Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why is he still staying?

The Guy promised he'd treat me to dinner one night this week for taking him to the airport and picking him up this past week. We were planning on Friday, but I didn't hear from him so I texted him Friday afternoon to see if we were going to Saturday. He said we were going to hang Saturday afternoon. He texts me a good morning in the morning, a few texts back and forth, and we agree on 4p.m.

I get to his place at 4p.m. as the workers are finishing most of the tile near the front door. I make my way in to the office where THe Guy is playing WOW. We chat about our day, our week, and stuff like that. We hang there for 45 minutes or so until he says we have to go get the dogs. The tile guys are finishing up. They are done for the day, so he locks up, and we drive to get the dogs. On the way we talk about my bedroom and we are in agreeance that candle sconces are nice, maybe some nice artwork, but again, we don't know what. We may visit Target.

We get to the doggy daycare and The Guy's husky has blood on him. It turns out it is from another dog that got into something it shouldn't. The Guy said it wasn't a big deal. He asked the worker at the counter how her Saturday was going, and she could barely talk. She nearly broke down in tears. She finally got it out that her 5 month old puppy died this past week. She lives with her boyfriend's parents, and they kept the dog in his kennel with his food, and his stomach was bloated. The Guy told the girl at the counter that he was so sorry and if there was anything she needed to give him a call. We left and both felt bad for the girl and then having to be around the other dogs, and probably thinking about hers. We drove back and The Guy tried to call in the sushi order. The place opened at 5. It was 5:20, so he dials, but they don't pick up. He dials back close to 10 times and waits probably a good 2 dozen rings each time before he gets someone. He then asks why they took so long to pick up the phone, and it turns out they were taking reservations and couldn't answer the phone. The Guy tells me we're going to pick Casey up too. I knew that since they were texting earlier. The Guy tells me about Josh on the way. The Guy's friend Joe is on a soccer team, and apparently Josh is too, now. Josh and Joe talked. Joe never brought The Guy up, nor did Josh, which kind of hurt The Guy that Josh didn't. As the two of them were talking, Josh's female friend, his best friend, who is married that he is banging came up and told Joe that he was fat and had gained a lot of weight since he stopped working out at her gym. I was astounded he said that. Joe is the argumentative type, and thankfully replied back that he was busy getting his PHD, going to school and working full time, maybe he has a life outside the gym. Props to him! But I guess that pretty much ended the conversation.

We get to Casey's house and The Guy's dog is growling at Casey's cat, which is pretty funny since he is outside of the car. Casey gets in and is stuck in the back with the dogs. He is on his phone texting, talking about a guy he is sort of dating. This same thing happened the last time in the car where he got in and would talk about other guys he was dating or getting fucked by. I was kind of turned off by that because who does that? The Guy goes in to get the sushi and Casey and I hang out in the car. Driving back to The Guy's place the topic of older guys came up and my Target Date disaster came up. The Guy told Casey about it, and somehow I bring up that the crazy worked at Disneyland. It turns out Casey does too, and wanted to know the crazy date's name. I told him, and he knew who I was talking about. He has 2 friends who dated this guy and said that he was very out there as far as being scary, doing outrageous things, and being inappropriate for a first date. I understand.

Inside the house we cordon off a space so the dogs can't go on the tile and enter through the living room door instead of the main door. We cordon off the living room and kitchen so there is only access to the bathroom, bedroom, and office. I joke that using the dog bed is not a good barricade for the dogs because they'll knock it over and sure enough, THe Guy's husky knocked it down almost immediately. They calm down and come hang out by our feet once we gather in the office. We debated whether to eat the sushi, the 3 of us, on The Guy's bed, but decide to eat at the desk in the office. We joke about possibly playign musical chairs, although The Guy is selfish because I was left sitting on the amp far away from the sushi. I probably have 7-8 pieces of the various types from the tuna roll, salmon, peppered salmon, shrimp roll, and more. I tried to sample everything this time. After eating The Guy and Casey start playing WOW. The Guy put on Lady Antebellum's new CD that he downloaded so that I wasn't so bored and had somethign to listen to. Casey and I were again being argumentative about everything. If he said something was blue, I said it was green. We argued about everything it seemed. The Guy joked that we needed to calm down, love, and he was going to break us up. It was all in good fun, though. I decided I'd get my computer after a while and I could possibly join in on the fun. I go through the many updates and then come to discover that it would not work because The Guy never kept the account I was using activated. We talked about my internet issues and how I will never play WOW at home because of that.

The Guy wants to go in the jacuzzi and invites both of us out about 8p.m. I go with him because I thought Casey might go, but also I wanted to chat with The Guy. I could sense he was bothered by something. We get out to the jacuzzi and he starts off- he is bothered- he kind of likes Casey, Casey will text him saying he is horny, come over, then not be. The Guy has to always pick Casey up since he doesn't have a car, then Casey is always texting, texting other guys at that, and talking about guys he is chasing and guys fucking him. The Guy talked about how he keeps letting people walk all over him like that. He talked about how he was bothered by Matt who texted him the other night he was so horny, yet came over and was just as tired as when we played. He said he needs to reevaulate guys and how it is not fair to him. I agreed. I was going to bring this Casey thing up to him because I know Casey is the kind The Guy likes, and I realized after talking to blogger JC on the internet when WOW wouldn't work for me. The Guy is attracted to Casey because he is young, needs help, and a few other things that causes The Guy to come in, fill that void, and makes The Guy feel good. I was just bothered because of the fact he talked so openly about other guys. The Guy tells me we would hang out again today or tomorrow, but he really wanted Casey to just go, and if I'd say about 11p.m. I just had to go, so Casey would get the hint and leave. I said sure. We talk about The Guy and his weight issues. He is lacking motivation to keep the weight off without Josh in his life. He tells me about how great the Utah trip was, the guy he met on that, and how his mom paid for the entire trip, including his snowboard lessons. It was a good chat.

We go back in and I play around on Grindr since WOW didn't work. The Guy hears the little Grindr message sound and asks me who I'm chatting, then he logs on. We take a few minutes to show each other hot and not so hot guys. Casey is still engrossed in the game. The two of them play and THe Guy buys Casey some weapon , and they play for about another hour. The Guy then announces he is heading to bed and is tired. The Guy turns on the heat, waits around for Casey to make an attempt to leave, and then heads to bed. It was about 15 minutes before Casey was finally ready to leave. I agreed to take Casey back home since he was on my way. In the car we chat about him working for Disney, the Disney gay guys who work there, and other random little things. It was midnight when I got home.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Foot fetish buys me shoes

Foot Fetish has been talking about buying me new shoes for the longest time. I tried to stop him, but he did. He had them shipped to my house via amazon, and a gift note that said he was going to find a way to get me shoes. I called him and told him I'll treat him to dinner as a thank you. It'll probably be near his Spring Break since he is so busy with school trying to create an iPhone app and some other random stuff for classes.

Accompanied with pics since I guess it didn't upload right... Thanks Bruce for pointing it out!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Avon lady

I had just settled down for a nice slumber at about 11:10, I'm in my bed ready to fall asleep when the dang Avon lady calls at 11:23. I am annoyed because who the hell calls the home phone after 9p.m.? We haven't had a call after 9p.m. in months, and the last time I think was probably when my grandma died. I was almost kind of worried when we got this call tonight.I get up to see that it says Carla the Bitchy Avon Lady and realize I need to take care of this.

I spring over to the phone, pick up the receiver, and the conversation goes like this:

Me: You rang?
Carla The Bitchy Avon Lady: Um, well, um, yes, hello, is your mom around?
Me: It is 11:23p.m.
Carla: Well, um, is she home?
Me: Shouldn't you be asleep like most normal people?
Carla: Young man, I am not going to stand for this and let you insult me. Is your mom home?
Me: It was only too easy to do (insult her). Um. No.
Carla: Oh, I forgot your mom goes to bed early.
Me: I thought so. (I hang up the receiver.)

By this time my parents are up, sister is still awake, and my dad is cussing my mom for letting this woman call so late, and how much he hates the woman.

I swear, this woman is so annoying. She gets up at like 2p.m. and goes to bed at 5a.m. or so. She is this old woman constantly complaining about this and that, and her life is so bad, and she needs to go pray this and that that her life will get better. This woman is one of those psycho religious people. She calls and leaves messages on our answering machine that says she is going to church to pray for her plumbing because her toilet is backed up and wouldn't be home if my mom were going to stop by to pick up her Avon. Personally I understand her dilemma- she is full of shit- and well, if it keeps her from calling us, go and pray, by all means. She's too much. The woman just sets me off.

Oh, and it probably didn't help she was at Kaiser when I was today getting her allergy shot also. She asked me to give my mom an Avon book and I remarked something along the lines of I was not her slave, and if she wanted to give it to my mom, she should do it herself.

Yeah, I have a mean side.

Bible ringing bell guy

This guy stands from about 12p.m. to 4p.m. or so daily at various points along the highway that I live off of wearing brown overalls with a white shirt or a black suit with white gloves ringing a bell and holding what I presume to be a Bible. He also always has a walking stick.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My life is more complete- room edition

I found a pillow that I like finally. My dad and I went to Kaiser with my mom to get the H1N1 vaccine yesterday. My mom had plans with Linda, so we drove separately. I conned him into going to the mall with me. I told him I wanted to go to Macys and look at pillows once we were there. I basically just went, picked out one that looked firm and expensive, and voila, a nice new $120 (BUT it was $60 on sale) Charter Club Damask Dot pillow. I slept well on it last night. Yay.

I also found a couple new accessories for my bedroom in my neverending quest to decorate my room. I want to buy some black curtains for both windows. I added a black bed skirt and black rug to the area to unify it over the past couple days. I still want a nice photo or artwork for the wall to the side of my bed.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fixtures, sex, and sleeping

headed over to The Guy's at 3:30 Thursday. He took the day off work and I had just finished tutoring. He had originally told me to come over about 8, but we know 8 really means 3.

When I arrived the construction workers had just left. The Guy was playing Everquest on the computer. He did that for about an hour I'd guess before we had to go get the dogs. In the car on the way, it was quiet. He told me about how he was staying in the most expensive hotel, he rented a condo for 2 nights to snowboard, and to board the dogs cost more, but he talked his mom into paying. We get the dogs, confirm the plans with the girl who was running the daycare to have the dogs boarded for the weekend, and take off. The Guy tells me how he has an urge to call Josh. I just said no, Josh is over. We instead discuss his new plan for the bathroom- he is replacing the tub insert with a new one- thank goodness- his other plan was bad, and I told him that on Tuesday. He told me he has the tile plan worked out in the bathroom, which is much better than his plan from the other day.

Back at the house he plays some EQ2 while waiting for the tile and granite cutter to come. I hang out in the office with the dogs while he is here, which is about an hour. I kill time on my phone.

We snack on a sandwich that he bought from Trader Joes for each of us. Mine was a roast beef wrap. His was an Asian wrap. We do some tidying up in the office, then he decides we should go swim. He had told me that earlier. I knew he just wanted to get out. We go up to the country club and check in. We change in the locker room. We go out to the cold pool. I do pretty well. I can swim about half of the olympic sized pool before my arms get tired. I wish I were a better swimmer. You'd think I'd have better strength up there given that I work out. Oh well. I was really having a hard time after my 3rd lap in the pool. My arms were tired and I stopped in the middle of the pool and just wanted to stop. I was panting and working myself up into an asthma attack. I was having a hard time breathing being there in the middle of the pool. I really tried my best to take deep breaths, catch my breath, and then made it back to the original side. I gave up while The Guy did another lap back and forth. I just worked at catching my breath. My chest felt tight. I think part of it was my sort of anxiety with water. I was never a great swimmer, and don't remember the swimming techniques from swimming lessons when I was a kid.

We go into the hot tub and The Guy tells me "he's going to call him (Josh)," and I said "no." We discuss random stuff- how nice the bathroom will now look. He tells me how he thinks he needs a digital medicine cabinet that has a display of everything inside, and he talked about all the computer equipment needed to do that, and how it wouldn't be hard. I tell him about my neighbors putting a 24'' TV in their bathroom with Direct TV, but how they left wiring everywhere. He brings up the topic of speakers somehow, and I remind him that he is supposed to hook me up with his speaker guy to tell me what to get for my car. He said he thought he had promised me speakers. I told him no, just need to know what to get. He said that I should make an appointment, then he relented after talking it through, and said that he will probably be upgrading his stereo with some new amp or something, so he would give me that stuff, and I would just have to pay for installation, or something like that. He reminded me how he likes to give stuff to friends who will get value out of his old stuff that really isn't old.

On the way back, The Guy tells me that this week has been really hard. He is still not over Josh. He was being very serious and talked about how if Josh were gay, he probably wouldn't treat The Guy any better. He talked about how he is hurt that Josh can just block him out of his life. He talked about how that isn't the case with us, and we constantly have that urge to call each other. He said he has the urge to call Josh and it is only a matter of time before he slips. He then turns into a joking mood and asks what I would do if he did. He asked if we had a Law & Order thing going on and I said we would, then he determined the only way they'd find I was the one who disposed of The Guy was through my semen because semen never lies... lol... but I'm not going to do that...

We get back in time to have a few more bites of our sandwich, then his friend Matt showed up at 10p.m. I met Matt, and I think he was the last guy I had a threesome with- the last time I had one with The Guy. He had asked me earlier in the night if I was comfortable with it, and I said yes.

The Guy feeds the dogs, and his new husky is taking forever to eat. Matt and I stand around watching. Matt looks like he is falling asleep. The Guy suggests we go in and undress. We go in his bedroom, lock the door, and then undress. Matt is at the foot of the bed and I'm at the side. It could have been hot where we undressed each other. Once we're both undressed I am the aggressive one and move over and put my arm on his chest, then start making out with him. The Guy comes in shortly after and jokes there isn't much action going on. I move down to Matt's dick and suck him while The Guy is leaning over Matt having him suck him. The Guy puts a condom on, lubes up, and comes down to where I am at the foot of the bed sucking Matt and starts getting ready to fuck me. I am nervous as I haven't been fucked since like May or June I think it was (off the top of my head) and am hoping it isn't too painful. It isn't too bad. I suck Matt while being fucked and then The Guy moves on to fuck Matt who is laying on his back. He fucks Matt hard- the bed was moving so fast and loudly. We reposition ourselves and Matt and I begin making out and feeling each other up. The Guy has to piss, so he does that. I tell Matt during this time to lay on me, and he does. The Guy comes back with a condom and lubes it up and tells Matt to ride me. He does this for maybe 30 seconds, but it felt good. The Guy fucks me again as I lay on my back next to Matt, then flips me over and I'm on my stomach. He fucks me much harder than I remember, and it almost hurts. He stops when I'm moaning and groaning really loudly. Thankfully. Matt is fading fast, so The Guy decides to call it a night while we are still ahead. Matt tries to jack off, but gives up. I jack myself off, then join The Guy in the shower.

The Guy orders his bathroom fixtures after the shower on Home Depot's website. He talks about how everyone said this project has doubled in price- everyone said it would cost about, but it doubled because he buys top quality, top of the line everything. He talked about how he always buys the best. After ordering the parts, he plays some EQ2 again. I'm annoyed as it is getting really late, and he wants to game. He does this for like 15-20 minutes, then I think he got my point that I was annoyed as I kept getting up to go to the bathroom, get a drink, etc. He decided he should pack. I help him gather everything. He takes a bunch of t-shirts, 1 pullover sweater, his ski jacket and pants, and tons of t-shirts, and a few pairs of jeans. I joke how he packs so heavily. Seriously, I am the lightest packer, but I'm always overprepared. And I don't necessarily feel he was well prepared for Utah's 35 degree weather for the next few days. We probably spend an hour getting all of his clothes, software, and everything ready to go. Then he has to download an alarm to wake us up. He used a computer alarm that is networked to his bedroom speakers, his phone, texted his friend Dan to call us, and had me set my alarm. Overkill much? He said he was the kind of guy to sleep through alarms. I laughed. I couldn't. He also set the alarm for 4a.m., which when we were getting to bed at 1 was not cool. I thought it was a little early, but I was thinking about me in any case- I have my clothes already laid out and it is a matter of throwing them on and putting everything in the car, but not The Guy. He had to play around in bed with the dogs, shower, make sure he had everything, put on moisturizer cream, pick up dirty clothes around the house, and inject himself with his hormone thing.

It was nice laying next to him in bed. I slept on the left and he slept on the right side. His dog got the middle, but there was some shifting and adjusting. The Guy ended up next to me, which I liked because it just felt more intimate. I probably took an hour to get to sleep, then slept really light, as The Guy and his dog both snore. We woke up to the Glee Soundtrack playing "Don't Stop Believing," and The Guy sprouted up in bed acting the song out. It was hilarious. We sang as he showered and made little dance moves.

AND this song sounds incredible on The Guy's stereo system. I wish I could mimic it with my computer. Dang. I do have to say that was the most unusual, funny sound to wake up to, the whole dunt dun dun dun dun dun dun dun...

I took him to the airport at 4:45 and we arrived about 5:02. On the way there we heard the news on KOLA 99.9, and they did the Pledge of Allegiance after, and sang the National Anthem. He joked how that was a bit much, or something to that effect. I actually burst out into laughter as it was going on. Shame. I'm going to hell, I know. I pull up to the curb, drop him off, and help get his snowboard, laptop, and bag out of the car. I was sad to see him go. As I'm driving back I hear GO COUNTRY 105, KFROG 95.1, and MYFM (I think) do the pledge, as well as sing the National Anthem or Star Spangled Banner. I shoot The Guy a text about how we're unpatriotic or something because I heard it 3 times. He said "lol" and thanked me for taking him.

He's landed in Utah now, and I'm heading to work. I came back to his place to wait for the dog lady to come pick up the dogs.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A regular buddy

While driving home from The Guy's house, I kept thinking how much I miss being with another man. I miss the intimacy, the cuddling, the fondling, and the sex. I wish I had a regular fuck buddy for some safe fun. Someone I feel comfortable with. Someone I am attracted to. Unfortunately I don't really know anyone. .. adam4adam here I come? No... I don't know... just thinking out loud.

Choosing granite

The Guy called me about 3p.m. Monday and I didn't pick up. I was busy getting imbibed before heading off to my night classes.

He called again about 9:10 Tuesday morning. He was on the road somewhere and we talked. I told him about just hanging around at home. He told me about all of his granite problems. He liked a granite slab that was $2,400 per slab as opposed to $600 like the granite cutter picked out. He asked me to meet him to see it. I told him sure. I drove over to the place, which was just down the freeway from him and right by where I go to school. He is in the back, and I head back that way. I have to grab a hard hat to go out in the factory with him. He shows me what he had picked, and it is beautiful. It has so many different rocks and colors in it. It is a black with oranges, browns, whites, and more. The granite cutter said to not use it because it is so brittle and difficult to work with, especially for the edging that The Guy wants. I love the piece he picked out, but I told him I thought the other one would be better. I told him that I think it would match the floor better, but also the other was too busy for the area. Lots of deliberation and talking to the workers- he sides with me to go with the $600 slabs. They're nice looking, but less expensive, but still not cheap granite.

We get in our cars and head to his place texting each other on the way. The Guy asked me if it was still carpooling when we were following each other. I said it was and that his big car was pulling my little one. He said he felt I was coming up his butt with my car. I told him I was coming at ramming speeds. He asked if he could have poppers. I asked if he wasn't manly enough to handle it without the poppers. He laughed.

We get to his place and see his new kitchen cabinet up against the wall. Looked pretty good. Still not the ideal kitchen layout, but it should be nice. The Guy told me that he had so much granite left over from the $600 slab he decided to have them put it in the bathroom too. The Guy decided because he was getting a new countertop in the bathroom he needed a new sink. He found a $300 Kohler. He also found a $700 Kohler faucet. He orders both. The Guys continue demoing and we hang out in the office while he tries to deal with Home Depot, who messed up his order on his appliances. The workers take off about 12:30. The Guy decides he needs a new toilet and looks at the $3,000 European Kohler toilet, then decides on the $1,500 Kohler wide bottom, something something toilet, even though everyone, including the workers told him to not spend that much on a toilet.

I have to take off about 1:15 to meet my partner for our lesson plan. I tell The Guy I can come back and he says he wants me to. He gives me money to pick up a pizza on the way back. I was sort of regretting this because I was sure because of the fact he gave me money something would happen and it'd be hours before I got back, and The Guy was hungry, as was I. My partner, Mormon boy, is being disagreeable and suddenly thinks our lesson plan won't fly. I object and vehemently refuse to change anything, and instead start delegating what each of us will do since he obviously isn't comfortable with it. We were with his mom looking over the lesson plan, and thank god she agreed with me. I'm done with that by 3.

I bring the pizza back and THe Guy and I eat and he plays Everquest II. It was an expansion pack day, so there was some new land he could go to. He was playing with his friend Mike and a couple others. I tell him about my partner, how he claims he is so laid back, yet he was so controlling and insistent on doing the project, doing every aspect, then was having a breakdown today. The Guy laughed. I was so easy going and laid back, which is so unlike me, but there was no pressure. The professor said the only way we won't get an "A" in the class is to not do an assignment. We are the first group to go, so the standards are lower for us, so don't worry.

The Guy and I spend some time going through his cabinets throwing out all of his kitchen spices- which are less than a year old and emptying everything else out of his kitchen cabinets, which aren't that old either. We put some new baking sheets away and stuff like that.

We have to go get his dogs from doggy daycare at 5. On our way there he tells me he is going to Utah for business on Friday-Monday and wants to know if I will spend the night at his house Thursday night, take him to the airport Friday morning, and then wait for his dogs to be picked up by the doggy daycare for the weekend. He asked what I make a day subbing, and he told me he'd pay me that amount so there wouldn't be hard feelings about missing work to take him to the airport. I said sure. We get the dogs and talk to Jeff on the way home and tell him about the granite dilemma.

The Guy and I hang out in the office where he plays more EQ II, then he tells his friend Casey to come over to help move stuff and get ready for the carpet to be pulled up today. The Guy tells me he is going to pay me $100 for helping, just like he is paying Casey. I told him it wasn't necessary, but he said it meant a lot to him. Casey ends up needing a ride, so The Guy showers, and we head down to pick him up. He is probably my age. We got along pretty well I think. We both are very sarcastic and were bickering about everything it seemed like from the time we met- in a good way. The Guy orders sushi for us and we eat that in his kitchen. Casey jokes about liking all of the alcohol in the sushi restaurant, and we were going to order drinks, but decided to go back to THe Guy's place where we made a vodka, orange juice, and cranberry concoction. Sushi and drinks. Fun times.

After dinner, Casey washes all of the dishes in the bathroom while The Guy and I unplug all of his electronics in the living room since the carpet is coming up today. We put some other stuff away in the process. It doesn't take too long. The Guy also goes through throwing out all of his "old" (products that have been used once) Aveda products and gives them to Casey and I.

Casey plays some WOW, The Guy plays more EQII, and I hang out in the office kind of dozing off while they do that. The Guy wakes me up at 12:38 and I get ready to go. I get home about 1:03. Thankfully no sub call today.

Monday, February 15, 2010

My aunt now goes to spam

My aunt in Oklahoma has been told many times to not forward me her chain letters because I don't necessarily agree. Many of hers are religious and political...

I wrote her the following e-mails to let her know...

Dear Aunt,
Thanks for the email, but in the future please do not forward me these chain emails about religion or politics. I don't necessarily agree with your views. All further correspondence will be deleted.

Aunt replied:

Dear Mike,
The pictures speak for themselves. I am just passing on the truth and hope you get to heaven. You need to be aware of these terrorists.
Love ya,

Aunt continues her messages, and even though occasionally there is an important message she will send, she is going to a special junk mail folder just for herself.

Here's yesterday's email.

Mike, you need to see this, for your own good. Muslims.

In my opinion, this is an abomination.

- Obama Crotch Salute –

- Remember: Re-Elect No One!

Isn't anyone out there seeing RED yet?

The POTUSA (President of the United States of America ) at Ft. Hood , Texas on Nov. 11, 2009... "Honoring" the 13 dead. Obama refuses to salute, come to attention or even place his hand on his heart as the honor guard passes at the Memorial Service for those killed by a Muslim terrorist at Fort Hood.!!

The Crotch Salute Returns

This is what we get for electing a never served his country socialist. If this does not offend you nothing will!
I'm embarrassed that the World would see this.


Here's an email from earlier this week:

A lot of
Americans have become so insulated from reality that they
imagine America can suffer defeat without any inconvenience
to themselves.

Absolutely No
Profiling! Pause a moment, reflect back, and take the
following multiple choice test.

These events
are actual events from history.. They really happened!
Do you remember?


1. 1968
Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by:

a.. Superman

b. Jay Leno

c. Harry Potter

d. A Muslim male
extremist between the ages of 17 and 40

2. In 1972
at the Munich Olympics, athletes were kidnapped and
massacred by :

a. Olga Corbett

b. Sitting Bull

c. Arnold

d. Muslim male
extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and

3. In
1979, the US embassy in Iran was taken over by:

a. Lost Norwegians

b. Elvis

c. A tour bus full
of 80-year-old women

d . Muslim male
extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and

4. During
the 1980's a number of Americans were kidnapped in
Lebanon by:

a. John Dillinger

b. The King of

c. The Boy Scouts

d. Muslim male extremists mostly between
the ages of 17 and 40

5. In 1983,
the US Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by:

a. A pizza delivery

b. Pee Wee Herman

c.. Geraldo Rivera

d. Muslim male
extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and

6. In 1985
the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked and a 70 year old
American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard in his
wheelchair by:

a. The Smurfs

b. Davey Jones

c. The Little

d. Muslim male
extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

7. In 1985 TWA flight
847 was hijacked at Athens , and a US Navy
diver trying to rescue passengers was murdered by:

a. Captain Kidd

b. Charles Lindberg

c. Mother Teresa

d. Muslim male
extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and

8. In 1988,
Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by:

a. Scooby Doo

b. The Tooth Fairy

c. The Sundance Kid

d. Muslim male
extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and

9. In 1993
the World Trade Center was bombed the first time by:

a. Richard Simmons

b. Grandma Moses

c. Michael Jordan

d. Muslim male
extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and

10. In 1998, the US
embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by:

a. Mr. Rogers

b. Hillary Clinton,
to distract attention from Wild Bill's women problems

c. The World
Wrestling Federation

d. Muslim male
extremists mostly between the ages of
17 and 40

11. On 9/11/01, four
airliners were hijacked; two were used as missiles to take
out the World Trade Centers and of the remaining two, one
crashed into the US Pentagon and the other was diverted and
crashed by the passengers.

Thousands of
people were killed by:

a. Bugs Bunny, Wiley
E. Coyote, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd

b. The Supreme Court
of Florida

c. Mr Bean

d. Muslim male
extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and

12. In 2002 the United
States fought a war in Afghanistan against:

a. Enron

b. The Lutheran

c. The NFL

d. Muslim male
extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and

13. In
2002 reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and murdered by:

a. Bonnie and Clyde

b. Captain Kangaroo

c. Billy Graham

d. Muslim male
extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

No, I really
don't see a pattern here to justify profiling, do
you? So, to ensure we Americans never offend
anyone, particularly fanatics intent on killing us,
airport security screeners will no longer be allowed to
profile certain people.. They must conduct random searches
of 80-year-old women, little kids, airline pilots with
proper identification, secret agents who are members of the
President's security detail, 85-year old Congressmen
with metal hips, and Medal of Honor winner and former
Governor Joe Foss, but leave Muslim Males between the ages
17 and 40 alone lest they be guilty of

Let's send
this to as many people as we can

Foot note: Fort Hood Texas
......another Muslim 39 years old killed 13 people
and wounded 30 some odd others... Does this fit the

Here's the text from a stamp about EID.
If there is only ONE thing you forward today.... let it be this!

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of Pan Am Flight 103!

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993!

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the Marine Barracks in Lebanon !

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the military Barracks in Saudi Arabia !

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the American Embassies in Africa !

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the USS COLE!

REMEMBER the MUSLIM attack on 9/11/2001 !

REMEMBER all the AMERICAN lives that were lost in those vicious MUSLIM attacks!

Now President Obama has directed the United States Postal Service to REMEMBER and HONOR the EID MUSLIM holiday season with a new commemorative 44 Cent First ClassHoliday Postage Stamp..

REMEMBER to adamantly & vocally boycott this stamp, when you are purchasing your stamps at the post office.

All you have to say is "No thank you, I do not want that Muslim stamp on my letters!"

To use this stamp would be a slap in the face to all those AMERICANS who died at the hands of those whom this stamp honors.

pass this along to every Patriotic AMERICAN that you know and lets get the word out !!!

Search topics

I have a counter on my site that tells me how many people have visited my site, and the numbers astound me. The counter also tells me what people search to get to my site.

Here's some search topics and where they lead...

The most popular search topics are:
Mia Lee
Mia Lee scary

blow job coupons
history of blow job
sexy professor
professor underwear

Some of the weird searches include:
Christine Devine showing underwear walking to weather wall
what to wear when texting a hottie
Smoking in bed with the guy next to you

Well, however you found me, I'm glad you're here!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cologne shopping

Went cologne shopping today and narrowed it down to a couple scents...

D&G Le Bateleur 1
Armani Acqua di gio (the smell drives me wild)
Guess Man

I don't like the following- they didn't smell good on me/weren't what I was looking for:
CK Free
CK Eternity
Bulgari Aqua (smelled horrid on me)
Diesel Fuel for Life

I tend to like the fresh, citrus like scents. The wood scents smell good on me, but I like something fresh and citrusy. I have a 15% off coupon at Macys.

Friday, February 12, 2010

More concerts this year, too!

Last year I blogged about wanting to go to more concerts, and I plan to do the same this year.

Off the top of my head I remember going to:
- Awful concert at my college
- Montgomery Gentry
- Faith Hill @ Hollywood Bowl
- Brenton Wood
- The Grassroots

- Lady Gaga (SUCH A FUN TIME!!!)

This year I plan/want to see the following:
- Justin Moore (He's alright, but $12 ticket)
- Luke Bryan- he was on KKGO 105.1 the other day saying he is trying to come back to Cali in the summer (want to go with my cousin and she said yes when he comes back to the area)
- Pat Benatar in April (looking for someone to go with)
- Stagecoach- Sugarland, Brooks & Dunn, Phil Vassar, Billy Currington, Toby Keith (looking for someone to go and cousin said no)

What are the chances?

Well, I know that as long as I spend a couple hours with Linda during the week all is ok. She isn't too overbearing and I guess she feels important. I am able to go to work, sub, and I know to always have an agenda of what I need to do after school so I don't get held up talking to her. My post isn't about Linda, though.

So Thursday night (for the past 12 weeks or so) my mom, Linda, and M go out to Olive Garden or Sizzler. I told my mom that I needed to leave about 6p.m. to go to Kaiser to pick up a prescription, get gas, and go to Kohls. I do all 3 and it is close to 7:15 when I'm done. I am about 8 miles from home going through the big interchange and I see my mom in front of me. What are the chances? She was in her car and had just left hanging with Linda a few minutes before. I thought that was pretty funny. There are thousands of cars that go through the interchange everyday, and that I left my mom an hour earlier, and yet we met in the interchange.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's for the kids...

So um there is a pep rally on Friday at work and the students are all jazzed. The new principal is trying to promote school spirit. 7 female teachers are dancing to a song and the students have been asking for 2 weeks if I was going to dance. I denied it. I said no. I told them they only wanted teachers and I am just a sub- albeit I usually only sub at this school and am well known. I said I couldn't dance. I did everything to deny it. I gave in and spoke to our lovely choreographer, and I am dancing on Friday. The kids don't know.

I'm prepared to make a fool of myself. I'm prepared to be 3-4 steps behind every other teacher, to forget the moves, to bump into the other teachers, to be laughed at, whatever. I'm jazzed.

So without further adieu, here's what I'm going to be dancing to:

The kids will love it!!! They eat this stuff up. Here's the first minute of the dance that I have down. A special treat for you readers. And OMG my legs are killing me after practicing for this. It is so hard to dance in my room to this.

I used the webcam on my computer to tape it just so I could watch it and check on the timing. I want to get it down.

My moves are completely different than the female teachers who are going to be behind me. I am dancing in front. They are in the background and are going three steps forward and then back, waving their arms up and down in unison while I'm drumming. Then when I turn around and flip the teachers begin drumming and doing what I was doing, then they quickly return to the arm wave as I flip back around. Then I go 3 steps to the left/right as I'm pointing when in the song they are saying "they call me her etc." various teachers are walking up next to me and I'm pointing to them. I need to get the part down after the naming when they say "they call me quiet, but I'm a riot" and throw my hands back quicker. I have the first minute down, but there's still a couple minutes to go.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Vent about work

Today was one of those days that make me doubt myself. I can work with the difficult students. I am the sub who is called at the school I usually sub when no other subs will go. M has the most difficult classes. I always offer to sub. First, it is money. Second, I know it is not me who is misbehaved, but the kids, so I just let it roll off my shoulder. There are times however, like today, where I question my ability to handle the kids.

I had a trying day. My first class today was wonderful. It was a class of 34 7th graders who were all working diligently on a project comparing daily life in China with daily life in Japan. I gave little instruction and just told the kids to get to work and stay off of bad sites on the computer. No problem. I handled 34 kids like a breeze.

Then came the 3 1/2 hour insanium testing block with M's most difficult class of 18 students. It basically mimics standardized testing, so uniform procedures to follow that they hold teachers to, and basically big trouble ensues if you don't follow that. So I prepare. I tell the students we are going to be quiet. I raise my voice 4-5 times at the beginning to tell them to quiet down. Nope. I get louder. I don't yell because I won't do that. I gave up. I raised my hand in the air like some teachers do. I finally decide 10 minutes into it I can't get them to quiet down. There are 6 trouble makers in the class who all insist on sitting on the same side in the room, and while they did listen to me when I told them to move to a new seat, the noise level increased. I moved them so we wouldn't have all the noise. I get on the phone and ask that the AP come down. I hate to do that because I feel like I've lost as just a sub who has no control, then I wonder if when I become a teacher it'll be that bad. Probably not. I will be able to set my own procedures and be strict about things like tardies, restroom, staying in your seat, talking, etc. But AP is down in the room within a few minutes. The kids know she is on her way and quiet down, but it is still not silent. I hate that it takes calling the AP also- the kids like to see me defeated or something. She reamed them because of the ridiculousness in that, but also how it is a standardized sort of test. AP takes big problem maker #1 who is spouting off about needing to fuck or something. I know there were lots of F's and the word horny came out of his mouth. I am now able to pass out the tests with problem gone. All is well for 10-15 minutes, then the 5-6 mouths start. I tell the proctor who is walking around from room to room that she needs to take 3 of the problems because they were interrupting and talking, even with me standing directly above them. I kept 2 of them and just moved them to opposite sides of the room. Again, I felt ashamed for having to have the proctor take the kids. The kids who were remaining got a kick out of it.

After the testing block it is back to another 7th grade social studies class. In this class I need to explain a little more and give more guidelines, but 27 7th graders were easily able to follow directions and worked on their project.

We have lunch and then it is back to the 18 students from the 3 1/2 hour test block. I think a few of them were scared after being ripped new ones by the AP for being removed. The class was pretty good overall. I did have to remind 4-5 students that the New Boys are not the founding fathers. I am explaining what to do to a few students who were absent last week and trying to monitor the other students. I had a lot going on. I don't sit at my desk. I'm circulating around the room while all of this is happening. I for the mostpart was barking out orders and they were abiding. Then in the last 10 minutes the first problem who was removed gets up and walks to the other side of the room and puts glue in a kids hair. I send her to the nurse, get back on the phone with AP, and moments later he is putting glue on the girl who sits across from him. AP removes him.

My last class was chatty and I said we'd read the story as a class, but if I had problems keeping them quiet we'd do the assignment individually. We stopped 3 times for talking so I turned it into an individual assignment. There was some talking, but overall it was tame.

I usually only have problems in M's class, but M has horrendous students. She has sort of bottom of the barrel ones who are borderline alternative school bound and more. I never have that problem when I sub for Linda, the math dept. chair, the 8th grade science teachers, or anyone like that. I did have 1 incident a few weeks back on my birthday with the math dept.'s class where they just would not be quiet and got loud where they were yelling at each other as they were upset over some fight or something during lunch. I did call the AP as I sensed it was getting ugly, but I try to avoid that. I do know that sometimes it has to be done. But ugh. AP does know that M has difficult kids and does pay periodic visits, but I hate it, and I feel weird. I don't know if AP visits other classes or not, but she tends to visit me when I sub. Last week she popped in on me subbing for the math dept. chair, but all was rosy. My kids were all focused watching me instruct them on the overhead. She only stayed for about 30 seconds, and I don't know why she was there, but I had nothing to worry about.

I feel bad also because i would like to work at this school one day, and I wonder what the AP thinks, and what my chances are.

Oh well... tomorrow is another day. I can be as mean as I need to be. New problems. New challenges. I survived today.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Video test post


I was surprised to get a call from The Guy about 3p.m. on Saturday. I was walking out of Barnes and Noble when he called after an unsuccessful search for play coin money like I used to play with when I was little for a school project. He told me that he was going to be remodeling his kitchen. He has talked about this for many years- probably as long as I had known him. He wanted my feedback on what to do. He wants to move his kitchen around. He wants to move the sink and dishwasher up against the far window. Without showing a picture, it may not make a whole lot of sense. I've been opposed to it since he first mentioned this. I told him how it doesn't keep with the kitchen triangle (to have your sink, fridge, and oven where you can easily reach all 3). He told me why. I gave him my thoughts: does he want to stare at the kitchen sink from the living room? Don't you think the sink is a bit far out of the way? Nobody is going to congregate in the kitchen even if he redoes it like that, what are they going to congregate around, the faucet at the sink? He went on and told me everything- new 30'' cabinets where the sink will go, upgrade to granite, and BLACK TILE FLOORING. I told him I thought black would be too dark and tried to tell him why I wouldn't do that. We probably talked for a good 30 minutes and he said he wanted some help. He told me to call him later and come over.

I called about 5:30 and guess I woke him up. I told him I could head on over. I had been stalling for a few hours not knowing if my plans with my cousin would fall through. I expected they would. I get over to his place about 6:30. He called me as I was turning onto his street asking if I could pick up pizza, but he said that he would just order it. I pull in and don't see his cars. I was a little surprised and didn't realize his new car was parked at the other end of the complex. I saw his kitchen sink sitting in the carport. I was a little confused. I go in and see his washer is in the middle of the kitchen, the tile countertop gone, a bunch of boxes stacked as you enter.

I go in and see him in the office. He shows me the touch faucet he found that he is going to buy that cost $700. You just tap it and the water flows. You tap to turn it off. I joked that only he would find that and buy it. So high tech. He showed me the flooring and I decided to just say it would look fine. He is trying to bring out the dark colors in his house. I worried it would be too dark and constricting. I pointed out how the tones he has in the house are nice earth tones now and match well with everything. He told me how the walls are cream, all the furniture is cherrywood, so he wants to have that look nice. I pointed out how I furniture is changeable, floor isn't, so he probably shouldn't work that way. I did just go with the black after pointing this out and tried to be supportive. It could work, but only if it were done well.

The barbecue pizza arrives from Dominos and we sit down to eat it. We put on an episode of Law and Order from Season 1. Good times. The old L&O music went on and on and on. 54 dead bodies in this episode. Good times. Dead bodies and dinner go well together. The Guy called his brother and best friend and told them his plans for the house when we were done eating.

After that we spent a lot of time in the kitchen talking- should he do another island in back of the sink? How much room would he really get? He opened Adobe Illustrator and began drawing the kitchen out. We measured everything in the kitchen and plotted it. Thankfully The Guy's best friend was adamant that an island was needed if he moves the sink. We discussed island sizes, where to put it, moveable or not. The Guy pondered using his current island where the sink was and having that refinished. We discussed lots of different options.

About 10:30 The Guy said we should take a dip in the jacuzzi. He gave me some shorts and I stripped down, and met him out there. We got in the jacuzzi and he talked about how awesome his kitchen will look. He told me how he is hiding this from his mom and how he lied to his brother that he is spending his tax rebate check on this and it is covering it. It is actually $9,000. He told me how he is working his parents to get the money for it. He's too much. It was so refreshing to sit out there. It warmed me up because I was cold. We get out and go back in the house, and I'm warm again. It felt great.

We were out there a while I guess since after we got out we decided to go get some drinks, and that was at 11:45. We get in his car, which I saw finally. I am usually more observant. We talk about how cold it was and head over. We go in the liquor store and The Guy picks up ice cream and informs me he's being bad. He gets some chocolate syrup too. He wanted gummy bears, but couldn't find the good ones. I remind him of what we came for.

Back at his place he serves us both ice cream and I get the syrup ready. We sit down to an episode of "Law and Order" and he does more figuring out on his computer, and has me count tiles and measure more stuff in the kitchen. More discussion and he comes to the conclusion maybe a moveable island is the way to go. He pops some popcorn during our second episode of "Law and Order," and shortly after we both fall asleep. I woke up to the sound of crunching and him finishing off my popcorn. I don't know if I was really out or not, but when I woke up I heard what sounded like "row, row, wow, wow, bow wow" come out of his mouth, and asked him 3-4 times what he said. I still don't know if that's what he had been saying. After the 4-5 time of repeating it I realized he was saying, "bedtime, I can hardly stay awake, are you going to stay the night?" I decided I'd just go, but told him to keep me up to date on everything with the kitchen. I was excited to see. I thanked him for everything including the dog treats he gave me earlier in the night because they were on his counter and his dogs didn't like them.

I left at 2:08a.m. and got home at 2:45a.m.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pillow fight of sorts

I have been through about 10 pillows over the past 6-7 months. I keep buying pillows and not liking them. I like 2 pillows to lay on, I like my head elevated just so, and nothing was living up to my requirements. Every pillow I buy keeps going flat. I was content with my old pillows, but I needed new pillows since I have a King sized bed now. I tried some Kohls pillows, some from Sears, the Ralph Lauren pillows from Macys, as well as the Charter Club pillows at Macys since they were on sale for $40 after coupon. There was some awful memory foam pillows mixed in. I was out Tuesday night looking around for pillows and couldn't find any. I decided to give The Guy a call because I knew I liked his pillows. Surprisingly he picked up and I told him my dilemma. He tried to find the brand of his, but there was no label. He knew they were Hungarian goose down pillows. He told me to come over yesterday about 3p.m., and we'd find what type they are.

I called him about 2:15 and he was leaving work. He told me to make myself comfortable and he'd be home at 3. He called in the meantime to ask if I could get some waters for him, and he'd pay me back. I did. He gets home about 3:15. He had to stop to get his dogs from doggy daycare. I give him his Christmas gift, which was those Febreeze candles, and a lemongrass soy candle I found at Target. I knew candles were a safe bet because we like the same sort of fresh scents. It turns out he didn't have any candles since they got broken. I also gave him a $50 Best Buy gift card. He hugged and thanked me. Then I told him about the bad date, and brought my candle, Target shopping bag, and plaque to show The Guy. He thought it was hilarious. The plaque said "you make me smile," and he held it in one hand and then put this really dorky smile on his face. It was too funny. Then he said that it was disturbing that this man, at 42, should know that was not appropriate for a first date- if we had known each other for a significant period of time, it may be cute. We joke about Target and how Target was something him and I did, and it was always fun- not weird like this trip to Target was.

We go in the office and he sits down to his computer. He tells me about some of his adventures- some latino guy he met that gave him really bad head the other day. He told me how he has met some people on grindr just to chat, and "knows" these people, or at least some stuff about them. We sat showing each other cute guys on grindr. He told me he tried something online the other day called "rent a slave" or something where he is renting a guy from some place to basically be his slave, do housework, run errands, and stuff like that. He is paying $2,000 and the guy is flying in from Turkey. WTF? He doesn't really know how it works, and is doubtful the guy will show up.

We take time to look at the pillows online. The pillows he has are made by Marrikas and are no longer available. He then finds what he considers the next best pillows for me that are some goose down king sized that are $299 a piece. He said there are no other good pillows and I must have these. HMMM.... I don't see that happening... $600 for 2 pillows... going to have to find some other substitutes.

He showed me some really cool new Sprint products that he wants to buy like a wireless portable hotspot for WIFI. He gets a business call that he has to take, so he handles that.

After he gets off the phone we chat for a few minutes and I tell him I'm headed to school. I tell him how I can't be late, and also that I am still a smart ass in my classes. I told him about the bird walk my professor went on the other night and my smart ass comments.

I took off about 4:47 to be able to get to school by 5:15. Thankfully traffic was wide open. I even got some Chick-Fil-A real quick.

Such a fun couple of hours... good laughs

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A lull

Things are slowing down for me, and that's a good thing. Since the end of Christmas Break I had subbed nearly everyday. It was sure nice. I happen to like money. I did a semi-longterm sub position, and a few other classes here and there. What was also nice was that every job I had was requested for. I didn't sub yesterday or today, which was almost surprising. Hopefully I get called for tomorrow.

School is going alright. I was sure spoiled the previous 2 quarters where the work was a complete joke, and I could throw something together prior to class. I can still mostly do that. We are getting into the more core classes, however. I am being exposed to the courses and tasks I need to submit to the state so that I can do student teaching later, which is required for part of the credential. I'll work on the paperwork later this month. My goal is to have most of it done by March 1.

I have an older woman probably in her 60s who is so lovey dovey for one class and is all about the love and "sharing the good news." She likes to go on "bird walks" during class, which are her words for tangent. She said, "now, let's go on a bird walk. Edelia lives down the street from me, she's the lovely old woman who is never going to die, and she's 97. She grew up on a farm where there was horses. One day I was out in my garden spreading manure, and she smelled it. It never occurred to me with dementia and Alzheimers smell is the last sense to go, so when they smell a familiar smell it brings up memories. She came walking out to me asking if I'd seen her horse and figured I better walk her home." Yes. She goes on for hours with these stories. I responded with "I think I need to get my horse and get going. I think I've been sitting here for hours." In my defense, it was near 7p.m., and time for our break in my mind. So as you can see I am continuing to be my little smart ass self in my classes. Last night I needed to lay off on the "prissy pills," according to my teacher because I was being very sarcastic about everything that came out of her mouth, or anyone elses. There are only 6 people in the class. I'm the only guy.

My Wednesday night class is taught by a drill instructor pretty much. He has no tolerance for you being late, anyone being late, cell phones, and stuff like that. I sit in the back on my cell phone- don't tell. I just make sure it doesn't go off or make sounds. He gives a lot of busy work- "get to know you activities." We are given a test to answer each week on the reading and it is done in partners, so my partner and I split it up. He does the multiple choice and essays. I do the key terms, short answer, and true/false. My partner is a super hot Mormon boy, but very straight, and everything is "righteous," and he calls everyone "bro." He's probably 6'3'', 170lbs, sort of thick muscular build, dark brown hair slicked to the front, a few freckles, dark brown eyes.

As far as relationships/friendships go, The Guy and I are overdue for hanging out. He has been sick the past week or so, so we haven't hung out. I haven't talked to him since we hung out last other than for a few texts here and there. The 21 year old I went on a date with a few weeks back and I have talked. He doesn't really want a relationship now because he is going through a major transition in his life and he isn't sure how it will turn out, but he wants to remain friends. Maybe I'll find someone one day... keeping my eyes open. Jack off buddy and I are going to get together soon.

Had my car looked over by the dealer yesterday, as suggested by Shawn, and everything looked great. Yay!!! I have been wanting to take my car to the car wash, but that's not happening soon with all this impending rain.

Some musical thoughts:
- Lady Antebellum had the best Grammy performance the other night with "Need You Now" --- I do think the song is waaaaaay too overplayed and is grating on my nerves. I am glad for their success, though. Currently it is the #1 song on iTunes.

- Alejandro is my new favorite Lady Gaga song
- This song is annoyingly catchy, and waaaaaaaay overplayed on 1043 MYFM.

Family is going pretty well. My aunt has made some major screw ups and not produced the documents asked of her by our lawyer, and the court, which obviously doesn't favor her. My grandma still hasn't been buried. Remember, my grandma died September 19, 2009. It is pure disgusting. Right now we don't care whether my grandma is cremated or buried as long as she ends up with her husband where he is buried. My mom is really under a lot of stress and anxiety dealing with this.

My sister is up at 4:45a.m. most days and gone until 7p.m. I never see her. When I do see her, she is usually on her best behavior as mom has made it clear she won't tolerate any nonsense. We do have our usual arguments over where and what to eat. Last week after getting allergy shots we were going out to eat. She didn't want California Pizza Kitchen because it is disgusting pizza and she only likes cheese, we couldn't eat at a steakhouse because they have bland steak, and we couldn't eat at Olive Garden because they have yucky noodles. So annoying. (Hint: I need a nice guy who will actually take me out and let me experience variety... haha.) That seems to be the extent of that. She did fail 2 classes in her fall semester and took 1 over during the winter quarter. With all of her free time and no job I question how she can fail.

My dad's health is getting somewhat better as he was FINALLY diagnosed last month after 2 years of arguing and fighting with Kaiser and the VA. The VA were surprisingly the ones to find the problem. He is on pills for the problem and surgery may be in the future. The surgeries that my dad had last year were only part of the problem, but never fully corrected the problems. He is hoping to be retired this year by the VA.