Thursday, September 30, 2010

Made out

Ry texted me yesterday at some point, as usual. He either texts me, or I text him. He messaged me about 4p.m. as I was driving home asking what I was doing tonight. I said nothing, nuffin, zip, zero, and zilch. He thought that was a lot of enthusiasm and a hint. I told him it was nice to be home for a change. He said we should stay at his place and watch "Case 39,"a horror movie, then venture over to HOB at Downtown Disney to go to their gay days since he had VIP entry.

I met him at 7 at his apartment as he was just getting home from school. We chat as I drive and as he drives to his house. Then we chat as I am walking up to his place. I had to park pretty far away. I get to his place and he is just restarting the DVD. He offers me some ice cream once I get inside. We hug, and he dishes it out. We sit down on his new IKEA couch that he got Saturday night. I kept moving positioning myself toward him, but also trying to get comfortable since it doesn't have much head/neck support I was slouching on the couch. He thinks he lost his glasses and goes off to look for those. We talk about all sorts of things during that time like anxiety and worry, since apparently we both share that in common. We sit watching "Case 39," and he makes sounds like "boo" and then reaches out and quickly puts his hand on me when my mind was focusing on the movie. I let out a little scream. He was amused by scaring me. I kept playfully hitting him when he did that. We make random comments during the movie about the hornets etc. in the movie and how gross etc. something is. He didn't flinch like I did during the scary scenes.

At the end of the movie we sit on the couch talking about his texts between him and his professor. The History Channel's show on how the states were created was playing in the background. We talk about whether to go out to House of Blues, or what. I'm right next to him and my arm is resting on his chest because I had grabbed his hand or something when he had tried to scare me. He reaches over and takes my left hand and I put it around him. I also put my leg over him since I was balancing precariously on the couch. We rub each others arms/hands. Then we kiss. We kiss for a while, then move to where I'm sitting on top of him, grinding, and we're making out. Tongue and all.

He stands up and I start to go with him. He carries me in the bedroom, which was sooooooo unexpected, yet so cool. He lays me down on the bed, then I move up on him and we grind and make out. He asks if I'm hot, and there is no a/c in his apartment, so I am, and say yes. I take my shirt off. We make out some more, lots more. He undoes my pants during this, and he reaches in to feel my dick. I suck his nipples some, which aren't that sensitive. I also get him to take off his shorts, and he was going commando... wonder if he always does that. HOT! We switch positions, then I'm on the bottom and he's on the top. we make out, grind, and rub each others penises. We eventually collapse, and lay like that for probably 20-30 minutes. I start to move because I was getting tired and worried about falling asleep there.

We both get up and get dressed. He is big and thick, and his dick was so hot, probably 7'' cut. We go in his kitchen and drink a glass of water, and stand talking. Then as we stand talking we hug, kiss, and make out some more. We grind and reach into each other's pants.

I take off about 11 and it takes exactly 40 minutes to get home.

We've been texting all day again today...

Some thoughts...
- I had been thinking while watching the movie how we hadn't had sex, made out, or anything yet. I was wondering if we were going to because I'm almost sad to say that's how it always works where I meet someone, and definitely by the 3rd time there is something sexual taking place. I didn't know how he viewed me- friend or more.
- I don't know where we're going. Are we going out? LOL. It feels like a relationship in a way with the constant texting and calling, and I really do kind of like him.
- I feel hesitant to put my feelings too much into this yet since I don't want to be hurt.
- I assume we're heading towards a relationship? I dunno...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Carla at Kaiser

I ran into Carla at Kaiser today. That woman. Ugh.

I walk in to the waiting area to walk up to the Melissa, the receptionist, to give her my Kaiser card and get checked in for my allergy shots. As I'm waiting for Melissa, Carla is seated in her chair, with her cane picture below. I saw it was her as I was walking up, and as I walked up, she let out an obvious, loud sigh.

Anyways, I am standing there in line when Carla grabs her cane and starts tapping it, and sticks it out far enough to tap it next to my feet.
She asks: young man, is your mother here?
Me: No. (I refrained from saying sooooooooooooo much more.)
Carla: You never told her I called on Monday night asking if she had an AVON order. Where is she?
Me: Do I look like I know? She's not here with me.
Carla: (loud sigh) You said you were going to tell her I called. I can't trust you. You never do. Your dad doesn't either. You always hang up when I call or give me a hard time. I'm an old woman. I lost my husband. I lost my son. I don't deserve a hard time.
Me: I don't mean any disrespect, but I don't think this is the appropriate place to discuss this.
Carla: I went to church this morning and prayed. I prayed that you would have some sympathy. We're going to discuss this when your mom gets here.

I go sit down, and about 10 minutes later my mom comes walking in. She comes over and says hello before going to check in for her shot. We're sitting about 70 feet from the check in window, and there are 3-4 people in the waiting room. Carla's cane starts clanging on the floor.
Carla: Pamela dear, over here.
Mom: Oh, hi Carla!
Carla: Your husband and son are sitting over there. They have such an attitude.
My mom is called by Michelle at the desk to give her Kaiser card, so she walks over there.
Carla: I'm tired of not being heard.
Mom: Sometimes they tune you out- they're men, they hear what they want.
Carla: Pamela, you know I don't deserve this. I didn't get up until 11 this morning. I was up until 4 this morning watching Star Trek Voyager. I went to church and prayed today.
Mom: Carla, hun, I have to get going. I'm on short time.


I don't know what it is, but this is one of those people that just rub me the wrong way.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Put on your suit jacket

My dad accidentally left the TV on Today in LA the other morning. Since my dad got tired of the talk/little news format that Today in LA has where they talk to the KFROG DJs, the entertainment news, and other things he has watched 7 in the mornings.

My mom was watching the news this morning as she was eating breakfast, and made the following comment that amused me:
"I wish he [Sean Murphy] would finish getting dressed before going on air in the morning.

I have to agree, and by 6:50, he still is missing the jacket. It annoys me when anchors don't have a suit jacket on. I know Sean Murphy is a traffic reporter, but still. Mark Kriski on KTLA does it, and it drives me crazy too.

And what I found more amusing was my mom's observations- the women on Today in LA look like they're going to go hooking after the show. She also noted that Kathy Vara has really started dressing down since going back to KNBC.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly update... because I do a lot during the week

I have had another busy week where I was out almost every night reeking havoc somewhere... so here's a look at this week...

Monday: Stayed home- my dad got home late since he was buying stuff for my sister's birthday

Tuesday: Went out to dinner for my sister's birthday.

Wednesday: Had a meeting at school from 3-5, which left me exhausted afterward. The meeting went well and I'm ready to resubmit my documentation to the state for my credential. I'm 2/4, or halfway done.

Thursday: Dinner with my mom, Linda, and Mel. Lots of fun stories actually. I didn't get in too much trouble in class this week. I participated. I didn't whine when we discussed personal problems. Really, do we need to spend 15 or 45 minutes discussing Lisa's personal problems about custody of her children? No. I think not.

Friday: Ry texted me about 6:45p.m. I was supposed to go to a concert at my alma mater, but I didn't have a valid student ID. I said if he was down we would hang out. I told him it went through my mind about going to the mall. He said we would. I drove down to Anaheim to meet him. He was doing chores at his house. We talked about how he hadn't done laundry and dishes in weeks because he was waiting for his mom. It was almost a joke, and he was taking after his cat lapping cereal and milk from a bowl rather than a cup. We talk about each other's day, and then head off to the Block at Orange. We went to H&M where we both bought blue corduroy pants, balked they didn't have an Express, and grabbed a snack at Subway. We went back to his place and laid on the bed where we watched Food Network and discussed our favorite topics- Rachael Ray, Paula Deen, Guy Fieri, and Ina Garten. He acted as if he fell asleep, but he hadn't. He gives me some macadamia nut cookies he had, and I leave about 11:00p.m.

Saturday: I go with my parents to Sears to get a new washer. We didn't get a cool front loading one, but this one still has lots of bells and whistles. It arrived today, and it washes well according to my dad.

I met up with a friend in San Diego for what I thought would be lunch, but wasn't. I met up with my friend Peter at Dick's Last Resort down in the Gaslamp District, a restaurant where they harass and argue with you as you eat. The waiter called me an American Idol for wearing my sunglasses outside, then when we were giving our ATM to pay yelled out my name to check I was still there. Fun times. It isn't a place I'd normally go. My friend Peter is one of those who we've tracked down each other on facebook, and wanted to hang out just for the heck of it. We did. He was over in Iraq and Afghanistan. I've only hung out with him once or twice since second grade when he moved, but we wrote letters to each other, etc. He was doing well. He is stationed at Camp Pendleton and loves ARMY life. We chatted about everything- friends, family, work, school, as we drank our Miller Lights and he smoked cigarette after cigarette. They were filming Glutton For Punishment on the Food Network while we were there, and we were in many takes we think. See host Bob Blumer in the pic below.

After hanging out with Peter I got a special treat. I got to meet a fellow blogger, Aek. I honestly didn't know if I'd ever meet him in person mainly because he lives in a northern state I don't know why I'd go to. Not that I didn't want to meet him because I have wanted to since we first started chatting. He seemed very humble and caring, and meeting him in person confirmed that. He was fun. We know a lot about each other, and just started talking about each other's days, Linda, work, school, and stuff like that. We went to a Thai restaurant named Bai Yook in Hillcrest, the gay neighborhood in San Diego. On our walk there we saw lots of "interesting" people and sushi. We talked about things in Cali and stuff like that. I really enjoyed meeting him. He was exactly as I pictured minus the voice. Do you ever have those preconceived thoughts about a person? Well, I had some about him just as I pictured after getting a picture of talking to him the last 2-3 years, and the only thing that was really different was his voice, which sounded really masculine, which is a good thing. I wish we had more time, but he had to get back to his conference that he was out here for. We tried and failed at taking pics together in the car to verify that we did indeed meet and do exist.

After I went to Westfield at Mission Valley and ran to the Express there where I found their bright colored 1MX shirts for $19 and $29, a $20-30 savings. I got a forest green and a bubblegum blue.

I got a call from Ry about 10:30. He was picking up a new sofa in LA and we chatted about random anything and everything.

Grocery shopping, usual Sunday stuff.

Keith messaged me about 9a.m. on facebook wanting to meet up at 1 and have me go with him to a play, "An Then There Were None," the Agatha Christie play. I did not think the play was that convincing, and knew there was going to be some sort of twist, but did not figure it out.

After we went bar hopping in downtown. We started off at the cigar bar, then off to the bar next to the gay bar, and then the gay bar. We had a beer in each. The bar next to the gay bar had the best price. Lots of variety. I started off with Coors for $3.50 at the cigar bar, a big gulp glass at the bar next to the gay bar for $6.50, then drinks on the house at the other bar. We talked about a lot. Eddy and Keith went to Vegas, and Eddy asked after the trip why I wasn't invited. Eddy has been texting me all week wanting to hang out. We'll try to get together this week...

Student teaching

So I'm in the midst of my student teaching- 16 weeks of unpaid classroom observations, note taking, lesson planning, grading, disciplining, and of course teaching. It is assuming full responsibility as a teacher. It is required in most states for teachers. You have to work for 16-30 weeks depending on the college and program FOR FREE. For many it is quite a hardship as many, except young students fresh out of college, can maybe really afford to student teach. I know many who have had to find evening and weekend jobs, or like an instructional aide at the school can't think about getting her credential because she can't afford to even if she were to find a part time job as she is the sole income provider for her family. How many professions do you have unpaid training like this for such a long period of time?

Some have great student teaching experiences, while others have not so great ones:
- One girl in my class took responsibility of everything from day 1 and the teacher is nowhere to be seen
- One girl is focusing on just taking over 2 of the classes and doing everything for those classes
- My mom had an awful experience and the teacher was manipulative that she worked with placing my mom against the students.
- Linda also had a bad teaching experience.
- With Linda I have been taking over 2-3 classes a day, done a lot of the grading, but it has been more of a team type thing. I really have nothing to complain about. She treats me well. She brings me lunch.

Well, except for Linda's OCD. These are annoying little events that have taken place over the course of the past few weeks. These are small little things, but in the moment, during the day, when this happens, these events are trying/annoying:

So without further ado here are the Lindaisms I hinted about in my previous post. Enjoy.

- We walk down the hall around the gum. We have to walk around the biggest gum spots. Gum spots are germy. The ground is germy too, so I don't understand the problem.

- We have to walk down the hall also looking up to make sure nothing falls on our head. She was walking down the hall a few weeks ago when something white fell in her hair. It was nearly the end of the world.

- She prides herself on the cleanest trash cans in the school, and the custodians love that she claims. Only paper goes in the cans. Tissues go outside in the big trash can outside of the room as does gum. There are procedures in place as to how to exit the room with your tissue and gum to avoid getting germs on the door.

- Her trash cans can only stay near the door because who needs germs near their desk or work space? She doesn't have a trash can next to her desk which drives me crazy.

- All who enter her classroom have to scrape their feet on the mat at the door so they aren't bringing dirt and contaminants into the room.

- She makes 36 photocopies and separates them into groups of 6 to make them easy to pass out. One time I didn't, and the lecture went like this, "Michael, you photocopied, but you didn't separate them into groups of 6." No, I didn't. "I always like to photocopy and separate the copies into groups of 6 to make sure that the photocopier made 36 copies." I made the comment I usually just trust the photocopier, but the issue with that is that it is wasting paper. Oh, and can you imagine how much extra time this takes to do it Linda's way? I am more a fan of just cutting the papers down the middle and one half of the room gets half, then having the student grab 1 as they're passed around.

- Linda found a vocab game and directions online that she liked. She wanted to print it. She didn't. Why? We must have argued for 15 minutes. The laser printer is too loud, it would waste too much ink (to print out 2-3 pages), and we are conserving electricity. What was the only option? To have me handwrite everything...

- I needed a sharpened pencil. I plugged the electric sharpener on her desk in, and started to sharpen my pencil.
Linda: " Why are you doing that?"
Me: "I need a sharpened pencil."
Linda: "We have hand pencil sharpeners in the student boxes on the table."
Me: "Yes."
Linda: "Well, why aren't you using it?"
Me: "I figured I would use this one rather than to have to hunt one of the student sharpeners up."
Linda: "But the electric one makes so much noise. It also uses a lot of electricity."
Me: "How much electricity? In comparison to what?"
Linda: "Well, the taxpayers are paying for the electricity, and we want to save them money where we can."
Me: "And the pencil sharpener probably costs mere pennies to run a day."

- Linda constantly asks, "you're not going to share my ideas, are you?" I always say no. Why would I? I don't have any other fellow teachers I want to share with. And why would I share Linda's ideas on taking attendance? She counts how many kids are there every period, circles the number when she enters the attendance into the computer, and what good is that going to do me? Why do I need to know 27 kids were there today? Wouldn't it make more sense to know John and Juan were absent? And as long as it is archived somewhere like the computer I really don't care.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Old School Saturday

Feeling the oldies and old school today...

Suavecito- Malo
I guarantee you won't hear this song outside of LA or Texas on oldies radio.
Musical trivia: Did you know lead singer of Malo, Jorge Santana, is Carlos Santana's brother?

There's a Moon Out Tonight- The Capris

He's So Fine- The Chiffons

One Summer Night- The Danleers

At the Hop- Danny and the Juniors

Friday, September 24, 2010

To do or not to do

That is the question

So I haven't really blogged about my student teaching experience. So far it is going pretty well. No issues. Linda and I actually work really well together. No problems- much to my Thursday night prof's dismay. I'm truly blessed. If I had to student teach I am in the best place. My only little minute issue? Lindaisms as I call them. All of Linda's sayings, thoughts, and issues that I deal with day after day. Some of them are quite crazy, and well, out there.

So I want to post them, and I have a few reservations. All of these are true. All of them seem so accusing. All of them seem so pointed, and they're not. These are actual recounts of my everyday. Some of them are REALLY trying as they seem to be such issues at the time, but what can you expect with someone with major OCD? So I'll work at posting them for Sunday because someone needs a laugh, and my mom doesn't get a laugh from them because they're at the expense of her best friend. I'm just saying I feel a little guilty letting everyone get a laugh at Linda's expense- she really is a nice woman as crazy as she is at times.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some guys are soooo into themselves? Pt.2

Remember this guy? Well, he has messaged me 2 more times... here's his messages that I haven't responded to:

Message 1
hello thanks for checking out my site my lil space on the web

Message 2
noticed you have visited my site a couple times, thanks........but no hello a no free to comment/message me


Monday, September 20, 2010

Feeling of anxiety

I have felt some major anxiety over the past day or so. I am really not sure why. I have had a good weekend. I spent Saturday working on schoolwork and then the night with Ry.

I spent Sunday doing lots of errands: grocery shopping, the gym, revising my lesson plan, a trip to Best Buy for HDMI cords, did some cleaning my bedroom, and washed my car. I was ready to start my week off.

Today I got up and cleaned the bathroom and made breakfast. I went to work. Work was so so. The students were awful today, as if they had forgotten how to misbehave over the weekend. I didn't teach much today, except in the last class. The AP came in during 2nd period and sat for about 15 minutes. Linda was teaching since she wanted to get them started on their project. The AP really wants to see me in action, and is coming in tomorrow during 2nd period when I'm being observed by my advisor at my college to watch. Is this what is making me nervous? Is it that the AP has come in 3-4 times and asked when I'm going to be teaching and those happen to be the periods I'm not? I don't think so- the AP knows, Linda knows, it's just what has happened. Linda and I are a great team. She usually teaches the first couple classes, then I take over after lunch. The principal came in during 6th period and the kids were doing pretty good. We'd set the kids free working, and they were working independently on a project. I hope he comes back in soon when I'm teaching. He came in about a week ago and stood in the doorway for a good 5 minutes while I was lecturing on the plot line. I feel tremendous support at this school. If I have to student teach and do it for free this is the place to be. I know all the teachers, staff, students, and the atmosphere is one where I feel no pressure/am comfortable (even though Linda does drive me crazy on some days!!!!) It is an environment where I will learn and get the lesson planning part out of student teaching, which is where I can really grow. I should do a post about Lindaisms.

Is it the butterflies and nervousness I'm getting with Ry that things may work out? Is it me nervous waiting for a text? Is it the fear of rejection? A little.

I mentioned that I have an observation tomorrow, and I do. It is in history, and the lesson plan was not my idea. I've done debates, and so there's no reason this one should go wrong, other than the students misbehave, students don't understand since they've never done one. I'm going to model and explain to the kids how it works before we begin. My advisor is great and very complementary, and I think this will happen again. Is it nervousness about this? A little. Is it added pressure the AP will watch? Maybe.

Why do I feel so stressed and anxious? Maybe after 1p.m. tomorrow I'll be back to normal. Hopefully?

What I'm finding interesting Monday morning

Here's a few things around the web you should check out:

Story about most sexually active cities
Any guesses which city is #1?
Interactive Map of most sexually active cities

America's Drunkest City- Fresno is #1

Map of best cities for men to live

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Outings and dates

Been a busy week- some of this I've already blogged about. I've been every night this week. I'm trying to keep track of it all, so here it goes:

Sunday, 9/10
Dinner with Keith at the wine bar near my house.

Monday, 9/11
Dinner with Dehumanizing the Boy at PF Changs.

Tuesday, 9/12
Lunch and dinner with The Guy- sushi and his pasta creation.

Wednesday, 9/13
Date #1 with Ry. I met Ry on Grindr back on Labor Day when I went to Disneyland with Jack Off Buddy and his boyfriend. I logged on, he shot me a message, and I responded the next day when I was on my way to work. Lots of conversation back and forth on there, then we moved over to chatting on AIM, and then skype later that night. We talked on the phone for about 45 minutes as I drove home from The Guy's Tuesday night.

Ry is 25, 6', 170lbs or so, sort of emo looking, medium brown hair, wears his hair in a fauxhawk. He lives literally in back of Disneyland. He is a grad student at a college in Anaheim. His major was geography, and undergrad was done in history. He wants to go into teaching and is doing Teach for America. He has messaged me pretty much everyday, and I've done the same to him. It's always basic texts like how are you, etc.? He likes someone who has a wide knowledge about a variety of topics, can carry on random conversations to no end, someone trustworthy and patient.

We met at TGI Fridays in Brea at the Brea Mall where we talked about lots of random stuff- his day, his car accident, his friends, his job, and teaching. I told him basics about me- teaching, school, and what I like to do for fun. We met about 7 and chatted until about 9. On the way home he was texting me about drama (because an ambulance had passed,) and suddenly I was letting out my inner Shaquana (inner black woman).

Thursday 9/14
Dinner with my mom, Linda, and Mel before I headed to escuela. Because 7.5 hours with Linda at school already was not enough.

Friday, 9/15
Dinner with my mom, Linda, and their student whose mom died. I wasn't going to go, but Linda insisted. Good shrimp enchiladas, arroz, y frijoles. My mom's student is doing much better. His older sister is a teacher about 40 miles away, and is chipping in to make sure his brothers and sisters can survive. His sister is insistent that my mom's former student will not work while in high school. They talked a lot about his aspirations to be a science teacher, and students that were in my mom and Linda's class seeing how everyone was.

Saturday, 9/16
Date #2 with Ry. We agreed earlier in the week to hang out tonight. He has a love of food like I do. I said we should go to the Santa Ana Arts Festival because there were a couple food trucks. He didn't have anything planned, but he had never done a food truck, but wanted, so that was in order. I drove down to his place in Anaheim, and he drove us down to Santa Ana. We found the trucks without any problem. He went around taking pics as we walked of the architecture and food trucks. I did too. We took pictures of each other eating the food. So what did we try?

We ate:
- Comodo tacos- the Indonesian Beef and Komodo steak tacos
- Parmesan and garlic cheese fries from (from the Comodo Taco Truck)
- Dirty dog (hot dog from street vendor) with shredded cheese, bacon wrapped hot dog, onions and peppers, mayo on top
- Barbecue pork and beef sliders from Uncle Lau's barbecue.
- We didn't get to try the Tropical Ice because it was 70 degrees, and too cold.

He really enjoyed it. We took turns paying. He paid for the hot dogs, I paid for the sliders and waters, he got the tacos and fries. We go back to his place and he tells me about his wild days from 15-19, his clubbing days, etc. He tells me now he's focused on work and school. He told me about his thesis, his cat, decorating, and stuff like that. I tell him random stories about teaching and my "wild" days. His apartment looked pretty awesome. We laid on the couch in opposite directions. His feet up over my head and my feet going down along the couch. We talked about his psycho cat. I took off about 10:30 as he was falling asleep. We hugged, something we didn't do the first date, and agreed we need to hang out again.

Coal Miners Daughter

I was driving to work yesterday morning when this monstrosity came on the radio. I'm not a Miranda Lambert fan. She has an attitude problem (can you say bratty?), she doesn't have much of a voice in my opinion, and she is married to Blake Shelton- triple threat.

When this came on I was thinking "OML, oh my Loretta, what happened? Did Taylor suddenly think she could sing this?" I was debating who it was- Kelly Pickler, Miranda Lambert, or Taylor Swift. I heard some of the vocals that were clearly Miranda. On one hand it was a nice surprise for about 2.5 seconds that KFROG expanded their playlist, but the song was just awful. Only Loretta can sing this. Miranda can't, it's not her story.

Anyways, the song is a part of a tribute to Loretta Lynn's career I later found out- Loretta hand selected artists to rerecord some of her songs, and Miranda Lambert and Sheryl Crow are 2 of the artists. There's more who will be involved in the tribute including LeAnn Wommack and Carrie Underwood.

But what was funny was in the parking lot after hearing the song. Linda tells me every morning she heard this or that on KFROG- mainly how bad the traffic is, or something from the news. But she asked if I heard the awful song, some remake of an old song? I said YES, IT WAS HORRID. She laughed that we were talking about the same song.

We go in the teacher's lounge to see what we're missing, and Mrs. M was in there. She was talking about a bad remake of a Loretta Lynn song she heard on KFROG. We laughed, and told her we were not fans. So tell me... what do you think of this song? Loretta or Miranda? Just curious...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Speedtraps I'm aware of in the IE/OC

Bruce asked for speed traps I'm aware of on the 60 and 10 freeways in the IE. I am just going to post several I know of that I have physically seen cops or know friends who have received tickets in these places. It seems kind of scandalous and wrong that I'm posting these... hahaha... Mr. Law Abiding Citizen (mostly- with the exception of speeding), but it seems pretty common knowledge if you drive these areas. So I'm just sharing...

91 Freeway
91W at Green River as you enter the Fastrak lanes in Corona/OC border.
91W and 91E as you go under the 15 freeway in Corona.

60 Freeway
60W and 60 E at Haven in Ontario.
60W and 60E between Etiwanda and Pyrite in Riverside.

10 Freeway
10 W and 10E at Haven in Ontario.

15 Freeway
15 near Magnolia in Corona.

134 Freeway
134 at Forest Lawn in Burbank as you're rounding the bend in the freeway I've seen cops.

Interstate 215
215 between Oleander and Nuevo Roads in Perris

215 at La Cadena and Center Streets in Grand Terrace

215 near Rainbow, California - The area around the border checkpoint- although it is 50 miles north of the border, 10 miles south of Temecula

Highway 74
Leaving Lake Elsinore near the Candy Shop (landmark, a candy store, that is often referred to on radio during traffic reports if there is an accident) - last hideout on the 74 for cops since the road narrows and is a 2 lane road.

On your way to Soboba Casino on highway 74 between Juniper Flatts and Sanderson between Romoland and Hemet.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of speeding, here's what my mom says...
When you started driving you were a very slow, very cautious driver. You've sped up. You're still cautious and safe, but you're very fast. You're faster than anyone in the family. You drive about 10 miles an hour more than everyone else.

LOL... I can just about keep up with my neighbor, Mrs. G.

Linda keeps telling everyone how fast I drive. She told the special ed. inclusion teacher we work with the other day that we could go to lunch and I could drive because I drive so fast we will get there in no time. She tells Mel that I speed everywhere I go, and am probably faster than her. I laugh.

I am not like Linda. I don't saunter out to the car, then have to walk around it to check for debris, gravel, whatever that may have ended up around the car. I don't check my car for dents and dings unless a car has parked really close to me. I don't slowly lift myself into my car, then buckle my seatbelt, check my makeup, check fluid levels/instrument panel, and then head out. I walked out to the parking lot the same time as Linda yesterday to go to dinner before I had class. I said goodbye as she got in her car. I went to the restaurant that is 3 miles away and about 10 minutes. I get there a full 6 minutes before her.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Slow it down

I am a speeder. I can usually be found bumpin' the jam, cruising 10 or so miles above the speed limit. Sometimes I go with the flow of the traffic, sometimes I'm just plain fast, get out of my way! I am in a hurry!

I know where the speed traps are and where to slow down. I can tell you where they are on all the IE freeways, so I slow down and put the car in 70. I rarely drive above 75 unless I'm passing someone, but 75+ can get you a ticket, even 70+ when the speed limit is 65.

I drive the same surface streets over and over. I can tell you where the police hide on the highway I live on, and over near where I work.

Lately the popos have been out in full force.

Today I was driving near the airport and I was doing 60 in a 45 mile an hour zone. I just saw a policeman in the other direction on the other side of the median ready to pull someone over. I didn't know police hung out there. I do now. I promise to do 45 in that zone from now on especially because I don't want a ticket, have to do driving school, and the whole shebang. I was going down this road when I see a policeman hiding- I'm sure I was in distance of his radar. I got down to 50. The Chevy Avalanche next to me wasn't so lucky. I was only worried about my speed, but maybe he was going at about the same speed, if not faster. Then as I pass the officer he is on his way, lights flashing, I thought he was going for me, but he got the guy in the Avalanche. A good warning for me. I slowed it down the rest of the day.

Must slow down. A good reminder for me to always be careful and to drive at a safe speed. The anxiety of "is it me," and my heart racing for several minutes after is clearly not worth it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Harassed him enough

I have spent the past couple weeks harassing The Guy. I mean that in the nicest way. A text- "what's up," "where are you?" "can you help me by letting me use your video camera?" After the texts and 20 calls he had no choice but to message me back. He has replied lately, so gotta give him credit. We did agree to hang out some day this week last Friday. He texted me at 9:54 this morning, and I immediately cleared my schedule to do so. I didn't have anything important really, only allergy shots. I told The Guy 2:30. And the harassing was alright because I know, and he knows how he has to be pushed and "reminded" a lot, but is glad in the end. LOL

I got out of work early. Linda and I are ahead on planning, and we even got all of our grading done. We just have to input the scores tomorrow. She let me leave an hour early. I was ecstatic. I left at 2:10.

I get to his place and he was taking a nap. He immediately got up, we hugged, and he brought out the food. He got sushi for us. He got the healthy sushi at the place up in his town. We had spicy salmon with cucumber and cream cheese, and spicy salmon/tuna. The salmon/tuna was best. I don't get cream cheese in sushi. We sit and talk about me being placed with Linda for student teaching. He got the biggest kick out of it. He told me about talking to his trainer friends, and how Robert came up with an idea for an iPhone app. He really did find a niche, and The Guy ordered books, explained his idea, and the steps he's taken to start writing an iPhone app. I'm so envious that he is able to program- I really want to see what happens as it takes shape. That just sounds sooo cool.

We go out to the jacuzzi and he tells me more about his iPhone app, how Robert is starting his first day in nursing school, and how he is so self motivated. The Guy tells me Josh replied to his texts this past weekend, so he thinks Josh was dumped or something.

Once The Guy goes for a dip because he smelled nasty he claimed, he got the video camera out for me. As a part of the documentation for the state I have to videotape a lesson, write up everything that happens in the video, how I differentiate instruction for 2 focus students, etc. I have a video camera here at home that is VERY old and would not work because I have to upload it to the internet, and don't have the abilities with the old camera I have. His camera is the size of a regular camera. I told him, and will treat him to lunch when I return it. I am so thankful for this because he is saving me tons of work.

The Guy shows me his thoughts for his iPhone app, then we go get the dogs. On the way to get the dogs we stop at the car wash so The Guy can get his car done. We talk while there. I tell him about Eddy, Keith, and Jack off Buddy/his boyfriend. He was glad to see that I'm getting out and meeting people. He told me how to lure Eddy into bed. He told me to give him a kiss next time we meet. The Guy told me how to give the perfect kiss. You need soft lips and relaxed lips. He had me touch his lips with my finger to get the idea. LOL. Then we talk about how to flirt using body contact because Eddy is not a very contact type guy. LOL. So now I have homework.

We get the dogs and head back home. He asks if I want dinner, and he gets some turkey sausage out, cuts it up, cooks it. Then he adds marinara sauce and a goat yogurt instead of sour cream, some elbow macaroni. It was sooooooooo tasty. And some fresh parmesan cheese on top. Yum! We ate and I told him more Linda stories, we talked about how naive she is, how crazy she is, and her OCD. We talked about my observations and how they've gone really well so far- I had the principal come in the other day and my advisor before that.

After dinner I help him tidy up the kitchen area and do a trash run. I help him install his really high tech door locks that are computer controlled. He also set his thermostat because that same program controls that. He has a smart house. We talked about more random things, and I thanked him for the camera. I got home about 9.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My naughty, non-naughty photo

I promise you it is only my fist. I kept my pants pulled on.

Getting out

I got to meet up with another blogger yesterday, probably the highlight of my day. I met All Mixed Up in California. That was fun because he was another local guy, and it was cool to hear more details about him and his career among other things. Hopefully we can can hang out again soon! He's a nice guy and it was nice to put a face to his blog

I got a call at 5:40 fromKeith asking if I had dinner plans. I did not. My parents were out somewhere unknown, so I said I didn't. He suggested we meet at a wine bar that just opened near my house. He told me about some of the wines and we sampled them, and the food was actually really good. It was on the verge of being filling, but could have been with a few bites more, but was tasty. I think we'll be friends, and probably hang out more since we have several mutual friends. I did pick up he seems to have a slight crush on me... I wasn't surprised.

We had the best schedule at work today. We are on a testing schedule and 2 hour periods. Last period was my prep. Linda and I decided to do a lunch meeting where we discussed our lesson plans for the coming week and brainstormed ideas for my observation next week. In case I haven't mentioned Linda is my master teacher, and the principal is aware of Linda's close connection to my family, yet said she was awesome, and that I'd learn a lot. We did Mexican food. Yum.

And now tonight I'm about to go meet Dehumanizing the Boy at PF Changs.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bad newspaper headline

This headline just sounds bad...
"ruling assails gay law"
Of course they're talking about DADT, but it could be a law someone considers "gay," or stupid.

Last pool party of Summer

Teacher Friend invited me to his last pool party of summer I blogged about earlier in the week. I enjoyed his last one a lot despite the whole Rick incident. This party was a lot of fun too.

I arrived about 6:30 and the party started at 6. Most everyone was there surprisingly already- there were only about 10-15 people and not 50 like last time. One of Teacher Friends friend's from school named Steph, Ian, and a few lesbians who were there the last time. I didn't have to introduce myself. Two new faces were a girl from the theater dept. my cousin was in during college. She kept bringing up her shows, and I knew the names of the shows. I said nothing. She kept telling me she knew my face and it was from theater. I said I didn't know UNLESS she meant maybe some of the house parties that the theater dept. threw after their shows. She said it was. I was hesitant to say that much because this meant the girl knew my cousin and I'm not out to my cousin, and so this just felt weird, but she knew she had seen me, and why not just fess up? Another new face named Anthony, a cute 27 year old Italian/latino guy who was very bearish, and stalky, but cute. He overheard this conversation and he asked me my last name over and over. Was I going to lie again? He said he knew my cousin too. He went to high school it turns out with my cousin. Anthony was really into how is my cousin, what a nice girl she was, how crazy that was we both know her. Oh, and might I add that Anthony and my cousin both went to a very conservative private Catholic school? Anthony and I share a lot of the same music tastes etc. we discovered after adding each other on facebook.

Anyways, we have a great time. We have homemade pizza, barbecue and apple chicken paninis, lots of Mike's Hard Lemonade, and stuff like that. We spend most of the evening trying to get penis. Someone at the party must have been horny, but theater girl was telling us about the awesome penises she has seen, and didn't have pictures on her phone to accompany the stories, although had pics of guys. We wanted to see pics. She texted the guys involved to ask for pics, and all played hard to get. Basically she was told she would have to send to receive. The teacher girl, Steph, had a lot of cleavage and offered hers for a cleavage shot. He sent a leg shot back. Then he wanted more. Steph didn't want to give more since he gave so little. He wouldn't give a happy trail shot. So theater girl and Steph worked at getting these things. Anthony and I were looking at grindr with Ian, a few other sites, and looking at our phones for penis pics. HAHAHA. Anthony is very touchy feely- maybe because he is buzzed, but whatever. He is touching Ian and I all over. When things got really crazy between all of us talking he was feeling down Ian and my shirt, and I was doing the same. We were checking for chest hair because we were going to send cleavage shots to the guy who was being stingy. We didn't get a penis pic, but got the shampoo bottle in front of the penis.

I got to talk to Teacher Friend for a while, which was cool.

Back to Anthony, though. When everyone went inside at about midnight, we stayed outside. We started making out. I wanted to. No lies. He was cute. He was touching me. I was touching him. We didn't want to be obvious. He was making eyes with me all night. I was apprehensive because he does know my cousin, and they are friends on facebook, and I don't know much about him, so I don't know if he is a blabber, and not being out to my cousin. Well, we made out. We felt each other up. We only did this for probably 2-3 minutes until someone came out. Anyways, we exchanged numbers and he wants to get together this weekend. I have a pretty busy weekend and am not sure I will be able to. Maybe another weekend? I feel like I need to tell him that he shouldn't say anything to my cousin- but what's he going to say, I made out with your cousin, she'll ask who, and he'll say Mike.

And this was just another night in the life of Mike who is always found in crazy situations...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some guys are soooo into themselves?

I am on several dating/manfinder sites. I was browsing one of them, stumbled on some man's profile, and didn't write back. Here's the message I got back since he saw I viewed his profile:

you vIsited my profile and didn't say hello. with the exception of not being polite you are rude.

do expect better from someone in SoCal to be social to all.....a simple hello and thxs but no thxs usually works, it is a polite thing to do(I do it all the time as I get hit up on by everyone, many not of interest to me personally or sexually)....but then I might be asking to much from you in [the IE]......

Really? You have all day to sit at your computer and harass everyone? Get a life!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Disney with the boys

Jack Off Buddy, his boyfriend, and I hit Disneyland yesterday. It was a fun time.

JO's boyfriend ran the Disney Half Marathon the day prior, and was ready for another magical day at the Magic Kingdom. I heard all about the marathon and how he was not hitting his stride, but how awesome it was to run through Disneyland and all around Anaheim. I heard how crazy the traffic was. The car ride there was great. I heard about what I mentioned, plus I got to know the boyfriend better. He has such an awesome story. He was really addicted to many different substances- pot smoking, alcohol, and other hardcore stuff. I heard about his turnaround, how he was leading a triple life- his churchgoing married life, his work life, and his addiction side.

The day looked like it'd be wait, wait, wait, as it nearly took us 30 minutes to get parked in the Disney structure coming off of Ball Rd. The lines in the park weren't bad. We hit Space Mountain, Matterhorn, Tower of Terror, the Aladdin Show, It's Tough to Be a Bug, Soarin' Over California, the swings, and Astro Blasters. Pretty good- I've been at Disney where I've only gone on 3-4 rides a day.

We talked a lot about work- student teaching, Linda, JO's crazy job, and his boyfriend's job. Lots of good convos. We discussed Lewis and Clark, Manifest Destiny, psycho people, and we sang. I guess JO's boyfriend was reminded about the Lewis and Clark expedition walking near the train on Main Street and suddenly was trying to remember the name. JO suggested the teacher would know the answer. I always thought it was the "Lewis and Clark Expedition" with Sacagawea, etc. That lead us to Manifest Destiny. Very educational if you ask me. "Let's ask the teacher, he knows." I felt very scholarly as I was able to help settle disputes and inform. Hahaha.

While walking through California Adventure the 3 of us sang along to the oldies that they played throughout the park. Love the oldies. The boyfriend started singing "If You're Going to San Francisco," and I joined in. Somewhat unwillingly, JO joined in. It was fun.

We also enjoyed Jan and Dean's "Surf City." The boyfriend and I were bumping into each other, had some hand motions going, and our mouths moving.

Oh, and we saw the gay rave going on as we called it. Disco music, glow sticks, rainbow colors, guys and girls who were Disney castmembers dancing in flower pods. Obviously designed by a gay guy. A DJ also was there. Lots of people dancing. Very interesting.

We left about 9:30 as the fireworks sounded like they were going to bomb our car any moment. We talked about sexuality in Iran and a documentary JO saw about it. Lots of interesting stuff- boys in Iran tend to have their first sexual experience with a guy, and they meet the guys usually at weddings where the whole family is. It is a male dominant society, etc. etc. etc. I am waiting for him to get the name for me so I can watch it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Neighbor followup

Carlos is back at college, and has been since August 9 or so. He had a falling out with his girlfriend his first week back, and used the week they broke up to fool around with a guy. The guy was 35, hairy, and looked pretty good in his trunk underwear I saw. I didn't see his face, but his body was pretty average, which was cool. Carlos showed me the pics. Supposedly they went all the way, fucking and sucking, and he thought it was ok. Carlos messages me everytime he is online. Tonight he asked me to view his new nude pics. Him laying on the bed, leaning up against the bed, and some pics of him hugging his girlfriend since they are back together. He is hot. He did get bold while we were chatting and asked to cam. I just sat watching him while he made faces as he jacked off. He's getting bolder... Christmas Break is coming... hahaha

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hanging out lately

It seems when I'm not at work or school I'm hanging out. I can't complain. I'm enjoying the getting out, meeting new people, and things like that.

- Went to dinner this past week with Eddy (not coworker Eddy), a friend of Jack off Buddy's boyfriend. We met at a birthday dinner for Jack off Buddy's boyfriend a few weeks back. He's a year or two older than me, and we went to the same college. It was cool hanging out, and I am sure we'll hang out again.
- Jack off Buddy, his boyfriend, possibly a few other guys, and myself are going to Disneyland tomorrow. Should be fun!
- I am going to a wine bar for dinner one night this week or next with another guy I met at that party named Keith. He's 38. We have both talk and agree just friends. We're mainly going because we have so many common friends- all gay guys- and we've recently met, but want to get to know each other better.
- I'm going to another party Teacher Friend is throwing on Friday night. So far Rick hasn't RSVP'd according to facebook.
- Hoping to hang out with Darla, Gonzo, The Guy, and more soon...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ceiling fan

Spent the day installing a ceiling fan with my dad in my room with country music in the background. My dad of course had some commentary that cracked me up.

"She sounds upset wherever she's going, maybe she's upset because she didn't know. Didn't someone give her directions or she think of a plan?"

"Can she make up here mind? Obviously she's in love or something, or young and naive."
Just Another Woman in Love- Anne Murray

"This group sounds pretty good. They don't sound nasally and can carry a tune..."
The Mavericks- Here Comes the Rain

"You know, when a man ain't nothin', and you ain't seen nothin' yet, you probably don't want him."
Povertyneck Hilbillies- Mr Right Now

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A look at any given day...

My take!

I fight traffic

I go searching for guys meats.

I battle extreme temperatures.

I go flying through the air.

I ask the tough questions. Is duct tape or sumo tape stronger?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let's look at the first 3 days

Here's some highlights from my first 3 days of student teaching:
- 1 of my students OD'd on E this past weekend, the second time this year
- I sensed something sort of off and found out this same student comes to class always stoned
- Bad words spelled wrong are funny "fuke you"
- 1 of the 8th grade girls who gave me a difficult time all the time last year in every class I subbed in came back to visit with her BABY who was now 3 months old.
- Linda is driving me insane. A 30 minute lunch without her is not enough.
- Linda seems to forget I have any classroom experience at all. Yes, I know how to run a photocopier.
- Linda is my master teacher. The principal was alright with that, he even put me with Linda. He gave me a choice, but Linda was the clear cut choice over the other teacher I could work with. Even knowing my mom and her are best friends. He says she is the best English teacher in the district and knows that she will be the utmost professional in every aspect. I know I'll learn alot.
- I am bored after about the first 2 periods after hearing the lesson. Linda sensed that today, and I think is willing to let me start teaching at least 1-2 periods. She still wants to.
- Linda wanted to "ease" me into actually teaching, but since I have my first observation by the principal, AP, and my supervisor at the college she is going to let me teach maybe as early as next Tuesday.
- Pressing Linda for control. When both of my parents student taught from day 1 the teachers threw both of them in asking them to mimic and make each lesson their own as they taught it. Linda doesn't seem to get that. I took control in the last 2 periods today. The first time I took control Linda was a little slow getting started, and in her 6th period she was dealing with a new student, so I just jumped right in. Linda said after school she can see that I have control issues, like her.
- I know that if I don't have some sort of control after the first week the students will start to view me as a teacher's aide, which I don't want. There needs to be a balance.

Linda does drive me crazy, but I am excited to work with Linda in that I feel one of the areas where I can grow the most is lesson planning and creating activities for each lesson, and I know this is one of Linda's greatest strengths.