Saturday, January 23, 2016

These guys and the neighbor

When a neighborhood event draws everyone outside - namely a car hitting the light pole in front of our house, we get to meet the neighbors.

The guy diagonal to us - he has 3 kids, whom he is very strict with. He's a police officer and his wife is a teacher. She's friendlier than him, and many neighbors have said that. He never waves when we see him.

Regardless, we all find ourselves outside. He asks me what was going on. I go over to tell him and introduce myself. He then says "how many of these guys live there?"

Was he referring to the fact that we're gay? These guys. He asked if there were 3 of us. These guys?

Maybe he just misspoke? Maybe he just doesn't have the way with words.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Vacation is over

This vacation was pretty incredible if I do say so myself...

- Hung out with my cousin in San Diego
- Had a good time with the family on Christmas Eve
- It was incredibly hard to not be with my family Christmas Day, but being with my partenr's family made up for it
- Met some of his extended family I hadn't
- Spent some time in Atlantic City
- Went to Puerto Rico
- Spent my birthday on a cruise ship, which was the greatest thing... had an amazing wine pairing with each course of my French birthday dinner
- Met a cool older couple from Florida and wife was originally from Jersey. His birthday was same as mine
- Even did some schoolwork... last class in my credential program... and potentially the most boring... ethics...

So that's a rundown here... other than work will be a new experience tomorrow... that's another blog post... trying to wind down...