Friday, October 25, 2013

Does size really matter?

Quiz from  bySean of Just a Jeep Guy.   
  1. How big is your TV screen?  - The TV I had at my parents that I bought from The Guy was 46.'' With my partner we have a 47'', 42'', and 13''. 
  2. How big is your hard drive? - 500GB, 1 TB external
  3. How big is your home? Is it too big or too small?  - My parents house was 888 square feet, which for 4 people was too small. My house with my partner is just right for the 2 of us at 2,100 square feet. It was truly moving on up.
 4. How big is your waistline? Is it too big or too small?  - Too big. 30'' right now. I was 29'' for over 2 1/2 years, and would like to go back to that. It sure as hell not get bigger.
5. How big are your pets? - The cats are all fully grown, except for the kitten. 
6. How big is your car?  - Compact, a Sentra
7. How big are your biceps?  - There's some muscle there, thank you.
8. How big is your ego? - Ask my students at work, and they'd say big. The world revolves around me. Cry me a river and get over it. Outside of work, it's small.
9. Who's currently the biggest ass?- The students at work
10. Who's currently the biggest loser? - Me. My stomach hurts right now - it is in a knot over work drama. 
11. How big is your bank account? - There's currently $167 in it. You tell me... By the end of this weekend it will pretty much be gone since we are going away, food will probably be about $100, then I need to fill the gas tank on my car, so that's about $40, and I'm sure something will come up. 


How big is your sexual organ?    7'' cut, long and skinny
Is it big enough?  Yes, but bigger is better. Wanna see? hahah 
How do you like your partner to be sized?  Can it be too big/small?  YAs long as it is not super small, 5 1/2'' or better will suffice. I'm not being fucked by a really large one, say 7'' or better.
Does size really matter?   Yes, I like looking at big dicks.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Talking about the presidents

I pronounce things differently than some people, in particular, the boyfriend. I speak very much like I'm from Indiana, which is where I get it from, my dad's family is from there. 

So in class the other day I was talking about something, giving the kids an example of something, and told the kids something along the lines of "WaRshington was the first president." Catch it? 

So the kids started laughing, told me I didn't know how to talk. They asked where I got that from, and well, it went in with the lesson from a few days ago talking about dialect. Gah. LOL. I can't believe that came out, you see, when growing up being around my grandparents so much, I began to talk like they did. Warshington, warsh, Sardee (Saturday), Wensdee (Wednesday), Thursdee (Thursday), and they tried hard to get me to stop that. I did after a while, and well, occasionally it comes out. 

My BF's words are caw-fee, coup-in, awff, cray-ins, and a few other Jersey words. 

So here's a list of words people tell me I say wrong 

Roof - I say "ruff" according to some people... no... 
Measure - I say may-zure
Envelope - onvalope
tour - I say "turr"

And there's a few others, but honestly, those 4 words I say the same way as my grandparents and parents do, and well, it's hard to change, and it's dialect, and it makes people unique.

What are some words you get harrassed, or is it hair-issed, for pronouncing wrong? 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weekend Timeshare

Some friends let us use their timeshare in the desert last weekend, which was great. We left about 4pm Friday, went to the timeshare, then to our favorite pizza place in the desert. We went to the grocery store for goodies and breakfast items, then relaxed on the patio. Loved it. Perfect temp. 

Saturday we were out and about shopping, and well, we found a car. My partner had been wanting a nice used car, he found a nice, but EXTREMELY high mileage used car we ended up buying. It's a Bimmer. At least I'll get to drive it sometimes, and it really was well kept. 

Saturday night we went to the fish taco place that now had a location in our hotel, then went back to the room, sat on the patio, and then had a bath together with a bottle of wine, that was oh so romantic. LOVED IT. Slept amazingly well.

Sunday was relaxing, lesson planned, watched TV, and headed home. More amazing romance that night. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Liquid Weekend

Jetted out of work to get to happy hour last Wed. w/ coworkers. What crazies I work with. 3 jack and cokes, a shot of Jaeger, and many hugs with the special ed teacher and queeny English teacher.
Off to dinner and a glass of chardonnay. Dinner at Truxtons. Then off to LAX.

Arrive in Jersey at 7am, head to my partner's parent's house. Take his mom and we go to New Hope Penn. Fun times. Fetish stores. Eclectic crowd. Up to Trenton NJ, then to our hotel. We meet his parents at a restaurant for dinner and several more drinks at the town bar.

Friday funday. Visit crayola factory with Mike's best friend. A couple drinks at bar across street. Made it a double since it really didn't taste like whiskey and coke. Lesson learned, you cannot buy well drinks. Dinner and drinks. Drinks after dinner at the bar by her house - cider beer this time.

Saturday was loco. We drove to NYC. Went to Central Park and a pub nearby for lunch. Went shopping at my favorite store, Century 21, where I bought several ties for work. Por trabajo. Then we went back to the room to get ready for the night. Drink in bar. His friend Kat has some friends we met at Christmas, and we met up with them nearby our hotel at a bar. 2 cosmos for me. Then we go back to get Mike's best friend, and off to a Mexican place for 2 margaritas to add to the night. Off to an Italian place for real dinner and then to Flaming Saddles for line dancing and drinks. Whiskey and coke, then off to Posh for another 2 drinks, and about that time the shirt started coming off. I was shirtless by the time we left, and Mike was so toasted he was touching everyone and flirting big time. A straight bar for a little dance, then a diner for dessert.

Sunday was sleeping in late and heading to the airport. Got lots of planning done on the way home for work. Woo.