Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good morning from Mexico

Had to get away. We actually has this vacay booked since December. Spent the week on the beach on  getting tan, eating some really good food, enjoying each other's company, and disconnecting from the world. We came back to civilization last night for a delicious meal de camarones y risotto y una botella de vino y sexy coffee. I have loved using all of my Spanish and interacting with todos. My bf has actually taken to learning Spanish and this time around is making an attempt with cajeros and others. I am quite proud. I am off to seize the last day in Puerto Vallarta!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No Domestic Partnership or Wedding - for now

Let me explain. We had happy hour celebrating my finally being off for Spring Break at the fish restaurant. While there we talked to the bartender whose brother is gay and having his gay wedding. We discussed how one day we will do that, but not now. He emphasized one day. I asked him about that later, and he said it was because he had debt. He said that he didn't want me to be burdened by his debt if something were to happen, and having a DP makes me responsible for his debts now. He would rather us both enter into a partnership without debts. And I'm ok with that. I dislike debt. And we're still committed and happy with one another.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

On the wedding

In my last post I mentioned that the word marriage came up. It came up again this week. We were watching Say Yes To The Dress last night and talking about gay guys and our wedding. He said we were going to wear khakis and white shirts since we were going to be on a cruise ship. I said nope, we were wearing suits and tuxes. He said if I do a tux I have to do a bow tie. He told me how guys can rock bow ties and they are so unusual. I protested saying they were ugly. He said he would wear the bow tie then. I told him I needed to see him in it. I said we should do the whole matchy-match look, and he didn't say anything. Then I said something about bowties being never in, and he said they are next season, but they're making their way around on the fashion circuit right now. I asked if that meant the wedding was happening soon, and he said no, it is a while away... lol

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A month long of being gone

Past month or so has still been crazy... here's what's been going on

We discussed a wedding - a cruise ship wedding - of course when it becomes legal and all - and he was the one who brought it up. It was brought up of course at the same restaurant he asked me to move in, our Mexican restaurant, over margaritas

We haven't really been traveling since his new role at work has him not traveling as much, hence not receiving miles and other travel perks

Work has been tough. The college fair I am planning is nearly here. Contacting vendors, colleges, doing PR, and teaching has been crazy. My kids projects are nearly done.

I learned at work I am an administrative transfer for next year because my school is losing 14 teachers due to declining enrollment. Who knows where I will end up and what I will be teaching...

I've spent the month applying for jobs outside of the education arena, and had 1 interview I have yet to hear anything about. It would be my non-education field dream job

Car problems have plagued me this month - in particular routine maintenance  - coolant and transmission fluid replacement, was hit by a flying piece of metal that damaged my hubcap and steel rim on my car, so have the dumb donut tire on my car right now and am waiting for the steel rim to be delivered to the dealer. That's the 2nd time I have had to replace a rim on the car. FML. I've spent close to $500 in car repairs this month.

Wanting to travel. SOON.