Monday, October 17, 2016

Visiting in the LGB

Got the opportunity to meet up with The Closet Professor yesterday and bring him to some good California Mexican food. We also went to check out a couple bars in Long Beach. It was great since I felt like I knew him from following him on the blog, but also enjoyed talking about teaching, his job, and mine. He has the sweet southern charm, great smile, and sounds like he is adjusting well to life in Vermont.

And after the first bar, The Brit, where some Billy Joel came on, I had this song stuck in my head the rest of the evening, and analyzed the lyrics this morning like he talked about having done before...

Great allusion, again, and will use in my class, like I said. I never realized it was a song mostly just referencing names one after one, or events.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Still here

I have been hoping to blog recently, just to keep everything going, and keep in touch with those I know through here, but it hasn't happened.

My past few months have been insane.

School is good. We have a new principal who is amazing. He is insightful, he cares about his teachers, and his philosophy is that if the teachers are happy, that will resonate with the students, and they will learn. It is refreshing.

We are down 3 teachers at work - 2 are out for hip/knee replacements, and another for another health issue. I am picking up the slack of one of the teachers, the one in charge of the credit recovery program. This has given me tons of extra work, but thankfully I am getting some compensation. It just keeps me busy at work.

I was invited to a conference a few weeks back to preview and write questions for the new state test for Spanish speakers. Was interesting to see what goes into making a test, was cool to write test questions, meet new people. Had a blast and was out until 2AM most nights for a week straight, only to be up again at 7 to be at the training by 8.

Every weekend has been nonstop. The past 2 weekends we have been with friends or family - partner's cousin one weekend to comfort her after her aunt died; saw Dolly Parton with friends at The Hollywood Bowl this past weekend (AMAZING). SO many gays- men's line was longer than women's in the bathroom. Dolly's concert was completely different than the one 2 years ago, she talked more, played older hits, as well as new, but still was endearing, and still played tons of instruments.

Also have been working with an organization doing training for different technology, which has been a cool way to network.

The next 3-4 weekends will be more friends and family.