Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Around- just busy

Posting has been spotty, especially when it comes to guys. Chris is busy with work and has been out of town every weekend, so it is always one of us shooting a text back and forth. Not sure if this will continue or fall off soon. Anyways, The Guy is having a really rough time. I did e-mail him Sunday because I was feeling still, somewhat hurt from the graduation incident, and everytime I called him he would put the phone straight to voicemail leading me to think he didn't want to be friends, and I was convinced it was something I had done. Nope. He's just having Josh issues. Again. I wasn't calling incessantly or anything, it's just anytime I did it felt really weird like it was something I had done.

So what do I find myself doing during the days?

Lunches and get togethers with friends
Applying for jobs
Getting little chores done around the house
Helping my dad clean the kitchen cabinets out
Doing yard work
Today it was the casino with my mom, Linda, and Linda's son
Laying down- I have developed severe migraines- maybe a sinus infection I still haven't gotten over, though I'm on antibiotics.
Going to the gym
Cooking dinner
Watched "Transformers" - liked the action, but I thought it was WAAAAAY too drawn out and long

Want to start working on video editing in the near future.
Going to plan a trip to Mississippi in the next couple days.
Chicago seems to be out of the question as I can't get any friends that can/want to go with me.
Chicago would be great with a friend where we could split the cost (about $500-600 for 4-5 nights at a hotel). Plus factor money for sightseeing, food, stuff like that it comes close to $1000 out of my pocket.
So Mississippi it'll be, although I'd love to go somewhere new.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm truly Californian- a dog party!

What can I say?

I don't know other than I have heard this sort of thing only happens in California where we are obsessed with our animals, treat them like they are part of the family.

I was invited to a dog birthday party for Patty's dog, Sandy Kissy Heartfelt. What kind of name is that for a dog? (I dunno, but that's what the Facebook invite says). I've heard of these, because hey, it is California. I live in an area where when going out for the afternoon women will hire a dog sitter, so yeah, I have heard of these. But everyday people? I can see housewives, or the rich and famous, but Patty?

But imagine my surprise to be invited to one of these? What do you do? Bring your dog too? Do you sit around and brag about your dog's accomplishments? Do the dogs play with each other? Do you bring the dog a bone as a gift? Do you bring the owner a gift? Is it just a dog oriented get together?

Patty called me about 6:30 tonight and told me about something that went on at her church, and that she wanted to invite me to a party. I said ok. She said her dog Sandy Kissy Heartfelt, a rat terrier, was having a Birthday Barkdown (instead of a hoe-down keeping with Patty's love for country) on Wednesday. She asked if I could come and I can usually refrain from bursting out in hysterics, but I couldn't this time and had to hit the mute button on the phone, then blame it on reception. I know my tone of voice was much more high pitched. I said I'd have to see in a high, girly voice. She asked if I was going to bring my dog. My dogs won't play well and will both fight to dominate the other dogs. That part is a no for sure.

Being the optimistic, go get it attitude, Californian, I'll go.

Watch out, Texas

Remember Carl?
Sure you do.

hey mike. i'm moving to granbury Texas in 6 days and i still miss you. i am going to have a little going away with my brother and lisa, and will cook, and wanted to know if you wanted to come even though i'm sure your car will have a flat tire, your cow will be stuck in the road, or a nucular attack will have attacked your house, but it would mean a lot to me if you came to honor me and grace my presence. This will be the last time we get to see each other. - Carl

At least he's far away from me.
Tell you what, I'll throw my own party this morning.
Won't have to drive. Won't have to even get dressed up to go out.
I'm the only one home. I'm rocking out with my cock out.
And I'm having a large diet coke and cake for breakfast.

Friday, June 26, 2009

More on Sally Kern

Click here to read the Morality Proclamation, watch the video on the story. Basically it is a list of all the things wrong with the country including homosexuality and how if we deal with these things, the economy will better, God is in control...


... or "Lucky" for the English speakers out there...

Love me my Jason Mraz. Sexy guy. Sexy in English. Sexy in Spanish, too.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Kissed a Girl

Dennis wanted to go to the gay club in our city Wednesday night because his friend was performing for his first time. It was cool he asked me to go with him. We get there about 30 minutes before the show starts and chat. Then when the show starts we walk over and stand to watch the show. I stand next to the drag queen who was hosting it. Wednesdays are a lot more interactive. They give away free drinks to random people and well drinks are $3. We didn't do any drinking. Dennis' friend did "Lean Like a Chola," which was pretty funny. There was another performer who was relatively new they put on the spot and she didn't know anything Tina Turner when they asked her to perform it. It was hilarious. Then the CD broke in the middle of it. Then when the performer came out again she did a pretty good "Irreplaceable" by Beyonce. The last song was "I Kissed a Girl," which the drag queen came out with a black wig and black skort and was making her rounds. She got to the back and saw me... she put her arms around me, then leaned in and started kissing my neck. I didn't realize it when I got home, but I had 5-6 lipstick kisses on my neck, which was amusing. Dennis was amused and we joked about that afterward. Then we headed out about 12:10 because we were both tired.

Gah. It seems I am going to a lot of drag shows lately. Oh well... getting out... that's good. I'm not a huge drag fan btw... Glad I'm getting to know Dennis better. This is more his thing. lol

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sister eats

Sister was talking at dinner tonight about how healthily she eats. She was really quite proud. That statement blew me away and I had to question her about it and find out what she eats, as did my mom and dad. She was more than willing to defend herself, but I think the facts are obvious...

Cup of Noodles - sodium, much?
Bottle of Gatorade or Pepsi - Gatorade is sure healthy.

Campbells Tomato Soup - sodium, much?
White bread
Iceberg lettuce salad - Iceberg has tons of nutrients... not
Fruit Cocktail from a can
Bottle of Gatorade

Snack when she gets home from school:

Banquet chicken nuggets
White bread
Bottle of Gatorade or Pepsi

No potatoes (except for mashed)
Meat- as long as it doesn't have any fat on it
Rice (only white)
Bottle of Gatorade or Pepsi

Chocolate bar and Captain Crunch

With each one she justified it- she eats so much bread and cereal she gets her 11 servings a day. She gets her serving of chicken and noodles with Cup of Noodles. The bottle of Gatorade gives her 8 glasses of water a day. The tomato soup is vegetables. The chicken nuggets and meat serve as her meats. The vegetables in the Cup of Noodles, lettuce, and fruit cocktail make up her fruit and veggie servings. Misinformed, much? My mom informed her that there was not enough chicken in a Cup of Noodles to merit a serving, or vegetables. She informed her that it was salt. My mom explained the problems for each one.

All I can say is that is a lot of sugar and sodium, as well as processed foods.
It is not that my parents haven't told her that canned goods aren't as healthy, that Gatorade isn't exactly that healthy, but sister doesn't listen to anyone. She sure is eating high class! LMAO

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New blogger

Joe over at Who's Life Am I Living? is a relatively new blogger out there who is definitely worth checking out. His latest post is a coming out letter to a good friend... give him some advice guys!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Kicked out of the bar and BYU

We'll look over the fact that my night out with Grant and Luis wasn't that great the other night.

We got the party started in Grant's truck before going into the bar by drinking rum and coke. Luis played bartender and gave us half a glass of rum and the other half of coke. It was pretty strong. Luis got so drunk because Grant kept buying him drinks he ended up throwing up on the floor of the bar and we got kicked out. So embarrassing.

I got Grant's story the other night when we were chatting at the bar.
He is gay. He went to BYU after high school like any good Mormon boy, but he soon met someone, fell in love, and they were gay. Friends from high school who were also at BYU were quick to alert administration of Grant's sins. He was then kicked out of the school and expelled from the church. His parents basically disowned him. He was about $40k in debt leaving BYU. He is back in the area working cleanup for the city trying to save up money to pay off all of his credit cards and student loan debts. He is way in over his head and is going back to school part time at the community college right now. He isn't bitter about it. He is confident things will get better. That's pretty amazing to me.

Oh, and the friends he refers to were all the Mormon kids I knew from high school.

Sally Kern always amuses me...

She's a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives...

Her thoughts on President Obama/homosexuality

Her newest thing is a Proclamation for Morality. I'm still trying to read up on this since I've found so little, but it seems like it is basically bringing church and state together.

Oh, and have you ever tried to call her office? The phone lines are constantly busy. LOL

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Off to a bar tonight

Been hanging out with a friend named Luis from elementary school. We've known each other since kindergarten, all the same teachers, and same classes/teachers through high school. In college he went to the community college, then transferred to my college. We never saw each other. We've been chatting on facebook, however, and tonight decided to go out. We went to Starbucks and chatted for nearly 4 hours. He is one of those friends who you can chat with and it is like no time has passed. He decided we should take an hour, have dinner, then go out to a bar; so here I am at home regrouping. He told me the bar was my choice. Then he called and invited Grant, remember him? When we chatted I admitted going to a gay bar, with friends, and that Grant was there. He asked if Grant was. I said I didn't know. He asked if I was gay. I was about to say yes, and I know I shouldn't have denied it, but since there is a family connection (his dad is my parents optometrist), I didn't want to until I knew more about how he'd react. Anyways, more chatting, and Luis said he'd be curious to go even though he has a girlfriend and has been dating her 1 1/2 years. So to go to a gay bar, or go to a straight bar. Strange thing is I'm realizing I've never been to a straight bar in my city (other than like Yardhouse), so I'm on a search for that right now. Fun times...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Next level

These past few days I've been wondering if I'm ready to take it to the next level with Chris. Boyfriends?

I know what I need to about him- his family life, education, enjoy his company, can have meaningful convos with him. We've known each other for a little over a month.

Some of my concerns:
- He's not ready (still dealing with divorce, newly single, still adjusting to his new outness)
- He's not looking for this (new outness)
- Losing his friendship (he's an amusing guy and I think we have a lot of similar views)

So how to approach it? I don't want to screw it up our friendship. I don't know when to ask.

So do I say something, like say at dinner, or if we're sitting there on the couch like this:
1 - Chris, I really like you, I think you're a great guy, and I'm interested in getting to know you better. Would you be my boyfriend? - Cheesy?
2 - I don't want you to take this the wrong way, and I don't want to lose your friendship if you say no, but I really like you and would like to be your boyfriend? - Too bold? Too soon?
3 - I feel we're both at similar points in our lives as far as outness and we come from similar backgrounds. I have a lot of fun around you. I know this is probably asking a lot, but would you be my boyfriend?

I feel like I'm being bold and doing something I normally wouldn't do (be the one to ask), but I feel tempted.

... but then again why ruin whatever is there?


I was out in the driveway this morning and saw my sister's car bumper. I noticed that there was some paint on it that was not hers. We do not have a purple car.

Me: Looks like Sis had a mishap with another car.
Dad: (furrows eyebrows) Oh? (gets up from couch)
Me: Yeah, looks like she hit another car, probably backing out of a parking space, or pulling in.
Dad: What makes you think it was her? It was probably the other car hitting her.
Me: Doubtful. Have you seen her driving? Don't you remember her red light camera ticket? Don't you see how she pulls in the driveway? I'm worried about my car. She parks next to me. Have you seen how she parks in a parking lot?
Dad: It was probably the other car.
Me: Oh. Someone went out of their way to hit the car?
Dad: (Looks annoyed) It was probably an accident.
Me: Keyword- ACCIDENT! Sis had an accident!
Dad: Not her, no.
Me: People like her piss me off. They hit your car, then drive away, and you're stuck with the damage . Doesn't she know that she is supposed to leave a note?
Dad: That's why I don't think it was her.
Me: Gah!!!!

All I can say is she got the car pretty good. It disgusts me. Thank goodness she is driving the huge tank that she thinks she doesn't need. When I had the car it was in close to perfect condition. Now the bumpers in the front and back are pretty scuffed. Anxiously awaiting her first accident... not trying to sound morbid or inflict bad thoughts like that... or maybe I am... but come on... her driving pretty much sucks.

Oh, and a word to the wise... park at the end of the parking lot because my sister is one of those who circles the parking lot to find the small, up close parking spot.

As for my dad, all I can say is ASS. He created the mess.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To buy or not to buy

To buy a new Macbook Pro computer
or a new Samsung 46'' TV that is the question.
I've researched the heck out of them both and have each priced out to the exact penny.
To use all of my Best Buy gift certificates for the TV, which is what I had been wanting since I don't have a TV in my room since it broke months back, or a computer which is more update than mine, is issueless, and is darn sexy?
No sé.

iPhone 3.0

Software downloaded.
I don't know how many times I clicked refresh between 10 and 10:15 this morning when it was rumored to come out. It finally arrived to be downloaded at 10:15 and so far it looks pretty good. It has an iPhone search feature, the voice recorder, but I don't think the video feature is working yet.
Good stuff, though.
I'm excited.
I texted Chris to let him know I had downloaded it, and he asked me if I had copied and pasted yet. I hadn't, so I tried, and it is fun.

Good site to visit for new features on the iPhone 3.0

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Instead of being sappy

I know this summer will get to me- free time and my mind wanders, I worry, anxiety kicks in, stuff like that. I know this summer will not be as difficult as last summer just in that our family circumstances are different. Nonetheless, when I'm not keeping busy I think about things like being alone, sex, and end up with anxiety and depressed.

I want to keep myself occupied this summer, so here are some of my goals to keep me occupied:

- Edward Sawtelle
- East of Eden
- Breakfast at Tiffany's
- Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros (en Espanol)
What I want to read: an anthology of short plays perhaps... favorite play of all time "A Doll's House" by Henrick Ibsen

- Movies
... vague... I just don't have the attention to sit at home alone and watch a movie... even with friends over...

- In Design
- Photoshop
- play around with more tables/charts/other stuff in Microsoft Word, in particular, though I know other programs work better.

- Vacation- see previous post
- Go to San Diego
- Go to LA
- Go to West Hollywood
- Go clubbing with friends
- Go to Disneyland
- Go to Knotts
- Go to Casino Morongo/outlet malls

More to come... but most of all... relax...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 1 after graduation: search for employment

Well, in the weeks prior to graduation I applied to several different places.
Did the same today without much else to do.
I ran errands- Sears, the bank, Target, grocery store, and post office.
Went to my college to request transcripts for when my degree FINALLY POSTS IN 12-14 WEEKS.

I then came home and applied for several jobs at different places that I'm qualified for just because there was nothing else to do... haha
Applied for 2 positions at my college
2 positions at other colleges, 1 as a recruiter, another as an enrollment advisor
a promotions manager at a bank

Later this week...
VACATION! I have until the beginning of August to vacation. I have a free airline roundtrip ticket. I am thinking Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, or Orlando for 3 places I've never been that I'd LOVE to visit. I have a travel budget set and all of those seem within limits. I'd love to have someone to go with...
As for places I've visited that I want to visit again: Mississippi to see best friend, Nashville, New York, or Seattle.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Graduated from college


Despite having to sit through 2 horrible graduation speakers, who both gave really depressing speeches, it was awesome!!!

Glad that my family and Gonzo were there.

They thought it was a little disappointing that unless you were a graduate you could not see the stage, and they had relatively good seats.

I was smart in texting my cousin as I was walking up to get my diploma, yet everyone was scrambling to get their camera, and barely had time to snap my picture.

The graduation was so unorganized- and that is the college's fault.

BUT I'M DONE!!!!!!! What next? I kind of feel empty.

I almost knew this would happen

I also sent another text several minutes later, saying, "if you do feel better by 2:30 it would mean a lot to me to have you there and celebrate the day with me."

Text from The Guy
He's not going to my graduation dinner.
In fact it went through my mind last night he wouldn't come.
I feel like calling and telling him off right now, or at least making him feel bad.
Part of me doesn't believe him.

Or at least texting him saying
"I figured this would happen"
or "it would have been nice having you there"
or "naturally"
or "I'm always there for you, yet when I want you there for something, you are not"

Tempted to drive over to his house, see if someone is there as the reason he is not going, then take a pic, and say "I understand."

Update: Thanks to Joe for reiterating that I don't want to lose him when we chatted on the internet. I waited 45 minutes or so to call The Guy. He picked up probably before it went into voicemail and he sounded awful. He said he has gotten no sleep since Thursday night when he pulled an all-nighter helping Josh, then had to go to work the next day, and still hasn't caught up on sleep. He told me he had a headache and was going to go back to sleep and would let me know later. I am pretty sure he heard the tears in my voice and said "it'd be great if you could make it, it'd mean a lot to me." He said he'll try and let me know later.

I am not going to drop the subject because I'm hurt by this and keeping it in is not healthy. I will let him know when I chat with him another time that I am hurt and of all days he could have done this to me. I plan to say something like "The Guy, I know that you say you were sick, and I want to believe you, but you really did hurt me. I almost expected you to do this. I was so excited to introduce a good friend like you to my parents, friends, and family. I wanted you to be there to celebrate with me because you have been a tremendous support for me and you have been there for a good part of my college career."

I do think I handled the situation very well overall. I avoided reacting until I had some time to back off, think about it, then stew. I did, and feel better. I'm trying my best to not let it ruin my day.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Went to my mom's school today for her official last day with students. It was such a sad day. My mom is leaving the school, she was crying, people were hugging her, seeing my dad well up when he got so many complements about my mom, and just the thought of her leaving really made for a bittersweet day. Went to lunch with Linda and my parents and afterwards I just cried. I was really overcome/upset/sad about the events of the day. It helped to just let it all out. I felt much better- a quick cry before The Guy's... haha

It was made better by a trip to The Guy's for Snow Leopard. I have had some major computer issues with my CD burner not working and internet webpages being shown that were out of date despite clearing my history. Strange problems. Anyways, I texted The Guy yesterday asking for some help and we both talked. I just wanted to confirm the Apple Store at the Irvine Spectrum was ripping me off in asking for $896 to repair my computer. He told me to go to an Apple Authorized place by his house and they'll probably be able to get around the whole void warranty thing. I need my computer case (bottom case) where the keyboard is replaced.

I get to his place about 2. He called me a few minutes to 2 and said he was home earlier. We planned to meet at 3. He was working on his HackBookPro. He bought a Dell Mini computer for the sole purpose of trying to put Mac OS on it. He had his flash drives that were needed with the downloaded components and was going about trying to install it. He wasn't having much luck.

He put his Snow Leopard CD (developers copy) in my computer so I could try it out and see if I liked it. I did, but we decided to go back and just put the generic Leopard on it because if there is a software issue etc. Apple will troubleshoot me more likely with Leopard.

We have problems however in the meantime that it doesn't like any disks in my CD burner. I joked and told The Guy it was his CD. I enjoyed our banter back and forth today about our issues on the computers. It was kind of like old times. He finally put Leopard on an external hard drive and ported it to my computer that way because my burner wouldn't work. Because he was playing around with installing the OS on a Dell he knew how to transfer all the files to the hard drive to make sure it worked.

After the installation did work through the external hard drive he gave me the disks to install Office.

We watch "Latter Days," the hot gay Mormon movie throughout this. We're talking about how hot both of the guys were, especially the Mormon. Fun times! Again, like old times.

Jeff came over in the last hour or so and The Guy rubbed into his face the new Palm Pre. He bought it for his brother and had to show Jeff because he is a Sprint user. Jeff was jealous.

We finished up and The Guy headed off to his workout and has dinner with Josh tonight. He had dinner with Josh last night too.

Anyways, as we took off we hugged and I asked if he'd be there Sunday. He said yes, lunch on Sunday was on his calendar.

I totally forgot to give The Guy a gift I bought for him as a thank you for this computer work he was doing for me. It was just a gift certificate for iTunes, but I want him to know he's appreciated for all of his expertise/help. I left it in my primary case in the car.

I did text him on the way home to thank him again and when we hang out I'll give it to him, though he hates gift certificates, iTunes is quick and he just has to put the code in on the computer, it takes a few minutes, and so that's cool.

Things with Chris seem to be great. He held me and he got me off the other night himself. Two things he hadn't done before.

Closet: The Guy has purchased his 3GS, and as much as I'd like one, I'm going to wait until at least December when I may be eligible for an upgrade. I am trying to save my money now. I would like a new Macbook Pro, and I think a computer comes before a phone.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maybe I'm a compulsive shopper, which would be bad...

but I think think/know these things would make me feel better right now.
- An iPhone 3GS
- A new Macbook Pro
- New boxer briefs (that'd make me feel sexy)
- A new TV
- A Roomba... a robot vacuum just amuses me and I need to see one and own one for my OCD tendencies
- New red Vans Classic shoes

These new sunglasses that I cannot fathom spending $115 on, but really love. I checked them out and they look good on my face.
They're the Oakley Oil Rig Series

Or even a nice, hot sugar daddy to hold me and to buy me all this stuff... just kidding!


Feeling really strange tonight and just wanting to write about it.
I feel really alone- I have talked to Mr. B and Gonzo on the phone, yet still feel alone.
Mr. B and I are finally getting together for that drink.
I have hung around my parents.
I guess I want someone who knows me better.
I feel alone in friendships with people.
I feel alone in not knowing about the future and others thoughts.
I feel alone when I don't know what the following day will bring.
I feel alone for making stupid mistakes, like I'm the only one to do them.
I can only do so much.
I just hope that when I open up my mouth and say things they don't mean the end.

*** Don't worry... not trying to sound too cryptic or worry anyone... just some thoughts brewing in my mind that wouldn't let me sleep without throwing out.***

This is just sexy

George Michael (helping Beyonce) sing "If I were a Boy."

Monday, June 8, 2009


Had a big family get together for my graduation with my aunt and uncle tonight. We went to my favorite Spanish restaurant- the one I went to for my birthday. Sister didn't complain THANK GOD. Sister maybe said 5 words. It was beautiful. It was 3 hours of great conversation with my aunt, uncle, cousin, and her boyfriend about iPhones (my aunt and uncle are now envious and want them), work, school, and things like that. It was such a great time. My aunt made me feel so special tonight by apologizing, saying how sorry she was she couldn't go to my graduation, but how she was trying to make it up to me by tonight. She insisted on paying for dinner, which probably totaled $400 by the time we got through with the tapas, the main course, the drinks, and the dessert. My dad was trying to get the bill, but my uncle arrived to the restaurant first and asked that he get the bill. Anyways, the conversation was AWESOME. I love my aunt and uncle so much. Wish they could make my graduation...
Now, since my dad insisted on getting me something I kind of pushed tonight that we go out to dinner before my graduation with the family that will be attending, as well as my friends. This would be really special to me because good friends would be coming together. Dennis and Foot Fetish cannot attend on Sunday, however. Gonzo can. The Guy also can. I shot him an

Shooting my email to The Guy was really nerve racking because he could say no. I knew he probably wouldn't, but I told him it would mean alot to me if he'd come and support me. He said he doesn't see a problem.

I am pumped and excited. My parents are getting to meet my friends, which is nice. My parents know Gonzo as she is always over here, but The Guy is a big one in my book. I get to celebrate with my friends. The Guy will get to put faces and names to everyone. All is well.

A random note on seating: The Guy and Gonzo cannot sit next to my sister- much blood may be shed. HAHA

In a way I am nervous because he is older, he is gay, but it isn't apparent. We have a sexual history together, but that will not come up unless my parents ask later, but I strongly doubt they will because that can't be inferred. I guess more than anything it is my mind working overtime that I am worried in that he is a friend I've had a little different relationship with. Would I have any qualms inviting another friend about his age that I didn't have sex with? No. And from here on out, I'm not going to be... I am not inviting him to make a statement. Remember- I don't want any drama. I don't need drama. I doubt there will be. I'm inviting him because he is such a great guy, and I'm fortunate to have him as a friend. I'm not ashamed of him. My parents know most of my friends are "older." I know my parents will go out of their way to make him, as well as all of my friends, feel welcome.

My only other concern is that my lie that he is a friend from Spanish may come out. He doesn't speak a word of Spanish. I may brief my mom ahead of time it is a different The Guy. I may tell The Guy my mom is going to think you're the guy in my Spanish class with your name, or maybe he'll just play along... WHAT TO DO HERE?!?!?!

I would rather The Guy come than not PLEASE, DO NOT GET ME WRONG- I would be more hurt had I not asked him, not invited him, just as if I had invited Gonzo and she said no.

Gonzo says I have nothing to worry about, and I'm sure she's right. I am sitting here giving myself mad props for doing it. YAY.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random Thoughts: Anchor Edition

My first question is what the hell is KTLA's Leila Feinstein wearing?

I'm all for wearing something unusual, but I'm not sure what this is, but please, don't wear it again.

Second, when is KTLA going to put someone more competent on the anchor desk like Cher Calvin or Lynette Romero in the evenings?

Oh, and did you know that former Miss America, Lu Parker, of KTLA is now getting dating Mayor Villaraigosa? He seems to get around. He isn't divorced yet. She still has her twangy southern accent. Have you seen her website that seems to advertise more about her sex appeal than her anchoring abilities?

Third, my dad still thinks John Gregory and Lisa Hernandez of KABC 7 are brother and sister because they look alike, and really get along well together he can tell.

Long lost brother and sister? Hmmm....

Fourth, all of the anchors this Sunday morning were wearing purple. Lisa Hernandez had some purple on, Robert Holguin had a purple tie, and nasally Indra Petersons had a purple dress on.

Robert Holguin and Lisa Hernandez anchoring- Robert is quite hot, like John Gregory, in my opinion.

And speaking of Indra, I've noticed that since I complained months back about her not wearing a dress she seem to have visited Ross Dress for Less to pick a few up.

Star Trek Date

Good morning, all! It is 2:06a.m. and I'm wide awake, so alas, I write...

I messaged Chris a few times during the day to see how he was. He was at Disneyland with his son. I messaged him when I saw him online in the evening about 7 and he asked what I was up to. I just finished watching "Casino Royale" and was unimpressed. I wasn't really up to a whole lot of anything. He told me I still owed him a Star Trek date since he wanted to see the movie, but hadn't yet with me. I looked up the times and told him it was playing at 10. He told me to come over anytime up until 10.

I get to his place at 8 and he is working on a website for his lawyer as an exchange for legal fees from his divorce. He can't afford to pay her more, so he is going to wow her with a website. We talked about our days- he was at Disneyland while I was home sleeping in and watching movies. I had spent most of the night at Kaiser and was exhausted all day. He spent an hour doing that while we watched "Law and Order," then he decided we needed dessert. We got our jackets on and walked to Victoria Gardens where we were going to go to Lucilles or TGI Fridays, but the bars were packed at both of those and no chance of getting dessert before the movie. We decided on Coffee Bean instead. We both ordered the same drink.

The movie was good and we held hands through about half of it. This was our 1st month of knowing each other- it was this time last month I was seeing it with Jeff and Jeff. He agreed afterward it was 2 hours of creaming your pants because the action was so great and Captain Kirk was so hot.

Back at his place we watched "Rescue Me," which I hadn't seen, but wanted to because Josh and The Guy have spoken so highly of it. Throughout the whole show I sneezed. I had such a bad allergy attack. It was horrible. I left about 1:15 when he declared it bedtime.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Escaping before school

When I sub, my mom and I carpool together. It is a 30 mile trip, and usually pretty fun. The rule is if I drive I control the radio. That means I may listen to country, oldies, pop, rock, whatever, though my mom may not like the choice.

Thursday morning on our way to work they were playing "The Pina Colada Song" by Rupert Holmes. My mom says everytime KOLA 99.9 plays it in the morning when she is getting ready for work, she turns it off. And they usually play it 3 times a week she says. She says she doesn't support the drinking or cheating that goes on in the song she joked. Well, they were playing it Thursday morning, so to annoy her I sang along.

"I said that she should sing along too. She said she'd sing to something else. I said no, this was my favorite, so she had to. And so she did. It was hilarious sitting there, singing

"If you like Pina Coladas
And getting caught in the rain
If you're not into yoga
If you have half a brain
If you'd like making love at midnight
In the dunes on the Cape
Then I'm the love that you've looked for
Write to me and escape."

I'm sure we looked like the 2 biggest nuts in the world sitting in the traffic on the 60. We were moving our heads around, bobbing all around, singing as off key as we could. Wild and crazy before we got to school...

And speaking of Music, America is going to be at the Beaumont Cherry Festival on Saturday (A Horse With No Name, You Can Do Magic), and I'm tempted to go since it is only $5.

Sunday I will be going to a concert- either Gavin Degraw with my cousin at The HOB at Downtown Disney, or to see Brenton Wood and the Grassroots at the Cherry Festival, also only $5. I really don't know which I'd rather go to more...

Two trips in 1 day

The Guy has been having a hard time lately, so I texted him Tuesday night since I hadn't heard from him. I told him I missed him and wanted to see him. He said he was free 12:30-2:30. I said that would work. He lied to his parents about being off site testing their network because he is wanting to be alone and away from everything.

He was playing some WOW when I arrived. We talked and then decided to head out to the usual place with the salmon and potatoes for lunch. While driving over we talked about family, then he called his mom to apologize for not stopping by the office to help out, but the onsite testing was crazy. The restaurant closed so we went next door for Mexican food that was rather disappointing. The Guy had a chicken and parsley burrito while I had some enchiladas. They tasted like enchiladas made from canned sauce. Oh well. This is probably the 4th or 5th time in nearly 2 1/2-3 years of knowing The Guy we ate in at a restaurant- actually sat down and ate. We talked about my sister who is still continuing her little antics. We talked about my dad. We talked about school. He talked about Josh. Josh and him are hanging out 2-3 days a week again, but he is not buying him anything extravagant, and trying to not manipulate Josh. He told me how he is now seeing Josh is on a much lower level intellectually and things like that than The Guy. He says he is doing this to be eventually able to break away from Josh. Who knows. Not me. I again just told him how I felt this was not a good idea because he was hurt so badly. Though he says he loves Josh more than he has ever loved any guy, how his intuitions were right that Josh is gay, and things like that, it is not a good idea. I know he was hurt and it did take 4-5 weeks to rebound, but I don't want to see him hurt like that again, go through that. He was a little defensive/refuted those points, but as a friend it was my job to at least say something I felt.

We just hung around talking and playing a little WOW until about 2:30-3 when he had to go to the gym.
I got home about 3 and got an instant message from Chris about 5 asking me what I was up to, what I was doing that night, and things like that. I told him I had zero plans since nobody was home. Sister was with my mom who was getting her hair done and my dad had graduation at school. I said I was alone and planned on running naked through the house or something like that to celebrate. He told me to take pictures. He was watching his son from 5:30-7:30 and invited me over. I made sure I wasn't intruding on his time with his son. He assured me I wasn't because he wouldn't have invited me otherwise. So I made my second trip over to the area...

His son is eating out on the patio. We watch him do that, then grab him, and head to Chick-Fil-A. They have a play land, which we watch him play in while we eat. All the moms with their kids commented on what a cute kid we had and wanted to know how old he was. I felt a little weird- did they think we were gay? There is definitely an age difference of 6-7 years between Chris and I- what did they think our relation was? I didn't really care, but I was just kind of curious. Nothing was going to happen.

Back to the apartment. Chris asks his son if he wants to run around nude before his bath. He joked that I can still do that later too. I was surprised. His son is only 1 and barely speaks, but his kid was around. He runs the water, then puts his son in. He told me that we'll have to take a bath together later. In the meantime, we sing "The Wheels on the Bus" and he washes his son.

He gets his son ready to go home and takes him home. I stay at the apartment and watch TV. He comes back and gets on facebook and uploads photos of his son and himself from the photo shoot he had a few weeks back. He also has to save the day at work because their catalog was going to print in minutes and the picture on the front page was the wrong one. He accessed his work computer from home, then played around on Adobe InDesign to fix it. That was cool- I'm learning InDesign actually right now since my sister (she was actually good for something) got me a copy of it since she was using it in school.

After saving the day, it was bathtime. He filled the bath all the way up, put some bubble bath in, lit the candles, and put on big band music. We got undressed and got in. I held him in the tub, which felt incredible. I love holding him. I loved rubbing his arms, chest, licking his ears, kissing his cheek, and then him playing with my legs. He turned around and we stared kissing, making out, and stuff like that. We did get out before we turned into prunes. We didn't get dressed, however. We got to the bed, got under the covers, made out again. He sucked me a little bit, then more kissing, then turned me over, licked my ass, then back around, more making out, more holding each other. I really like him. I jerked him off and then I got myself off because again, it takes me too long to cum. We talk, then clean up afterward.

We go to the living room and watch an episode of "Malcolm in the Middle," and the Fox 10P.M. News where we talk about how bad Christine Devine, Carlos Amezcua, and Mark Thompson are. We don't care they are on twitter. Mark is not hot. We only watched them because he had it Tivo'd so he could zip through the commercials. I offered to help him clean up the kitchen, but he said no, he had a burst of energy. He was cleaning up his son's mess. He finished and we cuddled for about 15 minutes on the couch before he deemed it bedtime. It was probably about 11:30.

He walked me out to the car and I got home about midnight. I had to get up at 5:41 the next morning, but the night was worth staying out late for. It wasn't too hard waking up actually.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another shirt

Shirt with an eagle, navy blue levis, and navy blue vans casuals. Tons of questions/complements from students

Posted by ShoZu

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No. He couldn't.

Just opened his message only to read it, post it on here, and click delete.

Sorry.. I just miss you! Thought we could be friends again, and understand and accept things better. I was (and am) willing to try.

I'm sorry.


I'm not sorry I haven't responded. I'm loving and living life.

Finished my art class paper, my 12 page women's studies paper, and 10 page Spanish paper. Yes. 10 pages in Spanish. I'm quite proud of myself. Gonzo is correcting it right now. She has done nothing but praise how well I write Spanish and express her dismay about the topic I'm writing about.

Gonzo and I are rocking out to my musical playlist- right now we're rocking out to Blitzkrieg Bop!

BTW, have you heard Jason Mraz' version?

Coming up in my massively awesome playlist we have:
Walk of Life- Dire Straits
Crush- David Archuletta
Dead and Gone- TI & Justin Timberlake
Lovers in Japan- Coldplay
Be True to Your School- Beach Boys *** Gonzo is a huge Beach Boys fan- little Mexican girl like her amuses me