting and I sang Amanda Perez. Mike was dying of laughter. I was laughing at times to his cousin totally jamming out to me that I got so off with the words.

Txted my coworkers to tell them I was doing karaoke. Tagalong and Blondie loved it.

No one cared. Good stuff.

Back to the hotel about 12


Woke up an hit McD's. Stop at a BRepublic on the way home. Good times. Drop rental car off- we had a Chrysler 300. We go to the mall across the way. I drive Mike's car since we had to pick up his from the parking spot. We go to Nordstrom Rack and Last Call. Then we go to Chevy's. I also drive his car around the corner to that. He said I could because it was around the corner. Lots of chat about work there. We also chatted a lot about working coming back down. We talked about where we see ourselves in a few years. Leaving the restaurant I still had the key and was willing to let him drive, but he said I could, so I did. It was fun.

Woke up at 7, showered, and was off to a day of appoitnments with the dentist, chiropractor, and more.  Head back about 3pm. We do a quick clean of the house as his coworker, the older gay guy, was in my city car shopping. We go to the grocery store and then relax, chat about cars. He arrives about 6 and we sit at the kitchen island as Mike dishes out veggies, then pasta, and bread. It was healthy. We hear about the tragedies of renting a house out, gay young military guys, and dilemmas over Mercedes. We fall asleep about 11 on the couch and plop into bed about 1.

Up at 8:30 - I slept in since I was exhausted. We have about 15 minutes together before I leave because my sister had emailed me my parents were doing allergy shots earlier today than usual. We head there and then around town with my dad.

Monday, July 2, 2012

What's in my iPod right now

Love Jason's roughness, his voice, and lyrics.

Ok, I have a thing for Pitbull. All of my friends cringe. I wanted to see him when we were in Spain. He always is looking classy. His songs are catchy.

My cousin and I have tickets to this! WOO!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monetary Goals

Since I'm getting a whopping $11.00 per hour raise - which amounts to $3,000 this year, which is cool since it is probably the largest raise I will receive in my life I'm kind of jazzed. It won't make much different in the end, but here's what I'm planning.

Save an additional $200 per month making it a total of $350.00 per month

Save $100 a month for the car

Continue to save $50 a month for my vacation fund whose sole purpose is to offset the cost of vacationing and make me not feel so guilty about shelling out a huge sum of dinero at once.

Save for a trip to Dallas/OKC during Christmas to visit my family there/little cousins since they're all grown up. I'm thinking fly into Dallas because it is cheaper, spend a day or two there, then rent a car and drive to OKC to visit my aunt/uncle, cousin, and little cousins. $350 there + $50 car