Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Google Calendar/Lesson Planning

Hi guys,

Calling all Google savvy guys!

Kind of asking some technical questions. I'm usually pretty good with technology, but I've shied away from google apps. I have however decided I wanted to give it a try.

I tried to do some searching online, but everything was hit and miss. Maybe I'm just stupid because that's always a possibility too.

Over the past couple days of student teaching I've been thinking about how I want to keep my lesson plans. I am one of those OCD, very organized people. I have decided one of the best ways to do that would probably be to use google calendar to write down my lesson plans. I have a couple questions and maybe you guys can help me out. If you can answer any of these questions it'd be greatly appreciated... Thanks!

- As much as the times off to the side annoy me I can live with that.

- Is there a way to get the description to print out on the calendar? I only seem to be able to get a grid view with a note of the event.

- How do I add attachments (handouts, worksheets, etc.) to a google calendar?
- Do I have to upload the document to google documents first?

I envision being able to tell my students to go online if they need a handout that I passed out and they need weeks later. I see me using this as a way to pull up a document I may have uploaded to the computer at work and wanted to work on at home. I see me reverting to it year after year if I am teaching the same preps and can easily pull attachments/follow what is online.

- Is there a way to get a description to show on the physical calendar without having to click on the event? Also, if you'll look in the pic below I don't like how the description for social studies looks so cluttered. Any idea? This was where I just typed into the event title section.

One thing I do know after my internet searching is that I can use iCal on my Mac and attach documents that way, set up a separate calendar that way, which would solve some of my issues. iCal easily syncs with google calendar. I kind of would like a separate iCal though for school.

The best I've found after doing some additional playing around seems to be what I was able to find in iCal. I can fill everything in the description and do attachments, and it looks mostly uncluttered.

I know I can easily ask iCal to back everything up into a PDF or something to archive it and have it in this view. I guess I'm asking does google make something/is there a way for all of my requisites to show up on a google calendar?


Monday, August 30, 2010

Sexuality blog to check out

Here's a relatively new blog I've been reading that you should check out. There's some nudity, so it is probably not best if you are surfing at work. With that warning, check out The Closet Professor. He's a smart guy, hence the name Closet Professor, who posts about sexuality in art, history, and coming out. I am intrigued by a lot of the stuff I have read since it deals with history, sexuality, and other topics of interest to me.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Awesome administrator

Although I never wanted to have to go this route of doing traditional student teaching because you aren't paid, you assume all of the responsibilities of the regular classroom including discipline, lesson planning/writing, grading, and teaching, I start tomorrow regardless. I mean what other field do you work for free in during training?

Anyways, I'm relieved and thankful going into this tomorrow. After telling you about my difficulties in being placed I went in to the principal's office at the school I regularly substitute at Friday morning, and told him my difficulties. He said that was wrong about how the school tried to place me so far away. He said he would do anything needed to get me placed at the school. He asked for the phone number, and made several calls throughout the day. I am so thankful for that. I didn't get a chance to talk to him on Friday since he was in a meeting, he hasn't replied to his email this weekend, but I'm going to be sure to go in his office tomorrow morning and thank him personally because he didn't have to do that. This first stint is 8 weeks of student teaching at the middle school level.

After the next 8 weeks I have to go to the high school level, and will be putting in for that this week. Hopefully placement is easy, and I'm placed in a school that I would be content at. That makes the 8 weeks seem better.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Practicing our Spanish

Pasé la noche con Eddy y todos mis amigos de trabajo. I just spent the night with Eddy and all of my coworkers. It was muy divertido. Llegué a las 9:30 con vodka y cookies. I arrived at 9:30 with vodka and cookies. Marci, Gonzo, y Eddy ya estaba. They were already there. So we played Malibu pong because we only had Malibu y sunny delight y no cerveza. It was quite fun. I sucked at Malibu pong. Never made the ball in pero had to drink a few glasses. It was fun. Marci and I seemed to get along- for some reason en las últimas veces we've hung out it hasn't seemed like we were on the same page, so this was cool. We played that until Marci y los otros, the others, were feeling a buzz. I wasn't. I was fine.

Viv y todos de sus primos showed up. All of her cousins. All of her male cousins. They are all such sweet guys, and Eddy invites them over because they can drink. It was sooooooo fun. Her cousins all hablan dos lenguas y unos no sabían, knew, that I could speak Spanish. I was cracking up on their jokes about mamando (sucking), and you can guess where that was leading. We drew pictures on a wall that Eddy had of penises and they drew cut and uncut penises, which I thought was an interesting thing. They think the veinier the penis, the longer and better. That wasn't all of the homoerotic stuff from the night. They were sharing shot glasses, beer cups, and sitting on the couch hugging and rubbing each others heads at several points. Near the end of the night on the balcony they were sharing cigarettes. They are cool guys, and I enjoy them. They're all such sweet latino guys, yet totally straight, yet do some things that are "gay," and yet don't know it.

So also during the night we were all into the Spanglish. Talking Spanglish como yo en este post, like me in this post. Fue interesante cuando yo empecé, it was funny when I started, and Viv's cousins weren't expecting. Nuestro amigo de trabajo, Hallie, es un nuevo coworker, and she was anxious to learn Spanish to flirt and get all over Viv's brother Gabe. OMG. He was fine. She was all over him. I was so jealous. All of us joked, kidded, and danced to the Spanish songs on Eddy's computadora. OMG. Eddy was all over the girls in the video, pero Gonzo, Viv, y yo were all over Enrique Iglesias. Can you say FINE?!?!?!?!

Eddy spent a lot of time in the closet drunk trying to sober and calling each of the girls at the party into the closet. I was a little fearful for the girls because Eddy was horny, so kept checking on everything. Todo was bueno, pero I would have felt really guilty if Eddy had seduced them or something against their will. I just kept a lookout. Found reasons to interrupt constantly, and Gonzo as well as Viv were glad I did.

So fun times... I had a really fun time speaking the Spanglish, and enjoying all of the homoerotic stuff. Viv told her cousins at one point I swung that way, and they were all cool, which was cool, and they were all cool.

Friday, August 27, 2010

I heard this on Seacrest the other morning

I was flipping around on my way to work the other morning, and ran into Nelly's new song. I think it sounds pretty good, although I don't necessarily need all the "ahhs" etc. at the end that give it the rap sound. It has a good sound to it...

Nelly- Just a Dream

Found this guy singing it too, and like his pop sound he gives the song...

Speaking of his videos he has a pretty good voice. Check out some of his other songs...

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Stolen from Ian and Joey because that's how I roll...

1. Are you happier now than you were five months ago?

5 months ago was March. It was spring break. It was about the time I came up to my mom, and had been dealing with the acquaintance who outed me. I think I am happier today- at least my mom knows, and I have a great support system who has helped me deal. I have had some cool friendships develop with Jack Off Buddy and his boyfriend, and several other friends.

I am closer to finishing my credential. I feel more stability with the acquaintance gone. I have had some awesome opportunities to interview.

2. Have you ever slept in the same bed with anyone that you shouldn't have?

Um... I have really only slept and spent the night at one person's house, and that would be The Guy. I have no regrets there. That's how I choose to answer the question- maybe a little naive.

3. Can you sleep in total darkness?

I need total darkness and quiet/white noise. I can't sleep with light. My bedroom faces the east. I have blackout curtains to cut down on the light so I can sleep past 6 or 7 when the sun comes up.

4. Your phone is ringing. It’s the person you fell hardest for, the one who got away, what do you say?


5. What do you think about the weather this summer?

If you asked me last week I'd have said it is perfect- not too hot and not too cold. 111 today and 113 or so tomorrow. I think we need another summer storm. It was sunny all day looking out my classroom window.

6. How many people do you trust with everything?

2- Gonzo and The Guy. I can trust Gonzo to give me the female perspective/listen, and we both support each other in similar ways. We share family stories, and we go way back. The Guy is someone I can tell everything to- he's very opinionated, yet also a great listener. He provides brotherly advice/listens/helps in any way he can when it comes to questions I have, guys, or just life in general.

7. What was the last thing you drank?

Crystal Light Lemon Iced Tea

8. Is there anyone you want to come see you?

There are several people I would love to come see me:

- My grandma and grandpa if it were possible

- My best friend in Mississippi

- Some of my blogger friends like B, Joey, Paint the Blog Orange, Dan (again), Aek, Ian, Phunk Factor, and Cash seems like a cool guy

9. Name one thing you love about winter?

Clothing and rain

10. Have you ever dated a Goth?

Nope. Long black hair does nothing for me. Short emo boys are a different story. Even preppy boys... yum!

11. What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Another battle with the lady who places student teachers? Not...

12. Name something you dislike about the day you’re having?

Everything. Found out for sure about my student teaching placement. Arguing over that. Spent every moment I wasn't in class dealing with that. How was your day? Enough of my whining...

13. What's the longest that you have committed to one person and one person only?

1 1/2 years

14. What’s the first thing you did when you opened your eyes today?

Asked myself what GoCountry 105 was playing. It sounded like a mess at 6:06 when my alarm goes off. It turns out is was new Blaine Larsen, and it was called "Chillin." It's ok I guess... not my favorite Larsen song...

15. Has anyone ever told you they never want to ever lose you?

Yes, and in most cases we've lost each other. An exception would be my best friend in MS.

16. Is there anybody that you wish you could fix your relationship with?


17. Could you go out in public, looking like you do now?

Yes, I am in black basketball shorts and a gray tee that I wore to the gym. It is 10:00p.m, and so the chances of me going out tonight are nil.

18. Do you think things will change in the next 3 months? How?

Yes. Hopefully I'll have a long term sub position, hopefully not have to do my entire student teaching, maybe get hired in the middle of the year to teach, maybe be in a relationship, who knows...

19. Do you believe that you never know what you got until you lose it?

I try to remind myself how lucky I am with what I have, but until something/someone is gone it never really sets in.

20. Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to?

Yes, Gonzo and Darla are at the top of the list.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Worn down

I am so exhausted today. It was busy, which I like, but it was crazy. Let me explain.

I wake up at 6, am at work by 7, and teach until nearly 3pm. I had a crazy day. I was subbing for Mal. Lots of work!!! Mal is teaching 5 different classes. Yes, 5. Every period was transitioning to something different. I was worn out by lunch. Then add to that Mal teaches 7th graders. I haven't yet met all of the 7th graders, so I had extra pressure to be strict and tough with the students because the first time makes an impression, and I don't want to come off too nice. Oh, then add to the day that I feel like I spent half the day on the phone as I was getting call after call that this student or that student had to go for some sort of testing.

After school I had 2 job interviews. The first was at my alma mater, the high school I graduated from and the continuation school in the district. I had to rush for that. I feel it went extremely well, and the man I interviewed with confirmed that I did great (thanks Joey!). I got a call a few hours later that had I even had my first 8 weeks of student teaching done I probably would have had a second round interview for any of those jobs. The man I interviewed with said he knows my classroom functions well, but the student teaching is something the district is big about, and I don't have that. I thanked him for being so candid and truthful with me.

I also got a call from my college financial aid office needing me to go online and fill out some loan papers. Still need to do that tonight- it's 8:30p.m. already. Oh, and then I got another call from my college. I am supposed to start student teaching on Monday. The problem is the college refuses to place me in the district I sub in, or the district I live in, or anything between. Their reason is they don't work those school districts in placing student teachers. So where do they want to place me? Montebello. Montebello is ridiculous. Montebello is 50-60 miles west of me. The school they want to place me at specifically is 61.1 miles from my house. HELL NO. I politely informed the coordinator of student teachers I will not go there and to find elsewhere for me. It would be a 120 mile trip. In traffic it could take 2 hours to get there- google maps says 2 hours and 20 minutes in traffic. I know there are other options and I'm being taken for a ride. I am not paid for student teaching. I am a college student- I don't have the money for that. It is not my fault the college waited until the last minute- we're saying 3-4 days before it starts to place me. If I am not placed in time/can't complete my student teaching in time I am placing the blame on them. I put my paperwork in on May 26. They had the entire summer. What's more is I know student teachers from my college placed into the district I live in.

And lastly, but definitely not least , I want to thank Joey soooooo much for helping me with my responses to teacher interview questions. I asked him to help me out with my responses I had for teacher interviews. I wanted some guidance. I had asked my parents, and that was helpful, but in all honesty Joey is younger, probably has more administrator like thinking, and is more familiar with big buzz words. He really helped me organize my thoughts and just rattle them off for each point I wanted to hit. Thanks sooooo much!!! You are awesome!!! I hope I didn't bother you too much!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New cell phone tower in my neighborhood

At the shopping center. Way to disguise it.

It is an AT&T cell phone tower, and I can't say the reception is any better with it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Poppa P

This post is kind of a downer, yet happy... read on if you want...

About 2 weeks ago the mother of the school, also known as the office manager, told all of us, my mom included, while at dinner that Poppa P had prostate cancer, and was in the late stages. He had only found out about 2-3 weeks before. Prostate cancer for black men is always especially tough. For Poppa P it was too late. Last Monday I was called in to sub, and the office manager told me that Poppa P was about to go. The office manager spent all Monday night at the hospital, and Poppa P died Tuesday morning. Poppa P was like the poppa of the school- always there.

Poppa P was married to a history teacher who had worked at the school for 36 years. The history teacher was a 5' tall, heavyset little black woman with thick glasses, but had so much life to her. She was the cheer coach, the drill team leader, the song team leader. She just had so much school spirit, and she is still around today. She is one of the regular subs at the school, like myself. I always love to run up to Elaine and give her a big hug and kiss. She's just the sweetest woman. I love her so dearly. Anyways, Poppa P was her husband, quite a contrast to Elaine. Poppa P was probably 6'4'', always smelled of cologne, always in a suit or dress clothes- I never saw him jeans. He always had on leather shoes. He always hugged everyone. He was always on campus. He was at any event Elaine was working with. He was always there to help out. Even still, when Elaine retired 2-3 years ago Poppa P and Elaine never left. I can still see Poppa P being led as Elaine grabbed his hand and walked down the main hall at school. They had a genuine love for each other.

I was not looking forward to tonight because I did not want to see Poppa P in a casket. To tell you the truth I have never been to an open casket funeral or even viewing. My grandpa's funeral was closed casket. 2 former teachers from the school both had closed casket wakes and funerals. I was a little weirded out by the fact, but it ended up not being bad. My mom and I drove together, and Linda followed behind us. The math teacher who used to be in the classroom next to my mom showed up at the same time. We all went in together and all kind of looked to see, as none of us liked the idea of going to see Poppa P like this. Linda went first, and came back to tell us that he looked "cute" was her word, which seemed weird. Poppa P did. He had a childish look on his face, and didn't look like he was in pain at all. About 10 current and former teachers were there. When I went up to the casket and saw Poppa P I did cry. It wasn't because I was weirded out, but because I felt so overwhelmed by the love that was in the room. I felt sad I will never see Poppa P or Elaine walking down the hall with him again. But what really got me was the love. The former teachers were there. We were all talking. We were joking about the school motto, and how it holds so true. Poppa P was an honorary member of the school, all the staff there was current and former, yet they still feel as much apart of the school as when they left. The bond between staff is so incredible at this school. I blogged about my mom's birthday, and how she had been gone for a year, yet everyone was so excited to see her. All former teachers stay in contact, which is incredible, and if something is going on though 1 former teacher may have been invited 5 or 6 former teachers show up. When 1 says let's go out to eat to another, 5-6 others come in tote. Just an incredibly close staff. I felt so much love as they hugged me and told me how I'm one of them and the school motto is applicable to me. I can tell you that I feel the love, especially as I was going through this and dealing with this acquaintance- they just accepted me and things were back to normal.

As we were leaving I went back up to the casket and felt at peace. I was so glad to see Elaine was holding up well. I know she is a strong woman. I'm so glad to have got to meet her and Poppa P. She thanked everyone for coming, and many of us wanted to attend the funeral, but we couldn't. The math teacher who was in the room next to my mom said she wanted to attend, but couldn't, and Elaine understood because she was teaching. Linda wanted to attend, but couldn't afford to take off. My mom wanted to attend, but her office manager at her new school actually gave her a really hard time about taking off to go to this, so she chose not to. But the love was just there. One cool thing that I learned was 2 of the teachers named their kids after teachers who work at the school. Everyone loves each other and is so understanding. We hugged. Elaine said she knows I would have been there too tomorrow, but she knows I have a mission to keep "those kids in line," so tomorrow I will go into school and keep those kids in line so that others can go to the funeral and pay their respects.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yardhouse with José

I blogged about José back in May. I met José at Starbucks and we chatted about school, family, and things like that. He had just moved back to the area and was looking for a job. We have kept in touch via facebook and we were going to hang out, but he didn't want to since he didn't have money. He finally got a job, and so last night messaged me on facebook to tell me he finally wanted to hang out. I had just got home and decided I was wide awake, and it was only 9p.m., so why not?

I get to Yardhouse and he already has a table on the outside of the patio. We talk a lot about work and school. I give him some important dates for state teaching certification tests that he has been looking into. We talk about Spanish courses y literatura Espanola. He tells me about the book I've been reading and kind of spoils/makes me want to read the book even more. I've been reading "El ojo de perro azul" de Gabriel García Marques, which I'm only 40 pages into. We chat about what we like to do for fun- hang out, cook, eat, Knotts, Disneyland, Six Flags, and stuff like that. Vegas came up and we each shared our Vegas stories. One waiter who was out on the patio kept eyeing us and even coming over to our table to see if we needed anything, even though he wasn't our waiter. I told José I knew the kid from high school- he was on the football team, he came out via an alternative myspace he set up for his friends to find, and all of his photos on facebook are him making out with other guys. He was very friendly toward the two of us. José said he was getting a vibe from him, which was funny. He told me about how he has a gay cousin and gay uncle, and he recently told him, and are cool with it. He said none of his friends know. We talked about the Kinsey scale, which he believes is more accurate and true than being gay exclusively. It was cool to hear a different viewpoint and ideas. He asked me a couple times about where we should go after, even though it was like 11p.m. I mentioned the gay club in my city since he mentioned it a couple times earlier.

As we leave and are walking to our cars I offer to drive him. He was at the other side of the mall. He said no, then relented and said sure. We get in my car and drive over to his car. I am about to turn off my engine since I realize he is in no hurry to get out, when he reaches over and grabs my hand. I was shocked. I thought that was bold, especially since I remember him saying he'd never been with a guy. We start rubbing each others hands and legs. Security is driving around and peering into the car. He said he was glad I had tinted windows, but they were not as dark as his. He suggested we get in his car. We get out of my car and into is. We drive to a vacant field a couple miles away away from cops and people. We park, get in his back seat, make out, kiss, hug, grind, and grope. Then he gets bold and moves down and gives me a really good blowjob. We kiss, lick, and hug more, then I move down and suck him. Almost as soon as I take my mouth off of his dick he shoots his load, and I didn't realize he was that close since he wasn't groaning or showing any other signs. He shoots onto his undershirt. I jack myself off and he lends me the shirt to cum on. We hug once we finish, then drive back to the mall.

I texted him today and said I had fun- I hope he did too. Hopefully he texts me back. I texted him about 5 hours ago. I don't know if he was weirded out or what since this might have been his first time, but I had fun. Hopefully something more develops...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pec dance

Found this hot...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adding my dad

I blogged a while back about my aunt in OK on facebook, and how I never added her to my friend's list. I know she is the snitch type. In the past few months however, I have been contacted by family members on my dad's side of the family- a nephew of his, a cousin of his, a cousin's daughter, another cousin's daughter, and I'll probably be receiving more add requests in the next couple of days. I've had no qualms about adding these members of my family as I don't know them and don't think even if we exchange a couple messages on facebook it will change anything.

My dad's cousin messaged me the other night asking how my dad was and how she has lost contact. Moments later they add each other on facebook. My dad was scrolling through her friend's list and then suddenly he runs across me. Mike. He says, "oh and here's Mike." I laugh and say "yep."

I thought he would add me. It seemed weird, and since the other night seems weird he hasn't. We live in the same house? What do I have to hide? Um... honestly... only the observational status message I left the other night that thanks to 3 gay friends turned into a dirty gay joke. My dad would be cool with it. He might joke about it, and probably would throw in his 2 cents about the comment. But it just seems kind of weird either of us haven't added each other.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It is now complete

My room feels much more sophisticated than in these photos... hahaha

Found a duvet cover at last for my big down comforter. It is a burnt orange color that I love. My room feels more cozy.

Our new windows are in the background. Yay for those!

Also notice the new lamp I bought.

The wallpaper will be gone. It will definitely be a weekend project sometime in the next few months. I just never found the time this summer as I was constantly doing something else.

I think crown moulding is also in the future for my bedroom.

Oh, and don't mind the computer/file folders on the dresser on the far right from stuff I was working on. I moved them off the bed so they wouldn't be in the pic.

Monday, August 16, 2010

My remote

My remote bothers me.
Isn't prev, as in previous the same as back?
Meaning if I click back why doesn't it go back to the channel that I was last watching?
Why do I have to click prev?
I can't tell you how many times I've clicked back when trying to go to the previous channel.

Jeff's Birthday

The Guy messaged me on Saturday morning asking if I'd pick up Jeff as his birthday present. I knew I was going to be asked, and so I said it wouldn't be an issue.

The Guy and I spoke a couple times Sunday before I went to pick Jeff up. I was early on my way to pick up Jeff, so I stopped at Ashley Furniture and ran into a coworker, talked, and that was perfect because The Guy needed me to stall in picking Jeff up for a surprise which I later found out was Jeff's cake. They were in the middle of trying to put it together.

I get to Jeff's at 3:45 and meet his mom since he's now living at home. She was drunk. She has been like that for the past 5 days according to Jeff. We gather all of his laundry and head over to The Guy's. We talk in the car about random stuff- him living out there, his birthday, and listened to the music in the background courtesy of KIIS FM and 1043 MYFM. We listened to some Material Girl and other random stuff. The Guy tells us we need to pick up pizza, and we do so.

We get to The Guy's at 4:30. Zach (The Guy's best friend) and Robert (The Guy's boyfriend) are there. I bring in the pear cider and we all drink one. A friend of Jeff's shows up a few minutes later. We all drink and eat the appetizers The Guy bought and made. The Guy made some delicious 7 layer dip, which was not as good as mine, but still really good. We ate some artichoke spinach dip, veggies, and a few other things. We also had some pizza. We stood around as Zach talked about being drunk, alcohol, being Mormon, and snapped pictures of everything. We retreated to the couch and listened to Faith Hill in the background, talked about how we all have a love affair with Faith Hill, even if it is a closet love affair, and how she has great thighs. Hahahaha.

There Will Come A Day- Faith Hill

We sing Happy Birthday to Jeff and he is surprised by his cake. It is made of a rice krispy bottom, ice cream, brownie, M&Ms, a tiara, and a wand. Bonus points if you can identify the type of character, or this character looks familiar to you as you have been killed by Jeff's character in the game.... hahaha

Robert had to take off to get a few things, so we all watched the pilot and 3-4 episodes of the first season of "Modern Family." It was pretty funny. I've seen a few episodes here and there before. Zach takes off during the 3rd episode and Jeff and I have to wait around for his clothes to finish in the washer and dryer. The Guy and Robert retreat to the office where they are getting high. They took their little vaporizer thing they bought at Home Depot because they couldn't go to Target or Best Buy because of the controversy over political donations. The pot smell doesn't linger with that vaporizer, so you can "smoke" in the house. They were both out of it within a few minutes. It was funny. They played some WOW, I played on my phone, Jeff played WOW on the couch next to me. The Guy was getting tired about 9 and went to lay down. Robert stayed up and looked at videos on youtube, we friended each other on facebook, and we shared funny facebook status messages. My friends were overdramatic last night. One friend "had a tough weekend and needed Jesus Christ." Another friend was having an FML (fuck my life) moment where they realized they had to sell their Dodgers tickets for some game this week. About 10p.m. the clothes are done. Jeff puts the clothes in his basket, and we hug The Guy in bed, then hug Robert and take off.

Jeff and I had a pretty good conversation in the car. I told him about my interviews, he told me about how he has a great job with few hours designing business cards, but has so much down time all he does is play WOW. He told me now he is tempted to go back to school since he is 26 and can finally finish his degree since his parents refused to pay for him to, and he made too much money to get financial aid. He has a year and half to go for a chemical engineering degree. I told him that was pretty impressive and encouraged him to. I told him about Rick, as he had texted me while we were driving. He encouraged me to ditch and ignore him. We get back to Jeff's about 11. I help him with his laundry in the car, wish him happy birthday, then we hug, and say goodbye. He jokes that he can't wait to hear about Rick and I getting together.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'll be more prepared next time

I had a job interview this past week for another teaching job. I really wanted this job as it was a full time English position at a school with similar demographics to the one I am at. I liked everything I had heard about the school and district. I went in for the interview feeling good about myself, but as the day went on after the interview the feeling good part waned. I felt that I was not really prepared for the interview. There are about 10 common teacher interview questions about a range of topics from classroom management to describing how you help certain students to philosophies. I had practiced these questions with my dad and mom. I rehearsed all the other questions in my mind that aren't the common ones on the way to the interview on Wednesday because I felt I wanted to be prepared because this was my going to be my job, and I was going to get it. Perhaps my overconfidence led me to not trying as hard because I felt the job was mine. Now, before I go too far, let me say that I have not received any official word that I did not get the job. It has been nearly 3 business days and now 1 day into the weekend. I have felt a sort of sadness and anxiety in that I am going to probably have to student teach in the fall for free. I have a sadness that I let myself down.

I know what went wrong in the interview in my mind. I didn't explain myself probably enough on several questions. I didn't have as many details that were relevant to a couple questions that would have showed I know how to help these students. I have since asked a friend to help me with this because I want to be prepared for future interviews, I want to learn from this experience and get some feedback as to how to improve my answers so next time won't be like this.

It is a tough economy right now. So many teachers are out of work and have not even received interviews. I am so thankful to have received calls for interviews. I am thankful for the experience and I know that each interview will help prepare me and make me better for the next. I know I'm competing against those with more teaching experience and other qualifications. I just have that bad tendency to dwell on things and beat myself up, which is unhealthy.

I need to redirect my thinking, and I will do this over the next few days, and I will be fine. I know the student teaching experience will probably be a good thing as I'll get ideas for lessons, experience and feedback teaching. I know that each interview has prepared me, and maybe the school I was interviewing at was not the best fit for me.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I love the sassiness of this song

Sugarland's new video "Stuck Like Glue"

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm not always mean after 9 or 10p.m.

Just to show that I'm not always mean after 9 or 10pm when the phone rings like when Carla calls...

10:13 last night I get a call from Darla.
Darla: Oh, hey Mike.
Me: Hey, what's going on?
Darla: Oh, I got a flat tire on my way home from the local community college.
Me: Again? (Darla is known for getting flat tires.)
Darla: Oh yeah, I did, gee golly gosh. I already called Honda.
Me: Cool.
Darla: Honda Roadside Assistance will be 2 hours, though. Remember my parents are in India.
Me: Oh dang.
Darla: And it's late, and I know you know how to change a tire.
Me: (interrupting) and so I'm the big sexy, strong guy you want to come change it?
Darla: Yes, big sexy guy.
Me: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh... it is late... I do need my beauty sleep. I'll get wrinkles and bags below my eyes if you make me stay up late. Princess, you know you can't get rid of wrinkles.
Darla: You're on break, you can catch up anytime.
Me: Only because I love you I'll consider going.
Darla: I'm at 15th and 4th Avenue by Jack in the Box. We'll get Starbucks after.
Me: Ok, I'll be there shortly.
Darla: There's some shady people around.

So at 10:15 I set out to take care of her tire. It was her back left tire. It took about 15 minutes to get there, another 20 or so to change the tire, then 15 minutes home. It was easy, and I didn't mind doing it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sitting and talking at the kitchen table

The Guy texted me Monday asking if I was free for lunch Wednesday. I texted him back yes, of course, when have I refused food? This was after I texted him and called him a couple times trying to get together, but he's being bad at picking up the phone again. I can continue to harass him about that he said.

I texted him about 9 this morning asking when we'd meet, and he said 3 today. That was perfect for me.

I got to his place and he was in the bathroom obsessing over his looks because a face mask he used yesterday caused a rash on his face. We hugged, then he got us some Hawaiian punch or something that was red and tasted like that that he had in a pitcher. We sat down at his kitchen and table since he finally had kitchen chairs and he told me how he was so anxious. He just sort of vented about everything. Loves his boyfriend Robert. He told me how he was on edge with him earlier this week when he found photos of that guy The Guy went to visit in Wisconsin several months back. They basically talked and things are perfect again. They talked about how the the enamoration period of the relationship is over and both of them are scared, but optimistic. He told me the sex was great, though they're still using condoms, he's ok with bottoming, etc. etc.

I told him about my life. I've been doing a lot of writing, reading, interviewing, helping my dad around the house with things like installing insulation. I told him about Rick (pool party guy)- he knew about the part where he wanted car sex and we hadn't discussed it any further. I told how crazy Rick has become. He's texted me telling me we are meant for each other, asking where I am, what I'm doing, why I haven't written back, how I must hate him, how he was ready to introduce me to his twin brother because he's convinced we are meant for each other, and I'm now family. You get the idea. I've really ignored his texts. He is still texting 2-3 times a day at least. I ignore it, or tell him I have a life, am busy, can't talk, and leave the conversations on a very generic level.

We go out to the jacuzzi so he could calm down and he tells me about the gym. He has been spending the past 2 weeks stretching at the gym with his trainer- only doing that- his flexibility is horrible. I was surprised, but he showed me, and I see what he meant. I helped him do some arm stretches. Oh, and I ate a bowl of pasta with balsamic vinaigrette that he made while out there. He told me about his dogs, random other stuff.

We go back in and sit down and talk about him being stoned every night with Robert. Robert needs to be stoned enough to be sexual. He told me about all the pot they smoke together, and the pot vaporizer they found that supposedly eliminates the carcinogens, but has the ____ (I forget the name) of the hallucinogen in it that makes you high. You basically fill up a bag with the stuff, suck the bag in, and get high. Interesting. He tells me about the renovations being done on the carport. He tells me how his back has hurt so much, but he doesn't think he needs a physical therapist he joked because he has enough therapists/coaches in his life like a writing coach, therapist, 2 trainers, and so that may be one too many. He tells me he is stopping his testosterone injections because his levels are more or less normal now, and he may lose weight by doing that.

I told The Guy about my interviews and bounced some thoughts off of him, which was cool.

We go get the dogs and he tells me how the dogs have been doing. We run into the cute gay guy that he asked for his phone number, but never called because he fell in love with Robert that same weekend, and The Guy felt awkward. I told him to hook me up with him. He was cute and successful.

The Guy and I talk about how radio volume levels change based on the number of people in the car. He said 25-40 is perfect when he is in the car alone. I told him in mine I keep it around 20 if it is just me in the car. Just yesterday my sister was complaining it was too loud on 9 with 3 people in the car and it ended up down to about 6 where we could all talk, and you could just barely hear the radio. We agreed that the radio just barely audible was the perfect level for multiple people in the car.

We get back to his place and he reminds me of Jeff's birthday this weekend. Jeff doesn't have a lot of friends, so The Guy is inviting people Jeff hangs around. It dawned on me tonight that Jeff probably doesn't. Jeff is an interesting/hard to get along with character at times. Jeff only ever talks about his roommate at the moment or his friend Jeff, or a failed date. Jeff and I don't even get along all that well. We're cordial toward each other, but we wouldn't be friends/acquaintances if it weren't that we were both friends with The Guy.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random thoughts: Things in my life the past few weeks

1. Sometimes you make something out to be worse in your mind than it really is.
2. Fear is a big thing, and sometimes you just have to conquer it.
3. Just do it
4. I need to remember to live in the moment.
5. Don't borrow worry.
6. It will all work out.
7. If you don't think it will at the moment, take a nap.
- All of those points relate to work and interviewing for various positions.
8. Don't obsess. It'll get done.
- In response to my essay for my online class.
9. I must have something to offer someone.
- In regards to being called for interviews.
10. I have had several great opportunities to interview for jobs I'm interested in, and that's so great for the experience, but also nice when I know so many are less fortunate.
11. I have some pretty incredible friends who know me very well.
12. I like food.
- I am on a mission to visit all those cool new food trucks. hahahaha... yeah... right...
13. There are some genuinely nice people in this world.
- There are 3-4 school secretaries that I'm just sooooo appreciative of.
14. I'm saddened I haven't got to go anywhere this summer like Florida. I feel bad because there's a certain someone I'd like to see.
15. Taylor Swift seems to come up in every other conversation, and let me be the first to go on record and say she has no talent.
Hi, my name is Taylor Swift. I'm tall, langy, and awkward. I am supposed to be performing, but I don't really know what to do. I'll just dance in the water and get my dress all wet.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I happened to be scouring twitter/roaming hunger Saturday night and discovered that there were 4-5 gourmet food trucks at Broadway/Third in Santa Ana for the Santa Ana Arts Festival. I decided that I needed to go. I had a nice time walking around checking out the art- so much of it was social protest. Santa Ana is a predominantly hispanic area, and a lot of the art shown in the galleries was a protest about la frontera/border, there was 1 gallery that was a tribute to Michael Jackson, and then there was a lot of everything else. I really enjoyed it.

And of course for the food...
The food trucks in the area were: Oh for Sweets Sake, Colbi, The Tropical Shave Ice, Dos Chinos, and French Crepes.

I sampled Calbi, which had DELICIOUS tacos. The sauce had a slight zing to it. I had a pork and beef.

Then for dessert #1 of the day, better known as breakfast in the morning, we have Oh for Sweets Sake's red velvet and smore cupcakes. For all of you outside of California, just know that gourmet cupcakes sold in trucks/trendy shops are all the rage.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My mom's care for her students

My mom amazes me. Every year she has students who hug her, tell her how much they'll miss her, and want to stay in contact with her. Every year she has several students return and tell her how much they miss her, all they learned in her class (although the students actually really dislike her at her new school). It was such a blow to the students, teachers, and community after my mom was transferred last year because students came back this past year looking for my mom, as did some parents even, in an area where there is not a lot of parental involvement.

So now that you know that this just struck me as so touching today.

My mom got an email from a student she had 3 years ago, who now lives 30 miles away in a different school district. The student knew my mom was no longer at her old school, but hoped her email still worked. He emailed my mom to tell her that his mom had died and how much my mom was like a mother figure to him in class, that he was not coping well, and now must take care of his brothers and sisters by himself. The student was really at a loss, unsure about money and other things like that. My mom got on the phone with her district, and even though the student is no longer in the district was able to get the student and his brothers and sisters temporary aid, as well as counseling. My mom also got her student's new address and drove 30 miles out of her way to bring him and his brothers and sisters KFC and groceries. She gave our home phone number and said if there was anything he needed to call her.

I just wonder will I ever be able to be like that and make the same connection and have the same impact with my students that my mom has?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

AVON Lady Part 2

It was 10:38 last night, and my mom was getting ready to go to sleep so she could get up to go to work this morning. My dad, sister, and I were still up watching TV, but I was about to hop in the bath when the phone rang. I look on the caller ID and see the following:

Carla AVON

I pick up the phone and this is our conversation:

Me: Bitch, it's late.
Hang phone up, phone rings again probably 30 seconds later. I answer
Me: Who calls at 10:40 at night?
Carla: Young man, does your mom know you are talking like this?
Me: Young lady, she practically wrote the book on being a bitch.
Carla: This is so insulting. I'm 65 years old, I've lost my husband, son, and wrecked my car, nobody's going to talk to me like this.
Me: Ok.
Carla: I'm going to call back and I want to talk to your mom.
In my mind I'm thinking calling back is going to make all of the difference?

My dad was perturbed by this point and said if she called back, he was handling it.
Phone rings again at 10:44
Dad: Whose speaking?
Carla: Carla
Dad: Oh, yeah, my wife's not around. I don't think she wants to talk to you. I don't think she wants to buy any of your shit. I don't think you will be calling this late again. You don't have permission to call this late. Your calling is disturbing. I get up early. I would like to relax in the evenings without hearing your sorry ass on the phone. I wouldn't suggest calling at this hour again.
Click on the phone call end button

And then we talked for a good 10-15 minutes how much that lady annoys us while my mom was in the bath.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My 70s and 80s playlist

Direct from my iTunes library here are the 70s and and 80s songs on my iPod. These are my favorite 70s and 80s songs. What am I missing?

List is alphabetical order by artist.

Name Artist
Take on Me a-ha
Be near Me ABC
No More I Love You's Annie Lennox

Heat of the Moment Asia
When I See You Smile Bad English
Walk Like an Egyptian The Bangles
Manic Monday The Bangles
Into The Night (Re-Recorded In Stereo) Benny Mardones
Heaven is a Place on Earth Belinda Carlisle
Circle in the Sand Belinda Carlisle
Take My Breath Away Berlin
Dancing With Myself Billy Idol
White Wedding Billy Idol
Uptown Girl Billy Joel
In the Middle of the Night Billy Joel
Piano Man Billy Joel
It's Still Rock N Roll to Me Billy Joel
Maria Blondie
Wanted Dead Or Alive Bon Jovi
Living on a Prayer Bon Jovi
Karma Chameleon Boy George and Culture Club
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me Boy George And Culture Club
Born in the U.S.A. Bruce Springsteen
Summer of '69 Bryan Adams
Drive The Cars
Don't Dream It's Over Crowded House
Died in Your Arms Cutting Crew

All Through the Night Cyndi Lauper
Time After Time Cyndi Lauper
Girls Just Want to Have Fun Cyndi Lauper
Same Old Lang Syne Dan Fogelberg
Come on Eileen Dexi's Midnight Runners
Sultans of Swing Dire Straits
Walk of Life Dire Straits
Rio Duran Duran
Take Me Home Tonight Eddie Money
Here Comes the Rain Eurythmics
Sweet Dreams Eurythmics
Say You Love Me Fleetwood Mac
Never Going Back Again Fleetwood Mac
I Ran A Flock Of Seagulls
I Want to Know What Love Is Foreigner
Kiss You All Over Exile

Desperado Eagles
She Works Hard for the Money Donna Summer
That's All Genesis
I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor
Vacation The Go-Go's
Miracles Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Starship Starship
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Joan Baez
Big Yellow Taxi Joni Mitchell
Don't Stop Believin' Journey
Queen of Hearts Juice Newton

Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout the Good Old Days) The Judds
Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses Kathy Mattea
Footloose Kenny Loggins
Kids In America Kim Wilde
Dancing In the Moonlight (Original Recording) King Harvest
There She Goes Again The La's
Gloria Laura Branigan
All Night Long (All Night) Lionel Richie
Material Girl Madonna
Blinded By the Light Manfred Mann's Earth Band
For You Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Louisiana Saturday Night Mel McDaniel
Land Down Under Men at Work

Rock With You (Single Version) Michael Jackson
Billie Jean (Single Version) Michael Jackson
Man In the Mirror Michael Jackson
The Way You Make Me Feel Michael Jackson
Human Nature Michael Jackson
Beat It (Single Version) Michael Jackson
I Melt With You Modern English
Always Something There To Remind Me Naked Eyes
Sister Christian Night Ranger
Your Love The Outfield

Heartbreaker Pat Benatar
Hit Me With Your Best Shot Pat Benatar
Hell Is for Children Pat Benatar
Fire and Ice Pat Benatar
Shadows of the Night Pat Benatar
Love Is a Battlefield Pat Benatar
We Live for Love Pat Benatar
Treat Me Right Pat Benatar
Precious Time Pat Benatar
Promises In the Dark Pat Benatar
Little Too Late Pat Benatar
Looking for a Stranger Pat Benatar
We Belong Pat Benatar
Ooh Ooh Song Pat Benatar
Invincible Pat Benatar
Sex As a Weapon Pat Benatar
Le Bel Age Pat Benatar
All Fired Up Pat Benatar
One Love (Song of the Lion) Pat Benatar
Being Boring Pet Shop Boys
West End Girls Pet Shop Boys
Even a Fool Can See Peter Cetera
Wrapped Around Your Finger The Police
Roxanne The Police
Walking On The Moon The Police
Don't Stand So Close To Me The Police
Every Breath You Take The Police
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic The Police
Let My Love Open the Door Pete Townsend
Back on the Chain Gang Pretenders

Little Red Corvette Prince
Raspberry Beret Prince
Harden My Heart Quarterflash
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Queen
It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) R.E.M.
Blitzkrieg Bop The Ramones
Fancy Reba McEntire
Can't Fight This Feeling REO Speedwagon
Keep On Loving You REO Speedwagon
Take It on the Run REO Speedwagon
Never Gonna Give You Up Rick Astley
Jessie's Girl Rick Springfield
Science Fiction/Double Feature The Rocky Horror Picture Show
It Must Have Been Love Roxette
Escape (The Pina Colada Song) Rupert Holmes
Ball and Chain Social Distortion
Higher Love Steve Winwood
Desert Rose Sting
If I Ever Lose My Faith in You Sting
Fields Of Gold Sting
Rock This Town Stray Cats
Everybody Wants to Rules the World Tears For Fears
Head Over Heels Tears for Fears
The Boys Are Back in Town Thin Lizzy
Free Fallin' Tom Petty
867-5309 / Jenny Tommy Tutone
Rosanna Toto

Africa Toto
Hold the Line Toto
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For U2
Turning Japanese The Vapors
The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia Vicki Lawrence
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Remastered 2006) Wham!

What are your favorite 70s and 80s songs I may be missing?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pat Benatar/REO Speedwagon concert

Dinner beforehand at El Tepeyac, which was sooooooooooooo delicious. I highly recommend the hollenbeck burrito. My mom said the enchiladas and tacos were highly spiced, yet they knew how to use spices well.

The concert was good. We saw Edwin McCain whose name wasn't familiar, but his songs were, such as "I'll Be."

We were up high, but there is not a bad seat at the Greek. Here's vids from the concert. Pat should have been the headliner in my mind- far more hits than REO, and I just enjoyed her so much more. People in the men's restroom afterwards were saying how great Pat was, and they enjoyed her more than REO. I like both, but I was partial to Pat.