Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eating weekend

Spent most of the weekend eating it seems.

Had me some tacos de res y lengua por almuerzo ayer. I had some beef and tongue tacos for lunch yesterday. Sooooooo delicious!!!

Linda treated us to a buffet at a casino with her comps points. We dined on steak, lobster, and king crab legs, as well as blue cheese macaroni and cheese, which was delicious (coming from a person who doesn't like blue cheese). Love me some steak and crab.

Made Mexican spaghetti for lunch- a friend does this- he takes a jar of spaghetti, adds cooked chorizo, then simmers the chorizo in Dos Equis. Then he adds only the chorizo to the sauce and discards the beer. He adds onions and garlic. It is quite good and gives the spaghetti a definite zing.

After lunch I did manage a gym workout.

Linda also won tickets to a hockey game and she had a suite courtesy of the casino. She invited my sister and I to go along. We dined on shrimp, pizza, spinach and artichoke dip, macaroni and cheese, and guacamole dip. Fun game. I have to wonder what the Ontario Reign were doing in the last 2 minutes of the game. The goalie was nonexistent, and that was disappointing. Enjoyed the game and hanging out in the suite. I was really into the game. I was yelling at the players, watching the fights that the Idaho teams started. There were 2 fights in the first period that the Idaho team started over things like the Reign player having a hockey stick in their way and in another instance bumping into a member of the other team.

On the way home I was involved in a really small chain reaction accident. I was stopped, as were the several cars in front of me as we try to make the transition from the 10 east to the 15south. Not sure why the cars were stopping- unless they were trying to read the sign about the offramp being closed on the 5th and 6th of February. Anyways, I am stopped for a good 10-15 seconds, I check my rearview and said out loud to my sis that the cars behind us are going awfully fast, and I hope they stop. The man in the Corolla behind me barely stopped in time. The man in the car behind him didn't stop. I sat in my mirror watching this, and when I saw he was getting close told my sister to "hold on." I put my foot down on the brake. I sat watching my rearview mirror as I was rear-ended. My sister yelled out "what the?!" I am glad and thankful I knew it was coming so I could hold my foot down on the brake and brace myself. We were probably hit at between 10-20mph. AMAZINGLY THERE WAS NO DAMAGE TO MY CAR. I WAS AMAZED, AND SO THANKFUL. It was hard enough that there was a possibility, as evidenced by the Corolla. Anyways, we get out, exchange info, and go through that spiel. I do have to say my car held up VERY well even though it was a really small fender bender. I was the only one with no damage. Just a small scuff that can be buffed out I'm pretty sure. Of course Linda said to call and let her know we got home safe- I did. We did get home safe. I left those other details out. Of course my sister was on the phone with my parents within seconds of the fender bender letting them know, worrying them, when it was just a simple thing. No complaints. My car made it out safe. I am safe. I am thankful I saw the accident happening to prepare.

Friday, January 29, 2010

You can't make this shit up

I don't know what better to call this post than that. I was hesitant to blog about this because it was just so crazy. I felt like I'd be judged/criticized for my handling. I felt that I did something wrong. I felt that you, my readers, would probably not believe me because I do have some of the strangest instances with men. You may begin to think I'm some adonis, and I'm far from that. I'm at the point where I just need to get it off my chest since it has been in my mind a couple days.

This happened Wednesday night. Unwanted attention. I go to the mall after work to hang out before class and browse. I go to one of the huge malls in the area. I go into all the teen/young adult stores (Journeys, PacSun, Abercrombie, Banana Republic, etc.). There is this older latino guy following me, probably in his mid 40s, and he is not cute. He is probably 5'5'', 5'6'', dark brown hair, sort of slicked back, in spikes. He had a bad acne problem. There was also something going on with his face. He had a 2 tone face- 1 side had dark red spots, then the other was abnormally white. Drugs? Skin problem? I don't know. I notice he is following me into some stores. He goes in, hangs around at the front if I'm at the back, etc. etc. I didn't think much of it, because hey, everyone stares from time to time. He didn't go into all the same stores I did. Sometimes as I was walking out, he'd be walking in the same direction as me. I rationalized it that he just happened to be leaving another store because it was a mall and stores are right next to each other.

I come out of Banana Republic and go into Calvin Klein. I notice at this time he had been going in an opposite direction and coming back toward me. Awkward much? Still, I go into CK and he makes his way back to the clearance where I am. He asks me the most random question, "where do you get your eyebrows done?" I tell him. He asked where it was, for the address, and if I had a phone number. I just said I didn't, but I gave him the name of the place. He needed help up there let me just say. His weren't a mess, but sure, he could use something. Actually, if my eyebrows weren't so large I'd leave them be. Anyways, I don't see anything in clearance, so I go over to the $19.99 CK sweaters. I am looking at those, and I'm up against the display standing. There is a good 3 feet or so where other people, including him can get by. My body is turned in at the display, but this guy, as I see him coming toward me reaches up, puts his arms on my shoulders, and falls into me. I support and hold him up with my weight. I am confused at this time. Why? There was plenty of space to go around. This dude asks me if anyone has ever told me that I'm hot before, and then proceeds to grab my package. I push him away. Before I know it this guy is turned around with his ass up against my dick, grinding up on me. YES. GRINDING. I push him away again and walk out of the store as quickly as I could. I was already stunned. In a mall. So out in the open. So bold. That's all that went through my mind. He must be on drugs is all that I thought.

I make my exit as quick as I could from CK. I pop into JC Penney to use the bathroom before I take off. I walk quickly and don't think anything of it. I go into the bathroom, pull out my equipment, and shortly after he comes in. He makes no effort to restrain himself. He peers over the divider between the urinals and looks at my dick. I continue to piss. He backs up, reaches over, and grabs my penis. Yes. He does. I am at the point of feeling really uncomfortable and violated. I am weirded out. He looks so old in my opinion by this time, really long, wrinkly hands, he has long fingernails (which could be possible coke use), and a black fingernail possibly from a bruise. I am nervous, scared, uncomfortable, and offended. I am on the verge of shutting down. He just grabbed my dick. Where has his hand been? What does he have? I immediately start pushing him. I push him 2-3 times with my arm toward the wall and keep repeating to him "FUCK YOU." He keeps trying to make advances and push me back, so I don't know why, but I slapped his dick. He was long and uncut. I was so weirded out, then weirded out with myself that I touched his thing.

I exit the bathroom as quickly as I can. I don't even bother to zip up my pants. I'm busy pulling up my underwear and zipping up as I walk out. I walk as quick as I can back through the mall to the food court to go to my car. He might have followed me, I don't know. He didn't end up at Subway, which was where I ate for dinner. I was a little weirded out I kind of let my guard down. I guess it was understandable and I was about to shut down. I went to Subway and I use a wet paper towel to wipe my dick down just for my sake. Who knows where his hand was, how many guys he'd done that with, how many that day, etc. etc. etc. I wash my hands thoroughly, too. I am cutting it really close between leaving the mall, eating, and getting to school. I thought about not going to class. I decided I have to go, not just because the professor is such an ass about being late or absent, but I have had bigger obstacles thrown at me, and as always I just put a smile on my face, hide the problem, and head to school.

I had 4 1/2 hours to sit in class and stew over whether or not I did the right thing. I called/texted The Guy, and he was busy, and it was late, so most of my east coast blogger buddies were in bed, or I presumed. I didn't know who to call. I decided to give it a shot, and to call a blog reader. I want to take a moment to thank reader Bruce for talking to me and assuring me I did the right thing. I really was hesitant as to who to call, it was late, but I figured maybe he would be up. I'm so glad and thankful that you took the time to listen to me and reassure me I did the right thing. I just needed that affirmation I did the right thing immediately to put my mind to rest. Thanks Bruce!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My new happy song

Chris Brown - "Forever"

I find myself listening to this in the car, turning the radio up, singing along. It just has a cool sound and light feeling to it making me want to dance.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

He's done

I got a text and call from date last week. He asked me if I were free tonight for a date and he asked if we were even talking. I resisted responding at first to give me some time to be civil. I then replied with a generic hi. He asked how I was, and I told him I was alright. He asked how my bird walks were. I told him fine. There was 15 minutes of silence, then I said "listen, I was really bothered by many of the events of last week, and cannot continue. I wish you nothing but the best." He wrote back and asked what I was bothered by. I didn't reply before being bombarded by there were some major red flags about me, but he thought he should look optimistically and give me the benefit of the doubt. I told him I was sorry he felt that way, but I really did not feel I could continue because of my gut feelings. He told me that I should have offered to pay my own on the date (which I did), he told me I shouldn't prey on old guys, and he's sorry we can't be together. Trying to guilt me, but also manipulate me into staying, and feeling guilty. No thanks. He sent another message asking why we don't just fuck. I told him that I wished him nothing but the best, and ended it. I blocked, then removed him from my buddy list, and my phone. I don't know if I handled it well- I suppose I could have told him what bothered me, but I was not in the mood to argue, and something told me it would be a no win situation.

Monday, January 25, 2010

What will it take?

What will it take for me to find a normal, sane guy to date? Why do I keep coming up empty handed? What is it that I lack? These are questions I have asked myself over and over after these failed dates. What is it? Is it some vibe that I give off? I wonder on a different note if it is some vibe I give off to attract all of these crazies. Is it something that I say? Rarely has being out came up on the first date, and I understand that could be a deterrent. Is it something that I do? I have critiqued the date the other night, as I do with every other date to see where it is I go wrong. What is it? I feel that I have so much to give and so much want to spend some time with another individual whom I can date, but it hasn't happened yet. After each date I still feel like such a novice in wondering what I lack to take it to the next step.

Just some thinking out loud...

On another note, bad date texted me a good morning this morning and asked when we would be getting together this week because he had a proposal for me (and my bedroom) because I mentioned in a conversation that I was trying to figure out what to do. Of course he texted that would mean him coming over. Um. No. Um. I never showed you my bedroom. You will not be coming over. I have no interest in showing you my bedroom. I don't need ideas from a disturbing guy. I hardly think you know what my bedroom needs without ever seeing it- and really don't want your suggestions. I feel kind of bad I never called him and told him I was no longer interested, but um, no, he's not coming over. That's that. Um how weird is it to text a guy that you went on 1 date and haven't heard from them in a week, and invite himself, and say that he's coming over to your house?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Country/Mexican ties

Downloaded George Strait's new song "El Rey" the other day, which he did a great job on in my opinion, and the background instruments sound really authentic with the mariachi sound. Anyways, I knew I'd heard the song before by Los Tigres del Norte. I remember Karina in my Spanish class last year doing a report on the importance of Los Tigres del Norte, their importance to the term machismo, as well as la frontera, or the border. I remember she printed out lyrics for everyone. But anyways, I knew George Strait wasn't the original singer, so did some research and found multiple people who had performed it. I just knew GS didn't write this. I was thinking the verb conjugations and tenses that he used were for a pretty advanced Spanish speaker, so I had to find out, but still it stuck in my mind that I'd heard it before. I stumbled upon this great article about the fusion between country music and Mexican people that is occurring, as well as how George Strait came upon the song. Rhett Atkins, a country singer from the early 90s, as well as Leann Wommack are all possibly going to record some Spanish songs coming up on future albums. Can't wait to hear more...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Younger date

He was a hottie!!! Throughout the date he reminded me of Spinner from Degrassi as far as body frame and looks. Date had darker hair, though, and a faux-hawk, and his right ear pierced. He sort of has that want to be bad boy look going on.
(Spinner is the blond guy in the video below)

We met at TGI Fridays where we spent a great deal of time talking about work and special ed. He talked about how people often say how gross it is he works with those kids, or how they don't understand. He did the majority of the talking and I could hardly get a word in- a change from when we'd chatted on the phone or internet. We talk about him living in Oklahoma, how he wound up out here. We talked about his family and mine, and outness. A couple times he said he felt really awkward, but I don't know if that was just nervousness or not.

The service was awful at Fridays. 3 waiters said they'd take care of us, and only 1 did. The 1 who did take care of us only got us drinks and brought the check. Oh, and when he brought the check he asked 3-4 times who had the sizzling chicken and who had the steak, and he gave us the wrong checks. We traded, then he mixed the cards up, so even though we straightened it out, I was charged for what I didn't order. Oh well.

After we eat we run outside into the rain and debate what to do. I said movies, but there was nothing I really wanted to see, and he agreed he doesn't like movie dates. I told him the rain sort of took away from things we could do. I was thinking mini golf at the local amusement park that was just down the street. He said we could go back to his place and watch a movie. I follow him back to his place. We watch "Zoolander" and since the heat hasn't kicked on in the house we both lay under our own blankets. Suddenly we are cuddled up next to each other, holding hands, rubbing each others arms, and talking about little stuff like music, how he felt awkward earlier, how we were both so cold, how we were both having a great time, and things like that. As "Zoolander" came to an end he was getting very tired and could hardly stay awake. We called it a night. We hugged and I took off.

Hopefullly there is a 2nd date...
After the date I went to the big teen hangout and ran into a bunch of people I really didn't care to see. I was there to find 8 books for an annotated bibliography for schooll. I ran into Max's cute friend Jesse, one of The Mike's friends Randall and his girlfriend, a few other guys I've seen at the local gay club. Jesse was checking me out and following me around in the store somewhat. I got everything done and left as quickly as I could.
I get to the car and get a call from a half drunk Darla asking me where I was and that she and Eddy had been drinking for hours already. I told them I was on my way, despite being very tired at this point. Oh well, it was only 8p.m. I am at the Mexican food place within 10 minutes, ordering a house margarita, which was pretty darn good. Lots of good stories. Told all of them including Eddy about my date, but he still seemed in shock and kept referring to my date as "she." Starbucks afterward where they were all pretty much tired. Then to Eddy's to watch an episode of Law and Order. All of this before midnight.
Sunday Update: Date just wants to be friends, but that's ok.

Fantasy LA Anchor Teams: KTTV/KCOP


Jean Martirez, Tony McEwing, Maria Quiban, Lisa Breckenridge, Rick Dickert, Ric Quintero

Steve Edwards, Jillian Barberie, Dorothy Lucey, Rick Dickert, Maria Quiban

Jean Martirez, Tony McEwing, Maria Quiban, Rick Dickert

Lisa Breckenridge, Tony McEwing, Maria Quiban

Carlos Amescua, Gina Silva, Mark Thompson, Liz Habib (sports)

Weekend p.m.
Susan Hirasuna, Jeff Michael, WEATHER

Michael Brownlee, Christine Devine, Mark Thompson, Liz Habib

Commentary: For the mostpart everyone stays the same. I move Christine Devine off of KTTV because KTTV's ratings at 10p.m. have tanked, so I figure there is need for a change. I find Gina Silva to be a much better anchor. I think KTTV needs a weather and sports person for their evening newscasts.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Younger date teaser

I have a date tomorrow I'm actually looking forward to. 2 dates in 1 week. This date seems normal. He is 21- rare that I go on a date with a younger guy. He is a teacher's assistant, 5'11'', 170lbs, brown hair, hazel eyes. We have been chatting for about 3 weeks on connexion and AIM. Lots of stuff in common as far as job interests, family from the same area in Oklahoma, same sense of humor, he is a listener and so am I, but I'm also the world's biggest talker if I know you well. The conversation just seems to flow. He's a math guy, I'm an English guy. He doesn't seem to have that annoying, stupid I see in younger guys where they just don't care. He seems to have genuine interest and wants to hear what I have to say. Not that I'm giving advice, just he likes to listen. Who knows... anyways does it seem scandalous 2 different dates with 2 different guys in 1 week? haha...

I haven't chatted with the guy from the other night. He messaged me on Yahoo yesterday and texted me a good morning. I was going nonstop yesterday and didn't sit down until I laid in my bed at 11:15. It was such an awful, horrible, busy day. Thanks for the outpouring of support and telling me I was not wrong in thinking this guy was out of line. All of the recommendations, posts, were truly amazing and uplifting. I felt like everyone was for me and was ready to tell him off when he called yesterday- he didn't- but if he does, I'm picking up that phone and speaking my mind.

Fantasy LA Anchor Teams: KABC 7


Phillip Palmer, Subha Ravindhran, Garth Kemp, Alysha Del Valle, Scott Reiff

Phillip Palmer, Subha Ravindhran, Garth Kemp

4 and 6p.m.
David Ono, Ellen Leyva, Dallas Raines, John Hartung, Denise Dador, George Pennachio

5p.m. and 11p.m.
Marc Brown, Michelle Tuzee, Dallas Raines, John Hartung, Denise Dador, George Pennachio

Weekend a.m.
John Gregory, Lisa Hernandez, Danny Romero

Weekend p.m.
Robert Holguin, Leslie Miller, Indra Petersons, Rob Fukuzaki

Garth Kemp

John Hartung

Phillip Palmer

Commentary: KABC is known for keeping the talent the same year after year, and I mostly do that. I am sad that Kathy Vara left KABC. I cannot stand Leslie Sykes, so the biggest change was to move her off the anchor desk in from 4:30-7 and at 11a.m. I am happy that KABC continues to use the hottie John Hartung quite a bit. I find him much easier to watch than Rob Fukuzaki, so I would promote him M-F sports. The biggest change is the weekend evening anchor team.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Date debrief

Hey guys, I have a feeling you're going to make a field day with this in your comments, and have at it. I am gathering my thoughts still, but would like a different perspective, thoughts, opinions, I need to vent.

So a few things before we begin...
This guy said he was the planner, had planned something, told the girls and work, and the girls said this was over the top for a first date. I have to agree. I don't know. It was really sweet and nice, but was it over the top? What comes after if this was the very first date? What about expectations?
- The date is 36
- 6'4'' and his profile on a4a said 210, but I'm guessing 240 as he had quite a beer belly- no offense- just observations- I could be wrong. I have a big thing for honesty.
- He lives at home because his parents are off traveling for a year, yet are at home right this minute
- He has 3 jobs and works close to 80 hours a week

He texts me all day and I text back. He has such good feelings about this, high expectations, ideas about how we are perfect. He jokes how he misses talking to me all day because I was at work and I mistakenly wrote back that if he married me he wouldn't have to worry because then he could support me. So he called me on his way home from work, told me how excited he was, told me how busy his day was, stuff like that. He told me I'd get a text an hour before with directions on what to do on the first date.

I get a text that his car will be parked at the Target at the end of the lot. There will be an envelope and I am to open it and follow the directions. The directions were as follows: there was a full page type written letter thanking me and telling me how much he enjoyed me, he put a $10 gift certificate in the envelope, told me to buy 3 things that reminded me of him. I was a little freaked out for a first date and he asked me if I was. I lied. Unfortunately. It was cute in a way, but in a way. I go in completely unsure what to buy. I decide on a picture frame, sticker lettering, and a Food Network Magazine because he likes to cook. The picture frame and stickers were because he likes to decorate and works at a home decor store. I sent him a pic of me during my hunt for 3 items because I thought it would be fun to put in the picture frame- IF THINGS WERE TO CONTINUE... OOPS?

I then drive over to the restaurant that he texted me we would meet at. I go in, then we hug. I notice there he is probably 30 pounds heavier than he says, and I am not one to judge. I know it is what is inside that counts. I figure he was 6'4'', 210, tall and skinny what the pics look like. Not the case. Oh well. We sit down and he has this weird smile that he had in his pictures that was sort of attractive, sort of weird. I know I was overcome by all of this. It was all just bizarre. The scavenger hunt was neat and creative, and I liked it, but I was still processing everything. I had debated, and almost knew he was going to be insistent on paying for everything, may have stuff up his sleeve. I knew he would probably give me something on the first date when he kept asking my favorite stores, and I toyed with the idea of getting him something, but didn't because that sets up expectations, the gift kind of overshadows the date, it sets up expectations. I toyed with paying for the stuff out of my own pocket as opposed to the gift card and giving that back. I debated texting The Guy, a blogger, or Gonzo for instant help.

Anyways, at dinner we talked about our day, we ordered. We then shared our items for each other. Here's what he got me: a Target recyclable Target shopping bag because it is one of my favorite stores, a candle that was pomegranate flavored and said "First Date January 19, 2009 Kelly and Mike and it had the restaurant name." This is the kind of stuff that makes you melt, maybe when you are official? That bothered me because it seemed to set up precedents. He also got me a little glass plaque that says "you make me smile." He went overboard, of course, with the label that he bedazzled for the candle, the gift bag, and the card that told me how I made him smile, how he is confident great things would come, and here's to a great beginning. He did hand me over his business card for his candle company after he gave me the candle? The letter he wrote and envelope were stationary from his business.

Hmm... after this the conversation still pretty much stayed on the surface- work, school, life, what I like to do for fun, how I am the class clown at school. He has a cute smile, which I kept noticing, by the way. I found out a lot about him like his 3rd job, his obsession with Ralph Lauren, his exes, and stuff like that. He didn't tell me about some things like his handicapped placard that he bragged about. He seemed pretty able to walk to me. I told him about my room since as we know, I seem to be missing out on the gay guy decorating gene. We are at the restaurant for 2 1/2 hours.

After dinner he asks if I want to go somewhere like for coffee. I mistakenly said sure. Driving over there I get a call and he suggests Target. I said sure. We go in and look at stuff in the home department and don't see much. Then we go to Starbucks inside and more babble about work, school, and stuff like that. I think I become more of an ass because the glass of wine from dinner had worn off. He asked if I was cold and I told him that I was, I'm always cold, then tell him how I love a hot house. Set the thermostat at 78 or above, and he was talking about being the opposite and liking cold rooms. Anyways, I insist on paying at Starbucks.

All I could think about driving home was I know why Max is friends with and likes this guy- older and he seems like he could easily be a sugar daddy and give me everything I want- but that's not what I want. I'm only kidding- I don't know the extent of their friendship, but I know Max likes his sugar daddies. OK, I'm getting mean, I'll stop. To each his own.

Was he just being overly ambitious for a first date?

I'm probably saying all of these oops and everything because my gut is just telling me no and it doesn't seem right, like he is the one.

I think when I talk to him tomorrow I am going to try to be a really big boy and say that "I had a nice time, but I really need to take a step back and just calm down. I think we are rushing into things, and while everything was really sweet, I was questioning a lot of things at home." I don't know...

5:39a.m. Update: I just logged onto a4a just because it is the thing to do when I'm getting ready in the morning and he is suddenly 6 years older. He is 42 instead of 36. I swear he was 36 yesterday.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A date

I met someone on adam4adam last night of all places. He was hot. He is 36, 6'4'', brown hair, brown eyes, great smile. We both said we're looking for friends. More talking over Yahoo today. More talking on the phone tonight, and some texting in between. Tomorrow night we're going on a date that he plans. I won't know the surprise until we get to the restaurant he says. There is also going to be a surprise, definitely adventurous activity for after dinner all because he has great feelings about this. Should be fun. I feel like an outsider on this date... haha... not planning or anything. I also wonder what his ideas are... twice today he asked me my favorite stores. I looked at his facebook and saw that he is friends with Max- that means nothing- I wasn't surprised- I chucked more than anything since I know why Max likes this guy since he is older- just making observations. Should be fun.

Fantasy LA Anchor Teams: KTLA 5


Emmett Miller, Cher Calvin, Mark Kriski, Ginger Chan

Frank Buckley, Michaela Pereira, Mark Kriski, Sam Rubin, Ginger Chan

Micah Ohlman, Victoria Recano, Jessica Holmes

Brandon Rudat, Lynette Romero, Vera Jimenez (YES, that's traffic reporter Vera Jimenez who used to be on KABC/KCBS2)

Brandon Rudat, Lynette Romero, Vera Jimenez, Brett Miller, Leila Feinstein (health)

Weekend 6:30p.m. and 10p.m.
Megan Henderson, Marybeth McDade, Leila Feinstein (sports), Lu Parker (weather)

Commentary: KTLA had a chance to pick up some big name talent to help their anchor teams, but settled on Micah Ohlman, and former entertainment reporter Victoria Recano. I think Lynette Romero is the most seasoned, credible female at the station, therefore she should be the main anchor. Brandon Rudat may not be great- he's a cute gay guy, but I need to see more of his anchoring skills, but I think he's better than Ohlman. Leila Feinstein can go back to sports like she originally did at KTLA, and continue her current duty as health reporter.

Frank Buckley

Brandon Rudat

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bar hopping, coming out, and more

I was bored the Friday night and texted Darla to see if she wanted to hang out. She usually frequents Starbucks on Friday nights. She texted me back instantly that she was there studying, and could use a study break. I said I'd be there in 15. I was. I got a frappuccino and we sat chatting. We talked a lot about work. We talked about other random stuff I can't recall. Darla had said that our friend Amoona would also probably be joining us. I said that was fine and fun since D and Amoona usually hang out together. We are a trio- los 3 amigos. Amoona shows up and soon we're talking about common friends and stuff. Somehow the conversation of being an alcoholic comes up, which is kind of a running joke that Darla is the resident alcoholic. She says she knows where a bar is and asks if we want to go.

Amoona doesn't drink, but said yes. I, of course, couldn't turn it down, so I said let's go. We head over to the bar and order our drinks. Darla ordered a Cadillac margarita and I got the house margarita. We sit sipping and eating some nachos. We talk about work, friends, school, and then relationships. Darla tells about her older man- 6 years older and is a baby's daddy. Lots of drama there because of a shady guy. I joke that I have met my share of shady guys. I bring up Maxon. I am gender neutral when I tell it- I refer to Maxon as "they." Then finally Darla keeps pressuring me for their name. I say I don't remember. I say you don't know him because he is nearly 40 and lives a few cities away. Finally Amoona start giggling badly, laughing, and finally say Maxon. She said he sounded latino. I said he was. She then pressed me- "so you're gay?" You've been hiding this from me? Gosh, I thought we were good friends, you didn't have to hide this from me for so long. I'm kind of hurt." She asked again to confirm I was gay. By this time I was able to muster the words "I am gay." I said I was sorry for not telling her and just felt weird. She reassured me she was not homophobic. She told me we could have had some interesting conversations years ago had she known. I thought she did know- I remember I threw it out at Starbucks when we hung out a few years back. I don't do coming out well and saying it straight out easiliy.

Darla gets more buzzed and decides she wants to see Eddy. She texts him. He says he is busy with a girl and can't come. A few more texts, a few calls, and Eddy pops by. The bartender, an older Asian woman in her 50s knows Eddy when he walks in. He told the bartender the last time he was there he wanted to get smashed. I order another margarita, this time a Cadillac, and we all start talking. Eddy orders an Adios Mother Fucker and gets hammered. Darla is talking to the latino guy at the end of the bar, Eddy, Amoona, and myself are all talking. Eddy makes smalltalk with the bartender- she lets him flip the TV, she puts a little extra extra in his drink, he has her. haha Anyways, the Mexican restaurant closed at 10 and we hung around to 10:30, which was awkward, but the other bar patrons and a few diners did the same thing.

When we left we went back to Starbucks where Eddy flirted with the gal at the register and I ordered a green tea. Amoona talked about her parents and how they'd be upset she was out so late and she'd be in trouble, so she took off. Darla, Eddy, and I stayed around and swapped relationship stories and fun stuff like that. Eddy is a bad boy. He is funny. Finally it came to me and I just told him that "I met Greg..." and right of the bat was truthful. He asked "what?" He didn't seem to be able to grasp I was gay. After my story Darla took off. Eddy and I hung around a little while. We went to the bathrooms together in Starbucks, walked over to Carls so he could get food, then we went to my car and talked. He kept asking if I was really gay. I said yes. I told him him talking about girls does not turn me on. I told him to touch my crotch when he talked about girls and see that it was not hard. He did put his hand there. I was amused. He didn't grope- just laid it there. He kept asking still if I was gay. I told him "let's get naked, yes." He didn't take that offer, so I said, "let's go to a gay club." I was not going to go in with him to begin with- I was more curious to see his reaction. He was already a little too social and it might have been too much of a shock for a straight boy.

I start my car and we are off to the gay club I usually go to. In the car I am probed with the typical straight guy questions about being gay... are you sure that you are gay? Do you know my gay friend Chris? Did you choose to be gay? Have you fucked a girl? I drove toward the gay club, but WTF would it look like me showing up with a straight guy? How would this straight guy in shock react? We head up to the door and Eddy asks the bouncer if it is a gay bar and he said it was. Eddy said he didn't know if he was comfortable with that and I could have said he was obviously curious if he let me go this far, or just forced him in. I wasn't really serious about going with him, more for shock value to prove to him because he seemed hard headed, I said "you thought I wasn't serious that I am gay," and left it at that. We went over to the straight bar across the street. There Eddy was talking to everyone introducing me as his "gay friend Mike." Um. Thanks Eddy. These were people I went to high school with I didn't necessarily want or need to know that I am gay. All good, though. He didn't tell any of them, but there were people I went to HS with in the bar- at least 10. He talks to random people, talks to the wall, talked to everyone who came near us. After a while I insist we take off, and we do.

While in the straight bar I log onto Grindr and see The Guy is 880 feet or so from me. Then his gay trainer- not Josh- his new trainer- a gay guy- nothing going on with them- just good friends were both at the gay bar. I was like SHIT. WHEW. Good thing I didn't take Eddy there. I've never been with The Guy in a bar. Weird. Good thing I wasn't serious and was more about teasing Eddy. What a small world!

On the way back to Eddy's car he tells me that he is cool with however I am. I play straight very well. I don't drink like a gay guy. He loves everyone. He is a frat boy. I can hang with him, or any gay guy any day. I am approved in his book. I can bring a boy over to his place anytime and his casa is their casa. We hugged as he got out of my car and shook hands. Took off about 1:45a.m.

Straight boys... gotta tease them...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tough morning

It hasn't been a great morning around here. I woke up with tonsillitis and got an early appointment at Kaiser. I feel fine except for this whole triple chin look is so not sexy. Guess our home phone is not working and for some reason is ringing nonstop, but we're not getting any calls. I get a couple calls on the way home- 1 from Linda, which I chose to ignore, and the other from my aunt in Oklahoma. Aunt in Oklahoma was upset I could tell, but she didn't tell me why. I get home, relay to my mom that Linda and my aunt had called. Turns out Linda's husband was having a tough time and needed quick computer assistance. My mom helps him. Then my mom gets a call that her aunt had 3 falls in the past month, then the last fall proved fatal and she died this morning. I only met the woman once, but she was so sweet and sharp. My mom talks to her every Tuesday morning driving to work. Then she found out that her uncle also took a turn for the worst this morning after finding out about his sister's death. My mom feels like she has little family left she was saying- her aunt was her only remaining aunt. She has 1 more uncle besides the one who just took a turn for the worst, but they never talk. Then she is not close with her cousins and their families. Plus we don't consider my aunt in Nor Cal family. This all at a time when my mom is dealing with so much- stress at work, the whole aunt in Nor Cal/grandma issue, the house remodel, and more. I think we're headed out for lunch later with Linda and her husband to help him with his computer...

Fantasy LA Anchor Teams: KNBC 4


Today in LA
Robert Kovacik, Mary Parks, Pablo Pereira, Paul Johnson



Robert Kovacik, Mary Parks, Pablo Pereira

5 and 11p.m.
Chuck Henry, Colleen Williams, Fritz Coleman, Fred Roggin, Bruce Hensel

Chuck Henry, Kim Baldonado, Fritz Coleman, Fred Roggin

Weekend a.m.
Jennifer Bjorklund, Alecha Lane, Carl Bell, Steve Truitt

Weekend p.m.
Chris Schauble, Ana Garcia, Elita Lorezca, Mario Solis

Commentary: Today in LA needs a major overhaul in my opinion. I can't stand Chris Schauble, as I have said many times. Robert Kovacik is a good anchor, and Mary Parks is credible looking, and I swear she used to anchor in the early 90s before becoming the IE reporter. I think they lack strong anchors at KNBC with the exit of Paul Moyer and others. I don't think sexing up the morning show like they have tried to do with Elita Loresca is the answer- they need a strong weather guy like Pablo Pereira. Pablo is quite hot, too. Kim Baldonado seems to be overlooked in my opinion at KTLA, so I would make her second in line.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cuddled up jacking off

Jack off buddy texted me about 8p.m. last night. I wasn't doing anything and looking for any excuse to leave. I told him I would be on my way.

We met up at his place and he greeted me in just an open button down shirt. I go in and sit down on the couch and make myself comfortable. We sit and watch each other jack for about 10-15 minutes. Then he moves and he sits down on the floor where his face is at eye level with my penis. He watches me jack off, then he moves a chair over and sits facing me and he strokes both of our dicks. He switches positions yet again and we are seated next to each other on the couch. He puts his legs on me and I move closer to him. He uses his left hand to grab my dick as he is seated to my left. He starts stroking me and I knew he was close to cumming, so instead used it as an opportunity to play with his chest. I play with his hot, pointy nipples. Lots of moaning. After a few minutes I couldn't take it any longer as I was going to cum, so I grabbed his dick too, and we both shot simultaneously on our chests and my left arm. We sit, cuddled together, collapsed.

We went at it for nearly 90 minutes. I left about 9:30.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I don't know if I'm insane

I don't know if I'm insane to take 3, 9 week classes at the college I am attending. We're basically on the quarter system and taking 2 classes is considered full time.

I am considering taking 3 for a few reasons. Amanda and Lauri are, and they are the 2 girls I flirt, gossip, and babble with in class. Both have all the time in the world, though as they are stay at home moms. I won't have to take classes during the summer. The workload hasn't been bad in my other classes, and hasn't required too much extra out of me. The workload is less than when I was doing my undergrad.

I don't want to go to school 3 nights a week really. I would like a social life to date (yeah, right), hang out with friends, go to the gym, and stuff like that. I figure I go to the gym 3 times a week as it is. If my schedule changes to going to school 3 nights a week I'll probably go to the gym Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights. I am not really getting any added benefit out of taking the courses at a faster pace, other than buying myself time to work on some state standards that I'm required to complete to teach. I think it is like selecting students and writing reports on how they could be helped or something, or something like that. That is done in addition to the classwork. I would have until fall to turn them in. I may be more likely to be able to do some student teaching during the summer, which would be something.

I don't know what to do.................. knowing me I'll register, then suddenly find myself in the classes, and I'll go at it like anything else......... but should I?

Fantasy LA Anchor Teams: KCBS 2 and KCAL 9

There is going to be normal posting about happenings, amusements, and other things in my life, but I'm also going to blog about something else that amuses me. Over the next few weeks or so I'm going to post my fantasy LA anchor teams. I'm going to pool from each station's talent, and choose the best teams based on the talent at each station. I know that many of you might not be interested as you are out of LA, but I know that there are some LA area readers and know who I'm talking about... so stay tuned!

I will try to add some pics of the hot guys on staff to keep interest up... haha


Kent Shocknek, Suzanne Rico, Henry DiCarlo, Amelia Earhart

Kent Shocknek, Laura Diaz, Henry DiCarlo

5p.m. and 11p.m.
Paul Magers, Pat Harvey, Johnny Mountain, Gary Miller, Lisa Sigell (health)

Laura Diaz, Johnny Mountain, Gary Miller

Weekend 5, 6, and 11p.m.
Suzie Suh, Juan Fernandez, Kaj Goldberg, John Ireland


12p.m., 2p.m.
David Gonzalez, Leyna Nguyen, Jackie Johnson

Leyna Nguyen, Jackie Johnson

4p.m. and 9p.m.
Sylvia Lopez, Marc Coogan, Josh Rubenstein, Jim Hill

8 and 10p.m.
Sandra Mitchell, Rick Garcia, Josh Rubenstein, Steve Hartman

Weekend 8, 9, and 10p.m.
Glen Walker, Sharon Tay, Kaj Goldberg, John Ireland

Commentary: My goal is to differentiate KCBS/KCAL talent as much as possible to keep each station unique. Pat Harvey would cross over to CBS2 to be their main anchor. Josh really knows his weather and I really enjoy listening to his explanations as he breaks everything down. KCAL could use a stronger weather person than Jackie Johnson. Marc Coogan would anchor on KCAL because he can anchor and used to when he came to KCAL, plus he has a more mature/credible look than others at the station. Sandra would become top anchor gal at KCAL. KCBS/KCAL really needs stronger male anchors, especially on weekends.

Monday, January 11, 2010

We meet again

I texted The Guy several times this past week. I knew he was feeling somewhat better. He was online on facebook I noticed, but he wasn't responding to his text. To say the least I was a little peeved. I texted him this morning and told him "let's do lunch- my treat." I didn't get a reply after about 2 hours, so I called and kind of let him have it. I told him that I was a good friend and frustrated that he was not responding, and it hurts and bothers me, and for good friends it seems a little strange. I get a text back about 20 minutes later and he said lunch was good. I asked when and he told me 11:49, and it was 11:50. I told him that I'd shower, then pick up some food. He called it in and wanted to pay, but I was adamant I was paying because it was a part of his Christmas gift. I left the card and other gift, a gift card at home.

I grab the food and head to his place. He welcomes me in and we hug. I put the food on the counter. I notice there were no dogs. We hug again as he presents me with my birthday and Christmas gift. He gave me $200 in Amazon gift cards. It meant a lot that he actually remembered my birthday and that even though we hadn't seen each other in a long time that was cool. I felt bad about forgetting his gift cards- I had been outside cleaning in the garage, got his text, showered quickly, and left my card on my dresser. Next time... now that I know there will be a next time and we are still friends... haha.

We break out the food and eat. He tells me about the stuff going on in his life. He told Josh to F-off. He has hibernated for the past 9 days and only left the house once to go to work, a date Saturday night, and to go clubbing with his house cleaners Friday night. He had me smell his shirt and all of the clothes he had to wash. All of his clothes smelled like really bad mildew after he washed them. He decided if they don't come out good after his next wash he'll simply throw them out. That's about 10 pairs of Armani boxer briefs and trunks at $20 a piece, about $30 a piece Ralph Lauren T shirts. The Guy did order new stuff on Banana Republic and GAP's website this morning he said.

I told him about my life... subbing a lot. Subbing and muddling through 8th grade science, and he told me he would do the same. He told me how Chemistry has changed so much since he took it in high school. I told him about my Christmas and birthday.

He said we needed to go to CVS because he was going to buy me some moisturizer cream that he found that smells so good. We get in the car to head down there and he tells me how he loves Josh, yet told him off because he was actually hindering Josh from doing whatever he was going to do. We pull into CVS, walk in, and see that it is closing at the end of the month. Most of the businesses in the center have closed. Now The Guy assumes he'll have to go to Target, which he can only go to with me... haha. We get some Monster Energy Drinks, 4 different types of laundry soaps, and fabric softeners. Then we go over and he finds the cream. It is the CVS/Vaselline Men's Personal Care Cream. It is so good it is even sold out on the CVS website. We talk to the girl at the counter and she had just found out this morning the store was being closed because they lost their lease. Everything in the center is leaving.

We then decide to go pick up the dogs from doggie daycare in the next city over. On the way he tells me about going out Friday night, the guy he met was about 45, then they slept together Friday night. Saturday they went on a date, but The Guy was not into him and didn't have enough to drink to sleep with him again. He told me about some of the other guys he's chatting with or seen recently- nothing major.

We got the dogs and they retreated to the car. In the car I told THe Guy about Max sending me a message on facebook, but how I didn't respond because I was ready to rip him a new one. I told him about how I have such a hard time anymore about keeping my mouth shut and telling people my opinion. I told Teacher Friend my opinion of him going to NY to visit his b/f and how I'm not interested in him anymore because I'm not going to be his backup.

We get back to his place about 2:40p.m. and we put everything away, then play around on Grindr. He messages some hotties, plugs his phone in to wait and see who messages. He goes through deleting all the latinos and black guys since they're not his type. I log on my phone and see that I'm 246 away from him. He said he thought it was wrong. I joked that maybe I was 2.46 feet from him. Even that was too far as our faces were about 12 inches from each other.

I left at 2:50 when he was getting ready to take a nap. He was going out with his friend Jenni tonight. We talked about how i just need to push him when he is in his slumps like I have been doing. We hugged and I thanked him again for the gifts. I also wouldn't let him pay me for lunch like he tried.

It felt good hanging out- just like old times- no tension- just good conversation spilling explicit details about our lives.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Great birthday so far...

I get a text coming back from lunch with Linda Thursday afternoon and it is from my coworker Eddy from the high school. He asks what I'm doing Friday night. I told him nothing after 7. He wrote back my coworkers are throwing me a party then tomorrow at 9p.m. Drinking and other things will ensue I am sure, but it should be fun, and I'm thankful for each of them.

Half of my class- my credential class- wished me a happy birthday as someone saw it was on facebook as we were farming or other various things. Then they teased me for being one of the youngest.

Got home last night to find a birthday card and check from my best friend in Mississippi's parents. That was so unexpected as they have never done that.

Linda told my 1st period it was my birthday and they had to sing. By 4th period half the school I swear knew it was my

Lots of birthday wishes from Mrs. V, Mrs. C, the office manager, and Mr. A

Linda was going to take me to lunch, but shortage of subs and I had to sub on my prep.

Linda brought me Jack in the Box, but was "distraught" about not being able to take me out.

Tons of facebook comments.

Birthday texts.

The female custodian burst out singing happy birthday to me after school.

Going to my favorite Spanish restaurant for dinner.

My mom made favorite- white cake with pineapple filling and cream cheese icing. That is a tie with carrot cake.

And drinks tonight with the coworkers...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Plans gone awry so far

Nothing too bad... a lot just has not turned out as planned this week.

Monday: cleaned, hung out at home, ran errands with my dad- that was planned

- Called at 5:30a.m. to sub for M
- allergy shots
- parents had a meeting I didn't know about about my dad's possible retirement and that made things crazy since I was on a search for them
- 8 minutes late to dinner with Gonzo, but that was alright. We enjoyed talking about life, chit chat about boys, work, school, and everything in between. We needed more time!!! Only problem there...

- Called at 5:37a.m. to sub for M who was still having major chest pains. Automated computers are the last thing I want to talk to in the morning, especially computers with a name like Suzanne.
- M's kids serenaded me with this song all day as one of the kids nicknames is Shorty.... had it stuck in my head all day since... ugh...

- Linda realized Friday was my birthday and is insistent to take me out to dinner on Friday. Um. I have dinner with the family Friday. Trying to get her to do it tomorrow, but grades are due by 4p.m. and she'll be there submitting them at 3:59. She can't this weekend, and it just "has to be this week where we do it so we can remain in the spirit," according to her.
- Forgot my appointment for acupuncture to see if it helps my sinus/headache problem. Made it 20 minutes late. I felt like a voodoo doll, but that stuff works. Good shit. I felt my sinuses drain immediately. It felt so cool in one regard, but nasty on the other to have all that mucus going down my throat, but if this gets rid of my whole headache/sinus problem, then nice. I was a skeptic I have to admit. Pretty cool. I have to go back for treatment every 3 weeks for the next year. 45 minutes after to sit and watch TV, listen to my iPod, or sleep... awesome.
- Acupuncture made my Kogi trip out of the question... next week! I don't think I'll get called next week either... maybe I shouldn't say that... maybe I'm cursing myself... next week is conferences, though.

- Subbing for M again tomorrow- hopefully she is ok! Just got the call at 9:16p.m. It beats 5:30am, let me tell you. Going to text Linda (something I loathe doing because I try to minimize contact with her), but I want to set dinner up for tomorrow.
- School from 5-10... LAST NIGHT!!!!
- Haircut at 4 possibly
- Trying to get Linda to celebrate my birthday tomorrow, and if that happens the desperately needed haircut will be postponed.

- Not sure... my birthday... I know that much... and I don't plan on going out with Linda for my birthday...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Maybe I should "apologize" for the last time...

Remember the last time I asked about this song? haha

I admit I prefer Luke Bryan's version...

Heartless- Kris Allen

... eh... I'm out on this one... not sure... not that great

I do like this Kris Allen song... it is catchy

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Random Thoughts About This Week

This coming week I don't have any sub days lined up. I plan to make the most of it... Here's a look at what I want to do/will do...

Laundry, clean house
School... done with that dumb adolescent psych class

Dinner with Gonzo

Find and go to visit one of the Kogi trucks... btw has anyone had Kogi Tacos? Hopefully they post the locations on where the truck will be soon. Hopefully I can drag a friend along to go with me. It is going to be an experience- driving in, hunting down the truck, waiting in line, savoring some delicious Korean BBQ.... mmmmm

* If they are at an OC location that may not be too ridiculous/far away on Tuesday I may drag Gonzo with me.

School... last day of classes for the quarter

My birthday
... I'd love a random surprise from a friend or something... just saying...
Dinner with the family at.................... trying to decide............ Spanish food? Steak? Mexican? Japanese Teppan Restaurant?

CSET Test at 1:30p.m.-5 or so

Other random things:
* Going to try to hang out with The Guy if he not moping around and feeling up to it.
* Take car to car wash.
* Play some Wii.
* Want to do something with my coworkers Mari, Viv, Gonzo, and Joe.

News Note:
I saw a promo for ABC7 Eyewitness News This Morning and noticed Leslie Sykes was doing it. The unwatchable Leslie Sykes. I thought that was strange. I know Phillip Palmer has been off, but didn't know about Kathy. I know I saw her last 12/18. Anyways, I logged onto ABC7's website to see if she was still there and her bio is gone. I've watched Kathy Vara since 1994 with my grandpa and grandma when I was little... all during the OJ Simpson Trial when she and Kent Shocknek would anchor the coverage for hours on end. Memories. Anyways, I hope she isn't gone, although I'm sure she is. I just hope they don't put Leslie Sykes in her place and put Lisa Hernandez or Leslie Miller in her place.

5:22a.m. Monday morning update- Subha Ravindhran is filling in. I approve.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!!

I have spent my New Year's Day cleaning my room up. It was pretty clean, but papers from my messenger bag or man bag or whatever it is got scattered all over my room. I also had laundry out all over the floor since I was trying to do some wash.

I got some candle sconces for Christmas to hang up in my room because my walls are so barren, but I am simply out of ideas as to what else to put up there. I think the brass work candle sconces add to the room, but the other side of the room needs something else. I have 2 large areas of about 5-6' wide and 3-4' tall that could use something... artwork... more brass work... something.

I don't want to get too much on the wall and make the room feel heavy. I want to maintain an airy look and feel if that makes any sense.

Also I want to keep with the black, brown tones, or I can even go with a brown to match the wallpaper (that can be torn down at any time and probably should be). The carpet is hazelnut.

I'm posting pics of my room for suggestions...