Friday, October 31, 2008

Photos of my ectomorph body type

I hadn't really talked to The Guy since Monday after I got his thank you for the card text. Tuesday we talked in the morning after he swore I called him. I didn't, but it was nice to talk to him. Wednesday afternoon I did call him, but he was at the gym. He did call me, but we tried calling each other back. He was on his way to the doctor when I called him at 4:15. He had an ear infection for the 3rd time and the doctor said his ear looked like shredded meat. It was one of the worst ear infections the doctor had ever seen. The Guy was actually given a month of antibiotics to treat. He was texting me while he was at the doctor's office and asked what I was doing and if I wanted to grab dinner. A few texts later he is asking me if I want salmon and potatoes from that one place. I told him it was up to him. I wasn't really tasting salmon, but he obviously was, so if he wanted it he was going to get it. He was out and his doctor's office is up by that place, which is why I think he suggested that.

I take off about 4:40 as he is leaving the office and we have a nice talk. He is asking me about how my day went. I told him about my Spanish class and the midterm we just took. It is on literary terms like "synecdoche, anaphora, alliteration, onomatopoeia, personification, sinestesia (can't think of the English equivalent, and apostrophe." There were a bunch more, but you get the picture. AP English 11th grade terms. That's where I knew the terms from, and had I not, would have struggled like so many seemed to be in the class. He asked the format, how it was set up, then asked me the definition of each. He said it sounds like I felt confident. I gave him the sentences I remember from Spanish and what I said they were and he verified my answer. Then he told me how he can see that I'm really happy with my Spanish lit teacher I have.

I got to his place at 5:25 after many texts about what we were doing and waiting in traffic. He is standing at the door, greets me, and then starts pouring food for me. He asks if I eat salad because he had ordered salad. You probably remember a few weeks back how we had the argument over what vegetables were, how I don't eat those, and how I don't eat salad. Well, it is not the case. The Guy even got on me the other night in front of Josh for not eating salad. I had to prove him wrong then, because the night before I had a chicken topped salad from Applebees. Anyways, we pile the salmon, potatoes, and salad on our plates, then go in the living room. The salad is wonderful.

During dinner he tells me about Josh. I had been wanting to hear since Monday. After I left Sunday night they watched the "Hulk" and a really scary movie that The Guy didn't want to and joked that he'd end up in Josh's lap. They talked during the movie. Josh kept moving closer to The Guy. Josh was talking about how he truly feels confused. He said he is unhappy with Jackie, his girlfriend, for not being supportive of him in all of his endeavors. He said he doesn't know if it is just him being around The Guy and getting a lot more attention than around Jackie that makes him like The Guy. The Guy repositioned himself and Josh ended up laying on his chest. Josh talked so openly about how the night before he had a dream about kissing a guy. The Guy saw this was the perfect opportunity to swoop in and give Josh a kiss on the lips. He gave 3 short pecks. They continued watching the movie, then when Josh left texted The Guy saying he had an incredible time. Tuesday night they went out to dinner somewhere and THe Guy talked about how both of us in a circular booth would sit right across from each other. Not Josh- he'd move into The Guy's lap practically, and did the night before. They had shrimp and were practically feeding each other in the restaurant and the waitress was totally flirting with them thinking they were a couple. When they got back to The Guy's place Josh admitted he thinks he is finally accepting that he is bi. The Guy just said saying that you're bi usually is the first step to coming out. Josh talked about not being horny enough, wanting testosterone injections, and The Guy just said that part of it may be him feeling sexually confused- not that he needs testosterone. They've been texting each other wake-up greetings saying good morning etc. The Guy talked about how he wouldn't shut up because he was on cloud 9. He asked if that was weird having him talk about all of this. I assured him it wasn't because he is happy, which is a good thing, and I really like Josh.

The GUy talks about how he has to go to Fed Ex to pick up a package that he missed being delivered. We kill about an hour in between by reading MacRumors and looking at Windows 7. We look and try to figure out the new features Windows 7 will have. The Guy checks his mail and sees his "NO ON 8" signs have arrived. He puts one on his porch, one in his window, and then the bumpersticker on the bumper of his car. He reasons that his car is not a big deal. I am opposed to that idea though, because of the paint damage. I put mine in the back window... hmm... wonder what mom will say when she sees that. The Guy tells me that he hasn't received any RSVPs for his Halloween Party. I said I did. He goes online and finds it was Louis, Josh and Jackie, as well as myself. It is now a costume party because Jackie says you have to dress up on Halloween. The Guy felt pressure because Jackie wanted to go to WEHO and The Guy's house wouldn't hail in comparison to that. Again, Josh's gay side came out and he said "I don't care about Jackie, I want to be with you."

On the way to Fed Ex The Guy says Ben is texting him this time, and last night he did so drunk. I told The Guy to forget about Ben. Everyone says to- including Josh he informed me. Ben treats The Guy badly. I again said he is happy around Josh. I told him about my dad and I, as well as the whole money issue the other night. He said he felt so bad about not coming to give me his gas card after the incident, especially after finding the card I gave him Monday morning. I told him basically my ATM is still drained and will be until I'm paid in mid-November, but my mom just said to charge everything to my credit card and she'll pay the bill for me because it was all because of errands I ran for the family my account is drained. The Guy said that's cool.

We wait maybe 20 minutes at Fed Ex, then drive over to UPS to see if they're open because The Guy missed 2 packages from them. They closed at 7. We stopped and got gas at an Arco and I showed off my expertise getting around Ontario because I knew where the gas stations were and how to use surface streets. Back in the car again we talk about The Guy helping Jeff out with gas on Sunday for getting pizza, Josh on Tuesday night, then himself on Wednesday night. He only put $25 in his tank to not make it look like he is driving alot and have his parents cut him off the gas card for driving too much for "personal" stuff. He said that wouldn't have stopped him from helping me the other day. He said I'm the most financially responsible person he has ever known and he totally understands that I just paid off my car so that drained my savings; helping my dad out has required me to drain my checking account, then having to charge everything makes it hard. I told him how bad I felt by doing that and he just again said "not a big deal, he'd have no problem doing that for me." He told me how at my age he was writing checks constantly and often had $8 or $9 in his checking account. His parents asked him how he had so little and so many overdrafts. He also had $20,000 in credit card debt and his parents were screaming at him asking him how he could have so much debt and be so irresponsible. I told him that's not a problem and how I actually just got a HUGE, unwanted credit line. The amount floored him. I have a larger credit line than he does on 1 credit card than he does on nearly a dozen and he has tried to get a bump in his credit limit.

The Guy tells me about the gym, then he asks how things are going for me. I said I haven't really been going. He asked when I last went and admitted the day before. I said I went the day before, but that I haven't been going as much as before. He said he was just curious and was wondering what my goals were- whether it be to gain muscle or maintain what I currently have. He said he thinks I'd look REALLY good if I added about 15 pounds of muscle and told me what to do. Then he said that he thinks it'd look really good on me, I'd be really happy. I told him I didn't know and explained my apprehensions. I have a pretty petite looking frame and I don't want to look REALLY bulky. The guys I see at the gym who are really big do not appeal to me. I even used Josh as an example- I don't want to look like that. Josh doesn't have the body type I do- I'm more petite, so I used him to point that out. The Guy had a hard time understanding what I wanted to say, but then I lifted up my shirt, and just said "look, most guys are a lot wider who have the muscle. I'm 6'2'', 150lbs, and have a 29'' waist, so a lot of extra muscle, and being bulked up like that wouldn't look too good." The Guy says "oooooooh you're an ectomorph." We go back into the computer room and he looks up what an ectomorph is. He says he is a mesomorph, and that I'm an ectomorph. Being an ectomorph is my biggest curse, yet blessing.

Definitive "Hard Gainer"
Delicate Built Body
Flat Chest
Lightly Muscled
Small Shouldered
Takes Longer to Gain Muscle

The Guy understood what I was saying. Brad Pitt is a good example of an ectomorph. He said he thinks it'd be very difficult for me because I eat nowhere near 3,000 calories per day, that I eat reasonably, yet healthily. A couple times The Guy asked if he was overstepping boundaries by asking. I assured him that he wasn't because I was curious, and truthfully, I had been debating what I want to do- adding 15 pounds or so of muscle would give me more defined calves, more defined pecs, and things like that. The Guy said he felt bad bringing it up, and I assured him it was not a big deal.

After, we watched the Obama 30 minute informercial, or I mean commercial. Whatever it was, The Guy proclaimed it was better than anything ever sold on Guthy Renker.

The Guy wants to get yogurt, so we go to CVS. He wants milk, I talk about still not sleeping, so The Guy says I need some DHEA or something. Some pill that he has tried that helps you get back to a normal sleep pattern. He insists on buying it for me because I had to listen to him be harsh toward me about weight. I said it wasn't a big deal. At the checkout, the cashier joked about being able to hack into The Guy's iPhone and his hate. The Guy was a little worried and wants to see him do that. HAHA. We go to get our yogurt and The Guy buys an extra one for Josh in case he comes over. We get the yogurt, then go back to his place. We have an interesting conversation, but it was a good one- what The Guy sees in Josh. Everything is just so natural. The conversation, the caring, the creative side both of them have. Josh doesn't have natural smarts, is not book smart, has failed his personal trainers test 3 times because he has a hard time talking to large groups of people, and doesn't do written tests well, but he is giving 125% to do it. The Guy said in me he sees natural smarts, book smarts, and street smarts. I have all 3 and we have great conversations about anything and everything and I can almost always contribute to what he has to say. Josh though, is different, yet his determination and things appeal to him and how hard it is for him to respond to Josh when he says he knows he is not naturally smart or book smart. It is about 9:30 and we call it a night.

My question guys is this- look at my body and give me your opinions. Should I gain 15 pounds or so more of muscle, or just work on my body and keep it the way it is? Take a look at the pics...

Better calves (I do have calves- just not that visible)? Filling out a shirt like this better? Larger shoulders? I dunno... what do you guys think? Anyone have any ideas?

Here's a guy from some forum I found online when looking- his before and after photos. Tried to upload the PHOTOS, BUT IT WOULDN'T WORK- LOOK HERE AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK... I look a lot like the guy in the below photo when I wear shirts- I don't fill them out well I don't think... but I'm apprehensive. I dunno... opinions guys... I don't care if you post anonymously or with your name. I'm not going to hold it against you. I just want some ideas...

If the images of this guy, a fellow ectomorph don't work, then try THIS link below... this is about the best example I've seen...

Monday, October 27, 2008

My plea: please be informed when you go to the polls

Don't be like my sister. My mom, dad, and I sat down and looked at the ballot tonight to decide how to vote next week. My parents are at different ends of the political spectrum, but this is the only time politics are discussed. Sometime before the election my parents always gather and discuss the ballot initiatives or small races like school board, state senate, but never president as that would cause a lot of hurt feelings.

This year, there are a ton of propositions on the California ballot, and my sister is able to partake in the process. There are at least 10 ranging from some animal rights propositions, to high speed rails, to gay marriage, and a lot of energy propositions.

Here's how it went:

Prop 1A- high speed rails

Mom: yes- I saw in the paper I could get to work in 12 minutes.
Dad: yes- it is vitally needed
Sister: "yes- I like to go fast"
Me: yes

Prop 2- animal rights dealing with caged animals etc.
Mom gives some random diatribe about her views on it
Dad does the same
Sister: "animals need to stretch their legs."
Me: Huh? Isn't there more to the issue?
Sister: "would you want to live in a cage your whole life? Do you want to live where you poop?"
Me: (tries to egg her on) "Well, I live at home, and I poop at home."

Prop 7- an energy initiative
Sis: I like energy and I'm glad we have it
Me: I think it is about more than that.
Sis: Well, we need to have energy, so I'm for it.
Me: Why don't we try reading the proposition?
Mom: Yes, there's quite a bit more to it. This one is more about tax breaks for energy.
Sis: Tax breaks are good and we need energy. That's good.
Mom: There's a lot of fine print in this- you might want to take a closer look. You should really read the book and go to the polls informed. This is serious. Maybe you shouldn't be voting if you're not going to take this seriously.
Sis: Well, I like Obama.

Before we move onto prop 8 my mom makes an observation: "I can't remember a time when I've said no to so many issues."

Prop 8- the gay marriage one

My dad asks if we want to skip over this one and my mom agrees.
Sister pipes in...
Sister: "Barbie and Ken set the model here. Barbie and Ken show marriage as it truly is."
Me: "Barbie and Ken broke up and I wouldn't necessarily use plastic toys as the model to demonstrate how marriage should be. In your play world they can be anything and do anything."
Sister: (pouts) "I DON'T PLAY WITH BARBIES!!! YOU DO!!!"
Me: "I play in this world called real life and this an issue that is going to affect a lot of people"
Sister: "Someone's pushy."
Me: (joklingly say) "People may end up like helpless little Barbies afterward."
Mom: (stares of disapproval)
Me: (tenses up and feels worried) It seems more about the general population- this would be good for all people in general in so many ways- the economy, equal rights, etc.
Sister: (becomes defensive) well, it is against the Bible, what marriage truly is, and it destroys traditionalists.
Dad: (uses his teacherly voice) ladies, gentlemen, let's move on.

Also, if you haven't already please see this post on prop 8

Please, read the big book on the initiatives and what they mean. Please, don't be like my sister. People like her bug. I'm tired of stupid people.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Guy, Jeff, Josh, and I

I called and texted The Guy Sunday morning. I texted about 9:45 and didn't get a response, so I called him at 10:30. We talked about him playing WOW and then I mentioned near the end of the convo that I got my box from DHL to ship my computer back to Apple. He said great, come on over to get the Macbook Air from him.

I was on my way by 11 and at his place around 12. He opens the door when I arrive because it is locked. Then he tells me that Jeff is on his way over because he forgot his computer last night when he was over playing WOW. I said that's not a problem because he asked if it was. We sit down and play WOW. I have to play alone because The Guy is in an instance with Dan and Alex. While sitting on the couch the conversation isn't as good as it usually is, but there is talk about our need for the really unhealthy pizza place he likes... not the one I got him the gift certificate to as an apology. I was trying to think of a way to bring up the gift certificate. I hadn't yet given it to him and I didn't want to bring it up and make a big deal like "HEY! I NEED TO APOLOGIZE!" I wanted it to be subtle. Jeff called a couple times in the midst of this and The Guy called Jeff finally. The Guy had an idea- Jeff would come to The Guy's, then he'd go to the pizza place, then on the way back use The Guy's gas credit card and get gas for his car. Jeff agreed that was a good idea.

Josh calls a couple times while we're sitting on the couch, but The Guy doesn't answer, then blows him off in texts. They were supposed to grab lunch, but The Guy told Josh he was feeling anti-social and was going to stay home alone all day. Then finally after Jeff arrives back with the pizza calls and says he felt bad, didn't mean to blow him off like that, and to come on over. Josh arrives at 3p.m. and The Guy explains he felt bad for ordering pizza when Josh eats so healthily. Josh did have a slice of the pizza and snacked on snow peas.

The 4 of us sit watching "Emma," "Harry Potter II," and "The Hulk." We take a break after Harry Potter for more pizza and a real dinner. The Guy warms up some leftover meatloaf, brown rice, green beans, and some bean soup he made. We stand around in the kitchen talking while he does this. Then The Guy asks if we want some wine with dinner. Before Josh had arrived there were NUMEROUS sexual references and I knew this was apart of the plan. We all agreed. Jeff talked about how he doesn't drink, but this peer pressure is going to cause him because he is now in a business club and to socialize in the future he'll need to learn to drink wine. We stand in the kitchen eating at the bar and talking about how The Guy wants to redo his kitchen.

After, we go back to watching "The Hulk" and play around on our computers. All 4 of us were there playing WOW. We only did 2 instances and we died both times because we didn't have a healer. The Guy couldn't heal and tank. Jeff and I were mages. Josh was a hunter. We gave up and The Guy set out to delete everything from his brother's computer to give to Josh. Josh is leaning close to THe Guy during the movie and The Guy says he is going to make us brownies. I was thinking I'm sure there will be something else in the brownies too... no... there wasn't... He goes into the kitchen, melts the chocolate, gets the flour, sugar, and sets out to make his brownies. Jeff tells him no, that's so bad of him, and Josh succumbed and rooted him on and said he could have a cheat day, plus they were homemade.

All afternoon The Guy's dog was wanting to get up on the couch, but THe Guy kept yelling, I did too, as well as Jeff for him to mind and get off the couch. He'd try to climb up in between us. Finally The Guy told him NO and the dog growled. That was enough for The Guy to put him in the dog kennel for the duration of the night. He doesn't want the dog to be under the impression he is entitled to the couch- too late.

Anyways, after the movie is over the brownies are ready. Jeff avoids them. Josh and I each have 2 squares. THEY WERE DELICIOUS. Very airy and chewy. I'm not a brownie fan to begin with because they're often hard and really heavy feeling. Josh talks about how even though he is eating those, he'll be out tonight running, and working out in the gym tomorrow. The Guy joked since he didn't have milk we could have some alcohol to go with the brownies-another reference to getting Josh in bed.

We decide to take the dog to the park to work off the brownie and let him get some exercise. The 4 of us trot over there and talk about the fires in the area lately and try to confuse his dog and get him to run after each of us. He ran after everyone but me. Dang.

We get back to The Guy's place and Jeff takes off because it is 11p.m. The Guy asks what I'm going to do and he asks if I mind taking off for some alone time with Josh. I said sure. I asked him for the Macbook Air and he tried to explain to me how to transfer my files over to it. Then Josh asks if I'm taking off and I said yes. They both were going back to play WOW on the couch.

As I was leaving I really still wanted to tell The Guy sorry and not bring it up again later. I didn't want to hand it to him and make a scene, but I wanted him to see it and so I put the white envelope with the card on the counter near the door where there was a box of trash or something, but also his car keys. I laid it close enough to that so hopefully he sees it.

Coming home I had to stop at Stater Brothers for a few things for breakfast and lunch this week, so I make a quick trip there. My total is $23.64 and I pay with the $30 I had in my pocket. The Guy asked earlier if I had money when he was searching for some. I looked in my wallet and found there was $30. I also had to stop for gas. I went to Arco, which I loathe. I prefer to gas up at Shell because there is no ATM fee and also because I tend to get better mileage out of Shell gas. Yes, I believe Arco is low quality gas. I only went there because my gas light was on and my car said 16 miles to empty, which would never get me home, and I didn't know how accurate the car was. I am at the kiosk trying to get the card reader to accept my credit card, but it doesn't. I had to use credit instead of ATM because I have no money in my checking account because of some favors I did for my parents. I was in a panic because I was worried about not getting to the next gas station and my credit card wasn't working. Arco apparently doesn't accept credit cards. Every other gas station does. Anyways, I am standing there in a panic and I think to myself "just text The Guy, ask to borrow his gas card" since I was still close enough to his house. I started out my text and thought screw it because I can't ask him for money. Part of my text was sent- another reason texting is evil. He gets a text that says "my cre." I end up remembering that I had the change from Staters in my car and I put the $6 toward gas to get home. The Guy calls me and asks if everything is ok. I said now everything was. He asked what happened and I explained Arco didn't accept credit cards, no money in my ATM, which made me feel bad because I didn't go into the whole story about why I was at Arco and how once he sees the card will know I had money, or will think I did something drastic to get that gift certificate when he already knows I was in a money bind/still am. The money bind has been solved for the mostpart- my mom is picking up the tab on my credit card because of this, but The Guy doesn't know this, and with me giving the gift cards makes me seem like I was shopping for attention. Not the case. I know I'll probably end up telling him. He says not a big deal and next time I see him that he doesn't mind giving me his card. I said thanks and ended the call. I burst out crying after. I just felt so bad. I was kind of propositioning The Guy for money. I don't ask my friends for money- that's something I don't do. I feel like a part of me was lost for sinking that low. I know The Guy was totally ok, but I still feel bad. Then it didn't help that every sad song on the radio was playing and it just furthered the tears. I heard "Always Be My Baby" by Mariah Carey, "I Wonder" by Kellie Pickler, and "Skin" by Rascal Flatts- songs that never made me cry before, but tonight, just touched the right place. I don't think I've mentioned this anywhere, but the lyrics of "Always Be My Baby" remind me a lot of The Guy and I...

"Always Be My Baby"
We were as one babe
For a moment in time
And it seemed everlasting
That you would always be mine
Now you want to be free
So I'm letting you fly
Cause I know in my heart babe
Our love will never die
... while The Guy and I might not have a love that will never die, I hope it is a friendship that will never die. We're also both free to pursue others and he was the one who wanted me to be free...

"I Wonder" - Kellie Pickler

I think part of the reason for all of this crying was that I'm tired. I haven't slept more than 3-4 hours if I'm lucky in about 3 weeks. Part of it is nerves- especially last week when I felt so bad for treating The Guy badly. The other part is things have come up- I never expected I'd be running to the hospital at 11:30p.m. last Thursday night to comfort my friend Steve and not get home until 5a.m. because I sat with him all night after his mom's car accident. Friday night I just couldn't tune my brain off, and all night bingo last night didn't help. Brain is in overload right now, I'm upset, I'm horny, I'm stressed, and so I'm blogging.

Edit: Slept ok last night, but woke up several times after 5a.m. I ended up calling in sick at 6:55 this morning so I could sleep until 9 this morning before going to school, but then had that on my conscience... haha... not a big deal, though. Only thing about that is I don't get paid.

Nothing happened with Josh apparently last night other than THe Guy and him talked. He found my card about 10:30 this morning and texted me to say thanks. Great!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Here's a story from Ms. Sharon Tay, whom I used to joke was my girlfriend, telling about some tactics from the Yes on 8 campaign.
This just made me donate more than I already have to the No on 8 campaign.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

He talked... or I talked

I texted The Guy yesterday at 1:30p.m. as I was getting out of school and telling him that I was hoping he was having a good day. He texted me back about 3 hours later and said thanks. I wasn't going to call him again or make any effort to, but I was having such a bad night last night. I have not slept since Friday night. I wanted to hear his voice as a sort of consolation so that I could sleep. At 9:30 he calls me and asks what's going on. I tell him some details about my day like my annoying Microsoft Word problem where it refuses to make accent marks and crashes after I attempt to. He said for me to bring my computer over about 2p.m. today.

At 1p.m. I was out running errands, so I texted and said if he was willing to, I was willing to have him help. He replied with "ready, willing, and able." Then we settled on 2:30p.m.

I still feel AWFUL for how I treated The Guy, and I was going to make it up to him. I stopped by our favorite pizza place for a gift certificate for him. They were out, so I figured I'd just get one later, and with Jeff being there, this wasn't the time; so that was ok. I get over to his place and Jeff is there working. The Guy gets started on a search looking for the disc for Office. He asks if I wanted Office 04 or Office 08. I said whatever was easiest. He went on a search for 08 but couldn't find them. He gave me all of the cords from his file cabinet and below that was the box for 08. He asked me to sort through the cords. The cords are an unwieldy bunch- about 5-6 firewire cables, iPod cords, computer cords, and other odd connectors. I got them untangled and then asked what he wanted done. Of course he wanted them tossed into the big tub of cords in his bedroom. Woot for all of that work.

Jeff gets ready to take off about this time and The Guy tells him and I about his trainer Josh. Jeff had just asked The Guy what he thought about some new bath wash that he gave him and The Guy said they were great. He said he used the body oil on Josh. Last Wednesday night he gave Josh a full body massage and he was laying on The Guy's bed in only underwear. At the end, they were laying next to each other and talking about Josh and his girlfriend. He told his girlfriend a week back that The Guy knows him better than she does, which was a big no-no. The Guy told him that was a big no-no. The Guy said that the problem is Josh's girlfriend also works at the gym and sees how The Guy and Josh interact, so she is friendly toward The Guy; but he sees that she is also very watchful of him because her biggest fear is that Josh is gay and that's why he is so friendly with The Guy. Josh sat up and said to The Guy: "I am just so confused. I think I'm straight, but I just don't know. We have a great relationship and I don't want to ruin it if something were to happen." Then he affirmed that whatever "happens, will happen between him and The Guy and it'll be natural, not forced."

The Guy calls Apple Care on my computer because the backlight is still acting up. While doing this, he is also playing Warcraft and gets up a full level to level 69. He wants to stay home and play tonight, but tells me how he needs to go to pilates and he is meeting up a guy for dinner. I told him at 6:00p.m. he could still go to the gym and I wouldn't mind at all, but he then decides to take the iTunes server he just bought and try it out. So much for pilates. He spends 30 minutes trying to figure the server out, but it doesn't work.

At 6:45 he hops in the shower. After he is in, he yells and asks me if I have jacked off recently. In all honestly the last time I got off was last Friday night. He said "well, hop in." I undress and get in the shower with him. The Guy is really hard. He pushes me down to suck his dick and I do. I do that for probably 5 minutes. Then we stand up and he is dry humping me and pushing in on my chest and playing with my nipples. Then we turn and hug each other and we both shoot our loads. We lather up and then wash off.

By that time it is 7:15 and he is in a panic to make it by 7:30 to Victoria Gardens. He goes in the bathroom and does his hair. While there he talks about my computer problem and I tell him how paranoid I was sitting in class hitting the "option and e" keys to try to form an accent mark, but it wasn't working, and how I was sitting there firmly pressing each key to no avail. Then he said he was glad he could fix it for me. I said I was too and thanked him. He affirmed "anytime, you know I'm here for you." I said thanks.

He puts the dog in the kennel, and we take off. I stop at the gas station across from his condo complex that has nice and cheap $3.09 gas and fill up my car. It is still $3.22 out here where I live. The pizza place had actually called me while I was at THe Guy's house telling me that the owner dropped the gift cards off, so I could come by and buy one. I bought one for $25.00 and will give it to The Guy next time I see him.

At least we're talking again and I can put some of this anxiety to rest.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Told him about all of my issues

Told The Guy about all of the issues in the last post and my concerns. He understands why I was avoiding him and how he was egging it on. I told him that he had to let me get all of my feelings out, then we could talk about the issues afterward. He has a tendency to want to go into Mr. Fix It Mode when talking about all of my problems, and he did last night. I didn't appreciate it. I finally talked to him this morning over AIM and just said LET ME TALK- THESE ARE MY ISSUES... and he did... then he said that he is really hurt, but understands. I was so sick over this I couldn't sleep last night, so it was obviously effecting me also.

We did hang out last night and it was not pretty. I was in a FOUL mood. He coaxed me into going over, and I did because I was so mad here at home. He ordered some food and he made me a plate when I got to his house. It was beef and chicken teryaki from the place up the street. He asked if I wanted to play a little WOW. That is when he said that he had a plan with the computers. He gave Matt, his ex, his other 15'' Macbook Pro that was bought about the same time as mine and has the same equipment, just a better processor and graphics card. He wants to give that to me and have me give him my current computer. He sent Matt an e-mail last night for that.

We went to CVS to get some snacks. While there we walk through the aisles. He wants pretzels and he has 5-6 different chocolate bars in his hand. I kept saying Skittles sounded better, even though they didn't. He then asks what I want. I said nothing. We walk back to the pretzels and look at the chips. I finally said let's get yogurt, so he says "YES." That's the plan. We set the stuff down in the wrong place and walk over to the yogurt place where there is a talkative cashier helping us, which was cool. The Guy called her a Chatty Cathy. HAHA. Yes, I know what a Chatty Cathy doll is- my mom still has one.

We go back to his place and play a little more WOW. I said sure. We do and then he decides he wants mashed potatoes. He sings "mashed potatoes" over and over to the tune of "I Dream of Genie." I didn't pick up on that. It didn't sound like it. We go to the Farmers Market for mashed potatoes, vitamins, and other things. He talks about how he likes buying $30 vitamins here because he feels like he is getting the full effect from them from paying more. In the car I told him how talking to my mom the real issue with my dad was over some furniture. No joke. This drama that has been going on with my dad is over furniture. The Guy was mad and then went into fix it mode. I didn't want to hear it. I kind of shut down.

We get back to his place, hang around talking about all the old TV themes we remember. My list was much longer than his- Fall Guy, Kung Fu, A-Team, Hunter, Simon & Simon, I Dream of Genie, The Jeffersons (which we both burst into singing), Good Times, Knight Rider, Chips, Night Court, and a bunch of others. He was more into the Bionic Woman and other stuff... haha. We do agree the Jeffersons is the absolute best TV theme song of all time. haha

At the end of the night, The Guy was going to hang out and "do stuff" with Joe. He invited me to. I didn't want to, but The Guy and I hug and then I get ready to leave. The Guy plays his game "are you going to call me tomorrow?" and I'm not buying it. I get in my car, burst into tears, then drive away. I text him some really angry texts to just get under his skin. I did.

He gets online this morning as I said and I am resilient to talk, but finally unload everything on him and feel a lot better. He even says he thinks our friendship will survive, but it is obvious we both have hurt feelings.

So I have a question...
Question: What is your favorite TV theme song? I'm kind of curious because there are sooooooooo many good ones...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spiteful little me EDIT

I petsat for The Guy Friday and Saturday night. He was going to Phoenix with his brother for a wedding. I told him over a week ago I'd be happy to do that. I was at the time.

This week he seemed more accommodating than usual wanting to see what I wanted for food and how much I wanted for house sitting for the weekend. He said there would be lots of different food at his house and he'd give me $100 for the weekend. Neither of these things happened. I arrive Friday night and look in the fridge. There are shredded carrots and chopped onions. There are lots of salsas from our fajita night. I was not happy, especially after some financial problems the other day. I didn't have the money to go out and get me food for the weekend. I had a big emergency Thursday night and only had $30 in my checking account. I go to the Farmers Market for food, then go to CVS with a $5 gift card I had. I don't get paid until November 9. With the money I did have I got some cookies, pasta, and other stuff. I wasn't going to let any of this get me down though.

And it didn't... I had a great weekend actually chatting with Greg (Date #1) and getting caught up on homework.

Then today rolled around. The financial issue reared its head again. I told The Guy about it at 7:45 this morning and he was apathetic; but I told him because that was my hint I needed the $100 he promised. I waited around all day, then I get a text from him at 1:45 telling me I didn't have to wait around. 20 minutes later I get a call and he says he is home and had pizza, but didn't know I left. Well, gee, ass, you tell me 20 minutes earlier I didn't have to wait around.

So The Guy tried calling me, texting me, instant messaging me online. I was being spiteful because I KNOW he hates this. It drives him crazy. After the call rang the first time I hit ignore on my phone to send the call right to voicemail. He called 14 times and 14 times I didn't call him back. I simply let his 14 calls go to voicemail. I intentionally kept AIM and Yahoo signing in and out to irk him even further.

So he only left 3 or 4 voicemails and I know he wants to take me out to dinner and give me the money this week. So far I'm not giving in. I'm still feeling like an ass. He has called me and told me to stop with my games. He was crying on his voicemails telling me how confused he was, asking if he had done anything wrong, how he can't handle this treatment because he feels he truly did something wrong, and asked why I just won't text him. He left me a voicemail at 9:24 letting me know his anxiety was really bad because of this, how he probably won't be able to sleep tonight, and how I'm one of his most dear friends, so he hates that I'm treating him this way because he knows it is something he has done. For once I could be nice, but again, I'll let him stew in this... I just hope it isn't a bad idea and something I'll regret...

It is not just the whole financial issue this weekend that I'm upset about it; it is other grudges I'm holding like the computer issue the other day, The Guy's lack of interest in a few things I've done lately/asked about, his dismissal of some things and more... it sounds like we're in a relationship!!! WE'RE NOT!!!! HAHA... just good friends who are having a disagreement... nothing new...

How is everyone else? I actually feel pretty good right now. I'm just a little tired and would like to get to sleep at a decent hour. I have the unfortunate problem that my mind wanders and recounts the day, things that need to be done tomorrow, etc. and it takes me an hour or more to get to sleep sometimes.

Edit- the day after:
I still have an attitude that could kill today- being nice to people has been hard. I did however feel somewhat bad for completely ignoring him after he was grateful that I did watch his dog. I was thinking about how sometimes we treat friends so badly, yet we'd never think of doing this kind of thing to strangers or random acquaintances. So I texted The Guy this afternoon. I just texted and said "hi." My original plan was to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to call, but I didn't. I got a text about 50 minutes later letting me know that everything is fine today, he is at the gym, but he'll call me later because we need to talk. I plan to bring all of these issues up. I'm glad though, that I gave him a day to stew over these issues because I know he has a VERY good idea of what is going on and why I'm upset, so it just gave him time to think about them.

I guess I'll blog about some of the things that were bothering me from this weekend:
- I asked him for a favor on Thursday night- called him and texted him several times so whether or not he got the messages remains to be unknown. I broke down in my sister's car and asked him to pick me up. He bitched about that which really pissed me off after I've gone out of my way for him several times. Sure I was 45 miles away from his house at the time, but I would have picked him up with no hesitation. Basically he told me he never got the calls or texts and because the texts he did get were blank he thought I was in trouble like I was being raped. Lame ass.
- The computer issue- it is his computer and he can give it to whomever he chooses, but to bring me in on the plan, then say no I'm giving it to Josh was not cool.
- The no food in fridge issue when he promised there would be.
- The money issue- I had to put $1,186.00 on my credit card to get my sister's car Friday afternoon from the repair shop because my mom or dad couldn't get there to pay for the car in time.
- I just paid my new car off and so I officially have no savings. I also spent $350 that was in my checking account (leaving me with $30 in the account) this week running errands for my dad and was not paid back, and will not be for over a week, so to have The Guy not give me the money as promised made me mad. After getting gas Sunday night there was $3.48 left in my checking account. Anything I buy over the next few weeks is going to be going on my credit card. The Guy is in on practically everything going on in my life, we had discussed in depth my finances the other day because I was upset about them when we were at CPK the other day, so he knew. Maybe he just forgot about the $100 or will give it to me later, that is all possible, but whatever, I'm holding it against him.
- Issues with my dad over the money and paying me back... 'nuff said.
- Greg and I had "the talk" about sex, who we've been with, and what we've done. Then came the have you been tested question. I have played it safe, but haven't been tested. Shame, I know. I'm going to bring that up and see about going together.
- Greg and I did have plans to meet, but that never materialized.
- Date #2, Mike, keeps calling me, sometimes 10 times a day.
- I spent this weekend firing off e-mails about the school issue I mentioned last week.

This song has been in my head ALL day...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Guys are pushing me over the limit

haha... texting wise...
Between The Guy, my friend Carl, Date #2 (Mike), and a few other friends I went over the 200 texts per month I had for my iPhone. I am not a big texter- I have done less than 200 every month (which is only $5.00) for the past year or so. Then today I looked at my dad's account online, saw that I was 40 texts over and upped my plan. I now have 1500 texts for $15.00 a month, so in essence it is only $10 more a month. I feel kind of bad as the iPhone pushed our family plan to just a hair over $100 a month... but...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New goodies

The Guy and I both could not sleep Monday night and spent the time chatting on AIM about the new Macbooks and Macbook Pro computers. I of course asked if the Mac Posterboy was going to get one. He didn't have a response. In the back of my head I knew the answer- remember, he bought an Air after he swore up and down he wasn't going to. A new REDESIGNED Macbook I knew he'd be all over. So I reminded him how my computer is less than 9 months old; how I unfortunately keep my computers so long, this one will be around 4-5 more years; it only has 25gb remaining on the hard drive; and how I would love a bigger computer (hint hint: I wanted his 17'' Macbook Pro).

We made plans Monday night to hang on Wednesday. I get a text from him at 9:20 on Wednesday morning saying he "really wanted one" in reference to a new Macbook Pro. I wrote back asking if he was going to get one. He responded quickly with "yes!" He was telling me how how he wants one so badly. I texted him back and I said something to the effect of "you might want one, but on the need scale I NEED ONE 1000% MORE than you." I was feeling snarky and in a bad mood, so I was going to be bitchy. He didn't respond. I get a few texts from him later saying he had a scheme. I said "cool" and left it vague like that. In my mind I'm thinking the scheme is he is going to buy a computer for one of his dad's offices (or that's what he'll tell his parents), but in actuality he'll buy himself the new Macbook Pro, then give his old 17'' to the office and wrap it up nicely like it was never used. The more The Guy texted me I thought the scheme would involve me- he texted he wanted a Macbook Pro and Macbook. Great. The Macbook would be the office computer, he'd get the new Macbook Pro, and I'd buy his 17'' off of him. That's what I was reading from the texts after he said "we" were going to be apart of the scheme.

On his way home from work, yes, The Guy actually worked on a Wednesday; he calls and tells me the real plan. He was going to buy a Macbook for work, the new Macbook Pro for himself, then his old 17'' would be for his trainer Josh. I was somewhat able to be cordial on the phone, but then I slipped into bitch mode. I didn't want to be apart of that plan. I texted him later and was already in a bitchy mood because of the schoolwork and said "I can't go," "I don't want to talk to you," and stuff like that. Mean, especially after some of the texts I sent him this past summer etc., but I was really kind of upset because it sounded like I was apart of the plan, and suddenly I wasn't. The Guy called me back after I sent those texts, phone call after phone call, I didn't answer. Finally he said "Mike, damn it, stop being a bitch, call me, we need to talk, tell me why you're upset." I wasn't going to call and make him feel bad on the phone, so instead I called and cried telling him what just happened with my damn college. He was going into to get a haircut and he didn't understand the magnitude of my prblem with my college and was trying to joke and I wasn't having it. I got a bunch of cutesy texts afterward where he was trying to be funny. I hop in the shower about 3:30p.m. for a nice LONG, HOT shower and then afterward have calmed down. I text him and tell him I guess I can hang out. He texted "he might poke me when he sees me." I didn't respond to that text. He knew I was upset when I didn't.

I grudgingly drive over. I get to his place and he is already there. He greets me at the door in fact. I'm in a nice enough mood to tell him his hair looks nice- he dyed it black. I comment and actually tell him it looks like he lost weight, which it did. He then tries to cheer me up and says all of the wrong words. He says "so you know... I know this whole degree thing is bugging you... but it isn't the end of the world... you're still going to graduate." I said it wasn't that. I told him what the Spanish minor meant to me. He said "it's not like you're trying to teach Spanish at the high school level." I looked at him glaringly, because I am, and he said "oh, ooops... ok... sweetie... I'm not making that better." I said NO and was about ready to walk out. He realized I was livid and he gets in front of me to stop me.

He asks if I'm going with him to Victoria Gardens or Brea. He had been on the phone with the VG Apple Store and they didn't know if they had any new Macbook's, though they had already been out a day. After being on hold 10 minutes they said they do. He asked if we want to go to VG or Brea. He complained Brea is further. I said it is, but the service is better. He asked how the traffic was- it was 5p.m. and rush hour traffic on the East 60 was moving about 30-40mph. I said the 57 South was probably better going to Brea, but we may hit traffic northbound coming back. He said sure. He asked where I wanted to go and I said Brea.

In the car I break down, tell him my problems, we talk about my mistake of choosing the major I did, we talk about the incompetency of my Spanish department and an issue I had with a Spanish teacher yesterday. He was astounded by the incompetency/language barriers. We talked and he reaffirmed everything I knew- I had all the proof I needed for my case and I just need to do a little research. We both agreed it might not be an easy battle. I think that if one positive thing that came out of this was that The Guy seemed to really understand my frustrations and not dismiss them as me just not getting along with someone or just me making this shit up. He always tells me just be open, just don't make a big deal out of it, just go with the flow, and I have done all that and both problems that I had happened and I just went with the flow. We talked about the gay guys next to us who were wanting to "lay" next to us in their car. We get to Brea in 25 minutes or so.

The Guy asks where to park and I tell him I think I went into the Sears when I went there last. He parked in front of the CPK. We walked in, he talked about how he went to this mall all the time when he was young since he lived down the street. He asked where the Apple Store was and I told him downstairs rounding the corner.

We find it, go in, and I find a cute boy to help us. He had really slick, preppy hair, and a spider tattoo on his elbow. He is very willing to help us. He said no new Macbooks were on display, but he'd pull one from the back if we wanted to see one. The Guy said he'll buy one- the $2499 one. The Guy shows he has an iPhone and Apple Pro Care and said his iPhone constantly drops calls. The hot guy helping us said it was not a problem and he took us over to a guy named M who helped us right a way. He plugged The Guy's iPhone in and said in the past 2 weeks out of 100 calls, 14% of The Guy's calls had been dropped. I asked if we could look at my phone since it seems like everytime I call someone the call is dropped. Turns out out of the 230 calls I have made in the past 2 weeks (230, YES!!! CRAZY) 24% were dropped. M said he would replace both phones no questions asked because that was excessive. We showed our call logs and he got out the new iPhones, then downloaded the newest software for them. We walked around waiting for the new Macbook Pro and the iPhones. The Guy waited on the new Macbook because he didn't have money in his checking account and he had to pay for some of it. We get our phones, then The Guy decides he is going to buy Josh a NEW 3G iPhone instead of the old 1G. He was told it would only be $339, so he said ok. We find a new person to help us since the hot preppy boy was busy. We find a blond surfer boy with a hot ass, nice facial hair, and blue eyes. He is sooo flirting with us at the beginning. The Guy was asking about buying the new iPhone, then swapping his SIM card with Josh's phone because he was going to buy Josh a new black phone. This kid was like "you can swap SIM cards easily," The Guy said "how cool," then this kid goes on "you can do it everyday, every month, every 2 weeks, every 15 minutes." It was cute. Then he continues flirting with us telling how he'd help us everyday if we came. The Guy even gets friendly enough that he has his arms around him and saying how he likes all the help we've got. The Guy thanks M and preppy boy as well and tells him how this is the best experience he has ever had at an Apple Store and we leave armed with our new iPhones and his new computer.

We go outside and find 2 gay goth boys sitting on a bench in the middle of the Brea Mall making out. HOT STUFF. I've never seen that at a mall. Then we go upstairs to the CPK because we were hungry. We go in and are seated next to a group of hot guys (and girls). They were high school guys we thought. We keep talking about all the hot guys at this mall and how it is Orange County, hot, rich people. The Guy says he thinks the guys at the table next to us are gay. Turns out halfway through the meal they were frat boys. A guy with a frat shirt comes over, which explains why they were hugging each other at the table, etc. The Guy talks about his urges to open up the computer there, how he thinks the new phone is so zippy in comparison to the old, etc.

The Guy orders the hummus and pita appetizer, then we order our pizzas. I order the tostada after deciding to be adventurous and he gets the garlic chicken. We talk and he asks me what is really wrong. I told him how I felt cheated by him- him wanting me to be there to go with him, even though I didn't get anything out of this. He said I got a phone. I said no, I was talking about the computer. He said he didn't know I wanted his bigger computer. He said he was promising it to Josh because he needs a new computer. I said well, I thought we just talked Monday night about the lack of space on my hard drive, etc. He said he didn't think that was an issue and I talked about how I thought after all my hints he'd get the picture. Apparently not. He felt pretty bad and looked like he was going to cry. I'll admit, I felt good. Shame, hah. He said next time... etc... etc...

After unloading that off my chest, we were about done eating. When the bill came I quickly took the check and said I was paying. The Guy said no. I said it was my turn because he has been buying so much lately when I have gone over. The Guy was insistent to tip, however.

We go out to the car and he tells me how he's going to open the computer right then. He does. He says "ooooh, hot, I'm almost cumming in my pants. I had my arm on the armrest, close enough to his dick, so I reach over, fell, and ask "oh really?" He wasn't hard. He was excited about the computer saying how sexy the black bezel was around the screen. I relented and said it didn't look that bad. I had complained how bad it looked in the photos. He talked about how nice this Macbook refresh was, how the sleep light on the side of the computer is so nice, and things like that.

We drive over to Bank of America, The Guy's new bank, and he shows me how cool the ATM is because it reads his check, then prints the image on the ATM receipt- no deposit envelopes required. We talk about what a great experience we had at the Apple store, then he asks why I haven't tried out my phone yet, told him I didn't know what to do, and so he sets me up on Mobile Me. On the drive home he is texting Zach and telling him how nice the Macbook Pro is.

We get home about 8:30 and he has the computer open to download WOW, and we watch a few clips from the debate on youtube about Joe the Plumber. We go to CNN and watch a rerun of the debate. We laugh constantly at McCain for many things and laugh at many things. He is constantly writing, he isn't referring back to any of this, the eye contact, the constant blinking, and stuff like that. The Guy plays Warcraft for a few minutes.

Then The Guy calls Josh because Josh hadn't responded to texts. Josh's phone was deactivated it turns out, but he only finds that out after he calls the gym after we have sex.

The Guy tells me about 10:00p.m. he is going to go lay down. I asked inquisitively, "Oh really?" He said yes. I laid down next to him and he asked how I was doing. I said fine. He said he thinks I should suck his dick. I said "oh." I sucked it for a few minutes, then we both undressed, lubed and he put a condom on, then he had me slide over to the edge of the bed and he fucked me while standing on the ground. Then he told me to get on my back and I laid up at the top of the bed on some pillows while he fucked me and he did it hard. Then he told me to jack myself off and poured lube all over my hand and chest. A few minutes later he told me to shoot it, and I did. I shot, then he went to the bathroom for a towel to clean up. We were about to dress, then he said let's just get in the shower before Josh comes over to get his phone fixed. We hop in and clean up, then I get dressed and take off at 10:30 or so. I was tired and would have waited around to hang around with him and Josh, but I had to work this morning.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

College with the most unhappy students

In a recent survey released by US News and World Reports (or maybe Princeton Review- I'd have to look at our local newspaper's website to verify which group) my college ranked in the top 10 of a survey on "college with the most unhappy students." Everything that happened today just reaffirms that.

I truly don't know how much more I can take. It was one person's stupid mistake and negligence that is now going to cost me dearly. I am left to clean up this bitches mess and suffer the consequences. Screw the Spanish department.

My anxiety is waaaaaaaaaaay high today and was before this particular issue even occurred. I've taken half a dozen anxiety pills in the past 4-5 hours and am still as jittery, sick to my stomach, and worried as before. I need a nice, strong drink.

Now if I had only known that this were going to happen I would have taken my degree and walked last year, rather than spent an extra year trying to receive a minor in Spanish and waste my time on something that now doesn't matter. ...And to think I was a mere 8 units away.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Date with Keal

Keal messaged me on connexion about a week back and he said he was really seeking me out because I didn't seem like a flaming gay guy. He wants someone to talk to as he comes out. He is my age, 21, but only a junior in college. His ethnic background is pretty diverse- he is Hawaiian, Portuguese, Irish, and white. Keal and I chatted every free moment we had online this week. He is a junior at a conservative, private, Christian college in the area. He has known for years and struggled since at least 7th grade to acknowledge he was gay. He basically had a couple breakdowns this summer, spent time chatting online, found connexion, and is now bound to come out. We chatted a lot this week about both having the Christian background. He talked about how worried he was about coming out to his parents. He has 4 older siblings- 1 brother and 3 sisters all of whom have messed up or not measured up in their parents eyes. Keal hasn't had any of those problems, but he is worried this will be his issue and how hurt he is he can't tell his parents about this. I talked about my own experiences and stuff like that with him this week.

We proposed Wednesday night or so that we should hang out. He is feeling really burnt out right now working 2 jobs that total over 50 hours a week, he is a full time student, he volunteers for a nonprofit organization in LA. We both had a lot to talk about and so it seemed like a good idea. He had 3 hours he could schedule in for me on Sunday night after 7:30.

I drive over to Victoria Gardens and he calls me at 7:40 saying he could be there at 8:30. That was great- it gave me time to go to Living Spaces Furniture. He called me while I was at Living Spaces and we proposed to meet in front of JCPenney. He calls me and tells me he is in front of it, I didn't see him, so I realized he was on the other side, so I drive around, and see him.

We shake hands, then talk about our weekend as we walk to find a restaurant. Most places were closed. We settled on Yardhouse since he had never been. He is pretty talkative talking to the busser about business and stuff like that. We're seated over behind the bar. We see all the sports on the TV and ask about what sports teams we're into. He's into every sport and he is the kid born with a bad in his hand. His dad was always little league coach, etc. I talked about how it took me until 2nd or 3rd grade to learn to play baseball. Things like that. We talked about family life again, which was basically a reiteration about everything we talked about during the week. We talked about school and his dream to study abroad in Nairobi. He wants to work in 3rd world countries when he is older helping them to stabilize themselves through agriculture, etc.

He went back to talking about his weekend, how he was so busy with work, but also how he scheduled in 5-6 hours to drive out to CSUN to meet with a good friend, former classmate and coworker who he hadn't seen in 5-6 months. He said they talked and he was comfortable enough to just open up and tell his friend. Overall, she was supportive. He also went to his first gay bar this weekend with a group of coworkers. His friend said he wanted to take him to a bar, his friend is gay, then the next thing he knows it is a gay bar. He texts another coworker and tells him, then this coworker tells him to stay safe and not go home with a guy, so he has a feeling that his coworkers know; but was glad it was such a nonissue.

I told him my story about how I decided to start dealing with being gay since he seemed interested. I did tell him about The Guy, but not everything we've done, just how he has been really supportive. Keal then said that was what he wants out of me- if I could be that person he can call to listen to him, how he thinks I'll be trustworthy because I am Christian, but also not out, and things like that.

We finished up eating and he looked like he was falling asleep. He still had to go home and do TONS of homework. So we left at 10 and walked to our cars.

Haven't talked to him today, but we did talk about sneaking away for 4-5 hours Saturday to go to Disneyland.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Redoing the house

WEEEE!!!! I feel like a little kid today getting all new stuff. Technically, it is stuff for the family, but it is new, and I'm excited. I know I've blogged MANY times before several months back how my mom is a packrat, her philosophy is to keep everything, we may use it again one of these days. Also keep everything for a really long time- there is no use getting something new if something works, so this is kind of exciting.

Well, since we're not getting a new house quite yet, or may just stay in this house we're going through and doing a massive update on the place. We got new hazlenut colored carpet put in yesterday (the carpet was forest green before), and that was a godsend. It forced us to take everything out of the house. EVERYTHING. That gave my dad and I time to throw away some things we will just never use that my mom thinks we will. Secondly, my mom is seeing how much junk there is and she relented and threw quite a bit out herself, too last night.

We got the bathroom completed yesterday. The painting project on it has been HELL to say the least.

But we got all new stuff today that makes a huge difference. We filled up the trunk completely on my little Nissan while we were out shopping. We bought a new medicine cabinet for the bathroom we have been redoing for the past few weeks, 2 new trash cans for both bathrooms, 4 rug runners for the hallway, master bath, and leading into the living room. My mom was hesitant to spend so much for the runners ($39 a piece); but I said mom, it is an investment because we're keeping the carpets clean and the red runner will look REALLY good. Dad will even like it. We also bought the light socket covers, a new laundry basket that is on wheels and matches everything. It can even fit in the hall closet, which is an advantage. My mom also cringed that it was $40, but I said well, this will make doing laundry so easy because the lights are in 1 section, the underwear in another, the darks in another. Smart little me was able to find a Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon on their website when I was at the checkout, I showed the lady I had it on my phone, she laughed and gave us 25% off on it.

We didn't get new towels for the bathroom. We want new oversized towels (30''x65'' at least). We want a rust color or light beige, but couldn't find any that would match. We also couldn't find a 32'' long white or beige towel bar. We need to keep that white or beige to keep so many colors from going on in the bathroom and looking bad.

Right now my mom is in her bathroom cleaning it out because my dad told her she can have new cabinets in there next month as an early Christmas gift. My dad said to throw out old curling irons, etc. and he would replace those too. What a nice guy.

Here's a look at our bathroom- before, during, and after...

...btw My dad hates the new color of the bathroom. He says it looks like someone was murdered red. It is Indian Mahogany, though. The white accents on it looks SHARP, especially the base boards and the new sink and toilet.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yes on 8- Richard Peterson of Pepperdine

If you live in Cali, you have probably seen the Yes on 8 campaign ads for to vote for the banning gay marriage. They annoy me to no end because it just sounds so asinine and ridiculous. I found all of this very interesting that I found on this blog. Check it out- and you can e-mail Richard Peterson at the bottom of the page on this link. I sent him a nice e-mail a little while ago.

I am voting NO ON 8 for your info.

Una fiesta mexicana

I was tempted to blog this in Spanish because I'm feeling pretty Mexican right now, but decided not to.

The Guy and I spent a good portion of the afternoon im'ing each other on AIM. He asked me what I was doing last night and I told him looking for any excuse to get away because the carpet goes in on the house today and I didn't want to have to move furniture, clean, or help get ready. I had my stuff packed and ready to go, so I wasn't about to help my mom with any of her stuff, which I knew would end up happening. He said come over after he went to the gym. He calls me a couple times more and lets me know that Josh can't train him, so he would go to the gym late with Joe and I could come over anytime.

The Guy kept asking me via AIM or calling if I was coming. I kept saying no, Chris was here. Chris is my mom's hairdresser's son and does construction. He is retiling the bathroom shower and installing new commodes for us. The Guy sent me texts where he was joking around telling me how to flirt with Chris. He told me to walk into the bathroom only wearing scrubbing bubbles, tell him my toilet and his commode could get together. Or I could tell him he was "bowl"ing me over with his expertise, or I liked his "CAN"do attitude.

Anyways, after Chris left I said hello to my parents because they arrived shortly after, then took off for The Guy's place. I left at 4:30 and got over there about 5:30. He was still at the gym with JoeJoe.He told me to go in, make myself warm and comfy on the phone, then we'd head out to dinner. I go in, make myself warm and comfy. I sit on the couch and then about 5 minutes later I hear The Guy in his Mrs. Doubtfire voice yelling "Mikey, Mikey, Mikey." He comes in doing a fake jog, then we open our arms and embrace and he told me how glad he found me safe and sound. Then he continued using the voice and said JoetoJoe and him were going to the Farmers Market for food, and wanted to know if I wanted to come.

I got in the back seat, then we were off. On the way The Guy was asking me how things went with Chris, then we talked about things like Prop 8 (the gay marriage initiative here in California), and my date #2.

In the Farmers Market we start over by the bread. The Guy asks what we want. I declare I am having a BAD cheese craving. I needed cheese. Joe says he could do alfredo, but The Guy says it is too unhealthy. We look and pick up random cheeses, then walk to the meat where The Guy picks up some pork chops. Joe declares he doesn't eat pork because he sees how inhumanely pigs are treated. Then Joe suggests tacos. MMMMM. Yes, that was the answer. The Guy goes over to the deli counter for readymade taco mix. Then we fluctuate back and forth for a few minutes trying to determine whether we wanted fajitas, carne asada, or tacos. Joe says ground beef tacos or fajitas. The Guy says hell no to the ground beef. The Guy asks if we like steak. We do. He picks up 2 ORGANIC New York steaks for about $20. Joe declares organic meat is kind of an oxymoron because there is a lot less regulation of organic meat than other things. He said organic produce is definitely more worth it, then went off on studies he has read about that being the vet student he is. We head over to get already sliced lettuce for tacos, a few green peppers, red peppers, and yellow peppers, some red onions, and ready made salsas. The Guy buys at least $20 in salsas ranging from fresh bean dip to chipotle, to pico de gallo con piƱas (pineapples). The Guy grabs his smoothie fruits, refried beans, and a few other things. Then we head over to the tor-till-uhs. There we argue over how many, corn or flour, what size, and the like. Joe had his heart set on mini flour to keep with the fajita theme. The Guy wanted large packages and both corn and flour. I was partial to the larger flour. Finally we decided on a small 12 count corn and 2 dozen small flour. We go to the check out and totally joke with a guy and his son about taking cuts in front of us- once we let them do that, they'll open up another checkstand just for us and all of our groceries, so really we're not saving him time. It was funny because that happened.

In the checkout Joe was talking about how The Guy is so wasteful for asking for plastic bags. The Guy said hush. Joe talked about how he was still upset The Guy bought some random stuff. The Guy joked he was going to kill Joe. The woman checking us out was a little Asian woman and she just stood there with her eyes wide and said "oh." The filippino girl bagging was also laughing. When we left the checkout lady said "here's your receipt, I'm going to stand back." The girl bagging said she was a witness if anything happened. The Guy and Joe laughed.

On the way home The Guy gets an e-mail from a porn shop he buys stuff from advertising new products. He bought a lot of bondage stuff recently like a mouth plug, butt plugs, dildos, masks, stuff to tie someone up, etc. This e-mail was for new slings that start as low as $39.95. The Guy shows the e-mail and enlarges the pics on his phone. Joe is really conservative and uptight about sex and I could see he was uncomfortable, but really curious. He asked how the stuff was used, what a threesome was like, and stuff like that.

We get back to The Guy's place and he plays boss. He tells Joe to hand him the groceries, I can put the groceries away, and The Guy would stand around being boss. We get all of this done, I take the trash out, then The Guy has me start cutting the peppers up, Joe chops the onions since I pass on that job. The Guy then gives me the cheese to shred. We have probably 3 pounds of cheese to shred. We had colby, monterey jack, and sharp cheddar. The Guy later declares I did the best shredding he has ever seen. He cherished it. When Joe finishes the onions, The Guy sautees them and cracks open a bottle of wine. We had to get some good wine for this Friday night cooking extravaganza, so The Guy got the one with the bear breathing fire logo on it. It was a white chardonnay. I didn't think that kept in theme with the fiesta, but that was just me. The onions are done pretty quickly and so are the peppers, so The Guy adds the New York steak and chipotle seasoning for our steak fajitas.

When dinner is ready we take everything over to the coffee table. It is full. The Guy gets out the tequila because we needed something more authentic for the atmosphere. I sip that conservatively. Tequila is not my favorite thing. It is nasty. We sip that, eat, talk about how delicious it was, and watch "Baby Mama." We laugh, joke, and eat. There is soooo much food. I have 4 or 5 fajitas. There was sooooooooo much leftover.

The Guy and Joe talk about their AT&T account. The Guy added Joe to his account, so he wanted to make sure he was paid up. The Guy then decides since his dad is cutting costs he can no longer afford to have his backup $170 per month 2nd DSL connection. The Guy calls Time Warner to go with them for phone service and told us his mom pays that bill because he convinced her it is his internet company (and not his cable company), so it is used for business.

The Guy said he wanted to try out some of the gear he got like the bondage tape, so he runs to his bedroom, then comes and starts tying me up while I'm still dressed. He takes my shirt off, does my hands behind my back. Then he pulls my pants down, ties up my legs at the ankles. Then he carries me to the bedroom, tells Joe to come. The Guy sucks Joe off and I watch. The Guy plays and sucks my dick also. Not a lot of hot and heavy, just sucking. Joe wouldn't go further and I was 100% fine with that. We hang around until 1:30a.m. I get home at 2:15a.m.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

You're going to have to come and get me

I have the worst allergies- bad enough to warrant me to get allergy shots once a week so that I don't end up with constant allergy headaches or have asthma flare-ups. It used to be we would go up to the Allergy Dept. at Kaiser, check in at the desk, then stand in line with everyone else waiting to get their allergy shots. My family all gets allergy shots, so it is a family affair. Thursdays we always meet at Kaiser and eat afterward.

About 6 months ago Kaiser suddenly became worried about patient confidentiality. They installed a privacy door, a new computerized check-in that the nurses use, and you wait at a chair for them to call you. This system sucks ass. This new system gives the nurses tons of extra time to talk while preparing patients injections. The nurses will spend 4-5 minutes talking and supposedly preparing an injection for a patient. With the new system you wait 30-45 minutes to get your damn shot because they take so long to call you and spend all the time talking.

Oh, and you're supposed to wait 20 minutes after you get your shot. That's an hour visit to Kaiser at least- a visit that used to only take 15-20 minutes.

So let's fast forward to today. Since it is a family affair my dad usually arrives first, checks all of us in, then gets his shot. We let the nurses know we're there when we arrive, then about 30-45 minutes after we've arrived, they call us.

Today I go in to get my shot and Miss Timmie, the nurse tells me my dad can no longer check me or my family in because it is showing up badly in their computers when this happens. They are graded on how fast they serve their members and it shows my sister, mom, or I waiting in the que section for 30-45 minutes and they get in trouble. I told Miss Timmie "my ass I'm going to wait- we wait 30-45 minutes because of this new system you have because of patient confidentiality. All you do is stand in here, talk, and occasionally call a patient. I don't care that you get in trouble. You should. The service is terrible." Miss Timmie was pretty taken aback by what I said and said she takes that as an insult. I told her she should.

I marched out and told my dad and sister what she had just said. They felt the same way I did. I told my mom when she arrived and she agreed that we're not changing how we get our shots- we'll have 1 person check us in.

We all got our shots, and we rebelled, like usual, and didn't wait the 20 minutes. I've been getting these damn shots for 17 years and haven't had a bad reaction yet, so I don't expect to have one right now. My ass I'm going to wait 20 minutes afterward. About 5 minutes after getting everyone's shot we march to the elevator. I see Timmie and Suzie running after us- yeah- they have enough time to sit around and watch the patients take off rather than serve the 5-6 people who were waiting to still receive their allergy shots. Timmie and Suzie left their nursing stations in the allergy department, and ran for us to say they needed to check our shots. I saw them running after us, but I wasn't about to play friendly after this. The elevator door closed in the niche of time and we arrived at the bottom. Suzie was there waiting for us on the first floor- she ran down the 3 flights of stairs to do this. I said I can't wait and had to run to the bathroom, so I marched passed Suzie just to be an ass.

I go in the bathroom and do my thing, then when I leave I don't see Suzie. I see Miss Timmie though, walking around the pharmacy area like she is looking for me. She sees me and starts running. I go in the other direction and out the other exit. I make a brisk walk toward my car. I open up my car and Miss Timmie has caught up with me and tells me that she needs to check my arms. I said something to the fact of "like hell you're going to, I'm late." Timmie's look in her eyes was of anger and disgust. She said she's going to tell Dr. Lai on me and see that I have to wait to get my shot, or else not get them. Oh, and I snapped picture of Miss Timmie outside as she walks away from my car.

Can you believe that? Nurses took off, just left their stations, when they should have been taking care of patients waiting to get their shots, to make sure that my arms were checked? The Allergy Dept. used to be friendly, but since this new system has gone into place they are not. I'm going to complain to Membership Services and fill out those comment cards saying I received bad service next time I go and recount this event to them and show them the pictures.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What vegetables do you eat?

I texted The Guy saying I hope he felt better after yesterday and then later called him saying I was free if he wanted to hang out. When I called him he said that was a good idea, but he had to eat healthy.

I suggested I bring the place with the salmon and potatoes. He agreed, so he phoned in the order and I went to pick it up. Lots of problems there- 3 people whose name is also the same as The Guy's called in orders. The cashier just rang up my order and $4.99 was a bit low. He brought the next order which was chicken and rice for $8.00. I said no again. Then he went and found my order was being cooked. That was hilarious. So I paid the $21.50 for our order and the employee thanked me for my honesty.

Got the food and went over to The Guy's house. He was out in the pool and the dog was outside on the patio. I went outside as he was getting out of the jacuzzi. We hugged, then loaded our plates. The Guy ordered us 2 pieces of salmon, potatoes sauteed in olive oil, cooked broccoli, raspberry vinaigrette, bowtie pasta and rice. We open each of the containers. I put a little of everything except the broccoli on my plate. The Guy asked if I liked brocoli. I said I like it, but not cooked broccoli. He then asked what vegetables I eat. I said I liked potatoes, RAW carrots, which he said both were starches and not vegetables. I said fine, have it your way. So I went down the list of naming vegetables. I said I like tomatoes, but he countered that was a fruit. I gave him that one. I said I like onions, beans, and a few other vegetables. He said these weren't vegetables. It was getting really difficult, so I asked him what his definition of vegetables were. Lettuces, green stuff, broccoli, squash, and things like that. He apparently doesn't see me eat enough vegetables he alerted me.

We eat, then sit down to some WOW. I play his mage, which was something I hadn't played before. First The Guy told me to fly to the wrong place in the game, but once I got to the right place we were in business. He said I didn't do half bad playing a mage. I liked just hanging back and using magic on the characters.

He wants to nap about 2:30p.m. I swear. He takes a nap everyday (or has in the past 3-4 months) at 2:30p.m. I take off and get home at 3:30.

Monday, October 6, 2008

My scheduled cheer up duty

I called The Guy on Sunday afternoon. I had my suspicion that he was having a bad weekend since I hadn't heard from him. He was. Ben, the guy he really liked a few months back came back from Japan and The Guy picked him up at the airport. The Guy had been letting him keep his car at The Guy's house during that time. They went out, had a nice lunch, then Ben took off, rode off into the sunsets to have a nice life. The Guy said he was going over to Zach's that night to cheer him up, but he needed cheered up today. He said I could schedule 1:30, 2, 2:30, 3, and went down the list all the way up to 6p.m, and the rest of the evening. I said I could do 2p.m.

He instant messaged me on AIM about 12p.m. when I was in class asking if I was done yet. I told him no and made random small talk with him up until the time class ended. He had asked me to go to the pizza place to pick up some garlic pizza since he ordered some hella nasty Papa Johns. He only ate half, but he was hungry. Anyways, to cheer him up I said I would.

He said to call him when I was 20 minutes away and he'd call in an order for the garlic pizza. I called him and he picked up the phone saying "ok, ok, I'm on it" and I cheered "hurry, hurry, hurry."

He called back a couple minutes later to get a status update on my location. I was on the 15 northbound about to transition to the 10 westbound. I had just passed a yellow Nissan 350Z car. I was fast.

Got the pizza and was on my way to his house. I walked in and he asked what I was up to. I said I just brought some delicious pizza. He ran to the kitchen from the couch telling me how unexpected this was. I laughed and we both played it off like it was. The Guy wanted to give me the Papa Johns pizza, but I fought for a slice of the New York Pizza. We stood and ate a slice in the kitchen and he kept saying "mmmmmmm."

We grab another slice, then go in and sit down. The Guy predicts I want another slice, and I did, which he makes a joke about him being psychic. I didn't know I did and when he offered me another slice turned it down. We watch "Charmed" and he sits looking at stuff on his computer. Afterward we both lay down on the couch and nap. We probably napped for 40 minutes or so.

The Guy gets up and takes one of the muscle relaxants that he bought off the internet last week, the ones he complained gave him dark circles under his eyes, that he had to drink cranberry juice for 2 days because the circles were so bad, and that made him sleep for hours. So we head to the bed this time. I was not tired now, so I spent most of the time with my head under the covers surfing the internet on my iPhone. and most of the blogs I read are suddenly inaccesible on the iPhone. Blogger needs to fix that.

So we lay some, I get a couple cell phone calls, ignore them. It is my mom, home, and my dad. I get up and lay down a couple times, then listen to my voicemail messages. My mom is leaving to go up to Nor Cal tonight for a family emergency, so she needed me to come home to run her to the airport. I told The Guy at 6:30 I needed to take off. I went over, tapped him on the shoulder, and said I have got to go. He looked pouty, asked why, I told him, he seemed surprised. I was too. I felt bad leaving him because I was getting caught up on sleep, plus I didn't want to have to drive back to near where The Guy lives to take my mom to the airport.

*** As far as Greg goes, I have spent most of the evening chatting with him since I got home from the airport. I asked him how I was last night and he said "of course you were !" He just wants to make sure I'm comfortable and there's things he knows both of us want to try out, so there will be a "next time" he confirmed. Woot. I have kind of made a couple proposals about going out to different places like the Knotts Halloween Haunt, but he is not interested in that because he went one year and was a target of all the monsters.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

He knew Mike's parents were gone this weekend...

Greg messaged me about 2:30p.m. yesterday on Connexion asking me what I was up to this weekend. He had been saying how I needed to come down to his place and hang out- he would teach me Uno or strip poker, or both. We talked quite a bit before this week. This week he went to Palm Springs and was hanging around his house because he took the week off of work. He had said that when he came back we were going to hang out again. My parents are both up in Wrightwood at a wedding this weekend, and I had told him that before he went to San Diego. I messaged him about 4:30 after my parents got home and we talked before they took off for the weekend. They needed me to finish taking the wallpaper off the bathroom, then I was free. I told Greg this, told him I would finish up, shower, and if 8p.m. would work, we'd be great. He gave me directions and I was off.

I had a pleasant drive down there. I get a call from Greg as I'm getting off the 261 tollroad telling me to call him when I'm near and he'll tell me where to park at his condo. I drive into the complex and call Greg. He tells me to keep driving and he'll tell me when to stop. He was standing in his kitchen telling me what to do. He kept saying "go, go, go, slow down, stop... I'll be right out." Greg comes out running like a little kid, then stands in front of my car and does the Disneyland point with his hands (2 fingers) to show me where to park. I parked and he came over to say hello. He was wearing a t-shirt that said 808 and green and brown plaid shorts (the ones that are popular now).

Up in his apartment he shows me around. He has lived there 8-9 years, but really only redone it in the past 2-3. He has a brown living room and kitchen, dark navy blue bedroom, and a light blue bathroom. He shows me his snacks- popcorn and Sun Chips. He offers me a drink and I have some water. We sit down at his coffee table and he asks what I want to do. I said Uno sounded fun. We talk about playing card games when we were younger, games we know, and gosh... I've forgotten so many (War, Spades, Crazy 8s, Hearts, and the list goes on). We play a couple hands of Uno with all of our cards face up so he can give me advice and show me what to do. The third round we play on our own. He wins that round and the following 2. I win the last one.After Uno, he deems I need to learn to play poker like he does. So we play a couple rounds similar to Uno where we show each other our cards. Then we play a couple more poker hands. We talk about things like family, school, and his week in Palm Springs. He was a Spanish major and I'm a Spanish minor, so we had a lot to talk about. We talked about how our classes were so different. He was reading stuff like Cervantes and Shakespeare in Spanish, but I haven't and am not going to.

Greg asked what I wanted to do after poker and I said I didn't care. He said we could sit and talk or watch a movie. He talked about how he buys all of his movies when they are a couple years old off of or when he can buy them at Target as double features. He never pays full price for that. I noticed Greg is really conservative on money issues and spending and this progressed throughout the night when he showed me things like his bathroom, his bathroom lighting and counter project he has yet to complete.

We decide to watch a movie. I chose a Heath Ledger movie that I'd probably seen at The Guy's, but the name wasn't ringing a bell. Anyways, it looked good. Then Greg put out "Latter Days," and that looked good. It is about a group of Mormon missionaries and one happens to be gay. We sit snacking on Sun Chips and watch the show. Greg puts his left hand on my right leg about 10 minutes into the movie. I then put my hand on his hand and rub it. We sit like this for probably an hour, holding hands and snacking on chips. About an hour into the show, Greg repositions himself and puts his arm around me. It felt really good, but then it was sort of an odd angle, so I did some shifting and Greg took a pillow and put it on him, and I put my feet up on the couch to get comfortable. Greg asked if I liked the show and I said I did. The credits finish rolling and he turns the TV off. He comes over and lays his head on my thighs. He smiles up at me occasionally and I smile at him. I rub his head. He is unbuttoning my shirt. After a few minutes he lays himself on the couch so his legs are on me and his head is laid on the foot of the couch. We smile at each other and then he comes in a couple times for a kiss. Small kisses, then we hug. We play around kissing for a few minutes and I felt like I was a really bad kisser at first.

Greg gets up and says he'll be right back. He walks into his bedroom, then comes back and takes both of my hands. We walk and he pulls me into his bedroom. We stand in the middle where we hug and kiss. He undoes my jeans and I undo his shorts. Then I feel him pushing me backwards and into the wall. He then puts my hands up above me and he starts kissing me on the lips. I felt a little weird since no guy has ever done this to me. Then we make our way over to the bed after a while. He pulls my black 2xist boxer briefs off of me as I get on the bed. We lay on the bed, me on the bed, him above me, kissing. He gets really into it licking my ears and neck. It felt good and we were both moaning. He occasionally rubs my dick and I rub his or his balls. He moves some pillows and so I can prop my head and suck on his nipples. He's one of those guys whose nipples are really sensitive and he was moaning a lot. We kiss some more, he keeps putting my hands over my head, he licks my armpits and that really turned him on I noticed, I lick his neck some, then his black Calvin Klein boxer briefs come off. He positions himself on my thighs and starts jacking me off. I play with his dick some. He bends over while jacking my dick to kiss me and he is very verbal in bed apparently. He was saying things like "shoot it Mike, you're going to shoot for me" and so that was surprising. We both lay next to each other and shoot our loads on ourselves, then we each clean up using a wet towel.

He talks a lot after. He made the most random statement: "my neighbors always have to light a cigarette after he has sex." He asked if I always wear black boxer briefs, or if that was coincidence because he did too," then he said he doesn't believe in coincidences, only miracles. I declared it was a miracle there happened to be black boxer briefs there, but he said it wasn't. He said it would be a miracle if I had 1 black pair and 30 white in my drawer. He asked if I was ok with what happened, and that he took notes when we talked online and remembered how it takes a long time for me to be comfortable with someone and going further. He asked what I was thinking about and I said how surreal things seemed sitting in there on the couch. He mentioned how he was thinking about when we were in the parking structure of the Irvine Spectrum, saw in my eyes that it looked like I was truly interested in him, and how badly he wanted to kiss me, but didn't know if it was too early for that. He asked how long we lasted and I said I didn't know. He said "2 1/2 hours," which was a reference to a line in the movie about how long sex was supposed to last. I didn't pick up on that reference, but he explained it, and it was funny. He asked what my definition of sex was and how different people define sex differently. His definition is enjoying an orgasm together. He talked about how he talks a lot after sex and his 2 sex organs- his brain and skin can't turn off.

It was 1:30a.m. and we probably fooled around for 90 minutes to "2 1/2 hours" He asked if I wanted to stay the night, if I was comfortable, and I said sure since I knew that was what he wanted, and what I wanted. He said sure. We strip down to our black boxer briefs and climb into bed. He lays on one side and I lay on another. He talks about his scary return home from Palm Springs where he ran over debris, got a flat tire, and how he was nearly hit several times. After about 15 minutes of talking, he finally cuddles up to me and puts his arms around me. We fall asleep like that and wake up a couple times in the night where he readjusts himself and puts his hands on me. I flipped over sometime in the morning and he put my hand on him since we were then laying in the same direction. When we woke up he asked me to guess what time it was. I guessed 8:30 and it was really 9:30. We laid talking about his work and all of the recent firings. I talked a little about work too. He asked if I wanted Jamba Juice or Starbucks, and said we should go.

We get up, are dressed in 5 minutes, and I'm in the car following him to Jamba Juice. We go in and order. I had my ATM out in hand to pay, but he pulls a $10 out of his pocket and gets in my way of paying and the cashier takes his money. He says I can pay next time because he knows we'll be meeting up again. We get our drinks, then go out and sit on the patio. He brings his LA Times with him. He talks about how he is very old fashioned and still reads the newspaper. I do too, and he says that he likes that in me. We split the paper- I get the business section, then Fry's Electronics ad, then comics, and more. We talk about our horoscopes, where we've been in the U.S., and things like that.

After reading the paper he wants to go to the costume shop in the Irvine Marketplace because he is going to WeHo for Halloween. We walked around looking at the costumes and he really likes the "Fantastic 4" costume. He talks about how he can't fathom spending $70 or $50 for a costume and wants to settle on the $12 "Fantastic 4" costume, but doesn't know what theme his friend wants to go with. He wants to try the "Fantastic 4" costume on, but is too self conscious to slip it over his shirt in the store like the employees suggested; many were doing that. Anyways, we look at the politician masks and laugh at them... a Laura Bush... Hillary... Obama... Michelle Obama...

We go out to our cars after being unsuccessful in our costume search and talk about his work again, our cars, how we care for our cars, and things of that sort. We hug a couple times in the parking lot and once we got stares. Then we depart...

Soooooooooo..... debrief.... because I've been dating 2 guys and I want to get my thoughts together and stuff...
- Date #2 is nice, fun, and genuine, but doesn't have that "spark" that I get when seeing Greg. Greg is hotter, Greg is funnier, Greg seems a lot more confident in bed.
- Distance-wise Greg is closer
- Date #2 is 5 years younger or so than Greg
- Greg in my opinion looks younger, is a lot more fit, and has a petite frame
- Greg can talk about a bunch of issues and is well versed in just about every area. Date #2 is, but not to the same extent.
- Greg habla Espanol y pudiera ayudarme si necesito... hehe
- Greg would be a great friend/guy for a relationship
- Not sure how great Date #2 would be in a relationship, but would be a great friend
- My intention wasn't to date 2 guys at once, but it just kind of happened where I was able to meet both at the same time
- I am not sure that it is me rushing into a relationship- I'm not trying to and not sure I want to... but I do really like one of them
- Both are ok if we were to be in a relationship with the age difference
- Greg seems to have more of that little kid/concerned kid type thing I like... like The Guy... both fun and carefree...