Wednesday, April 30, 2008

He feels better now

I got a call from The Guy about 6:50p.m. Monday night while I was sitting in my discussion class. I texted him back and said I’m in class, what was up, if he just got out class etc. He said he ditched his class because he was depressed. He texted me back after me prying for details for a few minutes that he ate a bunch of Skittles the night before and felt fat today. I texted back with “☹” and he told me how he slept all day, has been down since Saturday. I suspected all of this because he hadn’t been online a lot and he hadn’t really called me. I was going to call him last night anyways to be sure that he was ok. There I was, sitting in class, being that annoying person whose phone vibrates every 2 seconds because of a text message.

I talk to him most of my way home and then text him letting him know I’m glad he called. He said to come over for a few. I drove over and he was out talking to his neighbors while his dog ran around in the yard. I waited inside until he walked into the Jacuzzi. We sat around talking around the Jacuzzi about his tax return, how he has felt so bad, but also how he spent Sunday helping his personal trainer Josh create personal training fliers. He said he got Josh to take his shirt off and he told me that was so easy to do because Josh loves showing off. He told me about how his dad gave him $6,000 to invest and he is thinking of buying some new electronic with it. I encouraged him to invest it, but his thing is that interest rates aren’t that great right now on money, so he is better off spending it.

We went in and he showed me the website he created for his trainer, the fliers, and all of the pics. We sat there oohing and aaahing at his body. I told The Guy how impressed I was with everything he made.

Then he went into the kitchen and had cabbage and corn on the cob. We sat down on the couch watching “Law and Order.” Then he asked what I wanted to eat. I said nothing. I’m fine. He was insistent I find something. He said we could go to the liquor store. Then he said that we should make it like a secret mission and I go into the store all mysterious like I have to get all snacks before the Russians, so I’m on the phone with him telling him what they have. I decide to go after he gave me $14.00. I go to the liquor store and I said “Operation Snack Hunt is about to go down,” and asked him what we want in my muffled, disguised voice. I went through the aisles and the candy was melted, they didn’t have Cooler Ranch Doritos, they didn’t have Chips Ahoy, or Dove Chocolate. He said I should go to Longs Drugs. I said I’ll just come on back, but then I knew what he wanted, so I went.

Got to Longs for “Operation Snack Take 2” and there were not a lot of choices. They didn’t have pretzels, they were out of most Dove Chocolate, and things like that.. I wandered through the store not sure what I was looking for and telling The Guy things they didn’t have. He asked for pretzels and the pretzels I found were nasty, expired things from September 2007. I knew The Guy would not go for those. I said they didn’t have pretzels and finally he directed me to where he thought there may be some. They were so hidden in a cereal box that said “fun sticks.” Indeed they were pretzels. I paid for the Goldfish, pretzels, Hersheys Chocolate (gasp! He doesn’t like Hersheys!), and then left.

I get back to his place and we snack on chocolate and pretzels while watching “Law and Order.” It is about 10:30 this time and it is the end of an episode.

I leave at 11 because The Guy is going to bed. When I do, The Guy is insistent to pay me for the gas I used in my car. I said NO, don’t worry. He said he does. I said no, I’m not taking the money. He told me to take it for the sex the other night because it was really good. I said I’m not going to be paid for sex, which he laughed. He stuck the money in my pocket as we hugged. He said I can blow him later for it. I said no again and he pulled down his pants and I fondled his dick. In the car I texted him saying that I would happily blow him anytime, no money required. I also sent another text saying that I enjoy just coming out to spend time with him and no money is necessary. He is such a sweet guy and caring I just love being with him and he sent me back a text saying “thx, you too.”

He called me at 9:30 this morning asking if I was at school. I said no, I told him last night I didn’t have school. He said well, get over here. I got my bath and drove over.

When I got there, he was standing in the kitchen making a smoothie and talking like Mrs. Featherbottom from “Arrested Development” and he said he was going to use a British accent all day. I tried mine out and then just went back to my regular tone of voice, but he continued it for about 5-10 minutes. He was making a smoothie, which was really tangy with his FRS energy drink, vegetable juice, strawberries, and blueberries. The Guy made me try some and it was so tangy I couldn’t stand it. I could not believe what happened next. I couldn’t keep the stuff down because it was so acidic or something and I felt it coming and I tried to hold it, then ran to the bathroom and spit it right out. Not all of it made it into the toilet, but I cleaned it up and used Clorox Clean-Up to clean everything up. The Guy talked about how sorry he was for making me feel sick, how he doesn’t handle vomit well, etc. etc.

We hang around his place and he ships the laptop he has back to Circuit City to be repaired he was working on last Tuesday. Then he says he got his tax rebate check and was in a spending mood. He wanted to buy a new cooktop he decided. Then he said maybe a refrigerator would be better. We looked for the counter-depth refrigerators and found several. Best Buy’s website doesn’t classify them well and several more inches in depth than what is considered counter length. We took a lot of time running back and forth between the kitchen and office trying to measure the refrigerator. The Guy said all he knew was it was an odd size. We aren’t math people at all. His measuring tape is the hardest thing to read. It counts off the feet, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-1 foot, then starts over at 1-2-3-4-5-6-7… and so it made it hard to read. So we’d be reading it 2’ for the width of the refrigerator and knew something was wrong. We would each laugh at each other for measuring wrong and then trying to figure out how many inches something was. We looked at Best Buy and their site was so hard to navigate because it didn’t have the depth or width of the refrigerators without looking at the actual page. was much more helpful in that and The Guy was about to run to Sears to buy one, but the only problem was it would stick out way too far. The Guy is not a fan of Sears, but I explained to him how they carry the major brands including Bosch, Frigidaire, Kenmore, etc. and he reconsidered. We finally found a fridge that was perfect in every way at Lowes, but we hadn’t heard of the brand and it turns out it is some random company from Australia. The fridge though isn’t going to be released for 10 more days in the US. So his plans of a new refrigerator were shattered for the timebeing.

We went to the Farmers Market, or were planning to after this. It was 1:30 by this time. We were in the car driving. The Guy was on the phone talking to Aaron talking about bikes. Down the street from the Farmer’s Market was a bike shop. To get there, The Guy had to make a u-turn, but we pass a car wash and I say they have a special going of $10.00 to have the car washed, vacuumed, waxed, air freshener, and a couple other things. He said that seemed like a good idea because his car needed it. We go there and clean out his car, then hand his car over. The man asked him when the last time was he had the car waxed. He said it was well over a year, well before he met me. The man said it would be $130 then to buff the paint, then wax the car. The Guy said ok because the paint REALLY needed it. Seriously, my car that is 2 years older has practically a glass finish because the paint looks so nice and is so smooth whereas The Guy’s paint felt rough.

We drop the car off and go to the bike shop. The Guy was looking at a $399 and $599 bike. The reason for the expensive bike? Not sure- it is not as if a cheap bike will suddenly break while riding, but whatever. The Guy found a couple bikes and was going to have one built and he’d buy it tomorrow. The Guy’s heart wasn’t set on it, though. After we go to 7-11 to get water to drink since we hadn’t had any. Then we walk back to the car wash. We read the comics in the newspaper together. We sit and talk about things like him learning to program games when he was in 4th grade on his computer. He could write the codes, add extra characters, etc. He used to freelance to teach people to use computers I found out. I told him about how we just recently got rid of our Windows 3.1 computer, how my mom is so reluctant to part with computers, etc. Then that moves us to appliances. He was talking about the TV being so unwatchable in the corner because it was so small and old. I told him at my grandma’s house her TV is from 1970. Then we talked about how previous generations ilke his parents and my parents don’t get rid of something if it works. He talked about how that is better because they’re better trained with money (unlike him). I told him how most of the appliances in my house are from the 1970s when my parents got married because of our Sears Protection Agreement that costs us pennies (seriously!) per year to have and how my parents feel no need to get new appliances when they cover all of our appliances. He said he completely understands that and that’s why his parents have money- they know to keep it and how to use it wisely, and my parents did in this case. He talked about how his parents do go all out, like on their dream house etc. and bought everything new. We sit, continue talking, he apologizes for stranding us there. Then he realizes it was my fault because I said his car needed waxed. I said I’m sorry and apologized. We get the car at 3:30 and he is shocked at how good it looks.

We go to the Farmer’s Market and he is saying how great his car looks and is comparing it to everyone else’s. It really looked spectacular. The Guy talked about how he was considering having his car painted because he thought it was the paint causing the problems. We went in and bought a few things- Indian potatoes, cabbage, and yogurt. We also got a rotisserie chicken because we were starving.

We get back, snack on the chicken, and call DHL to have them pick up the computer because they couldn’t follow the directions about going to the back door.

Then he gets another idea- “you better shop around” and he began singing that song “You Better Shop Around” by Martha and the Vandellas (I think?). We went to another bike shop just up the street to comparison shop. We walked in and a really twinky high school guy was helping us out. He was so nervous- The Guy and I are real laid back, so we were surprised. The Guy looked at Trek bikes because they were expensive and he’d actually heard of them. The kid was trying to talk The Guy into lower end bikes, but he kept saying “no, I like this one for $799” etc. The kid took The Guy on a bike ride where they tested out 2 bikes. I laughed when they were gone for so long and figured something was going on if you get my drift. The Guy came back and said he would probably buy from this kid because he was cute and twinky. He bought the bike, bike air pump, lights, and a $200 helmet for his head because he liked the color. Not that there is any difference in safety as the guys at the shop pointed out. The kid ringing us up had to know we were gay since I was holding The Guy’s wallet, cell phone, and keys- he kept asking for both because he didn’t have pockets. Would straight guys do that? I think not. It was hilarious when the kid was ringing us up and asked The Guy if he needed lube for the bike chain. The Guy said yes, of course he did, why wouldn’t he? Then the kid as he scanned it said “lube, always good.” The Guy smiled and I looked over at him to see if he caught it. It was so out of place and awkward. He did.

The Guy spent $1000 or so and figured we needed dinner while they prepared the bike. We walked through downtown of his city- my first time there. Lots of little speciality shops and other interesting places. We went to a sandwich shop and I got a roast beef sandwich with mayonnaise, cream cheese, sprouts, roast beef, lettuce, and tomato. It was good. We sat talking about SAT scores. The Guy got a 790 on his English and 690 on the math portion. I got 710 on the English and about 460 I think on the math. The Guy got some scholarships because he scored real high on the PSAT and SAT.

We went back to the bike shop and The Guy gave me the keys to the car. I drove his car home and he rode his bike. The Guy has never heard of sidewalks (although his city has a plethora of them) and he was insistent on riding in the road. No surprise- haha. Anyways, I got home about 1 minute before him. We both took turns riding the bike and talking about how the front shock makes it seem like it has a flat tire.

We went in the house, talked about random stuff, how he actually has to ride his bike, and other things. Then we both laid down and talked about him giving his old racing bike to Joe. Then we talked about how The Guy has a ton of papers to write for school he hasn’t started and how I suck because I don’t procrastinate. Really. My poly sci paper due today, Wednesday, was done on Monday afternoon. I laid until about 7:45 and then figured I’d come home and finish my other paper that was due today. I hugged him and he said he’d call and see me tomorrow.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thinking about these questions...

I've been reading up online and trying to answer these questions about coming out...

Are you sure about your sexual orientation?
- Yes

Are you comfortable with your gay sexuality?
- Yes- moreso than ever with support from you bloggers and readers, as well as Gonzo and The Guy.

Do you have support? In the event your parents' reaction devastates you, there should be someone or a group that you can confidently turn to for emotional support and strength. Maintaining your sense of self-worth is critical.
- See above- I know The Guy will be there for me in any way he can.

Are you knowledgeable about homosexuality? Your parents will probably respond based on a lifetime of information from a homophobic society. If you've done some serious reading on the subject, you'll be able to assist them by sharing reliable information and research.
- Yes- I know of the issues they'll bring up like STD's and the clubbing scene, but I don't think this is where there big issues will be.

What's the emotional climate at home? If you have the choice of when to tell, consider the timing. Choose a time when they're not dealing with such matters as the death of a close friend, pending surgery or the loss of a job.
- The climate is alright, but when will it be good? I don't see it becoming better. It isn't stuff between my parents- moreso stuff with my grandma, the stress of fixing up our house, buying a new house, money, etc.

Can you be patient? Your parents will require time to deal with this information if they haven't considered it prior to your sharing. The process may last from six months to two years.
- Yes, summer may be a good time when they'll have more downtime since they will be off of work.

What's your motive for coming out now? Hopefully, it is because you love them and are uncomfortable with the distance you feel. Never come out in anger or during an argument, using your sexuality as a weapon.
- To stop lying to my parents, to be more truthful. To also be able to live my life more openly and perhaps pursue a relationship.

Do you have available resources? Homosexuality is a subject most non-gay people know little about. Have available at least one of the following: a book addressed to parents, a contact for the local or national Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, the name of a non-gay counselor who can deal fairly with the issue.
- A book may be a good idea, especially if it deals with religious aspects for my mom. Maybe I'll look into that.

Are you financially dependent on your parents? If you suspect they are capable of withdrawing college finances or forcing you out of the house, you may choose to wait until they do not have this weapon to hold over you.
- Yes, but I do have a lot of money saved up and I hope that in this situation my mom would threaten about something like this my dad would step in. I make enough to pay a small amount for rent, clothes, etc., if need be.

What is your general relationship with your parents? If you've gotten along well and have always known their love -- and shared your love for them in return -- chances are they'll be able to deal with the issue in a positive way.
- Good relationship

What is their moral societal view? If they tend to see social issues in clear terms of good/bad or holy/sinful, you may anticipate that they will have serious problems dealing with your sexuality. If, however, they've evidenced a degree of flexibility when dealing with other changing societal matters, you may be able to anticipate a willingness to work this through with you.
- My dad will probably be ok. My mom however with the whole Christian view on things will probably not be ask accepting.

Is this your decision? Not everyone should come out to their parents. Don't be pressured into it if you're not sure you'll be better off by doing so -- no matter what their response.
- Yes, so this has me thinking do I really need to because I'm getting along fine without telling them. I just feel bad that I can't and that I am lying and hiding stuff to them.

He would have saved me

I was at lunch today with Linda and the family at Shakeys Pizza. The Guy called me when we were at the restaurant and he sensed how I didn't want to be there. He offered to come and pick me up, then bring me home later. Keep in mind that if he were to do this, it would have been 20 or so miles out of his way. He has no excuse really though considering I drive the 30 miles each way to his place all the time. But to see that he cares is priceless.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My gym mix

Zoe, my iPod broke a few months back. I never used my iPod at the gym or anything like that, so it was no big deal, but then I did some investigating and discovered my Blackberry has a memory card (which I knew), but I didn't really think of putting music on it. Techie Mike played around and added these 20 hot songs to his Blackberry in playing around and then decided to tote his Blackberry named Kenny with him to the gym.

Touch My Body- Mariah Carey
9 in the Afternoon- Panic! At the Disco
Back When I Knew It All- Montgomery Gentry
Fill Me In- Craig David
Because of You- Kelly Clarkson
Bringing Out the Elvis- Faith Hill
Do You Know The Way To San Jose?- Dionne Warwick
Angel of Mine- Monica
Dedicated to the One I Love- The Mamas & The Papas
One Fine Day- The Chiffons
Tainted Love- Soft Cell
Night Drive- Jimmy Eat World
Genio Atrapado- Christina Aguleria
Home- Michael Buble
I Am An Illusion- Rob Thomas
Big Man In Town- Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons
Africa- Toto
Manic Monday- The Bangles
Won't Go Home Without You- Maroon 5
Summer Girls- LFO

Now, at the gym, I fit right in with 2 earbuds in my ears like everyone else. I feel normal.

I thought I'd also point out that I tend to name things I own. My car is Bob. My phone is Kenny. My iPod was Zoe. My car keys are named Llaves. My backpack is named PackPack. I have yet to name my MacBook, but I'm thinking José.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Guy's Computer Shop

The Guy im'd me at 8:30a.m. as I was just waking up. He asked me what I was doing, where I was going, what I was doing today, etc. He said I should come over. I barely had a few minutes to think about what I was going to do today. I didn't get called in to work, so I figured why not go visit The Guy?

I get over to his place about 10a.m. He had already been to the dog park with his dog and spent 2 hours there until 2 huskies tried to beat up on his dog. His dog is a big 110lb dog mind you. Anyways, The Guy was im'ing friends, working on Joe's Toshiba (the computer The Guy wanted to give to me 3-4 months back after my Dell was on its last legs.) He was calling Circuit City trying to get it repaired because a line was showing up in the middle of the screen and so he wanted to get it fixed so he could find someone who wants the computer. Then The Guy worked on updating his Macbook Pro. He hasn't been using it lately and wanted to do all the updates. Then The Guy worked on his friend Jeff's HP that he has been trying to fix. He got the hard drive and so he spent the morning putting the new hard drive in and getting that back up and running. He had to install Vista, then do all the drivers, then he went through and installed iTunes. I laughed that he did that, but he said if anyone could mess it up Jeff would and so he wasn't going to chance it. The Guy loaded some music onto his iTunes, which was nice. It was all of the stuff he downloaded the other day on amazon. He also tried to get all of the network settings straight on Jeff's computer. The Guy also talked about his old Mac he is upgrading- the one from 2003- the G4 I believe.

After doing all of this we ate lunch- cole slaw. Then after that, The Guy asked if I was still hungry and I said no. He made fun of me for only wanting that. I only had maybe 1/2-1cup of cole slaw. I was not too hungry only eating a little while ago. The Guy insisted I had more and warmed me up some pasta. Then he asked if I felt better for eating all of that.

We read an e-mail that THe Guy's aunt sent about Barack Obama which offended The Guy because there was no fact to it. Then he calls his brother to ask if he had received it. He was about to call his mom, but he got distracted. We talk about my sister getting a taste of her own medicine after missing the train after school yesterday.

We sat and watched wrestling on HDNet. We remarked at various guys' hot asses, hot abs, hot nips, hot tan, etc. None of the faces were hot- most were busted unfortunately. The Guy ran back and forth making sure all of his computers were up and running. He said gay guys could make good wrestlers because they can do the moves and don't appear homophobic about it- just say take the guy down and put him in the doggy style position.

We made a trip to Best Buy to return all of the memory The Guy bought the other day that didn't fit his Mac. On the way he called Aaron who had called him a few minutes earlier, but he missed his call. Aaron was on a bike ride. He asked Aaron what he's been up to, things like that. Then about the time we got to Best Buy The Guy said that I'm with him because of crazy Linda. Aaron hadn't heard about Linda. The Guy was about to explain how she drives me insane as we were walking into Best Buy and so he said we'd call him back. Then when he calls him back after we walk through the store and return the items and he explains how Linda is crazy and makes bad food leg bacon with cheddar cheese on it and calls it breakfast, yet Linda is big and is trying to lose weight, but doesn't eat. We go to CVS because The Guy needs his happy pills. His mom calls on the way since she's having problems with the computers at work. He helps her and talks about his dad's sister (his aunt in Texas) who sent him an e-mail that he didn't like about how Barack Obama is mentioned in the Bible as the one who is from the east. His mom basically said he was right for asking her to not send any more e-mails.

We go back to The Guy's place and call Aaron as we're sitting in the car. Aaron says he is coming over. We know when Aaron says he is coming over that he means in a while, not soon.

We go in the office and square the computers away and look at for the 1000th time today. The Guy was whining all day about how they haven't changed that page in days and there has been no big news. Then there was the same annoying iPhone ad on Oh, the crisis. Then I see him rubbing his crotch and he has his hand in his pants. He pushes my head down to it and I suck his dick and play with his nipples with my hand. I have my hand on the outside of his shirt, but he pulls it up and has me move my hand under his shirt and then suck on his nipples. Then I lick his chest and suck his dick some more.

The Guy says that he wants me to drop my pants, take my shirt off, lube my ass up and wait for him doggy style on the bed. I do so and he comes in after a few minutes and drops his pants and he fucks me doggy style. He does this for a while trying several different positions and he licks my ears, then spits on his hand and rubs my ears with the spit. It was hot- I could have had an orgasm just from that alone. Then we go back to me sucking his dick and he sucks mine. He jacks my dick off and I shoot on my leg. He shoots on his shirt. We were both lubed up and so he proclaimed it was shower time. We hop in the shower- we wash our bodies, use his special collagen enhancing facial scrub, and wash our hair. We get out and get dressed.

We wait around a while longer for Aaron to show. Aaron looked very hot as he had not shaved in the past couple days, was wearing a very light beige khaki pant, white shoes, and a white t-shirt with a girl kicking a ball and it had a map on it. Very unique. We hugged and said our hellos. Then we talked about what we've been up to. Aaron wanted to hear more about Linda, so I spilled the beans. We all got a kick out of her. Then The Guy talked about what he's been doing- school etc., and how he hasn't played WOW because while he hasn't been doing schoolwork he is taking care of other things. THANK GOODNESS.

We debated about dinner. The Guy said I wasn't going to decide what we were having for dinner since I'm so indecisive. I said today I actually knew what I wanted- burgers or chicken. The Guy said this was the one time he had neither. He asked about pizza. Pizza it was- he ordered some Round Table Pizza- the extreme veggie pizza.

We stand around talking about Aaron's new boyfriend Emilio. He is a painter and lives in the city next to Aaron. They have been going out for a few months, which explains why I hadn't seen Aaron since Super Bowl Sunday. Aaron wouldn't talk about what base he had to with Emilio and asked The Guy to define bases. 1st base we determined was a kiss, 2nd is clothes off and oral, 3rd is oral and almost sex, 4th base (the guy didn't know there was no 4th base) is all the way. Aaron didn't want to divulge details and The Guy was able to pry some information out- halfway between 1st and 2nd. We somehow think he has been farther. He wouldn't even show us a pic of him. Oh well. The Guy asked The Guy about his relationships and THE GUY IS NOT DATING ANYONE. He hasn't talked to Colton in a few weeks. He made that clear. I don't think Aaron knows about The Guy and I.

We talked about Aaron and his relationship with his parents- it is waning. Then he talked about how his mom does know he is gay. His dad probably knows, but he hasn't said anything.

We help The Guy out with his $1000 or so racing bike that he has in his office that he has never ridden since it needs to be adjusted. Aaron was talking so much about riding his bike, The Guy wanted to try riding his. He puts on his biking shoes- the kind that clasp into the pedals. Then we go outside. Aaron and I talk about work while The Guy tries to get the hang of the clasps on the shoes and pedals, falls off, and does whatever. We help him out when we can. The Guy determines finally after listening to Aaron the seat is too high. Then Aaron tries to ride the bike and I hold onto him. I held his hand getting on and then sort of hugged him as he rode.

The pizza came and we each had about 5 slices. We watched "Arrested Development" and laughed a lot while doing that. OMG. I love that show. It was fun stuff. Aaron missed a lot of jokes, but was able to ID John Beard in the show.

About 7:30 Aaron said he had to leave and I said I did too because I had a lot to do, which is true. I had to study for Spanish. We hugged and said our goodbyes. The Guy said Aaron didn't give good hugs and so The Guy asked for a 2nd hug and made sure they got up into each other and bodies were touching rather than Aaron just sort of draping his arm over someone to hug them. Aaron and I hug and he has suddenly really improved- he uses both arms, arms rest over shoulders. The Guy makes sure we're hugging well by pressing us both up into each other.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Doin' it our way! yes our way!

The Guy im'd me about 9:30 asking what I was up to and what I had planned for the day. He said I should be over there because he doesn't have all day, he does have all day to hang out with me though.

I got dressed and made my way over there. I put 16 gallons of gas in my car for $3.73 per gallon, which cost me just a hair over $60.00 to fill my car up. I paid $3.59 last week and it only took $56 to fill my car. $60 was just so depressing.

As I'm walking in he is making eggs and egg whites. My mom calls me wondering if there is something wrong- Linda called my mom to say I was nearly out of gas in my car. My mom called to see if something was wrong like I didn't have enough in my bank account to pay for gas, and after filling up for $60 I felt that way, but everything was fine. The Guy got a huge kick out of this that Linda would call my mom to tell her that and not tell me.

The Guy eats and we sit around listening to his iTunes in the living room. Then we go into the office and he cruises around online. Then he says we're going to the pet store to get his dog some treats.

In the car, The Guy is telling me about spending Friday night with his best friend Zac. Then he talked about altering his plans on Saturday for a friend who was visiting from San Diego and The Guy went out of his way to cater and do what he could. His friend flaked on him even after The Guy said he would drive him back to San Diego after they hung out. He concluded next time he is just going to say no because his friend is all about me, me, me.

Through all of this The Guy was not paying attention to where he was driving and we ended up at Target. WE HAVE NOT HAD A TARGET ADVENTURE IN FOREVER!!! He was then wondering why we came. He decided he needed new spatulas since his dog got to his. We go over and look at those and can openers. Everything "looks like ass" or is "really cheap." We then look at picture frames because The Guy's friend sent him some pics he wants to frame. Then The Guy picks up some diploma frames and wants to frame his. Then we make our way over to the pet treats. The Guy says he doesn't need any of this stuff he just put in the cart, then asks if he can bail the cart. I said yeah, nobody will know. He starts walking away and I thought he'd go back to it. Nope. We end up in the chips looking and I convince him to not get the 50% less fat Lays since he told me I couldn't let him get either he told me before we headed out. We then see some Dove chocolate that said "beautiful" and "vitalize." On the wrapper it touts that it has B or C vitamins. The Guy concluded it must be healthy, so we bought some of that. We also got the trail mix that Linda says is so good. As we walked out we felt like beauties as we indulged on the Dove chocolate. We were ready to take on the next set of stores!

We went to Petco and got those rubber balls that you can put food in to make the dog have to work to get his food. The Guy heard good things about how it stimulates and makes the dog think, so he wanted to get some stuff. We walked around for about 25 minutes getting treats and stuff to fill the balls with. The Guy also got a frisbee for the dog. Then at the register The Guy wanted a new ID tag for his dog and said I want this one. The clerk asked what color The Guy's dog was. She asked if his dog was white. He said no. She said good because the blue dog tag bleeds and would turn his dog blue. The Guy said no thanks and walking out said "translation, this product is really cheap and don't buy it."

Now where? The Farmers Market? Not quite- that was an idea, but we were right across from Best Buy, so that sounded like a good place to go. The Guy wanted a Bluetooth dongle, an Apple bluetooth mouse, and 4 sticks of 1GB memory for a 5 year old G4 he was trying to refurbish. It was his first Mac he bought. The Guy just got a new hard drive for it and wants to get a new video card so he can either sell it (he could still get about $800 he estimates for it) or to give to a friend. We run around and get that stuff. At the register The Guy totally flirts with the heavyset girl checking us out. Her name was Buffie. He says stuff like we have all that memory over there (that the man in the computer dept. took to the front), then he says "I could have used a cheesy line like 'it's a good thing I reMEMBERED IT." She laughed. He also flirted about using his rewards card with her and other things. As we're walking out he asks if he was flirting with a fat chick and I said yes.

While on our way to the next place, we talked about random things like a sign The Guy swears he saw for a vagina lift. I asked why you need that. Then he says that it is because a girl has had too much sex that her vagina has expanded so much that when a guy puts his dick in he's not getting anything from it, so he's like honey, gotta get a lift and make it tight again.

The Guy then starts singing the "Laverne & Shirley" theme song. I accidentally say "always" because I thought that the second time they say that in the song it was "always" and not "OUR WAY." While at a stop light, The Guy gets on his iPhone and gets the lyrics via the internet. He proves me wrong and we go down the road singing and we look at his iPhone for lyrics. He makes sure to emphasize the "DOIN' IT OUR WAY" parts.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Sclemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated.
We're gonna do it!

Give us any chance, we'll take it.
Give us any rule, we'll break it.
We're gonna make our dreams come true.
Doin' it our way.

Nothin's gonna turn us back now,
Straight ahead and on the track now.
We're gonna make our dreams come true,
Doin' it our way.

There is nothing we won't try,
Never heard the word impossible.
This time there's no stopping us.
We're gonna do it.

On your mark, get set, and go now,
Got a dream and we just know now,
We're gonna make our dream come true.
And we'll do it our way, yes our way.
Make all our dreams come true,
And do it our way, yes our way,
Make all our dreams come true
For me and you.

Then we arrived at the Farmer's Market. We go in looking for lunch. Do we come out with lunch? No. We go in and The Guy says I can't let him get brie or bread. We go over to the supplements and beauty section. The Guy is looking for some butter oil or something he wanted to try. He gets some chocolate pills he finds that are a dietary supplement. We go through the store singing Laverne and Shirley and we're going through the store, doin' it our way singing, talking, and looking at all the cool stuff. We get some of the clear seltzer drinks he suddenly likes. We get yogurt, eggs, and then we end up over in the cooking products. The Guy wants to try rice vinegar. They have about 10 different types of rice vinegar- toasted vinegar, genuine, etc. etc. The Guy finds a bunch of other things- wine vinegar, grapeseed oil, flaxseed oil, and a bunch of other random things. We end up with $250.00 in new random cooking products. Food? We did get turkey and pasta, but do you think we'd actually make that for lunch? No. The clerk at the store said The Guy always cracks her up because he has so much to say and stuff like that. The Guy said she should put him on the microphone when he comes in. This checker is funny. She has cat eye glasses.

We get back to The Guy's place and he wants to clean out his cabinets for all the new cooking products. He throws out all of his old dietary supplements and other diet stuff, all canned products he had, old marsala cooking wine, his Jack Daniels whiskey he uses for cooking and replaces it with the grapeseed oil. We make 3 trash runs. Then I get up to the top shelf because I'm tall enough and clean out his liquor selection. He wants me to hand him all the bottles- he keeps all of the margarita mix but thows out rum, bourbon, whiskey, and a bunch of other stuff. The only thing that remains is a bottle of Vodka and margarita mix.

The Guy puts all of the stuff we just bought at Best Buy into the 5 year old Mac and all of it works- including the Bluetooth and no installation required- now would that have happened on a Windows PC? I say no because you'd have to install the CD, then restart the computer, plug the Bluetooth in, then with the age, it likely wouldn't have worked. The Guy also put Leopard on this computer. It is a G4 with a core 2 duo 1.2GHZ processor, 2gigs of memory, 500gb hard drive, and now he's going to put a new graphics card in it. He discovered once we got home all the Bluetooth dongles he had sitting around.

The Guy defrosts some pot stickers and some Indian potatoes in a curry sauce. We stand in the kitchen eating pot stickers dipping them in a stir fry sauce. Yummy. Then when the potatoes are done, which he puts over rice are done we go to the living room and sit and eat them.

After that is over we again feel the need to beautify ourselves. We pull out some more of that Dove chocolate and detox while watching "Legally Blonde." We laugh and enjoy the movie. We both know the lines to this. We talk about the hot guys like Warner and we recite the lines like about doing the "bend and snap."

Afterward, we go back in and look at the Mac, talk a few more minutes about my complaint to the Apple Headquarters about the bad treatment at the Victoria Gardens Apple Store, and how they are busted. Then The Guy asks if we can cut this afternoon short because he has some homework and I say I do to- I have a Spanish test tomorrow. I have a 3 day Spanish test- the grammar portion is tomorrow, the oral portion is Wednesday, and Friday is the essay. I left about 5:30.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I was so close that I had to call

The Guy im'd me on Tuesday asking where I'd been since he hadn't talked to me. I said I just got home from Victoria Gardens and he was upset I hadn't called when I was so close to his house. He hounded me with questions to determine how free I was and that it was my fault for not calling. I was seriously thinking about it but I didn't. We decided that so I don't have to drive back we'd hang out another day. Yesterday I was subbing at a school down his street, 3 minutes from his house. I was excited. I was going to call him after school let out and say that I was this close, I had to call because I knew that I couldn't get by not doing it when I was this close. He texted me 30 minutes before I got off work and I texted him back saying I'm on his street, I was planning on calling because I was this close. I said I couldn't not do it. He responded back with "I'd be dead :)"

He just got to his place as I was. He was working on his friend Jeff's laptop. We talked about what we've been up to. I told him about Linda, Linda's birthday, abandoned cars hitting my car, and all of the weeks random events. He laughed so hard over the Linda stories. Fun stuff.

About 2:30 The Guy wanted to lay down, but said I couldn't let him fall asleep. We laid in bed and then he talked about how he should go to the gym and I told him he should go. I wouldn't stop him. He didn't want to leave me, but I said that would give me time to work on my political science stuff. Then as we're laying there we play with his dog who wants to lay over with me on my side of the bed. He was very jealous and I kept trying to entice his dog to lay next to me. He kept coming over to me and I laid him down and cuddled up to the dog. The Guy was very jealous and finally got up and got dog treats in the kitchen to get his dog to go in there. After The Guy won his dog back he came in and laid down. He talked about how he needs to only buy healthy food, random stuff like that. I told The Guy he was very sexy and how hot he was looking. We talked about going to the gym and how I should get a Bally's membership so I could go with him to the gym. I said I'll look into it. I talked about the trainers at my gym who need to lose a few pounds themselves. I told him about the new trainer who is so large she can barely walk. Then I said if I went to the Ballys where I live there'd probably be a lot of really hot, latino guys with uncut dicks. He then joked around with me about liking latino guys.

Then about 3p.m. he said he was going to go work out and he pulled his shorts down and I started to suck his dick. I was really enjoying doing that and stroking mine at the same time and having The Guy squeeze my ass. He also touched my dick and played with it. I jacked his dick a little as I was blowing him and he told me that I should jack him off. That's hot because The Guy is uncut and so I got to play around with his foreskin and bring it up over his head. He was telling me to grab more foreskin and stuff like that. HOW HOT!!!! I sucked him off and on while jacking him. I laid up on his chest, he rubbed my head and jacked my dick while I jacked his. Then I moved down to his legs and sucked his balls and licked the inside of his legs while he shot his load. He had his big beefy legs resting on my back and wrapped around me, which felt so hot because I love having his body on me. He shot all over his shirt he wore to work. He joked afterward about how he can't wear it to work today.

After this, The Guy went into the office and logged onto to buy 10 pairs of black, Calvin Klein boxer briefs at $20 a piece; 10 black t-shirts (that's all he wears around the house) at $30 a piece; then 10 pairs of socks at $10 a piece. The Guy got up to go workout after coming back in the house a couple times saying he was home and I asked him if he had a good workout. Finally he took off and I got to work on my homework. The Guy called me on his way to and from the gym. First to sing the "lie lie lie, la la luh la lie lie lie" portion of the Simon & Garfunkel song "The Boxer" to me that he was singing earlier that I told him not to because it would get stuck in my head. Then he called me to ask if I was hungry on the way home.

When he got home he said we would barbecue. First The Guy washed down the patio cleaning up dog piss and poop. Then he killed some wasps in nests. Then he said he needed me out there if they were to sting him. We barbecued some lamb, chicken breasts, and filet mignon. The filet mignon was from the farmer's market and was rather disappointing. The lamb was delicious. That was dinner.

We went into the office afterward and The Guy worked on his friend Jeff's laptop to try and reinstall Windows Vista on it. He talked about how bad Windows Vista was, read reviews online about it to me, and petitions about trying to save Windows XP. The Guy who has a master's in computer technologies said it worse than Windows ME. After several tests he determined the hard drive was fried and the computer is only a few months old.

We sat down in the living room eating apples and peanut butter, then popcorn. The Guy made us each our own bowl because I'm such a pig when it comes to popcorn. I'm not denying it, but I'm not saying it is true. There was just that one time... Anyways we watched 2 episodes of "Law and Order."

Then we went back into the office and The Guy called HP and spent ONLY 45 minutes with what he said was the world's slowest tech support lady telling her that the hard drive was fried. She was nice, but she was slow. Honestly, she was nice- Dell would have given tons of runaround and not listened. The woman was hilarious- she said the hard drive test would take a long time and wanted to know if he had dinner. Then later asked if he wanted to go to the bathroom. Funny stuff. We laughed afterward about it, but also said how nice she was and how relatively easy, yet time consuming that was. At 9p.m. he called Jeff to tell him to come give him his Macbook Pro back so he could play WOW and that he would have his hard drive in a few days.

The Guy was reading status messages from his friends on myspace and said that one guy is a real slut. He said he means it and bets he can find him online. He goes online to the first male escort site that comes up, searches San Diego, then finds him. He said I wasn't joking. So we sit there going through all of the male escorts finding the hottest ones and ones we like the best in the San Diego and Phoenix area. We were looking at San Diego because The Guy used to live there and that's where the guy we were looking up was from. We all agreed on the same guys being hot. The Guy loves young guys with muscular builds, and very skinny. I, however, as we know like older. We did agree on the same guys being hot though. We agreed that was fun looking at guys online.

I left about 10:15 right after Jeff came. Going home I was SOOOOOOOOOOO horny that I started stroking my hardon in my pants just rubbing my hand over it. I shot a load in 2-3 minutes. It must have been huge- I don't know, but I do know that my black 2xist boxer briefs were really wet afterward and there was a huge cum stain on my beige khakis that I was wearing. First time I've ever done that while driving and I didn't crash. Not going to do that too often- I was just horny and it couldn't wait and I didn't know I could get off like that without groping my hand around my dick.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Than a Handshake- A Change of Affection

I've noticed lately guys being overly friendly with each other. Let me backtrack; I am not sure overly friendly is the word because I don't think it is; just steeping outside of social norms. I am talking about instead of a handshake when seeing someone, you give them a hug. I'm not talking about anything romantic; just a quick, nice hello hug, if you will.

The other night when I saw Mike and friends, Mike T and I shook hands at first. The other Mike and I hugged. At the end of the night, Mike T and I hugged. There wasn't anything sexual involved- just good friends hugging. When I was in high school, The Mikes and I would shake each other's hands- a nice male handshake- looking each other in the eyes, tightly gripping each other's hands, and that was perfectly acceptable. Now, it is different; is it because of time, or because we're closer... or neither?

At work, there is a new guy named Carl. He is a hot filipino guy btw, with his Abercrombie clothes. Anyways, he always greets me with a smile and then just a friendly hug. I've known him since middle school believe it or not and this is a new thing for him- I'm saying within the past 6 months or so. I know he is a lot more outgoing than in middle or high school; so that can be attributed to his change in attitude/sudden hugging, maybe?

I notice at the high school I tutor at there are some senior football players and they're into hugging each other. These males who are thought to me the most masculine men in school hugging one another. Again, it is something that I've noticed this year. Just today, one of the seniors, J was in the room, C walks in and goes to his desk. J comes up and sort of swings around, putting his arm around C and eventually closing his arms to hug him. J moves from hugging him and the whole encounter may have lasted 8-10 seconds; then they make smalltalk about something in their Economics class.

None of these guys are gay or bi to my knowledge. Mike T had a girlfriend for a year in high school. He hasn't dated since then and we don't really talk about girls. The other Mike has not had a girlfriend. Both, to my knowledge are straight. Carl's myspace and facebook profiles both say he is straight and he has a girlfriend that I have met. The high schoolers I mentioned say in their myspace profiles they are straight. J has a girl he has liked for over a year and is going to prom with.

I guess what I'm getting at is this seems to be a new trend; is it that guys are suddenly more comfortable in hugging each other? I don't think it is that I'm becoming more aware of my surroundings and what other guys are doing. I know that in high school had I hugged Mike like when I saw him there would have been some stares and negative comments. So what caused this change and when did it become more socially acceptable for a guy to hug another guy? Am I just being overly sensitive to the issue and am suddenly noticing this since I'm accepting my sexuality and hugging [gay] male friends more and more? Not that I'm complaining about all of this... I enjoy hugs from males or females... I think it is great that guys are becoming comfortable enough to do this. But I guess I'm asking am I the only one seeing this?

Finally playing them

After 6 years KFROG 95.1 is now playing the Dixie Chicks. They stopped after the whole Toby Keith and Dixie Chicks feud. It has bothered me that though the Chicks are country, they weren't played on the Frog. I heard them the past 2 mornings when driving to school. Yesterday I heard "There's Your Trouble," and the morning before that I heard "Ready to Run." I'm sure the ignorant ass in the afternoon, Hoppy, won't play any Dixie Chicks; it is a start though.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


The Guy texted me at 12:40 today just after I got home from the grocery store. He wanted to know how I was. A few more texts later and he was inviting me to come over to sandwich it up with him.

When I got over he was laying down and had a headache. He was tired and was in bed at 11:30 last night. He told me everything was in the kitchen and to go ahead and make a sandwich. I did. I ate and came back in and laid down with him. I told him about my day and helping Linda at Circuit City with a home theater system and a new TV. He asked what she got and I told her- a $500 home stereo system for the 13 inch TV in the kitchen and an Onkyo system and Sony TV for the living room. He was upset because of what I said she wanted to do- I knew he would be. He was so upset he had me call Linda and advise her to not put all 5 speakers under the desk in the kitchen and that a 13 inch TV probably doesn't have audio in and outputs. I called and told her to return the stereo system and use the $500 she paid for the theater system for the kitchen and use that money for a new, bigger, digital television. She didn't want The Guy's help though he was offering. He has a master's in computer technologies I found out.

We laid down and slept until about 4p.m. It was so nice to sleep- we were pretty close and the dog was in between.

Afterward, we got up and The Guy felt compelled to buy something. He thought about buying a new head unit for his stereo system in his car, but the updates were so minor he decided against it. We went on Best Buy's website and he was going to buy an ice cream maker, but I told him how there is a core inside them that you have to freeze and then he saw how unhealthy some of the ice cream recipes were. Finally he said he was going to buy a vacuum since he decided a few weeks back his had no suction.

He got up, put the dog in the crate, and decided he was too tired. We let the dog out and laid on the couch watching "Law and Order." We had some beer and cheddar chips while watching TV. He told me that I should go get ice cream and asked how my gas situation was. He said I should take his gas card and go to Arco and fill up my car because I come over there so often. I said no and that was ok. He was also complaining that his head hurt because of the caffeine withdrawals possibly. Then at 6p.m. he said we were going to go to Best Buy. He then said no, he was tired, then decided against it. Then walked outside and said it was too hot, decided against it. I followed him back in. Then he said we can do it and we rushed to the car and got in to go.

In the car he called Aaron on my cell phone since he left his at home to charge. He was saying how he was so excited to buy a vacuum and so on.

We get to Best Buy and look at the Dyson's. There is the model that The Guy has, then there are 2 Dyson ball models- 1 older and 1 newer. The older looked like it had a bigger canister and motor. The idiot at Best Buy helping us claimed that the Dyson Ball The Guy had his heart set on was 11amps- it was maybe 6.5- honestly- the thing has no suction we found out when we got home. The Guy is convinced otherwise- but I saw it didn't pick up pet hair. I am a huge comparison shopper when it comes to anything major I buy. The Guy on the other hand chooses something by expensiveness and newness- if it is expensive it is good. The 11amp Dyson Ball that looked like it could pick up pet hair was $419 on clearance. The Guy wanted the $599 Dyson Ball that could barely pick up anything that he bought.

We stop for ice cream at CVS, but they have none. Their freezers are empty. We go to a yogurt place that just opened next to CVS. An ounce of yogurt is $0.45. We ended up with $13.00 in yogurt. I had the green tea and the acaiberry yogurts. The Guy had lemon and chocolate, and raspberry.

We go home, eat that, then try out the vacuum. It picked up almost nothing. Even when The Guy hasn't vacuumed for a week his old Dyson picked up nearly half a container of dirt whereas this after vacuuming the whole house barely picked up 1/4 of a canister of dirt. The Guy is convinced it is an awesome vacuum. NO. It wasn't.

The Guy still had a headache and so he took Advil. We sat down to some "Law and Order." He was feeling worse and said he thought it was allergies. He asked if my medicine was prescribed for me. I said no it is OTC and he could try some if he wanted. I went out and got him Alavert. We watched another episode of "Law and Order." We saw the episode where Lenny first joined the force.

At 9p.m. I told The Guy I should get going because I had Spanish homework. I was really sad to leave. I just enjoy being with him.

It was 98 today btw. HOT HOT HOT, but beautiful.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Moisturizing and financial matters

The Guy called me and we bickered back and forth via text messages for the better part of 3 hours. I wasn't sure The Guy wanted me to come over and he wasn't give me a clear cut answer. Finally I texted him at 3:30 and said I'll be over there in 25 minutes.

As I was pulling up I noticed The Guy washed his car- he has been talking about needing to do it for WEEKS. He hasn't washed his car or had it washed in months. It really needs to be waxed- his car is newer by 2 years, but mine shines because it has been waxed. His car would really benefit from being waxed and would really shine, then the paint would feel a lot nicer.

I got to his place and he was in the office looking at celeb plastic surgery photos on the LA Times website. We sat around talking trying to guess what sort of plastic surgery each star had. Ashley Tisdale we guessed had a nose job. Joan Rivers, well, where to start. She reminded me of the Fancy Feast cat in their commercials. Forget that one woman on ET all the time who they talk about wanting to have plastic surgery to look like a cat.

The Guy asked me what good country artists are out now. I got him to download the new Chris Cagle CD as well as the Sugarland CD. He was in the process of asking me more good artists when he went through and was buying some Russian classical composer he likes. He then told me about how to appreciate classical music. I didn't tell him my cousin studied Russian and has traveled to Russia to play and study. He is now using's music service and not iTunes because amazon doesn't have an encryption on it.

The Guy asked what I did- I had a huge cut from a razor. He laughed when he found out that's why I had it. I said it is because I'm out of my essential oil shaving cream. He said that he hasn't receive the order he made on amazon for it, or he'd give it to me. He said he could see how inflamed my skin was due to razor burn and he said we need to fix me up. We went into the bathroom and I washed my face with his collagen building cleanser. It was really light and felt good on my skin. I washed it off and The Guy had some of the products out he bought last weekend when he went on the major beauty product buying spree. He gave me a beaker full of some moisture seal and put it in my hand to rub in. Then he had me put the Aveda cream on he loves. Both worked great. My skin immediately cooled down.

After, he asked if I was hungry. I said yes. He got top sirloin out of the refrigerator and began frying it. Then he poured cole slaw onto sourdough bread. Then he put shredded cheese on the sirloin. We had his coal slow burger creation. It was delicious- who knew cole slaw on a burger deal would be so good? We ate that and he told me he could only hang out until 8 because Colton wanted to hang out ALONE with The Guy. During our meal we talked about Linda and her wanting to go house hunting with my parents today and stuff like that.

After we ate, The Guy's friend Jeff came over. Jeff and him have been friends for a while and know a lot of the same guys. The Guy is paying Jeff to help him sort out the database system his dad's company is setting up to manage inventory. The Guy could do it and is capable, but Jeff just lost his job and he knows how to do this stuff and can help The Guy. The Guy is paying him $200 a week to help. Jeff has a Lexus convertible btw- he's only 23- I only mention that because we talked about money and how responsible I am. In the car on the way to the Farmer's Market, The Guy told me how he is helping Jeff out and instead of just saying he'll pay him back wants him to do work- a win, win situation for both of them. The Guy said that now if it were me, he'd just go ahead and lend me the money because, he knows like Jeff I'd pay the money back, but that I am more grateful and how I'd probably feel a lot more guilt about a loan as well as how I am very independent and don't like to rely on others. The Guy showed Jeff what he needs done and left him to solve the data entry problem. Then we talked about things like why MOnster Energy drinks are unhealthy- The Guy talked for a while about how he wanted one and Jeff said NO. Then Jeff went through The Guy's DVD collection and took out DVDs he wants to rip.

The Guy told a story to Jeff and I about a year or so ago he went to THE ABBEY in Hollywood and was sitting down, having a drink. He went in the back to go to the bathroom and as he was walking back, his straight brother was standing there in the middle talking with a group of friends. The Guy made a scene and yelled "BROTHER- DON'T TELL ME YOU'RE GAY." His brother just started laughing hysterically and said no- he was there with his gay friends- all of his actor friends are gay. He was there with his friend from "Project Runway."

The Guy and Jeff were also talking about how nice his dad is. His dad owns a big business, but he keeps so little money for himself and the family. That's not to say that The Guy and his brother are not spoiled- WE KNOW THAT IS NOT THE CASE. But as far as treating all of his employees this way. One employee had to take an extended absence to care for a family member and his dad continued to pay her the full paycheck. His dad gives yearly bonuses for performance- and not here's $100, $1000, but it is not unusual for sales people to get $30-$40,000 bonuses. Some even get their paycheck in bonuses. The Guy's dad feels if you perform you need to get rewarded and his dad's employees have been there for years. That's where The Guy got his great and giving heart from.

Jeff left and The Guy and I went to the Farmers Market. He called Colton to say come by at 8:30 instead of 8. In the car we talk about my sister's extreme reaction to curse words and Linda's recycling habits. Linda recycles everything and sorts her recycling by type, for those who cared. We went through the Farmers Market and got juices, filet mignon, eggs, a bunch of oranges, and pasta ingredients. We came back and put the stuff away. By this time it was 8p.m. The Guy wasn't in a singing mood, but I was. I hummed "Angel Baby" by Rosie and the Originals, which they played in the store.

The Guy wanted to get in the spa and so we go out there with his dog. He gets the mail and we go through it in the spa. I sit on the outside like usual and he sorts the mail. He needs to start shredding his stuff- he just tears stuff like bank statements in half and I told him that he needs to do something more to protect himself. Then we sit and talk. We talk about the houses I went through with my parents today. I said all of the houses we looked at have a pool and he made some random statement like "people like water these days." I was saying that because it was true, but also because I want to become a better swimmer and The Guy would be the one to teach me since he taught people to swim for about 10 years. The conversation didn't go down that road. Instead I said that these are NICE home resorts. He didn't understand. I then said the faux, resort style rocks, barbecue islands, patio covers, etc. He asked if I was serious and I said yes. A lot of the reasons these homes are foreclosed are because the people refinanced their houses several times to build the big extravagant things like this, then they kept paying for other upgrades like travertine entry ways, house intercom systems, built in TV cabinets etc. The Guy said OOOOOOOOOOOH that all makes sense. Then The Guy got upset that people were spending money they don't have and how they didn't realize this. I chimed in how these people had such nice cars also- Hummers, Lexuses, Mercedes, etc. He said it's because they leased them- so true. Then he said he doesn't see how people can do that. He brought up his parents who built their dream house in Palm Springs in 2005 and they paid off the land, which cost $160,000; but how they are so smart with money and now the loan is less than half of what it was in 3 years on the physical house. Yes, it is because they do have the money to pay it off like that. But we talked about how all of our parents are better than other generations with money. My dad is just 5 years younger than The Guy's mom. Yes, my parents are old. Anyways, I said how my parents bought their house in the mid-70s and had it paid off in the mid-90s. The Guy seemed skeptical since teachers don't make a lot, but I reminded him my parents used to have much different jobs and my mom used to have a job that paid 80% more than she makes now as a teacher; but my parents hate not truly owning their possessions and having everything on credit. I said our cars are almost paid off (and my parents cars are 2-3 years old). Then he talked about how he is so bad with money, his parents know that; that's why his brother is in charge of his parent's will. He said that's what makes him proud of me- I am conservative with money (for the mostpart- I was before I met him- that's for sure, but I still can have some restraint and do- he points out how I have saved a lot of money for a car). He said with money he knows that I spend it on worthwhile things- I spend my money on others and not on myself. He went on about that's something he likes in me, but also that's why he has no guilt spending money on me and he knows that I truly appreciate everything he buys for me and that most of the things I'd never buy for myself. He went on to say that's why he has no quips lending money about me if I ever needed it because I'd pay him back and unlike Jeff I'd only ask if I were desperately in need of money. I know, like my parents, I'm the same way about not having stuff on credit and how that's good. The Guy talked about how glad he is his parents are like they are because they have to sacrifice and did on their dreamhouse. They are good with money and he likes that.

We went back in about 8:15 and The Guy wanted to give me his Aveda shaving cream to take because he wasn't going to shave until Monday. I said that's ok and I'll survive. He insisted and made sure I took the moisture beaker thing from earlier that I put on. I left about 8:20 and we hugged. I thanked him for the moisture stuff. The Guy was not real anxious about Colton coming over because he just wanted to sleep. He seemed much more content that I was around, and I think he was because I'm game for whatever The Guy wants to do like sleeping and going to sleep early.

A party with the real Mike (and the trio of Mikes)

Mike T and Steve, as I have said many times are my codenames for The Guy- or were- before I told my parents his real name. Mike and Steve are friends from high school and the 3 of us were going to have a party at Mike's house Friday night. Steve couldn't make it, but I made it. It was Mike T, the other Mike, and myself.

I haven't seen Mike T in the longest time. I miss him dearly. We used to see each other every break, but he is always working and pulls 40+ hours a week at Circuit City in addition to school.

I got to Mike's place at 7:30 and the other Mike from high school was there also along with Alex. We sat around playing Guitar Hero and Mike T talked about his plans for the night- Guitar Hero, a cigar, and he was going to play bartender. Mike invited a bunch of people like his coworkers from Circuit City.

Mike T mixed me a missionary downfall- it seemed like antithesis of the Mike I remembered- that good, Christian boy, and one who would stick up for anything in the Bible- a missionary downfall didn't seem like the drink he would be mixing, or him mixing drinks alone. The other Mike didn't want anything to drink and prides himself on never having anything to drink in his life. If only Mike T's parents knew... they're even more strict and conservative than mine.

We talked about each other's lives- theater, work, school, etc. Then more people began to show. The other Mike and Alex took off. There were some funny sexual jokes passed around. Alex had an idea that they were going to go to Albertsons to recruit girls to come to the party. Mike T joked they were really blowing each other in the car. They were gone for over an hour and as more people showed like Caroline and Amanda and wondered where the 2 of them were, we said they were looking for girls. Then I said I think there is something more- Mike T explained it is like when 2 girls go to the bathroom, they like each other and want to help each other out. The 2 guys were helping each other out. They didn't get it, then Mike said in a sexual way, providing sexual favors. Amanda laughed. They were gone an hour or so. When they got back we looked over them to see if they had cum on each other.

Mike's coworkers from Circuit City began to show and one of them left with Amanda and Caroline who went to Carls Jr. for food. Mike and one of his coworkers stepped outside to the patio to have a cigar. That surprised me- Mike- Mr. Perfect- Mr. Bible Thumping- Mr. Anti-Drinking- Mr. Anti-Smoking was going to have a cigar. Basically he is going through a rebellious phase and so is experimenting with drinking, smoking, but no drugs. He says he is 21 now and so he can do what he wants.

I went back in after a while and played Rock Band with Mike and Alex. I sang "Wanted, Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi and a couple other songs. I also did "Roxanne" by the Police. It was fun times. Mike T couldn't believe I did this and that it didn't take getting me all liquored up to do that. He was also surprised at what a loud mouth I had become as I was talking back to Alex when he was saying how great of a drummer he was- I told him he wasn't etc. etc.

Mike mixed me a rum and coke and began down his "raunchy" drink list. He printed off a list of recipes of anything that sounded really raunchy and was out to make it. More of Mike's coworkers came and they kind of huddled around talking. I remained with Scott and Chris, Alex, and Mike. Scott and Chris were 2 real popular kids in high school that I hated. We didn't actually talk, but I was more comfortable around them than the Circuit City crew.

I left at 12:00a.m. because I have to be at work for a meeting at 7:30a.m. and I knew I wanted to blog about this just because Mike surprised me so much. As I was leaving though, Mike and I went outside and stood around up against his car talking. Apparently like Mike surprised me, I surprised him. He didn't see me as one who would drink, one who could drink so much and not feel a buzz (seriously, Mike's drinks were not strong- he needs to take a bartending lesson from The Guy), or be loud an obnoxious like tonight. He smoked a couple of cigarettes and we talked about my life. We talked about his life last week when we talked to each other for the first time in a long while. He wants to buy a house real soon, then go back to a university rather than community college like he is at now. I made the mistake(?) of mentioning about my dad and my relationship. It has never been great and Mike was one of the few people in high school I told about it. There were a lot of bad verbal fights between my dad and I who disagreed on a lot of issues. I told him where we have ended up and basically the situation now. He was so supportive. He didn't really drill me or anything- rather he just said he knows we haven't had the best relationship, but if I was happy now that's all that matters. He was just real nice about it and said as long as I'm happy, that's all that matters. His dad, like mine, both are the same way, so he knows where I'm coming from. This whole conversation and being able to confide in him that way just made me feel like if I were to come out to him, it would be a lot easier after seeing this side of him. I probably would have been a lot more outgoing, but I didn't want it to slip about my thing with The Guy or that I'm gay, so I was somewhat reserved and foregoed all the conversations related. We shook hands, then hugged. I think this is my first hug I have got from him. I love hugs.

So glad I got to hang out with the friends from high school tonight and I hope Mike and I hang out again soon as well as the other Mike.

I wanted to also say a couple more things- I see so many in my area who still hang out with their high school friends. Caroline and Amanda graduated the year after me, but they have a big group of friends they hang out everytime they get a chance. The same goes for Mike, Steve, Sam, Jenn, Melissa and my group. I can name a bunch of other groups I see of people, still 3 years after I graduated who are high school friends who still hang out with each other, go to the gym together, work together, and so on... that just amazes me since so many people say high school friendships don't last and college ones do.

Another thing... I enjoy blogging and love it... I love talking about random stuff in my life and stuff like that. I want to get a little more interactive I guess and rather than just talk about me, pose a question to my readers. So here's my question for tonight: What is your favorite alcoholic drink? OR Are you still in contact with high school friends?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

His call yesterday morning made my day

The Guy called me at 8:28 yesterday morning as I was still laying in bed. My alarm would be going off at 8:30a.m., and did. He was calling because he was actually going to work, on a Wednesday, instead of lying to his parents saying that he was working from home. Good. He plans to go to work Wednesday through Saturday. YAY for him. This is good because it shows that he is in a good mood and not wanting to be confined to the house constantly. He is also going to go the gym 4 times this week- everyday after work as opposed to maybe once in the previous 4-5 weeks.

We chatted about both of our whereabouts and Linda. Linda is an interesting thing to talk about and so we talked about that. Then he said for me to come over that afternoon since we needed to hang out. I just love when he calls me in the morning (and I'm not sleeping), but seriously the call was so welcome. It made me feel so special to know that he cares for me, enough to call, that he was thinking of me.

I text him about 3:30 after he left the gym and said I would come over if he still wanted to hang out, but I had some errands to run. I had to go to the bank. Got to his place at 4:50p.m.

The Guy was in his bathroom trying on the new glycylic acid peel he bought on Saturday night. He applied it conservatively, then decided he didn't have enough on and poured half of the bottle on his hand, then applied it to his face. It stung him and he gave it 5 minutes. Then he washed it off and we felt his skin. It was very smooth.

In the meantime, The Guy was restoring his new Macbook because the RAID card again on it was not working. His RAID cards (hard drives) were erased when he did the RAID card software update. He was glad to have backed the computer up the night before. Then we took some time to update all of our Mac's. His Macbook Air and my Macbook Pro. Then we sat down and he played around with the new Adobe video and music service for Macs. He was impressed how many shows were on there and the good quality.

Then he said he needed some instant gratification, another sign he was in a good mood. He said we'd go to walk outside and show off his new skin by going to Best Buy. The Guy said "WALK" which the dog responded to, so we took his dog for a walk around the park across the street. We talked about Linda, yet again, and how I need to make sure Linda's son is gay. HAHA. He is a mama's boy and has never had a girlfriend... that's my only proof. HAHA

We get back to his place and then take off. We go to Best Buy and as we're driving I point out Bakers Square closed. Then I say I could see Cocos or Carrows moving in there, much to The Guy's dismay. Or I say it could be an Olive Garden, though it would be too small, but that's what happened when the Bakers Square in my city closed last year. We get to Best Buy and The Guy almost pulls into a new parking space they have designated at Best Buy for expectant mothers. We talk about how stupid that is, how that is the first space we've seen like that. Then I mention how I heard on the news that the California legislature is looking at the issue of close parking spaces for pregnant women. He said that the legislature is so stupid and has nothing better to do, how that would be hard to enforce, and who would support it? I said all the pregnant women and women's rights groups and so on. Then we talk about how that would create a new bureaucracy for special stickers or something for cars to prove you're pregnant. Might I mention that the overweight Mexican woman with a bunch of tattoos and a cigarette in her mouth looked very pregnant when she parked there? She wasn't that I could tell, note the sarcasm.

We get 5 DVDs like "The Sound of Music," "Stardust," and a couple others that didn't float my boat.

The Guy called a guy named Mondo and made a date for Friday night; he knows they're not compatible, but The Guy flaked on him once and doesn't want to do it again since he keeps calling. The Guy and Colton aren't really going out- The Guy is saying that to appease Colton is what I'm gathering. Oh well... I'm over that... really... I'm happy that The Guy is getting out, is happy, and that he's my friend.

We couldn't decide where to eat dinner. That meant we should go to the Farmers Market. We walk through the store singing to the music they play; honestly, we both sing everytime we're there. They play a bunch of oldies and we both grew up listening to oldies. Today we sang some Mindbenders, "Groovy Kind of Love." I enjoy just going to hear the music because it is not the stuff you hear on KOLA 99.9 or KRTH 101. My oldies playlist on my iPod is much bigger than KRTH's playlist of 200 or so songs they play over and over. I like going to hear songs I haven't heard in a while when I go to that store.

We came out with 3 bags and $100 of merchandise. The Guy said he wanted 5-6 bags of stuff so he could at least feel like he spent $100. He bought $40.00 health juice, so that was a big part of the bill.

We get back to his place and cook some pasta. The Guy and I couldn't decide between bacon and cheddar quesadillas or pasta. The Guy had bacon frying on the stove when I came back in from doing a trash run. I said pasta sounded good. He said he didn't know why he was making the bacon. After making the bacon, The Guy got out the hamburger we got, fried that in the bacon grease. That turned my stomach, but it was a-okay. The Guy chopped the bacon, added it to the hamburger. Then he added the tomato and basil pasta we just bought. Then at the end, he added the romano cheese and served the food for both of us. OMG IT WAS SOOOOOOO GOOD!!! There was so much cheese on the pasta that every bite you had tons of cheese stretching from your plate to your mouth.

We sat down and watched 2 episodes of "Law and Order," which were both nailbiting and dramatical. I laid up next to The Guy on the couch, which I could do, since he wasn't on the computer for a change.

I also wanted to point out The Guy's amazing vocabulary. I was talking with DaninOKC yesterday morning after The Guy called, we were chatting about languages, traveling, and possibly traveling with The Guy. I mentioned how The Guy scored in the 99th percentile on his GREs in English. To give you an example here are some of the words he used last night alone- vindicate (to clear someone's name), recalcitrant (uncooperative), and ardent (passionate). This was just a couple of the words he used in the course of 5-6 hours to give you an example of how varied his vocabulary is. I sometimes think after time together with him, I haven't heard that word since we used to Wordly Wise (look at some of the words I learned) in 7th grade with Mrs. H (an SAT vocabulary activity book where I learned a ton of words like that), or I remember that word from AP English 11, and sometimes I don't know the meanings of words he uses; but that he is able to incorporate words so effortlessly into everyday conversations is amazing.

I left at 11p.m. since he was tired, as was I. I got home at 12a.m. I did stop to get gas at Arco and paid $3.65. It took $57 to fill my tank. YIKE!!! The Guy was complaining it took him $53 to fill his Honda and that is the first time it cost him so much. It has taken about $50 to completely fill my car since gas has been over $3.00, so I didn't pity him much. It took me an hour to get home, which was not cool. The highway I take to cut my trip home from his house down by about 15 minutes was closed and I didn't realize it until I was about 4 miles along on the highway and there were suddenly police cars everywhere and random police vehicles. I had to do a U-Turn and hop back on the freeway and go 10 miles out of my way. It only took me 30 minutes to get to The Guy's place in the afternoon despite a sigalert on the 15 southbound by Victoria Gardens. The sigalert had been around for 4-5 hours and NOBODY was on the 15. I made it up to the 10 freeway and hit almost no traffic. The 15 is never that wide open. I was worried that wouldn't be the case.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Is it time?

Hey guys...
Spending the past couple nights at The Guy's house was such a relief and an escape I needed. I slept rather well each night; which was welcome after starting off to a rather rocky week. I don't know why, but last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights when I was at my mom's friend Linda's house and my house I woke up in the middle of the night several times crying and really sad. Sad that I'm not out, sad that I'm lying, sad that I have to hide a part of my life from the people I care for the most, worried about coming out, worried about the effects, people's reactions, and the future. After, I would lay in bed crying, trying to fall back asleep. I'm not sure what caused these crying fits.

Throughout all of this I was thinking next time this happens, just come out. REGARDLESS. It is obviously hurting me enough that I'm losing sleep at night over the issue.

Throughout all of these spells I was wishing someone would come in so I could tell them and get those 3 words off my chest. To me this may be the best time. Thinking about it, sitting my parents down would be too hard; they say coming out never goes as planned, so regardless how prepared I am or not; I may not say things I want to, or say too much. If I could have another crying attack and then get someone like my mom to notice it seems more opportune. My mom could see how upset I am, how much it is hurting me, how much it is driving me crazy; thus garnering her sympathy and support. She would be much more likely to hug me, than to scold me if I did it more traditionally. I think I would be able to remember everything I want to tell my mom in this setting- how hurt I am, how I'm not a different person, how long I've been hurt/known this, and how difficult it has been, also how it isn't something I could change.

I just don't know that this is the best time, which is part of my reason for not coming out; and The Guy agrees that it really isn't the time. My grandma's health is failing and the problems with my aunt have worstened. My mom is very stressed with work and budget cuts. We're about to buy a house, so there is all the stress with that, new furniture, what to keep and what to throw out, etc. etc. Our house has been paid off for 10 years, so now we're suddenly going to have a mortgage, fixing up our current house to rent out. Tensions are high between my dad and I and for all the same reasons, plus more. I'm not worried about my dad though, because I haven't really been worried about him like my mom.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

He's back with lots of stories- The Guy's attitude, his new find, and 2 nights together

Bad, bad, blogger; I know. That means a long update for you. I have been computerless since last Saturday night/Sunday morning when I was over here at The Guy's house. I was playing WOW with him and The Guy realized on my computer when he was trying to check something that my keyboard on my NEW Mac was not working. I went to the Apple Store Sunday morning and just got my computer back yesterday, Friday, at 4p.m.

I've been using The Guy's Macbook Air this week, so I haven't posted cuz I don't want him to trek onto this... so without further adieu I'm back...

So backtracking to last Saturday, March 29:

The Guy calls me asking if I want to spend an afternoon eating, gaming, and stuff like that. He said he had a surprise for me and I had to guess. A surprise is a broad term you know, so I said he got a new character in WOW, he bought something, and then finally guessed what it was... he had the really yummy hamburgers from the Farmer's Market for us, for dinner.

I get over to his place and we do our usual catching up. The Guy's friend Mike from Oregon just left and so The Guy went to work last Saturday. Then he tells me he got $3,000 back on his taxes. Then he says he wants to go to Europe with $3,000 and asks if I would care for his house for 2 weeks. He said that is a win, win situation for both of us. I'm the only one he would trust to care for his dog for 2 weeks because I can follow his instructions and I'm responsible. He wouldn't even trust his friend Joe who is studying to be a vet. Then he tells me how Mike was inconsiderate about leaving things out, doing things to annoy The Guy, etc.

We game for a while and have pasta for dinner. As I said, The Guy wanted to check something out on my computer and we realize the keyboard has broken, so he goes onto the Apple Store's website and uses his preferred customer type card to get me an appointment Sunday morning.

The Guy notices his dog is licking his ass a lot. I pass it off and say something like "only you would notice that." The more I watched, the more I noticed he was. The Guy does an internet search "dog licking butt" and comes up with a couple problems. Dr. The Guy decided it was his dog's anal glands needing to be drained. We had no clue what anal glands were prior to this. They are 2 pouches in the dog's anus that have the dog's scent. That is why when new dogs meet each other, they smell each other's anus. The dogs usually expel the stuff from their anal glands when they go to the bathroom, but sometimes they need a little help. The Guy tries to express the glands himself and I hold his dog into place. He even IM's Joe to ask what to do. Joe doesn't know, but gives advice. We try for probably 15 minutes and 3-4 times. We were unsuccessful, but after watching youtube videos for this on Sunday morning we were able to get some of the anal gland fluid out. We didn't get a lot in comparison to the videos we watched. The dog smelled soooooooooooooooo bad and it was difficult to sleep with him. The Guy and I woke up several times commenting how stinky the dog was. The Guy made sure that the dog didn't sleep with his ass in his face, but the dog tried to put his ass in my face and I told him NO. HAHA

The Guy I noticed was really kind of snappy and had an attitude like when he was making us brie and bread he said "I didn't know you wanted some," though I always eat some when he does. So he had to make more because he didn't think I was going to have some.

We laid in bed that night and laid fairly close. We got up Sunday morning, both very tired. We woke up about 7 (I think we went to bed about 2a.m.). We tried playing WOW for a while, but went back to bed about 10:00a.m. after eating more brie and bread. He again, was being snappy and had his attitude "I didn't know you wanted any." I got up about 11:45 to take the computer to the Apple Store, and he still had his attitude and refused to go with me. He did call me about 5-6 times though, while I was there making sure that everything was going well and that they were helping me. So he was there to support me, as he said he would be.

I get some New York pizza for us for lunch. I asked him what he wanted and he didn't know. He said pizza finally. The Guy was going to call it in and did. I got to the shop before he called it in though. I go in and ask if there is a pizza ready for The Guy or Mike. They say no. Right after I placed the order- a cheese pizza with extra garlic their phone rings. It was The Guy wanting to order. The man taking the order handed the phone to me and I said I ordered the pizza. He asked how I managed to do that and how he was so sorry for not doing that and how he was a failure. I said it was alright and this was definitely the highlight of my day, because it was funny. I was a little confused why the man was handing me the phone, then to have everyone working in the store laugh was funny.

I go back to his place and we eat. He plays WOW, but he is so tired and his heart is not into it. I leave about 2p.m. when I feel we're kind of tired of each other and tired in general.


The guy texts me asking "Monster?" Then he texts back about how he needs it or something and how he can't leave the house. I said I'd see what I could do. I also texted back and asked if all I was good for was bringing him energy drinks. He wrote back saying no, never, I'll never ask for that again. Bad Guy.

I get over to his place about 3p.m., 3 hours after he texted me. I get the energy drinks as well as more of the good burgers at the Farmer's Market before making it to his place.

We hang out in the office talking about things like my dad and I, the letter he wrote to me. The Guy told me to write a letter back, and so I did. Then we play WOW for a little bit, but mostly hang out. We did the dishes and some other random stuff. I was very happy that he told one of the guys on his WOW guild who was 18 who was planning on staying home from school for the 4th or 5th time to play WOW that from an educators standpoint he has to tell him to go to school, and that made me happy.

The Guy paid $600 for a yoga club membership for a year. He saved $150 he bragged. That means he has to go. He belongs to 1 gym, 1 country club, and now the yoga club. He goes to the gym once-3 times a week. The others, well, you guessed- he doesn't go.

As we walked into the living room from the study, there was a spider on the ceiling. The Guy didn't want my shoe to kill it. He wanted a CD container. I gave him a blue ray container, and we had an argument about what the right type of container is right to kill a spider with. When it died he picked it up and then walked past me and shook it around me and I started screaming. It was hilarious and he was having fun taunting me with it. I wasn't scared, I just didn't want it to end up on me.

I tell him about my computer difficulties. I was using my sister's Dell laptop from 2001 that doesn't have WIFI on it, or an ethernet card. He finally persuades me to use his Macbook Air- HIS NEW BABY. He offered it to me on Sunday, but I said NO because I wanted him to use it because he had school on Monday. It is his computer, and I was fine with my sister's computer; though it was probably 10 pounds and carrying it to school was difficult. I was elated to try out the Macbook Air. I promised to take really good care of it.

I leave about 11p.m. and get home at midnight.


I called The Guy about 6:30p.m. after having an issue with the Apple Store. They said that liquid was found under my keyboard and I was at fault. I have never drank anything around this computer. My mom and I spoke to the technician, as well as the manager of the store about it. Basically the manager said it was my fault. He said the liquid was comparable to me using the computer in a bathroom where it is steamy, or on a dishwasher. It has been used on neither and he said my warranty was now void. So my mom and I fought that and got that somewhat straightened out. The Apple Store at Victoria Gardens is TERRIBLE. NEVER GO THERE. I was texting and calling The Guy to let him know and see if he had any advice. His advice was everything we were already doing, so we were on the right track. Then he asks me what I was doing and if I wanted to come over.

I brought him some Monsters, since he asked. He acted surprised and couldn't believe I brought them, and how I knew he needed some. We sit around in the office playing. I play on his Macbook Pro laptop and he uses the desktop. The Guy's NEW BOYFRIEND, Colton, a Hawaiian guy signs on at his dorm to play WOW. They talk, then some guys we play WOW with ran him through an instance and The Guy was yelling at Colton on WOW, like he yells at me. The Guy then tells the guys we run through the game with that he can do that because he has slept with him, but also he's his boyfriend. I had that hunch that The Guy and Colton were going out, so that confirmed it. Colton is a guy he met off craigslist and I guess they've been going out for about 3 weeks.

The Guy invited Colton to come down, play, and eat. Colton is really tall I noticed. He is probably 6'4'', 150lbs, Hawaiian. He comes in, we sit down, watch "Arrested Development." Colton is able to recite most of the lines and we laugh at the events in the episodes. I see that The Guy likes how Colton can recite lines and stuff from shows, word for word, like him. The Guy barbecues some burgers for us and puts barbecue sauce on them. We eat. It was good. Colton was very engrossed in WOW and rarely looked up from the computer. We chitchatted a little about how mean The Guy is to me when we play WOW. I sit and watch them play because playing WOW on the Macbook Air was very choppy and it lagged.

We lay around until about 12:30a.m. and finally I get ready to go. I figured Colton would stay the night, so I couldn't, though I was tired. I get up and go to the bathroom, and as I leave I see The Guy lean over and put his arms around Colton who was still playing on his computer. That hurt me to see that and I was upset driving home. I knew they were going out, so that wasn't a big deal. I was more hurt just seeing how he was going to get to have sex with The Guy and I wasn't. I was hurt at how The Guy didn't even wait until I left to put his arms around him. Driving home I thought about everything and that helped. I met The Guy as a sex buddy, but he has developed into more. He is a GREAT friend now. He is so easy to talk to, he is such a wonderful support. He is so caring. He is one of my best male friends. I could not ask for more. That alone, is worth everything, even if I don't get any sex from The Guy. Really, it is true. I'm glad to see The Guy has a boyfriend, that Colton is a nice kid, and that The Guy and I are still great friends. I have that boyfriend type relationship with The Guy, which is kind of cool, and I see Colton doesn't. That may change with time, but that I've got to have this makes me feel so fortunate. I accepted long ago that The Guy and I can't be boyfriends because I'm not out to my parents.


I text, call, and IM The Guy telling him I'm going to go pick up my computer. I text him 30 minutes into my WAIT at the Apple Store at Victoria Gardens to tell him I was still waiting. I spoke to the manager and told her my disappointment in the service and how long I was waiting and she, herself, passed me off to another employee. Anita at the Apple Store at Victoria Gardens is a horrible manager. Hopefully she googles herself and finds herself... haha. I'm calling Apple today to complain. I saw at least 4 sodas, water bottles, and bottles of hand sanitizer on the back counter of the Apple Store and random computers waiting to be repaired sitting out on the back- don't tell me they couldn't have damaged my computer. I shot photos with my camera phone as evidence.

The Guy called right as I was leaving. I waited 45 minutes. He asked if I was going home or coming over. I said I could come over. He said he'd be home shortly, to let myself in, he was taking his dog to have his anal glands expressed. I just barely came in and turned on my computer when he walked in. He looked at the half-assed job they did putting my computer wrist pad on and took a picture of it with his digital camera for me to have as evidence.

The Guy was in the mood to go out. He wanted to get hard drive casings for internal hard drives that he had. He wanted to make them external casings for people at his dad's office. So we went to Best Buy after some hesitation. We found 1 enclosure for $75. FORGET IT. We looked at Mac products, then video games, then he had an idea. He wants to get his parents a system to listen to music in any room of their house. We looked at flat panel monitors for a display so they could see their music and have one in each room. Then we looked at speakers and systems to do this with. The Guy found what he wanted, but wanted to get it online because Best Buy didn't have it in stock. We also looked at Mac computers and The Guy was tempted to buy some 17'' Macbook Pros Best Buy was clearing out for $2,299 instead of $2,799.

Afterward we went to a Chinese food place and ordered $60.00 in takeout. We were both hungry and The Guy said he was going to order a shitload of food because he is hungry, we won't eat half of it, but we want to try it all. We had some type of orange chicken, but it wasn't orange chicken. That was the best one. We had Kung-pao chicken, and a bunch of other chicken and beef dishes. They were all good. The 3 flavor rice was alright with shrimp in it. The shrimp was the best part. We called Aaron to see if he wanted to come over because we haven't talked to him in a long time and we needed someone to help eat the food. He didn't pick up and The Guy left a subtlely sarcastic voicemail message about how he doesn't need us any more, remember us, and how he has a boyfriend. He said he is probably ready to buy a house, settle down, build a picket fence, start making his 2.5 kids, and so on. It was funny.

Back at home we played WOW for a few minutes, but we were just tired of it. WOOOOT!!!! The Guy showed me how to transfer the files from his Macbook Air to my Macbook Pro via his network. Then we looked online for a music system for his parent's house. He found it. It was $999 on Amazon, plus he wanted 2 $350 speakers to go with it. That was $1,700. Then later in the night while surfing randomly online on macrumors there was an advertisement for self help books and The Guy bought $300 in self help/procrastination help books. Linda called me at 9:30p.m. or so saying she used all of my shaving cream. I let the phone go to voicemail and then played it for The Guy. She thought my shaving cream was supposed to lather I guess, but it doesn't. It is a liquid- it is essential oil shaving cream which costs $11.00 per ounce- that's the only thing I've found thusfar to not cause my skin to break out after I shave. The Guy said it sounded good and wanted to try it, so he bought $88.00 worth online. Then he found some collagen boosting formulas and peels he also wanted to try, so he spent another $200 getting that stuff on

The Guy and I laid down into bed about 12:30a.m. He asked me if I was tired and I said yes. He then poked me in the forehead with his finger and said he wasn't. Then he opened his arms and I laid in them. He pushed me down to his dick and I played around with it in his shorts before he took them off. Then once he took them off I sucked on his cock and did it for a while. It was probably the longest I've done it for a while- a good 20 minutes. Then he told me to lube up his cock and ride it. I did. As I was riding it, he held my dick tightly, which felt hot. We switched where I was laying on my back and he was on his knees fucking me and stayed that way for a while. Then he wanted me to suck his dick for a while and he taught me how to deepthroat. I'm not good at it, I didn't really enjoy it, but it was awesome that he was so cool about teaching me. I kept getting my teeth in the way and that caused him a little discomfort, but when there was a huge dick in my mouth and so little room for anything else, what do you expect? Then we went back to fucking. He held my feet up in the air and fucked me and then later positioned himself so I could suck on his nipples while he fucked me. Later, He laid on top of me and just wanted me to relax with his dick in me. We laid there for probably 5 minutes and it felt awesome and I was so relaxed. Loved having him on me- I love body contact. While he was on me, he sucked, licked, and bit my ears, and seriously that was the hottest feeling. We ended with more of me sucking him and him jacking both of us off- he jacked me off with his left hand and used his right to jack himself.

We fell asleep watching a movie he downloaded on iTunes. We woke up at 7:15 to his alarm on his computer. He had to go to work, but told me that I could stay the day and just do laundry. The laundry was already sorted, so all I had to do was put it in when the timers rang. We laid until 8:30 however because he didn't want to get up. He was late for work by then and left at 8:45, getting to work late. While he was gone I just hung around setting up my computer, browsing the blogs, and downloading stuff on iTunes. I also washed off my car and hosed down his carport, which had tons of lint from the dryer and dirt all around.

When he got home, the alarm company for his house came out to get The Guy a new service where he can alarm his house from anywhere and he gets a text message anytime his alarm is set, and all of his friends can have their own unique code. I'll have on in a few days, The Guy is reassuring me so I can get into his house anytime I need. Then at 2p.m., The Mexicans, the 2 guys who clean his house came to clean. They cleaned for over 4 hours!!! They seriously do everything- scrub, vacuum, and sort. They clean out the drawers and organize them in the kitchen, bedroom, and bath. While they were here, we played WOW in the study. The Guy's Mac raid drive wasn't working, so we also called Applecare. We ate the leftover Chinese food for lunch. We sat up The Guy's new wireless-N Airport Extremes and had a little difficulty because they are harder to reset now.

As they were leaving, The Guy said he wants to redo his kitchen. He wanted to paint the kitchen cabinets black, which I said was ugly because it would make the already small kitchen look smaller, his white appliances would stand out, and there were too many colors going on in the house. His kitchen is white and lime green, with maroon trim. The living room is bright orange/yellow with a maroon wall where the TV is. The bathrooms are pink and the master is gray. The study is a dark forest green. The bedroom is gray. The guys agreed. They said he should just reface his cabinets or buy new doors, but Lowes wanted $6,000 for 9 kitchen doors. They said The Guy should do a country style kitchen, which would work with the lime green and his white tile and have glass installed in the kitchen doors. That might work, but it is certainly better than the black The Guy had his heart set on.

We ate some dinner after they left. We had turkey dogs, carrots, and hummus. We played a little WOW, watched some "Law & Order," and he bought some other random stuff on amazon he didn't need. The Guy bought $200 in TV shows (some of which he has on DVD, but is too lazy to add to iTunes like "Arrested Development"). We watched "Transformers" since he rented it on iTunes and The Guy bought me an air freshener from like the one shown in the movie. I laughed soooooo hard because I didn't think he was serious about it, but when it gets here, it'll be funny. The Guy also bought "Moses" in honor of Charlton Heston's death and we began to watch that.

At 11:15, The Guy wanted something for dessert and we sat pondering what we wanted. He said donuts. I said no; he said I'm saying no because he'll end up blaming me. I said he was right. He said he could go for the Entennman's Coffee Cake and so we should go to Ralphs for it. He was serious and we got up from the chairs in the study and put the dog in the kennel. We got in the car and drove down the 10 freeway about 5 miles to Ralphs. We went in and got chocolate syrup, mint and chip ice cream, vanilla ice cream, Entennman's Coffee Cake, and the frozen chocolate cake from Claim Jumper (I think?) We bought $25.00 in junk food, only to be thrown out moments later.

We had the best time as we drove there and back on the 10 freeway. It was cold in the cold 55 degree air, with the windows down in the car, sunroof open in his Honda Accord, blasting "Party for Two" by Shania Twain and Billy Currington, as well as "I Just Another Woman in Love" by Anne Murray. Those were the only 2 songs we listened to as we went through The Guy's iPod looking for stuff to listen to. He didn't want a song with a long intro. The Guy sang Shania's part, and I did Billy Currington's. We were throwing our hands and arms up in the air, and everything; they were anywhere but on the steering wheel. There were hand motions, he pointed to himself like when he said "I'm having a party" and then pointed to myself and him when he said "it's only going to be you and me there." We sang Anne Murray together.

We got back and went for the chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. Then after we finished that, he insisted we throw out all the junk food, except for the coffee cake, which would be breakfast. We ran it out to the dumpster. Then he called his friend Dan from WOW at work to talk about the game since he e-mailed. Then, as I was thinking of going home, The Guy said we needed to go to bed and watch "Moses." I called my sister's cell phone and left her a message that it was late, had a long day, and was tired, so was staying the night rather than wake everyone up since it was past midnight. We went to bed at 12:00a.m. and fell asleep watching "Moses." It was a long show and by 1:30a.m., they still weren't out of Egypt and so we both just fell asleep. We woke up at 7:15 this morning, though I was still tired and wanting to sleep.

We haven't gone too far- we've played WOW all day and watched "Lord of the Rings," and "Sabrina (1950s movie)." It is now 3p.m. and we're taking a break from WOW. We just had lunch, which was hummus, precut chicken strips, and turkey dogs. The Guy had the whole WOW guild yelling at me this morning because The Guy respecked the shaman I play back to a healer. He was a tanker before, and a healer a few weeks back. He was now a healer and I was a little rusty playing him. Yesterday I played the Warlock that The Guy just bought for $1,000 off of someone. I let the whole group die anyways since I didn't know where any of the keys were for the weapons and spells. That has been the joke all day about what a good shaman I am and they've been making fun of me. Before we broke for lunch though, we ran an instance in Ramparts and everyone lived.