Saturday, July 12, 2014

Retro TV Shows

Just came across a bunch of TV shows and other things I used to watch on youtube...

The Wuzzles. Rhinokie

Kids Incorporated

Under the Umbrella Tree. Gloria and Holly were great. Jacob was a spaz.

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?
Had many friends appear on that.

Pound Puppies
Cooler was my favorite. He was so cool.

Just the Ten of Us
Loved the Lubbock Babes. And Marie was my favorite.

I would watch for hours on end. Have almost every episode memorized word for word still to this day.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


My mom has been driving me crazy this summer. When we were on vacation in Mexico on the cruise, she kept asking me what my hobbies were, and told me several times I needed more productive hobbies. Um. WTF? LOL. Ok, so that sounds like a conversation we have every few years - it used to be that I sat around all summer doing nothing, and was being unproductive, now this.

So what are my hobbies?
- Entertaining people at our house
- Traveling (cruise, plane, driving)
- Exploring new places
- Working out
- Eating out
- Surfing the web
- Enjoying wine
- Writing

And I'm fine with these.

I am not into material type hobbies because I hate clutter. I hate dust. I hate things everywhere.

I'm not my mom. I don't always have to be doing something in idle time like knitting or crocheting. I don't have sewing, craft books, whatever strewn around all over tarnation.

3rd cruise of the summer

This is summer on the water as I call it. 3rd cruise of the summer. Mike and I booked a last minute to Alaska. We got a great deal, but the cruise was more like being in steerage. Never have I had such a horrible room attendant. Never had such horrid service on a  cruise. The ship was alright, but the cruise line we took that books themselves as "modern luxury" has a lot to live up to.

We did meet a lot of fun people, though, and I am trying to overlook the service issues.

Got to spend the 4th of July in Canada. Uneventful. I can now say I spent the 4th of July in Canada. Too bad we missed Canada Day.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

This is a Woman's World

And I will be celebrating that with Cher tonight!!!
Along with Cyndi Lauper!!!

Have reservations at a new Italian restaurant, hotel next to the venue, and we can't wait!!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

No show underwear

I am a grower. I have a nice package to offer. Often times I tend to grow as the day goes on - a hot guy walks by, some flirtatious conversation, and I'm stiff as can be. What I hate is pants and underwear that hides that. What is with these no show boxer briefs and trunks, or these slim fit pants that give you no room to grow? I hate it. I find myself reaching in, grabbing my goods, and adjusting. Often it is a process. It is not comfortable. What is wrong with underwear that shows this stuff off, what is this obsession with no show? Currently I am on a quest to find some trunks that don't hide what I have, or don't, depending on the time. I'm open to boxer briefs and tighty whities. I have to switch it up once in a while, you know...