Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dallas curled his hair again

My dad is hilarious. He makes comments all the time about news anchors on TV like he doesn't like their outfits or something like that. Today he was picking on Dallas Raines (that's his real name), the weatherman.

So let me set the scene- we're sitting in the living room, dad is on the couch watching the TV and I have my back to him at the computer.

Dad: Michelle (Michelle Tuzee is the female anchor) needs to get her curling iron back from Dallas.
Me: [turns head] Why do you say that?
Dad: look, he has more curls in his hair than she does hers.
Me: ok...
Dad: well, this is just a bit ridiculous, guys and fake curls are a no no.

Michelle Tuzee... she definitely needs the curling iron more than Dallas... something tells me it would be put to better use.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Rainy day hangout with The Guy

The Guy and I im'd each other about 10a.m. Sunday and decided we'd hang out about 1p.m. I stopped and got him some energy drinks at CVS since he asked for them. I also found the Ped Egg there. The Guy has been talking for at least 2 months about how he needs one. When I got to his place he was in the office talking on his phone to a friend who just got a new computer. We talked for a moment, then came out to see what I brought. He saw the Ped Egg in the bag and was ecstatic. His eyes lit up. He was soooo excited. He couldn't believe it. He asked me if I told Aaron what I found. I said no. He was about to get back to his computer game, but instead had to try out his new toy. He began going at it scraping off the dry skin on his feet and it came right off. He got quite a bit of the dead skin off and then he put on some cream. He was impressed and I was to at what a difference it made. He thanked me many times.

We played a little joke on Aaron. The Guy told me Aaron was sick and he updated his myspace status to say he was sneezy and getting over the flu. The Guy asked for my phone and texted Aaron. He said "hey you are hot! Running a fever I mean." Then Aaron responded with "lol 2x baby." The Guy, still posing as me texted Aaron saying "I want you so bad man" followed by another message of "to get better." Aaron replied with "thx Mike." The Guy took my phone again and said to Aaron "I need you" "to let me know when youre better so we can hang." Aaron said "okie dokie." The Guy continued texting on my phone saying "The Guy says you are good in bed," "he says you sleep better when youre sick to get better" Aaron asked me to "tell The Guy how would he know?" Finally The Guy called Aaron and explained it was him texting, not me; which is out of the ordinary because I have only texted Aaron twice. He thought it was me though, but The Guy cleared it up.

He sat on the couch playing his COV while I talked with my dad on my cell phone. Then I got out my computer and played with him for a few minutes. He wasn't really in a gaming mood thankfully. We went into the office and he showed me new computer games he wants to play that I can't recall the names of.

By this time it was 4:30 and I was hungry. The Guy kept asking me if I was hungry and I said yes. He got me some string cheese out of the fridge. I asked if he was and said no. We sat on the couch under the cover and watched some random TV show that was on. Then he kept asking me if I was hungry. Finally about 5:30 he decided he was hungry and he had an idea. He was saying how I was so bitchy and he wasn't sure I was ready for his idea. He was telling me I was really bitchy and he didn't think I was hungry or worthy of food. I was bitchy I will admit and told him it was because of things from the night before which I'm still (and was) upset with. Finally The Guy got up from under his cover and closed all the windows and the patio door. Then I asked him what his idea was because it had nothing to do with dinner. Oh but it did; prior to this we were too cold to get up to make dinner. The guy made a very good pasta sauce with vodka. While we were making dinner The Guy kept talking about sex and asking if I enjoyed our threesome a few weeks back.

I sat on the couch frozen, in a bitchy mood. The Guy reopened the windows after dinner. I sat under the cover and he did too. He asked if I was going to be nicer and stuff like that. I was being pretty good and he made me a lot happier just being with him, but I don't think I was coming off bitchy. He was just egging me on. It was all good though! We sat curled up next to each other watching "LOTR" and playing on our computers. I was checking out amazon.com and looking at stuff to buy because The Guy told me about a computer accessory I must have. Then finally The Guy got up and threw the cover in my face playing around. I kinda ran after him. He ran to the bedroom and closed the door. The dog and I followed. I snuck in as The Guy held the door open. He joked that he finally got me in there.

The Guy laid in the middle of the bed and as I laid down he pushed me into his dick. I began rubbing it with my hand and getting him hard. Then I pulled down his pants and began sucking him. I sucked him for 3-4 minutes and undid my pants and he grabbed some lube and jacked me off. Then he repositioned himself and sucked me for a few more minutes. Then he took my legs up in the air and started fucking me. He did this for a few minutes and while doing it leaned in and stared into my eyes. Then he flipped me over and started fucking me missionary style. He did this for a while. Eventually he started licking my ears and sucking them. He was also licking my neck, rubbing our heads together, and stuff like that. OMG I was moaning so loudly; it was intense. He continued and the more I moaned, the harder he fucked me. I was enjoying it and we were getting very sweaty. By this time, the dog made its way into the room but just sat on the floor watching us. The Guy told me to get on him and ride him, which I did and he grabbed some lube for my dick, lubed me up and started jacking my dick. I was getting close to cumming and told him to stop, but he insisted on continuing jacking me, so I shot my load all over his black t-shirt. Then he wouldn't let go of my dick after I just shot my load and it was becoming very ticklish. He said for me to continue riding him and so I did and he continued playing with my dick, which by the way tickled so much. Finally he asked if I wanted to suck him more, so I did. Then he said he wanted to know if I wanted him to fuck me more and I told him he could. We went back to missionary style and must have done that for about 20 minutes. At times he just lay on top of me with his dick resting in me and told me to relax. It was very hot having him lay on top of me and felt so good. I love his body. I suck him more and then he decides we need to shower since we were both sweaty and hot.

We go into the bathroom and the water is hot, so to pass the time he has me lean over and he fucks me again. We get in the shower and we hug, then he turns me around and fucks me more. He finally said he isn't going to be able to cum, but he wants to. He has me stick my finger up his ass and suck on his nipples while he jacks his dick. He shoots all over my arm finally. He was talking about afterward how instead of feeling like a typical orgasm, this was much more powerful and it felt like it went throughout his body. We clean up from that, then get out of the shower and get dressed. That was a fun hour!

I hang around for about another 30 minutes with The Guy on the couch and say I'm about to take off because I have homework. He tells me to stay and just do it there, so I oblige and do my Spanish homework. I finished that within 30 minutes, then hung around until 10p.m. when I said I absolutely had to go because I was very tired. We thanked each other for the hot sex and said goodnight to each other.

I got home at 10:40 and it was POURING rain here. It was not that rainy over near The Guy's, but it was just pouring at home. Our driveway is dirt and it was a mess. We have had 3 inches of rain or so in the past week and the ground has not dried out.

Anyways, I got in and my parents were just getting into bed. They asked where I was since they had tried to call (while I was having sex) and I didn't pick up. I lied and said I was at a concert with my cousin, which I really was planning to be last night, but my cousin was sick. So I just lied and said the concert went well and Chuck Wicks is an excellent singer.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rotten mood

I am in one rotten mood right now for reasons I don't care to go in to; but I always hate when I am in one of these moods and I am upset like this I become a lot more emotionally driven and less logical and I always worry I'm going to say things I will regret... like the fact that I am gay.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Romantic dinner

The Guy and I were talking on IM about chicken. We were having chicken here at home for dinner. I was telling him how it bothers me that my dad just salts the chicken- does not put any sort of coating or much needed spices on it. The Guy said I should really try a certain chicken recipe and he sent me the link to check it out. It looked delicious, but I told him my dad wouldn't go for it because my dad is simply about quick cooking (though this would take a few more minutes- also sis would not have ate it). So The Guy said to come over and we'll make it. I im'd and texted him to see that he was serious because he was there making me even more hungry than I already was. It was about 5p.m. and I ate a bagel at 7a.m. I didn't get lunch because of the crazy schedule at school.

Got over to his place and he was in the office on the phone with his mom. He finished talking to her, put the dog in the crate, then we got in the car to go. We blasted Mika's new CD, which was hilarious. The Guy was really in a great mood. We talked about our days and how we haven't seen each other in a week. The Guy asked where we should go- either Stater Brothers or Trader Joes. Trader Joes would have been busier around dinner, so we decided against that. Stater Brothers was going to be our chioce, but then the Farmers Market near his house just opened up, so we checked it out.

We go in and get our garlic, rosemary, butter, and stuff like that for the chicken. As we go through the aisles we ended up with about $200 in merchandise- yogurt, sweet potato fries (which we ate with the chicken), soy pudding (which was dessert), bananas, glacier water (that means it is really old, haha), green tea, and a bunch of other little things like dog treats made out of real meat.

We go back to The Guy's place and put everything away. The Guy had me turn on Mika on and he opened up a bottle of wine. Then we toasted to the chicken. I diced and chopped the rosemary, garlic, and stuff like that. The Guy worked at preparing the chicken and did the majority of the preparation. We spent about 30 minutes prepping the chickens.

While waiting for the chickens to bake we went in the office and watched the first 3 episodes from season 1 of "Seinfeld" while they were being added to The Guy's computer to put into Apple TV. We finished off the bottle of the wine at the time. The Guy said since I had just turned 21 had probably never done wine tasting or any of that, so he explained to me how it worked and what you do, then little things like the legs of the wine etc. That was a good bottle of wine, but I forget the name of it.

About 60 minutes later we thought the chicken should be ready (or he did, but I was skeptical because we made 2 whole chickens), so I figured 80-90 minutes. The Guy cuts the chicken and we see that it is still bloody, so it goes back in. The Guy turns the oven up and put the sweet potato fries in. He douses them with garlic and salt. We check the chicken periodically in that time. We decided to have our chocolate vanilla soy pudding we got at the store, our dessert, first. We stood in the kitchen talking about how soy pudding is not as bad as it sounds. I told The Guy I didn't think it would be bad because it is made out o soy milk, which is pretty good, soy pudding couldn't be bad.

We were both starved, but managed to survive until 9p.m. when the chicken was finally ready. The meat just fell off the bones on the chicken. I'm not a white meat fan, but this white meat was so flavorful and tender. The garlic wasn't as potent as The Guy had hoped, but the lemon he put in permeated and it still tasted great. It was worth the wait and so much more flavorful than my dad's chicken would have been.

I put the fries on a plate and put them on the coffee table. We put the dog in the crate, which The Guy NEVER does when we eat. It was so nice to not have to worry about the dog while eating. We dimmed the lights, turned on "Law and Order," and ate our chicken. IT WAS SO GOOD. The conversation was all about how great the chicken was.

I really enjoyed this dinner just because it was so nice, calm, and romantic. I have never really done this, so it was AWESOME.

After dinner, I cleaned up putting all of the dishes in the sink and cleaning off our plates. His dog got in the trash can and took out a chicken bone. The Guy slapped his dog hard and I wrestled for the bone back. I won. His dog stayed away from him the rest of the time I was there.

We sat on the couch, me laying up against him watching "Law and Order," cuddling under the down alternative comforter he has to cuddle under on the couch. He had the patio door open and we listen to the rain pouring outside. While we were sitting on the couch, The Guy was talking about how he felt so bad for hitting his dog that hard. In nearly 2 years, that is probably 1 of 4 times he has hit his dog that hard.

At 11:00p.m., I thanked The Guy for dinner and my laptop rest he gave me, and then leaned over, hugged him, and then gave him a kiss on the cheek and took off. I was so tired.

I drove home in the pouring rain. Yes, it was pouring here in Southern California. It was AWESOME. I love driving in the rain as bad as that sounds; especially when it can be so dangerous because of all the oil on the roads and Southern Californians don't know how to drive in rain. I love being in my nice warm car with the heater on, radio playing softly, watching the rain hit the windshield. I also know how to drive in the rain, unlike so many Californians. I took it slow, driving only 60-65mph, as opposed to what I could have been doing and just enjoyed myself. I made it home in 32 minutes; driving in the rain and slower than normal made it in great time.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pics from today

I can't stand old women driving minivans who drive 15 miles below the speed limit and hold up traffic. I also can't stand big bumper stickers on cars because they're often ugly and out of place. This adds insult to injury. This just looks obnoxious.

Awesome looking sky- the forecasters say rain through Saturday!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Being trapped and forced to hide my sexuality and whereabouts has really been making me angry lately. I hate hiding a part of my life from my parents. I hate that my parents- namely my mom will have such a hard time dealing with my sexuality. I know that she won't be accepting of it from a religious standpoint, but also all of the negative things associated with being gay like STDs. My going out, once she finds out will likely put me under a more watchful eye because she'll be worried I will catch something, that I'm out with the wrong guys, and stuff like that.

Perhaps it is me not willing to confront the issue of being gay and part of that is right. I also see that there are so many other family things (our house, my grandma, and stuff like that) and I don't really care to compound these issues and make things worse. It is so easy to tell my mother I am going over to "Steve's," a good friend from high school's apartment. I'm constantly hanging out with "Steve." I've become lazy and am not varying my excuses on where I'm going. I keep saying Steve for many reasons- maybe my mom will put 2 and 2 together and realize I'm constantly going to a guy's house, don't have a girlfriend, etc.

I am wanting to branch out and be less trapped. I always am so specific in telling my parents where I'm going- I'm going to Steve's... chuckle...chuckle. What I mean is I tell my parents I'm going here or there and part of me hates doing that because I'm lying. I want to be more truthful and tell my parents where I'm really going. I feel guilty lying. I want my whereabouts to be trusted. Just that I have a cell phone and I'll call later and let you know what is going on.

And this is where I stand. Lately, especially in the past week I have been telling my parents I am going out or I have to go somewhere and saying with friends. I'm not giving many details. I'm also calling late in the evening to finally tell them what is going on. I am being more secretive, but I feel I'm becoming less trapped by doing this. If you need me, pick up the damn phone. So far the phone thing has worked, but I don't like it. Doing this also adds to the guilt.

I guess I'm going to continue taking the snide comments from my sister about the fact she really has a brother, the jokes from my parents when they say that I'm finally home or that it is nice to see me.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


The Guy im'd me about 4p.m. on Friday asking me to come over cuz he knew I didn't want to be around the house. He was right. I got my shower, as I had just got home from the gym.

Got to his place at 4:45; he had just made some new pasta sauce he bought off of amazon.com he claims had vodka in it. It was alright- not a ton of flavor, but it was better than the organic sauce from the other night. The Guy told me Aaron or Louis may be coming over, but neither did. Louis was sick and was on his way home.

We went to CVS for chocolate and snacks. On the way, The Guy called Aaron. Aaron was at Target trying on shirts and The Guy was harassing him about not sending us pictures of him trying on shirts. We got pretzels and some Dove chocolate with almonds.

We went back and watched "Law and Order." The Guy declared it a night of rejuvenation because we weren't getting on the computers. We laid on the couch with his feet resting on me, like usual, and watched "Law and Order," and ate our pretzels and chocolate.

About 9p.m. The Guy asked if it was time to go to bed so he could stretch out. I said YES. We watched 2 episodes of "Remington Steel" and some other show I can't recall. I fell asleep during the other show- that shows it wasn't funny. It was about 11:30 or so I guess by this time and The Guy woke me up. I remember that because however I was positioned I hit my head with my hand and let out a "huuuh" The Guy asked me if I fell asleep and did. The Guy asked if I was going to go or stay the night. I opted to stay because I was tired. I called home and my dad picked up the phone. He was in bed already and he said ok to me staying the night- no questions asked.

The Guy's dog sleeps on the bed. As we were watching "Remington Steel" his dog came over to me, which is something he usually doesn't do. He wanted to lick my face. I instructed him to sit down there with me and he laid up against me. The Guy was jealous and tried to get his dog to get up. He wouldn't. He got up after a lot of persuading from The Guy and then ended up back up against me. The Guy said this was not happening and he wasn't going to allow it. During the night, Jake went from laying on the other side of The Guy, furthest away from me to inbetween us, and then after 6a.m. was back up against me. The Guy was very jealous.

The Guy had sat his alarm on his computer in the office for 6a.m., but he sat it wrong. He meant to make it for 7:30a.m. At 7:30 we got up, ate Captain Crunch, and then I helped him put away the 24 pack of paper towels, 4 pack of Tide, and 4 pack of Downey Fabric Softener away in cabinets outside and in the kitchen. The Guy swept outside near the cars and it looked a lot better. We did the dishes inside, I helped him rearrange his cabinets because I'm tall enough. The Guy is 5'9'' and I'm 6'2.'' I reached up with no problems to get into his cabinets at the ceiling.

After this, we sat down at The Guy's computer in the office and he bought house plants, a laptop stand for when he lays at he couch with his computer. The Guy has 3 stands as it is, but doesn't like any of them. He decided he liked his old silver one. He asked if I wanted one and I said no; I'll just use one that he has already when I come over. This Mac gets a lot hotter than my Dell, so I've been using one of the laptop stands when I'm at The Guy's place. He asked what I had at home and I said I have a stand similar to his, but it has holes in to keep the fan cool. He said that's not good enough; he said I needed a new one, so he ordered me a stand like he has. I told him it wasn't necessary, but he said it was. He's too funny.

The Guy also said that he is going to have me help him organize all of his DVDs into his DVD player since it stores 200 disks. As we do this, we'll put them onto his computer and so he can watch them in Apple TV. He said that we'll also back them up onto a hard drive for me and so I can have the same movie collection The Guy does. That would be AWESOME.

At 11a.m. The Guy's friend Jeff showed up with paninis. This was my first time meeting him. He was about 6'4'', black hair, latino, and in flimsy workout shorts and a hoodie. He drives a Lexus convertible. Anyways, we all sat around watching TV and talked about Mac programs like quicktime and The Guy's dad's office computers being all Macs.

About 3p.m. The Mexicans came. These are the 2 gay guys who clean The Guy's house. I'm not sure why we spent so much of the day cleaning when they were coming, but we did. We did the dishes, some vacuuming, and other things prior to their arrival.

I drove to the country club since his car was blocked by the cleaning guys. I was flipping stations on the way up and they were playing junk on just about every station. I didn't like anything on KFRG, KKGO, STAR 987, KBIG, or anything. We settled on BonJovi's new song "You Want to Make a Memory" and The Guy commented that he was making memories as we were listening to it. Finally I found "When Will I See You Again" by the 3 Degrees playing on KEARTH and left it on. I felt a little strange since The Guy and I have a lot of the same musical tastes- we listen to everything. He has no oldies on his iPod though, but is always singing them. Soon enough, he began singing "when will I see you again" and I chimed in. We had to laugh at each other. I was intentionally singing the "oooooohs" really high and off key.

When they came The Guy and I took off to the country club he belongs to to swim. I wore his ex's swimsuit. The Guy wanted to go to get tan. There wasn't a chance since the sun was no longer above us. The Guy is adamant that he is going to work swimming back into his routine to get back into shape. The Guy swam 600 yards. I swam 300... or paddled or tried to stay afloat or whatever I did. I'm not too sure. The Guy has several medals for swimming, coached swimming for 15 years, swam for years, and has many national medals for water polo. He is a GREAT swimmer and I felt inadequate next to him. Haha. I really don't like swimming- don't like water, don't like chlorine, don't like getting water in my eyes, don't like the feeling of struggling in the water. I can swim, but I'm not great. NOT AT ALL.

We went to a Japanese restaurant after and they had 110 different combos to choose from. About 60 of the combos were different types of sushi. There were lots of barbecue beef dishes. I got the barbecue beef thing. I had no clue what to pick because I'm not a huge sushi fan, didn't want much, and none of this sounded good. The Guy said to get barbecue beef like him. I did and it was GREAT. We went back and ate it.

We sat around eating as the cleaning guys finished up. They did a great job, but it felt strange to have us sitting around watching "The Perfect Holiday" and "The Wedding Date." They washed my jeans and Banana Republic zipper sweater. The Guy told me to throw my clothes in the wash with his since the guys wouldn't let any dirty clothes sit around. My sweater had got chocolate on it from the night before, so it came rihgt off. It was great. Best of all, they smelled like Downey Fabric Softener, which I like. That smell reminds me of The Guy because he douses his clothes so heavily in it that when you sit next to him or cuddle with him, that's about all you smell and it reminds me of him.

Afterward I went to In-N-Out for us, then I went back to his place with the food. We watched "Arrested Development" and talked about the Blue Man Group. The Guy says I must see them, and agree. The Guy talked about how he was in Vegas this very weekend last year and saw them with his ex, Mike. He talked about how he still feels he loves Mike. Then we sat around cuddling and watching more "Arrested Development." At 8:30, we decided it was late and we were both tired. We called it a night and I came home.

I am noticing my parents aren't calling the day after I spend the night at The Guy's house to ask where I am or what I'm doing. Suddenly it is becoming more ok for me to stay out and do whatever. I think my parents are realizing I have a cell phone and I'll call them if I need something. Gee... its taken a while! My dad just called once at 4:30p.m. to ask if I was going to be home for dinner. That was it. Woot.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A beautiful California day

This is a pic I snapped yesterday on my way to school. It was just so nice out- not a cloud in the sky. It was pretty windy, though!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Female friends

I have been thinking a lot lately how I have a lot more female friends than male, as well as more female friends that I am closer to.

I have some pretty good male friends like Mike and Steve, but we may only hang out once a quarter. We chat online quite a bit. Mike goes to college full time and works full time. Steve goes to a college about 40 miles away, but lives on campus and is rarely in town. I know that telling Mike things like I'm gay will be difficult, thus I feel a little disconnected. Steve would most likely be alright and offer support. To Steve, I am thankful.

Steve and Mike are great, but I don't feel as close to them as I do The Guy. I shouldn't feel that close to them like I do The Guy because I haven't done anything sexually with them. I feel more like they're just nice guys I can hang around, but feel like I'm hiding a part of myself. I have hidden this issue for years from various people and I can continue. I have done a pretty darn good job I think. Obviously, sexuality doesn't define me, but I feel as if they should know because I'm getting tired of playing it straight and talking about hot girls, etc. I can continue as I said, but I feel it is becoming increasingly tough, especially as I become more involved with guys.

I have a lot more female friends however that I am closer to and can tell things I can't tell my guy friends. I eventually told Gonzo yes, I am bi. It wasn't easy, but I felt more comfortable telling them than my guy friends. I have even mentioned The Guy to her and some of the things we have done like making out, stuff like that. Gonzo and I have a lot in common from brothers and sisters who refuse to get their license, to just always being extremely busy. She is just the sweetest, most supportive thing, and I love her.

Jenn and I are very good friends who have a lot in common also like similar family situations with grandparents, same interests, and stuff like that. Jenn and I chat online at last once a week online, we support each other in all that we do, and we always hang out when she is in town. I want to, and plan to come out to Jenn in the future; I am worried about her telling her mom, but that is not my main deterrent.

There is the ex; she is a sweet girl, and we're pretty good friends overall. We try to catch up over lunch when she is in town. I don't feel comfortable with her knowing my little secret, thus I am hiding a part of my life from her. Her ex, the guy she went to the prom with is gay... don't like that idea and am sure it would cause some ruffles in our relationship.

I have a couple other good female friends like Darla from work and we enjoy hanging out when she has the time. She spends 12-13 hours some days at the college I go to because of labs and things like that. I would be fine with her knowing.

I guess through all of this, what I'm saying is I want more male friends that I can tell things about, like yes, I am gay. I'd love more guys to hang out with and do guy things like watching TV, movies, playing computer games, and talking about guy things (or talking about hot guys). Maybe I'm saying that I'm weak and am not comfortable with my male friends knowing. Maybe I'm worried that this could cost friendship.

Pasta and COV

The Guy and I hung out last night. He wanted to play COV. I called him and asked if he wanted me to bring dinner, since we were about to sit down to dinner at home. We had tons of food, so I was going to bring some of that or stop and get something. The Guy wanted to make some pasta, so he told me to pick up energy drinks.

I get over to his place and he is cooking the meat. He puts lots of garlic in the hamburger. Then he uses an organic spaghetti sauce, which means no flavor. He spices it up with more garlic and other flavors. It helps mildly. The Guy then puts the wrong noodles in and uses rotini noodles on accident. The noodles were good. He made them the typical way, with boiling water, of course, but he added whiskey and garlic to the water. We stand in the kitchen talking about my dad and I, stuff like that.

The Guy somehow manages to walk into my shoes again. He was barefoot yet again. He complained that now I have injured both of his feet. I decided I'd go and take my shoes off. He asked me if I wore steel toe shoes. I said no, they are regular shoes.

We play COV on the couch and I go up almost a half a level in a couple hours. We watched some "Law and Order," and "CSI."

I leave at 10:15 because I was tired. He hung around online and played with his friend Mike up in Oregon.

Coming home, a 30 year old guy or so in an Isuzu Impulse decided he wanted to race me. Yes, an Isuzu Impulse... a little space ship looking car from the early 90s/late 80s. The car was in near mint condition and the license plate frame the car bragged about the condition of the car; but can his little 4 cylinder stand up to my big V8? No. He was sitting at a light, revving his engine and I just looked and acknowledged him. Then the light turned green, he was gunning it, I gave my car a little gas and passed him. I was sitting at the next light for about 20 seconds before he finally pulled up. Needless to say he backed off.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The kids always put a smile on my face

Went to work today in a crabby mood. I got home from The Guy's house at 1:30a.m. I was seriously considering staying the night, but didn't. We played COV for about 5 hours staring, making googly eyes at each other, commenting about what was on TV. We also cleaned up his kitchen. He showed me how to work things on my Mac like Expose, Spaces, and other shortcuts. I was complaining that SOMEONE hadn't shown me this stuff, so I was lost. He gave me permission to call him whenever I have a problem. Then at 11:00p.m., we went to his room and watched 2 episodes of "Remington Steele" and one of "Family Guy."

Getting home at 1:30 and having to get up at 6:30 does not make me happy. I wasn't taking my mood out on anyone, I just wasn't in the best mood and didn't really want to be at work.

Second period just loves me and that made me excited. I'm the only tutor that gets a reception when I walk in the room. I'd say 80% of the class yells "HI MIKE!!!!!" O and K had AP US History questions and wanted my help. They aren't the best students, but they always like to work with me and they talk about how I'm the easiest going tutor. We always get a lot done when I help them. Today we were discussing the Progressive Era and we had a good discussion going talking about each of the different president's policies and positions.

Third period missed me since I hadn't been in their class in a while due to other things I've been working on. There's about 5 of the kids like Nacho who always want to work in my group. Nacho was trying to give me weight loss tips today. He claims he lost 25 pounds in one day without the help of Trimspa. He did it all on his own. I got a kick out of listening to that. I need to gain weight though, so his advice really wasn't relevant.

Finally in 6th period I was sitting at Mr. P's desk on his stool, with my legs up on the trash can next to his desk, and leaning on his desk relaxing. It was right before the class started. One girl, Viv made a comment about how I look so relaxed and tired I look. She suggested to Mr. P that I get his rolly chair to roll around the classroom and help the kids out today. Mr. P will not let anyone sit on his rolling chair. Mr. P said "hell no, when Mike has a degree, Mike can sit here." I said I am close enough to a degree and I am 21. Mr. P laughed that I tried to bring in age, but with Viv and one of her friends making fun of Mr. P he relented and let me sit in the chair. I got to sit and roll back and forth between my 3 groups. Mr. P moved an old ugly brown student chair over to his desk for the period.

Got off work in a great mood.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Made dinner

I love to cook and prior to this past quarter I would make dinner once a week or so. I hadn't made dinner in a while, so figured I would last night.

I had a lot of choices- chicken, top sirloin, hamburger were the meats I could deal with. I chose chicken. I wanted something quick, so I decided on baked chicken. It was good and had a lot of flavor. I used a flour coating with paprika, pepper, Lawry's seasoning sauce, and salt. I also opted to make rice with a can of cream of chicken soup stirred in as opposed to the must-have with chicken. That must have is mashed potatoes. The chicken was great and the flavor could be found throughout the chicken, not just on the skin. I also made corn.

No, my intent was not to make you salivate, but with that description, I don't know how I could have avoided that. My point is one of three things- I made something we don't usually have (the rice and the GOOD chicken). Second, my sister got mad and became defensive when I criticized my dad's chicken for lacking flavor (he just salts it, then bakes it). Third, she complained even before she tried anything I made how she will hate it. And she must have; she may have taken a bite out of the chicken and ate almost no rice, which is because I poured the soup in it. The chicken wasn't much different than usual, other than it had much needed spices. My sister also complained that the corn tasted like water. I put it in the microwave for 6 minutes with salt and butter like my dad does. I can't judge, but I can assume it turned out alright since nobody else had any complaints. Now it doesn't really bother me my sister didn't like my cooking because I wasn't cooking to please her and I'm not going to. It just annoys me that she does this.

My mom used the leftover chicken to make homemade chicken noodle soup. YUM!

I plan to do a lot more cooking in the near future; and a lot of it I don't plan on my sister liking. I'm thinking stuffed peppers and baked potatoes one night (she hates both), then maybe marinate the top sirloin another night and make steak tacos out of it (she doesn't like marinated food and doesn't like tacos or Mexican food).

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Discovering and Brett visits

I went out to lunch with Gonzo at 3p.m. We mainly talked about school and she asked me about The Guy. I was vague in what I told her.

The Guy had called me about 1p.m. asking what I was doing, that I should come over after I see Gonzo, and stuff like that. We talked about a bunch of random things going on in our lives as he was driving home from work.

I got to his place at 6p.m. The Guy was just going out to the jacuzzi. I went out with him and we talked. We talked about my sister and how annoying she is. We talked about Macs and he answered a couple of my questions, he talked about how busy he has been at work with a Mac that is constantly restarting, how he has to install a new Mac server at the office, and stuff like that. He said I need a .mac account and he didn't believe me that it was only $69.95 on amazon.com, so I had to prove him wrong when we went back inside and he had to go to Apple's website to discover it was more expensive. He told me how easy it is to build websites with .mac and how it has helped his brother so much with his acting career. I had to ask The Guy about that because I knew his brother was a singer, but I didn't know he was an actor. He has been on several TV shows. I had googled his brother months earlier when I first met him because I was trying to find out about him and looked for his myspace because he was hot. His brother does not have a myspace. I came up with many results when I googled him, but didn't think that the results I came up with were The Guy's brother. They were. His brother has had a recurring role on several soaps this year, will be on a new TV series that is going to premiere, he has his own agent, and has tons of hot pics on his website. His brother has his own IMDB page even and I learned a lot about him. Both him and The Guy have won national awards for water polo. The Guy is shorter than his brother, has a stockier build, but both have the nicest teeth and best smile. The Guy is very hot. His brother on the other hand is taller, skinnier, has the more All-American boy, rugged look. The brother is 4 years younger. The Guy also went through his mail in the jacuzzi. He does that all the time. He's the only person I know who would do that.

We went in and kind of, sort of tried to play City of Heroes. My heart wasn't in it, and neither was his. YAY!!!! A BREAK!!! So instead we laid on the couch and finished watching "Gladiator." The Guy tells me about his friend Brett who is going to be swinging by from Parker Arizona. We sit and watch "Law and Order" in the meantime.

Brett came and brought his dog, so The Guy suggested we go out to the grass and the dogs can play together. We stand out talking and Brett moved to Parker Arizona from the OC because he is helping his mom take care of his grandfather. We go in and the dogs play in the living room together with all the dog toys. The Guy moves the coffee table out of the way and talks about how maybe he needs another dog to keep his dog company. I say 2 big dogs would be too much, there wouldn't be enough room, and stuff like that.

The dogs are going back and forth between jumping on the couch and chasing each other around. Brett is at the far end of the couch, The Guy is in the middle, and I'm in my usual place at the far end of the couch. The Guy suggests we all move closer together. The Guy is intentionally tickling me on my side and making his way down into my pants and tickling. Brett has his hand on The Guy's right thigh and I'm on the other side with my hand on his stomach. Brett begins moving his hand over and stroking my hand and massaging it. Then he moves his hand down to The Guy's balls and crotch. I stroke the head of The Guy's penis. The Guy's phone rings and he gets up to answer it, Brett and I continue kissing. After the episode of "Arrested Development" we were watching throughout all of this was over, The Guy asked if we wanted to put the dogs up or what. The dogs were left outside to roam around.

Then I go into The Guy's bedroom, text K, then The Guy and Brett follow. Brett was in the bathroom and The Guy was keeping the dogs out. We take our clothes off and Brett begins sucking the guy off. The Guy and I are making out and kissing. The Guy then says my dick needs some attention and moves over to me. The Guy asks how he likes my dick, stuff like that. I'm not huge, but Brett could take all of mine in his mouth. I noticed The Guy however gives a better blowjob. I was rubbing Brett's head and playing with his ears as he was sucking me. The Guy lubed his dick, my ass, and Brett's. Then he began fucking both of us. We try several positions including Brett laying on top of me and The Guy fucking him. The Guy cummed after this and Brett was wanting more. The Guy was getting ready for a shower and Brett was still halfway laying on me playing with my dick and jacking me off. We finally went into the shower and there was a lot of hugging, kissing, making out, and stuff like that. The Guy got out of the shower and Brett continued stroking me. The Guy came in and checked on us once to make sure everything was going ok. It felt awkward with him not being there. When we got out of the shower finally after the water turned cold and we were water logged he kept smiling at me, giving me a look. Brett finally came over and played with my dick through my boxers as I was getting dressed. He pulled it out and started sucking it. I laid on the edge of the bed and he knelt on the floor and sucked me. The Guy walked by and just smiled. I felt so strange again. Brett's dog began using the floor as a bathroom, so The Guy came in and interrupted everything and I finished getting dressed.

We go back to the living room and lay on the couch talking. Brett goes outside for a cigarette and The Guy and I talk. I talked about how I was surprised that Brett just kept on, even after we had all came. He said that was to be expected of Brett. I also talked about how The Guy was planning on something and that's why he invited me over. He admitted it, and made me confess I enjoyed it. When Brett came in we watched "Law and Order" and decided we were hungry. The Guy asked what I wanted and said In-N-Out. He answered for me. Then we played 1-2-3-Not It and The Guy called not it, then I did leaving Brett it. Brett didn't really want to drive, but he relented. We went in his Toyota FJ-Cruiser to In-N-Out. He insisted on bringing his dog and The Guy and I rolled down the windows to avoid suffocating.

We go to In-N-Out, get our orders. Brett gets a 4x4. I get a #2 cheeseburger and animal style fries, The Guy gets 2 double doubles protein style and fries. Brett and The Guy get shakes, I stick with 7Up. We sit on the couch eating and talking. Then we lay down on the couch and watch more "Law and Order." We watch 2 episodes and Brett is eyeing me constantly. I was nearly falling asleep. I was so tired. I could have fell asleep at 10:30, but it was 12:00a.m. before I left. The Guy asked if I wanted to stay the night and I was very tired where it would have been a good idea, but I would have had to sleep on the couch. No big deal though. I did go home however.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sometimes I want to say something

Every Thursday after getting allergy shots, my mom, dad, sister, and I go out to dinner. We went to a restaurant my dad picked that my sister would eat at. We ended up at Cocos, but that's not important.

My sister was talking about how there are so many hot guys at her college and how the guy she sits next to on the train is so cute. She commutes to her college on the train. Somehow the tables were turned and we went from talking about her college to mine. My dad said "I know why Mike doesn't like college..." and he is right; I haven't liked it, but I knew the conversation wasn't about my reasons why- the conversation was about girls. There was a brief pause of maybe 30 seconds and he looked at me. My mom asked why, since she hadn't picked up on where the conversation was going. Then my dad said there aren't any hot girls at Mike's college.

I sat there and just stared letting my dad narrate and give his side of the story. My mom said she was sure that wasn't the case. My dad said that I told him it was the case and that Asian girls do nothing for me. That is a lie because I have said nothing. I still sat there just letting my dad do the talking. My sister piped in that she has seen some hot baseball players at my college and talked about her friends who go to my college who are on the baseball team. Then my sister piped in that there are hot girls all around my campus because the cheerleaders from her high school go there. She then said that the male population she has seen at my college is pretty hot. I must have missed it. I am there everyday and few guys pique my interest. I don't think I have super high standards, but I must be missing out on the cute guys she has seen at my college.

Anyways, I just wanted to say I felt so awkward sitting there as my dad was saying this because at times I feel so much like my dad knows. I felt like he was giving me the opportunity to open up and say I like guys. I just felt put on the spot, even though I did no talking whatsoever. I drove home upset at my dad for putting me on the spot like this and I'm thinking more and more of just confessing to him since I get the feel he knows and would be ok. I just worry that he would say something to my mom and she would find out; though there are times like when he found male porn on my computer a few years back in high school he told me to be sure mom doesn't find out. Still, I sit here remaining confused, in the closet, still undecided if I should say something to my dad, or just ignore this conversation.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Odds and ends

School has started- I could have missed it. I didn't realize until about 10:30 last Wednesday night that school started on Thursday. My coworker B called me to ask me what time my first class was. The panic sort of sat in because I didn't have a schedule in place. I had 2 classes picked, but needed 2 more. I was waitlisted, but was able to register for both today, so things should be good on that front. My film teacher seems very disorganized and I'm not sure that I'm going to get a lot from the class, but I think I scored some big points with him by talking to him after class today just about random stuff like film classes I've taken and school in general. It was kind of by accident, but oh well.

Have a funny story from dinner last night. My parents took me out to a Spanish restaurant to celebrate my birthday. Enjoyed it a lot. Never had Spanish food (Mexican, yes, but not Spanish) prior to this. I had a tapa, then my mom, dad, and I sampled each other's paella, Castillian medallions, and other dishes. For dessert I had basically an apple tart. My sister read on the menu what was in it and threw a fit. It was cooked in a rum and brandy sauce. My sister was protesting because it is the night before I turned 21 and I'm already "drinking" something. She told my parents how upset she was and went off on her tangent about how Carrie Nation is her hero. My mom said that the alcohol is burnt off in the cooking and adds flavor. My sister didn't buy it. Then as we were leaving the restaurant she threw another fit that I was being allowed to drive after I just had alcohol. She threw a tantrum in the parking lot. SHE IS 18!!! My mom put it into perspective though by asking my sister how many times has she heard on the news how many times has she heard of someone causing an accident who became drunk by eating dessert? My sister was speechless and just said she didn't feel safe with me driving home. On the way home she had to point out every little possible fault in my driving. I just said at least I have my license and I was able to stay in the lines on the road, even while being "drunk." It shut her up- she still doesn't have her license and my mom keeps getting after her for not being able to stay in the lines while driving.

Speaking of my birthday, it is my 21st and I am kind of making it a weeklong celebration. My mom took off for Nor Cal this morning to deal with family, so we celebrated my birthday at the Spanish restaurant last night. Before my mom took off to the airport today, she took my sister and I to the casino. It came up last night that we should do something different because I was 21. The casino was an idea. Nobody in my family gambles really. My mom's limit is $10. My mom played 1 penny machine the whole time and won $53.80 and she only spent $10. I lost $11, but managed to win $9. I only spent $20. My sister spent $10, but lost $5.00.

Tomorrow my cousin and I are going out to lunch to celebrate my birthday, then Gonzo and I are going out to dinner after she gets off work. The Guy and I are going to go out one night, or we may stay at his house and we're going to celebrate with drinks.

One of the more built trainers at my gym wears thong underwear. He is a tall black guy with dredlocks, not bad looking. How do I know? As I was leaving the other day he was standing at the front desk talking to Gonzo reaching up as high as he could in the air and his shirt went up, his pants went down, and there was his black thong.

Andrew, a kid I went to high school with, who happens to be gay and came out during his junior year goes to the gym I do. Gonzo was working the other day and he came by to say hi to Gonzo, like I do before I leave. He walked up to her about a minute before me. After he left Gonzo began asking me what I thought of him, if he was cute, and if she could hook me up with him. I said no, I don't want to come out to him, we have completely different friends, and haven't talked since sophomore year of high school. She said she is going to see what she can work out. He is kind of cute, but it is not like I'm looking for a guy. I told Gonzo I hope she was only kidding.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Coming out vids on youtube

Stumbled upon to these on youtube and found these coming out vids interesting.

Frat boy's story

This guy has an interesting story

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sex at 3a.m.

The Guy IM'd me Saturday morning at 10a.m. or so. He was "working" at home for the day- supposed to be working on the website for his dad's business, but he was busy with other things. He was working on paying all of his past due bills and wanted me to come over, hang out, and he said he would help me out with my Mac.

I brought him a breakfast burrito from the Mexican food place up the street from him and water from CVS since he asked.

When I got to his place, he was working on his bills. We sat around talking and just enjoyed each other's company. I took his dog for a walk. We played some City of Villains, then took a break to go get drinks, popcorn, and string cheese. The Guy asked to use my cell phone when we were out driving to call Aaron. He was trying to impersonate me on the phone, which he didn't do a good job. My voice is very hard to impersonate- it is high and twangy, whereas The Guy's voice is much lower. Aaron was going out with friends, so didn't want to come over to hang out. The Guy and I went to get Chinese food. I had to pay since they didn't accept ATM. No big deal- I was hoping I could after all The Guy has done for me to help me with my Mac.

The Guy and I watched MY13 while playing City of Villains after we returned from getting snacks. We were watching informercials and The Guy ordered a product that Jane Seymour was advertising to get rid of wrinkles. I had to laugh and make fun of him that he considered ordering it, asked for my opinion, and then believed the gimmicks in that. HAHA. We watched some Dr. Phil house type show where couples in trouble live together. They were a gay couple who were former reality TV stars having problems. The Guy and I sat there laughing, making fun of them, and stuff like that. During this show, The Guy asked where the remote was. It was on the coffee table at my foot. I passed it to him. He blamed me for having it and having to watch the terrible show. I said that I could take some of the blame, but that I don't know how to work his Tivo, so he has some of the blame also. He laughed and said that we sound like a couple since I was sharing in the blame, which acknowledging shortcomings and faults were brought up in this show. We also watched the Enrique Iglesias concert.

At midnight I was starved. The Guy and I decided In-N-Out was the only place open and he doesn't like fast food. I was tired of playing the game and wanted to leave ASAP. In-N-OUt was a way to get away and I rushed down there for 2 double doubles, animal style fries, and a cheeseburger and animal style fries for me. The Guy gave me a $50 to pay with, but they only accept bills of $10 or less after 10p.m., so I had to ATM it. The Guy laughed when I got back that he got 3 meals all paid for by me and that was such a good deal.

The Guy had asked me- or at least hinted for me to stay the night, so I called my parents on the way to In-N-OUt saying I was hanging out with my friends Steve and Mike and we were getting dinner at In-N-OUt, and of course since it was midnight and In-N-Out always has such a long wait, plus we have to sit and talk and dinner, and stuff like that it would be really late when I get home, so maybe I should stay the night- Actually my mom suggested I stay the night.

The Guy had plans to stay up all night and play the computer game. I didn't. I was tired at 1:00a.m. and knew I was going to stay the night because he asked me to basically. I just can't see sitting around all day and night playing that game, so instead of flat out telling The Guy I was tired of playing I got bitchy. It didn't help that we were losing connection on the game, Windows decided to update, and stuff like that just made me more frustrated and added to the bitchiness. His friend kept insisting we run into fight scenes and we ended up dying. I was frustrated. His friend also kept making sexual references all night as they were talking back and forth on Ventrilo while playing the game and his friend was talking about fucking a guy the night before and stuff like that. This friend lives about 15 minutes from me I found out. Finally we decided at 3:00a.m. one more mission and that would be it. WHEW!!! Throughout all of this, we watched "Brokeback Mountain."

At 3:15a.m., his friend texted The Guy and said to get on Yahoo messenger. I went to the bathroom and as I was coming back, see The Guy sitting in the chair watching his friend jacking off on webcam. The Guy made fun of his friend saying how low that is, but how horny he apparently was. His friend was not a hot site, but did have a big dick. The Guy said he was turned on and he had a tent in his shorts. I was turned on also. The Guy started rubbing his crotch and mine. Then he pushes my head down to his crotch and I suck his dick. When his friend finishes up, The Guy puts his dog in the crate, and we go off to the bedroom. We strip and get on the bed. I suck him while he is rubbing my back. The Guy gets the lube out and tells me to finger him. The Guy is a top and does not like to be fucked, so I was surprised he was asking me to finger him. He told me what to do- start out with 1, 2, and then 3 fingers. He has fingered me a couple times before, but I'm not a fan of it. The Guy was soon fingering me while I was doing the same to him and it actually wasn't too bad I think because there was soooo much lube on his hands. We grind on the bed and just enjoy the body contact with each other for several more minutes. The Guy is hilarious and after we were grinding on each other said he thought he came and for me to suck him. I was like "wow, here he goes again and I haven't got off once," but The Guy realized he didn't have an orgasm, but it felt like it. After I sucked him he took hold and jacked himself off until he shot his load. I jacked myself off and he put his legs on me and squeezed my left hand as I did it. I had the best orgasm- loved having his body on mine. After, we got a towel and cleaned off, though a shower may have been more appropriate.

The Guy gave me a pair of his shorts to sleep in, then we were off to bed. We went to bed about 4a.m. and slept until 10 of 8. I slept all night without waking up to The Guy's snoring, which goes to show how tired I was. The dog lay in between us. The Guy and I got up and he joked how he likes to have a couple hour devotional with Jesus on Sunday mornings. I laughed. The devotional consisted of playing more COV, this time without his friend, which was nice. I enjoyed it a lot more because The Guy was much more willing to help me out. The Guy made us bagels for breakfast, which were delicious. Instead of toasting them he put them in a pan with a little butter to get crispy. They were good!

We played more COV after breakfast and when his friend came on around 10a.m. We had Round Table pizza for lunch; they have the best vegetable pizza (and I'm not a vegetarian). Then we played more COV. We watched "Steel Magnolias" while eating breakfast and COV. I knew The Guy liked the show and probably had it memorized line for line like most of his other favorite shows, and this was no exception. This is the one show that I always break down and cry when I watch. I remember my parents watching "Steel Magnolias" all the time when I was little, so I know the lines of the show and was reciting them with The Guy. It wasn't until I saw it performed at my dad's school in a theater production when I was in 6th grade or so that I realized how sad of a show it is and put the whole show together and comprehend it. I remember shedding some tears during the play. That was when my dad started calling it the "5 kleenex box show." I did break down and cry as much as I tried to avoid it today by acting like I was interested in the computer game, but it really is a sad show. HAHA... the softer side of me.

We watched "Keeping The Faith" after, and I had seen this before. My mom likes it. The Guy asked if it was any good and I said it was cute, so we kept it on. He laughed saying it was very funny and cute. There are some pretty good lines in that show. We also watched "The Legend of Bagger Vance," "Something Has To Give," "Emma," and "The Wedding Planner."

I got a little tired of playing about 5p.m. I really don't like sitting all day feeling like I have done nothing. Going up a level or two, or three in a game means nothing to me. I like tangible results and a sense of satisfaction when I can say "I've accomplished _____ today." I told The Guy I was going to take off. As I was standing at the corner of the living room walking to the bathroom, The Guy said just the sweetest thing. He looked me in the eyes and said "Mike, thanks for this weekend. I really enjoyed everything I did with you." I looked at him and told him thank you and how much I appreciate him helping me with the stuff on my Mac, for hanging out, and everything else.

I sat around and watched him play for about an hour and a half more, then took off. I hugged him and thanked him again. I really appreciate him in so many ways. I was thinking about that on the way home tonight and I was thinking how I want to give him a card for Valentine's Day just to say thank you and how much I appreciate him. Yes, I'm in a real sappy mood tonight. It's all good though. The Guy said it was because we were watching romance and sad movies all day.

I got home at 7:30 tonight and my parents joked that I just came home for a change of clothes. HAHA.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Mac and met a blog reader

Got my new Mac finally yesterday. Not sure I like it- it will probably take time to grow on me. No right mouse button is my biggest gripe right now- really not dealing with that well.

The Guy, being the Mac maniac he is wanted to help me set it up. I went home and got a few things, then went over to his place.

The Guy and I were looking at my new Mac and realized it didn't have a glossy screen. I took it back to the Apple store by myself since The Guy was so engrossed in City of Heroes. He asked me to bring dinner back. I was a little upset, but The Guy ensured me that it is Apple, they'll take the computer back no questions asked.

I go over to the Apple Store and they spent 30 minutes or so in back looking for a computer with the right specifications that was a glossy screen. My suspicion is I was given the matte screen because that was all the man helping me saw and wasn't going to search for one.

Stopped on the way back to get Mexican food and CVS for drinks. I knew The Guy was out and Vitamin Water was on sale. I paid for dinner and drinks because he was helping me with my computer.

When I got back he was making food since I was gone a while. My food took priority over his- he was making the steak and beans like we had the previous night.

I installed Windows and Bootcamp on my Mac, then we played City of Heroes on my old Dell until 9p.m. or so, then we laid on the couch watching "Law and Order." There were 2 episodes. Both were dramatic. They weren't on TNT though, TNT knows drama; NBC knows drama though, too. That's one of The Guy's things he always points out. HAHA. We both were glad that Sam Waterston got a promotion to DA, but worry about the new guy taking his place... haha.

The Guy has more software he was supposed to give me today, but he was busy and never called. I was busy too. Tomorrow, hopefully.

I got to meet a blog reader from my area today. It was neat to get to meet someone who has read my blog, but doesn't have a blog. I can't believe how I'm meeting people I otherwise wouldn't have met had it not been for the internet or a blog, and we all have that deep dark secret! I got to do a little more investigating on my end and find out how he found my blog, find out about him, and stuff like that. It was cool that he was a college guy and it was neat to find out about him. I hope we can meet up again. Thanks for the great time! I hope you enjoyed it also!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

There were 3 men in the bed

The Guy and I said we were going to hang out New Years Eve because he couldn't go to West Hollywood with his best friend because of his sprained ankle. He called Aaron Sundayy night and asked if he wanted to come. Aaron did come even though he was unsure about it.

The Guy was playing computer games as usual and Aaron was sitting watching TV. The Guy had "Law and Order" on. The Guy's dog was especially annoying wanting to sit in between all of us and climbing over all of us. I let the computer game The Guy was installing and took his dog for a walk since Aaron refused. We sat around watching TV and The Guy gets a call from Bobby, who he just met online. Bobby didn't have anywhere to go for New Years Eve and felt sorry for him, so asked if it was ok with Aaron and I and invited him over.

Bobby was alright- not my type at all. He was a white guy dressed in South Pole and it looked really baggy on him. He had chains all around his neck, and a short military style haircut. He was from Virginia and just moved out here. He didn't talk much, but I didn't like the vibe he was giving off and neither did The Guy after talking to him tonight. Bobby just sat there drinking beer and that was it.

We watched "The Sweetest Thing" with Cameron Diaz and 4 episodes of "Family Guy." Aaron and I both thought we would turn over to ABC to watch the ball drop in Times Square. Nope. We just sat on the couch. Aaron walked in the living room 5 minutes before 12:00a.m. and said it's almost New Years. At the stroke of midnight we all just sat there and took turns saying Happy New Year to each other. Very anti-climactic. Very unmemorable. No New Years kiss. Not that I've ever got one of those, but figuring I was with a group of gay guys one wouldn't be too hard to come by... I was wrong... oh well.

At 1:30a.m. Bobby left. Aaron and I helped clean up the living room with The Guy putting all of Bobby's beer bottles in the kitchen, the bottle of wine that The Guy got for CHristmas from his dad that he really didn't like, and all the other bottles of beverages (like Vitamin Water). It was mostly a non-alcoholic New Years Eve.

I was very tired and so was Aaron. Aaron goes to bed very early like me. Aaron said he was going to nap on the couch for 30 minutes before driving home. I said I would too because I knew without a nap I couldn't make it. The Guy goes in his room and immediately starts getting drunk texts from a friend and comes in to talk to us. I think I was almost asleep when The Guy came back in telling us about the texts. Aaron said something to the effect of we really want to try the bed with him. The next thing I know we all make our way to the bed.

Aaron thinks he is going to sleep at the edge of the bed, but we say there is enough room. The Guy has a king size bed. Aaron scootches up in the middle and I am on the right side. The Guy is on the left side. We lay in bed talking about how I'm like the Red Vine licorice in bed because I'm so tall and skinny. The Guy is like a blow pop, then Aaron is like a red hot. I am not sure how that came up, but it did. Then we talked about candies we haven't eaten in a long time. All 3 of us fit in the bed, though I was very close to the edge. Aaron was squished in the middle. The Guy and his dog seemed comfortable on the other side of the bed. We also talked about how Aaron was cold, so The Guy and I had to snuggle up real close to him to keep him warm. It didn't warm Aaron up.

I'm not sure much sleeping took place. Aaron woke up several times with comments like "you breathe loudly" to The Guy. Then The Guy rolled over on him another time. Aaron slept on his back and I slept on my side. At a couple times Aaron announced to me during the night our asses were touching and his ass is very sensitive. That's kind of an inside joke- The Guy slapped Aaron on the ass a week or so again when he was playing around and Aaron complained how it hurt. Since I had such a hard time sleeping I spent time pretending I was sleeping. I could get by with it, so at one point I turned over to my opposite side and got as close to Aaron as I could. My crotch was in his ass (not in, but up close and I was clothed). I put my arm around him and slept. I think I did fall asleep this way. The Guy snuggled up close with Aaron also at several points during the night I think because of the lack of room. Finally in the morning after Aaron woke up and said something The Guy snuggled up real close, I did too, and The Guy put his arms and legs around all of us and we snuggled. That didn't last for long, but was fun.

I know I didn't get a lot of sleep- maybe 3 good hours of sleep. Anyways, at 6:00a.m. The Guy woke up in a lot of pain. His ankle wrap was too tight. He went in, checked his e-mail, and then unwrapped his foot. He came in the bedroom and showed us his foot. His foot and ankle were both bright green. Not a little green, but bright green. His foot was VERY swollen.

At 8:30a.m. or so, Aaron got up in a bad mood. He doesn't like The Guy's dog (and I don't blame him, in fact I don't either, but I can handle the dog). The dog was shedding and causing Aaron's allergies to act up (mine were too). Aaron asked if anyone else was tired or if we were going to get up.

The Guy said Aaron would go get us breakfast and we would lay there. Being New Years, we determined only YumYum Donuts or Starbucks would be open. I laid in bed and Aaron said he wouldn't go get food without Mike. I said I couldn't go and looked over and smiled at The Guy. I said I was a comfortable bed and couldn't get out. The Guy then took away one of my pillows, then another, and another. Finally I said I guess I could get out.

The Guy gave Aaron and I his order for sprinkle topped donuts (Because he eats the tops off only) and a couple glazed. Then Aaron wanted Starbucks, so we went there too. Aaron insisted I get something, but I didn't want anything. I did get a frappucino, but only drank half of it. Aaron and I talked in the car about hating The Guy's dog and how we thought New Years Eve would be different. We went back and ate.

Aaron left about 9:30a.m. or 10:00a.m. The Guy asked me to try and install that computer game on my computer again so I could spend the day playing with him. Finally after 3 tries, the 4th time was the charm and the game installed. I spent the next 9 hours or so playing City of Heroes with The Guy. It was actually A LOT of fun to sit there, talk, make fun of each other, and watch "Law and Order."

The Guy made dinner about 5p.m. This is only the 2nd time he has cooked for me. He asked me to get steak out of the freezer and some baked beans. I thought we were going to have steak and beans, which wouldn't have been bad. Nope- The Guy had something else in mind. It was actually pretty good, but would have been better with a sharper cheese like cheddar or something else with more flavor than mozzerella. The Guy seared the steak in a frying pan, then poured baked beans and mozzerella cheese in. He said this is one of his favorite things because it has all of his favorite foods in it. It was pretty good, different, but needed a sharper cheese. It was good overall though. I helped him out in the kitchen by taking out the trash and we stood around talking about how The Guy didn't really seem to like Bobby from last night and how he seemed a little pushy to come over. He also talked about how Aaron's attitude has seemed to change and he is a lot more pessimistic and wonders if something is going on.

The Guy and I played a little more and I said that I had to leave at 8:15 or so because I was getting very tired, but also needed to get home to figure out what was going on. The Guy and I hugged and I thanked him for a great time. It was a lot of fun. I really had a hard time saying goodbye, because I really didn't want to leave.