Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cruise to Ensenada

Short, in Mike-terms, but still a good trip wrap up

Had a great cruise to Ensenada on the Carnival Paradise
- Text Mike about 9 and meet at 10
- Drive to Long Beach
- Tour Queen Mary... so overrated and not worth $32
- Board ship at 3
- Ship sails at 3:30
- Tour ship, find room - our room is on the 5th floor at the back about 5 rooms from the aft of the boat
- Get drink #1 at the pool, a Corona
- Safety drill
- Tour ship more, go to liquor tasting with free samples of liquor... Mike finds some Irish cream drink to buy and I just taste the Absolut vodkas
- Watch boat as we sail out of the Port of LB
- Martini tasting where we sample 4 martinis
- Dinner where we met our tablemates for the week Airic and Debby
- Waiter was Sandi from Bali
- Dinner was so so
- Mike was VERY social
- After dinner we freshened up for Friends of Dorothy and he told me about how he never knew what it was until he looked it up
- Lots of Disney guys... about 10 at the bar, plus 1 very social guy that came over to invite Mike and initiate us to the group
- It was so cool to say that we were a couple... he thought I was having a hard time, but I wasn't... I have a boyfriend
- Met a nice female friend of one of the gay guys, she called everyone honey, she was a latina girl from the Bay Area
- Went over to Rex, the nightclub where I danced with the girl
- Bed about 1
- Played around some

- Catalina - captain came on at 7:30
- Room service breakfast with toast, fruit medley, apple juice
- Walked around Catalina, ran into the girl and her friend, got a German beer at the place my cousin recommended, walked around more
- Back to ship where we laid out and I listened to music while reading on my iPhone... so fun!
- Office manager called me to sub while we were laying out
- Mike got 2 buckets of beers... we split it between ourselves... 4 a piece
- Sat at main bar and got another drink of day we went in and changed
- Dinner- Airic and Debby weren't there
- Awful comedy show with a guy that offended Mike because he played the race and sexuality issues up and then said to not get mad at him because he is not homophobic when he sounded like he was
- Went to Rex again and I danced Cupid's Shuffle... Mike didn't want to get out and dance... boo... I asked... but I had fun showing him I wasn't scared... LOL
The cupid's shuffle is a basic 32 count... I can do it

- Bed about 12:30
- Played around some

- Ensenada
- Horseback riding
- Got a nice tour on the bus ride up from the worker on the ranch
- Mike and I were at the back as our horses were a little obnoxious... mine was mostly good, but his was slow and the woman made fun of him
- Went to Ensenada and walked around, had carnitas, walked through a few stores, used my Spanish en el restaurante
- Would have been cool to walk around a little more or do a tour, but I enjoyed what we saw and the experience... I'm sure I will visit again... Mike even talked about doing a drive down
- Back at ship we read in the main area
- Dinner
- Watched Game of Love... newlyweds, 25 year married, and 50 year married battle it out... 25 year marrieds knew most

- Day at Sea!
- Up about 9ish
- Breakfast in buffet
- Thought about laying out, but I was too burned and it was too cold
- Walked around to different things like hairy chest contest, battle of sexes
- Read some more
- BINGO! 5 games, punchcard
- The gal in front of us won the first game and then I got bingo in the 5th game. I was 3 numbers behind when there were people only 1 away. I got lucky on the final game. It was a bingo the hardway where I had my bottom line. The last 3 numbers I needed were called in a row. I had the "B" and "I," and needed the N-G-O. I called BINGO shaking my card in the air. I won $100. The gal who got bingo first called it and the attendant said she could have called it a while back... boo... but if she had I wouldn't have got the $100, which was taken off of my ship tab for all my drinks. Splitting $200 isn't bad
- Farewell party with free alcohol... Mike downed 5 glasses of white wine and I had 5 whiskey sours... he was buzzing... I went up on stage to dance the electric slide and got him to go with me
- After farewell party he decided we should go to the bar and he ordered me an amaretto sour and then decided he should learn to smoke a cigar... Mr. Anti-Smoking... he walked over and asked the girls sitting in the bar smoking if they would teach him to smoke, but they were smoking cigarettes... love his bursts of outgoingness
- Back to room where he hid in the closet to try and scare me as i was coming out of the bathroom... he did that a few times on this trip and I screamed... Lots of fun
- On the bed we wrestled and tickled each other
- Walked around each deck of the cruise ship so he could walk off the alcohol... he was trailing behind
- Dinner
- Mike was talking nonstop at dinner... I got a few lines in... Airic and Debby swapped phone numbers with Mike. Mike basically told them we were gay and hinted around it... they were the type to pray around dinner. He told them we were going to go to the comedy show, then Friends of Dorothy, and then dance. They were down with that.
- Comedy show... it was ok... Airic bought us a round of drinks
- Went to Rex Dance Club where Debby and I danced to Just Dance by Lady Gaga
- Asked AIric if he knew about "Teach Me How to Dougie" and how dirty the song was
- Mike heard J-Lo's "On the Floor" and had to get out there...he danced... it was so cute!

- Few more dances, then Mike, Debby, and i all got out there and danced

- Left club at 1:30
- Fell asleep to the Royal Wedding... got as far as Kate getting in the car?

- Up at 9 or so to get ready to pack, shower, major skin exfoliation for me
- Ran into Airic and Debby as they yelled my name in the debarkation of ship
- Mike paid for the parking and I treated him to lunch at Fridays
- At Mike's we relaxed and fell asleep on couch to Idol
- Watched it twice since we both missed the singing episode
- Left about 7:30 to come home
- Told my parents about trip and showed them pics... yes... showed them pics of Mike... they didn't say anything... I think my mom knows we are dating... and if she does, good!
- Sis was a bitch telling me how I'm a Stupid Idiot for not using suntan, which is not the truth
- Sis has been a bitch all week from what I understand... she has some "issues" right now
- Heard about my parent's week... I got some tix really cheap for a Cirque Du Soleil show that I sent them to... they had a WONDERFUL time and thanked me profusely
- Burned photos of trip for Mike
- Home and bed at 1:15am Saturday

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things I'd like to do/want

In no particular order... just things that would be cool to do... kind of daydreaming... a friend sent me this site with unusual gifts and it got me thinking...

1. Take cooking classes
2. Learn to make sushi
3. Drive a race car
4. Get my pilots license
5. Drive/race an exotic car
6. Go to New York again
7. Visit Chicago FINALLY
8. Take bartending classes
9. Go to Spain
10. Go to the mountains in the winter and rent a cabin
11. Personalized shot glasses

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10 Essentials

Ty in SD inspired me to create this list of 10 essentials in my everyday life.

1. My iPhone.
I use my phone for everything- to call, text, restaurant reviews, surf the web, email, translate random Spanish, stay connected to the latest news and entertainment, listen to the music, and watch videos on Netflix. My iPhone just makes everything so easy!

2. My keys
I love to drive and travel. I love to explore new places. My car keys allow me the freedom to go where I want, when I want, and see what I want.

3. Shoes
With over 30+ pair one can say that shoes are a big part of my life. I have lots of colors and a pair to match everything I wear. If I don't have a match to clothes that is permission for me to buy a new pair. I like shoes that are a little whimsical and ones many wouldn't wear because they're unusual looking.

Shoes I purchased at Nordstrom Rack this weekend for $24

4. The Mikebook Pro
My laptop. I do schoolwork and homework from it, manage my finances, pay bills, stay up to date on friends with the internet and email. It is with me everywhere I go, in the car, at work, on my bed, on my couch.

5. My calendar
I have to be organized. I like knowing I have a purpose or task to complete each day. I don't like to miss events. I excel at time management- who else has time to go out as much as I do?

6. A job
It gives me joy and a little money to buy things. It challenges me at times and frustrates me too.

7. Music
Country, oldies, pop, rock and roll- I like it all. I have 2,549 songs on my iPod this morning and easily know of 100 or so more I could use on my Ipod.
7 songs to celebrate music being my #7

8. Pullovers and sweater pullovers are my new essential... preppy and classy. I have a red and black pullover. I would like a nicer black one than the one I have. I have beige and blue pullover sweaters from Banana Republic similar to these. These match so much of my clothes and help me to switch up what I wear. Layering is definitely in. I would love to have a brown one...

So tempted to get the Nordstrom Debit Card.

9. Ole Henriksen Nurture Me
I have EXTREMELY dry skin that is susceptible to flaking, itching, and burning. This stuff applied twice a day works miracles. It is the best thing I have discovered to date, and should be at $40 a pop.

10. NPR and other news websites
NPR often has stories typically not heard elsewhere, which gives me something to talk about with friends and colleagues. And it makes me sound smarter... lol. I like to talk about events, entertainment news, music, current events, and more.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Excerpts from the past few days:

Mom: Are you really going to wear the orange swimsuit?

Mom: I know you're going to pack suntan lotion.

Mom: Did you pack a toothbrush?

Mom: You know I have a travel list on the computer that I like to checkmark when I am going on a trip to make sure I have everything.

Mom: Are you going to bring your computer?

Mom: Are you going to bring your retainers?

Dad: I'm going to miss you this week.

Mom: Do you need a dress outfit for the cruise?

Mom: I like to be overprepared.

Mom: I just worry.

Mom, I have everything. Mom, don't worry. Mom, don't you think you're causing me more anxiety and worry than necessary? Mom, how many overnight trips have I had recently that were certainly good practice for this? Mom, my anxiety is already high!

Sunday, April 24, 2011



Dinner at my aunt's house 2 at the house on the golf course

Food: pina colada pineapple salad (soooooooo good), ham, barbecue pork, rolls, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, 7 layer bean dip, coconut pie, my dad's cheesecake, cupcakes, boysenberry pie

My cousin was an hour late with the ham, so we didn't eat til 3, but that gave us time to finish off the bean dip, which was soooooooo delicious... I filled up on that and didn't even eat any of the ham or pork

Lots of food, chit chat, food, chit chat, food, chit chat...

Only the littlest cousin was hunting for Easter eggs and the big kids each had 1 egg to find... I found an egg with a $50 Stater Brothers gift certificate... LOL

Lots of fun stuff...

Happy Rose Day - My religious cousin heard that in church - it is rose day because Jesus rose again from the dead on this day

She sang religious songs on the piano as everyone kind of smirked behind her back

My little cousin lied about going to church this morning... she looked like she had, but mommy didn't

My cousin, M, was showing off his new nipple piercings and the guys, his brother, myself, and P were all showing off our nipples to each other... LOL... a homoerotic moment

His brother, K, the one that I always see at Ralphs showed off his tattoo that his aunt decided looked like Charizard from Pokemon

Catching my cousin M and his girlfriend in the shower in the bathroom... awkward!

Lots of showing family photos, talking about my sister and my upcoming graduation

Left about 6

Showing him a little bit of me


- Subbed all grades of elementary PE

Funny moments from PE
- the 2nd graders were the best all cheering each other as they played soccer
- there was a 1st grader that came up to me and said "what's that?" as she rubbed the hair on my arm... um... awkward... I said it was hair and she told me her mommy didn't have that
- there was a 4th grader who was playing goalie and made the sign of the cross as he stood at the goal

- Got off at 3:00 and texted then called Mike, and finally texted his business line because I didn't want to drive home if I didn't have to
- He texted to come on over
- Get to his place and he is in the shower
- Tickle and wrestle each other once he is dressed in the living room
- Drove the convertible and talked about family, our week
- We head out to Palm Springs to try to see the movie "I Am," but it is not playing
- We stop at Marshalls
- Drive around looking for dinner... we think about Fishermans, but the line was super long. We were thinking of Dinks, but chose Rick's Desert Grill, which was supposed to be Cuban food and his boss recommended it. It was AWFUL. I don't like cinnamon flavored meat. I tried the picadillo. The plantains needed a dipping sauce. We concluded it was a place for old gays who don't have a sense of taste and like the bitter flavors
- Drove back to Mike's
- Stopped at Ralphs first where we got cheesecake, ran into my cousin, and looked through the Red Box
- Ate our Cheesecake at his place as we watched Idol
- Only got through first episode for the top 7 from Wednesday night
- Fell asleep on the couch

Of course we rocked Adele as we drove home


- Woke up and played around since I wasn't going to not... I was horny
- Went to Panera for breakfast and he asked me to take my computer to look at what to do in Catalina
- Just sat and talked about random stuff at Panera like church/Easter egg hunts
- He said he wanted to see my grandma's house since I talked about it
- Showed him around my city, where I live, my grandma's house... he was thinking it would be something more elaborate
- Showed him my old church that is now in foreclosure, various neighborhoods in my city, my high school
- Drove to Ontario and ended up at Ontario Mills
- Tried on shoes at the Nordstrom Rack and he bought some Nikes. I bought some blue suede shoes. Mike vetoed the woven Vans. Boo. I may go back and get them if they still have them the next time I'm there.
- Stopped at Lucille's at Victoria Gardens to get watered and fed
- Tried a barbecue chicken burger that was so-so
- Listened to KOLA 99.9 the entire day- we sang along to most of the songs- I noticed they are expanding their playlist again and some of the songs I didn't like
- Back at his place we watched some random shows on TV
- Watched Idol results... AND IT WAS TIME FOR STEFANO TO GO... HALEY IS NEXT... MARK MY WORDS. Mike is not a Scotty fan... I think Scotty could have done a better job this week
- Snacked on CPK pizza and wine
- Bed about 11

- Woke up at 8
- Mike was kissing and poking... he sucked me off
- Invited him to Easter with my family, but he didn't want to go
- Heading to my family's house in a bit... excited to see everyone... have cheesecake and cheesy rice ready to go

Friday, April 22, 2011

The week in review and the week ahead

My mom's administrative transfer was rescinded late this morning, but we know that it just means the administration will make her life hell over the next year to try to get rid of her. She's just covering her bases and lawyering up with a lawyer my uncle recommended.
I was supposed to meet the teacher I needed to interview for my masters thesis tonight, but Linda and her had to cancel, so it was just Mr. H, my mom, and I at dinner. I won't be able to meet next week and so it looks like it will be 2 weeks from now on Thursday at least before I can finish my masters. FML. Ok... I'll get over it.
I haven't really slept this week. I think I slept 4-5 hours Monday night, not much Tuesday night, and same for Wednesday. Nerves. Took an anxiety pill last night to hopefully help.
The new roof is on the house and looking great. Of course my mom realizes we need a new garage door and to paint the house. Good. The trim was also replaced on the house and our house went from looking like mid-50s to late 80s-90s with just changing the trim.
Haven't seen Mike this week. He got home late last night and I had planned to meet the teachers for dinner like I mentioned above. He wants to go to Palm Springs this weekend.
Easter with the relatives. Of course Mike is invited, but I don't think he'll do it since he doesn't like big groups and there will be 30+ at the gathering.
My sister's dog dug out of the yard where she was locked away with her sister while the roofers were here a total of 5 times on Tuesday. I was home because I didn't get called to sub. Ran and scolded her each time. Finally put her on the chain. My dad told my mom Tuesday night he was going to pay me to stay home Wednesday and Thursday to dog sit. I didn't mind. I could get used to staying home to dog sit. Sub pay and no taxes- why not?
While at home this week I've been busy because we know I can't sit still for 5 minutes. I cleaned out the garage shelves, boxed up old paint to be taken to be disposed of, weed wacked, and washed my car.
Got caught up on daytime TV too. Watched The Talk, Barefoot Contessa, Rachael Ray, and realized The Price is Right is unwatchable.
Baked red velvet cupcakes for school Monday night. I had to outdo everyone. Lots of talk on facebook about that and getting picked on in class. LOL. I got the girl back that was picking on me good.
So sick of this commercial after seeing it all over daytime TV

Eeeew... and she has a name... this video popped up after I found the Tostitos commercial. This girl is hella annoying.

Wondered why all these 80s songs are suddenly being infiltrated into commercials?
You have Kim Wilde's "Kids in America" in the above commercial, "Keep on Loving You" from REO Speedwagon in that Swiffer commercial, and Heart's song "Alone" in another. Leave the 80s songs alone.
Lady Antebellum's song "Need You Now" has been recognized as the most downloaded country song of all time. Woo! I can't tell you how many times I find myself singing "it's a quarter after one I'm a little drunk and I need you now..."

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not this. Again.

This. All over again. Yesterday. At least this time it was done through email and I wasn't involved this time? Let's just say it isn't going to be a pleasant next couple of days/weeks/months for my mom and several teachers.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

At this hour what I really needed was sleep

Not a tri tip in the bath!

Not sure who this dud was that wrote this and sent it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I knew 1043 MYFM was badly programmed

MYFM is the adult contemporary/hits station in Los Angeles, California. They used to play 80s, 90s, and today. They had features such as Disco Saturday Night and your Noontime Disco Workout. They have since reworked the playlist and are the 90s through now station. Still, you will catch some 80s on there, some 90s, but not a lot of variety.

There are message board posts online, there are comparable MYFM stations that Clear Channel, the company that owns MYFM has, that have a better selection:

Take a look at what I listened to this week thanks to IHEART RADIO on my iPhone.

KG95 in Sioux City, Iowa

Rolling in the Deep - Adele
Hidden Away - Josh Groban
Animal - Neon Trees
Jar of Hearts- Christina Perri
Perfect - Pink
September - Daughtry
What Do You Got - Bon Jovi
Which songs I haven't heard on MYFM - the Josh Groban and BonJovi song

MY 925 in Sacramento, Ca
* This is a station MYFM DJ Valentine voice tracks
Adele - Rolling in the Deep
Perfect - Pink
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Paris (Oh La La)
Maroon 5- Never Going to Leave This Bed
Andy Grammer- Keep Your Head Up
Bruno Mars- Just the Way You Are
The Script- Breakeven
Which songs I haven't heard on MYFM - Grace Potter's, Maroon 5's song, and Andy Grammer

LITE 1067 in NYC
1. Billy Joel - She's Always A Woman
2. Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around Comes Around
3. Blondie - Heart Of Glass
4. Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
5. Sting - Fields Of Gold

6. Alanis Morissette - Ironic
7. Bonnie Raitt - I Can't Make You Love Me
8. Bruno Mars - Grenade
9. Kelly Clarkson - Miss Independent
10. Lifehouse - Halfway Gone
What I don't hear on MYFM - Billy Joel, Blondie, Snow Patrol (they do occasionally play), Bonnie Raitt

1. Paul Young - Oh Girl
2. Abba - Dancing Queen
3. Tina Turner - What's Love Got To Do With It
4. Seals & Crofts - Summer Breeze

5. Alanis Morissette - Ironic
6. Maroon 5 - This Love
7. Kool & The Gang - Celebration
8. Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On
9. K.c. & The Sunshine Band - That's The Way
10. Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
What I don't hear- Paul Young, Tina Turner, Seals & Croft, that Maroon 5 song, Kool & The Gang, KC & The Sunshine Band, Celine Dion

And I'm not saying I like all the songs I heard/saw on their playlists, but I'm just saying that MYFM has such a limited one...

Oh... and I will give MYFM credit that they play The Cure, which you won't hear on most radio stations.

Monday, April 18, 2011

From the desert to the city, to all of Southern California

Brushing hands with celebs was just a part of this weekend...

- Texted and met up with Mike about 12pm
- He asked where I wanted to eat for lunch and I said sandwiches sounded good, so we hopped in his convertible
- Stopped at post office so he could mail all of his expense reports for work
- He had an idea - we went to a Vietnamese baguette place around his house for banh mi... I had a bbq pork banh mi sandwich. $2.99 for an 8 inch, not bad, taste was a-ok
- Drove to Home Goods, Old Navy, and Michaels a few other places a few cities over
- He tried on a pair of pants and polo at Old Navy and I bought an orange polo at Old Navy
- Stopped at a coffeehouse along the way for a cold drink. Sat outside and had our tea/iced coffee, chatted about things we saw go by like the woman with a bad fake tan and her Cadillac Escalade
- Drove down the same stretch of road and his work phone was buzzing... he had to make a few calls, so we pull into a bank so we can do that
- Continue driving and stop at Armstrong Garden to look at the fountains
- I mention a lot of places to go in this city and he tells me a good bar - this is the city where The Guy lives
- I'd mentioned The Guy before as a good friend and texted him since we were in the area... we were planning on stopping in and saying hi. He didn't text back, so we continued exploring
- Drove to IKEA in West Covina to look for picture frames - they had none that would fit
- Drove back and stopped in The Guy's city
- Went to the bar/brewery that is well known in that area. Mike was surprised I'd never been if I spent so much time over there
- Talked about The Guy, friends from school, The Mikes, and a few other topics of friends...
- Ate a tri tip sandwich
- Back at Mike's we watched a few shows on TIVO like The Office
- Mike found Red Box "I Love You Phillip Morris" - BAD SHOW, BAD, BAD, BAD
- Went to bed and played around... this time we became more verbal with each other, which added a new element

- Up around 7
- Got a sub call from 8-11 for PE, so rushed to shower, stopped at McDonalds, and voila
- Played kickball with the kids... and they were excellent
- Dropped off my timecard, got gas, and returned to Mike's
- Heard Lady Gaga's new song "Judas" debut on KIIS FM

- Got back to his place and told him about the song... looked for it on Youtube
- Got ready to leave
- Drove to LA and made good time
- Ate at The Trails Restaurant outside of Griffith Park - interesting, healthy, vegetarian oriented food that was alright
- Planned to go to Griffith Observatory, but it was too crowded and Mike was tired just looking at the parking situation- having to walk up hills
- Drove around the area and went over to Studio City to see where we would need to be later that night
- Looked for a Nordstrom Rack and found one across from the Beverly Center
- As we drove by we saw Jane Lynch at a coffee shop standing out on Melrose
- Nordstrom Rack looked crowded, so we went back to Studio City for Pinkberry
- Got in line at 4 for the taping of "Hot in Cleveland" with Betty White and Valerie Bertenelli
- Chatted with Mike about work and things while waiting, plus celebs, and heard him bitch about how annoying the girl behind us was for her "Knowledge" of celebs and all the studio tapings she had been to
- Were told we probably wouldn't get in... we got in no problem
- While walking into the studio we saw Kirstie Alley who was looking good and really friendly. She waved and thanked everyone for their support as she got into her Range Rover
- Taping was funny - lasted for 3 hours - take 1, take 2, take 3 - scenes were shot in 2-3 minute increments and up to 3 or 4 times dependent on audience response
- Valerie Bertenelli was the sweetest thing interacting with audience in between scenes
- We were served a small sandwich and cookie during the show
- I suggested after the taping we hit up something in Pasadena, but Mike wasn't feeling good about 10pm when we got out, so we drove back to his place
- We both fell asleep watching "Idol" on the couch

- Got up at 8
- Mike asked where to go and I suggested LA/San Diego and named a few places, also mentioned Calico Ghost Town
- He had a different idea - the plane graveyards in Victorville
- Looked up things to do including a village that was in the area that looked to be all on water
- Drove up the 15
- The plane graveyard was waaaaaaaay out in the middle of nowhere, but we managed to find it... lots of dirt roads
- Mike's dash was rattling - I didn't think it was the dash, but couldn't pinpoint it. Mike let me drive the convertible while he looked for the rattle on this dirt road we traveled. It was a little metal piece that ended up in the light on his convertible. He opened it up and then we switched drivers to continue our trek over
- Mike gave me some interesting tidbits about 737s and 747s... they were pretty even if from a distance
- Drove up 395 to the Silver Lakes resort that we found on water - it looked like we were in the twilight zone and didn't know what to make of it. Having no cell reception furthered that notion
- Stopped at a restaurant within there for a margarita. The restaurant needed help.
- Continued up 395 and I gave tidbits/told where 395 could take you... a 395 trip may be in the works
- Drove to Calico, which Mike was convinced would be something campy
- As we walked in his mind changed when he saw there was some history with the silver mines. He talked about how he had always just driven by. He thought it looked Knotts Berry Farmish and the signs reminded me that Walter Knott of KBF had owned it
- Took the mine tour train and he said how he wants to come back and with his parents
- It was 5pm and we were hungry... one of the original Del Tacos that Mike's friends raved about? No. They didn't look like anything special as we drove by
- Stopped at Olive Garden where we had salad, the fried lasagna, stuffed mushrooms and calamari
- Talked about prom as we had seen couples come in as we left. Mike asked why they would go to Olive Garden before prom. I said we went to Mimi's Cafe. He asked if food was served at our proms and I told him no. He said that was the difference - it was at his - and it was nice - he said how hokey it was that you go to a restaurant looking so dressed up and all the stares. I said that was just how it is and if he were to go over near his house to the restaurant row on a Friday or Saturday night during this time he would see other prom couples
- Mike told me about his high school and had me google it
- Told Mike about me being curious in high school...
- Stopped at Big Lots
- Drove to Mike's and then to Red Box to drop off Phillip
- Watched "Erin Brockovich" on the couch until bedtime

- Woke up about 8 and Mike played around on his phone
- Showered
- Watched Ina and other cooking shows
- Mike washed the convertible
- Went to the Mexican food place down the street from his house for some truly awful Mexican. I had a disgusting carne asada burrito
- Back to his place and watched Oprah Season 25 and other shows
- Watched Real Housewives, The Judds, Oprah 25,
- Naomi looked fake according to Mike
- Mike made fish, a sliced potato, peas, and a roll
- "Eat your vegetables" was his demand to me... I had an excuse as always... I was busy and eating and enjoying everything else... and I ate half of them... but he piled a lot of food on my plate for a Mike sized portion
- Left about 10pm since my dad needed me here at 6:30am to be here for the roofer
- I got to the bottom of the street and got a call from my dad he took the day off since "some things" happened here at home that he had to deal with
- Got home and everyone was in a sour mood
- All I can say was I was glad I missed the problems

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My sister can't drive... or lie... as if we didn't know that

My sister left for school at 8:10 this morning. Her class that she supposedly teaches is from 9-10. She got home at 10:47am. My sister goes to school at least 45 minutes away, so piece together this story and tell me how it is possible. If she left at 8:10 she could have arrived at school at 8:55 and had 5 minutes to walk to her 9am class. If she let her kids out at 10am like she should have she could get home at 10:47 if she ran to her car and flew down the 91.

I was taking a load of laundry out to the garage when I saw my sister's car sitting in the driveway. I see a big black scuff on the car that is pretty deep and would take some body shop to remove. I take the laundry in the garage, then come out to the car and notice there is a scuff along the door like she was driving up against a divider on the freeway. I see one at the top and lower part of the door. Then on the back quarter panel I see another.

I go in and question my sister and get the biggest load of crap I've ever heard. She said, "I was in an accident. There was a guy next to me not paying attention and did something that you would call sideswiping and ran into me and I spun out and did a 360 across all the lanes of the 91."

I asked how she didn't get hit when she did a 360 across the 6+ lanes of the 91 freeway. She said that she "made sure she was driving when there were no cars out". Her words.

I asked what time the accident happened and she claimed as she was driving to school. I asked what time she got into her class and she said right at 9am. I asked her how the traffic was on the 91 and I had been watching channel 7 before she left to know that the traffic loaded up around Green River out to the 55 and that was probably an additional 20 minute trip right there. I asked her what street she got hit at and she said "one of the big streets." Again. Her words.

I asked if she called the police. Her response was yes.

I asked if the man stopped and she said it was a hit and run.

I asked her for the police report number since supposedly the police came. She didn't have it. I told her that was a load of baloney because it is pretty standard to get a police report number if you were involved in an accident. She claimed she was dealing with the "special police." I shit you not - the special police were her words. I asked if that was the CHP, the Anaheim Police Department, the Corona Police, the Santa Ana, the Fullerton, and she said none of those.

I told my sister I knew she couldn't drive and that I remembered mySister's accident where she sat on the freeway for 4 or so hours incapacitated after she rearended someone crying her eyes out because she was so ashamed. Wouldn't she have done the same this time?

When did she have time to call the police?

I am again pissed off that my mom gave her this car. The car was in PERFECT condition prior. Thank god my mom won't let her drive her new SUV.

My dad doesn't want to fix it because her insurance will go up higher than it already is. Her insurance is more than double mine. Poor car.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Graduation - What would you do?

I told myself a few weeks back that I wasn't going to go to my graduation for my masters and just wait until my diploma arrives in the mail. After a guilt trip from Mike he convinced me to walk. He said that it is a higher degree than a lot of people get, it is something to be proud of, it is higher than what my parents have, and I worked hard to get where I am. I agreed and suddenly had a change of heart. I registered to graduate and walk last night.

I get home and told my parents. That's where the conflict started. I knew my sister's graduation was sometime in May- that is if she really is truly able to graduate.

I told my parents my graduation was May 22 at 9am and my sister said her graduation is at "9:30 or 10ish" on May 22. Her graduation is between 30 minutes and 60 minutes after mine.

Mine is in South Orange County and hers is in Central Orange County. Getting from my graduation to hers is simply not an option - and I mean that from a practical standpoint- 10-20 miles difference, a couple freeways away, parking, visiting with family/friends, the graduation speakers etc. that take forever, the number of people graduating.

My sister already sent out her graduation announcements and everyone has agreed to attend- my aunt, uncle, cousin, older cousin, older cousin's boyfriend, my dad, and mom.

When I told my parents they said that they were going to go to my sister's as all of my family has agreed to attend. They said they were there for my graduation from college and will be there for hers. It is out of the question that 1 parent goes to 1 and 1 goes to the other.

On one hand I see it is fair they went to mine and they are going to hers. She, as much as I hate her, deserves the same validation that I got when I graduated. Part of the reason I decided to walk was I wanted the validation and recognition that she will get from my parents. It feels good. I know my parents are proud of me, but still.

So here are some questions and thoughts that I had/pondered in my mind:
- Why walk if my family is not going to be there to see me?
- Why walk if only 2 of my friends are walking with me?
- Should I just bow out of mine and go to my sisters, which I feel is expected since my entire family is there?
- Do I go to mine and have Mike cheer me on?
- Would it look tacky to go to mine and not my sisters, then all show up for a dinner or whatever my family has planned?
- To me graduation is about celebrating my accomplishments, which I really want to do now...

I talked to Mike and he said it is up to me what I do.

I called The Guy this morning and asked for his advice. He honestly didn't know what to do. He said it sounds like it is my choice and I can do what I please, but I shouldn't be hurt that my parents are choosing 1 child over the other because that's not the case here- it is just a case of bad scheduling on the part of 2 higher educational institutions.

So I am throwing this out here for your advice... what would you do? Would you go to your sister's graduation or would you go to yours?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Grabby Grabby

Bullet wrap up for the weekend


- Spent the day at home waiting on an electrician to fix the power outage I created
- Texted Mike as he was heading home from his business trip
- Agreed to meet about 5
- 5 turned into 5:30 as I ran into my mom trying to leave the house/helped my dad get new surge protectors and left my house at 4:45
- Get to Mike's and watch some DVR stuff like American Idol
- I don't tell him the controversy about Pia and keep my mouth shut since I thought it was impossible to not hear who was voted off
- He asks what I want for dinner and I say something with cheese... Italian... or pizza... or Italian
- He makes me pick... I tell him of a pizza place in a city or so away and he tells me
- We head over there in the rain and find some street parking only to go in the restaurant and we are both turned off by the idea of order your food, then get a table, and us, only being a party of 2 would have to eat with a big party... who knows what we were going to talk about
- We stop at a couple potential eating places- a Mexican food place that was packed and no tables available, which wasn't cool
- Finally he tells me to call the pizza place my cousin raved about that he said was ok
- Ordered an onion and mushroom pizza... it lacked and needed something else
- Ran around trying to find the Red Box with Phillip Morris... it wasn't at Stater Brothers like the Red Box app said
- Ended up watching his Tivo in the evening
- Bed about 11:30... I initiated sex which was really weird for me... but he gave me hints he wanted it

- Woke up at 7 or 8... pretty early
- Went to Farmer Boys for breakfast... he had never been and was convinced it was a burger place since it has hamburgers in the name on his sign... he would have never gone
- I drive and he treats
- He was impressed overall... totally unhealthy, but delicious
- He had an egg sandwich with lettuce, which he was apprehensive about, but liked the crunch
- Talked at breakfast about the legal battle between my aunt and my family, his dad's situation which is somewhat like that
- In the car they play Enrique Iglesias' song "Tonight I'm Loving You" and I asked if he heard the explicit version, the real version, "Tonight I'm Fucking You." He hadn't. I showed him the video with the nude girls. The song made sense...
- Back to his place to look for something to do... we decide on going to a performance of Evita in Rancho
- He takes me to a steakhouse just off Route 66 that he took his parents to a few years back when he still ate meat
- It is sooooooooooooo disappointing to go to a steakhouse and to not eat meat... let me just say
- Ate in the bar where it was half off everything... good stuff... tasty cosmo, an artichoke (although flavorless- sadness!), stuffed mushrooms, roasted garlic and bread
- Service got really slow so no dessert
- I shared family photos with him from my iPhone- what my parents looked like- he said my dad looked like an insurance representative and my mom was nothing like he pictured
- What's crazy is his parents are about 5 years younger than mine and are more hippy than mine - and mine aren't
- He didn't have family photos... talked about how his family isn't into photos really
- Talked about Easter - though a very Catholic family his family never celebrated
- I told him about the big Easter spectacle in my family
- Talked about how birthdays are big whereas his mom sometimes forgot his... I have his birthday gift... so excited!
- Went to Pink Berry for dessert since I convinced him ice cream is best on cold days
- Then to Evita... got to our seats right as the curtain rose
- I was disappointed with the horrible Spanish, but we had good seats, and they made the show make sense, which if you've seen the movie you may agree with my opinion it is hard to tell what is going on
- I've had Evita stuck in my head all weekend since.... don't cry for me Argentina
- The production was just ok- marginal
- Back to his place where we watched TV in bed in case we decided to get up early to go to the Pasadena Rose Bowl for the flea market
- We watched TV... some show about the relationship between the British parliament and US government
- I initiated again and was more forceful when we did it...

- Up at 7... he swore he was in a different time zone
- Dressed and went to Panera for breakfast - his original idea was Jamba Juice, but the Jamba Juice we were at didn't open until 9 and Panera was next door
- Went to the flea market in his city... it was interesting
- Argued with Mike over chickens and vegetarianism
- Back to his house
- We decide to go to Ontario Mills for Marshalls and Victoria Gardens - I drive
- He looks for luggage since his wheel broke off of his carry on
- We stop at TGI Fridays for fries, spinach dip, a long island for him, and electric lemonade for me
- Talked about cruises, my family, my parents want to go on a cruise, who is liberal and conservative, who drinks and doesn't drink, who could loosen my parents up on a cruise
- Talked about my sister being anti-drinking, how I have drank around my parents a few times, how he didn't drink until later in life
- Wander through the mall and stop in Sephora for moisturizer for me. He teases me about being gay.
- While walking around he could barely keep his hands off me either tickling or poking me
- Stop at Ralphs for mussels, shrimp, and bread
- Back at his place it is nap time
- Watch "Serial Mom" and nap to it
- My nap wasn't that relaxing
- Wake up and Mike makes dinner for us- boullabaise from Food Network
- Caught up on Real Housewives of Orange County, the NBC restaurant show
- Mike thought both times I ran to the restroom- once during the NBC restaurant show and once before bed it would be a good idea to hide outside of the bathroom and scare me. The first time he did it I came out of the bathroom and he was on his knees on the floor and yells BOO!!!!! I get down and wrestle him. Later, I used the bathroom before bed and I heard him running up and down the hall, and I wasn't paying attention- I thought he was in the bedroom. I come out and he is around the corner from the bathroom, comes out, attacks me, yells BOO! He chases me into the bedroom where I grab him and don't let him go.
- Bed about 10:30 since he had an early flight


- Woke up about 2:30am and tossed and turned most of the night... oh, and the cat decided to be an attention whore
- 5:55 is wake up time
- Shower and dress, then say goodbye about 6:40
- Get a text at 6:40 from my cousin telling me I was invited to her birthday weekend in San Diego... only problem is with AT&T I got the text 2 days late... I WAS MAD
- Got called to sub at 8. I subbed elementary school.
- Chatted up The Guy this afternoon after work
- School tonight and my goal is to be done with my masters minus revisions by this Thursday

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I hate misspellings

I pass this fresh produce stand all the time and each time I want to rip the signs as I go by. Check out the latest misspelling for zucchini. I would be ashamed. I hate misspellings of major things in public places.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random LOLs from my life

The other night at school a group of girls were talking about what hair they have lasered:
L: I wouldn't laser down there. I want hair down there so that when I am old and wrinkly I can't see the wrinkles down there.

A few moments later...

L: Have you ever seen a man want to put his ___ into a wrinkly ____?

Also on the lasering:
V: I am having a hard time sitting down today. I just got my bikini lasered.

A friend of mine posted a status on facebook:

C: Lady Gaga is the best country singer I've ever heard.

Overheard at the gym:

I am more bi than a cow- colorwise, you know?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bad food weekend

Friday night:
Mike got back from his business trip about 9pm and we planned a trip to Paso Robles

Met at his place at 9am
Stopped at McDonalds for breakfast- the food was fine there
At breakfast we reserved the rental car and hotel
Went to airport for rental car - Mike let me choose the car
I had a choice between the HHR, Jetta, Grand Marquis, Impala, and Malibu
I chose the Jetta - bad choice - loud engine, lots of wind noise in the cabin, lots of cracks/crevices letting noise in
All we noticed were the loud wind noises and considered turning the car in at Burbank for something else
Drove to Solvang where we went to the Solvang Brewing Company
Bartender was waaaaaaaay over her head- we sat at the bar - menus and drinks were a long time coming- the beer wasn't bad - had a reuben sandwich, but my food came out about 10 minutes after Mike's. His was only ok. The bartender refused to let anyone help her and freaked out over the smallest thing and never got Mike a shot of the Absolut sweet tea he wanted to try.
Drove up the coast talking a lot about California history - Mike is convinced the Cali Missions don't constitute history - that is Spanish history. I explained the significance
Get to hotel in Paso Robles - the Courtyard Marriott - $179 a night, but he had points
Joke at the drunk wine tasters we see
Talk about our dads who never really went on family vacations - lots of good discussion
Hotel is nice, but not $179 nice
Relax in hotel and tickle me for a few minutes
Go to San Simeon to see Hearst Castle night tour
Have extra time, so we go see the seals along the coast, talk about where we have/haven't been in Cali
We sit at the back of the bus on our way up to the castle where we have the entire back row to ourselves
Night tour was awesome since there were live performers reenacting how life would have been back in the 1930s if you visited the castle - - made the experience much more real
Got out of the tour about 9pm and were hungry - few food options
Find a supermarket and we get pita bread, carrots, hummus, bruschetta, and cupcakes
Try a Firestone Winery white wine
Go back to the hotel where we wine, dine, and eat
Argue over room temperature - I like it hot and he likes it cold
Mike starts to feel icky
We fall asleep about 12am watching Old Christine
We wake up in the middle of the night and he runs to the bathroom
I ask how he feels and not great and he tells me how I am burning up, yet I was comfortable... I let him put on the air
Slept until 9am Sunday

Up at 9 - cuddle and hold each other in bed
Shower and clean up
Go searching for breakfast at a cafe or bagel place
I choose the bagel place - Mike is disappointed by the microwaved egg - I had a so-so pb&j bagel
Head down Highway 1, PCH
Mike gave me the choice to go the scenic route or The Madonna Inn
Enjoyed driving through little towns, talking about solar, talking about family
Highway 1 ended and we ended back up on the 101 in SLO and at the Madonna Inn
He was surprised by the Madonna Inn's tackiness and was convinced it explains everything about my family since I told him about my trips up there as a kid. We explored the bathroom, walked through the shops, then headed out... I had to hit him a few times just because
Made more fun of me for liking that place... lol...
Stopped at Split Pea Andersons to try their split pea soup - he liked it - vegetarian options, not super touristy, but huge menu - we ate, then walked around the restaurant museum
I joked we were so close that we had to drive by Neverland Ranch
Rehearsed my best Michael Jackson freak out for when I saw the ranch
It was a ranch... very nondescript
Decided to go to the Firestone Winery, which Mike had been to and was a fan of so we could do some wine tasting... we realized we had a Firestone wine from the supermarket Saturday night... Mike was disappointed they didn't have his favorite wine... I like the white wines better than reds I am finding more and more
Talked about his parents visiting in September and where he wants to take them
Down PCH again through Malibu and Santa Monica - I'd never been that way - I can only imagine that it is bumper to bumper on a weekend in summer... it was pretty busy... some pretty and some not so pretty views...
Go to Mike's favorite restaurant in Santa Monica - it was AWFUL
Lime flavored margarita that tasted like straight lime juice, ceviche flavored with lime, plaintains that should have been fried or something... needed some sauce... highly disappointed... food left us both feeling sick... very overpriced... you don't pay $$$$ for Mexican food...
Talk about bad food, bad service, his previous experiences here, what to do in Santa Monica - I didn't recognize the place like the mall there
Back to car for Pepto Bismol
Drive home talking about VW leases, bad quality, what my mom used to do since we passed her former place of employment, good restaurants along the way home
Drop car off at airport and get his car back - We wish we had chosen the Malibu or Grand Marquis for the weekend - both would have gotten better gas mileage and been more ideal for a roadtrip
Back to his place where we watch American Idol... we actually liked Naima for a change... I thought Scotty, Naima, and Lauren were the best... Mike didn't dig Scotty
Enjoyed a macaroon from Anderson's
Bed about 12am - still feeling icky

* Madonna Inn Bathroom above --- rest of the photos are of Hearst Castle

Woke up about 4:30 to wind noises
Mike woke up some time later saying something so unintelligible - he was speaking English, but it made no sense - weird
Back to bed until 7ish
He put his arms around me and jacked me off
Got caught up on morning talk shows
Mike made me a sunny side up egg and bread - he just had bread
Went to WalMart and Big Lots
Back at his place we finished up cruise details, he booked and changed his reservations for his business trips this week
I called about my passport
I pulled my computer out to work on an email for my prof - ended up working on some of my masters thesis
Mike encouraged me and said he wants me to have everything done this week to ensure I finish in 2 weeks
Watched Ellen, Real Housewives of OC, The Talk
Mike made a CPK pizza for us
Left at 4:30 for school
School went pretty well- I got to conference with the prof and Thursday is my goal to have everything turned into prof
Came home to get my mail- socks I ordered on amazon, Passport, passport documentation, dorm pants, beige belt

Bought that Scotty McCreery Country Comfort song on iTunes

Allergy shots this evening... I am an allergic mess... and have been all weekend

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A most music weekend

Continuing with my music theme (post yesterday), here are songs you should be listening to right now this spring.

I laughed when I found this on youtube, so it was thrown into the mix...

And did you know that the original video for this song was banned for being a bit revealing, as well as for the lyrics? Take a look...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Back for Good

Remember this back in the mid 90s? I never knew who sang it until I heard it a few weeks back while down in Coronado with Mike. Sun shining, convertible top down...

One of the things I love about satellite radio is the variety of songs you don't hear often!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Its like a 2nd Spring Break!

Wasn't called to sub really this week. Subbed in the district twice near my house. Here's how my week breaks down:

Ran errands with my dad
School Monday night
Waxed my dad's car and shampooed the seats in mine
Helped my dad call and schedule contractors etc. to come out for bids for various projects on the house

Marathon day of contractors
- Solar installer
- Concrete layer for a paved driveway... AT LAST!
- Master bathroom tile installer
Cousins came over to give me line dancing lessons... yeehaw! Danced to Achy Breaky Heart...

Started running errands like Target, Sears, and Harbor Freight
Got a call at 11a.m. and subbed Tuesday afternoon for a Spanish 1 and 2 class at a school on the east side to get a half days pay... WOO!!!

Took jacket to dry cleaners to be hemmed
Got a facial because I had a massive blackhead breakout... no bueno!

Got a call at 5:18am for an awesome sub job from 7:30-8:51 at the old rich school... never been there and the kids had the old rich attitude... lol. Easy breezy and got a half day's pay too.
Cleaned the shelves in the garage with my dad
Solar installer came out again for measurements
Weedwacked the yard
Looking for something to do tonight..................................