Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hit on by lesbians

My cousin texted me about 4:30 wanting me to go out tonight to Brandin' Iron. Sure, why not? It was only a Tuesday night. I met up with everyone at about 9:30. It was karaoke night, and my lesbian cousin is a regular on Tuesdays always singing.

I get there about 9:30 and make my way in. Some of the people my lesbian cousin Brit was hanging with the last time were there and they were chatting with her and her girlfriend. We sat around, and my cousin got up to sing Carrie Underwood. She did very well, and yes, I think I'm a tough judge. She has won singing competitions for the county, so that says something. We talked about how we rarely see each other, phones, what we've been doing, and random stuff like that.

My cousin, her boyfriend, her best friend Laura, and 2 friends of their's show up- this cousin and Laura are the ones I saw Lady A and Tim McGraw with. We get drinks- I go with a Miller Lite, but everyone else goes with CFM (Come Fuck Me's). We mostly listen to some bad Shania karaoke, one guy who insisted on butchering every Tim McGraw song he could think of, a guy who kept singing Garth Brooks and didn't have Garth's range. My lesbian cousin and Laura did sing some good Shania karaoke- From This Moment.

After this the group kind of disbands and some end up at the pool table. I stick around with my lesbian cousin, Brit, and her girlfriend. One of the friends of my other cousins comes over and says she is bi, and how hot my cousin and her girlfriend are. They talk about gay clubs in the area, all the straight people there, how they tend to lean more towards girls even though they've all dated guys. The bi gal kept saying how hot I was, how she could fuck me and would let me fuck her. She said that she has Lady Gaga moments, though, and would probably think about being with a girl while doing that. She told me that she was ready to go in the bathroom and let the fucking begin. She'd let my lesbian cousin's girlfriend come too. The rest of the group came back up and instead the conversation turned to how straight am I? Do I consider myself 100% straight? Before I could answer bi girl was saying of course I'm 100- she doesn't get any vibes from me. LMAO.

Bi girl goes out to smoke and we all go to a pool table and shoot some pool. My cousin, lesbian cousin, and Laura all go up and sing "I Love Rock and Roll." I take over shooting pool for Laura, and I did ok. I'm not a great player. My cousin's boyfriend was laughing at me nonstop because I was insistent I wasn't going to do it because I suck so bad. I did have a couple incidents where I made and did really stupid things, but I lived, and I did get a couple balls in. We stood around a while talking about family and toda la drama, then about 1a.m. we took off. Good. I was tired. In the parking lot it was decided we are all going to Vegas July 23. I am not sure I want to go with them. They were the ones who wanted to crash in a hotel with like 10 people together. Eeew.

Paul Johnson

I was browsing through facebook tonight and saw a status update that Paul Johnson, the longtime traffic reporter on KNBC passed away at 8:30 Tuesday night. I cruise over to NBC's website, and sure enough. I was saddened as I have grown up with him. My grandpa always used to joke he would have to watch Paul Johnson in the morning to make sure that there was no traffic so he could come visit me when I was at my grandma's house. Of course, there was Paul always saying, "be careful out there, don't forget to buckle that seatbelt," that is one of those catchy phrases.

RIP Paul

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend post

Dodger game Friday night with coworkers, my dad and sister. There are 5-6 people at work that are Yankees fans and always get tickets when they are out here to go to the games. My dad, sister, and I usually fall into the mix and usually end up sitting somewhere around them. I sat in the same section as Jason and Michelle/her family from work- their seats were about 8 rows in front of me, we were over just off of the 3rd base line. Then my dad and sister got tickets away from me because there were no 3 packs of tickets being sold. They were over by first base on the 2nd level of the stadium. The Dodgers lost, which was unfortunate, but it was a really good game.

Some pics from the game courtesy of my new phone- the zoom isn't great, but it is nice. The photos are overall pretty good quality.

I zoomed in on Manny from my seat at a maximum zoom.

Saturday night was Gonzo's birthday at BJs and Eddy's. She invited like 12 people, but only 5 showed. It was Eddy, Darla, Darla and Gonzo's friend Linda, and myself at the dinner. Lots of fun conversation about anything and everything. We talked a lot about music, and I told Edwin how Tim McGraw does it for me. hahaha. We talked about Katy Perry's California Gurls and the whipped cream squirting boobs at the end of the song (starting about 3:25). Joe showed up later at Edwin's- he was just leaving the Angels game and couldn't make the dinner. When Gonzo and I got to Eddy's, he was sitting in his living room as we knocked, and told us to come in. He was watching some light porn on Cinemax or something. The guy and girl were going at it, girl's tits were showing. He was turned on and telling us. Gonzo blocked the TV. Then he put Entourage on, then back to porn. For a few minutes Gonzo, Eddy, and I sat watching that. Darla and Linda showed up and watched some too. Joe came and Joe sat on the floor looking at his phone like he was trying to not watch it... hahaha. Awkward. It was interesting. Lots of talking about guys Darla liked and we gave the yes/no approval. Lots of talking with Joe about the Angels. Fun time. Marci showed up shortly after. Eddy was insistent on making kamakazi shots again. Seriously, I'm so tired of those, it is just like lemon juice. I turned Eddy onto to give him some ideas for new drinks. We were about to do Cosmos, but he didn't like cranberry juice, though he had 2-3 bottles of it in the fridge. Nobody got really drunk and wild and crazy thankfully- just a few shots here and there. We all took off about 1- we were going to leave at 12, but we were busy watching California Gurls by Katy Perry on MTV, as well as Drake and talking about his abilities/or lack thereof depending on who you ask, debating the merits of rap/rock music. Rap and reggae is good for clubs, rock is good for everyday according to Eddy. Marci thinks that rock is all about depression and rap is about having a good time.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The wonders of facebook

What is this, the summer of being outed or something? I dunno... first my neighbor and I have a strange facebook convo, then a kid from high school and I had a convo tonight.

A guy from high school that I always pegged as gay sent me a friend request tonight on facebook. Michael is my age, we had 10th grade English and probably a couple other classes together like Spanish I'm thinking. He was always very quiet and shy. He hung out with a different group of people, and honestly I probably didn't have more than 3-4 conversations with him in high school, and they couldn't have been anything in depth. He was probably 5'10, 130, latino, and short black spiked hair.

I knew upon seeing Michael's photo that he was gay. I looked at his profile, then decided to send him a message on facebook chat. After moving past the hey, how are you's, he becomes bold and says "do you remember Daniel, I had a crush on him in high school." I told him of course I remembered this kid, he was only the most popular kid, and I've had convos with other people wondering about his sexuality. Then Michael asked if I were gay. I said yes, and that I thought he was cute in high school. The convo went on, dammit, why didn't we both admit to each other we were gay, we could have had fun. I said we could still. He said he always had a suspicion about me. He told me I was cute again. We talked about guys we thought were gay in high school, his other crush, and stuff like that. He wants to get together next week, and I want to also. I will probably text him on Sunday about getting together. We talked about school, and both of us are headed into education, and both of us are in the classroom right now working with kids. We talked about how old we were when we came out, or admitted it, and we were both 20.

Looking back I'm sort of surprised I admitted this stuff to Michael, but hey, I'm getting better. We will see where this goes...

Phone and weekend

I didn't hear from The Guy last night, but I was bound to today I knew. He impatiently spent the day waiting for his phone. I was at home doing schoolwork for my Thursday night class. I was off and on on facebook. He sent me a message and instant message on there asking how it was, then triple teamed me by calling me asking how it was. I picked up the phone and said "it's sooooo pretty!!!" I told him about the beautiful screen that is so crisp and clear. I told him that the text is a lot easier to read. I said that the apps seem to load faster, especially Grindr. He was jealous. I was using every opportunity I could to rub it in his face about how nice it was. He was not having it. He was telling me how he never does that to me, how he needed me over there to wait for his phone and sign for UPS so he could go wait at Victoria Gardens at the Apple Store. Sorry sweets, it doesn't work that way. We chatted for about 45 minutes about the phone and at the end there he told me how he had never seen me be so selfish and rub something in his face, and it was obvious how much pleasure I got out of it. I burst out laughing because it was so true. Then I shot him a few more texts throughout the day like where I showed off the camera and what it could do. Here's a pic I shot of the geraniums outside. It really came out so crisp!

He called me on my way to school about 4:55 after he just opened up his phone wanting to try out Facechat, but I was in the car driving nowhere near WIFI. We shall try that another time.

So here's the lowdown on the weekend- I'm excited!

- Find a birthday card for Gonzo and TGI Fridays gift card
- Buy a Dodgers t-shirt or jersey
- Dodger game Friday night, which is Dodgers/Yankees, GO DODGERS!!!
- Any ideas about the best freeway exit for the stadium? It will only be my 2nd time there, and I'm sure everyone and their mother are going to this game. I'm in an argument with a friend over whether to take the 5 to Stadium Way or the 110 to Dodger Stadium exit. I think the 101 to 110 just because the 101 and 110 are wider than the 5, and everyone takes the 5.

- Gonzo's birthday dinner at Olive Garden and Eddy's for drinks

And my neighbor and I haven't caught each other online or on facebook, but he did send me a message on AIM after I signed off, so it went to my cell phone the other night asking if I'd suck him off. When he asks again the reply will be yes... haha

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It came

The FedEx site annoyed me all morning since they weren't updating tracking information. Long about 2p.m. it was updated that my phone had been attempted to be delivered at 9:30 this morning, but the post office was closed. I went to the post office before at 1:30 since I usually see FedEx there around that time, and they had been by already, but Anita at the counter told me that they brought all of the ground and express packages, overnight would be delivered later if there were any.

I chatted with The Guy and told him my phone was coming today. He was butt hurt, and downright jealous. His phone isn't scheduled to arrive for a while. He was wondering how I managed to get in to get mine, and he wasn't. He tried on the Apple site and ended up having to go through AT&T. We joked with each other about jealousy being a disease, that I would invite him if I had to take a trip over to Ontario to Fed Ex to pick it up if it didn't arrive- how he couldn't go because he was green with envy, and stuff like that.

I went to check the mail again at 5:50, and the red slip was in my box indicating we had a package. I signed my John Hancock at the desk, then danced with joy as I made my way out of the post office. Literally. I shot a text to The Guy with a photo of the box. He told me he was excited or something.

I came home to unwrap it and made a video of it that I realized I could not send to The Guy unless I were to do it by youtube or email of me unwrapping the phone. I'd post it on here, but there's my voice, face, and other stuff. He was also probably not in the best moods since he was going to therapy, and I'm sure the "It's pretty!" I sent a short while ago didn't help. He doesn't handle jealousy well. When am I ever again going to get a Mac product before him?!

So it is a pretty phone. It has a pretty screen. Pretty is what I have used over and over describing the phone, so I think Pretty is it's name. The feel being more square doesn't hold in your hand as well, but the software upgrade has some cool things like if you have assigned photos for your contacts their photo will show up in your email and call. The text on the screen is very easy to read. The folders option is nice too- I have most of my games in 1 folder, all the Apple installed utilities in another. So far reception seems to be ok- I haven't made a call- but I've had full 3G coverage most of the night with the exception of when I had it in my hand earlier. It would go from full 3G to no bars on the Edge network. This can be because the titanium bar going around the phone is an antenna. See the video below for an explanation.

Got to see each other 3 times

I got to see my best friend three times while he was out here. NOTHING went as planned. He wasn't told that his dad's sister was vacationing with his family since they have never really had a vacation. So that was ok- we made it work- we just didn't get to hang out in Carlsbad or anything like we had planned.

There was the Pomona Valley Mining Company after LA Pride, which was fun, and I blogged about.

We did Disneyland one night, which was fun. It was a Monday night. It wasn't too crowded. I met him and aunt's kids who were 22, 18, and 16. We all got along great. We went on all the fun rides- Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters, Tarzan Treehouse, saw Fantasmic, and the fireworks. On the Matterhorn where you have to sit 1 person behind another and 1 person pressing up against another my friend found it a little disturbing he had to sit in front of me because he's shorter. It was funny. I put my arms around him because his cousin joked she needed more incriminating stuff on him since she was the one who was incriminated by all the photos that my friend took. It was fun.

Yesterday I drove down to Carlsbad to meet my friend and his cousins. I had a blast driving down listening to my radio, all the great SD country stations, and a few other songs that I found like this...

My friend's parents were returning their car at LAX and on their way back. We all went to Rubios for lunch and talked about their vacation, what they've been up to, and anything else that came to mind. My friend's parents and aunt showed up shortly after we arrived. We all agreed to rendezvous at 2 at the fair. We were there at 2 at the fair, but his aunt, parents, and his 18 year old cousin arrived at 4. We walked around seeing what they had to offer. I noticed it was what the LA County Fair was even 5 years ago with more of an emphasis on livestock, community, and student/community competitions. We had a fun time walking around and looking at the random booths, joking, whatever. Then we had time to kill before his parents arrived, so we looked at the program at what there was to do. There was tequila or wine tasting. We were standing right in front of the wine tasting, but they only took 25 people per showing, and we were numbers 26 and 27. We decided tequila was the next best thing. It was cool. We learned about tequila coming from agave and usually being made at 75-80proof (35-40% alcohol). We got to try joven and anejo tequila- basically young gold tequila, El Jimador was the brand. Then we tried El Jimador anejo también. It was just small shot size samples, but it was cool, and something to do. It was free- and at the LA Fair Im sure it wouldn't have been free. As we're sampling and learning about the tequila the adults show up and they are oblivious as to what we were doing. We walk around in the buildings with them and then split up again after about 2 hours. My friend, his cousins, and myself set out to try the fair food, which most of it was $2.00 on Tuesdays. We had deep fried steak bites, deep fried oreos, and cheesecake bites. The steak bites were heaven. The oreos were so-so. We went through the jewel and wood exhibit showcasing work people had done, and we spent forever in there. We were really into it. The machine used to cut jewels was so low tech compared to what we were expecting. We met back up in the carnival area and chatted, took pictures of each other, and then walked toward their car. I was parked out the other gate. My friend's aunt said she'd shuttle me to my car. OMG. They were all saying how bad, scary, and crazy her driving was. She couldn't follow a sign, mowed down 4-5 cones trying to turn her van out of the row we parked down, and was just sort of all over the road.

My best friend and I did talk a little- about me being gay, how he thought it was kind of cool to have a gay guy to talk to things about, how he has heard about gay Hollywood clubs that straight celebs go to. He also thought it was cool he hasn't seen me checking him out... hahaha

We get to my car and my friend and the 18 year old want to ride with me. We're trying to get over to Farmer Boys in Escondido because my friend's family loves Farmer Boys, and haven't had it since they were out here 4 years ago. I put the address in my phone and see that I get off at Nordahl, which I remember just being off the 78. While on the way my friend's mom calls giving us new directions- to get off at some random parkway that basically was to be a shortcut, but really wasn't. My friend, his cousin, and I all talk about how women are bad with directions, how women don't listen, how women do this and that. We were amused. There are mainly country and Spanish stations in San Diego, so I had all the country stations preprogrammed. My friend's cousin said Taylor Swift was on, and the 3 of us sang Taylor Swift's Love Story.

Then the obnoxious Gretchen Wilson came on, and they didn't know the words, but they got the "I work hard, play harder" part, and we were sitting in the car singing that as we drove. Fun times! My friend used never like or even listen to country.

We get split up when we end up back on the freeway and I follow my GPS directions. My friend calls his mom because we got split up and I was making sure we were going to the right one since both were within a mile of each other. They were planning on the other, so we got directions. I was told to hop back on the 78 and take the 15 south. Then my friend's 21 year old cousin comes on and says take the 15N instead. I go up that way and we don't see the exit Century Park or something they want us to take. We go up about 4 miles and still nothing. We turn around and later somehow find them. It was 9:55 and Farmer Boys closed at 10.

We decide to do IHOP instead, and we all sit, eat, and talk. I didn't really get to talk with my friend's mom, and we were both a little sad about that. After dinner we all took funny photos in the parking lot, which was fun, hugged, and took off. I flew home- I made it from Escondido to my house in 50 minutes. I put the car in cruise and did 76mph the entire way home.

The House That Built Me

I have to admit I am not a Miranda Lambert fan. Her voice has the tendency to bother, her songs and lyrics typically fall into the same category.

This song however seemed to sum up my feelings/thoughts about my grandma's house...

Monday, June 21, 2010


It will arrive 1 day early. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Official iPhone launch is the 24th!!!!!!!

Dear Apple Store Customer,

You recently received a Shipment Notification email from Apple advising you that your iPhone has shipped.

This email is to confirm that your delivery will occur on June 23rd. Although Apple and FedEx tracking information may currently indicate a later date, you can check the FedEx website the morning of the June 23rd to track your package to your doorstep.

In the event that you will not be available to accept delivery on June 23rd, it may be more convenient to use our pre-sign delivery option by visiting our Order Status website at


The Apple Store Team

As of 45 minutes ago my phone was in Oakland, Ca.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A photo essay of my day

Note the reception. This was last Thursday, but this looks like most days.

Tutor get together

My boss from the high school that I tutor at was throwing a party to thank all of us tutors for our hard work last night. Everyone, including the teachers we work with were invited. A lot of people were actually out of town, but the people I wanted to hang out with like Viv, Marci, Eddy, Gonzo, and Joe.

There was carne asada, barbecued chicken breasts, 7 layer bean dip, chips, arroz, y frijoles. The carne asada and chicken were soooooooooooo delicious. My boss was insistent on pouring and making drinks for us. We were doing some margarita sampling. She was telling why she is her own bartender when it comes to drinks. She likes them strong. She made us a basic margarita with Cuervo, and then one with Patron to see the difference. Then she made her margarita, which was STRONG. It was one you sip. It had a burn as it went down and minimal flavoring, which I like. Gonzo thought it was too strong, but I liked it, as did most everyone else. Mrs. C claims that is how they make the margaritas in México, y si es la verdad, if that is the case let's go!

So it was fun. We arrive, snack on the 7 layer bean dip and chips, and talk about little things like school. Gonzo graduated, so we congratulated her. Everyone talked about their finals and how the quarter went for them since everyone is on the quarter system. We sit down to eat and talk about a lot of different things. We talked about World Cup- and I threw out how boring it was. Everyone else is so into it. Lots of talk about hot soccer players and googling the players, and passing their photos around on our iPhones. Mrs. C is really into country as of recent, so she had the country station on Pandora playing. We were listening to Martina McBride, Miranda Lambert, and Tim Mcgraw. I learned Viv is a country fan, and loves Tim Mcgraw. Of course I had to mention going to the Tim McGraw concert, and Viv and Mrs. C were jealous. We talked about going to concerts, and Mrs. C didn't realize how into concerts I am. We talked about other artists like Pit Bull, Maná, Aventura, Shakira, and our likes/dislikes. Apparently Shakira's song Loba/She Wolf is bad. I like it even if they don't. We talked about favorite books, and Mrs. C is of Mexican descent, but doesn't really speak Spanish. She has read a lot of Spanish authors, as I have also, and Viv and her cousin, so we were able to talk a lot about Cisneros, García Marques, y Sor Juana, which was interesting. I enjoyed the convo. We talked about clubbing and stuff like that- Mrs. C is pretty hip and in when it comes to stuff like that- she's not out doing it, but she had her young wild days. She knows I'm a big Brandin' Iron fan for the country music. We also talked about our favorite restaurants and fine dining restaurants. Mrs. C and I may do the OC Register food truck get together on the 30th of this month- I facebooked her the information.

Mrs. C made sure we were all supplied as far as drinks went. I only had 2 margaritas and that was perfect- I never overdo it when drinking, and I certainly wouldn't around coworkers/a boss. Now Eddy was a different story. He had been drinking before he came- no surprise- we seriously are thinking he has a drinking problem. And you can tell he has been drinking. He did Patrón shots with Mrs. C's husband, was telling everyone including Mrs. C how horny he was, and was talking to the wall outside of the bathroom at point. Mrs. C knows Eddy is like this, and didn't think anything of it. She was telling him to crash on the couch, she would drive him home, whatever. Gonzo was hit on by Eddy. Eddy kept telling everyone he had to go because he had booty calls waiting. Joe drove Eddy home in his truck and I followed Joe, then drove him back to pick up his truck. Joe was so hilarious during the night teaching us his "moves" for awkward situations. It was random hand gestures like the awkward turtle, which was appropriate when Eddy was around and talking about being horny.

Joe called this the sexual tension jellyfish
allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385">

Overall it was an awesome time just kicking back, eating, talking, and we talked for a good 5 hours or so.

Friday, June 18, 2010

And 12 hours later!

Who knew that 12 hours after the encounter at his house we would be talking about sex again and doing stuff together?

My neighbor, Carlos, messaged me, apologized for not being able to do anything today.

I told him not to worry. I also said the following because he really seems conflicted and having a difficult time. I'm more than willing to be there and listen to him, and offer any support I can because I know how frustrating sexuality can be:

hey, I'll be more honest with you than the other night. I was a little apprehensive because usually like sexuality i'm like it's nobody's business, but I consider myself bi. Everyone's usually like wtf? how can you be? but it is what it is... I've dealt with it for a while, and if you want to talk or anything I'm here

I felt weird doing that because I was opening up a new can of worms, but he is curious I'm sure, (and I was horny). I also really do want to help him if I can. He asked things like if I ever wondered what he looked like naked, told me he thought about me, asked if I had nude pics, he told me he had some, and a few minutes later we're exchanging nude pics. None of mine have a face attached to the body, thank god. My neighbor however was quite the opposite, and has a big 6.75'' thick and cut penis. He told me how he is curious and wants to suck, touch, make out, and feel a guy. I told him that was cool. He told me how he is constantly clearing his internet history so his girlfriend and parents can't see. He told me how he is slightly turned on by me, but is afraid to admit it. I told him it was cool, and it doesn't change anything between us. So basically we exchanged chest and dick pics, and well, we were both jacking off to each other, cummed, and then told each other we were heading to bed.

In my mind this is one incredibly hot fantasy- a guy I could actually see myself with and is cute. I do feel complete that I have seen him nude now- even in photos- I haven't even seen my best friend- not that I'm out to see him nude- I'm not- I'm just saying- it used to be the 3 of us, always together when we were kids. I am not going to push anything, because again, all the reasons I've mentioned.

So who knows where we're headed next and what another 12 hours may bring...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dear AT&T

Dear AT&T,

We have had a technician out to our house 3 times in 2 weeks to deal with our constant wireless disconnects, and I've heard it all. Your lies are getting unbearable.

Please don't tell me any of the following:
- A Mac computer will run slower on the internet than a PC
- A laptop will run "slower to much slower" on a wireless network because it is wireless
- You should have almost no reception on a laptop if you're far away from the router - they consider far away my bedroom, 30 feet from the router - I know that a router usually has a several hundred foot distance around it where you should still get some signal - Drive by wifi- hello?
- It is normal to have DSL link retrains
- There is no set amount that is considered normal when it comes to DSL link retrains
- We are not seeing any errors
- Moving the DSL equipment to another room will completely get rid of the DSL link retrains
- There is no such equipment to fix a DSL link retrain because they are normal
- There are no errors from your line coming back to the company
- We have replaced every possible piece of equipment, so there will be no problems
- We have done everything we possibly can
- Watching too many youtube videos may make your internet go down
- The DirecTV box is the culprit- the Direct TV box is not hooked up to the phone line or internet- The DirecTV box is a good 15 feet from the router- surely that's not the case
- Cell phone use will not interfere with our router
- It is not the weather day in and day out in sunny Southern California diluting our signal
- The computer monitor and tower, and printer are the electronics around the router. Those are not the culprits to our awful signal.



My neighbor

Well, here's the much awaited update to the story of my neighbor. I have been trying to wrap my brain around everything the past couple days. So crazy!

Well, yesterday he messaged me on facebook and said that he was sick, throwing up off and on, and couldn't meet, but wanted to another time.

Today, about 12:00p.m., almost 24 hours later exactly, he messages me again on facebook. He asks what I'm up to, he tells me he's going to jerk off, and he wants me to come over and bring a hard cock, and my laptop. I told him to give me 5 minutes and I'd be over.

I go over, ring the doorbell, and he doesn't come the first time. I'm standing outside thinking "he's such a fake, just testing me, fuck him." So I ring it again and he opens it almost immediately. He is standing shirtless, hot sort of hairy chest, with a 6 pack, in basketball shorts. We head upstairs to his room and I sit on the chair next to the door while he sits across from me in the chair at his desk. We talk about work, school, family, and stuff like that. His mom calls a couple times because she's upset about this or that with her car, and it being in the shop, and her wanting a new car. After the 2nd call from his mom he realizes it is getting late and tells me he needs to get ready to go see the A-Team with friends. He tells me, "I can't do it, but I'm so curious. Maybe if I were not with my girlfriend, I hear people at school talking about stuff they do, and I want to do it too." I told him I understand, I'm curious too, and there's the rest of the summer. I said we can hang out, talk, go somewhere, whatever. Then I grab my laptop bag and head out.

I get home and sign on facebook just to see if he writes back. I plan to keep facebook open in the coming days. Who knows what will happen, if anything...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fooling around with neighbors post childhood

I never had the opportunity that you hear so many boys talk about- I got to fool around with a good friend or neighbor when I was younger. I missed out I think. Now all I can do is sit back and think "if I had, I wish I had..."

Well, let me set the preface. We have known each other for 12 or 13 years. My neighbor is my sister's age, 20 or 21, played baseball and could have easily been drafted in high school, ran track, and did cross country. We may smile or wave when we see each other, but nothing more. We stopped hanging out maybe 7-8 years ago after middle school. For the past several months on facebook my neighbor directly across the street has been messaging me asking me if I would take a sex survey for a class he was taking, a friend, a grad student he knows, you get the picture. He messaged me a couple times this past schoolyear while he was away at college asking if I was gay. I vehemently denied it because I don't exactly trust him as we weren't as close as my best friend and I, and he happened to be the tattle tale out of the group. I asked who he heard this from, and he came up with some funky name of someone he knew, Dallen, I think was the name. Dallen supposedly saw me at a gay club, and I denied it. I wasn't going to pry and ask which one or leading my neighbor to believe anything but. Of course in my mind also at this time I'm thinking "you're gay!" that's a classic example of prying because you're curious. Also, he's my sister's age and in her grade, and they are facebook friends, etc. etc. etc.

Well, tonight I noticed that he was posting status updates where he seemed really bothered. He is not the facebook type. He is on it occasionally. These messages seemed more out of desperation. He was asking if anyone knew any psychiatrists who deal with trust and confidence issues, so when he messaged me I was a little more willing to listen. He messaged and said "hey." I wrote back hey, what's up, etc. etc. I asked if he had summer plans, and he told me he was wanting to take a summer class, hang out with friends, and have a threesome. I told him cool, dismissing everything he said as quickly as I could. He trapped me. Then came the questions- are you wanting to have a threesome? Are you wanting to have sex this summer? I told him maybe to the threesome just because he wouldn't let it go, just trying to shrug it off. He asks would I consider a m-m-f threesome, and I said maybe since again he wouldn't let it go. I said I'd prefer m-f-f because again for the reasons I mentioned above about my relationship with him over the years. He told me to go to his profile, look at his girlfriend, and what I thought of her. I said she was hot. He asked if I'd do her. I said "yes, if you weren't in a relationship with her." He said that's who I'd be having a threesome with if I agreed to do one with him. I asked why he wants to have a threesome. It basically came down to he is curious, maybe bi. I asked if he was serious- if he was we'd discuss it in person- not online. He told me he couldn't call because his mom would hear and he can't talk to anyone about this. His mom is a little drill sergeant tank. Anyways, he asked if I was gay. I said I was straight. Again, same reasons. He asked if I've ever been with a guy, jacked off, wanted to, etc. I said waaaaay back in middle school. He asked if I'd do it again, and with him. I said you have to show me you're serious because right now you're still Carlos Sanchez, the joking, funny little kid in my eyes. He said he was. I said if you're serious you'll give me a call tomorrow.

He continued on asking me about my size. He said he was cool with doing anything with me as long as I'm not bigger than him. I told him I'm average. He asked if I ever measured, and I said no. I said I'd guess 6-7. I asked why he didn't ask other friends about a 3some when we're not exactly close, never talk, never hang out, and yet he is suddenly into this. None of his friends are into that. Ok... fine... likely story... but whatever. Then Carlos became fixated on online porn, where I get it from, do I have any of my own, etc. Yes, of course, who doesn't get off, etc. was my response. He told me he is just really curious to see and feel what a guy feels like. Again I ask if he is serious, how I don't necessarily trust him.

He asks if I'll come over tomorrow around 12 to talk. I said sure. Again, never said anything about my sexuality. He says he really wants to talk and see what it feels like. He asks if I would let him give me a hand job. I said I didn't know. He asked about a blowjob. I said let's take it slow, see how the vibe is tomorrow.

He went on asking if there were any teachers I thought were cute in high school, and I mentioned a few females, he gave me his list of hot female teachers. I said they were hot.

I ended the convo with me telling him I needed to take a shower, and he wrote back after he'd talk to me tomorrow if he wasn't around when I got back.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO here I am now trying to process this. I have an extremely curious neighbor. I don't know what's going on with him. Do I give off that much of a vibe? Is he being serious? Would I really jack off with my neighbor? Should I jack off with the neighbor? Can I trust my neighbor? Is my neighbor going to call or text me tomorrow? What to do........ I think if he does text I'll be a nice guy, talk to him, maybe just give some pointers and say I'm here to talk if you want to, sympathize with him and his difficulties, maybe give personal experience? Resources? Of course that'd mean me telling him I'm gay. It is pretty hard to ignore him being a neighbor who lives right across the street. I dunno...

Edit 6/17 @ 8:39a.m.: Who knows what today has in store... hahaha. Carlos did message me on facebook yesterday telling me he was sick and would have to reschedule. Will that be today?

iPhone Reserve

I was up at 7 this morning trying to reserve my phone, but could not get past the AT&T portion of the Apple site where they look up your AT&T account information for renewal and service plan information. I spoke to The Guy, and the way to get around that is to reserve a phone at least at an Apple Store via their new iPhone Apple Store app. I did that, now will have to go through the activation and service plan information in the store. I'm sure it'll be a mess then too.

Edit 5:21pm: I chatted with The Guy about 3:40 and he was just finally able to order his phone on the AT&T website. Basically it says they are not guaranteeing delivery on the 24th. I tried about a half a dozen times since I got home and I was finally able to put a phone in my cart and order. It took 2-3 rounds to pay for it, but managed. I have a confirmation number. I've yet to get a confirmation email. My luck is the phone will arrive after the 25th. We shall see.


I woke up at 1:44 this morning absolutely famished. I ate dinner and had a cookie after dinner. That usually tides me over. Whatever was going on I was needing food. I also knew nothing at home would satisfy my craving. I wanted a Breakfast Jack from Jack in the Box with churros. I got up out of bed, threw on my flip flops, and went. I have never gone for food like this in the middle of the night- I don't wake up hungry- ever- and would settle for something at home like cheese or crackers. Not this time.

I got my Breakfast Jack (ham, egg, and cheese sandwich on a hamburger bun), my churros, and a Dr. Pepper. I have never eaten so fast, but my food was gone in probably 3-4 minutes flat. I was ravenous.

Sooooooooo good!!!
Looking back on it 40 minutes later it was a nasty combination of foods I was craving and makes me sick to my stomach.
But I'm off to bed now that I'm winding down yet again for the night.

Monday, June 14, 2010

LA Pride

I finally went to my first pride!!! I had a great time.

I got up at 8 Sunday morning- 15 minutes later than planned- but I was up until 12:30, so I figured i'd sleep in even if just a few extra minutes. I was out of the house by 8:15, gassed up the car, and was on the road by 8:25. I made to my first stop in East LA in 55 minutes. First stop was Mike's Sandwich Shop. It is just off of Soto St. beyond the Sears tower at Washington and Soto before you cross over into Vernon. I got my hockey burger (hamburger, cheese, onion, polish sausage, lettuce, tomato, and 1000 island), which was so delicious. My mom has been going here since the 70s to eat- it's that good. I got back in the car, continued on, and made it to West Hollywood in 15 more minutes. Great time!!! I get to WEHO about 10:30, 30 minutes before the start of the parade.

I stopped in a Starbucks on Santa Monica and as I was walking in one of the lesbian teachers from school was walking out. It is no secret among the staff she is a lesbian, but the kids don't know. Anyways, I was shocked to see her. Of all people I could see it had to be her. She has sort of an arrogance to her and thinks she is better than everyone else. I try to be friendly and say hi or smile. I just smiled yesterday as I was more surprised and couldn't muster a hello.

I got to meet up with blog reader Bruce, his brother, and a friend of theirs as we watched the parade wind through WEHO. Bruce was just as nice as could be, and I felt like I'd known him for a long time, and I guess I have, as I've gotten to know him through comments and things like that on my blog over the past few years. I enjoyed talking to him as we watched the parade.

The parade had lots of people/groups of note like Jane Velez-Mitchell (used to be on KCAL 9 and is now on CNN), Gloria Allred, Kelly and Sharon Osbourne served as Grand Marshalls, PFLAG, Lamdba League/Defense Fund (awesome group that has helped me), and of course some hot boys.

I think we saw everything on the streets of WEHO. We saw guys, girls, drag queens, and Jesus.

After the parade we all made our way down to Mickys for drinks, then to a pizza place to grab a bite, and then to Eleven.

I had to leave about 4 to meet Linda and my parents for dinner. Linda had tickets she won from the casino for the Pomona Valley Mine Company for that night. I make great time. I think I spent more time looking for my car than driving there. Seriously should have looked where I parked- I had an idea, and helped. I knew I was in that huge Pacific Design Center parking structure and on the 3rd or 4th floor, on an end, but I seemed to miss the car everytime I walked that way.

Anyways, I get to dinner about 5:20. I had told my dad where I was going, and he was ok with it. I gave my sister an all out invitation, and she refused saying that it was "too sinful." I told my mom I was going to West Hollywood, and had told Linda earlier in the week I was going to West Hollywood. My mom and Linda would never make the connection, so I was fine telling them... haha. I get in the restaurant and find my family and my best friend there. Apparently he tried calling, but it seems I had no reception all day, so he called my parents, and they invited him to dinner with us. Everyone asked where I went, I said West Hollywood, and the people who knew sort of smiled. And of course I had pictures to show- the PG ones- Jane Velez Mitchell, Gloria Allred, The Osbournes. My best friend made the connection WEHO, a parade, and he asked me later if it was gay pride, and I said yes. He asked if there were any hot girls and girl on girl action there. There was, and I had a pic of girls dancing up close to each other on a float, and told him about the girls with just stickers covering their boobs. Dinner was cool- a lot of talking about my best friend's sister's wedding, his family, my family, and he met Linda whom I've told him so much about... hahaha. After dinner I drove him to his hotel for the night down at Disneyland- it was a nice quick trip down the 57.

Great day overall, and thanks again Bruce!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Home from a movie

First off, new blog layout. I'm not sure I like it. I have had the same blog layout since I began blogging. I guess I changed it to appease a couple readers, but I was also really annoyed that everytime I have signed into blogger the past couple days the messages about changing the blog template keep popping up. Maybe I'll keep it, maybe I'll change it back, but we shall see...

In other more exciting business, moving away from the house keeping stuff, I'm home from a movie with Foot Fetish. I hadn't hung out with him in MONTHS; I'm thinking it has been since August or September. He has been soooooo busy with school. He's been working on 2-3 big projects, and had to do some sort of senior project. Anyways, he hadn't even been online for weeks. I saw him reemerging the other day, so I chatted him up, and he told me about this, his sort of boyfriend he met that screwed him over as far as school goes, and the whole 9 yards. I hit him up today and we decide we should go to dinner and a movie. He finds out his parents are bringing dinner home to him, and so I eat the meat my dad is cooking. We do go to the movie, which turns out being Shrek at 9:40. It was a good movie. My first 3D movie outside of Captain EO at Disneyland. I'm just not that big of a moviegoer. Back to the movie, though.I like all the Shrek movies. I love the pop culture and nursery rhyme references. Lots of laughs. We chatted in the parking lot a few minutes after, and agreed we will hang out again soon. We better. I still owe him dinner from him buying me those shoes. And I did wear the shoes for him tonight.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My fan club

I was at the mall tonight because I was supposed to see a movie with Mal. We were going to go see The Killers. I was on the phone with her, and we were planning on seeing the 9:45 showing until her son fell asleep.

I was at the theater walking down the steps when I swore I saw Darla and Eddy at Elephant Bar. I walk down to take a look and walk over to them on the patio. It was them. I say hi, then say I'll come in and see everyone. I was hoping as I walked in I wouldn't see any one from my high school. The reason was there was an informal get together that had been advertised on facebook by The Mike's and their good friend Randall.I walked in as quietly as possible to not draw attention. 87 people said they would attend- I was hoping I wouldn't run into the majority of those as they were friends of The Mike's. I didn't see anyone. I walked out to the tables where my friends were. They had just arrived, and we ordered drinks. I ordered 1 mojito, and that was enough. I was so buzzed so quickly. I was having a great time chatting with Eddy, Darla, and the group, when suddenly I see one of The Mike's. I play it cool- say I was just there happening to have dinner with my friends. He thought I was there for the reunion. I got rid of him with relative ease. A few minutes later he comes over with his whole crew- the other Mike, Steve, Carl, and a few others. I had just been coming back from the restroom and was walking out to the patio. I shook the Mike's hand, the crueler of the 2, and he told me how even though he was drunk, he'd like to see me over hanging out with him. I said I would, and he wanted to make sure it wasn't just me saying that, and I said no. After some pushing and shoving he was ready to take off. The group followed him off. Yay. Oh, and Mike was still really big like the last time I saw him at the gym.

Back to whatever my group was talking about- I think maybe how much Darla drank, how she was on her 5th or 6th drink of the night because she had been drinking prior to Elephant Bar. Darla was sweet talking the bartender trying to get him to pour to no avail. A few minutes later The Mike's 5-6 good friends come out of the bar next door and start heading toward Yardhouse. Of course on their way they have to stop at yell my name. I wave and acknowledge them. The waving was enough, and they continue, so I shout "Mike, Mike, Randall, etc. etc. etc." to acknowledge them and they continue calling my name. My friends are annoyed. Darla yells "you're dumbasses," they can't hear her, and she yells louder. I love her. Hahaha.

So lots of more talking. Darla wants to know everyone waiting on us by name, Eddy wants to know who these idiots are, random stuff. Eddy was amsued. Good stuff.

I do know only about 10 people showed up for this, and it was mainly friends of The Mike's with the exception of a girl that I've known since kindergarten named Tina and her husband.

So basically we end up paying for everything and heading out about 11:20. I get home at 11:40ish.

Excited for this weekend.................. yay!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Keeping busy

I have been managing to keep myself busy doing something everyday of break so far...

- Hung out at home
- Grocery shop
- Hiked up a mountain in the area with my neighbor Lindsay

- Running errands- dry cleaner, Target
- Did week 1 reading for my online class
- Cleaned with my mom- I cleaned the linen closet- not fun
- Gym

- Voted
- Grocery shopping again to come home and experiment... I made this delicious cookie. It is healthy, no? It is healthy in my mind.
- Sex and the City with Darla - it was so great to reunite with my 5 favorite girlfriends, Darla included. We had a blast, and of course I think SATC fans loved it. I wasn't a fan until I took a class in college on the show, and now it fascinates me on so many levels, especially the writing and way the story is told. Any thoughts on the movie? The wedding part at the beginning didn't seem to fit in my opinion, but it was the PC thing to do, and I was glad to see the 2 finally married.

- Dealt with SBC when the technician came out- for about 5 hours we had no link retrains, but incredibly slow .5mbps internet. - The slow internet and retrains still persist.
- Linda helped me out in the afternoon with paperwork I have to submit to the state
- Dinner with my mom and her at Sizzler

- Gym
- Working on the paperwork Linda got me started on that I have to submit to the state
- Have school later tonight
Update: My Thursday night class is taught by a teacher my dad used to work with. Soooo funny! Names came up, I mentioned my dad's name because we were mentioning how we were named, he asked if my dad was the one who used to work at X school, and I said yes. I scored lots of extra points... haha

- Working on the paperwork I have to submit to the state again as my advisor wants it turned in by Saturday or Sunday at the latest.

Plans for next week:
- LA Pride...? maybe? Dennis probably won't go, and The Guy has no want to go
- Hang out with Gonzo
- Hang out with my best friend from Mississippi- he'll be down in Carlsbad
- Do my assignment for the online class
- Plan to hang out with Darla again

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I was nervous, but I did it

I can't tell you how many chain letters I got from my aunt this week about Obama. I was seriously about to say something. I was annoyed. I decided to just do a 5 second search on the internet and pull something that even remotely showed that Obama is not perfect, be Christian, don't judge. I was looking for Democrat chain letters, but didn't find any luck in any that really promoted a Democratic view to tick my aunt.

So after being unsuccessful finding a nice chain email, I found this, and though the proof/examples may not be great it made me feel better for the moment. This kind of gets my point across- don't believe everything you say about Obama. I'm not trying to say he is great and I agree with everything as there are plenty of issues I'd readily debate, but her emails are just so asinine I am at the point where I let loose and said something.

I wonder what she'll say... I'm sure I'll get some sort of comment... haha I almost expect an upset call, email, or call to my mom from her about how she was offended. Tough.

Update: Got a call from my aunt at 6:01 Cali time this morning, which at that hour I let go to voicemail. She said she was "sorry to see I have been misinformed," and an email saying "she is not fooled by Democrats." hahaha Good times!

Stop The 'Bama Drama Already!

Obama Won't End The World!

There is no such thing as the Obama America Scout program to rival and take over the traditional boy scouts in order to get rid of any religious associations! That chain letter comes from a spoof news blog! For gosh sakes, people! … couts.html

A US federal judge has not halted next month's national day of prayer … tional.htm

Obama did not cancel the national day of prayer either..That chain letter is full of distortions and outright lies. … -obama.htm

Obama isn't the first US president to be somewhere other than Arlington National Cemetery on the US Memorial day. If people are going to gripe over that, why aren't they also dissing George Bush and ranting about Ronald Raegan for also being away from Arlington on Memorial Day?

Obama is not destroying the second amendment with a foreign aid tax. … ty-tax.htm

Many politicians have tried to get the 22nd amendment repealed and not all of them democrats either, and regardless of which party was in office. And each time the proposals have died.

No, the small business chain letter wasn't even about Obama, it was about George Bush. So it started out as a leftwing chain letter, and now the non-left just assumes it's another anti-Obama thing!

Gah! Wake up, people!

This stuff has been going on for ages, but golly gorsh gee-whizz willickers, when it's Obama, the far-right chain letters spread like no tomorrow, making everyone who is non-leftist look bad! … 023156.php

This is because all you ever see on the net from republicans lately is pro-tea-party, wild anti-Obama chain letters, worship of Sarah Palin and Rush, Fox News this, Hannity that, and the only ones who seem to be making a huge noise against right-wing chain letters are people on the left!

Obama is not prez for life

Sheesh, people!

The Obama Phone - Free Cell Phones for Welfare Recipients Hoax

To anybody who has or is thinking about forwarding this chain letter on: Don't panic, it's a hoax.< You are not going to shell out taxes so your enemies below the poverty line get free phones, and this has nothing to do with the Obamas. Stop whining.

Don't Pass On The Outdated Lou Dobbs Viral Video. It's an out-of-date inaccurate anti-immigration whinge. … email.html

Tea partiers are making absolute fools of themselves with their chain letters. Then, the left reactionaries post scads of ridiculing and faned fright and disgust, but it's obvious, they love pranking and laughing at the far-right too much, and anyone who might be undecided gets this skewed representation from the worst of both sides.

Obama's Unholy and Anti-American Trifecta

Another false chain letter about Obama that started in early 2010. … ifecta.htm

Any real information in it is minimal, unimportant or trivial and included to prop up the falsehoods, which are then taken as truth and spread around.

Will this insanity never stop?

Some People Don't Want Obama To Be A Christian!

"not necessarily Christian?" Obama

Not necessarily unChristian either, people!

Please, get a grip!

About the only thing worth while in that article is the statement that Obama reads forwards (chain letters) on his blackberry, and that the meme (chain letter) of Obama praise is going around everywhere. Yeah, well, there are far too many Bamahatian chain letters going around as well.

The rest is just guck, some of that doesn't even have links to back it up.

One example is the way the article rails about Obama attending the Trinity United Church of Christ, which the article accuses of racism in the same way the left accuses the right of racism for simply not supporting everything Obama does or says.

For real information on that church, see this page. … _of_Christ

And remember, it isn't the only church that has controversy in its past.

Some people are so stuck on stupid that they literally don't want Obama to be a Christian, and this is abundantly clear in this article and others like it.

But guess what people? Even Christians don't believe everything the same, there are a lot of Christians who believe in things that are wrong-headed and hoaxes, like global warming and chain letters! Their problem as with anyone who believes in either of these things is that this is what they're being told, and they think it sounds true and aren't questioning what they are told.

But that doesn't make them non-Christians any more than my disbelief in the human-caused climate change hoax and other readily accepted chain letters makes me one! I'm not saved or damned dependent on my belief or disbelief in chain letters or human-caused climate change, even if those things try to tell me I am.

Whether or not you believe in Jesus Christ and that he died for your sins is what makes you a Christian, to start with.

Additional but important things that really determine if you are a Christian or not are determined by your attitude and actions.

You can genuflect all you want and well up with tears over Christ on the cross saving mankind, but if you're a racist, you're not a Christian and you can't be.

If you accuse anyone falsely of racism, (playing the race card,) you are a racist.

Examples of playing the race card"

"You didn't hire me because I'm black!"

Wrong. You weren't hired like many other applicants regardless of skin color, because one person outshone everyone else and was the most qualified for the position!

"Oh, you aren't crazy about Obama. You're a racist - you don't want a black man running the US!"

WRONG! I don't like Obama's stance on the green agenda, he is way too accepting of it, naturally, because he is a democrat after all.

Playing the race card It is cowardly, bullying behavior and it is trying to revive and keep racism going rather than quashing it..

Then there's the type of racism that is more obvious to some people. And it is this more obvious kind that the race-card players are doing their best to stir up where it doesn't even exist, while having a hayday where it does exist.

If you hate other people because of skin color or something else about their appearance, ethnicity, physical limitations and other conditions they were born with, you are putting down what God made, you are mocking and blaspheming against God, and you're not a real Christian!

If you're a child molester, wife-beater etc. you are sinning against the people you victimize and sinning against God, and you are not a real Christian.

Racism and sadism are not the same as just having weaknesses and making errors and being imperfect.

If you believe every poisonous lying chain letter that tells you who to hate and why, you're behaving like a very poor excuse for a Christian and you need some common sense knocked into you and get your act together before you can go around yelling about who else is or is not a Christian!

It's bad enough that some people believe in utter bullcrap, but when the whole republican and Christian community on the net gets represented most loudly by far-right chain-addicted, Bamahatian cultist beliefs, it's an absolute disgrace! If you want to oppose someone, you should have reasons and real beliefs for it, not deceptive, manipulative, dishonest, idiotic chain letters dictating your position, which just make you look as bad or even stupider than those you oppose!

Certainly being a non-left-winger does not make you a far-right-wing tea party nutjob.

Just thought I should put that out there!

So though I sharply disagree with Obama's stance on environmental issues and believe he's far too friendly toward eco-green/animal activism, which is the only reason I don't like him BTW, I think he's swallowed as much left-wing koolaid as the next democrat which is why he is a democrat, duh, people.


No, the big bad Bama is not the first and won't be the last US president to screw things up, be both loved and hated, joked and whined about, have nasty rumors spread about him, or even do a few things right. He is not going to destroy America or the world, is not going to be an unremovable president forever, is not aiding people with ties to Hamas to resettle in the US. He is not funding Hamas,
does not have the mark of the beast tattooed on his forehead, does not and will not require anyone else to, is not the anti-Christ, and remember people, he was voted in, so whatever mess he makes of the US the voters have only themselves to blame.

And no, if you're a Christian and more of a republican than a democrat, your mission in life is not to indescriminately hate hate hate Obama at every turn, blindly following every stupid far-right tea party chain letter! No, you will not save the world from him or anything else by passing on wacky skewed far-right-wing chain letters while he's in office, or wacky skewed left-wing chain letters when the next republican president is elected!

Am I the only non-left-wing, Christian moderate republican who actually gives a flying hot jump about stopping these chain letters and the complete discrediting of Christians and the non-left on the net? Am I the only one who cares enough to really sound off about it?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Plan to buy

I plan to order my iPhone next Tuesday when the presale starts. Think I'll go with a 16gb again. I have to admit I'm not 100% sold on the design after seeing other devices Apple has put out recently. I am hoping that I will have better reception on this phone- AT&T thinks my internal antenna is breaking on my current phone.

I was sitting around in my room, on my bed, anxiously watching arstechnica and macrumors as the updates were delivered about the phone. I texted The Guy about 30 minutes into the iPhone unveiling where Steve said it was the greatest change since the original iPhone, and he called me immediately. We talked for 90 minutes on speakerphone giving our feelings, oohing and aahing, and all of that. It was quite fun.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Marshall Pt. 3

Hey guys,

Thanks for all of the input on thoughts/ideas/feelings about Marshall!!! I am pretty much convinced he is partnered and I don't need to be in that mix. It is not what I'm looking for. I am looking for more of a relationship. He is simply not worth the effort of finding whether or not he is partnered. He has already lied/skirted around the issue, so I'm not going to worry.
I just thought I'd post some of the letters he is emailing me everyday. I haven't been online chatting with him, so I guess this is his substitute. Almost sounds like a relationship, no? haha

Happy Saturday - hope you're staying sexy and enjoying the sun!

I worked half of the day today (I usually don't take a lot of time off), and then TOOK A NAP for the first time in 100 years. The puppies liked it and I definitely needed it.

Made some pasta with homemade sauce given to me by one of the guys at work who's known for ALL of his cooking masteries. He weighs about 48 tons so it's clear he know how to cook! LOL! Thankfully his sauce was completely healthy and NO fat, so I felt good eating it.

Found the Fitness Center at the complex today - and did an hour of Eliptical - that was after taking Bill (one of the puppies) with me on his FIRST EVER walk. By the time we finished round 2, he was SUCH A STUD! I can't wait to go with him in the morning. Snookie (named after Jersey Shores) did NOT like the experience - and since I have little patience and expect everyone to get on board immediately, for now, it looks like I'm going to perfect Bill's enjoyment of the leash. He's such a Mama's Boy anyway.

I realized NOW why I like the area so much... Years ago, I used to go to Mexico several times a year (Cabo, Acapulco, Mazatlan, Cancun, etc..) and stayed at 5* resorts (time-shares), would hang out mostly at the pool, blah blah blah... When I was in the fitness center today I was like, "THIS IS EXACTLY LIKE THAT except everyone I run into speaks English!" The suites I'd get all were 1-2 bedroom with full kitchen, etc... so this is just like that. And, that was when I was most at peace. So it makes sense now that I like it here so much.


How's your day? Hope you're doing awesome!

Looking forward to chatting/seeing you soon!


Everyday I'm getting short emails from him about his day, how he's doing, what he did, which seems very relationship like. Regardless, I am going to be letting him know shortly I am not interested in pursuing anything with him.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I miss country music

I texted The Guy this morning before I knew what was going on. I figured he was on facebook and probably not up to much. That was the case. I got a call from him as he was coming home from taking the pups to doggie daycare. We chatted as much as we could- meaning how long we could stay connected. We did get a few words in about saying we should hang out, so I took that cue, and headed over to his place.

When I arrived he was looking at some videos of America's Got Talent and great singers the article was showcasing. We talked about how good some of them were. We talked about iPhones and speculations surrounding the great unveiling Monday. The Guy made a great point about the prototype that was discovered in a bar and publicized greatly over the past few weeks. He said that the iPhone that was unveiled looked like something early 90s Mac, and not polished and elegant like the new iPad. Why would Apple take a step back? There needs to be a WOW factor, and that prototype does not have the WOW factor. We looked at the Sprint HRC phone and compared it to the iPhone. It is bigger, the new phone is rumored to have a smaller screen, but better resolution. Lots of fun. We were trying to measure the size of the HRC vs. the iPhone, and went on the search for a ruler and tore up the place looking for one only to discover The Guy does not own a ruler. We spent a good 20 minutes doing that. I love it, when he is persistent and wants to know something like that he'll obsess over it.

We ate some food he cooked the other night- there was shredded cheese, tortillas, frijoles refritos (refried beans), and guacamole. Good grub. We started snacking on healthier tortilla chips and guacamole, then he put a tortilla out with some cheese and had a quesadilla going. He warmed up the beans, then he pointed out I could do a bean and cheese burrito, and that sounded pretty dang good, and it was.

We go in the office and The Guy tells me about how his WOW accounts were all hacked, and how he emailed about it, but has yet to hear a response. Along that same line The Guy got tickets to Blizzcon (the big Blizzard product showcase- Blizzard is the company that has World of Warcraft, and several other games). He got 4 tickets for Robert (the new b/f), Jeff, his friend in Missouri Dan, and himself. He is paying to fly Dan out. He played and did some PVPing on the new toon he bought because his others were hacked. This new toon is good for PVP play. He invited me to play, but realized his accounts were frozen and he didn't have an account for me.

We hung until 5p.m. when he had to go pick up the dogs and get ready for Robert. I would have gone with him to pick up the dogs had I not had to mosey on over to my next outing.

I mentioned how I wanted to go see Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw, and my cousins would go. My lesbian cousin B and her girlfriend had other plans, although they wanted to go. My oldest cousin, the one I most often refer to as cousin wanted to go. Her friend Laura wanted to go too. The tickets were lowered to a family 4 pack lawn seating for $75.00. It was just the 3 of us, but still, $75 for 3 people is not bad when 1 ticket was $41. My opinion also was we would be there to hear the music, half of going to a concert is hearing the music/seeing the artist, the other half is who you go with, and I was with a fun group, so I was going to have a great time either way.

Lady A

It was at the San Manuel Ampitheater in the middle of nowhere in Devore. Lots of cars trying to get there, though. We knew the back way in and saved 30 minutes easily waiting in traffic. I <3 having relatives in the area, so I know my way around there pretty well. I was apprehensive about would my cousin and her friend Laura like it? Cousin is a closet country fan who likes the Rascal Flatts stuff, and Laura liked Lady A's song "Need You Now." She is the one I went to Brandin' Iron with last week, along with lesbian cousin who didn't go.

View from our spot on the grass

Lady A

Sooooooooo many hot shirtless guys tailgating and lots of booby grabbing and flashing from girls. Fun stuff. Laura was so appalled, she's a good little Catholic girl. It was hilarious as we were walking, she screamed a couple times over some of the stuff she saw.

We had lawn seats as I said, which were of course at the back, but we had such a great time, the 3 of us. We sat on a blanket, had our strawberry/lime margaritas in hand, and good music. It was interesting during the intermission between acts they played oldies like "Rocket Man," The Police, and other non country acts.

This girl was lifted in the air waaaaaay too many times- you might understand why

There were more acts than we thought playing- first was Love and Theft, which only played 15 minutes or so, which was perfect. Then Lady A took the stage, and was amazing. Next came Tim McGraw, and then the Warren Brothers came out to sing with Tim McGraw.

Lady A's best songs were "Lookin For a Good Time," "Need You Now," "Hello World," and "I Run to You." All of these songs came near the end of Lady A's performance. My cousin first said she recognized "American Honey," and actually stood up to watch them perform that. Laura and I had already been standing.

When Tim McGraw first came out he sang "Real Good Man." My cousin said she had a total deja vu moment about the whole motorcycle entrance. She said he was soooo sexy. The 3 of us stood up and danced the entire time. My cousin made the comment during "Where the Green Grass Grows," "I miss country music." Her boyfriend is punk rock, alternative, Metal Mullisha guy 100%. She seemed to be having more fun as the time went on.

Tim McGraw's stage
The crowd was so worked up, it was truly crazy. Tim sang most of his hits, except "Grown Men Don't Cry," "The Cowboy in Me," "Don't Take the Girl," "When the Stars Go Blue," and "My Next 30 Years." He did sing 2-3 like "Still," and "Southern Voice" off of his new album.

Some of the other songs that were my favorite from the night included:

Watching him sing "If You're Reading This" was amazing, and Laura melted. She took a video of it, as well as a pic. Did you know the Warren brothers helped write this?

On the way home we kept talking about how sexy Tim was- I didn't really comment- I just said he looks great for his age, hard to believe his 40+.

Beer pong

Eddy texted me at about 3p.m. telling me his house was open or something to that effect, and I knew what it meant. I texted back asking if it was another wild sex party. He said just drinking with the coworkers. I was down. We all met about 9:30. Different group than usual, plus some usual suspects like Viv (I hadn't seen her since my birthday maybe), Marci, and Gonzo. Hannah joined us (new coworker) and 2 of her friends.

They were all setting up for beer pong when I arrived. Gonzo had never played beer pong, and was anxious to learn. She had it down within the first few shots, she also refused to drink beer, and would only do kamikaze shots since they don't taste alcoholic. She was in every round, and did a total of 6 shots. She was a pro and kept making it in the other team's cups. Viv came later, and Viv was pretty good too. She came with her cousin Benji, who has become a good friend of Eddy's.

So lots of playing Rockband, beer pong, random side convos going on. Viv, Gonzo, and I made our way to the bedroom- not for anything sexual, but to watch youtube videos and dance to them. I am embarrassed/impressed to say I had several of the songs on my iPod. Yeah, I could pass for being Mexican. My days of listening to Latino 963 paid off.

I like this song...

This song is ridiculous when you find out/if you know what Mayonesa translates to in English. I learned to use my hips and chest in this. Notice the Beyonce parody in this video.

Bonus points if anyone knows what "dougie" refers to. Nasty meaning. We weren't a fan of this song.

Viv had to leave about 12:30, Mari at 12. Viv is going to TJ tomorrow and has to get up at 6. After Mari left Viv, Gonzo and I danced, and I was praised for dancing to anything. Random people flowed through on their way to the bathroom and stopped to look. We talked about how sexy some of the guys were in the videos and how to dance to the songs... haha.

After Viv left Gonzo played some Rockband with Eddy. Lots of random talk about random stuff. Gonzo kept saying how she isn't like this, how "we are good people," and how no one will find out about her.

It wasn't my idea to get really crazy drunk like Eddy had planned for people like Gonzo. I drove Gonzo home in her car, and Eddy followed. I didn't like doing that, but we were insistent she wasn't going to drive, and well, I'd feel bad if she didn't get home safely.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Talking to Marshall

I spent some time talking to Marshall online last night. The conversation went around how amazing I was, how we have so much in common, etc. etc. All of this about how compatible we were made it an opportunity to ask me what he wanted and what he was looking for. His response was "preferably exclusive friends with benefits." He asked what I wanted, and I said I was looking more for a relationship, and he said he was not opposed. He wants to hang out, cook, eat, talk, go to the beach, shopping, etc. When we go out he wouldn't mind the whole daddy thing, and paying for me. He asked more about what I like to do for fun, and he said he'd love to go to a concert or two with me.

The topic of Arizona, where he lived prior came up several times. He mentioned he is waiting for his house to close escrow and how he misses all of his dogs out there. I asked for more information. He said his ROOMMATE is still there. I asked if his roommate was his partner, and he didn't reply. He went on to tell me about all of his dogs, and how much he loves them. He said that he will eventually move the dogs out here.

So I feel like I know more... yet...... i still need that partnered question answered.

Edit in response to comments: I'm pretty sure roommate = boyfriend. I'm also not sure I'm ok with the whole daddy/pay for me thing. In one hand it is like paying me for favors. I am not into that. I am independent and pay for myself.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm scandalous

My grindr photo was "cropped" by grindr because I guess I showed too much skin. I had the picture up for months, but reset my phone, added the pic again, and now it is scandalous.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I went on 2 dates with him

So I met a guy a few days ago on the internet whom we will call Marshall. Such a hot guy!!! He was 43, 5'10'', 190lbs, 6'' cut, brown hair parted down the middle with blond highlights. So my type. He just moved here from Arizona and has only been in California 2 weeks. He has spent the past 8 years though, here on business regularly.

We chatted on the internet for several hours, became facebook friends, then decided to meet up. We did dinner Saturday night at Buca Di Beppo in Irvine. I know why I was attracted to him- he's so random, his mind goes at 100 miles a minute, he is very much a type-A personality, he reminds me very much of The Guy as far as being so talkative and random. He sells Mary K cosmetics, does sales for a trucking company, and a range of other things. The conversation was nonstop.

We met on Sunday night too, this time at his apartment. We made out in the doorway for literally 15 minutes. We made our way to his bedroom where we stripped, and started kissing, cuddling, making out, and then we jacked off on each other. Lots of talking in bed about how hot of a time we were having.

We chatted on the phone Monday and Tuesday. Everytime he was telling me how awesome, how sexy, how perfect, how much of an Adonis I am, you get the pic. Total nonstop praise. While it does boost my ego, it left me skeptical. What kind of guy is he, and why is he saying that? It left me sketpical how he can praise me so much. He was telling me how he has a hard time admitting, but I'm one of the hottest guys he has met/talked/seen in 10 years. I was skeptical as to why/how he can praise me so much. On one hand it is flattering, but it is a bit much coming from a guy nearly 20 years older. Sure a "you're hot is fine," but the perpetual praise was extreme.

So tonight he was telling me how he rarely has sex. I asked why. He said long story short is he is NEW to California. He said he IS/WAS partnered in Arizona for 8 years. His boyfriend in Arizona is 15 years younger for him. They last had sex on like August 15, 2006. He loves the boyfriend and they get along great because of their love of dogs, but he doesn't like having sex with the boyfriend. His boyfriend is into funky stuff like tying him up and duct tape. Much more praise and back to talking about how sexy I am.

Right now I'm not sure what to think. He's head over heels for me. I was distant from the beginning and careful to not get swept up in his words. Now I'm wanting to ease back. Am I wrong? I don't know how to tell him no when I am just as guilty of telling him how I'm into him, yet didn't know he IS/WAS partnered. Ugh.
As much as I hate to sit and compose a letter I think this may be the best thing... opinions?

Dear Marshall,

While I have enjoyed getting to know you over the past couple of days, I cannot in my heart, in good conscience continue seeing you as a friend with benefits/ a possible relationship (since you are seeing someone)?



Dear Marshall,

I have enjoyed getting to know you over the past couple days, but feel I cannot continue seeing you for sexual favors.


I don't know.... I know he's going to pry, ask questions, wonder what is wrong with him, why I can't, be butt hurt, potentially dramatic... ugh. Is honesty the best policy?