Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The sign does not lie

I have blogged over and over about my displeasure with Kaiser. I was so tired of the 30+ minute wait sometimes to get my allergy shot. I was tired of the downright rude nurses. I was tired of everything. I decided to file a complaint dealing with several of the issues. Poor customer service drives me crazy like no other.

I emailed the member's services department about 3 weeks ago. Within 24 hours I received a phone call from a pleasant woman who was sympathetic to my issue. She told me that she would forward the complaint to the head of the department and the nurse's supervisor. I said great. In the meantime I contacted the nurse's supervisor who told me this was not her issue and didn't know why I was emailing her. I forwarded that to member's services, and what was so lovely about it was that she did this on the Kaiser email system.

I receive a letter stating one of my claims- my objection to their wait time was rejected. They are still investigating the poor customer service complaint.

When i get to Kaiser tonight I check in and am helped within 4 minutes. I timed it. With this new system they have in place to get your shots that doesn't happen. I was pleasantly surprised. I think I made the nurse's supervisor mad last time that she told them to take me immediately. When she gave me her cell phone number in her email a few weeks back I promptly put it in my phone. I decided to call the woman the last time I got my shot and it was a 21 minute wait to get my shot with only 2 people ahead of me- both my mom and sister. I said that was unacceptable even by the calculations she gave me that they should be able to help 4 people every 20 minutes. I decided I would keep her number handy and just use it to inform her about my dissatisfaction anytime I'm sitting in the waiting room and the wait is over what she says it should be. I've had issues before with Kaiser and know persistence pays off. I am all about customer service and treating customers right- they haven't been. That pisses me off more than anything.

But back to tonight. I was helped within 4 minutes. Right after I received my shot the door to the other side of the clinic opened and the doctor, as well as the nurse's supervisor were there calling my name. I pretended to ignore them, then turned around. Both of them said they needed to talk to me privately. They told me how they were tired of my complaints because now they have a bad service record to deal with, but also their policies for things such as the wait for shots and the wait after your allergy shot had never changed. I told them both that I found it very unprofessional they cornered me so to speak like this and I would be contacting Kaiser further about this. Secondly, I could even prove to them about the wait time after the shot. I walked out of the doctor's office and picked up the damn sign which said only a 15 minute wait. She tried to tell me that was a mistake and it has always been a 30 minute wait. I said the sign does not lie. I repeated the sign does not lie. I told her that I have received the shots for 15 years and only in the past 2 years have you had to wait. She said that was not the case. I have a feeling the sign will be gone by next week. I said that my issue lied in that the nurses refuse to budge one bit if you come in 29 minutes after your shot and obviously now their signage is wrong. They will only see you 30-40 minutes after your shot. The greater issue was the wait time before and the wait time after- a weekly allergy shot can be a 2 hour trip. She said that I could leave after my shot, but I wouldn't get the full dose the next time. I am also taking my life into my own hands and I could die. I told her I'd take those risks. I'm daring.

I went back and waited in the waiting room. My mom was running late and so I actually had time to wait the 30 minutes today. When I went back to get my shot checked the nurses were extra friendly toward me. They know I complained, which is awkward, and I'm not really alright with the fact the nurse's supervisor and doctor told who filed the complaint- another issue I have. But I received a release form to not have to wait after allergy injections and my dosage would not be impacted.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hair teaser

Kind of random, but that's how I am. Here's a photo of me snapped tonight. The only reason this is of significance is because of what I have done to my hair. When I got a haircut 3 weeks back the lady had just finished bleaching someone else's hair before me and had a little bleach left over. She asked if I wanted to go back to blonde. I said NOT FULLY BLONDE, but a little bleach would be alright for highlights sake. My hair right now is a light to medium brown. Also, I still have to look professional and so bleaching was probably not the best thing, but highlights were fine. So I let her... and here's the results. I know bleaching is so 3-4 years ago, but I actually really like the change since it is temporary.

What do you guys think? Next time I may be more adventurous and go with dark and light highlights.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

In a crowded room I feel alone

I really don't know why, but I've had sort of a funky feeling day. I guess the best way to sum it up would be in a crowded room I still feel alone like I'm craving some interaction I'm just not getting. Spent the day out with the familia and went to Costco, Joann Fabrics for a Secret Santa gift, and Macys. Oh, and I submitted the 3rd major 40 page document I have to submit for my credential. Progress! 1 more 40 page write up based on the videotaped lesson. I do feel accomplished if anything...

Maybe I need to get out for a day con amigos... probably

Friday, November 26, 2010

Orlando Wrap Up

First of all, a huge thanks for a great guy who served as my driver, tour guide, and friend on my trip to Orlando. I absolutely loved all of the random facts and history that he had to share. I love little random facts/history.

I had a blast!!!

The weather was perfect, and better than what we were experiencing in California. We're talking about 80 near the day and 60 at night. It was pretty comfortable. I came home to 60 degrees and wind today.

I enjoyed the talking, shopping, hanging out, visiting Epcot, Universal City Walk, Downtown Disney, good food like some arroz con pollo, got to Experience my first Five Guys, a random bar for 90s night, and the friendship.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Toda la drama Thanksgiving Edición

I'm home safe and sound from Orlando. I had such a wonderful time! I will definitely debrief about Orlando and post some pics, but let's talk about Thanksgiving.

Dinner at my aunt's sister's daughter's house. One of those warped family relations... lol.

2 cousins, both sisters, were arguing nonstop as they were preparing dinner about where this was, how to arrange this, what to do with that, and it got pretty heated. Every sentence ended in the word bitch I'm pretty sure. 10 minutes later they were best friends.

As we sat down to dinner all was well.

After dinner another cousin, one of the cousins mentioned above's daughters ran into a tree with her mom's monster SUV and nearly took out another cousin's car. This girl just got her license 2 months ago and thought she could weave around parked cars. Thankfully I was smart and parked on the other side so my mom's new car was safe. There was just a ding to bumper of the SUV and the tree was a small pine that was a total loss. The pine tree had about a 3'' circumference trunk. Another cousin, a police officer, ran out after her, flagged her down, and took the keys away as she tried backing down the street because she thought it was safer than driving forwards. Her mom just screamed and said that she can get 1 break since she's only had her license 2 months.

Lots of drama over how to do Christmas. Traditionally there are about 30 of us and everyone gets a gift from everyone, so there was some controversy over whether to continue that with the economy. It was about half and half, lots of yelling. In the end we're going to try Secret Santa and see how that goes. Lots of ruffled feathers STILL. I got the hardest person to shop for, by the way, one of the boys who I may have a 3-4 line conversation with every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. My mom got the easiest person to buy for.

Oh, and my sister's Imaginary Boytoy's little cousin died. Sister got a call shortly after we finished eating and she ran out of the main room with her eyes filled of tears bawling. She was very defensive and bitchy the rest of the night. I never saw her take the call or anything. All I know is that everyone had to calm her mass hysterics. They did that for a few minutes and then just kind of let my sister be. Thank goodness. And you know what, it pissed me off more than anything. She doesn't shed a tear when anyone else dies/is hurt, and suddenly such a distant person, and the world is going to end? Please... Oh, and then about 30 minutes before we took off the boy was alive, suddenly living, yet had a reaction to something at dinner? Ok...

Oh, and I had the best time with my Cousin M, she was hilarious. After the sister and her boyfriend's cousin incident she said, "Mike, why doesn't your sister ever bring her boyfriend, she always talks about him, we need to meet him." I said, "I know, you guys should, in fact I should get to too." She laughed, and I said I call him the Imaginary Boytoy because she never goes out with him, she stays at home all the time. She laughed and told me how hilarious that was. I've only seen my sister and her boyfriend once...

But overall it was really fun sitting around talking. The crazy part is after each incident everything went back to being completely normal. Everyone was friends. Whatever had happened had been forgotten. There were 25 of us at the start of dinner, but then there were 34 people by a couple hours after dinner when random friends of the family trickle in who don't have family and stuff like that.

It was COLD here- 60 degrees for a change- but windy. The windy part I could have lived without, but it kept most of us indoors. It was really nice to just sit around and go from group to group chatting with everyone since it was too cold to go outside

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More news commentary

Dear Whitney Drolen and Elita Loresca,

First things first, I applaud you for both wearing suits and looking professional. My issue is your hair. Both of you, it is so flat and unflattering. Have you seen my dear Alysha on channel 7? She has style in her hair.



Dear Sean Murphy,

Please, those Dockers look tacky. And again, put on your damn suit jacket. Do you even own one?



Dear Ginger Chan,

I applaud your effort to try to be sexy while pregnant, but I'm not sure the bag look is working.



Dear Dave Malkoff,

What the hell are you wearing? How did a producer let you on air wearing that? And why did you have to find your way on channel 5? I cringed everytime I saw you trying too hard on KCBS, and now here you are on KTLA. Please, invest in a suit and tie, a haircut, and subdue yourself; you're uncomfortable to watch.


Dear Henry DiCarlo,

Babe, why didn't you take it all off? You had me going for a while... VERY HOT


Monday, November 22, 2010

Some student teaching thoughts

I've been pretty vague about my student teaching experiences. Honestly I could not ask for better experiences. The 3 teachers I've had are polar opposites. It has allowed me to grow and has allowed me freedom. I have had a blast- if only I were getting paid!

Here's some random things I've learned/realized/find amusing:
- The kids really like me
- I was worried about a balance between being hated and liked
- It is really exciting to see how the kids respond to me
- I love the power I hold
- I like building a good rapport with the teachers I'm working with
- I question whether I'm too strict/too easy with grades- still finding my balance
- I love the freedom that I have had in both of my student teaching positions. This current one allows me to go to lunch with my tutor friends like Darla and Eddy.
- I love that both of my teachers are very laid back
- I love that I have the male football coach and athletic, cheerleader type as master teachers
- One means business in his class and the other is very lovey dovey, we'll get through this together
- I enjoy being close to home in my current position.
- I like that I have actually had the opportunity to plan and bring in my own ideas in my current position.
- I had days where I felt very incompetent with Linda mainly because her thinking/planning was so different than other teachers. It altered my thinking, but allowed me to grow and see how she does it. I have some good ideas.
- Linda really taught me how to engage the students
- The kids genuinely seem to want to please me
- Linda also taught me to create activities that were hands on for the students
- Middle schoolers need to be controlled much more than high schoolers. I have to be controlling and dictating, which is taxing on me physically
- I can be much more relaxed with high schoolers, which I like
- I would not be as relaxed as my cheerleader master teacher, but I would be more relaxed than at middle school
- I tend to think I'll end up at a high school, but would be content at a middle school
- I hate grading
- I am thankful that both of my master teachers have been really cool about dividing up the grading
- I want a TA if I have high schoolers.
- I need my own class already, please.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


I hate simple grammar mistakes like this.

Direct TV, a large, national company should be embarrassed for allowing millions of their subscribers to see this.

There are 2 errors and both deal with capitalization.

What did your teacher teach you about proper names?

They always have to be capitalized!!!

Now that I have that out of my system I am off to Orlando for a few days of R and R. I know I'll be blogging while I'm there as I am never at a loss for "random thoughts" running through my mind, so check back while I'm gone.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Straight No Chaser

I remember hearing about Straight No Chaser a while back when their Christmas songs were big, and they sounded great. Never really followed them until I heard their version of Toto's "Africa" recently, and I'm really into them lately.

Here's some of my favorites...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Road jack off

Jack Off Buddy messaged me about 12:50 today asking if I wanted to meet up with him to jack off with him on the road tomorrow. Apparently he gets a thrill from jacking off for truckers and people like that. He messaged me about 7a.m. last Saturday asking I would accompany him to jack off and jack each other. I ignored his message. He messaged me again today and told me to meet him at a certain location tomorrow where he'd drive and we'd do that... umm................... he has a boyfriend.............

Thursday, November 18, 2010

TV News Thoughts

I like your new hire Sibila Vargas, the new morning anchor. Maybe an anchor shuffle? It couldn't hurt your ratings.

I still can't stand Alycia Lane and still think she is an awful anchor. I don't like Elita Lorezca or the traffic guy who won't put on his suit jacket. Robert Kovacik should be the male anchor in the morning.

Please promote Jim Castillo or Henry Dicarlo to nights fast. I'm tired of Vera Jimenez. Maybe she can go back to mornings and do traffic while Ginger is on maternity leave? Yes, Henry is now on 5 after being on KCBS.

Henry is a great hire. He interacts well with the morning crew and is humorous.

Please don't promote Leila Feinstein to 10p.m. anchor. Please find a new female anchor who is not all jugs. Why not promote Lynette Romero?

Keep up the good work.

See KCBS comments

What, oh what are you doing?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting lights

I finally got in touch with The Guy after a month or so of almost nothing. I figured something was up. I was supposed to hang out with him about a week after we last hung out (that was close to 1 1/2 months ago or so). Then I texted him that day and no response, so I didn't go over to his place. I called/texted to no avail. Most of my texts were ignored except when he was at the gym. I know what time he goes to the gym now and since I had 2 successful weeks in a row contacting him during those times I did the same this past Monday. I started texting him on Monday asking how he was, telling him what was up with me, and said we should chat on the phone. He called me as he was leaving the gym. He told me he was in a depression, was hanging out with Robert a little, and things like that- nothing really new. I told him about being very happy where I was student teaching and overall everything was going well. He was the one that suggested we hang out Tuesday or Wednesday. I said let's do Wednesday.

I texted him today to confirm. We met up at his place at 3. He was in building a database and showed me what he was doing/why he was doing it based on the needs of his dad's business. I love that he can just go build this stuff and has all the time in the world to. He spends a while showing me the tools he found to help him. Then he showed me a program he has where he can access and control anyone's PC in the office. He started to play tricks on his coworker by moving the mouse as he was trying to click on something.

About 4 we headed out. On the phone on Monday he told me about his latest quandary over what kind of pictures frames to get for his walls to put photos up. Today that quandary was forgotten and his biggest need was LED Christmas lights. He wanted to take his lights to Lowes since they said if you bring in an old strand you get $3 off a new one. We found he only had a pack of 150, and I was with him when he got that pack probably 2 years ago.

We head on over to Lowes and as we drive he is unusually quiet. It seemed like there was so much he wanted to say, but didn't. I make conversation by telling him about my student teaching, which was cool. He seemed to be interested and told me how Linda basically set me up for success by teaching me how to scaffold my lessons where it is more on me to design and carry out the lessons. Very true.

We go into Lowes and find the lights, which are right at the front. They are playing a lot of oldies songs on the speakers including Tony Orlando's "Knock 3 Times," which he starts to sing, and since I knew it started to sing along.

He decides he needs commercial strength lights, and only LCD will do. A 50 pack of the most expensive brand of LCD lights was about $24 he decided was expensive. Normal Christmas lights are $2-3, so that was expensive. He saw some industrial packs below for $39 for 200 lights that he decided was a better deal. It was. It didn't matter since he had $600 in Lowes gift cards to spend and was convinced we were going to. I had no doubt. We walk around looking at lights, look at the inflatable Christmas decorations, and decide on a grapevine dog with lights. After that we go to the lightbulb aisle. He is trying to lower his electric bills that are hundreds of dollars. He told me how he lowered his bill $100 by adjusting his thermostat to nearly 80 when he's not there. He said he wanted LCD lights for all of his lights. There were about 30 he had to replace he said. We look at the LCD flood lights for outside that were close to $40 a piece. We look at the LCD can light replacements that were about $25 a piece. Lowes didn't have many in stock. He got what he could. He buys a couple other LCD replacement can lights both at about $40 each. We get a staple gun for the lights to be hung, then head to the checkout. Close to $490. We did it. The latino guy at the checkout asked us if we wanted all of the items bagged. It seemed like a given. Who wants to carry 10 different lightbulbs from the car without a bag?

In the car we talk about music. He was listening to a dance station with an old 80s sounding song. I told him how I love XM in my mom's new car. She has it set to the 50s on 5 and 60s on 6. I was flipping around. I said that I told her there was other stuff on including the Christmas station. He didn't believe me and put Holly on his radio. Then we both howled "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" with Hall and Oates- it was an awesomely bad version that sounded like they were howling.

We get his dogs at the kennel. I walk out with one dog and he takes the husky. We put them in the car. The husky is funny- he now sits up against the window with his paw hanging up where the window button is. It was funny. I tell him about all I still have to submit to the state for teaching, about Ry, and going to Orlando. He seemed surprised I was going to Orlando.

We get back to his place and put all of the new lights in. They actually put out quite a bit of light it seemed. We were impressed. He realized he needed about 20 more lights, so we go in and search on amazon. He racks up a $600 shopping cart in no time, but deems it an investment.

The Guy tells me he wants to try chili for dinner, but doesn't have any chili sauce. He says he has ideas how to get around that. He chops a red and yellow onion, then starts browning them. He cuts up some carne asada while I go looking for beans. I round up a couple cans of pinto and kidney beans. The Guy tells me he is going to add some of the stir fry sauce for the zing that the chili needs. I have had it- we both use it on the Trader Joes pot stickers. I was ok with that. Then he said he was going to use the chicken tiki masala sauce also. I was unsure about that, but he had me taste it. I didn't admit it. It was good, though. We put the dog together while the beans and everything is marinading. We plug it in outside too and position it. He picks up all of his dog poop outside, he asks about my dogs, and we go back inside. We clean up and then eat. The chili was really good. We doused it in cheese. Delicious.

The Guy and I get our food and he is getting his pot ready. He got his medical marijuana card since he wants to be legal. He is using his vaporizer to vaporize it and get it ready to have a few hits before dinner. LOL. Um pot and chili? We both gather on the couch and watch "Law and Order," which was fun. We chat about Harry Potter and how we are glad there is going to be no Harry Potter 3D for part 1. About 8:30 he tells me he wants to get to work on his database and help his brother on his website. I say that's fine and run to the restroom before heading out.

I leave at 8:40 and get home at 9:20. I make good time. I notice as I'm leaving The Guy's that sometime between 3p.m. and 8p.m. KOST 103.5 has flipped to all Christmas carols. Whatever Cyndi Lauper Christmas song they were playing was not my cup of tea. I put my iPod out and rocked out to the following songs on the way home.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's all crap

We met at Kaiser for allergy shots like every Tuesday. We were in a quandary about where to eat. Here's how it went down:

Me: Where are we going to eat?
Mom: Carrows.
Me: I am not really tasting that or anything.
Mom: TGI Fridays.
Sis: No, we had that last week, that's nasty. (and this is one of her favorite restaurants)
Me: Jack in the Box because you get 2 free tacos with every order.
Sis: We don't want stinky tacos. I don't eat tacos, idiot.
Me: Olive Garden.
Sis: That's groadie. It is so disgusting. (This coming from the girl that loves Italian food)
Mom: I wasn't impressed the last time I went there since the food came to the table cold.
Sis: Panera
Mom: I want hot food, not a sandwich.
Sis: Sandwiches are healthy and I eat sandwiches everyday. I'm healthy. (After teaching my 9th graders about fallacies today all I could think about is what a fallacy that is. All of my 9th graders would be more than willing to show her up on that one. They did such a great job today.)
Mom: The steakhouse over by Best Buy.
Sis: That made me crap the last time we went there. It's crap. The food was rancid. They can't make chicken. It was rancid. It had pepper on it. It had spicy on it.
Me: I think it sounds good.
Mom: Arbys, Wendys, McDonalds, Wienerschnitzel, you're running out of options.
Sis: Arbys has crappy chicken. Wendy's has fingers in food and skunky chicken nuggets, you know I don't like hot dogs, and you know fast food isn't healthy.
Mom: Cocos, although I prefer Carrows.
Sis: I want a sandwich from there.
Mom: Cocos it is.

So that was part 1 of my evening with my craptacular sister.

Then dinner was all about my sister, how she works so much harder than everyone else, and how her life is so much harder since she thinks she is all that. She is editing some sports website, or something like that. Basically she put down my mom, dad, and I for teaching stupid little kids. She's going to teach college kids and she knows all that. She knows how to hold a discussion with kids, and I don't she decided at dinner as we were sharing stories about our day. I was observed today and I knew what my advisor was going to have an issue with. One was how I grouped my students to work. I did it in a very logical way and it worked for the purpose of the activity, but I knew he would provide suggestions/scold me for not doing it another way. It was no big deal. My teacher was aware of this ahead of time. Anyways, sister said that in college you don't have to do that, and only stupid little high schoolers and high school teachers have to do that. In college you just blurt out your answer. You don't do group work. UGH. Fuck her.

Oh, and then I come home to this crock shit of a message that she left on my bed. I have no clue who the fuck Trener is and what Crustidy is either. I almost think this was the important phone call I was expecting from school. And why the fuck would she leave me a message that Trener says I called? That's pointless. I've never heard anyone with that name. I've never heard of a place called Crustidy either. Does she read what she wrote? Is she dyslexic or something and transposes words/letters? Does this even make sense? She's fails basic secretarial and phone skills. Oh, and then Dumb Fuck doesn't remember who it was that called, only that she took a message and put it on my bed. Thanks.

You could have spared me. I would have been much better off not knowing Trener called. Although I'd probably be mad you didn't tell me someone called for me.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The shirts I bought

Here's the shirts I bought that reader fan of casey asked me about. I ordered them online from Calvin Klein and Buckle. All of them were half off. Only 1 of them is really out of the ordinary as to what I'd wear, but the main reason I bought them is that they were very reasonable ($20 or less for all CK shirts), and the Buckle shirts were more expensive, but I like them. They're all shirts I can wear to work, which is what I wanted more of. Some polos and buttondowns.

What do you guys think of the blue Buckle shirt? I like the design and style, my only issue is that the shirt is not sewn on the edges, so it is ragged at the bottom and along the collar. For a $50 shirt it seems tacky to me. I am thinking of returning it and buying one that is less ragged.

Sorry for the bag shots- I didn't want to take them out and get them dirty. They're for Christmas... technically I'm not supposed to see them yet... lol

Blue jeans, light blue buttondown, purple/pink buttondown, teal zip polo, and purple pullover pictured above

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What I'm reading online

Here's some stuff that has caught my attention over the past couple days I ran across.

China likes their wine - I'm surprised.

Now these chocolate milk recipes sound delicious. It'll surely warm you up with the vodka in it or tequila in it. These have been added to my to try list.

Discovered this while looking at Daughtry cover songs

Debunking the top/bottom issue. Interesting read, especially after recent discussions over sexuality and how people identify sexually with reader Fan of Casey.

I am on the Lindsay watch.

This airport eats guide was amusing. I had my first Sonic at the OKC airport. I have never been to Bravo in the PHX airport. I usually do the Wendys or that Mexican place in the Southwest terminal. I had some underwhelming Wolfgang Puck at Seattle's airport. And had I known about 5 Guys at the DC airport a few years ago I would have tried them. Since they are now in California I need to make a trip down to the OC to try 5 Guys. When I was down there a few weeks back I ate at a Chick-Fil-A just off the 55 and didn't realize the 5 Guys I kept seeing the OC Register's Fast Food Maven talk about was just off of the 55 at Katella. Boo. Fail.

This was a good read about Brad Paisley being everything that is wrong with country music.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fill Me In

I haven't heard this song in FOREVER until tonight on my iPhone. Good memories from 9th grade when we sang this on the bus.

I added this to my iPhone months ago and it just finally came up on shuffle today.

Whatever happened to him other than being a UK artist and his other song "7 Days" didn't get so much US airplay? His stuff doesn't sound so bad...

I hate how my iPod only seems to shuffle the same songs over and over. I know you can do genius mixes, but I haven't been impressed with those either. Come on iPod, you have 2500 songs to pick from.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

All schooldays should be like this

So glad to have the day off!

What did I do? I made the most out of it. Let's run down...

I had the best sausage and cheese biscuit for breakfast. My dad made those, and they pretty much rocked my world for the moment.

Did some tarea, that would be homework for you non-Spanish majors. I read the book. I shouldn't have read the book because I discovered class is for discussing the reading and I can always wing it. I am good at that.

I met my partner, Josh, for dinner. I gave him all of my textbooks for the class he is taking now, and for the past quarter. I told him I wouldn't charge him for the books, though he was insistent to pay me. I said let's just hang out and do dinner or something, and I'm cool, so he fed me. We went to Chevys Mexican. I had the flautas and enchilada platter. I was underwhelmed. The food was pretty good- it has improved- but it wasn't filling. Don't get me wrong- it was really tasty- just not filling. We talk about school, work, and family. I enjoyed it.

Went to school and behaved for a change. I have a professor whom you don't want to cross. I just found out I have her for the next 2 quarters for various classes so I need to behave. I am doing everything to the best of my abilities and actually trying.

Afterwards I got a text from Keith who was a little slow in responding to texting. He had been asking me for the longest time if I went to Palm Springs Pride. I didn't. I make some flirtatious comments unintentionally. I realize it is only 8:15 on a Thursday night and though I really don't want to go out, I don't have school in the morning, so I might as well take advantage of the situation. I text him and ask if he wants to meet for drinks after his bowling league. He does. We go to Yardhouse. I have 2 beers that weren't all that great. I was trying beers I never had before. I tried the Alaskan Ranger and the New Ranger IPB. I should have stuck with the Fat Tire. It is good, but I always drink it, so I was trying different ones. The Ranger was fruity. No bueno. We chat about lots. We chat about Jack Off Buddy's Boyfriend, school, the gay community, guys in the community, Palm Springs Pride, how I need to go out to Palm Springs more, how Palm Springs resorts are so nice, politics in the city, I bring up the topic of Carl since psychos came out- I still didn't feel comfortable bringing up restraining order psycho Mike, and work. Keith amused me. He tries too hard at times to joke and flirt with the waitresses. It was amusing. Afterwards we stand outside talking and it seemed like every guy was looking at us as we're 2 guys just standing close together talking with each other.

And now I'm home with 2 beers in me and feeling loud and on my way to being tipsy. I was putting the sheets I washed on the bed singing Me and Bobby McGee as well as Sorry by Buckcherry (an awesomely bad song) and talked to my parents about how my dad should join me in my masters classes and complete his masters as well. Great day overall. Woo!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ricky Martin

Sunday nights I typically flip the TV while laying in bed while I get tired. I always turn the TV off on KABC7 so that it is on Eyewitness News when I wake up. Good thinking, right? Well, Sunday night I couldn't sleep. I was hoping to fall asleep about 11:30, but didn't, so I kept what came on after the news on, which happened to be Oprah. During that show I fell in love with Ricky Martin again. It was worth falling asleep after 1a.m. to spend an hour of time listening to his story which really interested me. He was soooooo cute- minus the tattoos. I love me latino guys. His facial hair, his skin tone, his voice, and the fact he was so candid about his life was awesome. His confidence was sexy.

Did you guys see the performance he gave? He seemed so happy, and it was soooooo good!!!!

The live version he did on Oprah was sooo good! The iTunes version is great, but doesn't do it justice like the video.

And then of course la curiosidad en mi wondered if there was a Spanish versión y there was! Y aquí es.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sister's computer

My sister left her Macbook on the floor of the living room last night next to the couch. My mom got up this morning and walked into the living room, didn't see the computer, and stepped on my sister's computer. The screen is "distorting the image" whatever that means- I've yet to see the computer- just listened to what my sister had to say. I figure I'll remain distant rather than become emotionally invested in this. My sister cried, threw a fit, called my mom all sorts of not so kind names, and now is demanding my parents buy her a new computer. Um. No. And my dad said he would handle the computer and see about getting her one because she needs one. Excuse me? She has a desktop that she doesn't use. And shouldn't she have to pay when she is the one who should have known better than to leave her computer on the floor?

My sister is such a dumb bitch.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Action packed weekend

Having a busy week/weekend as usual.

School Thursday night. I also had a seminar that I had forgotten about and had to tell my teacher about. Oops. I had a blast at the seminar. It was as boring as all can be, but Beth kept Josh and I entertained.

Got a text while I was at work from my cousin telling me the entire family was going to Disneyland after school and wanted to know if I wanted to go. I didn't text back right away because I had a million things to do. I was leaving work early so I spent my lunch time eating and planning/writing out the Powerpoints for next week, as well as the lesson plans for the next 2 weeks. I had to go get fingerprinted to be eligible to sub when my master teacher is out. I later found out I had to get a drug test also, so I didn't know when I'd get there. I didn't have other plans, so once I was done at 3:30p.m. I hightailed it down to Disney.

I get to Disney at 3:30 just as my oldest cousin and 12 year old cousin, aunt, and cousin's wife were crossing over from California Adventure into Disneyland. We meet, hug, and then head in. We go to Pirates of the Caribbean, then Indiana Jones, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Snow White, Tea Cups, Matterhorn all in the course of about 2 1/2 hours. The longest line was about 25 minutes. That was so atypical of a Disney trip. After Matterhorn we do dinner at the Plaza Inn where my aunt bought for everyone, and I had a not so great prime rib slice. We head over to California Adventure for Tower of Terror. The line was soooooooooooooooo long for that- we waited 65 minutes, but passed our time talking about Miley Cyrus, The Pussycat Dolls, awards shows my cousin has done makeup for, she showed us the trailer for the new movie she did the makeup for, and talked Miley Cyrus' diva little sister. We also rocked out to 1-2-3 by Britney Spears, which my cousin played on her iPhone.

My cousins were able to snag tickets for the World of Color. All I can say is that we had awesome seats- in the blue section kind of in the back, but a direct middle view to the river where we could see the show. And it was waaaaaaaaaaaay better than Fantasmic anyday. Fantasmic is so 1990s. LOL. Seriously, the lights reflecting on and in the water, the cool water patterns, and the images projected on the water were much cooler than anything in Fantasmic. After this we head to the lockers and then shop in the World of Disney. We take off about 11:00pm and I get home about midnight.

Ran around with my mom to the mall in our city and the next city over. I found a lot of cool shirts I wanted from Express. I also showed her some shirts on my iPhone from Buckle that I wanted. She said yes. We walked around and did some Christmas shopping. I came home and made a bought the shirts that I wanted. Yay for new clothes! Chatted with Ry on AIM while I was out. Something is still up with him.

I met Linda, her husband, and Mel for a hockey game tonight in a suite. Linda got the hookup from the casino. It was awesome. Lots of shrimp, pizza, pulled pork, chips, cookies, and brownies. I came hungry and left happy. The game was alright. The Ontario Reign would have done better had their goalie actually guarded the goal. He was in the middle of the court once, behind the goal another, and not even in the game another time. Ontario lost 2 to 5. The Alaska Aces won.

I noticed as we were leaving the game about 10:10p.m. I had such a headache. It was one of the pounding headaches that is in the back of my head that I've had soooooooo many times over the past year. This one came on as we walked outside of the arena. I popped 2 Tylenol in the car since I didn't have any headache medicine. I get about halfway home and the headache becomes almost unbearable. I think about calling The Guy and wonder if he would actually pick up. I think about calling Jack Off Buddy, and was almost sure he'd be willing to drive me home/to his house where I could crash and sleep off the headache. I think about calling Keith or Gonzo. My parents and sister were not home as they were at some function my sister had with school, otherwise I would have called them. I asked myself several times if I could make it home safely and not endanger myself or others. I thought I could so I continued driving. I knew it wouldn't have been too big of an issue to call someone, but I felt bad. I was miserable by the time I got home. My head was still pounding in back and on top. I was feeling hot and cold. I had to get out to get the gate and nearly fell over when I got out of the car. I get in the driveway finally and I close the gate as quick as I can. I make my way up to the lounger where I lay and get licked to death by the dogs. I come in after a few minutes and collapse on the couch. Woke up fine and slept my headache off. Yay!

Today I'm doing some schoolwork, work for my classes tomorrow, and grocery shopping. Going to make pasta or something for lunch.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

1000th post

According to my blog post counter. For those of you who have been along for this ride you'll have to remember that I had an old blog before I nearly outed myself/worried about a comment I made on my cousin's blog. Ooops.

So I decided to do a light, fun post. Here's some random facts about me...

1. I like to cross my toes in my shoes.
2. I am told my writing looks like a woman's.
3. I like rocking bright colored shirts from Express.
4. If I weren't a teacher I'd be a television meteorologist, traffic reporter, or entertainment reporter.
5. I'm my biggest critic when it comes to weight. I look down at myself and all I see is fat.
6. Some of the sites I must visit daily include:
- Facebook
- blogger.com
- Just Jared
- www.boxer-or-briefs.com
- Fast Food Maven
- GM Inside News
7. I love trying new foods. On my list of things to try include: banh mi, pho, y nopales.
8. I really want to try making more Mexican food. I tend to have the mindset, "why should I make my own when I live around some of the best Mexican food?" I did make some carne asada last year that was alright, but it could have used more tenderizer on it.
9. The most listened to songs in my iTunes include:
- The Greatest Man I Never Knew- Reba

- You Had Me From Hello- Bon Jovi

- S.O.S. - Jordin Sparks

- Little Wood Guitar- Sugarland

- Pas de Cheval- Panic! At the Disco

- Every Once in a While- Blackhawk
- Rompe - Daddy Yankee

These are songs I NEVER get tired of.
10. Some things on my bucket list include:
- Learn to play guitar
- Become good at line dancing
- Bungee jump - even if it is only at a fair
- Go to Spain, Barcelona especificamente
11. I often hispanicize words, even though I'm pretty guero (white boy). I say things like I want to go to Arisona y I'd like un Esprite to drink. My hispanicizing is done without thinking and realizing it.
12. I was in an elevator the other day with a Mexican guy. He spoke English on the phone until I got in the elevator, then changed to Espanol. I still understood him.
13. "Quieres monkear?" sounds really dirty when you say it to your English speaking friends. It means do you want to hang out?
14. I have the hardest time of matching clothes. I swear, some days nothing matches with blue jeans.
15. The most doable actors right now include:
- George Clooney
- Nick Lachey- did you know he's engaged to Vanessa Milano?
- James Denton
- Tay Lautner
- Ben Affleck
- Matt Damon
- Jesse Metcalfe
16. I can never understand what they're saying in this song. I know they are encouraging me to do the "Walk of Life," pero I don't know much more. They want me to do a song about loving a woman, and doing a song about something else, something about violence, and then doing the walk of life. Sounds complicated.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Political Party

Keith invited me to accompany with him to the Democratic party for the candidates in my district. It was the who's who among the Democratic party in my area. I was surprised how many people I could identify. Many of the people there were professors from my college where I got my BA. I saw my sexuality professor, a few political science professors, a history professor, and several others that I just know by face. It was a lot of standing around talking, mingling with various groups. I mainly hung around Keith as he met various people. Keith has political aspirations and so he is going to these things to shop around/meet people. I met several people who it was cool to meet just to get my name out there. I met several gay guys whom I had seen online at various gay oriented websites. All of the Democratic candidates are losing as of 11:58p.m. The main guy the party was for, the one competing for the House seat is losing by nearly 20,000 votes. No surprise. The guy was very friendly and energizing, though. I shook his hand and he asked me what I did and thanked me for my service. It was a cool experience just to meet the important faces in politics.

And as I was just about to shut off the TV at 12:03a.m. I discovered some footage ABC 7 shot at the party I attended. My face appeared on the footage 3 times. Once I'm talking to someone- probably Keith- but his face is hidden. Then my back is turned another time to the camera. Then the final time I am walking through the hallway alone- probably when I was coming back from the restroom. Yay. I wish I'd have known. Maybe I should have flipped KCBS and KNBC on to see if they were at the party.

Monday, November 1, 2010

1 day before election day

1 day before election day and after nearly 18 months of campaign ads I have figured out why I don't like Meg Whitman. She looks too much like my Aunt in Nor Cal. :-\ My Aunt in Nor Cal's hair is just more wavy. And personally I'd like to think that my family has better genes than Whitman.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of Whitman I just don't connect with her. I don't think she represents the true Californian. She says that she's just like us, came to California to live the California dream. But is she really? Where's her botox, boob job, and facelift? That makes a true Californian!