Thursday, May 29, 2008

Got out of coming out

Sorry to build your anticipation and make you think I was going to come out to my mom after the last post. DID NOT AND DOES NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN.

So The Guy called me at 1:30 after he left work. We talked for a few minutes and I told him the situation. We talked about my mom and how she doesn't believe I have had a drink before, so I had doubts she thought I was gay. He said ok, but mom's just know. We blabbed on the issue for about 15 minutes. Then he ended asking me what I was doing tonight. I really wanted to see and talk to him further about the issue because it was driving me crazy and I wasn't getting the answer I needed from The Guy over the phone. I took my sister to the bookstore and dropped her off so my mom could pick her up and they could go get allergy shots. I drove over to The Guy's.

I stopped and paid $4.05 for gas and it took $40 to fill my car. I was mad when I got off the freeway at The Guy's exit and see gas for $3.99, especially after it had been higher where he lives for several weeks. I really try to fill up at the cheapest station and monitor gas price websites.

Anyways, I get to The Guy's place about 3:30 and he is trying to fix his computer. He finally took the RAID card out. It was major surgery and the new hard drives in the computer weren't working, so he was trying to get them to be recognized. It worked FINALLY.

We talk and clean up his place- emptying the trash mainly and trimming his dog's nails. His dog was very fidgety and constantly moving backward almost making me lose my balance.

The Guy said Jeff was probably going to come over today. He did shortly after this and we sat on the couch. The Guy showed him Age of Conan and we sat watching The Guy die as he played in PVP mode, and told him about the game. I told Jeff and The Guy about all the articles I've been reading about how this is the WOW crusher because of the number of players in the first week (40,000, which is more than WOW's first week). I pointed out though, that in 2004 WOW was a new thing and MMOs have been around longer and evolved, so naturally it seemed there would be more people than in WOW's first week. I also talked about how the combat is more real in this and why. Jeff and I had fun making fun of The Guy. Jeff could hardly sit down and was up looking at The Guy's DVDs, playing with The Guy's air pump for his bike, and things like that. Jeff talked about how his mom is having a lot of problems and stuff like that. Jeff left after about an hour after we all made sandwiches and ate.

We sit down afterward at about 6:10 to play AOC. I had just listened to voicemails on my phone and I had a call from my aunt in Oklahoma- nothing bad, but the comment rehashed a bunch of memories/emotions about me coming out. I had my hands over my eyes and The Guy asked me if I was ok. I said "yeah, I'll be fine." He told me to move my hands and that's when I lost it. I walked into the bathroom and cried. Then I calmed down and went into the office because I just wanted to be alone.

The Guy came in about 20 minutes later, putting his computer down, telling the guys he was playing with online that he needed to take a break. The Guy comes in and tells me to put my hands down on my knees. The tears were really flowing and I didn't want to because I didn't want them dripping in my mouth. The Guy asked what the voicemail said. I told him what the voicemail said and he said that's not a bad thing, and it wasn't. My aunt was telling me she wasn't doubting that I was straight. The problem I pointed out to The Guy is how this comment my other aunt made was something that could hurt me later and how it seems I'm forced to come out to my mom now. The Guy saw the problem and how it is like I have to. We talked and came up with a way for me to come out to my mom. He said that the ball is in my court if I were to say that now that this has happened I need to be honest and this can be a time of bonding and I just need you to know this. It was said much more eloquently by him, but that's the gist. Really, the plan was great and I was willing to do it if I absolutely had to. He was sympathetic toward my situation about how he doesn't envy me, how my coming out was going to be forced, and how it wouldn't be on my own terms, compounded with all the other problems taking place.

I still had doubts though and was pensive about doing it. The Guy asked what was bothering me the most and I said stability and how things probably won't be stable and coupled with all of the problems right now that is very important to me. He said well, he really didn't think I had any choice but to come out and not to worry. He asked how many classes needed before I can graduate, how I can just finish the 2 classes needed and stop pursuing my minor if needed, how I can work more hours, how I have the determination and the tenacity to make ends meet and get back up on my feet if my mom were to say cut me off financially or something like that. Then he reminded me I have him and can stay with him for as long as needed until I get back on my feet, how I do have some money set aside that I can use, etc. The Guy reminded me there was nothing wrong with being gay and made me repeat several times "I am gay," saying it louder each time until I was screaming it like he was.

I asked The Guy about his coming out. He could never bring himself to tell his mom either. Finally she asked him when he was 22. She had always had her suspicions, but it was confirmed when she asked.

Then I went on about how I was just worried because the words that someone said will probably pop up later and how I was worried about how the words will most likely come back and haunt me. This time I went into further detail explaining how and how coming out later because of this would hurt me so much and how the lying involved would really cause problems for me, and not just with family. Then The Guy realized even further how I hadn't told the appropriate person that I am gay and this issue needs to be hidden and how important that is because it is not relevant to anything else going on. While my sexuality has nothing to do with this issue, this person has to know for several reasons including: their unique relationship with my parents, the fact they can prevent my sexuality from being used against me later. BINGO!!! That's what I'm doing tomorrow and I'm 99% sure this will work. I really didn't think of this and I'm a little surprised I didn't, but I can see why I overlooked it.

We talked a little more about coming out issues that my mom would want to know about- sex, STD's, and so we talked about that stuff and I felt a little better.

Throughout this whole conversation The Guy was making fun of me. When he first walked in the office to get me to stop crying he noticed and asked if I was hard. I was wearing tight medium washed blue jeans and I was hard, somehow, despite all of this crying. He grabbed it and squeezed it. Then he at the end of our conversation did the same. He even opened the fly of my pants and grabbed my dick and pulled it out and jacked it. I went down on him shortly after and began sucking him off. Then we went to the bedroom, I sucked him for a few minutes, then we just sat talking, holding each other, jacking off. He asked what I wanted and I said to just be held and so after we cummed he just held me. It felt so good.

Afterward, we got up, talked more about how I am not in the wrong AT ALL. It is the other people involved. Then we talked about how I should have nothing to worry about. I thanked The Guy again for making me realize that yes, and how I need to approach the situation.

Then we went in the living room, sat down for a dose of "Law and Order." The Guy apologized to Mike in Oregon, whom he was playing with, and said I had an emergency and we needed to talk. He was understanding. The Guy was being killed by a guy in AOC when he was doing PVP. The same guy was chasing him down and killing his character. The Guy was getting upset. About 8:30 I decided to leave. I just wanted to come home and relax. I hugged and thanked The Guy profusely for helping me and talking about everything. It meant so much and really sat me straight. I was so convinced coming out was a must, and I don't think it was unreasonable to think that, but The Guy merely pointed out how there must be trust in this situation and how sexuality is such a delicate issue that can slander and defame a person.

Note: I understand I'm being very ambiguous and nondescript about what I say, but the details are so complex and rather person that I don't really want to elaborate.

I need to confess now!

The incident that I blogged about the other day still continues- the one where in a moment of anger told 2 people to fuck off. I am not going to mention what is going on because it is so complex and it is nothing but stupid family drama, but it is having a profound effect on me as much as I'm trying to shy away from it. Well, let me just say that the person involved made some comments about my sexuality- the comment was made without merit, were totally inappropriate for the situation, and were slander. Anyways, I spent much of yesterday debating on my own whether or not to just come out to my mom.

I debated about telling my mom about the comments, and I did when we were in the car the other day and I could have said "it is true," but didn't. First failed attempt. Now, now that comments have been said and me not taking a stand and affirming it will make coming out more difficult later because of the battle that is going to ensue (not over this comment), but this comment will reappear later down the line. I'll have a lot of explaining and defending to do when I do come out, making it much more difficult on my end.

My mom got home from work at 8p.m. last night, like she does every Wednesday and I figured we could sit down and talk and I'd tell her what was on my mind. Instead the realtor called and since they're a good family friend they talked for nearly an hour. It was 9p.m. by the time they were off the phone and the phone rang. My neighbor needed me to help her with Spanish homework, so I took off to her house.

When I got home I went to bed. I tried to go to bed anyways. I was so overcome by the events of the past couple days I just broke down and cried. It was a good cry and I felt much better because as strange as it sounds I was able to more or less sort out a lot of events and my anger lessened about other things. I cried for 45 minutes or so. I wanted so badly for my mom to come in my room and comfort me. She didn't after 45 minutes, so I got up and walked through the hall and living room, pacing, showing I was nervous. Soon, she got up out of bed and came in my room. She said, "Mike, what's going on? Mike, tell me. You never let me in on what's going on in your life and you're holding your anger in." I said I'm not upset and was trying to downplay the incident. My mom said she heard me crying and knew I probably wouldn't tell her anything, so she was waiting for me to come talk to her. She asked what was really wrong because she couldn't go to bed knowing I was upset. Her kids are the most important thing in the world to her and if I'm upset, she is too. I figured I'd just tell her I was gay, but then it flashed before me how totally unprepared I was- what I should say, what I shouldn't, and would I have to explain my whereabouts and my constantly being gone, and would she become suspicious of The Guy, Steve, or Mike. Maybe it was just me being paranoid, but it seems like after spending so much time at guy's houses, the obvious assumption is that they are gay, so I'm staying at their houses, having sex, and stuff like that. So finally I just made up some random thing about how I'm upset about my Spanish class- totally true and she knows it, and I just said this has been stressing me out and this is why and I'm so upset etc.

Now I really don't know what to do. I am a 3rd wheel being brought into this drama because I'm the most vulnerable and easiest to be taken advantage of and now this attack on my sexuality has made it to where I need to confess now or likely have a lot of explaining later.

It is not that I'm upset over this comment about my sexuality. Some people would be, and some would take offense to it. I am not upset over her calling me what she did because she is not important in my life. It is not so much that I'm trying to create a big issue out of what was said. I'm not. What I'm worried now is that what was said will make it more difficult to come out later, so I need to confess now.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In the heat of the moment

Sometimes I tell people things I really don't mean in the heat of the moment. I told 2 people who are dear to me to fuck off today. I regret saying it now and both understood why I was so worked up and on the edge that it just slipped and that I was truly stressed, having a terrible day. I just can't believe I did that. It is so unlike me to tell someone, yet alone 2 people to fuck off, especially when I need these 2 people the most. I need to watch my mouth and actions. I need more self control. I usually am so much better. I have no problem controlling myself around my parents, in the classroom, but today was different where I was feeling so alone, had nobody around me, had multiple problems, people just rubbed me wrong, and I just let it go.


I just wanted to post what went on in the 2 cases just to vent and get it off my mind hopefully.

1. I told my friend Mike that he needs to take responsibility on his own, learn to write his own essay for Spanish, without me there to help him piece sentences together and to quit fucking asking me. I called after and apologized profusely letting him know why I was so upset. Mike just thought it was funny.

2. The Guy called and im'd me several times and was nothing but a sympathetic ear online. Then he started ignoring me (because his computer was locking up I found out- or so he says) and I said fuck everything, fuck off. I get a call a few minutes later from him and I ignore it. I get another call and he leaves a voicemail. He has a concerned voice and he says something to the effect of "hey, I am sorry I left. The computer locked up and I come back and I see fuck this, fuck you, and I understand you're upset, but hey, I'm here if you need to talk, give me a call." Again, immediately afterward I felt remorse for saying what I said and I text him apologizing. I tell him "The Guy, Im so sorry for saying fuck you I really didn't mean it. I wasn't thinking, was upset, crying, and in the heat of the moment decided to take my anger out on you because I was thinking and it was stupid on my part because you have done nothing and this doesn't involve you. You don't deserve it at all and did nothing to merit me saying that. It was stupid on my part. I really am sorry and feel horrible now that I did it." Less than a minute later I get a text saying "totally understand... my comp froze blue screen of death! Take care & see ya soon!" I texted him back letting him know how appreciative I am and how stressed I am with everything going on right now. I still wanted to call and apologize. I was crying and I said "The Guy, I'm so sorry that I told you to fuck off" and he told me to relax and that he's here if I wanted to talk.

Monday, May 26, 2008

23 levels in 2 days

That, my friends, is what I accomplished in 2 days at The Guy's house playing AOC.

The Guy instant messaged me about 1p.m. Friday while I was in Poly sci. He wanted to know when I was coming over. I wasn't. I was going to a concert for my mom's birthday at Soboba Casino Friday night. He said to try and get out of it, though the tickets had been bought. I didn't want to go to the concert in the first place really because The Guy and I usually hang out on Friday nights. We get to Soboba at 7:30 and the Frankie Valli/Smokey Robinson concert was cancelled because of the weather, though the tickets said rain or shine. I was thinking about how I could have been with The Guy and playing a computer game instead of wasting an evening driving for nothing. Oh well... my mom and I gamble and spend $10 a piece just because, to make it seem like the drive wasn't for nothing, so that was fun and made up for not getting to hang out with The Guy. I won back all but $0.10 of my $10.00. PRETTY GOOD. HAHA. They only had 1 of the games I really like to play that I always win on at Morongo, so I just played that one lonely machine and it was worth it. I get a text from The Guy at 8:45, about the time we're leaving the casino. I don't get the message until 10 though because there was no cell phone reception in the area of the casino. I texted him when I got it and told him it had been canceled. I almost thought I'd be going over there, or he'd at least ask me to go over Friday night. I was wide awake at 10:00p.m., but going over there was not on my list of things to do. I came home and vacuumed my room and cleaned the bathroom. My parents cleaned the living room and their bedroom. My sister did nothing. We were trying to clean up because someone- a potential renter was coming by to look at our house on Saturday.

Saturday about 11:30a.m. The Guy calls me. I am in the car driving around town to Goodwill to take a ton of old clothes that were stacking up in the hall away at home since everyone had just cleaned out their closets and plus the person wanting to rent our house was coming by, so I was out. I also had to hit the bank. The Guy calls as I'm pulling into the bank and we talk for a good 40 minutes. We talk about his excuse he has been using with his parents at work about being sick- he stayed up all night Friday night and took his dog for a walk, went to the liquor store, and went up 20 levels on his character in Age of Conan. He went to work for 2 hours Saturday morning and looked really bad because he stayed up all night, so he was able to play off of that excuse well. Then because he was sick his mom said he needed to go home and get some sleep. The next thing I know in the midst of all of this, I'm driving over to his place. We make a deal- I buy lunch and he'll pay for everything else that weekend. I stop and get gas ($3.91 per gallon=$49 to fill my tank, which was a little less than half full). I then go to Trader Joes to get bruschetta sauce, panchetta, and a couple other things. We

When I get to The Guy's place he gets up from the couch and starts cooking. He makes a pasta with the panchetta, bruschetta sauce, and pasta sauce. It was really good! The Guy was saying how it has the restaurant as opposed to can taste. Afterward lunch we laid down for 3 hours to sleep because The Guy was tired. It ended up being 3 hours, even though The Guy only planned for 1 hour because he wanted to play. I really enjoyed laying down there with him. I laid on the right side of the bed, The Guy in the middle laying closely next to me, then his dog on the other side of him. The Guy and I kept tossing and our hands ended up all over each other holding each other. Then at about 3p.m. or so I get up to go to the bathroom and then return to bed. The Guy is laying on his back and he told me to get up close to him so he can hold me and put his leg over me. That felt so hot just to have him holding me like that.

We get up and play finally about 4p.m. or so and play most of the evening. We sat next to each other on the couch playing and going through quests. I got up to level 13 Saturday night- I had to start over on my character because we are now playing on a different game server. When I hit level 12, The Guy said to celebrate we were going to go get some frozen yogurt. I said that was exciting. As soon as I leveled, his brother called though and I knew this would take a while. I called my parents thinking it was 10p.m. and so I probably wouldn't make it home. They said ok. The Guy's brother just got several minor roles in some well known TV shows. His brother is making a new demo tape and wants The Guy's help. The Guy told him to come over sometime this week, but also that he really needs new head shots because the photos he has don't really capture anything or bring out his eyes. The Guy talked and told him what he felt. His brother resisted it, and I don't blame him since he is probably told by his parents as well as everyone else that he needs new photos. The Guy sent him some examples and retouched one of his photos in iPhoto and then showed him the difference and what he was talking about. I also asked The Guy if he could help me with this sort of stuff because while I'm not planning on going into acting, I'm going to need to create voice tapes and possibly may need demos like his brother for journalism. Since The Guy knows how, this will be a big help for me.

The Guy and I then went to get our yogurt. We also went to CVS where The Guy bought 1 energy drink. We go back to his house, eat the yogurt, and talk about his friend Dan who he plays all these RPG games with. Dan's dad is fairly young and is dying. He had some emergency surgery for some random thing last Wednesday and the surgery did not go well. Now all of his internal organs are swelling up due to some disease. The doctors put him on life support and had to open him up and are going to have to leave Dan's dad opened up for the next few weeks until his organs go down in size. Dan is worried because the doctors said this disease is hereditary. The Guy was trying to console him and was telling him to just make lifestyle changes and stuff like that to help. The Guy said we'd go to bed at 1a.m. when we hit level 13, then get up at 5a.m. to play with Dan when he gets off work to keep him company and from worrying less.

The Guy and I again, sleep very closely together in bed and wake up at 6:45a.m. The Guy gets up and takes his dog out for a walk on his bike. They come back at 7:15 and I get up at 7:30 when The Guy is watching Keith Olbermann and is commenting about it. We get up and talk about what bad comparisons Hillary was making about past elections and events like that.

The Guy makes a blueberry smoothie for us with that, all of his health drink concoctions, and Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. The drink was very tart like.

At 8:30a.m., The Guy called his parents to say he was still feeling sick and wasn't going to be able to go out. He wanted to stay home and sleep since he was up most of the night and awoke in night sweats. It was his dad's birthday. I told The Guy that I had no problem taking off and that he should spent time with his parents. He just said he sees them enough.

We start playing AOC, then at 9a.m. are both hungry. The Guy asks if I want to go get food. Then he says he knows I like the company, so he'll go too. Great!!! We go to get breakfast burritos. I go in and order the burritos. The Guy parked and left me off, then turns around and moves the car 10 feet so he can walk into Yum Yum donuts. He bought orange juice and a donut for each of us. I laughed at him as I was staring outside watching him in the car. He was making hand gestures like he was putting on his makeup, doing his nails, talking on the phone, and that he couldn't walk 10 feet and had to do all that extra work of moving the car. You know what though, that amuses me- that's what makes The Guy special.

We get the food, go back and eat. Then we play until 2p.m. when The Guy asks if I'll help him with a special project. He wants to try to install the modifier he got to try to get his RAID card in his computer to work on Windows. He realizes that it is not worth it and requires too much modification. So the next step was to set up a brand new iMac he brought home from the office to play WOW on. We set it up on the coffee table in the living room and let the game install and the computer set up. While this is going on I go to the expensive Chinese restaurant and pick up food The Guy called in. He ordered 2 orders of the delicious shrimp! The Guy gave me his wallet and said to use his ATM card, just sign his name on the receipt.

We have yogurt for dessert and The Guy says I probably don't like it. I never eat it when I'm around him. I probably don't like his food. I told him no, I like yogurt. He said that I wasn't going to be able to be active unless I had my Activia, so I had some. I told him I am not a big snacker, so I don't find myself wanting yogurt or a smoothie to tide me over for something. He seemed to buy that, and that's true.

About this time my cousin text messages me asking if I was at her play at her school. I thought it was the last performance and I was going to try to attend, but didn't feel like going partly because I didn't feel great, but was also having fun with The Guy. I texted her a while later and said that I was sick. The Guy told me to say that- then I teased and said thanks for giving me the flu! (That's the excuse he was using with his parents.)

I go back to his place and the computer is now set up and so is the game. We check out the game on it and realize it isn't great like The Guy had hoped. Now The Guy is thinking he'll have to go out and buy another new computer to get the game to work to be able to see it in all of its glory. We pack the computer back up and sit down and play some more. I am getting a terrible headache at this time and my allergies are acting up. My eyes and nose are watering. I get some Tylenol and sit back down on the couch next to The Guy. I finish up my instance to get out of the first village in the game called Tortage. I kept dying though and compounding that with the headache was becoming frustrated. The Guy took my computer and showed me how to get around that. Afterward we do a PVP instance/roleplay thing. We are doing pretty well and getting lots of quests done. Then suddenly we catch ourselves dying and it doesn't help that The Guy is a very squishy character because he isn't equipped for this sort of damage he is taking. His clothes were cloth and he needed metal armor. In addition he wasn't supposed to be in this zone because his character belongs in another, but to play with me he comes over there. We get in a group with these 3 cool guys and spent the better part of the next 2 1/2 hours killing stuff and getting experience points for it to go up to the next level. I go from level 20-22 because of this. The Guy doesn't like to die in the game and gets mad when he does. He was blaming it on me because I was the healer. I was trying my best though. I was on top of it for the mostpart, trying to do my best despite my headache, and I was not having a lot of luck. He kept dying and then we were practically yelling at each other. I was getting very upset and he was too. The Guy and I died a couple of times and it was cool that the guys hung around for a good 30 minutes just waiting for us to get back from the beginning of the instance- where we had gone since we died. It was 12:00a.m. at this time and I was getting ready to leave. The Guy asked I don't just stay the night because it was late. I said that he needs some alone time and he quickly interrupted me saying "no, you're no trouble at all and I enjoy having you here. If I need alone time like I did Thursday night I just tell you." I said ok then and called my sister's cell phone to let her know. She still had it on so I just kept it short and sweet. "I got sucked back into the computer game I was playing with my friend, so I'm going to stay the night since it is late." My sister teased me, then said ok.

The Guy and I laid down on the couch. I was laying at his feet, but he pulled me into his chest and I laid on his chest. I began playing with his dick since it was right there. I was stroking it through his shorts and then finally reached in. I sucked him off for about 5 minutes or so before we made our way to the bedroom. I lubed up and he put a condom on. I l was on the edge of the bed doggy style while he began fucking me. Then we moved and he laid down on me and fucked me. We moved to missionary style and my head hung over the bed, which wasn't that comfortable. Then he pulled me back in the bed and I played with The Guy's chest. He jacked my dick while doing this, which was hot since there was tons of lube on it and I began squirming. The Guy laid down on me again doggy style and began licking my back and neck, then licking and gently biting my ears. Then he did something new, which drove me wild and sent a tingling through my body. He inhaled through his mouth after he licked and it felt soooo incredible. I was seriously trying to get out from under him because it made me feel ticklish, but felt soooo good and I was having a hard time standing it. I sucked The Guy some and then he moved his fingers into my ass and began fingering me while I was doing that. It felt so strange and I was having a hard time with it at first and was a little uncomfortable, so that didn't last long. We ended by laying on each other and letting our loads go onto each other. I sat on his chest and let my load go and then he did the same. We were both so full of lube and cum we had to shower. We got in the shower, cleaned up our bodies, washed our hair, and put conditioner on. When we got out, we got dressed, and went into the living room where we watched a movie.

We went to bed finally at 1:30 or so I think. The Guy played AOC with friends and I fell asleep on the couch at The Guy's feet. We went to bed and didn't talk, which is unusual. We were both so tired. We laid very close again. I slept all night and only woke up when we both repositioned and were laying with our arms around each other about 15 minutes before we actually decided to get up. We got up at 8:15. YES!!! WE SLEPT IN LATE!!! HAHA. The Guy told me after we got up I am welcome to stay in bed however long after he gets up. I said I knew that.

We went and played AOC where I got up to level 23. We ran the same instance we did with the group of guys last night with The Guy's friends this time, who were now level 25 or so since they stayed up all night playing. We were about 5 levels ahead of his friends all day yesterday. I left at 10:15a.m. or so because I had some homework to do. While I know I could have hung out at his place and done it, I know my parents were wanting to see me, plus we were taking my mom to lunch for her birthday (which is tomorrow), so I came home. I get about 2 streets from my house and realize that I didn't have my computer or Packpack (that's my backpack's name). I left it at The Guy's house. I called him, asked if it was there. He asked where else it would be, so I turned around and drove back to his house. I get to his place, rescue my packpack, then turn around and go home. We hug each other and I thank him for the weekend and buying all the food. He was trying to give me a guilt trip about why I didn't stay around longer, how I probably hated him, how he was forcing me to stay, how I don't care about anything he does for me, etc. I said you know I'd stay if I could and left. Then we smiled and said bye to each other. I got home at 12, 2 hours after I started.

We watched tons of movies this weekend including: "While You Were Sleeping," "Kinky Boots," "King Arthur," "Casanova," and a few others that I can't recall. We also watched our trusty "Law and Order." It is trusty because it is always on and there are always at least 30 episodes in The Guy's TIVO.

Random thought/idea!: I have a cousin who writes erotica/romance novels for a living. I was talking with her the other day about how she comes up with her ideas for her sex scenes etc. I am not making up anything that happens with The Guy. Everything I write about is true and exactly what happened. I was talking about how writing porn would probably be fun because it is your fantasies and things like that. She said yes! She encouraged me to do that. But this conversation got me to thinking, what about turning some of the stuff I write about with The Guy into erotica/romance? Could I actually get published? Sure, I'd have to elaborate and describe the sex scenes, our bodies, etc. Haha... not really going to try... It was just a random thought from my life!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Got to finish what I started

When I left The Guy's house yesterday to go to school I gave him a quick blow job and got to go back and finish that.

The Guy texted me at 2:30p.m. just before I met Dennis saying he got me a copy of Age of Conan. I texted him back telling him yay and thanks! He texted me 3-4 times asking me when I was coming over. I wasn't planning to because I had to work today and I needed to talk to my mom. He was persistent, and I give in easily, so I said ok I'm on my way. I showered at home and a bunch of other things that I had needed to do.

I get back to his place and he ordered Thai because he was hungry and I wasn't. I begin to install the game and The Guy takes a shower. The game takes a long time to install, so I sit next to him and watch him play. It must have taken 2 1/2 hours. We finally get down to playing at 9p.m. or so and I make it up to level 6. I did die 2 or 3 times, but I say it is because I didn't know what I was doing as far as doing the combat and how to position myself to kill.

About 9p.m. I told him I had to work and would leave about 10. He said no, just stay the night. I live 40 minutes from work, and he lives 10 minutes from where I work. So he said stay the night and I could sleep in. I called my parents and they said ok.

We played until 10:30 when The Guy's personal trainer Josh called. He had been texting The Guy telling him he was depressed and needed to talk. The Guy wanted to know if he was just pulling his leg to get him to call. The Guy called Josh and they talked about how The Guy was depressed and how Josh was also. Josh's girlfriend has been gone for a week. Josh talked about how he thought The Guy was giving up on him as a trainer since The Guy went with his friend Ronnie, who is a trainer to work out last week. The Guy said no- he was just depressed, got sucked into the new computer game. He invited Josh to come over and hang out. Josh has a total man crush, and it is The Guy, and it is so obvious. We joked about that afterward.

I stopped playing because I thought it was later than it was. It was really only 11p.m. The Guy said well, we'll just take some time and do other things. We trimmed his dog's toe nails, we washed our faces, then we put on face cream.

Then we laid down at 11:30. I wasn't particularly tired and neither was The Guy. We heard a loud noise outside and we both got scared. We closed all the blinds and windows. Then The Guy put his alarm system on. This was the first time ever, but we were both scared and holding each other in bed. VERY CUTE.

Then he asked if I was going to finish what I started and I said ok. I went down and started sucking him. I sucked him for 4-5 minutes, then he jacked my dick and played with my dick pulling it forward, then letting the waistband on my boxers snap back to my chest with it. The Guy then sucked my dick and it felt so good to have him do that. I told him how much I liked it. We lubed and condomed up. Then he got on me and we did it missionary style, then doggy style. He played with my ears gently biting and licking them. Then we went back and sucked each other, then jacked ourselves off. I shot on my leg and he shot on his chest. During sex we were talking about how guys- many guys look for guys look for boyfriends who are bottoms if they are tops, or vice versa. Afterward, we got washed up and went to bed.

We slept until about 6. The Guy asked me if it was time for me to go. I looked at the clock and said no. I slept until 6:30, then we all got up. He went and got on his computer. He e-mailed his mom that he had the flu and couldn't go to work. He wanted to stay home and play his game. I got dressed and was gone within 10 minutes. We hugged before I left.

12 hours later I was back at his place. He had texted me several times asking when I was coming over. I said after 5:30 because I needed my allergy shot. I stopped at Trader Joes to get us food like brie and pizza. We made the pizza when I got to his place. Then we sat and played Conan for about 3 hours. I went from level 5 to level 11. YAY!!! The Guy said I was doing very well. I only died a couple times. The Guy and I had fun and we made fun of each other. Then at 9p.m. I left when The Guy said he wanted some alone time. A-OK. GREAT!!! YAY!!! Now I'm home and am unwinding... fun times though... woot!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spent the 2nd school night at his house and I came out to ____

I called The Guy at 10:30 or so Tuesday asking him to help me set up the Apple router he gave me. We just switched internet companies and I tried to get the Apple router to work unsuccessfully. I called Apple, then used my own technical expertise, which is pretty good I think. Called The Guy from our home phone because my cell phone kept cutting out. I was going to have him drive over to fix it for me since he would, but the only problem was that my sister was home and she'd ask questions and she'd try to cause problems. So that was put on the back burner. The Guy then asked me what I was doing yesterday, why I wasn't there, and stuff like that. I said I didn't know and drove over. We called each other at least 6 or 7 times between 10:30 and 12:30 when I arrived over there for various things- like he asked where I was, what I wanted for lunch, told me he had a haircut, and things like that.

I got us subs at Quiznos and got there as he was getting home from his haircut. We sat on the couch and watched "My Big Fat Greek Life." I sat next to him on the couch watching him play, which was fun because it is much more fun than sitting at his feet. Plus we can touch, tickle, and hit each other, or whatever is necessary depending on if one of us says or does something worthy of one of those things. We sat next to each other watching TV, him playing, for 7 hours!!! It was 7:30 when we took a break, ran around, and I did my Spanish homework. The Guy made fun of me for doing it and kept asking if I was done.

All afternoon The Guy talked about avoiding Louis and how he would probably show up, and how he called all day. The Guy and Louis were supposed to work out, but The Guy was too busy playing his game. He didn't go. He didn't pick up Louis' calls. They were going to go work out at 2p.m. At 7:30 or so, right before we took that break there was a knock at the door and it wasn't UPS like earlier. UPS had come earlier in the day and I signed for the package because The Guy thought it might be Louis. Nope. Anyways, The Guy told me to just answer the door and say he wasn't there. I told him I was uncomfortable lying. The Guy ran and hid in his bathroom. I opened the door and said hi to Louis. He asked if The Guy was home. I said no. He asked where he was. I said the airport. That was the first thing to pop in my mind. He asked where he went. I said I didn't know- I got a call from The Guy early in the morning saying he had to go to the airport immediately and I said I could. Now I was there watching the dog. He asked when he'd be back. I said I think Wednesday. Afterward, I went and told The Guy it was ok to come out. He asked what happened and I told him. He was surprised Louis questioned so much. I told him what happened and said you went to the airport. He asked, the airport? I said yes. He thought about it and said "that works!" He said that was a pretty good excuse based on what Louis wanted to know and it made sense as to why my car and his were both there.

We took a break about 9p.m. and The Guy ordered the yummy veggie pizza. I again had to answer the door in case it was Louis. It wasn't. At 10p.m. I was getting tired and had school, so I said I was going to take off. The Guy asked if I wanted to. I said no, but I was tired. He said good, that's settled, you're staying; plus that validates me staying the night to take care of the dog in case Louis were hiding out and spying on the house. I pointed out that was stalkerish. A few seconds after The Guy asked me, literally seconds, my sister was calling to find out if I was coming home. I said no and she told my parents no. They said ok. We laid next to each other on the couch watching "Law and Order" and he played his games. The Guy played until 12:30, then he put his computer away and we laid until nearly 1a.m. finishing "Law and Order."

We went to bed and the dog laid in between us under the covers. We didn't really talk, which was awkward when we went to bed. Finally he broke the silence by asking if I farted because the dog got up and tried to go under the covers because the dog apparently likes the smell. I said NO. I didn't. The dog gets comfy and we talk about some stuff I don't recall, then fall asleep. We wake up at 6:45 where The Guy is asking me what time it is. I squint and try to see the clock in the office and it says 6:30 I think. The Guy asked again and I said 6:45, so he got up and took the dog out on his bike. They had a 30 minute ride. When he gets back he opens up the blinds in the bedroom saying how nice (cold) it is out. There was a marine layer this morning.

When The Guy gets back he checks his e-mail and is MAD. He calls because the collectors edition of Age of Conan didn't ship. He checked last night and it said it was supposed to arrive today. He calls amazon and they said that it was sold out and he would have to find it elsewhere. He said that they better find him a copy because he preordered it the first day, but also he buys at least $3,000 of stuff a month on amazon and they'd lose close to $30,000 of business a year without him. The person said they were sold out, so The Guy asked to speak to a manager who said that they didn't have anymore. The Guy again threatened, was practically yelling, and looked like he would cry. He said he'd be willing to pay double if he could get a collectors copy to get the special weapons that you can only get with this because the weapons can't be traded. They said they didn't have any, but may get some in. The Guy said he has to enter the special code by the 26th to be able to get the weapons, but now won't be able to because everywhere is sold out of it. The Guy found a copy that may arrive before the 26th online for $175. He bought 3 collectors editions, 2 regular editions, and none of those had shipped. Yes, he is obsessed.

I went out and bought us breakfast burritos afterward and then came back. We ate, then I got on my computer and chatted with some bloggers. Then at 9:30 when I should have left for school I tell The Guy I'm leaving. He asks if I had to. I said no. So I ditched my class that I had today. I did leave at 10:30 though after The Guy lets me use his printer so I could print my Spanish homework. I also help him pick up the house- there were little green furries from his dog's football he plays with since it was falling apart. Then The Guy vacuums the house. It was a mess!

We hug as I leave and The Guy plays with my crotch and then pulls down his pants and asks if I want his dick. I said yes and suck it for a few moments, then take off, though I was willing to finish what we started.

The Guy has texted me and asked me to come back and play because he went out and bought yet another, regular edition of the game.

I had lunch with my friend Dennis from high school/middle school/college. We went to Fatburger, which by the way was nasty, but Dennis I found out has taken up being a vegetarian, and he wanted a boca burger. We talk about a lot of stuff- school, work, subbing, the program I tutor for, and stuff like that. I tended to lead the conversation because Dennis is so quiet and shy. I just kind of rambled about a bunch of different things. I told Dennis about a guy in one of my classes at school who is gay, and what he told me about wanting to find a boyfriend to just drive him everywhere. I said to me, being a gay guy, I don't want to have someone reliant on me, especially not for that, I want something more in a relationship. He just smiled and but his hands over his face kind of like he was surprised, then just listened on my story and asked who that was I was talking about. I told him the name and he didn't know the kid. I didn't figure he would. It was easy breezy though, and cool to chat with him. Dennis is graduating a full year early.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Age of Conan and gay movie weekend

The Guy called me at 9:30a.m. on Saturday and I didn't answer my phone- it is not that I saw he called. I didn't want to talk. I leave my computer on most of the time and I had about a dozen IM's from The Guy wanting to know why I wasn't responding. His calling continued. I finally IM'd him and I just told him I was upset about some things. We talked for about an hour online and I began to feel better. He was waiting for his new game Age of Conan to open up so he could start playing it at 1p.m. He said I needed to come over, but I said no. He called me a few minutes later and I didn't pick up. He called again and asked what he could do to make me feel better. He was going to go to CVS for a special treat for me and drive it over to my house. He actually drove to the CVS by his house and was going down the aisles when he called me. I told him I didn't want him to do that, I was ok. Finally he said I needed to come over and he'd make me feel better by giving me a facial. I said that's ok. At 3p.m. I knew he was not going to give in, so I put on my best face and came over.

He was playing his new game Age of Conan. It took him an hour to get access to the game. The Guy opened the door since it was locked when I got there and saw I didn't come bearing anything from CVS. He had suggested that either him or I go to CVS because it always makes him feel better. He let me in anyways, we hugged, then I sat down and looked at his new game. He was really enjoying it and it looked easy for the mostpart. He was playing with his friend Dan (who he plays Warcraft and all the other games with) who he hadn't seen in the game yet. They spent a while trying to find each other. They finally found out they had to put it on night mode in the game to see each other. They ran around for a while in the game until Dan had to go to bed. The Guy ordered Papa John's Pizza, which was not that good. He ordered the 6 cheese pizza and the barbecue. Round Table would have been better, but he picked Papa John's because they had the best commercials of the day. We watched probably 6 episodes of "Law and Order." We laid on the couch, me next to him, him hugging me off and on all evening. He kept asking if I was feeling better.

I called my parents at 10:30 and told them we were just playing computer games. They said for me to stay the night if I felt too tired.

At 11:00p.m. I was tired and he made me promise I would stay with him until he hit level 20. He was only at level 13. I said I was going to leave at 12:30 or so because I was tired, but he told me he was worried about me and to just get a pillow and stay right next to him. I laid next to him and fell asleep. He woke me up about 1:30 or so (he claims) when he hit level 15. He asked if we should go to bed. I said yes and followed him as he wandered into the bedroom. I was tired and nearly asleep, but he was wide awake since he had the energy drinks he said he wasn't going to drink anymore and some energy pills. He got up, washed his face, got on the computer, while I was laying down. When he came back the dog laid in between us, then got up, and moved to the other side of The Guy. I'm glad he did because that meant I got to sleep right next to The Guy.

Before we fell asleep however, we laid talking about "Steel Magnolias." Not sure how that came up, but then we talked about who each of us would be in the show. The Guy would be Truvy- always happy; Aaron would be Weazer because he has different views on things, and who would I be? I would be Anelle- I'm not sure how The Guy came up with that. I guess it is because of some of the lines in the show that would suit me well according to The Guy. Things like me wanting to try a new recipe, a beer in the refrigerator, and other random lines. We also had to talk about which "Golden Girl" we would be. The Guy would be Blanche I said because he is always trying to meet someone new and just a happy go-lucky person. He said no, he would be Dorothy because she can be slutty, but she's trying to find a soulmate. Aaron would be Sophia because he's kind of out of the loop. SOooo funny and true!

The dog kept getting up and repositioning himself in the middle of the night. The dog finally got up at 6:30 and was licking both of us incessantly. The Guy got up at 6:30 and got up, took the dog out on his bike. They came back and The Guy was going to go back to sleep I hoped. No, instead I hear him fiddling around in the kitchen and he comes back to the bedroom with breakfast for me. He says, "Mike, Mike, it's time to get up" and he has the food on my chest and is opening it up for me to eat practically ready to stuff it down my throat. What was it? A granola bar! HAHA. It was my first time to even remotely getting breakfast in bed. It was cute and I hugged him.

We got up, he made a smoothie, and we sat down on the couch. He played more Conan. The Guy forgot to buy me an early access code so I could play with him. I laid on the couch, at his feet, like usual trying to fall back asleep. I slept for an hour and a half while "27 Dresses" played on the TV in the background. At 8:30a.m. he asked me if I wanted to go to McDonalds for Sausage McMuffins with egg. I did. I got up, went, then stopped for a couple more energy drinks since The Guy asked. It wasn't without compromise- he is going to make me the best ravioli ever.

The Guy played and talked to Mike in Portland afterward about how Colton just moved to New York because graduated and how The Guy has such a hard time saying bye, so he kind of blew him off. The Guy talked about how he has died over and over and over in the game and how this is the hardest MMORPG he has ever played. I kept laughing and getting a kick out of him dying because he always makes fun of me, so I got to make fun of him. YAY!!!!!!!!

The Guy decided to buy a new 17 inch Macbook Pro because he needs 2- 1 for him and 1 for his brother. The problem was he really wants one now, so he bought a 17 inch for his brother and he'll use it, then pack it up and make it look like new to hand over to his brother when the new Macbook Pros come out. I told him that was mean for doing it to his brother- coworkers I can understand, but brother. His excuse is his brother will never know.

The game had a 2 hour outage at 11a.m., so we went out to the spa. We got in and splashed water at each other and talked about Hilary and Obama. The neighbors came out from next door to smoke and he talked to them about random things like the home owners association fees.

We came back in and The Guy said he was going to make me feel better. He had me wash my face and he washed his with his $30.00 face scrub. Then he had us put on a face peel. Then we put on a moisturizer, then eye moisturizer. My skin feels really good and tight.

Then, after feeling like 2 gay guys we decided we needed to watch gay movies- "Best in Show," "Waiting for Guffman," and now we're watching "Too Wong Foo," none of which I had seen. The Guy was shocked. I think "Too Wong Foo" is Patrick Swayze's best performance- not a fan of him really. Now we are watching "A Mighty Wind."

My mom just called and asked if she was going to see me today. I said I don't know. The Guy thinks I'm going to hang with him through at least Tuesday. He asked if I had to go home tonight. Then he said Tuesday I'll be able to play Age of Conan with him all day. He may be out of school, but I'm not. Dang. I did burst his bubble by telling him this just a few minutes ago when I broke out my Spanish homework. I just finished that and we're watching "Miss Congeniality," which I have seen.

Friday, May 16, 2008

What's in the iPod right now

Here are some songs I'm really enjoying right now:
"Realize" - Colbie Callait

"Stop and Stare" - One Republic

... and I'm ashamed to admit this song is just about as catchy as "Rehab"
"You Know I'm No Good" - Amy Winehouse

BTW... if any of you are in LA, try out 100.3, The Sound. It is a brand new radio station that just flipped formats from R&B. They are playing just about everything- classic rock, as well as a bunch of stuff you won't hear on KIIS, KBIG, or STAR. I've heard The Police, Bruce Springsteen, Amy Winehouse, The Clash, Tracy Chapman, and a bunch more!!! Worth the listen...

Finally hung out

The Guy has called, IM'd me, or any combination of the 2. We even voice chatted on Yahoo Messenger Wednesday morning and I was considering ditching my classes to hang out with him, but I had a Poly Sci paper due. Monday night he didn't have class since it was over and he told me I should come over after my class. I was tired though and went to bed at 9p.m. Everyday we've tried to see each other, but our schedules haven't matched up. I was free Tuesday, he wasn't. I was free Wednesday night and there was a chance at 8p.m. or so we were going to hang out, but then he just decided to go to bed. Finally yesterday I called him after work because I work near where he lives. He didn't call back, so I assumed he was at work. I was right, but he got off work late, so I was back at home before he calls. He said to call him later. I call and text him later and he says he'll be home after 6 and to drop by. I texted him back to make sure he wanted to hang out and if he had other things to do because he seemed busy. He said no, come over. I was more than willing to let him hang out with his brother for the evening, which I found out was what was going on.

I get to his place at 6:15 and I see his brother's car in the carport. I walk in and both are in the office playing with Tivo. His brother wants to be able to download TV straight to his computer using his Tivo. They were having a hard time getting the digital signal working. I stood up playing with the dog, while his brother sat in the chair and played with the dog also. About 10 minutes after I arrive his brother leaves to go to Subway for dinner. We continue playing with the Tivo and computer and finally the digital signal is found as opposed to the analog signal. The channels come in very clearly. His brother comes back about 20 minutes later with clothes and asks if he can use the shower because he needs to get ready to go. He uses the shower and during this time The Guy is looking on manhunt and other websites. I am thinking wow, while your brother is around; though you can hear the shower going, you're being daring. His brother comes in, hugs, and thanks his brother, then says goodbye to me.

We looked at google maps and the new street view feature. The Guy typed in his dad's business and we saw a photo of The Guy in his car, leaving work, on his cell phone, sitting in his car in front of his dad's business. We saw his mom's car on the street outside of the business. I showed him that cool new feature.

Not 2-3 minutes after The Guy leaves he asks if I'm hungry, which he had been doing for the previous 20 minutes. I said yes. He said he was too and he thinks he knew what I wanted. He pulled down his pants and sat there in the chair. He opened my fly and pulled my cock out. He jacked mine for a few moments, then I sucked on him and he stood up and I sucked him some more while sitting in the chair. He then walks to the bedroom and closes the door. He puts a condom on, lubes up, and stuff like that. I walk in, he positions me at the end of the bed and has me bend over while he puts his cock in me. He is bending over kissing my back, licking my neck, etc. Then we go to missionary style and while doing this he licks my ears and kisses my neck. Then we kiss, there was lots of tongue involved. That was a lot of fun since we hadn't kissed/made out in a while. Then we went to doggy style and he again plays with my ears licking and biting on them gently. It was a lot of fun. Then we suck each other for a few minutes and then he jacks himself off and I jack myself off.

We still hadn't gotten dinner, but he goes into the office to try and install Windows Vista on his Mac. He realizes after trying to boot Windows on an external hard drive that he can't. He realizes buying a RAID card was a bad idea because he can't use bootcamp to play games. Poor baby. I tried to sympathize with him and said how terrible it was. Haha Really though, it does suck when he paid $6,000 for his computer and for that price won't do that.

We still hadn't eaten, it was 8:30, and he was still questioning me if I was hungry. I said yes and we went to the Farmer's Market. On the way there we talked about how he is having a new radio installed in his car that is just a newer model of the $1000 one he just put in there. He is having it installed Tuesday. We walked through the store and got ravioli, brie, bread, berries, yogurt, pizza, Indian potatoes, some Indian spinach dish, chicken, and rice. The Guy cooked all the food in the house, so he stocked up again and this should last him for a while. We were arguing in the car on the way back talking about things like who to give The Guy's stereo to. He asked me if I wanted it. It is a nice stereo, but I'm getting a new car soon. We went down the list of his friends and said Aaron since Louis is selling his truck. The Guy said Aaron had a Mazda truck. I said no, it was a Chevy S-10. It was 9:30 so we argued whether to call him about it. I said he's probably asleep since Aaron seems to go to bed early. We called and he was watching TV, so The Guy showed me up. Then The Guy asked about Aaron and his boyfriend- they're ok. Aaron was under the weather. Then The Guy asked what kind of car he had and we were both wrong and The Guy had to rub it in my face.

We got back and put the groceries away, then The Guy started cutting up the chicken and started cooking the chicken in a frying pan. He said he was going to make a chicken, potato, spinach thing using the Indian food we just got. It was spicy, but good. I really like cooking with The Guy. I am a good cook, but I always do the same ol, same ol, whereas he tends to try new things, experiment, add random ingredients together that you might not think would go. That's what's cool, he is adventurous and tries new things. We sat down, started an episode of "Law and Order," talked about how we always watch blood and guts during dinner.

He said right after dinner he was going to go to bed because he has to go out to Palm Springs today, and I was very tired because it was 10:00p.m. We hugged for a good 30 seconds or so, then I took off.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

2 outs

Last night I was in my room, laying on my bed, looking at porn on I was looking at a page that had several penises on it.

My dad walked in my room and laid on my bed next to me because he wanted to talk to me about something. I didn't have enough time to close the page before he laid on my bed, but there was enough time for me to open a new desktop page in spaces. For those of you without Macs, basically it is a feature that allows you to open up a blank desktop page and so you can have several open for the different things you're doing like word processing, browsing the internet, etc. I simply had to hit control and the right arrow. Whew! Saved... or so I thought. My dad asks me what I'm doing and I said "nothing." Then I clicked on the internet browser page and it returned me to the original internet website I had open on xtube with a bunch of pictures of guys dicks. My dad asks what this was and I, again said "nothing." Wooooops...

I then just decided to close the lid to my laptop computer and just talk to him about whatever he wanted. There were some pregnant pauses and he just kind of looked at me like it was obvious he knew what was going on. Then I asked him what he wanted to talk to me about and he went on with what he had to say. But he has to know...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Outing #2

Last Thursday I had to help out with an awards ceremony for the program I tutor for for all the schools that have this program across the county. I was asked to go and just help out wherever I could. When I got there I found Mr. B, a teacher with whom I work with. We were standing at the door handing out programs. We were saying good evening to all the parents coming in.

One kid walks in who is HOT. He is latino, probably about 6', very tanned skin, black hair slicked to the front, wearing olive green pants, a cream colored shirt, and tie. He had a really hot, perfect ass. I was also looking at the kid because he had a nose ring. Not just a small nose piercing, but the one on the lower part of the nose that makes you look like a bull. NOT HOT AT ALL.

Mr. B I knew would have a comment on that because he is always stunned by things like that. I look over at Mr. B after I'm done staring at the kids ass after he passes. Mr. B is smiling, rolls his eyes, and he says "what some people find fashionable."

Then a few minutes later he is still smiling and says, "I saw you checking him out... Mike, you can't have him." I look at him, obviously surprised. Then I say "well, yeah, who doesn't want an ass like that... do you know how many people would be checking me out if I had an ass like that?"

That was surprising that Mr. B caught that, but it doesn't surprise me. Mr. B is very sensitive to the gay issue because everyone thinks he is gay. He has fabric on his walls in his classroom as opposed to construction paper, curtains on the windows that hew sewed. He calls everyone "honey, dear, sweetie, darling, etc." He just got married and divorced- short marriage. He is always cooking for everyone.

Oh well... good times there... I don't know if that necessarily outed me... but it was just a cool, surprising thing, and for all I know he could just be teasing and not suspect anything... it doesn't matter.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My favorite childhood book

I also loved Danny and the Dinosaur

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Learning D&D

The Guy called me he says 3 times on Saturday afternoon about 2p.m., then texted me because I didn't pick up my phone. I texted him back almost instantly. He asked why I didn't pick up the phone and asks if my mom took it. I laughed and told him no. I texted him telling him the more obvious answer was my phone didn't ring. He texts me and tells me how he had such a great time the night before, his birthday, and tells me what a great friend and how appreciative he is of me. About a minute later he calls. We talk for about 45 minutes about slow traffic, mall traffic, cars, and family. He decided since he was in Monterey Park when he called me Chinese food sounded good, so we needed to have Chinese food for dinner. I love how he assumes that I'm always free and that I'm coming over. He said for me to text him when I was hungry for dinner, then he would call it in, I could pick it up since it was on my way, and he could pay for it since I bought the birthday cake for him the night before.

I text him about 5p.m., he says for me to leave at 5:45 to pick it up. I get a text at 6 from him saying it was ordered. I said that's good because I was there. He said he didn't think I'd get there that soon, but I did because I was at the mall shopping over by his house. He said I could pick up some pretzels and chocolate from Longs, so I did.

I get over to his place with the food shortly after and he is on the phone with Zach. He chats for a few minutes and I go to the bathroom and wait around for us to break into the food. He ordered the shrimp dish that we had last time that was so good. The shrimp was cooked in an orange sauce and had a little tangy flavor to it.

We eat and watch "Law and Order." Afterword he asks if I'm ready to play D&D with him. I am and so I go out and grab my computer. We play for 3-4 hours and he kind of gets upset at me for not setting up my bars. I didn't really know how to play, but once he set up the bars I was good to go and he told me I did really well.

We played until 11p.m. or so when the KCOP MY13 News came on. Then we watched that, and 2 more episodes of "Law and Order." The Guy played around on his computer and then put the computer on the coffee table and just laid. His dog laid in between him and I like usual; and The Guy had a large accent pillow laying on the couch, which I laid up against and spread my legs out. He had his legs spread out too and he was playing with my crotch with his feet. At 1:10a.m. or so, The Guy asks if I'm tired and if we should go to bed. I said yes. I didn't think about it for a second, but I got my nose medicine out of the car, came back in, and laid down.

We cuddled in bed with the dog in between us. I was snuggling up to The Guy's arm, which was around his dog. He laughed and asked what I was doing. We fell asleep pretty quickly and we both slept without getting up or talking to each other until 6:45. We got up at 6:45a.m. and went into the office and looked around on his computer doing his daily rounds- visiting myspace, amazon, macrumors, and stuff like that. We then go into the living room and begin playing D&D. We play until 9:30 or so when my mom calls and asks if I'm coming home for Mother's Day. I said yes, I guess. I was planning on leaving The Guy's early, though I didn't want to.

We took my mom out to Sizzler for Mother's Day. It was between Yardhouse, Mexican food, or Sizzler and my mom chose Sizzler because she wanted lemon cake for dessert. It was actually really good. They had a brunch going on, the salad bar, and their steak lunch special. I got my mom a sapphire necklace with flowers. She has a set just like this with emeralds and rubies, which my dad bought her a year or so ago, and this piece is a lot alike, so I knew she would like it. The conversation at lunch was good- school, family life, my grandma, and a bunch of other important things that needed to be discussed. Lots of icky family stuff that needed to be discussed.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Birthday get together

I im'd The Guy about 9:30a.m. yesterday when he signed online to wish him Happy Birthday. I figured he'd spend the day with his best friend Zach, and I was right. I wasn't too worried, so I spent the day taking care of things I needed to do. With nothing to do Friday evening I called Gonzo and also washed my car. I even washed and cleaned the rims of my car well with a toothbrush. I got a text at 8:00p.m. saying that I should come over for some wine. I just happened to be walking past my bedroom when I heard the phone do that text messaging sound. I texted him back and said "sounds good."

I get a call at 8:30 from The Guy and Zach. They are leaving the Farmers Market after getting wine, but did not find the cheesecake they were looking for for The Guy's birthday. The Guy called asking me to stop by Ralphs for the Claim Jumper chocolate cake and Haagen Dazs vanilla bean ice cream. I stop and had trouble finding the ice cream, but manage.

I get to The Guy's place- Colton, Zach, and The Guy are there sipping on wine and eating cheese and crackers. Zach and I shake hands, he offers me some wine. My choices are red and white. The only person who drinks white is Colton and everyone there at this moment, as well as who shows up later makes fun of him for that.

We watch "Connie and Carla." Zach and The Guy really like the movie and can recite all the lines. I'd seen parts of it- I knew it was about drag queens who were really women. Colton asked the sort of duh question of the night, which everyone laughed at. "Are these drag queens?" Zach went back and forth from sitting on the couch next to me and sitting on the floor. The Guy talked about all of the times he has dressed in drag. He did it once he turned 18 and lived in SD, then the 3 or 4 years following. The Guy said he had to show the pictures, so he went into his bedroom and got his photo albums out. He showed us pictures of some of the guys he dated when he was younger, then came the drag pictures. We determined he looked like Margaret Thatcher.

About halfway through the movie Bear and Will show up- 2 of The Guy's friends. Zach and them talk while The Guy is putting the pictures away and they catch up in each other's lives. Colton and I mainly talk about Warcraft, which he has become addicted to and was all he could talk about all night. The Guy put on the Warcraft South Park episode for him in honor of that. It was hilarious. I have some good lines to use from that from now on when The Guy is spending too much time playing that.

Zach got packed up to leave because by now, it was 11:30. Bear, Will, and I shook hands. Zach and I hugged. I moved my car so Zach could get out. I had to go back in to get my cell phone which had fallen between the couch.

I see why The Guy likes Zach and me. Zach and I are a lot alike- we're fiscally responsible, the things we find funny, how we refuse to get sucked into those computer games, and things like that. Zach is going to be getting his BA this January.

Zach and I talk for a few minutes as I'm about ready to head back out. The Guy offers me some water to drink, so I do. Colton talks about how he needs to sober up before he can drive since he drank a whole bottle of wine. He goes and logs on to play Warcraft in the office. The Guy says he won't play, he'll watch. I hang around for a few minutes, but it was late, I was tired, and didn't want to watch Colton get clobbered in PVPing. The Guy lays down in the office on the floor. I tell him I'm going to take off and I come down, play around with him playing with his hands, waving goodbye, and things like that. I ask The Guy if I could have an Advil as I could feel an allergy attack/headache coming on. I get the Advil and take off. I am not sure how late Colton stayed and don't care- IT WAS LATE!

I had to stop and get gas on the way home, which I hate to do, especially at 1:00a.m. when it is late and who knows who is out there, but I wouldn't have made it home otherwise. I did get gas for $3.77 per gallon though as opposed to the $3.85 I could have paid over by The Guy's house. I went to a gas station that was well lit, in a big area where there were lots of people around so that did put my mind at ease somewhat.

Coming up the highway I live on I had a bad allergy attack. I'm climbing up the highway (there is about a 1,500 foot change in elevation) and I feel my ears pop, my eyes start to itch, and then the sneezing ensues. Thankfully I was just a few minutes from home. I laid down at 1:45, but it was after 3 before I fell asleep because I had a bad allergy headache. I slept great though, which is always welcome.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Things that annoy Mike

Large remote controls

Remotes are always getting lost around here. We went through about 6 last year probably. Where they go? I don't know. Well, my mom had a solution- a large remote control. Her claim was the big buttons are nice to be able to see easily. Also, it is easy to find. Easy to find, sure I'll give her that. But to hold? It is a 2 hand job.

Is this not the tackiest thing ever? I prefer the much smaller remotes, but I'm currently sitting at her couch with her remote, and it is annoying the hell out of me trying to punch in numbers and control the dang thing. I'm embarrassed to admit I'm using the thing.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Couldn't study

I was going crazy last night. I had a midterm that was 35% of my grade today and had no want, and couldn't sit down to focus and study. About 8:30p.m. it was getting late and I am usually in bed by 10:30, so the chances I was going to study were slim. I got a call from The Guy about this time and he asked what I was doing. I told him I was printing my Spanish essay. I had done everything I needed to around the house and so when he asked if I wanted to come over I said YES! I said I have a little studying to do though.

I get over to his place and am still feeling really distracted. We talk, he is playing Dungeons and Dragons on the computer. I sit and force myself to study. I get through my 8 page study guide once. The Guy talks about how he is hungry, stuff like that. He calls and orders Thai. The food comes about 10:00p.m. and we eat. Then The Guy asks if I've played D&D before. I said no. He told me it was probably because he said it was too hard. That was probably right. Anyways, he tells me to install it after I come over and sit next to him and see that it wasn't familiar. I install the game and forget to let it do all the updates. I switch back to Leopard and he is wondering why I did that. I said OOPS. I go back over to Windows. After 2 episodes of "Law and Order" and sitting on the couch waiting for my computer to install the updates, he said we should go lay down.

About 12:30, we go and lay in his bed and he talks and plays with his dog. He "boops," or pokes his dog in the nose and me in the forehead. We lay and make small talk about family stuff. After a few minute, the dog decides to sit on the opposite side of both of us instead of in between. The Guy and I cuddle, him holding me. Then he pulls down the cover and I know what he was wanting. I started sucking him. I do that for a few minutes and pull down my pants and jack myself off with spit. Being tightly cut, that doesn't work well. I suck on him, get down below him and put my face up and lick his balls, then suck on his dick some more. The Guy says I should jack him off and play with his foreskin like I did the other day. I do so and then he says for me to stick my tongue in his foreskin as I pull up and then move my tongue around on the inside. That felt so neat and the foreskin felt elastic like. Then he jacks both of us off and we both cum on our chests. We fall asleep about 12:30.

I wake up 5-6 times at least at night. We finally wake up at 6:30 and I'm thinking The Guy will get up, go to the bathroom, and go back to bed. Instead The Guy calls the dog to go for a run and The Guy gets his bike and takes off with the dog. I lay in bed for another 10 minutes until they come back. The Guy is disappointed they are only gone 10 minutes.

When The Guy gets back he asks if I want to play some D&D. I said ok. We play and I create a character, have to delete it after there was a bug with it, then start my new character. The Guy's friend Dan is playing with him along with one of their lesbian friends.

We play until 9:00a.m. when I said I needed to take off for school. The Guy fed me breakfast though first, eggs with goat cheese and turkey. There was more turkey than egg, which I like, not being a fan of eggs. I originally told The Guy I didn't want any. We fool around in the kitchen and he makes a smoothie, which I didn't want any of considering it was probably more acidic than the one the other day. I check online before I leave and I had an e-mail my teacher canceled class, so I stayed around for about 30 more minutes and studied. I was able to focus. The Guy and I gave each other a high-5 as I was leaving and I thanked him for letting me come over and get some studying done, even though it wasn't much.

I think the test went ok.

I didn't call my parents and tell them I was spending the night. For one, it was a school night and they were all in bed when we decided to lay down at 12:30a.m. I knew they would all be asleep. I kind of thought I'd spend the night, but wasn't sure; so I didn't tell my parents. I halfway expected to get a call from my parents between 5:30 and 6:30a.m. wondering where I was. To get out to their cars, you have to walk around mine, so I think they knew I was gone when they were leaving for work. I think on one hand they may have known since I was going out that late that I would stay the night. The only thing my dad said about it was "did you get everything straightened out and did your studying go well?" To which I replied yes, it went well.

This is also the first true school night where I spent the night at his house- usually if I do, I don't have to work on that day, but it went ok this time.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Catching up on homework

My phone started buzzing at 9:30 this morning telling me I had a text. The Guy said he needed help. I knew this meant one of 2 things- he was hungry, or he did need help. He was in luck, in that I was hungry also and wrote him back asking what he wanted. I said that he had a couple options- wait until after 11 for me to finish an essay, or me come over to his place and work on the essay.

He texted me a list and I went to the Farmers Market to get food for both of us- healthy (and tasteless) Kashi pizzas. I got brie and bread, power juice, and berries. $85 worth of stuff!!! I was a little shocked how I bought so little, and it cost so much.

When I got to his place, he met me at the car and helped me bring the stuff in. He put the stuff away and gave me $100 to cover it.

We had some brie and I sat down to my essay. It took me about an hour to write. He was watching some old movie for his class he is taking.

During the movie "An American Man in Paris," we have had brie and bread, as well as pizza breaks. The pizza was terrible and we should have just ordered out he concluded.

The last movie he watched he fell asleep during and called tech support for his dad's business since their network went down. He is also playing LOTR. Right now we're watching "Home From The Hill." As I was putting it in I was just standing up, looking around waiting for the DVD to load and he asks me if I'm going to throw up in reference to the other day when I threw up so quickly after his very berry acidic creation. I laughed and told him NOOOOO. He laughed. I'm not going to be able to live that down.

Edit: Random comments from us throughout the movie
The Guy says:
- "this is very homoerotic, I love it" in reference to the movie "Home From The Hill."
- Character says "anything wrong sonny?" - The Guy says accusingly, "yeah, something is wrong. All 3 of your dogs died. I hate to see dogs die in movies."
- "OMG Breakfast at Tiffany's!" Me: Ok... The Guy: Well, it is the guy from there. Me: Oh yeah... The Guy: Well, you knew that? Me: Not before you said it.

- "I love how your dog isn't phased by any of this" (in reference to the dogs in the movie squealing, crying, and dying.) The Guy says: "I know, thank god."
- "He is gay- he's worried about the hair, voice, and everything when asking a girl out..." "You're right about the homoerotic story being told."
- "She got knocked up." The Guy: "She did, that whore." Me: "Tell it to her like it is." The Guy: "That's what I do, you know it Nothing gets past me."

Later in the evening The Guy showed me his website he created for his dad. Then we watched a "Courtship for Eddie's Father" and throughout the movie I was laughing at the cute little kid. The Guy asked a couple times if I was crying. I said no, but pretty close and lead him to believe I was. The Guy borrowed my cell phone in the middle of the show and ordered our REAL veggie pizza. This thing was very edible- I had 5 pieces edible. The Guy insisted on installing LOTRO on my computer after trying to fix the internet on it. The Bootcamp software for my computer to run it in Windows instead of Mac OS had not been updated and was not letting me browse the internet. He went, found the necessary downloads, then waited for it to install. It never finished. I left The Guy's house at 10p.m., thanked him for the food, and took part of the real pizza for breakfast.

Naive mother

The other day my parents and I were house hunting with our realtor. Our realtor is a good friend of mine's dad and we've known him since I was in 1st grade. Anyways, one of the houses we toured had about a 10 foot long bar in the living room. The living room was HUGE. The realtor asked me if I approved since he knows my parents don't drink. I said that I did. My mom said something like that doesn't mean anything because Mike doesn't drink either. The realtor said he is sure if he were to ask me without her around he is sure the story would be different. He knows that his son is a good kid and is my age, and of course has has probably drank and experimented. My mom went on the defensive and said she knows I wouldn't because the doctor says I have a fast heart rate, which increases when you drink; and she knows I wouldn't put my health in jeopardy.

As JR said, my mom could have been trying to brag and make her son sound better; but really mother? HAHA

Saturday, May 3, 2008


I texted The Guy last night about 5:55p.m. because I had a funny story about our power being out. We had a 12 hour power outage at my house that began a little after 3p.m. yesterday. He texted me back at 6:55 saying I should come over, help him out. I texted back asking what and he said a website. The first thing that came to mind was his personal trainer's website.

Anyways, I get to his place about 7:45 and there are 2 guys there looking at his kitchen cabinets. They leave shortly after I arrive. The Guy goes back and immerses himself in his work. He is making icons for his dad's business' website. He is using Adobe Photoshop and chugging away. He surprises me because he is actually working, and working on a Friday night. He informs me he did this all day. The only time he stopped was when Louis came over. He's trying really hard to get his dad's website up and running by next week. The Guy asked me a couple times if I was bored and I said no. I was actually really interested in what he was doing because I should learn Photoshop. I'm not just saying that, but for my major it would be very helpful; so I was watching what he did.

He quit about 9:45 and asked me if I could help him. He said this is why he asked if I would come over. He was trying to do some editing on the website and needed 2 people to be doing the same thing at once or something. He changed his mind and we laid down on the couch and he started playing LOTR. We watched the end of "The Girls Next Door" and "Arrested Development." Ugh. It has been so nice to not see or hear about all those games. We lay until about 10p.m. and The Guy asks if I'm hungry. He is starving. I said I'm snacky. He asked if I wanted to go get him something. I said we can go get something. Operative word is WE.

After some resistance gave in and said I'd go get something. I asked what he wanted. He said In-N-Out. Then he also said Longs. I asked what he wanted and hinted I didn't want to drive all over tarnation. He finally decided on Del Taco. Del Taco was just a street away from Longs. As I leave, I'm standing at the door and The Guy is not convinced I'm going to go to Del Taco and Longs. I do go to Longs and Del Taco. I wait in the drive through at Del Taco for over 10 minute. I balance my checkbook and talk to Linda in the meantime who is going out to Casino Morongo for a night at their hotel. He calls me at 10:55 asking where I am. I said I was stuck in Del Taco's drive through forever and how I think only 1 person was working. I was just turning into his driveway at this time and so I didn't tell him where I was. I wanted to make it suspenseful. I walk in and he says "you really came back." I said yes. I asked if he had doubts. He said I was gone a long time and could have gone back home just saying screw it. I told him how I could have told him where I was, but didn't want to because I was going to surprise him. We eat and watch an episode of "Law and Order." The Guy is under the covers and I am too sitting on the couch. We're both yawning. He asked about 12:15a.m. if I were going to stay the night. I asked if he had to work and if he minded. Both were NOs.

The Guy got the pretzels and chocolate from Longs and went in to the bedroom. He asked for his book, propped his pillows up to put them under his stomach and laid where I usually sleep on the right side of the bed. I laid on the left with his dog in between us. The Guy probably read until 1a.m. I fell asleep rather quickly and woke up 3-4 times. The Guy wakes up at 5a.m. to go to the bathroom, talk to me, and turn out the lights in the kitchen since they were left on. At 6:15a.m. he wakes up and I knew it wasn't much later than 6, so I laid in bed instead of getting up like he does. He talks to me though about how the Del Taco did a number on his stomach and he was farting alot because of it. He goes into the office to get on the computer and I lay in the bed and sleep until 7. I wake up at 7 and consider going back to bed several times. I don't do well on 5-6 hours of sleep- especially when it has been like this all week.

When I get up at 7 The Guy is working on the design of his dad's actual website and working on the HTML. I sit with him for 2 1/2 hours while he does that and I learn some interesting stuff. I hug him and thank him for letting me stay the night and everything else.

I had to leave at 9:30 to get home, shower, and go to Jenn's party. Jenn is a girl I've mentioned several times on here before. I want to come out to her and she's the one whose mom I'm sure will find out. The party was at the Old Spaghetti Factory and was fun. There was lots of dancing. One of Jenn's gay friends was there and we were totally flirting with each other. He was telling me things like "I know Jenn didn't give you a kiss for your gift, only a hug; but I'd have given you a kiss." I told him I'd take him up on that and that he could give me a kiss instead. Never did get the kiss. He was a larger, latino guy, who was 21. I know I've seen before; and I know how I know him; he works at Macys. We also danced together. I was a little hesitant about dancing just because I didn't want to; he came over to my chair and said he was taking my hand and we'd dance. I walked out there first we danced with Jenn's mom since she asked. Then the guy and I danced to "Reach Out, I'll Be There" by the Four Tops. He complemented me on my moves. I said something to the effect of that was fun and I enjoyed it. Then he told me to stop by Macys sometimes since I love Macys and he'll hook me up with his 15% employee discount.

Also learned to line dance to "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" and do the electric slide. Who knew Jenn liked line dancing so much also? If she were closer, we'd certainly be going over to the club where they play country music.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sitting close

The Guy im’d me about 5:30 asking how my new internet was. I told him it was alright except for the router. The Apple Airport Extreme he gave me was not working and he said that it was an easy fix. I called him up and he tried to walk me through it. He determined SBC still uses PPPOE technology, so it wasn’t going to work. Same dang problem as Earthlink. Oh well.

The Guy said I needed to come over because he made a delicious chicken and pasta. I drove over to his place and he was walking out of the kitchen as I was walking in. Yes, I just walk in his house. I don’t knock. He turned around, got me a plate, and began dishing chicken pasta onto my plate. Then he warmed it up in the microwave since he had already eaten. He asked me how it was and I said delicious. It was- tons of melted cheese… YUMMY.

We go over to the couch in the living room and watch “Law and Order.” We sit next to each other, our legs on the coffee table. We never sit this close. I eat, he asks about my day. I tell him about my pop quiz. Each answer had to be at least a page. Then he said that was an essay test, not a quiz. Haha. Then he tells me he rode his bike with the dog and went to the gym on his bike. I asked how that was because I was thinking his dog might not be too keen on the idea and not do it. His dog though, has the energy and did. The Guy wanted to show me. Before I’m even done eating (I had 3-4 bites to go), The Guy is getting his bike and taking his dog outside to show me. He gets on the bike and starts riding away. I figured he’d ride to the end of the driveway at his condo, but he keeps going so I run after him. He and the dog go over by the park and then go through some of the residential streets since the park was crowded because of a soccer game. He comes back and is concerned his dog is limping. He looks at his dogs leg, but determines everything is ok.

We go in the office and look at random things on the internet. The computer he just sent to Circuit City to be repaired has been repaired and is now back. The Guy called his bank because of some random charges like for 5 different .mac accounts. We talked about how AT&T WIFI is now available on the iPhone. The Guy Then we go into the living room to watch some “Law and Order.”

The Guy and I again sat very close to each other and soon he laid back with his legs on me. He pushed my head down and he said something to the affect of I like to play with his dick. Then he asked why don’t I get down there and suck on it. I did and he was enjoying it- moaning etc. I took my dick out and brought my legs up on the couch. I started jacking my dick and moved around in various positions sucking his. The Guy had his legs resting around my shoulders, which felt incredibly hot. The Guy said I could do whatever I wanted. The Guy asked me if I wanted to go into the bedroom, lube up, condoms etc. I said yes. He told me to put one on too.

I go in, undress, close the bedroom door; The Guy puts the dog in the kennel. I lay on the bed and The Guy comes in, grabs more lube out, lubes his dick up, and then lays down on me and tells me to stick my ass up in the air. I do and we go at it for a while. Then he tells me to flip over and suddenly I see his dick moving up in my face and I think he wants me to suck it. No, he is moving up, sliding back, and resting on my dick. He starts moving up and down and getting used to having my dick in him. Then he tells me to fuck him and I do. I feel myself coming close to creaming and I tell him. We slow down the pace and he pulls my head up and I suck his nipples. Then he picks right back up the speed and I cream in a few seconds. Then I go back to sucking him, he fucks me some more, and then I suck him again. Then he jacks himself off and I lay my head on his stomach. We hop in the shower and clean up real quickly.

Afterward we go into the office and read We see there is a new comparison of lightweight computers- a Lenovo and Fujitsu to see how they stack up against the Macbook Air. They don’t we decide because of the screen, the bulky features, and things like that. We must have talked about that for an hour or so.

Then at 10:10 I leave. We hug and I thank him for everything.