Thursday, June 30, 2011


I will be in Austin next week, but with no car. What is there to do that is cheap and easy to walk to. Think i am staying in Downtown. I am thinking the Capitol and 6th Street. I'll have about a day to myself

Songs that I spend my days listening to

This has made it onto his iPod and I'm enjoying it

BTW Leona Lewis looks so different everytime I see her. I thought she was black and here she looks white. I'm just saying. No judgement- she's pretty.

I disliked this song at first, but it got sexy suddenly, and well, country boys can shake it for me. That's my version. And well, Luke is sexy, period.

Spend my days listening to newly discovered bad music like this that I can't wait to turn the dial on as fast as i can. Jason Michael Carroll is back with a new single called Numbers that is so-so-bad. Oh, and thank goodness he got a haircut.

I listen to the oddness in this song and sit in amazement as I listen to the lyrics... "never liked crow, but baby i ate it"

Awesome new song and band- check them out!

Oh, and I've been disappointed with anything I've heard Lady Antebellum put out lately. Boo.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2 jobs

I have applied for 2 jobs in a more northern region of California just outside of the Bay Area. Hey, I don't take chances, and a friend encouraged me to apply. Both would be dream jobs- minus the location. I can only ask myself 20 questions like I do in everything: what if I do get this job, would I take it; could I see myself living here; am I willing to take the leap; how accepting of being gay is the area; would I even take the interview if I were offered one? LOL... that's how I think...

At least I applied.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An unlikely ally

Linda had a dentist appointment today at my dentist- because she has to go to the dentist her best friend - my mom goes to. She wanted to do lunch with my mom afterward. My mom informed us the entire family was going. We went to Panera, which Linda had never been to. While there my sister talked and talked and talked and talked some more. She talked about New York, her trip to Chicago, and her colleague who was a transexual and her girlfriend. My sister said she went to a bar that was LGBT friendly. Naive Linda had never heard of that and asked what it was. My sister explained and Linda was shocked to learn that these people needed an acronym or even a gay friendly bar since this kind of violence doesn't go on. My sister stopped her and said that it does even in California. Linda said she couldn't believe that, it was a disgrace, people's inside lives/sexuality shouldn't matter. These people are the ones who are being discriminated against by other people and she doesn't understand what goes on in the bedroom should not matter. She said it much more eloquently, but I got the gist.

This surprised me. This is Linda. Linda is a devout Catholic. Linda is at church 2-3 times a week. Linda was the one who didn't know what an STD was. Linda is the one who needs a lot of sexual references/innuendos explained to her.

I know i was uncomfortable as I sat there with this conversation and played with the order number pole while she said this.

She knows about me I'm sure. Hopefully this helped open my mom's ears.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Nature boys

- Head over to Mike's after trying to leave my house for a while, but there was a lot going on
- We do dinner at BJs
- Big appetizer platter with the avocado things were yummy
- BJs didn't advertise their happy hour on their website, which was sad, and we paid full price for beers
- Stop at Target and browse
- Buy a cartful of clearance stuff that included more than 12 bottles of wine for less than $3 a piece. We looked like alcoholics and the slow checkstand lady was talking about how we were her new friends with all that wine.
- I get a moisturizer cream to appease Mike since my skin is always so dry and flaky (eew)
- Watch SYTYCD
- Bed about 11

- Up about 7
- Shower
- He has some work stuff to work on
- Hang around until 12:30 or so watching TV and playing on my iPad
- Take off to get a haircut
- Head home because my dad calls to say it looks like I got some sort of concert tickets in the mail, and indeed I had. They were for some drummer I had never heard of, and would have taken advantage of them
- Head back to Mike's about 5, which was fine for him since he had a dentist appointment at 4
- Talk about what we've been up to in the past 5 hours or so
- Dinner was a spinach pasta he made with some yummy bread
- Watch SYTYCD and NY Housewives
- Bed about 1

- Up at 7
- Shower
- Play around on iPads/iPhones/try to rebuild my iPhoto library
- He suggests we go somewhere since his friends canceled on dinner this weekend, which we had known about and been planning on for 3 weeks
- He asks where to go
- He asks what's in Visalia
- He asked if I still wanted to go up there
- I said we'll go to Visalia and then on to Sequoia National Park
- He agreed and booked a hotel, then car
- Talk to my parents and tell them where we're going... of course mommy is concerned that it is so last minute, that it is so far away, the usual.
- Pack real quick
- His neighbors are outside and we chat with them and he introduces me
- She is a former teacher and he is a firefighter- I knew that much- but it was cool to chat with them. She is about to go back to work, but with the economy, she was worried. She gave me some good info about good school districts.
- Head to the airport for our car rental, a Kia Soul. We had a lot of soul this weekend in it. It was like an awakening
- Head up 57 to the 210 to the 5. Slow traffic on the 5. He talks about a house he went to see in Santa Clarita when he first moved to Cali
- Shake and rattle... the car made lots of noises, which prompted Mike to hit various places with his hand to stop that. It would be a nice economical car for some people..............
- Go to the outlets in Tulare. Stop at Skechers and see nothing, but Mike suggests the Vans store... he doesn't own a pair of Vans. Shoes were buy 1 get 1 half off... and they had my lovely green shoes. Mike said I could get the half off pair and we would each get 1. He vetoed my green shoes saying "not with me around," but I got some blue jean fabric shoes. Should be fun...
- Head on to the hotel in Visalia
- Go to the Brewbaker Brewery that we had read a lot about on the internet... the brews were um... fruity and grainy. The beer was no bueno. Mike got the sampler platter and I got their sequoia red. We first had to wait 20 minutes for a table, then when we got the table it was upstairs, which looked like an old fashioned country restaurant and not a bar, which took away from the ambience. Oh, and screaming kids everywhere. The food was so-so.
- We talked about funerals as my mom wondered why I wasn't going to attend one with her on Saturday. We talked about difficult funerals, how he would rather go to a viewing than a funeral because he thinks funerals are for close family, but I argued the opposite that it was for anyone acquainted with the family as most that I have been to have been that way. He talked about how long it had been since he was at one, he asked how my grandma's funeral was and I told him about that whole situation with my aunt in Nor Cal. He told me he wants to be cremated and wants to make up a will shortly just in case he were to die and he made me think about how I want to be buried... lol... it was a morbid conversation.
- Head to Wal-Mart for antacid since he thought beer was giving him heartburn and how he was thinking he would have to start giving that up
- Go to the movie theater... that's the thing to do on a Friday night in Visalia
- See BAD TEACHER... she was a bad teacher... many inaccuracies in that movie that teachers would definitely be fired for... I watched it with a critical eye as I felt that with our previous conversations I'd have to defend the teaching profession, so I was watching it from that view
- Head back to the hotel where we watch the godawful Letterman with Lady Gaga and snack on Chips Ahoy
- Then we fool around and it was a lot of fun tickling and more
- We fall asleep about 1:15

- Up at 8:30
- Shower
- Gas up the car... small tank in it
- Head to Panera
- Panera was waaaaay out of the way... like 5 miles and the nav gave us a crazy route to get there
- Head to Sequoia and talk about the beautiful scenery and a teacher I used to have/my former boss who lived on the outskirts of the park
- Sequoia was a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG windy road and Mike was crazy with those turns. He told me to look at the yellow line as he drove and asked if I was doing ok
- Saw the worlds largest trees. See pic below

- Get lost on a path... well... not lost... just out of our way thanks to his supposed expertise in sign reading... now had we gone my way we would have been back at the car sooner as I'm an expert sign reader, but I got my exercise... a good mile walk
- Take lots of photos in the trees and Mike basically took over camera duties, which was fine
- Drove through the park and tried to stop at their lodges for a drink, but they all closed at 2 or 2:30, and it was 2:40... boo! Would have been nice to sip a beer or something there...
- Played in the snow at the 7,000 foot level. First he took pics of me playing and told me to make it look like I was throwing a snowball at him, and I couldn't resist, and had to throw one. I hit him in the leg pretty nicely. He threw one at me, but it didn't hit me, and he didn't throw it as hard. Hey... lol... I didn't know.

- Go out the other side of the park- the Fresno side
- Drive to Fresno
- Make a few comments about how those cows would look so good cooked, which I got hit for
- Stop at a Starbucks in Downtown Fresno, have a passoin tea, play on our iPads
- Look for hotels or something to do
- Paso Robles was 2 hours away
- Lots of bad, expensive hotels
- Go down the 99
- Look for food in Bakersfield and find a basque restaurant... google it... find out it is a cuisine of some Spanish/French people in the Pyrranes Mountains and they're very isolated. The food was family style it said
- Drive into big industrial area
- Food starts off pretty well with bread, cabbage soup, hot sauce. More food comes- salad with some sort of meat, tomatoes. Next course was our entree- I chose tri-tip and he got a fish. Fries, Baked beans, and green beans came with that. Dessert was almond fudge ice cream. TOOOOOO MUCH FOOD, but the first few courses were good. We want to try a basque restaurant here in the IE now.
- Leave restaurant at 9 and let Heather, the nav system, guide us home
- She leads us out the 58 to the 14 to the 138 to the 15 and then back into the IE... we got the scenic route
- Back at 12am
- Watch TV a little

- I always wake up about 6 and then doze/fall back asleep... I did and Mike got up or made some real loud noise to wake me up and I flung myself out of bed/out of my sleep about 8:30
- He handles a few things he has to do while I shower
- Go to Jamba Juice for oatmeal and Starbucks for a passion tea
- Mike talks about all of the sugar in that and I reassure him that it is ok... oh... and it is artificial sugar... lol
- We drive up to Idyllwild just to see what there is to see... long way in and a lot of dry brush... definitely not the Yosemite of Southern California like their website says, so we pass through quickly. Touristy town as Mike termed it.
- We head down the 74 and into Hemet
- Stop at Chilis for a margarita and onion straws
- Mike says he wants to try to get to Palm Desert via the 74, so I direct him and tell him how to get there
- He tries to argue with me that I didn't tell him we have to drive back through Idyllwild, but I did, at least twice
- He said he wanted to take the 79 to get there and he didn't want to do the 74. I informed him you can't get there
- So we do the 37 mile trek to Palm Desert, and it was scenic. We stopped a couple times at lookout points to get pictures of the Palm Springs/Palm Desert valley... it was a nice triP

- End up at El Paseo and his favorite Banana Republic where we both do about $100 in damage each on winter clearance (SWEATERS!)
- Walk across the street to our favorite seafood place for another margarita, mussels, and crab cakes. It was sooooo delish!!! The margarita was a bit salty, which was hard to drink at first, but the food was good, as usual
- Head back to his place
- Watch our Sunday night favs like Housewives of NJ, Watch What Happens Live (poor Vicki!)
- Eat a cookie from the batch we got at Fresh & Easy the other day
- Bed about 10:30
- Watch Frasier until we fall asleep

- Up at 7:15
- The light was shining in my face a way that made me have to face the opposite way of Mike and he tried to run his hand through the light to create a shadow to get me to turn to see what mischief he was causing
- Shower
- He has some work to do and I play with my computer and the cat. Apply for yet another job.
- Stop at Starbucks as we prepare to take the car back to the airport
- Car to airport
- Listen to Rosie talk about the Building 7 conspiracy with the World Trade Center. Gonna check that out. Mike knew about it being that he's from that area and heard Rosie talk about it for years
- DRive around his neighborhood looking at the houses in the middle of nowhere, and the school in the middle of nowhere, literally
- Take off about 12:15 to reunite with the family and my mom isn't even home! She was the one who wanted to see me, but she's out lunching with the teachers

Friday, June 24, 2011

One time I really hated Kesha

When she first came out I found her bratty and in interviews she sounded like such a bitch, but she has grown on me.

Whenever my cousin and I chat like when we're going to meet up we always tell each other "I need to brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack and then I'll be on my way," which is the first sign she has crept under my skin... hahaha
Plus good times hearing this at clubs with my cousin and her best friend

My favorite line from this is got Jesus on my neck-uh-lace

And you have to wonder what she was smoking or type of imagination she has to come up with her intro to this song where she was talking with the animals

And I was so tempted to get my boy Kesha tickets for his birthday... hopefully the Adele concert is rescheduled soon... but in the meantime I'll enjoy our Kesha moments because her love is our drug

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My gay card

I got 48... gay in training... lol
The Official Gay Card

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Here kitty, kitty

- 3:30pm I arrive at Mike's after helping mi madre at school and picking up my sister's car
- We get in the car almost immediately to go to Fresh & Easy
- In parking lot we circle a few times to find a spot- there were plenty open... lol
- Get lots of veggies and random pastas... he kept telling me to "get stuff" and I argued I needed inspiration if I were to make something
- I enjoy a 56g of sugar strawberry lemonade from a bottle as we leave... sugar high!
- In the car we break open the baked salted chips since I was starved
- We eat stuffed mushrooms we bought from the clearance and a $1.64 margharita pizza, which was quite good
- Watch "The Glee Project" since it recorded where we thought Rocco's Dinner Party was... he started to Tivo it... grrr
- Watch a few more Tivo items
- Mike makes a salad with asparagus, lettuce, and fake chicken for our meatless Monday... it didn't exactly taste like chicken
- Talk about his need for a kitty
- Lots of tickling and cuddling
- Watch Gordon Ramsey's Masterchef, Two and a Half Men, and How I Met Your Mother
- Bed about 10

- Up at 7:30
- Shower
- He works on his expense reports
- I make each a slice of toast
- Watch TV and play around on iPad
- Crunch on a few baked cheese puffs
- He teases the cats about needing another cat, a brother, a sister, or even a dog
- He asked if my sister called to say she missed me or anything like that and I said no, she's not that nice. He laughed. He asked if she was upset I had her car and I said daddy was more than willing to let her use his, so on the whole, no. He didn't look at the damage that was mostly able to be buffed out from my sister's supposed spin out because it didn't look bad from afar. I told him you have to get up close and if you were to open the doors on the car on the right side they now make a bad sound as you open them. He said I'm just to hard on her. Her car needed shocks in the front I mentioned and how she didn't know, he said I'm just being hard on her because she's a girl. LOL. He thinks I'm abusive toward her... lol... he said it playfully.
- We go to lunch at Subway
- The workers are making several 3 foot long party subs and it takes forever... we got there in time, though, as the people were still trying to get their food that came in after us as we were leaving
- Go to Petsmart and look at the little kittens... no cat carrier in the convertible... he did have the cat carrier out this weekend when he texted me on Sunday about being at Petsmart
- We leave Petsmart after he admires, oohs, and aaahs at the cats
- He tells me how he needs a chihuahua to take with us... it could travel with him... it could sit in the center console as we drive in the convertible. I told him it was a dumb chihuahua who would bark at everything as we go by. He said he would get a muzzle. I questioned if he, the animal rights activist would really do that. I said it would probably try to jump from the car and break its leg. He talked about how it wouldn't jump up high to eat the cat's food, it would play with the cats, its so much smaller than the cats. I said his antisocial cat wouldn't like it. I said the antisocial cat didn't need a friend. He said he thinks a little kitten would bring out the motherly instincts in it. I pretty much vetoed, but told him how cute he was when he talked about how he wanted one. Back at his place he tries to show me the chihuahua online, but couldn't find it.
- So to get or not to get a kitty... or a chihuahua... hmmmmmmmmmmm... we shall see... he has 2 cats already... he likes them since they take care of themselves... should I give in? I just don't want to be with the crazy cat guy... lol... and it could well become that... hahaha... he's cute
- Take off at 3:30
- Meet family at 4 for allergy shots
- Dad makes steak at home... yummmm
- Hit the gym tonight and run into Jack Off Buddy's boyfriend, the counselor from school where I did my student teaching and get to talk to both, which was nice.
- Relaxing at home getting recipe inspiration

So many concerts coming up...

- Montgomery Gentry
- Pat Benatar
- Kansas
- Chicago
- Neon Trees
- Melissa Etheridge
- Three Dog Night/America

- REO Speedwagon
- Beach Boys

- Tears for Fears

Nokia Theater
- Katy Perry in August

- Blink 182
- Hall and Oates
- Maroon 5 and Train
- Dolly Parton

- Rihanna

- Jason Aldean

- Sugarland

- Phil Vassar
- LeAnn Rimes

Sturges Center
- Mark Chesnutt

Out of these I have already seen Montgomery Gentry, Pat Benatar, Beach Boys, Three Dog Night, Sugarland (3 times), and REO Speedwagon.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

"In a relationship"

I realized after Mike uploaded pics of our recent travels on facebook that he had changed his facebook status to "in a relationship" and I realized it never even crossed my mind. I had to do that. You know, when its done on facebook, that means it really is official, so I rushed into the settings and made it official for me to!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gonzo's Wedding and spending time together

- ran errands like target, gassed up car, dropped off forms at district office and met Mike at 3ish
- go to happy hour at PF Changs. It was a sad hour. Street tacos were disappointing, dim sum was ok, margaritas were ok
- talked about father's day and mike told me if I don't have a job in August he bought me a plane ticket to go home with him to meet his parents
- went to old navy, mike got a few shirts
- stop at Fresh and Easy for food, get cookies to bake that I made later in the evening. They turned out chewy.
- watch Top Chef finale and SYTYCD
- bed about 10:30

- woke up at 7:30
- shower
- leave Mike's to head to acupuncture about 10am
- take my dad to dealer to get sister's car serviced
- left my wallet at Mike's, which made getting checked in at acupuncture difficult. And the fact I was speeding around SoCal and drove through several speed traps
- head back to Mike's about 4
- kill time on our iPad and computers
- Mike starts on dinner: cod in panko bread crumbs, delicious heirloom tomatoes in basil, salt, and pepper, carrots and squash medley
- we both get drunk and touchy over sangria
- watch random tv like SYTYCD
- tickle each other a lot and play fight... at one point he's on top of me, I pull him on the sofa, then clobber him and tickle him before he pushes me back and tickles me
- bed about 10. Watch Hot in Cleveland and Frasier
- play around some as I was going crazy. Lol


- up at 8:30
- shower
- breakfast of toast with peanut butter
- kill time on our iPads looking at huffington post and our upcoming vacation
- Watch TV, eat leftovers from the night before
- Sister texts me about her dilemma. Sis bought a ticket Monday or Tuesday to go to Chicago. She didn't make it clear she was leaving out of Chicago to my parents- we just have her flight number, but we didn't research it to know. Sister calls to say her flight was canceled due to weather. My dad calls to ask if I could find my sister another flight. I told him no. I told him if it was weather related she is not going to have much luck on another airline. My dad said, still, he wanted me to try. Um. No. His daughter, his mess, he could try. Sister broke down in tears, lots of waterworks, was told her flight would leave at 1:30 Saturday. Her friend and her friend's boyfriend bought their tickets prior and had the ability to purchase/change their tickets. Sister's friend got on a flight on a different airline, her boyfriend ended up on the flight with my sister... or that was what was supposed to happen. My dad fought with Continental and got a refund on my sister's nonrefundable ticket. Then he paid $565 -THAT I KNOW MY SISTER WILL NEVER HAVE TO PAY BACK- to get her to Chicago so they could see the Yankee games. My sister's debit only debit card would not work to buy her ticket.
I drove home to take my dad to the car dealer to get my sister's car and after my dad gave her the ticket information she had broken down in tears saying that she was being paged over the speaker, the door was closing, and she was going to miss her flight. She missed her now rebooked flight. My dad called Southwest and was somehow able to get her on a flight an hour or os later to Chicago.
- I had told Mike about that as I was at his house, how I wasn't going to help, it was my dad's issue. He seemed as skeptical about the whole incident as I was. When I got back to his place I told him about the new drama of her missing her rescheduled flight on Southwest.
- Mike was in a pair of shorts like he wears around the house lounging and changes. We go out looking for dinner
- We drive Route 66 through several cities and try to find something that appeals to us. We decide on Mexican or pizza. I tell him Mexican, then switch and say I want pizza. Then we settle on pizza, but he claimed I told him it was down a different street that he was not on. I told him maybe I did make a mistake, but I knew where it was and could get him there. We go to the NY pizza place The Guy and I used to go. My NY pizza expert said it was only ok- it was good for a local shop. We get ice cream next door afterward.
- We relax on the couch when we get home, he plays AirTycoon on his iPad, we watch the news, hear the story about Continental/United, and wonder if that was why my sister got a refund so easily on her ticket.
- Bed about 12:30... Mike was obsessed with his game and couldn't put the iPad down
- Lots of tickling each other in bed


- Woke up at 8:30
- Shower
- He decides on more flower boxes for the backyard that he wants to build
- Go to McDonalds
- Go to Lowes for supplies, but they didn't have anything to cut the wood, so he said we would go to Home Depot. We never made it there
- We drive to the housing section across the street, look at what the houses cost, then how from the outside the houses look nice... they're on a golf course... but they have really bad paint/trim that is peeling, major pigeon issues from the nearby garbage dump. We decide those houses aren't so nice.
- Drive around until about 11:15
- Get back to his house, play a little iPad, then I decide I need to head out
- Go home, visit with parents, shower, wrap gift, head to Gonzo's wedding.


- 3pm about 20 miles south of me
- Arrived and everyone was hanging outside the rec center where the wedding was. I wondered if it would be outside- there were no chairs- only an arch. I saw her parents and waved to them.
- Marci, Mrs. C, Mrs. F, and other I knew started showing up, so we hung around.
- The wedding portion was outside, standing, so the preacher invited everyone over. Preacher was a former coworker's dad.
- It was a nice spot for the wedding... very small and intimate feel
- You may kiss the bride
- Gonzo looks sooooooooooooooooooooo happy with her new hubby... I never really saw them together cause it was always she and myself to hang out... only went to Knotts with them a few years back when we chaperoned that field trip... maybe 3-4 years ago.
- File into reception hall
- Sign guestbook
- Find where we sit from hubby's sister's friend
- Marci, Mrs. C, Mrs. F, and all of us are in the back. Lots of talking about good restaurants. Mrs. C knows and has connections at the steakhouse Mike and I like. Mrs. C recommended a happy hour place for Mike and I to try. Talk about the program we used to tutor for, and where Marci, Darla's cousin, and myself were all at
- Mrs. C and her hubby had to leave early :-( miss them!
- There's some dancing, father/bride, mother/son, etc.
- Lots of oldies like the Temptations, Chilites, Temptations, and Marvin Gaye

- Lots of people head outside to take photos with Gonzo
- I do the same and drag Darla's cousin along... get some great pics with the bride who was tired of taking photos
- Go back inside
- Toss the bouquet... Gonzo teases and acts as if she is throwing it and everyone is amused... then the real throw and some girl gets it
- Toss the garter... it was thrown out of range... The second time the guys said that we should split to the side as it was thrown, so we did. Third time his brother said he would catch it, so he did since no one wants to marry soon. Damn, I would have had I had the chance to catch it. LOL
- Dance with Darla to Santana's Maria Maria

- Hang around a few minutes more until everything has mostly wound down

Home now

Told my parents about wedding, my mom just said she wants to meet Mike and proposed a place, but it really isn't what I expected, but will throw it out to him. She said she wants to go with my "friend" and I when we go to a California National Park soon. She just called him a friend, that was her word, and didn't say it weirdly, just matter of factly.

Father's Day with Linda and her husband at 3pm... that's late... no Mike time for me tomorrow.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Everyone else is doing it

So why not me?

1. Your ex's car is on the side of the road, on fire. What do you do?

Try to put it out? That's not something I wish on many people.

2. Would you go out to eat with Charlie Sheen?

No- I don't find him funny in the least. Well, is he paying?

3. Who was the last person to comment on your Facebook status?

Jack Off Buddy about my potential eating disorders.

4. What is the last thing you spent money on?

A wedding gift for Gonzo

5. Do you think you gained or lost weight this past month?

Staying pretty constant... thankfully!

6. What's the best film you saw in the last month?

Friday night - Mike and I saw "Super 8"

7. What did you wear today?

Yellow tee that said "what goes up must come down," and beige shorts... yes, I said shorts.

8. Congratulations! You just had a son. What’s his name?


9. What was the last CD you bought?

Lady Gaga's new one

10. What are you craving right now?

Butterscotch rice krispy treats or some delicious, chewy chocolate chip cookies

11. When you buy something and your change is 2 pence, do you keep it or tell the cashier to keep it?

Tip jar

12. What was the last voicemail you received about?

Keith talking about how he hadn't called me recently

13. Have you ever blocked someone on Facebook?

Nope... why should I? I figure I know everyone on there and don't really feel spited to.

14. Scariest thing you’ve experienced in the last year?

There's been a couple... hmmmmm.... drawing blanks...

15. What kind of car do you want?

Do I get more than 1 choice?
Lexus RX, Volvo S40, Volvo C-30, Acura TSX

16. What do you order when you go to Burger King?

The chicken tenders were disappointing the last time and really starchy/floury. The ranch sauce was watery and the flavor was not great. I opted for a burger the last time I was there, and charbroiled whatever didn't score much cred in my book. Oh, I like their Hershey Sundae Pie. If I do fast food it is Jack in the Box, In-N-Out, Chick-Fil-A, or McDonalds.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

14 apps

I've submitted 14 apps for 14 different teaching jobs in the fall over the past 2-3 weeks. All of them are within my subject area and none of them are in dream places, but that's ok, pay your dues. It is a tough job applying for all of these jobs. Thankfully there is a standard application for all of these jobs, but I like to custom tailor each cover letter and do research on all of these schools to show my interest. 14 apps and 3 rejections so far.

I've also toyed around with different resumé formats and can't settle on one I like, so I am sticking with my original.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My inner nerd - skyscrapers

Been up since about 7:30 this morning and stumbled upon the coolest site- it is diagrams of skyscrapers in various cities around the world. I've just spent about 2 hours searching around looking at skyscrapers around the US. In my next life I want to be an architect.

My favorites include:
Fountain Place in Dallas
Albuquerque Petroleum Bldg. in Albuquerque NM
1801 California in Denver
Detroit Marriott in Detroit
Phoenix Bldg in Hartford Connecticut
BB&T Bldg Greenvile SC
AT&T Bldg Nashville - seen in person and is amazing
B of A bldg - NY
56 leonard street - NY
8 spruce street - NY
citigroup center- NY
20 times square- NY
one57- NY
4 times square - NY
Devon Energy Tower - OKC
Leadership Square North - OKC
One Santa Fe Place - San Diego
Cityplex Tower - Tulsa OK
Grand Avenue - Los Angeles

I love to go to different cities and take in the architecture/tall buildings.

And another random tidbit: skscrapers in Spanish sounds so cool. The word is rascacielos.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I want to introduce him

This week is the PERFECT week to introduce him to my parents as my sister is not going to be in town. Can I muster the courage? I have had such an anxious burning feeling in my chest and stomach as I have tried to bring the subject up to my parents.

I haven't exactly come straight out and told my parents I have a boyfriend, but in all of my stories about our adventures I use his name.

Monday, June 13, 2011

She doesn't travel light

She booked a $1,700 first class roundtrip ticket to see her best friend in New York. My parents couldn't tell her otherwise. Finally my mom convinced my dad to call and change my sister's seat to a coach seat. Damn. I was enjoying her stupidity.

Then sister gets out the monsters, our giant suitcases, to get ready for the trip. I ask her if she is thinking of putting it in the overhead compartment or doing checked luggage. She said she doesn't need her luggage checked. I meant was she going to carry the suitcase onto the plane or get it at baggage claim. She said baggage claim. I told her that since hers is a multi-stop trip, she is stopping in Chicago on the way back to meet up with a friend to see a Cubs game, that for each leg of the trip it was $25 to have her luggage handled at the airport. Her response was, "they're not going to charge me that because they like me." Who the hell is they? I can assure you they don't like her.

I've watched random items my sister has toted to her suitcase and laughed. She takes entire new tubes of toothpaste, a new 32 ounce container of shampoo and 32 ounce conditioner, a big bottle of hairspray, and a bunch of bottled water. I asked where she was going and how she was going to get through airport security. She started shaking and broke down in tears telling my mom that I told her she was a failure, yet my mom was in the same room next to me, and said that I had a point.

My sister came in crying that someone would steal her luggage if she didn't have luggage locks on it. I asked if the locks would really prevent someone from stealing her luggage, or if it were the contents in it. I also explained she probably wouldn't want locks because she was going to be going through airport security, have to undo the suitcase, carryon, and so when/where was she going to need these? If she were going to be staying in a hotel there may be a reason...

I'm going to laugh tomorrow as we take her to the airport drop her off, and she has some issue getting through airport security, or some other snafu.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

5 days together

- get to Mike's about 5. He makes the fish and mini potato supper for us
- go to Best Buy after dinner so I could get an iPad case
- back at his place we watch SYTYCD
- bed about 10:30

- up at 7
- cuddle, shower
- he runs to the dentist for his retainers and I hang out at his house eating some toast and do the dishes
- he has a couple calls
- go to vegan Chinese food place for lunch. The meal was not what we had imagined. The vegetarian chicken reminded me of the frozen section's Banquet Salisbury Steak
- Hang out a little more at his place
- Go out to dinner at the steakhouse we like... we were going to try Fleming's Steakhouse, but at 5pm the Happy Hour was PACKED and it had just started
- At dinner we discuss what movies made him go vegetarian and sugar contents. I learned the sugar packet rule as well as things like there are what equates to nearly 17 sugar packets in a Mcdonald's Strawberry Lemonade or sweet tea. I'm now obsessed with sugar... lol. Sugar is how Mike is convinced you lose weight, and how people forget that.
- Back at his place I fall asleep on the couch while we watch SYTYCD
- Bed about 1:30am?

- Up at 7
- He has a call in the morning, so handles that while I lounge in bed on my iPad and iPhone.
- Get dressed and shower
- Take off for a couple hours to see my dad/family
- Back at Mike's about 4pm... traffic was miserable.
- We go to New York Grill in Ontario for Happy Hour. We were disappointed by the poor quality- he would have rathered the more expensive appetizer menu- and I agree.
- I sipped on a glass of wine I really liked, a riesling from BV Vineyard in Napa, which we found was owned by Nabisco and is now owned by Guiness... Mike said it was made by Nabisco... no wonder I liked it. LOL.
- Buy tickets to see "Super 8," which he decides is just a modern day ET
- Go back to his place and hang out

- Up about 9... we cuddled and played around first
- Eggs with salsa for breakfast and toast
- He says he is going to wash the car and then suddenly we are in the car for a day out and about
- We wind up down in Fontana at a self serve car wash that was packed, so we skip it
- He asks if I want to go to San Diego, Orange County, or LA. I said OC. We hit traffic on the 91 heading to the OC. He decides Laguna is too cold. He asks how far it is to LA Farmer's Market.
- Punch that in the navigation and we are off. He was hesitant as we drove that it was too touristy. I said it was touristy and locals, but I had hesitance as I responded because I know he doesn't like crowds
- Park and walk around the farmer's market
- Stop at a Spanish place called Little Spain that I highly recommend. Their fideua was soooooooooooooooo delicious. That's what Mike had, and I liked his better than my meat sandwich. Mine was good, but his was DIVINE. He told the waitress it was fantastic. And it was.
- Walk around The Grove and look at iPad and other accessories in Nordstrom... expensive...
- Back in the car we drive to Santa Monica, then south and hit LAX, then continue south passing Doc Weiler State Beach, then Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, until we wind up in the middle of Palos Verdes Peninsula.
- Stop at Starbucks and kill time on our iPads while looking out at the water
- Back in the car we wind through the refineries in Torrance and make our way home
- I'm googling on my phone sugar contents in desserts we like since I was wanting that. We decide Pink Berry is safe as they have the equivalent of 4-5 sugar packets in their yogurts, which is small compared to many other options. The caramel salted yogurt hits the spot. We both had it.
- Back at his place we hang out, watch some random show, then both fall asleep on the couch

- Up at 8ish
- Shower
- He does laundry and runs the vacuum
- I fall asleep on the couch while he plays around on his computer about 11
- We head to Pancho Villa's to try their Sunday buffet, but it was a 45 minute wait, so we head to a place called Viva Villa that was super delicious instead. He had a coke. A Mexican coke. He doesn't drink soda. Hahahaha
- I take off about 2pm as my family wanted to see me
- Come home to a mostly complete house... new couch is here, bookcases are in, desk is in, mom's yarn is somewhat under control
- Heading to the gym shortly

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drive In

Had a blast with my cousin, 27; her boyfriend; her best friend, Laura; and myself. We saw Kung Fu Panda and Thor. Both were at my bottom of things to see, but my cousin had been pressuring me for the longest time and strongly hinting I never hang out with her anymore. We piled in the back of her boyfriend's Chevy Blazer to watch the movie and we all leaned up against each other and huddled under blankets eating Sour Patch Kids, sugared butter popcorn because her boyfriend made a mistake, and water. Good night! Fun stuff! I do miss hanging out with her.

I asked Mike if he wanted to come along and he said no, but arrange a dinner with her and her boyfriend, or a happy hour, and he would gladly go. He didn't want to sit through 4 hours of movies. We had a hard enough time doing it in Santa Barbara around New Years. I didn't blame him and drug my heels trying to not go tonight.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Humiliated by the bank and more

- Met Mike at 1. I had told him I'd be over in about 2 hours at 10am, but with Linda showing up at my house, my dad needing help moving bookcases, and my mom needing assistance with my wireless card 12pm didn't happen.
- When I got to his house he was in the garage putting precut boards together that he wanted to use as planters. He did the assembly and then we went out to the backyard and stained them. I just turned the boards over as he applied the stain.
- Decide to do lunch after. We go out to Palm Springs. Stop at Best Buy first for a soundbar, which I decide is a good idea to get one for my dad for Father's Day. It was sold out at Best Buy and most in the area, but thanks to our iPhones we found it at Target.
- Pick up his boss at his house and show his boss the iPad and app.
- They chat about all of their frequent flier miles and things I can't really add about in the conversation
- At the restaurant, our favorite seafood restaurant, we have the shrimp quesadillas, mussels, ceviche, and drinks. They chat about more flier miles, their dislike for any airline other than Continental, and bad airline food.
- We go back to his boss' house and chat about cars, Palm Springs, and what there is to do there
-Stop at Target near Mike's house on the way home to get the soundbar. He bought one and I did. I am in line to purchase mine after him. It was $179. I run my check card using debit and it is declined, though I know there are sufficient funds in the account. I ask that it be ran credit and it is declined. I then try my credit card, which is also declined. Mike just smiled and said "next time."
- I told him how upset I was because there was money in the account, it is not as if I never shop at Target, and $200 at Target is not out of the ordinary for me. I told him how much was in my bank account, which was about $900. I think he was a little shocked how little was in the account because he's loaded with money. I felt very inadequate.
- We go back to his house and start watching all the drama on "Real Housewives of Orange County". I am on Jeanna's side for those keeping score. Why does she have the right to talk about Simon? I don't know. I just like her- I don't like Tamara. Mike didn't understand that argument.
- Get a call halfway through the show from my dad saying Visa Fraud Protection was trying to call our house and he didn't know the information to take the call.
- Mike scares me several times in the evening as I am leaving the bathroom once, another I'm laying on the couch about to get up to use the bathroom, and he crawled in and snuck up behind me, then let out a yell. I screamed. I chased him after the bathroom incident. He tried to scare me on the way to bed, but I knew he was up to something, and was, he hid in the laundry room, but I knew that as the lights were out and he was walking ahead of me. I was folding my blanket on the couch.
- We end up fooling around, jacking each other off, making out, and biting my lip... he bit hard and didn't realize it!
- Watched 2 1/2 Men... bad show...
- Fell asleep about 12:30

- Up at 7:00
- Shower
- Call FUCKING ALTURA CREDIT UNION to deal with my card issue
- Altura fucking pisses me off. Do you know why my card was declined? It is based on the average amount I spend each time, and my average is a little lower than $200 usually. Secondly, the amount Altura lets you withdraw from your account is $500 total in debit per day and the amount you are allowed to withdraw via the credit on your check card is also averaged. UM... WHAT THE FUCK? I WANT ACCESS TO MY FUCKING MONEY IF IT IS IN MY ACCOUNT. Mike was taken aback, and he was not surprised, yet surprised. He encouraged me to go to Bank of AMerica.
- He knows my issues with BOA, but I think it is worth it.
- Go to Target to buy the soundstick after speaking to the fucktard at Altura, after they swore up and down the card would work.
- It was declined. I get on the phone right there in the store, call them up, and they give me so much BS. Of course I have access to all of my money, if I had made this purchase in the city I live in I wouldn't have had this issue (hello, I was only 20 miles from home), this is just their natural fraud protection. Um... bitch on the phone/Altura... you humiliated me in front of my boyfriend last night, but after it was promised that there would be no issue, and there still was, I have a problem, then to have to run the transaction 4-5 more times because of your damn system it go to be VERY embarrassing.
- Transaction finally complete and the girl helping us/Mike both took pity on me.
- Came back to Mike's and he recommended the checking account he has that as long as you keep $1,500 in your account at all times, you are OK. I asked him how practical that was for me, and even when I have a job the chances of that are probably going to be pretty hard.
- Look at Wells Fargo/Bank of America choices. I will not go to Chase.
- Play around on our iPads
- He had a call at 11:30 he had to take and I just hung around playing my iPad
- We watch the documentary "Food Inc." about all of the pesticides and other things in our food. This was one of the movies that made Mike go vegetarian.
- I suggest I needed a good steak after watching the movie, and honestly one sounded good.
- I said I'd cook if we wanted to go get food
- We go to Big Lots and Food 4 Less where we find a whole lot of nothing and the fish there didn't inspire me
- We talk about going to a vegetarian restaurant we'd never been to, but then decide on just going to Fresh and Easy, getting fish, stuff to make a side dish, and bread. We instead get soup and bread. We do get the fish, but we decide on the squash soup and bread for dinner.
- Back at his place we put the groceries away, heat the soup and bread, then enjoy a few glasses of wine
- We watch Real Housewives of NJ
- Bed about 10:30
- We both wake up several times during the night and say a few garbled words to each other each time

- Up at 7
- Shower
- I tell him my plans to go to Bank of America
- Go to my credit union and get even more upset at the new charges they are throwing at me
- Visit Bank of America to see about checking options and hear even more about the issues people have there as a few customers are bitching about issues they have had
- Go home and meet up with the family and see all the fucking bookcases my parents put up... I loathe bookcases. They're so restricting and enclosing.
- Man is here rewiring the house, but found it was just a stretch of wire acting up in the bathroom, so no complete rewire
- Going to go to Bank of America later and open my account

As a part of the WWDC, Apple released push for apps meaning that when you download an app from your computer or iPhone/iPad the purchases will transfer onto the different devices. To activate that, go to settings, then click on store, then click "on" for music and "on" for apps to have the notifications show up automatically without having to plug in your device to the computer.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Music thoughts

Good stuff

I kind of dig the white guy, Pitbull. He's got a sexy voice.

Sara Evans needs to be a little more stronger and search for a stronger song. Stronger just doesn't cut it.

Scotty Mcreery, I don't love you this big, your first single was this bad. Bad, bad.

S&M just makes Rihanna so much dirtier. It wasn't until I was in the car with Mike a few days ago I realized some of hte lyrics like "chains and whips excite me"

Martina should have probably spent less time singing and worrying about teenage daughters and looking for a better song.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

5 on the 5th... photos from my travels

Since I don't get to photo share enough and have a few minutes this morning. My out of state travels as of recent.

Be sure to head over to Stephen's page too to check out what others have posted.

The first 2 are of different parts of the Grand Canyon

Flinstones Bedrock Amusement Park outside of Grand Canyon

Hoover Dam - looking out from inside the dam

Downtown Vegas - an old Vegas casino

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Planning air travel

Met Mike back at his place around 5:30. I was aiming for 5 as that is when he said, but there was a tire blocking the traffic lanes on the freeway heading to him and the CHP ran a break to get it out of the way, which caused me to be late.

He was looking at his computer when I arrived at movies. He suggested we do sushi and a movie. As he was searching he scanned the headline that the concert we were going to this Monday night, Adele, had been canceled and rescheduled. We were both heartbroken and mourned a few minutes. My best friend texted me as we were sitting there and I texted him back. I told him I was looking at airfare and how ridiculous it was. To go to my best friend's wedding in July it will be $509 on Southwest, $598 on Continental, $878 on Delta. I told him that I wanted to go, but that was a huge chunk of money. He said I wasn't going to pay $500 to go, especially on Southwest. I told him I was because I am expected to be there and I want to see him get married. He said he would let me use one of his free tickets on Southwest or refund his old travel vouchers that expired. I asked if he was sure and he said yes, he claimed $500 was simply too much for any US travel. I thank him and he decided to let me just use his new mileage from the Southwest Rewards Program. I thank him and give him a hug. It only cost me $30, which we applied to my credit card. A huge load off of my shoulders. I plan to get Mike a thank you while I'm on the trip, or a little something, maybe an iPad accessory to thank and give to him when I get back from the wedding. Then we got in the car to go.

We ended up at a sushi place on the opposite side of Victoria Gardens that was pretty good. I updated him on my day- my warning ticket, the chaos at my house with my dad assembling a bookcase, the contents of my parents bedroom in the living room, still no electricity in half of the house including my parents bedroom and my bedroom, extension cords everywhere. The house is being rewired Tuesday. We enjoy our beers. I try the asahi beer. We had the big sushi plate with 3 types.

We then head down to Ontario Mills to see "Bridesmaids." It was amusing. The theater was packed. Very full. It was a cute movie. Many laughs.

We go back to his place and fall asleep on the couch. We watch one of the chef shows, then about 1:30 we both wake up. I wake up around 12:45am when my sister texted asking if I was coming home. I texted her no, and fell asleep until 1:30 or so.

We wake up around 7:30 and cuddle. We get up, shower, and then eat breakfast. We discuss our future travel plans and possibly a friend of his who lives in the area serving as our tour guide/going on the trip with us. This will be one of my dreams come true...

Went to a graduation party for my little 8th grade cousin this afternoon, so I left Mike's at 11. Hot links, hamburgers, a spicy spinach dip, fruit and veggie tray, and lots of cake. My aunt and uncle bought my sister and I our own individual cakes to celebrate our graduation that are 1/4 sheet, so pretty good size. She had my cousin research our school colors, and the colors were airbrushed to the cake. I have an awesome black and red cake. I wasn't expecting that. The party was fun. Lots of catching up, talking about the job search, the 9 apps I've submitted so far, work, and school, and the topic of my masters thesis.

Mike invited me back to his place tonight, but I'm helping my parents with Netflix, relaxing, and catching up in my life. We'll be back together tomorrow to plan our air travel.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Waking up and saying I love you

Mike had told me yesterday to call him when I was done with my appointment and we would do dinner.

Doing dinner meant we were thinking about the seafood place we like in Palm Desert, but we took a detour. I got to his place and we headed out shortly after. We cruise down the 10 and he said he wondered if Morongo, the big 30 story Indian Casino had a Happy Hour. I try to google it and view their website on my phone and iPad simultaneously only to find they may. We do a u-turn, head back to the casino, then up the 30 or so stories to the top where the bar/restaurant is. The bar/restaurant had a disappointing view in all honesty as it was blocked by the tall booths. Why have a skyview restaurant with no view? The bar was dead. We were 2 of 4 people there during happy hour- happy hour was only drinks 50% off. They were VERY reasonable, but only drinks were half off, and appetizers were $15-20. We were disappointed.

We said we should probably do the buffet we saw when we came in. He is anti-buffet, but we decided to try it. The buffet is $10 off if you sign up for a club card, so we did. We get plates, then find food. He does the stir fry. I do the mussels, mushroom risotto, and a few pasta dishes since it was pasta night. It was only $1.03 for the buffet after the $10 credit. The cookies at the dessert bar were AMAZING. He educates me at dinner about players cards and their importance, and why didn't I have one since I had been there before. I asked why we never got them in Vegas when we played. He smiled. No response. At dinner we talk about family and the Pala buffet I went with my cousin and family to a few weeks back. He asked if I was ever in a serious relationship and I tell him, then he said he has no problem meeting my family and we could plan a dinner. He asked if I am at that comfort level and I was shocked for a moment- and I said I would have no qualms about introducing him to my family. He said anytime I'm ready we will plan a dinner. I will probably wait until things die down with the school and family drama my mom is facing... or maybe now this is a good time with so much on her plate she won't have time to think/process it... LOL. He asked where my mom was and I said she was probably in denial- she knows what is going on and that I have a boyfriend - and every conversation we have had lately about my trips have started "as long as you are happy" type deal.

We stop at the Tumi store at the outlets and don't find anything. I NEED A TUMI ORANGE LAPTOP BAG that I can replace my Fossil bag with. They didn't have any of the orange ones anymore. Boo. I want the bag that can be opened to show the laptop too, which was so cool.

Back to Mike's place. We enjoy each other and tickle each other occasionally. We get back to his place and watch Top Chef or something and So You Think You Can Dance. I develop a headache and go to the car to get massive pills to remedy that. All good. I sort of almost doze, but manage to stay awake. We head to bed about 10:30-11. I sat my alarm for 7 because I got called to sub on the last day of school.

My alarm sounds at 7, as does his. We open our eyes, kiss, then I get up. I shower and dress. I grab my wallet, phone, and walk over to the bed to kiss him. He says he loves me as he kisses me, and I walk out. I lock the door and head to work.

Subbed 3rd grade for a teacher who was at her son's graduation from 8th grade. Easy day. Nice little kids. No more work this summer :-(. Boo to no summer pay and having a boyfriend.

Oh, and I wanted to say that our discussion about education the night prior ended rather calmly- he basically told me he is there to support me, be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Good Stuff... or our first big fight

Mike and I were texting all day yesterday after the dentist and invited me out to happy hour, so I said sure. I was thinking we should try King's Fish House, and we did. I didn't mention it- we just got in the car, and it is where he drove to, but I had told him when he said we should do Happy Hour this popped in my head

- Met at 4:30 when he was done with work
- He was in his garage when I pulled up
- Walk through garage and toward the kitchen when I figured he was trying to scare me and so I got him when I turned and looked at him
- Get ready to go
- Go to King's Fish House
- Food was good... lobster deviled eggs, delicious ceviche that tasted like a good Mexican salsa with some shrimp and crab, 2 rounds of fish tacos that were tasty, 2 margaritas

- Talked about going home to 24 hours of craziness- parents rearranging and taking furniture apart, waiting for my mom's computer hutch to arrive, my mom taking apart bookcases and sorting papers, the electrician there trying to fix our electrical issues.
- Somehow we got on the topic of education and me applying for jobs... here's a summary of our argument
- He started on his rant about how bad the education system is and how I need to be a solution
- Unions are bad and there is no place for them - the union isn't protecting my mom - which is obviously one of their faults, they are in it for their own cause and to make money/cut deals with higher ups and admins
- Parents should not be in charge of their kids educations (moving to good school districts etc., knowing the curriculum that is taught), it should just be a good school and the parents shouldn't have to look, and it is not the parents responsibility he argued, which I totally disagreed with because you want what is best for your kids
- He loves Michelle Rhee and she is one of the few who is standing up and bucking the trends, but the unions want to quash her
- He believes teachers would make $100k+ a year and unions are limiting us in our earnings
- He questioned if I thought about the above point before I embarked on my career in this
- I said not so much
- Teaching is a part time job in his eyes because you only teach for 6.5 hours a day
- He argued if you are a really good teacher you shouldn't have to spend time to plan, grade, it should all just come natural
- Education software should do all of our grading
- He works for 9 hours a day and that's a real job
- 6.5 hours a day, 150 students, awful kids, etc. doesn't matter... we knew what we were getting into when we took the job... some jobs are easier and some are harder and we're fucked for doing it and we're stupid for taking it
- Most teachers are bad he argued or passionless because of tenure and that they aren't making $100k a year, but again, unions are the reason that teachers are passionless because they're protected
- Businesspeople make the best teachers as most teachers aren't even good at teaching themselves
- Businesspeople have the drive and vigor teachers don't
- I've brought up cases about businesspeople failing as classroom teachers and he said it doesn't matter as they aren't doing anything different than a regular teacher would do... there were lots of cases about this in the early 90s he did not want to hear about how businesspeople failed in the classroom
- I reminded him our discussion of tenure and how that is disappearing
- He said math, science, and history should be computerized and standardized... view a video, read a chapter, take a test. That's what he does with his company and the software is foolproof making it where he has to read everything... I asked what about the special ed learners etc.
- Addition, subtraction, and basic skills like that should be computerized and standardized since it is so easy and a computer can do it
- He doesn't believe in individual creativity/individual teaching styles... this obviously isn't working since our education system is so bad
- He believes we need nationalized standards/educational software to do the majority of the teaching and teachers are only there for enrichment like science teachers to do labs with the kids or English teachers to guide students to give them feedback on an essay
- I explained the types of educational software that are out right now like Accelerated math, AR Math, Read 180, System 44, and how there are flaws and once the kid is off of the computer they still can't read in some cases
- He said those are just anecdotes that kids can't read etc. once they get off of a computer and there's a 1000 anecdotes for everything
- I explained issues with Read 180, AR math, Accelerated math such as the bubbling
- How teachers are under fire if they give scantron tests, bubble tests, computerized tests, essay tests, short answer, and it is the parents/admin. He said parents wouldn't complain about a scantron test because you do that your entire life. I talked about that taking creativity out of the equation and he said it doesn't matter, just read the computer, take a test, and that's how he is so successful
- Educational software is the key and even though it may be bad it is because there is no competition, but if everyone were behind it (meaning unions), then all kids would be successful (he said unions aren't behind it becasue it would eliminate teachers)
- In the business world those who can't succeed are weeded out and teachers need to be weeded out too and that doesn't happen because of unions
- Teachers should be graded on how their kids perform on standardized tests he argues and only that... the business world is all about results... I brought up a webpage that college students and parents worked together to create evaluations for teachers that seem more fair and he disagreed. I pointed out the flaws in testing students on standardized tests to an extent because it doesn't show a kid who was at far below basic and brought to basic in a skillset... the teacher is penalized because the kid is not proficient... it doesn't look at growth of the individual child, which is important
- Some teachers have advanced/basic/below basic classes those who are basic or BB are penalized when the standardized tests are everything

- Teachers should not be graded on the following areas. These are what parents and college students say teachers should be graded on and he disagreed... it is all about standardized testing:
1. providing clear lessons
2. availability outside of the classroom
3. respectfulness to students
4. creates positive learning environment
5. clear lessons
6. clear objectives
7. treats students equally
8. treats students fairly
9. admits mistakes
10. sets appropriate tone
11. inspires/engages majority of students
12. effectiveness
13. test scores
14. organized lessons
15. organized classroom
16. provides feedback to student/parent

- After our fight it was about 7pm
- We stop at Marshalls and PetsMart to look at iPod cases and shoes
- Back at his place we watch the Food Network chef show
- We watch So You Think You Can Dance, which was my first time watching, and I was sooooooooooooooo bored throughout.
- He got us some of his coffee alcoholic drink concoction and we watched a little more TV before bed
- i go out to the car for nose medicine and he hides inside the doorway and screams Boo!, and I let out a yell
- We brush our teeth and get ready for bed, cuddling

- Wake up about 8:15 and play around together
- Shower
- He has a few calls
- Hang around until 11:30 when I had to leave for an appointment
- Home to lots of chaos as 2 bookcases are being assembled
- Back to his place about 3 for dinner