Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sister's Quality is 2.6

Easiness: 3.2 out of 5 (being the best)
Helpfulness: 2.5 out of 5
Clarity: 2.1 out of 5
Overall Score: 2.6 out of 5

My sister didn't fare so well on according to the 5 ratings. So much for being a good professor... hahaha

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My passive agressive sister

We are having the main bathroom redone, and the plumber who was here the other day used a microfiber cloth that was in the bathroom that my sister considers HER towel to block the drain so that water could not go down it since there was no pipe below due to the repiping going on at the same time.

She was upset that HER towel was down in the drain and she put this note inside the train. Um. I took it out and threw it in the trash, she wrote another, and then I saw it later and told my dad. He told her that would only make the plumber mad/cause for bad service and it was good since microfiber towels absorb a lot.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ok dad... and you wonder?

My dad went in to go to bed about 9:05 tonight. At 9:20 my sister goes in the room, lays down on the bed where my dad is trying to sleep, and starts playing with his ear and saying how cool the cartilage in it feels. Um... sure the TV was on, but he was trying to sleep. And did we not have a blow up a few weeks ago about how he is fed up with someone keeping everyone up? I don't get it.

Put your damn foot down, dad.
And dumb sister, what the hell are you doing?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Olive you glad we went?

Wednesday Mike sent me a text asking if I was doing anything this weekend, and that he had a surprise. We were going to Phoenix. That made an awful week awesome.

- Tried to get out of work at 3, but it was 3:30 before I was out, and then still had a lot to do, which I managed to tackle on the car ride
- Drive to the airport for a rental, a SAAB 9-3 Turbo... 32mpg not bad... great acceleration and handling- and I could tell from the passenger seat - styling is not up to par with other luxuries, but no doubt the rental company got it cheap given Saab's situation
- Stop for fish tacos after deciding a margarita and chips at Ap-pole-bee's was not cutting it
- Stop in Co-Chella to use the restroom
- On to Phoenix where we were at a hotel just outside the airport
- Stop at a liquor store for a little bottle of something to get the party going
- Got lots of freebies like drinks, appetizers, breakfast, all due to Mike's status... pretty sweet
- Go down to hotel bar for drinks and appetizers... jack and coke, thanks
- Nice bartender, but not great drinks, but they were free, and we got time to chat, so it was a win-win
- Up to the room for some vino
- Brush teeth
- Tickle, poke, tickle... we were so horny... we were watching something on TV with Ashton Kutcher, then next thing you know we are making out, which was soooooooo fun and enjoyable, and then more happened
- He was insistent on tickling me afterward, and we cuddled up afterward and I fell asleep in his arms, which I miss doing I realize

- Up at 7:30, cuddle until 8, then more cuddling. He touches my woody, and we were at it again... too fun!!! He didn't last long, so after he came, I jacked myself off and he played around with my chest, and we made out, which I enjoyed
- Shower
- Down to hotel restaurant for breakfast... football team was there... a couple annoying patrons too
- Off to olive farms
- Tr tons of different olive oils... who knew there were so many flavors... tour was disappointing, but learned some, and found a lot of stuff to try
- Scarf down some delicious cupcakes made with olive oil... I'm a believer now... must try olive oil in my baking
- Off to Downtown Scottsdale where we went to a Mexican restaurant where I had an enchilada and margarita, then walked around and Mike bought a few figurines, as well as a necklace for his mom's birthday... Mike seemed a little buzzed, which was cute, and we became very flirty
- End up in another olive oil store and balsamic vinegar... found lots of other flavors to try, and the lady was super sweet who was helping us... bought some more
- Back in car to the hotel- saw a car accident happen on the freeway... a blow out... a car went spinning... scary stuff
- Shower at hotel and sort of nap
- Off to the swanky restaurant in Tempe that Mike picked out... heard about how Tempe is where he first drank and got drunk... so cute!
- We park the car and pay dearly because of the football game going on
- Go to a gay pizza joint... seriously... every guy working there was gay... and they were the flamboyant stuck up type... it was not cool
- Wine was so-so
- Off to the restaurant, which was mostly outdoor
- We had patio reservations for 8:15 and grabbed a glass of wine while on the patio... tried abarino, which was pretty good
- Mike was chatting up the lady next to us who was the owner of the restaurant we found out
- We had reservations for a table on the patio, but Mike said the service was great at the bar, which it was, so we opted to stay there, though a table would have been romantic
- All of a sudden a dust storm comes and it seemed like a rain downpour, but then we realized it was blowing, Mike lost his contact, and people went scrambling. It all happened in under like 30 seconds and lasted 4-5 minutes. It was nuts, but I stayed out there and lived through it and the bartenders kept pouring. We were both covering our glasses of vino, but we were Californians living it up and experiencing this new thing to us
- We felt sandy and gritty afterward, Mike got his contact fixed, and we ordered our food. That was crazy. People either flocked inside or just stood around after
- Dinner was interesting... chili and asparagus... flat iron steak and potatoes with a very contrasting seasoning sauce, and key lime pie for dessert
- Espresso martini for dessert, Mike shared that with me, as well as a glass of wine
- He was buzzing again I'm pretty sure
- Back toward the hotel, but he didn't know exactly where he was going, and I just told him he went the wrong way and justified my reasons as to why... I was right... whatdya know? I loved flirting with him through all of this... lol...
- In our room we sip wine and decide it was no bueno, so brush teeth and get in bed
- "Will you give me your foot?" "Will you please give me your foot?" The persistence in him asking that made me melt. He was cute. I gave him my foot, but that meant I got tickled. "Why would you give me your foot?" Geez. 20 questions. I couldn't resist, though it meant being tickled. I tickled back. We both fell asleep snuggled closely

- Up at 7:30
- Mike realized he had to fly out tonight, so head back toward home
- Shower
- Grab some Dunkin Donuts since we can't do that in Cali, and America runs on Dunkin, you know
- Mike isn't feeling so great :( headache and nausea
- Head to the Salt-in See where we see all the salt on the ground
- Stop at Subway in Mecca for lunch
- In Salt-in See we see all the crazy towns, Mike gives me a tour and a synopsis of everything I needed to know
- Visit Salt-in Sitee too
- Lots of randomness... lots of vacancies and a city that was supposed to be developed, but never was because the sea's issues prevented it. It was cool to finally visit that place as one of my mom's former students whom she is still in contact with moved out there, so that was cool
- Back to Mike's
- He packs for his trip
- We chit chat
- Watch Food Truck Race
- Head out, hug, kiss, thank each other for the weekend, and see him off
- He speeds on the freeway to catch up to me, and when he does waves, which made me melt... so cute!
- Home about 8:15, Debrief and tell the family about the weekend

Songs from the weekend:
- Mike's new jam

Most overplayed and worst songs of the weekend... anything Natasha Bedingfield

Sometimes I swear his iPod only has 3-4 songs... mine has like 1800 ;-)
- Best songs of the weekend:
This was surprisingly romantic as we jammed in the car Friday night heading to Phx... it was dark... and JLo has a sexy voice

Friday, September 23, 2011

Skidmarks on the pavement

My neighbors annoy me. See that car at the bottom of the hill? It is always parked there. The wheel is missing on it. See how it looks like I'm driving in the middle of the road on a windy road? I am. See, there was a car parked next to me. I live off of an extremely windy road and the neighbors see no problem parking on this street, parking around corners, making it extremely dangerous. All of these skid marks are from near misses and accidents on this street. You'd think someone would learn to park in their driveway with all of this... I'm always afraid I'll get hit from a car going too fast that is on the wrong side of the road because they tried to avoid a car parked on one side of the street.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jabbing Keith

I run into Keith 2-3 times a week at the gym. I ran into him Tuesday night as I was working on the bicep machine that looks across to the bikes he was sitting, and waved at me. I ignored him and turned my head. I walked by him later and he went out of his way to wave and put his hand in my face- I mean about a foot from my face and put his body forward to make sure I saw him. I just smiled.

I ran into him again Wednesday night in the parking lot. He said "what's up Mr. Mike-eeeee?" I said, "nothing." Then this is how the conversation went... OBVIOUSLY NOT WORD FOR WORD... BUT GENERAL IDEA
Keith: What's new with you?
Me: Nothing.
Keith: You always seem so busy and preoccupied. I tried to say hi to you last night.
Me: Oh, I didn't notice. I was thinking about something.
Keith: Durrrr.
Me: Is there some law that said I had to notice Keith? I guess I see you 2-3 times a week and it is getting hard to ignore you.
Keith: Someone's got a tude tonight.
Me: Damn right.
Keith: Well, I've been busy. Work has been slow, but I have 2-3 good projects coming up that will supplement my income... it's so hard being self employed you know...
Me: And here we go again, all about Keith. Is it ever about Mike?
Keith: Well, how are you?
Me: Fine.
Keith: What is new with you?
Me: Nothing.
Keith: Well that's good.
Me: I guess I'll come clean and tell you what it is that is bothering me. It started back in probably November or December when we went to dinner and you stuck me with a bill after you said that you would pay after spending the afternoon with you working on a project.
Keith: Yes, oh, that, you could afford it.
Me: No, not when I was in the middle of my student teaching, not when I hadn't been paid in 2-3 months, not when I was saving for things like Christmas, etc., and was relying on my parents.
Keith: Oh, you should have just asked me later and I would have paid it after.
Me: Like come back to you a week or two after this? What does that mean? What the hell does it mean?
Keith: Well, I don't want to lose your friendship over dinner. I'm so glad you are telling me this. It is not a big deal. It already happened. I can take you out for drinks.
Me: It was more than that. It was that I was being used- your ride home from the airport after Christmas, you being so particular on splitting the bill when we went and got drinks at Islands, when you asked me to dog sit and didn't really bother to thank me like you said you would.
Keith: Well, thank you.
Me: Um. OK?
Keith: Well I don't want to lose your friendship over this.
Me: Oh. Um. Well, I don't mind.
Keith: I look at it as favors. I do a favor for you, you do one for me. Friendship is all about favors.
Me: And being used.
Keith: Well, why didn't you just tell me this in the beginning?
Me: I can hold grudges. I don't forget. It seemed like a good idea. I'm still not forgiving. I was deeply hurt and am bothered.
Keith: Do I need to take you out for drinks? Dinner? Lend you money? You name it.
Me: And so you can just use me later? And are you actually going to pay?
Keith: Well, yes, I'm doing a favor, and that's what friends do.
Me: Oh. That's nice. I'm usually pretty busy.
Keith: I know. Well I'm in a relationship now, I'm preparing for the AIDS Life Cycle, I'm training with Eddie, and he's training me, and what's funny is he can run long distances, but I can out bike him.
Me: Oh.
Keith: I thought at the gym you were just preoccupied.
Me: It's so easy to ignore you, and felt so good, especially after what you did to me.
Keith: I thought you were in a new relationship and were being quiet because you couldn't hang out with me.
Me: I'm in a relationship where there is a guy controlling me? Please. No.
Keith: Well, I figured you could be in a relationship and I was hoping you just didn't need me anymore.
Me: It doesn't take me being in a relationship to see that I don't need you.
Keith: Well, I'm glad we talked.
Me: Oh. Ok...
Keith: Let's hug. Let's make up.
Me: Uh... no.
Keith: Ok... well that's splendipity. I'm so gee golly darn excited now to have talked.
Me: And I'm excited I can go home. We may have talked, but it doesn't mean I'm forgiving.
Keith: Well, now we know the problem wasn't that big...
Me: Bye.
We part ways.

He texts me about 20 minutes later saying how glad he was that we talked. I didn't reply.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A drinking kind of day


- Work was stressful- an observation from my first year teaching mentor, rowdy kids to begin with, one kid who was extremely misbehaved I had to handle
- I was at work photocopying after school for nearly 2 hours with Lipstick Lesbian, and standing around waiting for a copy machine spitting out copies is unpleasant
- Left at about 4:30 for Mike's
- Get to Mike's and he is working in his office- I had a project to finish up that took about 10-15 minutes, so I did that too
- He goes in the kitchen and I follow... he makes a bloody mary and I make a piano colada
- Watch some Ellen and have a Facebook photo posing competition with our animals to compete with Lipstick Lesbian
- I drink that fast while he warms up the pizza from the night before in the microwave oven
- A glass of wine was also needed after... it was almost an apple juicy pinot grigio

- Watch some Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen ---- by the way, does anyone know how to get tickets to go and eat at one of the showings?
- Mike left to get a few quarts of ice cream, brings it back, and we eat that, then watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
- We both laid around until 10 before heading toward bed
- I kissed him goodnight before i fell asleep about 10:20


- He was up and awake at 6:15, as was I, but I laid until I really had to move at 6:30
- He was dressed by the time I had to leave and I hugged him goodbye
- Didn't know if I was coming back since today was shot day, plus we were possibly celebrating my sister's birthday, but that didn't happen, so we just did dinner, came home, and I had a major headache... it was not bueno... I was sad. I wanted to go back to Mike's since he'll be gone the rest of the week on business.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What are you reading?

Joey, over at Whose Life answered that question, and he had me intrigued with some gay oriented fiction books that he had read. What are some good reads right now? I tend to like realistic fiction and biographies, so read his post with great interest.

I finally finished reading Pride and Prejudice, my first big kids' book in a while, so I was proud, but was looking for something more to read.

Based on Joey's recommendation I downloaded The God Box by Alex Sanchez, as well as Desert Sons by Mark Kendrick, and the sequel to that Into This World We Are Thrown.

Are there any other good LGBT realistic fiction books to read, or any good biographies out there? My last biography I read was "Yo," or "Me," de Ricky Martín.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Left my shoes at his house... lol.


- Met him at his house about 3:30
- We watched Ellen on TV, then took off to the LA County Fair about 4:30
- Stopped at an Italian restaurant in La Verne for dinner... we are glad we did after seeing some of the fair food
- Go to LA County Fair... parking was crazy... we made our own spot cause that's how we roll... we snuck out of the line to park and found our own spot
- People standing outside wanting us to sign their petition... one was about teaching tolerance... it wasn't really, but that's what they said, it was about a law that discriminated against gays, set Mike off, so he filled out a complaint form as we got to the fair.
- Set off looking for farm animals... I never knew where they moved them after all that remodeling.
- Cute and not so cute animals
- Go through a few buildings and decide it is crowded and the same ol' same ol'
- Decide to head home since the ski ride was expensive
- Watch random TV on the couch about 10:30 or 11. We fall asleep on the couch and wake up about 1:20 suddenly. We both huddle to the bedroom


- Up at 10:30am... his alarm went off at 8, but we turned over and slept until 10:30... the day was already half gone
- Shower and by the time we are done it is nearly noon and we have English muffins/eggs for breakfast
- Watch Aarti on Food Network and decide I need spinach and artichoke dip, but he puts me down saying how unhealthy it was... also decided I needed lasagna
- Go to The Alley, Tai Pei Trading Company, Kohls for pillows, and Olive Garden
- Had an Italian Margarita, which may be my new favorite drink... you can't beat tequila and amaretto... sooooooo good and cuts down on the typical bite of a margarita
- Got my spinach dip and lasagna fritta
- Stop at Fresh & Easy for lasagna ingredients
- Stop at Stater Brothers for the rest of the lasagna ingredients
- Stop at Big Lots for lots of wine
- Go back to Mike's and have pina coladas, as well as wine.
- One wine I picked out, some Bulgarian wine, had a 14.5% alcoholic content, and well, after 3 glasses I felt the buzz
- Lots of tickling, kissing, and poking as we ate the lasagna cups, and laid on the couch
- About 10:30 we made our way to the bedroom and I was very adamant we were going to fool around... I was buzzed... his body felt soooo incredible... it was a nice time


- Up at 8, shower
- Breakfast of muesli that we bought at Big Lots
- Head off to Oak Glen for apple season... stop at an apple donut place I'd never been... donuts were sooooo tasty
- Not much going on and lots of people, though not as crowded as it could have been, so we headed down the mountain
- Went to Route 66 Rendezvous to say we've gone
- Lots of classic cars
- Go to his place and have more pina coladas
- Watch TV
- We fall asleep about 3 and wake up at 5:15 when my dad calls
- Watch TV, though very tired
- Dinner of Dominos super thin crust pizza that was crispy
- Head home about 7:30... it was dark out!
- He recommended I leave my shoes that he bought me the other day at his house so I always have a pair there... yay!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Getting instant cred with my students

Liking their music... here's some of the songs I've admitted to knowing that has helped me create a connection with them...

Letting them listen to the above in class was fun...

My ELD kids didn't know I was secretly Mexican

Of course I knew Big & Rich were at the LA County Fair, and I was just so gosh darn sad I missed it.

Of course the one above required that I sang out "1-2-3-4 HEY! Just you and me moving at the speed of light..." had to sing it to confirm with the kid. He laughed. Good times.

But then I lost some of it by playing this...

You can think whatever you want about the above song.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Media Update

Since it has been MONTHS since I have told you all about LA news... I haven't been watching as much since I'm with Mike... lol

- New hunky anchor Rob Schmitt is their weekend guy from Florida
- Sandra Mitchell from the afternoon news on KCAL has breast cancer and is blogging about the experience. Always liked her. Best of luck to her through this fight!

- Sean Murphy needs to go ASAP. Still can't stand his no suit jacket look and no personality.
- Byron Miranda is back and is entertaining, very professional, he should replace Elita in the morning
- Lucy Noland, their new anchor from Texas is now anchoring at 12 and 6pm
- KNBC brought back their midday newscast at 12

- Wendy Burch, Wendy all about me Birch is now the host of the KTLA Morning News weekend... joy
- Their weekend morning news, as does their morning news, seems to lack content

- Lisa Hernandez is on her way to Texas and no longer can my dad say John Gregory and she look like brother and sister
- Indra Petersons is still gone... good... Jennifer Robbins is doing weekend morning weather and is much better in my opinion than Indra
- KABC also just hired a new behind the scenes blond weather girl from Texas whose name I can't remember

- KTLA has a new 5pm news show that is not your dad's 5pm news... this is Good Day LA meets TMZ and is horrid with Liz Habib, Jeff Michael, Lisa Breckenridge, and Ed Laskos... hard to watch

Friday, September 16, 2011

The ultimate Mike playlist of the moment

My favorite songs at the moment... some old and some new... take a listen and download

Only the LIVE version is great... the other is alright, but this one is beautiful

only the live version... it just has such a different sound that I love

A country song my grandma used to sing to me that I just heard on Pandora recently after years and years

Another great country song my grandma used to sing to me

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This may be what causes me to move out

This may be a cryptic post, and it is, I'm being vague, but I want to think about this as I write and get my thoughts out.

It can be seen on 2 fronts-

My dad has raised a monster, my sister, whom he takes no responsibility and will not stand up to. She is the princess who can do no wrong. Now that she has done something wrong, something that is destroying my family, my dad can't stop it, and won't stand up to it.

I am staying away and distancing myself- staying at the boyfriend's- so when this does come to an even bigger head than it does right now I won't be the one who is there and said "told ya so," or one to have to deal with the ramifications.

The second front-

My dad is not a good communicator and does not handle his anger well. He can't handle this frustration and doesn't know what to do, so he resulted in something that could make it seem like his ultimatum to show people like my sister they need to shape up.


I am to share in some of the blame- when I am home- I do things that bother. But how often am I home? 2-3 nights a week as opposed to 7 of my sister?


It has to do with some of the health stuff my dad is going through and that can tax everyone.

Clearly I want my parents to see who is to blame in this... I just know it can and will get worse, and I don't want to be here as it does. I don't know if I'm in the right backing away, especially at a time when my dad does "need" me, and he does "miss" me, and has been somewhat depressed over this.

I just know when my sister's and father's actions finally come to a head, if they get really bad, I will be gone...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LA Foodie Weekend


- Met up at Mike's
- Brought in lots of gifts for him that were on his porch like his new toaster that was $150... it has an automatic button... so nifty
- We went to dinner at Loosille's BBQ where we had tacos, fried green tomatoes, and a margarita
- Walked around the mall, then off to HomeDepot for water purifier for him to install at the sink, plus cord to run it to ice makker
- Bed

- Up at 6:30 for work
- Dentist at 5:30, so go to Mike's from 3-5
- Dinner after with my former boss and mentor, who I was SOOOOOOO thrilled to see... LOVE MRS. C
- Planned to go home, and did, but a pipe broke in the bathroom that resulted in the bathroom being flooded Wed. night, and no water, so he told me to go to my boyfriend's if I wanted a shower
- Head back to Mike's at wish
- Bed about 10:30 ish

- Up at 6:30
- Lipstick Lesbian and I go to lunch where I come out to her, we chat, we talk about our significant others, and we get the dirt on what's going on, but also plan... business lunches are sooooooo productive... LOVE HER!
- After work we went to a ritzy restaurant overlooking the city where we thought we would try their happy hour, but their happy hour was only limited to the bar and we had to pay the valet we found out
- Planned to go there, then an upscale French restaurant
- The reservation paper for the French restaurant was rattling in the door my BF thought, and it drove him crazy, but it wasn't
- Restaurant overlooking city was alright- overpriced- but we would go back for the view- food was ok
- Not super hungry, so decide on Korean BBQ for dinner
- I had some Korean sushi and soup thingy
- I had some Korean water that my Korean student is always drinking in class with a marble in the glass and I never knew that it was a glass bottle, so he held the bottle extra carefully, but also he didn't want the marble to make noise, so held the bottle so it wouldn't... had to tease him about that Monday morning, and of course I was cool with him for trying it. Thank you iPhone camera pics.

- Went to see Contaygion at the movies after at a new movie theater
- Went to Tarjay afterward where we bought polos for $6.98... love me some Tarjay clearance
- Bed about 11:30ish

- I woke up super early stressed about the changes at work, but let Mike sleep until 8:30
- Washed the convertible and I dried it as he washed
- Overcast out
- Planned to take convertible to LA, and did
- Started raining in Clayremont and so we crossed the dubl-yellow and exited the carpool ASAP to put the top up
- I got blamed for the bad wearer
- Drove to Younyun Station in LA

- Hopped on Metro to start our food weekend
- First was tacos at a well known LA taco place Bea and Arthur
- Margaritas at Cafe de G where we surfed on his iPad and looked at train travel
- Back on the Metro to next stop for tamales

- Back on Metro to Lil Tokee-o
- Lil Tokee-o was bigger than we thought, and an area we definitely need to explore... lots of eateries that aren't necessarily Azn, but a mix
- we had sangria there and hummus, that shows you
- Great happy hours there
- Lots of cruisy guys too in Lil Tokee-o
- Back on Metro and on a different line to go to Loz Feleez for pie at a well known pie place featured on the Travel Channel
- Butterscotch pie reminded me of marshmallows and butterscotch... good stuff

- Head back to Younyun Station for the car
- Private party going on at train station... pretty cool...
- Back to his place where we watched TV, but first stopped at WallyWorld for a few things, got a call from a friend who could help me with my class while there, didn't see any students... whew!
- BF enjoyed the day, and I planned it, he was just to sit back and relax, he did want to take control... hahaha... we had fun... he still doesn't love the city, but hoping that will change... he should... it has innovative underground subway in some places... and it is scary... especially in an Earthquake, but that's another story for another time

- Up at 7
- Showers by 7:30
- Take the convertible out
- Go to Pasadena to Rowse Bowll Flee Mark-it
- Get lots of succulents to plant
- Run around looking for brunch/restaurant to eat after
- End up in downtown Monroveeuh at a bar where I have some carne asada and drop my knife nonstop... of course I'm messy, Mike
- Go to Target again for pots for succulents
- Watch some TiVo
- Head home about 7 to visit family and was planning on staying, BUT the water was still off and so they suggested I go back to my bf's house, so I did
- Back to his place at 9 where I prep for my new classes and make seating charts... bed right at 10 when I'm done

- Up at 6:30
- Shower
- Off to work, busy day
- Internet seemed out at work, but I hit the wireless off button on my computer I discovered after I got to Mike's, so I entered grades while he tightened his gas line on the stove that was leaking and he worked on his car putting sealant on the coolant box
- Head out after we are finished to Michaels and WallyWorld for rocks for the succulent plants
- Get 10 bags of rocks at craft store
- Head to Cawst Plus for caw fee
- Go to Redd Robbin for din-din
- Happy hour margarita and bacon burger... good, but underwhelming... good drink
- my breath smelled like onions all night... I complained
- Mike could smell me all night as we sat on the couch sipping wine, watching Tivo and our Beverly Hills Housewives
- Go to bedroom about 8:30 where we watch Lady Gaga and poke each other
- Cuddling in bed and sex was hampered by the onion breath I had... boo
- Played around
- Bed about 10:30ish

- Up at 6:30, wash hair, shower, hurry, hurry
- Wish my bf a good business trip and I take off for work
- Text him during my lunch to wish him a good flight
- Lots of busyness at work with new classes

- Blondie and I are getting juiced... more to come... hahaha

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


To do or not to do Invisalign to fix my bite. My teeth were never fixed by braces round 1, so the doctor could put them back on. I refused. Invisalign sounds good- 18 months- $1,000 more than braces- no 100% guarantee like braces, but the doctor would be willing. With my new insurance it would be about $2,300 out of my own pocket. Is it worth it? Hmmmmmm... I am susceptible to the Jay Leno jaw according to my former orthodontist, which would be the reason for fixing it. Surely that's not attractive... been thinking about this for a few months...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Life update

Odds and ends...

Work is going pretty well. I am keeping afloat, which is more than can be said for several. I will be swamped the next 2 weeks, so maybe I'm speaking too soon. Damn grading and unit plans.

Credential validation classes make me sad. Hate spending my weeknights in those classes with these overly fake people.

Relationshipwise things are going great with Mike. It is so hard to believe that I may be moving in with him one day... and maybe sooner than later. Never did I think it would happen where I would move into a guy's house. I thought I'd be the alone bachelor.

Family is tough right now. They are not liking me being gone more and more. My dad has had a couple health issues in the past month where he has been out of work. We are hoping my dad will get full disability so that he can retire, but every time he has an appointment the doctors never end up increasing it.

My mom is stressed with her new curriculum for her new assignment at work.

My sister is off in la-la-land or something, as always. I wouldn't know, I'm never home.

Parents also dealing with my Aunt in Nor Cal.

Aunt in Nor Cal, the one who preached veggies, and good wine, just suffered several major health issues that have the entire family worried. I have a couple appointments with my doctor set up because of it... trying not to worry, really shouldn't because I'm young, but I'm going to appease everyone... kinda nervous... not gonna lie

My cousin from Oklahoma will be moving out here at the end of October. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED and in disbelief. Never did I think it would happen. I am nervous/excited to introduce my special someone to her.

So excited for dinner with my favorite lesbians and our significant others.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Almost a week with him

- Spent the night at Mike's- my justification was the early teacher's meeting
- We spent time in his office before getting ready
- We went on a drive for dinner. We were going to try Christophe's in Upland, but then ended up at some buffet after seeing how nothing sounded good. The steakhouse we like was a possibility. I mentioned Mexican. He was craving Chinese, so a semi-Chinese buffet worked. My mom and Linda frequent this buffet- it is over in their neck of the woods... It was alright... nothing spectacular... and as Mike declared it has filled his buffet needs for the next 3 years
- Stop at Lowes, JCPenney, and Sears Grand looking for lamps. JCPenney had 2 on clearance for $15
- Back to his place where we watch TV, then play around trying some new positions

- Up at 6:30, shower
- 3:50pm I'm ready to leave work when Blondie asked if I could drive her home as she was sick. I did. We went to her house and had a "date" where her mom in law cooked for us. Tough night hearing why she was sick. We were laughing and planning our gay dates (we are going out as couples soon- Mike and myself, her gf and herself)
- Back home for a few minutes about 8pm to get clothes and break it to my parents I'm leaving for the night
- Mike calls asking if I could get cookies. I hear cooking on the phone, then I hear chocolate chips. I didn't know he said no chocolate chips. Dang AT&T. He was a little disappointed I got chocolate chips.
- Bed about 10:30ish

- Up at 6:30
- Ready 2 leave work at 3:30 when Blondie asks if I wanted to go to Happy Hour. I text Mike and he said he had work to do, to go ahead. I asked him a couple times if he were sure and how he should come along. He said nah.
- Left Happy Hour at 7
- Get to Mike's and go to get food. Do dinner at Mimi's Cafe where I had salmon
- CHit chat about Happy Hour and what I learned about work
- Stop at Fresh & Easy where they had such a poor selection on stuff we needed

- Up at 9 or so
- Shower
- Go to a place by the casino for breakfast at divey/steak place
- Go get the car washed and it takes forever, but the car was definitely Armor Alled when we were done... lubed
- Home to make chili for the party
- Watch TV between 2 and 5
- Pack a bag for the night and we head out to the Youtube Party
- I submitted 1 of the youtube videos i mentioned last week
- The party was a bunch of teachers of his friend M and A, and Disney freaks
- Jeff and Brian, his other friends from cruising were there, and we mostly chatted with them
- Mike and I sat bored watching awful drag queen youtube videos
- J & B invited us to their house to stay the night, so we went
- Lots of talking about school and our relationship
- B is also a teacher
- We chat until 1:30am or so, so a good 90 minutes
- Mike tickles me nonstop in bed

- Woke up about 8:30
- Showered
- Sat out on the patio talking about cruises, coffee, friends, and school, talking about being cheap, hearing their stories about frugalness
- Mike drove to a Chinese place that he vetoed after seeing the buffet as it was mostly meat and didn't look great
- Go to Don Jose that had a nice champagne brunch and our drinks were always full... mine was refilled 7 or 8 times and the joke became about how normal I seemed... Brian asked if I was always this normal when under the influence... Mike said no and had some far fetched story about my drunkenness and I just said I get really touchy. I walked just fine to the bathroom
- GREAT CONVOS about vacations and we're going to be vacationing in the same place after New Years, so hopefully we meet up. I REALLY enjoyed them- this was my 2nd time meeting them
- Stop at Banana Republic in Chino on the way home... Mike didn't get Chino... also visited Nordstrom RacK
- Nap on the couch when we get home
- Dinner at a pizza place down the street from the casino that was super disappointing- tons of cheese and no flavor- another disappointment on our list. I drove and paid.
- Back to his place where we fell asleep on the couch watching some On Demand movie he rented with Anne Hathaway and Goldie Hawn's daughter, Hudson, what's her name, the one where 2 girls are best firends and getting married on the same day
- Made our way to the bedroom about 1:30

- Up about 8:30
- Showered and watched morning news
- He made eggs over easy and toast
- Watch TV on the couch until 1:30 when we decide to go to Palm Springs
- Go to our favorite seafood place, but then decided to see what was out there. 2 other happy hours didn't start until 5:30 and Palm Desert was mostly dead, so we ended up in a Mexican place that is always super busy, but wasn't super busy.
- Had a 3 1/2 shot margarita that had us both tipsy and him too far gone to drive, so we had to walk around to kill the buzz
- We had a quesadilla there too that was pretty ok
- Stop at Kohls where he buys pants and ties
- Get back to his place about 7 and head home... home at 7:30... tell family about adventures... blogging now... preparing for my week

Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekend Getaways

What are some good California weekend getaway cities?

You know my boyfriend and I like to travel, but I'm itching for a weekend getaway to a place we've never been. I have 2 cities in mind, but was wondering if there are places/cities that we have yet to check out that are worth visiting. Here's our list of places we've hit.

Things we've done in each city


- Greek Theater
- The Grove/Farmers Market
- TV tapings of Hot in Cleveland and Ellen

- Driven through WEHO and Beverly Hills, but never really stopped... what to do there?
- Want to do Hollywood Bowl
- Want to do Griffith Observatory

San Diego

- Coronado
- Pt. Loma Lighthouse
- Mission Valley
- Old Town

What about the vicinity of SD like San Bernardo, San Marcos, Clairemont, Miramesa, etc.? Anything noteworthy there?

Inland Empire
- Victoria Gardens
- Ontario Mills
- Mission Inn
- Shops at Chino Hills
- San Jacinto
- Temecula wineries
What else are we missing?

Santa Barbara
- Visited Good restaurants

- Want to do the Santa Barbara Bowl

San Luis Obispo
- Shopping
- Madonna Inn

Paso Robles
- Wineries

Pasadena restaurants
- What is there to do that would make a good day trip in Pasadena?

Santa Monica Pier area
- Went to Border Grill

- What else there to do besides shopping and the beach?

Sequoia Nat'l Park

Palm Springs
- Fishermans
- Gaymart
- Lots of other restaurants
- Palm Desert
- Palm Canyon

What else is there to do there in Palm Springs that I'm missing?

Any day trips that I'm missing? This seems like rocket science... and it is not... I'm just stumped for ideas. My AAA travel book isn't much help. Boo