Thursday, May 31, 2012


Ok I'm here in Spain. Loving the architecture and famous sites I have studied. My biggest gripe is the food. Nothing here in Madrid has been great. The tapas have all been subpar. We have even been to some of Madrid's top restaurants. In addition I would have said I had pretty good Spanish,but it's obviously different and inferior to the locals. I get looks when ordering. Speaking of ordering apparently you walk up to the bar to order and then find a table. The waiter doesn't come to you. Another difference is they never come back to your table to check on you. We also feel weird approaching the counter for our bill

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm a leaving on a jet plane

I have to listen to this song every time I am going on a plane flight- like right now!

Every bone in my body must have popped

As I made my appointment to see my physical therapist my doctor said before I do that to see the chiropractor since he noticed my legs were 2 different sizes. I didn't get this at the appointment - he called me about a week after I blogged about it. That was alarming. He said that he thought a chiropractor would be good since it would help my posture and straighten me out so that any pressure/tension felt because my legs were 2 different sizes would be alleviated.

I did not want to hear my body pop like that! I had heard it was painful.

And well, here's how it went...

The doctor canceled my appointment on Thursday and rescheduled me to Friday.

I met the doctor when I arrived, he asked about my concerns/told me his. Then he told me to go get a chiropractic massage, which I have to say is one of the best massages I have had. I felt so much tension in my neck I didn't know was there be alleviated - and I had just had a massage about a month ago. This girl was young and looked inexperienced who gave me the massage, but man, it was good!

Then I met the doctor again and he told me what he was going to do. He had me bend over and touch my toes without bending my knees. He asked where I felt the stretch and I told him my hamstrings. He was impressed with me knowing that muscle group. He said I should not be feeling the stretch from there, and that meant that my posture was off. I should be feeling the stretch in my back. He laid me down on the bed and felt down my back. He identified 3 areas of concern- my neck, my middle back and my lower pelvis area. He said my left leg was about 1 inch longer than my right leg. He said that it would take several visits to get me fully aligned and equal. He had me do some hugging and bending while he pushed down on certain areas of my body. It was crazy, quick, and I felt taller after, as well as in a little pain. The pain subsided, but I noticed a difference immediately in that a lot of the pressure was gone from my leg - and I didn't know there was pressure there before - I would have said that leg was just hanging on as it didn't feel as tight as my other.

So I am excited to go back in a couple weeks to get my next adjustment and to make me even - my legs are now within 1/4 of an inch of each other. How triply. Physical therapy will ensue after the chiropractor.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

Survived my first year

I survived my first year as a teacher! WOOP WOOP!!!

Lots of lessons learned. Lots of battles fought. Lots of new experiences.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Give me anything else

My pink slip was rescinded. Woot! While that is good in that I'll have summer income, etc. I am disappointed and upset over my potential class for next year, which looks like I'll be teaching 5 different English classes at 5 different levels, be responsible for all the data, lesson plans, and more that goes along with this shit. Hoping things change...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quick jaunt

I'm going to be making a quick jaunt to NY next week. Creating a list of must dos. Right now 2 restaurants are on the list, catching up with an old friend, and I'm debating between a charming neighborhood like Greenwich Village, SOHO, or maybe the upper east/westside since I've yet to venture much above 80th St. Any ideas?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cleaning up and out

Spent the night at Mike's. He got home late in the evening- we watched TV and fell asleep on the couch getting up about 1:30 to go to bed.

Up at 7. I was tired. I wanted to go back to sleep. I'd even had a 2 hour nap the night before, which did no good. We showered and got ready to go to Paneruh. We drove the convertible and chatted about our week, my coworker pissing me off, and more. We went to Sam's afterward for the eye doctor. He needed contacts and I figured I'd take advantage of my insurance. Found out I had an astigmatism. Doc said it was not a big deal. OMG. That was a tough exam. No joke. The dilation. The drops. I was breaking out in a sweat the entire time. Cruised around the store until dilation done, then went to lunch at Fridays, Big Lotz, and Tarjay. Came home and had another nap. We woke up about 5 and went on a cleaning spree. He cleaned out the closet and made room for me- he threw out tons of clothes! WOW! I cleaned the bathroom, dusted, and vacuumed the floor/couch. We enjoyed wine on the bed in the bedroom when we finished and he packed his bag for the week.

He was up at 3:30 and I pretty much fell back asleep up until 10. Went to a faire to see my cousin dance today. Prepped for the week at school.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Working on my pacing

Belted this out for my kidlets at school in my 3rd period the other day when they asked me why I never sing to them in class like Lipstick Lesbian. I said I could, and this was the first song that came to mind... my pacing had to be way off... I'm no Nicki Menaj.

And I listen to Nicki... I'm like pelican fly for that.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bad ass songs for the bad ass 8 at ocho cruise

I was bad ass the other day driving around in my car listening to the Bad Ass 8 at Ocho on 98.7 when these 2 songs came on. Windows down. Made for a fun time. Weather was perfect. Not a lot of traffic...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

To lease or not to lease?

I found an incredible lease deal on a car the other day and discussed it with Mike. We got the terms, the offer details, and found several cars that match that lease.

My current car is paid off, is 4 years old, has 66,000 miles as of yesterday on it, and is in ok-good condition. The new model just came out of my car.

Mike had some math that got me thinking:

Trade my car in - ~$13k
Cash out of pocket - $3k
Lease - $3,600 over 2 years (keep the money aside and hold onto it for each monthly payment)
= $6,400 in my pocket for my car 

The lease terms are 24 months at 22,000 miles. This year with Mike so close to work I have only driven about 8-10,000 miles, so the math checks out. 

Then my dad came back with this:

- Leases are dangerous because you get into a spiral of leasing
- Leases make your insurance go up
- Leases are dangerous especially if you get into an accident, then you are responsible for your lease
- You will most likely damage the car in some way and have to pay tons of money to have that repaired
- Your car is fine and the car you are moving into has worse gas mileage
- What will you do after the end of the lease? What if you are driving more and there are no cars you can lease within that mileage range? Are you ready to pipe up the money for a new a car?
- You do not drive less than 11,000 miles per year.
- What if you want to go on a weekend trip - with so few miles you can no longer do that.
- What if you get a new job and are driving a lot more?
- Insurance will go up because of the type of vehicle you are moving into
- Insurance companies don't like to insure leases

So... um... to lease or not to lease?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Feeling Broke

I'm beginning to feel broke - when I first started working full-time last year and got those nice paychecks it was wonderful. I was able to put $1,000 away a month, pay $500 toward my student loan, pay my credit card (off) each month, and have a few cents left over. As time has gone on my spending has increased with a little freedom. I am suddenly putting about $500 away a month, but spending a couple hundred on our weekend trips, paying $500 toward my student loan, and still paying my credit card off each month. It's a good tradeoff, but it's leaving me feeling broke.

Maybe it is also how my credit card comes due? I usually pay it off the first of the month just because I can easily remember. I also pay my student loan the first of the month and set the money aside. My card and student loan aren't due until the middle of the month. I'm thinking there's no reason why I can't just do that in the middle of the month and feel like I have money through the rest of the month...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Move In

Thursday Night
Went to Mike's, mopped the floor, watched The Office, and relaxed. I went to bed about 10. He got in about 11:30 from the airport. I said a few words to him, remember kissing him, and that was all I recall.

Up early for a pretty good, yet long day at work. Get off work about 4:30 and head to Mike's. We go out for the evening after he finishes work and showers. We head to return the speakers we'd bought during the weekend. Stop at Offise Deepot and then down to Chevee's Mexican for a couple margaritas. While there we chatted about our week, our coworkers, and then I complained about how hot it was on Tuesday night when I was at home. He said, "well you can always move in with me so you won't have to put up with that." I said, "I might have to," and was surprised, so I didn't say anything definitive. He went on to say my responsibility was taking care of the yard. We then chatted about food or something totally off topic after. Is this how I expected the invitation to come? Yes. He's not the type to build up a big convo and make it some dramatic event- just low key. After 2 margaritas and proclaiming I was at 96% alert and only 4% gone from the alcohol we headed out- he said I was much less. We head to WalMart, try on a few shirts, then head home. We fall asleep on the couch after lots of tickling and touching. It was uncomfy.

We wake up about 8:30, shower, and then do some cleaning. He gives me a chest for clothes and I put all that had been in my travel bag next to the bed in it. We then go and retreat to the couch where we watch TV. We eventually head to Kohle's where it si packed for mom's day. We get a watch for $5 after lots of Kohle's Kash. We go back to the Mexican restaurant for more margaritas, flautas para mi, and chips. Good stuff. We head home and warn each other to not fall asleep on the couch. We watch the Thursday night shows I'd actually watched on Thursday night, then head to bed.

We are up about 7:30 after hearing Mike's screams about the mice guts on the floor. His kitty got 2 mice in the middle of the night. I didn't hear anything. It traumatized Mike, so I cleaned up the guts and I snuck outside to get his birthday gift. I got him a speaker and a cup and a few other things. He was surprised and liked it. We go outside and dig holes in the yard for plants, plant, and then mow the yard. Good times. I shower and then head home to meet mi madre for Mother's Day. I give her a purse. Family got her some flowers and necklace. We're going to lunch and then I'm heading back to take Mike out for his birthday dinner.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 9 Pic - What I woke up to

It was hotter than hell in my room. I ended up putting some good ol' GAC on and rocking out to some good ol' country while trying to get tired. It helped.

Of course my mom threw a fit I left the TV on all night and came in twice to tell me to turn it off. Tough.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is it too late to start?

I know we are 8 days in, but this is really cool, and I'm really behind in the blog world.
A look at my travels from the past year or so...


MS Capitol Ceiling

I don't find myself loving this place even though I have many reasons to. Overpriced.

Hollaback East LA. Best burrito ever.

At sea.

With my best friend in Alabama

With a great blogger friend at a magical place.

Great NOLA restaurant.
My first 8

I'm just doing my thang

Yep, that's what I'm doing

Monday 4/30- Spent with the boyfriend
Tuesday 5/1- Family time
Wednesday 5/2- Spent the evening with my bf
Thursday 5/3- Retirement dinner for M- went to that, then came home to my bf. We talked about the retirement and hung out on the couch.
Friday 5/4- Bad last period class. Meeting after work from 4-6. Met him at his house after where he made his pole-n-tuh dish. We watched TV and chatted.

Saturday 5/5- Cinco de Drinko. Fuimos a 2 centros comerciales to shop, Target, WalMart. Breakfast at Panara Got dolled up to go meet J and B at the steakhouse we like. Good times. Lots of talking about pink slips, work, and random stuff en general. Went across the street to another restaurant para beber y dance. Durante our time there we watched an interesting crowd that looked like Dolly P in the 60s, los vaqueros, y the old men who were going to score that night. Weird variety of music from stuff like Spanish Harlem being belted out by the Italiano guy to common Spanish party songs. Mike fell. Ran into a friend of my mother's from the retirement. Mike was ok. I was glad.
 Sunday 5/6- Wake up and fool around. Eggs and pan for breakfast, then play around on the computers before heading to pet shop and Sears. We end up at a car dealer or two, then head to Olive Garden for a bite. The 2nd Sears trip came later in the day for their friends and family event where we got some shirts and stuff for 15% off. Woo. We head home and relax. I lesson plan. Boo. Boring. Grrr. No bueno. 

Monday 5/7- Work away, call the doctor because my knee was killing me, make appointment. Let my bf know. Arrive at his place and he accompanies me as we go to the doc. Stop at Chipottle. We stop by my house and I look for "the airport," but I can't find it. We head to the doc where my mom also was for another leg injury. We never ran into each other. He was a trooper and critic as he said listening to my situation and all of that. The doc said I have an overextended and torn ligament that I need to wear a brace for, need physical therapy, and so that's not fun. The leg pain has been going on for months. The doctor was about to get kicked last night, let me tell you, cause that hurt like a mofo. Stop to buy a band. Head home where we relax and are in bed early due to his 6am day.

 Tuesday 5/8- Family time again. Long day at work.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Moto Vibration

Can you imagine? An erection that lasts 20 months?! No, this isn't spam... just a crazy article of a guy who had a long lasting priapism.