Saturday, March 28, 2009

A final lunch meet

Every Friday at the high school we have a lunch get together with Martha, one of the teachers. Yesterday was our final day of tutoring. Martha first threw a cupcake party in her class to thank us. Then us tutors had to do the much hated activity she makes her kids do periodically for public speaking practice. She has 100 or so random prompts the kids have to respond to and speak for a minute about. I had to speak for 1 minute about the harmful effects of fashion shows. I did ok for about 40 seconds then ran out of things to say. I did have good eye contact and didn't use to many "ummms." That was fun and the kids were amused. I did pretty well- I got an 85/100. The other tutors got in the 70s. The kids usually get in the 50s. They have a hard time not using "ummms" and making eye contact.

About 15 minutes before class let out she asked Gonzo and I to go to Little Ceasars for pizza. We picked up 3 pizzas then went to Staters for 2 liter cokes. Then we made our way back to the school for lunch. Martha had ceviche for us to eat as well. It was good! We talked about random stuff. Viv saw the "hunk du jour" app on my iPhone that has a hot guy a day. Gonzo and I were sitting next to each other and both have iPhones, so she could have easily thought it was Gonzo's. Neil Patrick Harris was shirtless in one of the photos on my phone and she informed Gonzo he was gay and came out. Gonzo didn't believe it, and I didn't remember it. That led to a discussion about hot guys. Martha totally got into it too. She was yelling out "Adam Levine," "George Clooney," etc. Then Marci was saying guys like "Creed," "Josh Groban," and other guys who need nose jobs. It was quite amusing. Viv and I have a lot of the same tastes in guys- she likes guys who aren't overly muscular, maybe a little chest hair, and things like that. How was I totally comfortable in this conversation? I don't know... maybe Joe was there and he was naming random guys too. Maybe we were too wrapped up in everything to care about sexuality. We did talk about hot women- my female coworkers think Catherine Zeta Jones, Kate Blanchett, and Kate Winslett are hot. Um... I disagree on all 3. I said Jennifer Aniston, but they deemed she was a fake blond and slutty. I think she is classy, but what do I know? We all did agree that Angelina Jolie is not pretty or classy. They liked Drew Barrymore... she's ok. Lunch ended, but we all decided we need to go out as tutors/teachers more. Plans? The beach with the tutors, a Mexican Restaurant for Mexican Seafood with the teachers, Six Flags, and of course Tutor Aerobics! And do I think at least some of this will happen? Yes. We're a pretty close group now and Viv is the planner of the group and her persistence will definitely help.

After work Joe, Marci, and Viv didn't want to go home. They suggested Starbucks. 3 CDF firefighters were in Starbucks. Viv had to run in to check them out. She said she was checking out the firefighters. I said I don't blame her. Yes. I actually said that. She is called to the bar to get her drink and then heads outside to the patio where I meet her, Joe, and Marci. I really felt "In" when talking with them. I felt really comfortable with Joe I mean. I mentioned last Friday that Joe is really conservative/naive and that he seems like one who wants to branch out and try new things. So here's where the conversation really begins:

Marci: I always knew you, Mike, were the quiet, wild one.
Me: Really?
Viv: I would have never guessed, but I'm glad. We are so going to a club.
Marci: It is always the quiet ones.
Viv: We need to go to a Mexican club.
Me: Where's that?
Viv: Good ol' white boy Horsetown USA
Joe: I'll only go if Mike and Gonzo go. I really felt that connection with Joe there.
Viv: So you've never drank before Joe?
Joe: 3 times
Viv: Nice
Joe: But my parents don't drink. We've had one barbecue before with friends and only 1 person drank a beer, then we sent all the beer home with them.
Me: Sounds like my parents- don't drink and don't keep it around. Well, remember the whole Super Bowl thing where we hid it from my parents?
Joe: haha, yeah
Viv: That's so not the Mexican way.
Marci: All of my family gets drunk.
Viv: When my brother throws a party down in San Diego at his house next time we're all going.
Joe: I won't drink and drive, and I'll only go if Mike goes.
Viv: We'll stay the night. Everyone does. Everyone is passed out everywhere.
Viv: We are so going. Dinner at a seafood restaurant next Friday. A club soonafter.

I guess for me this whole thing felt like a breakthrough in my friendship with Joe. I guess he sees me as the one who is like him, I was quiet, shy, and whatnot; but I do get out, I have a million excuses, and I try new things (albeit I'm not advocating or praising anything I've done).

We all hugged, Joe and I shook hands as we left. We only were at Starbucks for about 40 minutes, but it was fun.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lunch with Maxon

Maxon and I finally did lunch yesterday. I suspicioned he was online, so I logged onto Yahoo and we chatted. It was about 10:15a.m. and he said he'd take a lunch at 12:30. He called me about 12:45 and said he could do it at 1:15 when his coworker came back from lunch. He asked if I would mind going to the Home Depot just down the street with him to pick out some kind of flower for a friend whose dad just died. I agreed I would.

We meet at 1:15 at Farmer Boys. I park next to him. He was at the back of the lot backed into a parking space. I get out of my car and he signals for me to get in his. I do and we chat. Do we want to go inside and eat or go through the drive through? We decide to go in. We each go up to the counter and order what we want. We were going to get the order to go but find an open booth. We sit around and chat. First we talk about cool iPhone apps. We talk about work. He shows me the Spanish translator on the iPhone and he jokes he should be chatting with me in Spanish, but I'd probably be correcting him. We chat more, and get this. He is partnered. He has a partner of 14 years. Him and his partner are raising his partner's 3 kids- 18, 12, and 3. All 3 have different dads. A 4th is on the way. His partner's sister is schizophrenic and bipolar. They're in a custody battle to get all 3 of them. But he's cheating on his partner with me. Not sure that I'm ok with that.

We get in his Acadia after lunch and spin on over to the Home Depot. In the car he has his arms around me, is holding my hands, then he reaches down and pulls my dick out and begins jacking it. Keep in mind we're going just down the street. Knowing that he is partnered I'm uneasy. I let him jack me off and stuff, but I don't reciprocate the deed. I sort of drop any affection I showed.

We spend about 20 minutes looking at plants and pots. He finally picks out a big pot and a lily that would fit in it. He is winking, smiling, and things like that at me while we're in the store.

His boyfriend called after lunch when we were driving to the Home Depot. He made excuses, then told me it was his boyfriend and picked up. He just told me to be quiet. I decided then and there that was not my thing. Boyfriend was already overprotective and it is probably because he is suspicious.

I don't know that I want to be that "other person;" I don't want to receive the call from his partner questioning who I was. I don't like the whole idea of cheating. Kids are involved and I don't like that. I would think right now when he is going through custody battles and doing something that requires permanence just because he is not receiving any at home that he is risking breaking that up.

So in the end I did get off, but I don't want to see him again.

I talked to The Guy who was on his way to a date last night with Mike, one of the new guys he is seeing. I told him about Maxon and he got a big kick out of it. He asked for details. I told him. He told me I sure know how to pick guys. I joked that I tried.

Meeting V. Jay

Our blogger buddy V. Jay is visiting Cal Poly Pomona, which is not too far from me. I encouraged him to call or text me because he is only about 30 minutes away. He said he would take me up on the offer.

V. Jay let me know about 8:45p.m. Wednesday night that he had arrived in the Golden State. I was excited. We chatted about the scenery and things like that. He was telling me about the mountains and things like that. He told me about 10:15 that he may be able to sneak away. He asked me if I was hungry. I told him I was snacky, then relented and said I was hungry. I think he replied back saying "good." I sped down the 10 from San Berdoo from the MG concert to see him.

He told me where to meet him at the Wendys just down from his hotel. He was standing in the parking lot, so I quickly parked, then jumped out of my car. He was standing near the light post and plants at the end of the parking lot. I got out of my car and he turned around. We shook hands, then hugged.

We walked over to my car and got in. I sort of automatically assumed he was craving In-N-Out, so I punched In-N-Out into my iPhone to find the closest one and we headed off. It was the one in La Verne off of Foothill. We talk about phones, mountains, the freeways, and things like that. We talk about some of the things in the area, differences between Cali and Florida. It was awesome. He listened to me rattle on about things about Cali, which was awesome. I like anyone who puts up with me like that.

We pull up to In-N-Out. I explained to him how people wait 20-30 minutes in the drive through, how most of the locations are drive through, and things like that. He ordered a cheeseburger and shake. I opted for the animal style fries. That is in and of itself a meal as far as I'm concerned. We got our food to eat in the car, then parked. We chatted about money- in particular pay for jobs, things in California, and things like that. I let him try the fries and he says how they were good and how In-N-Out definitely ranks high up on the burger list.

Driving back to the hotel he was staying at we pass Fairplex and I tell him about the LA County Fair. Getting on the freeway I suspicioned the onramp at White Ave. would be on the other side of the road because there are a couple like that in Pomona that are weird, so I cut over 2 lanes to get on the freeway. I assured V. Jay I am a good driver and I explained to him the whole onramp/offramp thing.

I drop him off at his hotel, we hug, and agree to try to meet up again. He is a nice and caring guy, and you get that vibe chatting with him, so head on over to his page and show him some love.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MG concert

Hell yeah!!!

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Some photo highlights from my trip

View from our hotel room- $89 a night, 15th story of the hotel - we thought they were kidding when they said we had an unobstructed view

Seattle underground tour- a hollow sidewalk - kind of scary when you come from Cali and earthquakes occur and buckle streets. They have survived 3 major earthquakes, though

My Seattle love affair continues...

Worried about my cousins

Ok... I know I have lots of lesbian/suspect lesbian cousins.

There is the lesbian cousin who does porn I'm supposed to stay away from on my dad's side of the family.

There is my older 1st cousin I've mentioned before who lived with a close female friend and her myspace has comments from the girl I think she is currently seeing who she went and vacationed with last September.

Then there is older 1st cousin's daughter who recently listed herself on myspace as a lesbian. She is a freshmen in high school. She would post status updates every few days saying "I love Kayla sooooo much" and she'd message me telling me how she fell for her, how she was so worried about losing "someone" and things like that.

The daughter also recently chopped off her hair. She had long, curly hair, now she has short spikes. I know for sure she doesn't own a dress. In every photo I've seen she is wearing jeans and a boys t-shirt. Her sisters are all adorned in makeup and girly clothes.

Well, my mom was talking with my aunt in OKlahoma yesterday in the airport and the girls came up. My aunt said she is "worried and praying for the 1st cousin's daughter because she has cut her hair really short," she is hoping it is just a stage, but is worried that she could "like women."

My mom relayed this information to me and told me that I need to pray for 1st cousin's daughter also just in case she does like girls.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Madison Pub

I lied to my mom and told her that I was going to a concert/music venue I had heard about based on a recommendation from my friend The Guy. In reality I was going to Capitol Hill because I was determined to- 30 minutes in the Madison Pub was simply not enough Saturday night. So many hot guys.

So I hopped on the 49 bus and cruised across town at 9p.m. Which bar to go? Cuffs, the leather bar seemed a bit out there. I walked around the hill for a while and finally settled on Madison Pub again since there were just so many hot guys. I go in and order my traditional Jack and Coke. Was not made well, but I wasn't complaining. It wasn't too crowded. Maybe 30 people in there on a Monday night. I get my drink and take a seat across from the bar. A total hot guy, who I later found out was Peter and was probably 39 sat next to me. He reminded me of a friend from Boy Scout's dad, Mr. Sweeney. Easiest way to describe him- picture David James Elliott with black hair and in spikes. He was wearing blue jeans and a Point Zero pullover. He was maybe 160lbs and 5'8'' or so. We sat at the bar eyeing and smiling each other. I had the hardest time working up the courage to say hello, although I shouldn't have. After 2 beers he smiled at me, told me how lonely I looked and introduced me to the guys he just met next to him named Michael and Craig.

Peter was talking about himself being a flight attendant, telling us how he hated it, but how he had a few good stories and shared those, as well as talked about how he found ads on craigslist mentioning himself and classifieds in the newspaper. Then somehow exes came up and he tells us his ex was his best friend of 15 years, a fight ensued, and they had to get a restraining order against each other. Speaking of restraning orders I had a story to share and so I piped up with mine. First of all, Mike's name was totally laughable and they joked they knew him, and being one of the youngest guys in the bar I was totally his type. They talked about craigslist and how they all surf it constantly for the missed connections. Michael bought us a round of drinks.

Craig and Peter took a couple smoke breaks while Michael and I kept talking. Asked me why I was in Seattle, what I did for a living, how I was liking it, and why I wasn't too comfortable/sad looking in the bar. I told him that I was here on Spring Break with my mom, that I was wanting to explore, Capitol Hill was a must stop for me, and that I was a senior at my college. The 2 of them came back in and Michael brought everyone up to speed on me. They asked me questions about my school, what I want to study, my major, and things like that. They thought it was awesome I was there with my mom because we love moms. The questions followed. Does mom know? Does mom know I'm drinking? Would mom be ok I'm in a bar? No, no, and no. They were all supportive with the not knowing and basically told me when the time comes. Peter joked as he walked back in, not knowing what I was talking about and catching the tail in "mom's always know" and he gave me that sexy, cocky look he had. Kind of like David James Elliott does in JAG, but oh so much cuter, and DJE is such a hottie to begin with.

We talked about the scene in the city I live, the IE, Orange County, and LA. I said that there is a small group and Mike said that I should really meet other people because there aren't a ton of guys in the area it is more likely the guys are as they say. He said he has lived in Seattle 10 years, but really feels like he has met more quality guys in Mormon Utah where he is from. He said that he felt the guys maybe weren't as hot, but presented themselves as they were, nothing to hide, and not trying to move onto the next guy. He said I should get out more and meet guys in the area because of that.

Peter went to the restroom and Craig and Michael talked about how cocky Peter was. So outgoing after a few drinks and things like that. Michael bought us a round of drinks to celebrate me being close to graduating. We talked about age differences given I was 22, Michael and Craig were mid 30s, and Peter was probably 39. They talked about how mature I am for my age. Michael slipped me a question about 1:30a.m. Do I want to go back to his place for a night cap? OMG yes. I did. He was so hot, yet being out so late, finding my way back to the hotel, things like that. I said it was very tempting, but I had to refuse. We just played with each others leg.

At 2a.m. we closed the bar down and did I really stay out that late was going through my mind? What would mom think? The 4 of us hug, Michael and I make out and he hails me a cab. But first we hug, squish each other's ass, and make out for a few minutes. Just kissing on the lips, but damn, I got to kiss him. I get back to the hotel at 2:20. Mom wakes up when I arrive. So far no questions from mom about last night. Maybe she knows I lied? HEHE.

UPDATE: She actually said nothing until we were on the plane coming home. She asked me how the concert went and I was very vague. There were people. Lots of people. Met a few people. Good music.

Homeward bound

Very sad to leave Seattle. Do stay tuned for last nights adventures on Capitol Hill. Hot guys. Good convo. And more.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

First Starbucks

Tried to post yesterday visited first starbucks, shopped Pikes Place, did a food tour where we ate lots of salmon, clam chowder, coconut pies, and of course produce

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Safeco and Seattle underground

Plans for today

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Capitol hill

Mom threw a major fit, but I managed to get out to explore Capitol hill. I walked all around and settled on the Madison pub cause I saw the most hot guys there. Omg. Seattle has so many hot guys. Saw a bunch of gays, lesbians, and more all bring affectionate in public today-just not Capitol hill

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Photo from my phone. We are on the 15th floor of our hotel and have a direct view of the Space Needle

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Hookah bar

At hookah bar with coworker's for marci's birthday. Started out at BJs for dinner. Joe, Marci, Viv, Gonzo, myself, and several of Marci's friends went. Gonzo was trying to ask me if I knew how to hookah. Viv chimed in with "do you know how to smoke?" I said yes. Gonzo looked at me, her eyes lit up, and I laughed. She said she was going to question me about it later. Let's just say I was hesitant, made her take the first puff, then I did it, small puffs at first. Within a few she was asking how I knew. I explained I tried cigarettes in high school. Joe asked and said that was pretty "intense" or something to that effect. Joe, Mr. Conservative and Naive even tried after being pressured into it by Viv (who he has a major crush on) and was a pro. He ran track, so big lung capacity. I relented and said my friend Mike and I have smoked cigarettes, and I did it with John during the Super Bowl. She said my questioning is not done. HEHEHE Fun times, though. Love my coworkers.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bought my bag

Met up with Maxon today, again. I was over in his area and we chatted on the phone. Lunch wouldn't work. He wanted to do an extended lunch. We still probably will one of these days. Anyways, we met up as he got off work. He called me about 5:15 and told me where to meet him. We met in the middle of a large field in back of where he works. He has a tall GMC Acadia SUV with tinted windows , so he picked me up and we drove to the field away from everyone so we could play.

We held hands on the way, kissed, then he started playing with my dick through my pants and asked if I was hard yet. He confirmed I was. He told me to undo my pants and I did. He started sucking, telling me how hot my dick was, and things like that. I moaned and told him how he really does give great head. After he said I've probably had better, and really, no. Him and The Guy definitely rank up there in the top 2. He, unlike The Guy, can actually take my whole dick in his mouth. No, I'm not huge. I'm maybe 6 1/2'' or 7'' at most. We kissed, hugged, made out, and touched each other. He likes to cuddle, so he said that he was touching me all over. He remarked how shy and uneasy I seemed. I wasn't. I was a little worried about getting caught, but not that nervous. He continued jacking me off until I shot my load all over my belly. We kissed. After I cummed he kept playing with my head because it was sensitive. He said even though I didn't feel an orgasm, I would probably still continue cumming, and I did. We made out some and he cleaned me up. Then we held hands and talked about my type of guys. He meets at least 3 of my likes- latino, uncut, and older. He needed to leave at 5:40 because he had to pick up a coworker who called him and needed a ride home because her car was in the shop.

I was down the street from Ontario Mills so I drove over and got my bag at Fossil I wanted so badly. Here are the pics. My justification? My laptop bag I just bought has a strange smell, really. I am trying to find the review on amazon, but I read one tonight about the bag I bought having a strange fabricky smell. It actually smelled up my car everytime it was in it. So I shelled out the $30 (it was $120 reduced to $60, with an additional 50%) for this awesome Fossil bag. Brought it home and my dad told me how it looks so much nicer than the old bag.

Packed for Seattle tonight. I really want to get out Saturday or Sunday night and visit Capitol Hill. I think I should be able to pull it off- maybe just not coming back at 1 or 2a.m., but I should be able to spend the evening there and get the feel of it. My mom doesn't mind letting me go and explore on my own and she can find something to do to occupy herself without any trouble. My mom and I will be pretty busy doing the touristy thing because we are picking up the Seattle Card. Lots of museums, sea cruises, and other stuff. I'm excited. We decided on no rental car- train and bus should be pretty easy. Parking at our hotel is $50 a day. We found an awesome deal on we're staying at a 4 star hotel in Pikes Place that is normally $200 a night, but the rate was slashed to $125 or so, then we're also getting a free night.

Lots to do before I leave- stop by AAA for a travel book to get the hours of all the things we want to see in one place. It'll save me precious time, even though I could look online. Studying and actually taking my final on Friday. Dinner with the tutors on Friday night for Marci's birthday.

The Guy and Josh had lunch today. Josh apologized and said he wanted to sooner, but wasn't capable. He doesn't know if he is bisexual or not. The Guy at least had a good time.

2 finals down and 1 to go. I also need to do the extra credit outline on the last chapter in the book for that class since it will bump your grade up 3%.

Loving these mid 80 temps. Perfect nights. I wore a skin tight shirt today and it has pretty short sleeves. I had a bad farmer's tan.

Best friend down in Mississippi seems to be more accepting of my sexuality as of late. I called him after I went to the bar and saw our neighbor Ryan, the military guy. "I said you'll never guess where I just saw Ryan..." and in my best friend's southern accent said, "a gay bar." I said yes. He asked if I was serious, he thought I was joking. I told him no. He said he always had his suspicions. He asked what I was doing there and told him I went out with a group of gay friends. He was like "oh, that's cool." We chatted and I told him I'm seeing a guy to which he didn't say anything- it was just like ok.

Oh, and I don't know that you can see in this photo, but there is a dog in the back of that Smart Car. A big German Shepherd. He looked really uncomfortable and was trying to turn around, but couldn't. He was huddled in the left corner. I think that's animal abuse.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

After hours

I met Maxon online at Connexion. He is a 37 year old latino guy. He is 5'7'', 170lbs, 33'' waist, and 7'' uncut with tons of foreskin. How do I know? We chatted for about a month and finally, last Thursday we met. I was apprehensive about going over to his work, but decided why not? I was horny. I chatted with him most of the way there. The office closed at 5 and he was there at 8 because he was writing performance reviews for his employees that were due at 8a.m. the next day. He assured me nobody was around.

I pull up and his car is the only one in the parking lot. I call him and he tells me to park next to his car and he'd come out. We shake hands, then go in his office and talk for a few minutes. We talk about iPhones. We're both big tech geeks. He shows me some must buy apps like Beejive (even though it is $15.99 for instant messaging). We talked about work.

Then he begins feeling my dick as I'm standing against his desk and he is sitting in his chair. He plays with that a few minutes and then stands up to kiss me. I have to lean down some and position myself so he can lean up against me and we make out. He lifts my shirt up and goes down toward my chest. He licks and bites my nipples as he goes down. He licks my stomach and then opens my pants to begin sucking my dick. He gave a great blowjob. One of the best I've received! I reciprocated on him shortly after. He sat down in his chair and undid his pants. I first played with the foreskin- this guy just had soooo much!!! It was such a turn on. I jacked him some, then sucked him. He was really into it. We made out some with him sitting in the chair and me bending down to kiss him. He was really into kissing. OMG. Forceful. We ended up off of his chair and both sitting kneeling next to each other on the floor. He bent down again and sucked me. Then I blew my load and he blew his. He shot all over his chair mat and I did the same. He is much more of a shooter than I am. He had paper towels at his desk, so he wiped up.

We got dressed and then went to the bathroom to clean up. In there we felt each other up again and hugged. The lights were out and it was kind of hot.

He grabbed his stuff and then locked up the office.

We're going to try to meet up and grab lunch and do some "work" after.

Tutor Aerobics

Many of my coworkers from the high school go to LA Fitness, like myself. Viv does the ab aerobics class every Monday night. I'd often see her as she was leaving it. We got to talking after one of those times and she suggested we make it a Tutor Aerobics night. It started as Viv, Gonzo, and myself. Joe and Karl now join us so I'm not the lone guy in the class.

So Monday nights are now Dinner and Aerobics. We text each other Monday and decide on a place to eat. Last night we had burritos at Charo Chicken, then we walked across the parking lot to the fitness center for our aerobics. It is a pretty intense class. You're moving nonstop and adding risers to the step. We all pretty much have the moves down. There is an emphasis on abs, so there are several moves we do that focus on that. Then the last 15 minutes of class it is "intense abs" where you put the aerobics equipment away and you do ab exercises like the bicycle, curl ups, and several other things. Your abs kill the next day. I enjoy getting to hang out with my coworkers and talk.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Random Thoughts: Life

- CSET= OVER = Results in a few weeks
- Watched Zoolander with my parents tonight. There was nothing on and I said I wanted to see this. My mom was game for something that sounded amusing. My dad not so much. We watched. My mom was interested because it had "good music" and it seemed improvised. My dad thought it was stupid.
- My dad is a big fan of the show "27 Dresses" ever since I've shown him it the first time. He's seen it maybe a dozen times in the past 2 months and says it is cute.
- Chatted with my best friend in Mississippi tonight. Topics like the economy came up, which of course we completely disagree because we're on other sides of the political spectrum, and his ideas and mine are different. I do however put up a good fight when we chat. I had lots of stories that capitvated him because he realized how we do need to go after the executives of the large companies and how they share a lot of blame. His basic argument was no, don't go after the execs because big business stirs the economy. Me, the informed NPR listener/reader, was able to counter with this article:
This paragraph seemed to prove my point:
Lenders were making reckless mortgages, while financiers and corporate chieftains chased great profits by bundling those shaky mortgages together into incredibly complex investments. But they didn't comprehend the risk they were injecting into the nation's financial bloodstream. Former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan recently told CNBC's David Faber he didn't understand how they worked either.

- My favorite thing to do in the mornings? I roll up to school in the morning, park, lock the car, slip iPhone out of my pocket, log onto I love how easy it is to navigate and find the "Morning Edition," "All Things Considered," and the wide range of stuff they talk about.
- Oh, and I was pulling that story up about the economy, I found the story about Claudette Colvin? Who is she? Well, she did the same thing as Rosa Parks 9 months prior and was several years younger; but why did Rosa Parks get the fame? Click to find out...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Our antibiotics would battle it out

The Guy and I both are on antibiotics this week. You may remember we didn't hang out Tuesday because of his bronchitis and my sinus infection. I'm still on the antibiotics and so is he. He feels fine, but he is still experiencing painful chest coughs.

I called him about 1 today. I tried to talk to him 4-5 times yesterday as he was out jogging. Probably not the best thing, but he hadn't eaten healthy and felt fat. He was also sick. He called about 2p.m. and I talked to him. He told me about being sick all week, I told him about my week, and stuff like that. Josh called last night. After he said that he broke down and became uneasy. He asked what I was doing and I said nothing. I was at home enjoying the aloneness. I told him my dad had been home the past 3 weeks. He has been off work because his blood pressure was so high the doctor put him on a mandatory leave. It was nice having my dad home to an extent, but it became intrusive. Picture Mrs. Doubtfire cleaning, vacuuming, cooking, plus yardwork, and secretary. My dad would come in my room and say, "I'm running the vacuum, want me to vacuum yours?" It was nice, but um.... well... I missed my space. He said well, I should come over. I agreed I could because I do have a pretty good immune system and I'm still on antibiotics.

Get to his house about 3:45. He asked me to stop by CVS to pick up his happy pills. I get them and they didn't make a fuss, which surprised me. He called while I was there and told me they didn't have the cough syrup he needed. He did want Robitussin DM. I looked and couldn't find it for the longest time. Someone put the lone bottle on the Alka Seltzer making it hard to find. I found Robitussin CM. I also found generics like Saratussin or something like that. He said "screw those" and I joked how I knew he wanted the full effect brand name. Then he wanted to know the flavors. They aren't listed on Robitussin. The only thing I taste about Robitussin is it tastes nasty. I buy the big giant bottle since it is on sale and take off.

Get to his place and say hello, then he goes to open up the Robitussin. He takes some while I go to the bathroom and he tells me it tastes bad. He said I was going back later for his doctor's cough medicine she prescribed. I laughed at him and his complaints.

We sit down and watch some movie that was a wannabe Kung Fu thing with Chinese people. The Guy joked how he could totally speak Chinese and said random jibberish and told me how it was right. I told him he was so good. He agreed he was and had the inflections down.

We make small talk about things going on. I tell him about seeing Aaron and how Aaron thought my friend Carl was cute. I told him how Carl is butthurt that I am not interested in him and how he is calling me giving me drama. We joked how we should both go out drinking and smoking (NEITHER OF US SMOKE- JUST TO MAKE IT CLEAR) to calm down and how we both have differences in guys we like, but we still can have a commonality. Case in point when we were looking at hot guys on myspace later in the evening. I thought one was hot, he didn't, but we always found a few we agreed on.

I talk to my cousin Kat who calls while I'm sitting on the couch. Rumor has it I'm graduating. She wasn't the first to know. She wasn't going to be. She is a distant relation- my aunt's extended family. She wanted to know what I was doing, when, she wants tickets, wants to know if there was going to be a big party. I said low key to my parents. My parents want to do something big, but basically with the economy and things like that we agreed low key. I have a feeling we'll wind up with a big family party, which is ok, but not what I planned. I love how I'm not the one planning my graduation and she is the one who wants to, or finds it important to know. The Guy bascially laughed and sided with me- go small because of the economy.

Zach calls while the movie is on about 5p.m. since he just got off work. The Guy told him about the one guy he really liked at the club I was at last week. The Guy went Thursday night. I was actually going to be there then with Carl. Anyways, this guy hasn't returned his calls. He talked about Navar and then some guy MIke he has also fucked that are potentials. Navar is only 19. He was texting him back and forth also. Anyways, he told me about the Josh thing. Josh called to say how he has no reason to apologize and calling was apologizing. He has been through so much. He used the line that "if The Guy really knew him, he would know what Josh wanted." The Guy was civil and basically Josh has turned to pot, smoking, drinking, broke up with Jackie, is hanging out with his 1 gay friend, went to 2 gay bars, and still doesn't know if he is gay, but doesn't think so. The Guy just encouraged him to get counseling. The Guy talked about how well he handled that and listened to Zach's guy stories. The Guy talked about how strong he has been (because of friends) and how he took action and assessed the situation, is in therapy, has a new trainer, and stuff like that.

Shortly after Zach is off the phone Josh texts. He goes crazy. I can see it in him. He tells me how he knew it was going to happen. So instead we look at pics of Navar on facebook since The Guy friended him. He had 250 pics we went through. Then we played stalker looking for the Mike guy, or maybe his name was Nate. Anyways, we looked for him. The Guy did name searches, area searches, then friends who might know him on myspace. We went through several friend pages looking at hot guys, and one of the guys THe Guy knows is dating/married to a hot guy named Steve I went to high school with who I always knew was gay. We talked about how small the gay world is and everyone knows everyone. I saw that with how The Guy knew this friend, who was married to Steve, who knew a bunch of guys The Guy did, guys I had seen on myspace, out in clubs, or stuff like that. Fun times. We do that for probably an hour. At the end I show him my myspace on my iPhone so he can see the 2 guys I'm interested in.

While all of this is going on we're watching "10,000 BC" and The Guy talks about how the music is from King Arthur's Court, how it is such a typical movie with a father figure, a dad relationship, and the typical jungle stuff. We made some funny reference. I wish I knew what was going on, but suddenly the white guy being chased by all the animals, main character ended up in a group of natives. The Guy said it is like "The Jeffersons." Then he started singing the song or something, then suddenly they were up in a hut or something and I said, "that's the deluxe apartment in the sky." He agreed. Then the guy took some food and ate it. He said, "oh yum," or something like that. I said "Florence!" in my best George Jefferson voice (because Florence is the maid who was always being yelled at by Mr. J). That was pretty funny.

I swear "The Jeffersons" is one of the best shows because it is so applicable to everything, it is in pop culture everywhere, and things like that. I know 3-4 times before The Guy and I have also sang or done random things like this related to the Jeffersons, but they're cool.

So The Guy asks if I will run to CVS. I said sure. I drive up there, park, go in, and they laugh when I am back at the pharmacy. They didn't refill his prescription, though his doctor called it in. 15 minutes they said. I texted The Guy and said "Are you hungry? I'll bring dinner- my treat." It was my treat for all of his help with my computer a week back. It was my treat because I haven't paid for dinner in a long time since it has been Jeff and I there most of the time when we are hanging and The Guy is volunteering to pay. I ask where to go since The Guy texts back "healthy." He names places at my requests and I told him to decide. I go to a sandwich place he mentions. He wants a turkey sandwich with no mayo, no cheese, but avocado. I order that for him and a roast beef with arugula for me. The woman who helped me was a little Chinese lady who was just so sweet. She was asking me how I was doing, and just really sweet. I get the food, then drive back to CVS. I talk to The Guy on the way who decided he needed candles larger than tea candles for a new candle holder he bought. He changes his mind 5 minutes later when he calls me again when I'm at CVS.

I get the food and prescription, then go back to his place. He is vacuuming and cleaning up. He has lit candles. He wants to feel better. His house smelled like Vicks Vapor Rub all afternoon. It wasn't bad. Anyways, we sit down and eat and watch Bill Maher. Sarah Silverman is on. She's the one fucking Matt Damon. She just broke it off with Jimmy Kimmel, by the way, again. So he eats the salad and half of his sandwich. He then does his testosterone shots while I finish eating. We stand around and make random talk about stuff. Then he decides he is tired and wants to shower and go to bed. We were going to hug, but then realized we need to keep our distance.

I thanked him for everything and he thanked me for picking up the prescriptions. I left about 8:15p.m.

I hope this post makes some sense- I may have been smoking some pot while typing it. Nah. I'm just scatterbrained right now, mind is wandering, nerves, thoughts, horniness, worries, stress from school, and things like that are all contributing factors.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Touching base

The Guy called me at 8:50 Tuesday morning, which was nice. He has bronchitis, I have a sinus infection. Both of us were doped up on antibiotics. I didn't want to get any sicker, so we abstained from hanging out. We were going to have an adventure and go to the Apple Store. So we'll do that another day.

School is BUSY. I have a 10 page research paper due next Wednesday that I need done by Friday.
I have a review for Spanish Linguistics Friday.
I have the CSET test Saturday.
Studying for that in the meantime.
I never received the CSET confirmation e-mail, so I have to call and get my admission ticket.
I have Sunday and Monday to write my screenplay for the Nicotine Addict Grad Student. I need to get at least an 8/10 on that to get an 80% in the class. I seriously don't understand her grading.
I have to do my Spanish extra credit to ensure I get a B+ - I'll do the extra credit sometime next week.
I'm trying to gather my letters of recommendation.
Did I mention I'm tired and groggy because of my sinus infection? I'll survive, I'm sure. At least I was able to self diagnose and call the doctor who didn't require an office visit. I do feel better today.
I took an hour nap Monday night, actually fell asleep, and then slept the whole night afterward.
I'm working Thursday, Friday morning, Monday, and Tuesday next week.
Oh, and as I type this up, I notice that Elyssa is out on maternity leave.

Overall, I'm ok... I know what I need to do... I have plans to get it all done. I'm moving along pretty well. I'm just busy.

My philosophy for this week...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Maternity leave

Mike... i'm gonna be on maternity leave on wednesday and friday. will you take notes for me in class? - elyssa

This was a message I received shortly after my Spanish class from Elyssa. I was just thinking "wow." I e-mailed her back and said I would because she has taken notes for me and things like that in the past. Seriously though? Sounds like a hilarious excuse for being off school- had I not known she were pregnant.

A 5 day maternity leave and you're back at school? She's only 21! 2 years ago when I first met her she was telling her entire Spanish class that she was worried she was pregnant and would have to keep her baby because she's so pro life. She never showed, so I assumed she wasn't pregnant. Back in January she started to show, and today when we were leaving class she told me she was going to go have her daughter.

And on a pregnancy note Carrie in my Spanish class, the annoying Asian girl with a Spanish boyfriend, who always bitched about her problems was also pregnant. She was really pregnant at the beginning of the schoolyear in September. I found out she gave birth to a girl on a Thursday, then was back at school on Friday in mid-February and was suddenly not pregnant.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

In bed with a politician

I met Mike a few weeks back on connexion. He asked me if I want to go to a Jesse McCartney concert with him on Monday night. I politely turned down his invitation. He told me he messaged me because my profile had more substance than most guys and the variety of music I like. Everything stays very basic- who are you, what are you here for, etc.? I get a message from him yesterday morning asking if I wanted to go to on a date last night. I told him sure, even though he is not my type. He is 24, 5'4'' (no problem there), latino (no problem there), 150lbs, 6'' uncut (hot), and the whole pretty boy, queeny look going on is not my thing, but I am not going to discriminate. We decide to meet about 6:30 after he goes to the gym. A few more texts and I'm at his place at 6:30 as planned.

First red flag (as I learned from The Guy with his whole red flag system in dates)- I called him when I arrived asking where to park. He texted me as I was leaving a voicemail and he told me in the text to enter the second gate of his apartment complex. I drive up and don't have the code, so I text him. He tells me, "no silly, park on the street." Fine. Done.

I am wearing blue jeans, a black skin-tight long sleeve Banana Republic shirt, and black classic Vans as I walk up to the door. He is wearing a gray Ed Hardy shirt with blue rhinestones and black Ed Hardy shoes with white crossbones. We shake each other's hands. He asked if I was going to drive, or him. I said it didn't matter. He gets his keys and we wander around his apartment complex looking for his car because he didn't know where his roommate put it. He calls his roommate, yet he didn't pick up his phone for me when I called. Not cool. Ok, so we're in the car and he tells me about his monster commute. I ask what he does and he tells me he drives around a lot for a living. I ask more- what does he do and things like that. He doesn't really say. We chat some more about if I had trouble finding his place, and I didn't. I tell him I've lived in the area my entire life and pass his street on my way to work. We arrive at the mall a few minutes later. He needs to stop at the ATM in the mall, so we park. In the lot he tells me about all the drivers and things that annoy him while driving.

We decide to go to PF Changs instead of Yardhouse. We have to park real far away and on the way over he talks about how he always parks under trees so he can find his car. We have 90 minutes to wait for dinner. So we go into the mall and walk around. He asks me what stores I shop, and I tell him. I shop Banana Republic, Express, Macys, GAP, PacSun, Tillys, sometimes a few others. He shops MetroStation and anywhere that sells Ed Hardy. We go into H&M and he tries on blazers. He asks for my opinion and the gray one he has on. It looked good. We go into a small store that sells Ed Hardy where he picks out a dozen t-shirts to try on, and jeans. He decides to buy one of everything he tried on. It comes out to $157 and he realizes his wallet is in the car because he doesn't carry it in his tight jeans. He had cash and put $20 down, then did the rest on layaway. While we were there he asked if they had a McCain shirt. He takes heat from a black guy in the store who says that he knows he is probably not conservative on all issues. He admitted just fiscally.

It was in the time we left the store and the time we stood outside of PF Changs where I found out more about him. He is going to school solely online and studying political science. He told me he is a politican and has actually run for local office. Name was familiar before he mentioned this, and I knew it. I remember seeing his campaign signs all around town about 3 years ago. He ran for the position right out of high school. He told me how he was a Republican and he is working for a high profile person in politics in the area. He told me about his aspirations. I knew who he works for and he told me that even though it is obvious he is a gay guy, his boss is accepting, though his boss is Republican. He told me who his boss was, and I knew who he was, as well as is views on several issues, so that made for good conversation. His boss views him being gay, supporting yes on 8, and things like that as a good thing in a very Republican area. We talked about the really corrupt member of the House who represents the area. I talked about meeting him and how it was a strange experience because my dad is a big opponent of him. It made for good conversation. He told me that his office staff has a very high turnover rate, he routinely fires anyone who even somewhat disagrees, he is told by advisors to do this, but if they differ from what he wants to do, he fires them. He told me that this guy knows he is corrupt and doesn't care because he'll always be elected. I talked about the recent November election and how he was within 5,000 votes of losing, and had it not been for Orange County he would have been out of a job. He just said it was an easy win, that he really didn't have any competition, so he didn't have to try too hard to win. I disagree, but wasn't going to fight because there was no reason. He told me he was impressed I know so much and I'm one of the few people he has ever been able to talk to about things like that whom he doesn't work with.

We are called shortly to go in the restaurant. He tells me he used to work at this PF Changs between political jobs, then managed Beach Bums several years ago, and things like that. All of the waiters knew him. We had GREAT service. Second major red flag came during dinner when he received not 1, not 2, but 3 phone calls while sitting at dinner, and answered them all. The first was his friend who is going to the concert with him. Second was his boss, then the third was someone in his office. He is on a bunch of committees and a member of a lot of organizations. He is organizing the Young Republicans in this city and there is a big fundraiser he is handling that he was talking about while on the phone. He told me this when he got off. I just sat politely.

We ordered our lettuce wraps and entrees. I ordered the chicken with black bean sauce and brown rice. He tells me how he doesn't eat red meat, only seafood, how he used to be fat and wear size 38 jeans. He uses Hydroxyzine and only drinks Crystal Light. I ask him more about his online schooling, how that works. I tell him how I'm looking at a credential program that is solely online. To find out the sheer amount of work- a 10 page paper each week, you can write total BS, the big thing is the citations in the paper being cited properly, but it is easy for him. I told him how that's how the program I was looking at was described, so that was nice to hear his feedback and opinions. He just needs the degree and he already knows the subjects. We chat more about little things- hot guys in the restaurant, work, school, family. He is adopted and has 3 sisters. About halfway through the entrees the talking just stops. I try to make small talk and carry the conversation when this happens. I ask about music and things like that. He only listens to stuff on KIIS 102.7. There were still moments with lots of silence. When we get ready to leave he thinks one of the waiters is gay that is new there. He asks our waiter, his friend, to go over and ask. He said for him to get him to come over if so. He said no, he was straight. The waiter had been trying to figure him out too. Mike wanted to split the bill between us so we each paid for what we bought- not half and half. To make things easier I just said both of our meals are almost $15 a piece with the appetizer split between us, so let's pay $17 or so a piece to make it equal. He insisted on calculating it so we each paid the same amount in tip, then that we each paid for our own thing. His was $14.30 and mine was $16 and some odd cents. Then we each left $2.50 in tip. He said it was the Republican in him. Red flag 3.

We decide we want to see Shopaholic, so we go over to the theater and he is again texting on the phone. We see it isn't playing, so we go back to his place. We go in his room and watch "Dead or Alive" on the TV in his room. Cheesy movie. We lay on the bed, first at opposite ends, but after some blood, we ended up cuddling in the bed and I put my arms around him and held him. I really enjoyed that. Shortly after the movie ended he fell asleep in my arms. He wakes up a few minutes later, then says that he needs to get to bed. I acknowledge it is late, as it is 12:30, and take off. Again, as I say goodbye and thank him, it is only a handshake.

Oh well. Lesson learned. Meet guys I'm interested in.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pennysaver Ad

We have received more than a dozen calls since Wednesday about an ad we placed in the Pennysaver. The problem? We never placed an ad. We got 5 calls in a row yesterday from some woman who was convinced we placed an ad and had to enroll her son in our tutoring program. She was creative- first she called a restricted number, then a cell phone, then a land line, then who knows about the other 2, but they all showed her name on the caller ID. Her persistence did not pay off. Finally, this morning after we received another call I googled our phone number and nothing came up. I went onto the Pennysaver's website and typed the area code and prefix and the very first ad to come up was almost our phone number. The last 4 digits were just mixed. It was a tutoring center however. So let this be a lesson to check the number you are dialing and not misdial.

My coming out (to friends and acquaintances)

I went over to Carl's last night. He was the guy I went to the gay club with the previous Friday. This was his ex-wife's last night in town and he wanted me to hang out with them. We met at about 7p.m., then the 3 of us ran to Blockbuster and Pizza Hut. We got a medium pizza, then sat on his bed watching "House Bunny" and snacking on pizza. Pretty funny movie.

We all take off for the club at 9:30. We arrive at 10. Pulling in I see a car of someone I know. His name is Grant and we went to high school together. Why do I know it is him? His license plate frame has his name, and I've seen him driving the car before. I make a comment that I know the guy. Carl and his ex say that I will maybe be lucky with him. We get in the club and make our way through the bar out to the patio. Who do I see? Grant. Carl and his ex are showing me photos of them on their cell phone, then their friend Nicole shows up. We introduce ourselves, then my friend Grant comes over to introduce himself like he is one of our group. I tell everyone this is Grant and I've known him since Kindergarten. They laugh, ask if it is true. Then he shakes everyones hand and we talk about cell phones since he asks what kind Carl has. It was at the point of being awkward because Grant was very talkative and not really comfortable in his surroundings. Grant? Mormon boy. He was there for his birthday. Now I'm questioning whether or not he is or isn't gay. Anyways. He asked me how I met Carl and we said school. He found out Carl's wife was a lesbian and was all over Nicole, so it was easy for Grant I think to realize Carl and I were "together" last night and so yes, I am gay. Well, that was interesting. We invite him to go to the drag show because he had never seen one and we had VIP seats. He says he'd rather stand in the background.

We go inside to get our drinks at the bar because seating is just about to start for the drag show. Standing at the bar I see my neighbor Ryan. He is 23, military guy, about 6'2'', blond, and a complete jerk. Nobody in the neighborhood likes him. He drives a Mitsubishi Eclipse and is always seen with his girlfriend and a couple other girls in his car. He was there and we made eye contact standing at the bar to order drinks. It was the "Oh, you're here," disgusted look. I just sort of smile, then go back to my business. I ordered a Jack and coke.

After we got our drinks VIP seating began and we were called. We sat up in the stools off to the right of the stage. While sitting there, I thought I saw Aaron. I shoot him a text, though I was hesitant because I DO NOT TEXT AFTER LIKE 10P.M. in case someone is asleep. Aaron is a pretty distinctive looking guy, and though he lives 3 cities away, or 30 miles, I was almost 100% positive. I kept looking over and see a guy with a drink in his hand around a latino guy. I told Carl I was going to go investigate, but there were so many people crowding around to see the show I couldn't get over to where I saw him, so I return to my seat.

The show was supposedly a "Dreamgirls" revue. There was 1 Dreamgirls song. There was songs from Cher like "Strong Enough," and "After All." There was even a drag queen who dressed up as Boy George and sang "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" and "Karma Chameleon." He was the best and got the most applause. My neighbor Ryan? He raised his hand that it was his first drag show and was moving his arms, head, and stuff like that to the music. He had a stack of dollar bills he was giving out to each drag queen.

There was a hot, young guy with slicked gray hair that I kept eyeing during the drag show. He was really hot, except he gave off that queeny vibe. He will be important later, so I bring him up.

After the drag show I use the restroom and there is a black guy with curly hair talking about how badly he needs to go. He is joking that the guys in front of me, 2 older brown headed guys maybe in their 30s were taking so long to use the bathroom. They talked about how the pressure was slowing them down. Then the black guy made a comment about how he may pee himself. Then one of the guys said he'd pee on him. He turns around and shows his probably 8'' thick, cut dick, then turns back around and finishes peeing.

Out on the patio I see Ryan again. He is smoking 3 cigarettes, which looks really strange. He has one in his left hand he is smoking, then one between his pinky and second finger in, and another where you usually hold a cigarette. He is taking drags on all 3, albeit not very well. He is talking with some of the guys he is with who also strike me as military guys.

Back inside I pass Aaron again I'm positive. He is flirting with the guy right near the entrance. I stare some more making sure it is him. The music starts and the 4 of us (Nicole, Carl's ex, Carl, and I) dance. I look over at Aaron and he waves. I wave too. I break away from the group to go over to talk to him. We hug and he asks how I'm doing, tells me he was surprised I actually got out. He asked how The Guy was. He asked who I was with and I pointed Carl out who was about 10 feet from us. I asked him what he was doing there and he said that it was Friday night, so he was having a drink. The music was loud, so we couldn't really talk, but it was nice to confirm it was him. He was soooo hot. As the night progressed I saw him dancing with the guy he was with He was a great dancer. Looked damn hot with a drink in his hand, standing out on the dance floor. I was trying to make my way over to him a couple times to dance near him. He was definitely wanting to be the center of attention.

The gray haired queeny guy was ALL over the dance floor that I brought up earlier. He was making his way from the sides to the center, and his shirt said "there is a diamond in my ass." I was joking with Carl I'd like to find out. Queeny guy brushed up against me several times and was feeling my ass. I felt his up too. He felt Carl up too, and pretty much everyone around him. A guy and girl come up to him shortly after Carl was felt up and It was Sean. Sean was a kid from my high school/college whom is a year older than me. I knew he was gay in high school. We've chatted online once or twice via AIM when we found each other on connexion or something and then we realized who each other was. His response was "I think I've seen you around at the high school," which translates to "I'm really not interested in you, but I know you who you are." He sees me around at LA Fitness all the time however. He always looks the other way. So he was there with queeny guy. They were holding hands, dancing, and drinking together. We saw each other and just acknowledged each other's presence. I think he was somewhat bothered. Who cares. Anyways, Carl joked that since I know him and he is with Queeny guy, he is probably as queeny. And last night, Sean seemed that way.

So we dance some more to stuff we weren't really familiar with. Then about 1:10 Carl's ex is hungry and wants to leave. I wanted to stay around and would have, had I not been the one driving. I wanted to try to talk to Aaron and dance with him. I was also wanting to dance more in general.

We go outside and decide to go to Dennys. When we get there there are people we saw from the club filtering in. It is packed at 1a.m. It is a small Dennys. The ex orders fries, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, and salad for us all to share. We snack on that, make random jokes, the ex-wife tells me how hot I am, an random stuff like that. It was fun. In the parking lot after we ate, Carl's ex wife and I are dancing with each other and I'm sure it looked pretty dirty- grinding up on each other, me grabbing her ass, her grabbing mine. Then we all say our goodbyes. She is going back to Baltimore today. Carl didn't cry like he thought he would.

I drop Carl off at 2:10 and head home. Get home at 2:40a.m. and wake up about a half dozen times between 3a.m. and 9a.m. I get up at 9a.m.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Good things on the work and school front

This song is in heavy rotation in my iTunes.

Some good news: I had 3 teachers I know, whom I have subbed for voluntarily say they would write me letters of recommendations when I was telling them about applying to various colleges for credential programs. It was like "I'm doing this," then one said, "I'd love to write you a letter of recommendation if you need one. Put me down on your references list." YAY.

I had a most interesting day subbing for my mom's friend Linda yesterday. A student of Linda's has ADD and is constantly up, wandering, talking, and things like that. I know when I have him in class if I give him a little extra dose of attention, like just acknowledging him and telling him good morning he is much better behaved. So I did that yesterday and the kids got to work. He took a while to get to work because he was busy singing about pigs, Whoppers, Big Macs, and things like that.

He sang this song he made up sung to the tune of "Heartless," by Kanye West... he sounded awesome doing it.

In the night, I roll up to my Jack in the Box,
hungry as can ever be
wanting a cheeseburger
How could you be so hungry?
Oh... How could you be so hungry?

In the night, I go into the McDonalds
wanting me my Big Mac
Something so juicy, something so tasty
How could you be so hungry?
Oh... How could you be so hungry?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Laid off

I got a pink slip today at the high school I tutor at. I will be out of a job by the end of the month. I will be rehired next year if the budget permits. But damn, the state budget, my spending money when I go out with friends. At least I have the subbing as a backup- when I get to do that. 4 years in this position, and a pink slip. Oh well... life goes on.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Like new!!!

I texted The Guy about 8:30p.m. last night and told him I'd be over in his area because of work. He sent a text back saying that sounded good and a smiley. I asked him how he was doing, what he was up to, and stuff like that. I told him I had just got back from dinner and aerobics with friends. I called him during my prep at work and he told me to head on over when school lets out, and we'd do lunch.

I get over to his place at 11:45 and Jeff is there, as well as a windshield repair guy repairing The Guy's windshield on his car. It shattered somehow, so that was being repaired. I walked in and Jeff seemed really surprised to see me. He was sitting on the couch playing WOW and greeted me and said "oh hey!" I go in to see The Guy who is searching facebook and myspace looking for his new trainer. He has a new trainer at a new gym. This personal trainer is "worth it" at $250 an hour (as opposed to Josh at $50). He feels this trainer will certainly change him- already he is eating almost nothing because he is on some really high fiber vegetable supplement shake thing. We search on facebook and myspace, and finally find him on myspace. We see his trainer, his trainer's tattoos, and sees how straight he is. Jeff comes running in to see. We joke around about how we need tattoos of our last names going down our sides. The Guy and I don't have really cool names like Jeff does that would look cool on our sides. Then we decide against that saying his tattoo was not well done, although better than Josh's The Guy decides.

We go in the living room soon after because The Guy gave Jeff a Macbook and was installing everything on it. I talk to The Guy and tell him about how my computer only has 15GB left on it. It had 20 a few weeks back, but even after I took off all of my porn and family photos, it had less space. I bring that up and The Guy told me to bring my computer in and we'd do a reinstall. He said we'd back it up on his external hard drive. He questioned me asking how many songs I have, how many photos, and documents. I had 7GB of songs, 2GB of documents, and 900MB of photos. He was shocked I had so little space. We realized my Windows partition was 40GB instead of 25 like I thought. The Guy asks me about my computer case and if it still has the damage from when I dropped it. It did, but it isn't as noticeable since The Guy fixed it. Jeff gasped.

The Guy asked me to get the hard drive, then decided he would do it to throw all of my stuff on. He decided I should just stand around and look pretty. I told him I would. I could do that. I get lots of experience doing that. I said I just spent the past 4 hours doing that. Jeff smiled, let out the biggest laugh, then smiled at me. I let them joke around with that how I took it so in stride that I do standing around and looking pretty well. I later explained at work I spent 4 hours standing around looking pretty. I subbed for PE and we had 22 minute classes today because there was a 90 minute testing block for 7th graders causing the whole school to be on a modified schedule. With 22 minute classes the first 5 minutes or so was spent taking roll, then the kids got to play basketball. I stood on the field looking pretty, talking with Mrs. S.

Jeff, The Guy, and I joked, spending a lot of time talking about WOW, computers, and made fun of Jeff for being so into the game. We laughed at my computer misfortunes, as well as Jeff's. I actually had a lot of fun with Jeff. He is a nice guy, but I just sometimes get that vibe he doesn't like me. Today that wasn't there and we were having a good time talking and other stuff.

The Guy says he wants our salmon and chicken place for lunch. He said he couldn't go because he couldn't drive his car for an hour because of the glass being repaired. Very sad. Jeff couldn't go because Jeff was WOWing. I volunteered. The Guy took a quick nap while I was gone. I ran to the bank and then got our food. When I came home with the food The Guy and I ate, but Jeff was too busy WOWing. We laughed at him for that.

The Guy puts iWork 2009 on my computer because he had a disk of it, as well as Leopard, and Microsoft Office just sitting on his coffee table. He does all of the installs, then puts everything back on the computer. I notice that there are only 700 songs in my library or so when he adds my music back on. I ask him about that. He assured me it was all there. I said no, I don't think so. He said it was. I again didn't believe it. When he was doing something to Jeff's computer I look and said "no, these are not my songs." He said oh, oops. He laughed. Then he went to my iTunes songs, gave me tips about how to put iTunes songs back on the computer (ALWAYS GO TO THE SOURCE AND IMPORT). So now I have 2,000 songs in iTunes. About 100 classical songs, 100 country, 300 alternative (Drive By Truckers, Feist, Alanis Morisette, and many more). I got all of the Band of Horses CDs The Guy kept telling me I needed.

Jeff runs around like a little kid going between computers playing WOW. The Guy and I just sit next to each other on the couch as he installs stuff. I ask him why my contacts never imported on Mobile Me, but my calendar did. He lets out a gasp. I do too. He thinks something is really up. We decide to just plug my phone in the computer, then he hits a few buttons, brings my contacts online, and then fixes my iPhone. I don't have the sync contacts option marked in my iPhone. He makes fun of me for finally getting it fixed after a year. I laugh and said yes. I thanked him for that.

He made jokes about how Josh will probably call him for a tech support call because something of his that The Guy gave him will break. He said he is going to laugh in his face and tell him off. He then said how we're so lucky because he keeps our computers up to date, keeps us up on the newest electronics, and does anything our computers need. See why I love him as a friend?!?!?!

The Guy told us he was kicking both of us out at 3:30 because he wanted to hit the gym, then had a dinner date with a 19 year old friend of Jeff's tonight at 5:30 named Navar. So we hugged and I thanked him for lunch and installing everything on my computer. I texted him about 30 minutes later thanking him for everything he did, to which he replied "MY PLEASURE!"

So I'm here at home blogging, setting up my bookmarks again (which were the only thing lost because of a synchronization error on my end), and am going to go through my new music later, set up my iTunes, and stuff like that. Even with 800 new songs, Warcraft installed, my documents, and photos back on my computer I'm cranking along with 65.9GB of free space- less than half of my 120GB hard drive being used.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Sometimes I don't get the joke

My always laughing Spanish professor had a joke today. He is a 72 year old grad student.
The word "decir" in Spanish is to say, and in the past tense is "dijé, dijiste, dijó," and he was explaining how there is a vowel and stem change that occurs when you conjugate it- nothing anyone would really care about.
Then he said the word decir reminds him of a joke
"I'm just whistling dixie," he said, then he burst out in hysterics.
He asked who got it. One girl raised her hands. The other 10 people or so just kind of looked around, myself included.
Then he burst out into song and sang the whole song.
Then he asked if we knew what dixie was.
Then he asked if we knew what dixie cups were.
He asked if we got the joke again.

Here is the song...

Maybe 4-5 minutes later he has another random question.

"How many drink postum?
Positum in latin reminds me of postum.
It is like you're having a posit.
It is what we used to give kids in the morning.
It is made out of different cereals.
Look for it on the shelf next time you're in the supermarket.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My dad's cherry cheesecake recipe

He makes a graham cracker crust using the honey flavored graham crackers, 3Tbsp of sugar, 5Tbsp of melted margarine. He uses a rolling pin to break up the graham crackers.

To do the filling he follows the instructions on the back of the Jello No Bake Cheesecake Dessert, the only difference is he adds a tsp of vanilla.

Once it has set up, he adds cherries to the top- I forget the brand, but it is found with the pie fillings.