Sunday, October 31, 2010

No going out, but still have lots going on

I didn't go out really this week. Here's a look at what has gone on that is noteworthy:

Work/Student teaching:
I'm student teaching at my old high school. I taught my first couple lessons last week on Poe. It went alright. The kids really had a hard time understanding Poe, so my master teacher and I created an assignment to help them navigate the text. I actually have 2 master teachers (not supposed to be that way, but my college was insistent on it). Both teachers have totally different styles and so I'm getting the best of both worlds? So far so good. First observation Tuesday. I feel prepared. I am enjoying my experience so far. YAY! I wonder how my other friends are doing...

I'm currently working on week 3's assignments. I just need to complete my journal and discussion board for that week and I can call it done. I am not writing anything yet because I really want to see how she grades the first week before going any further. A lot of my anxiety is gone by doing that. I still am apprehensive about the masters program.

We got a car finally this weekend. This is only my mom's 2nd new car ever. This took up a good majority of the week. My mom decided what she wanted last weekend, but by that time the color she wanted was all sold out. I knew in the back of my mind she wanted this color. We contacted dealer after dealer. I looked online at the carmakers website each day and there were still none in stock. Dealt with lots of idiotic internet sales people leaving me voicemails.

Finally on Friday afternoon I went dealer by dealer website like I had earlier in the week. I found a dealer 40 miles away that had 1 in stock. We called and they said they actually had 3. One was an upgraded model, one had the wrong interior color, and one had just what we planned. After talking to the salesman about price he would give us the upgraded one for only $500 more (a $1500 savings). We weren't planning on spending that much, but after all the extras we're getting we decided it was alright. We called my dad. Called the dealer back and told him to hold the car until Saturday morning.

We get to the dealer Saturday morning about 10:30. The salesman I spoke to handed me off to another guy while he sat in the main office. Original salesman sent a technician out to get the car. After about an hour of being there and them slowly running our credit, getting all of our information, going over price, he said the car was in Oxnard. Oxnard is in Ventura County 100+ miles away. We were a little annoyed. It doesn't seem that new if it will have 100+ miles on it when we get it. Hahaha. Alas, we need the car right now, it was exactly what we wanted, it was a good price, and so we made sacrifices. We left the dealer about 3:30. Ick. The dealer still didn't have the car and said they would by 5p.m. They asked if we wanted it delivered to our house. We said sure rather than spend our time waiting around. The more we thought about it we thought it would be dark by the time the car gets to us. We really wanted to see it in the daylight, so we asked for them to bring the car today. We got a call about 9a.m. and they still didn't have the car. They promised and swore up and down we would have it by 3. We got it by 4. We had them bring it to my old elementary school because my mom wanted to test out all the cool high tech features in a parking lot without a lot of people around. Salesman showed her the car. This evening I've scotch guarded the car and played around the cool accessories like a navigation system, backup camera, and other little nifty things. My mom seems happy.

Sister hasn't thanked my parents for her new car. Um. Ok.

I haven't seen him since last week
. He has had a bad week- didn't really elaborate to me, but a lot of drama that won't be resolved until Tuesday or so. We have texted back and forth, although less frequent than before. We have spent the evening together watching the new AMC show "The Living Dead." It is ok. He loves it. We've chatted back and forth on IM about it.

I was alone since Ry changed his plans about us going to a bar with his friends. Many friends went to WEHO. I was ok with that as I had a lot going on with the car and wanted to get ahead in school to put my mind at ease. Went grocery shopping today, ran errands, got the car, did homework. Not bad. I did not see any trick or treaters tonight. We usually have quite a few. None tonight.

Computer problem:
I did something the other night I'm trying to figure out. I don't remember the exact details right now. I was just kind of surprised. I let my computer battery run completely down. I tried to turn the computer back on and realized it wouldn't turn on. I grab the power cord and plug it in. I notice that when everything is back up and running that my computer is now not saving my passwords to everything from email to everyday generic sites that require password information. Any ideas what happened or how I can remedy this? I've cleared out my history and reentered the passwords to no avail. I'm thinking I tripped the battery or the internal battery may be going. This seems really weird. Remember I'm on a Mac. Any ideas, guys?

Music buying binge tonight

Here's what I bought:

Anyone else predict Kelly's going to comeback country?

It has a unique sound

Sexy voice

And Gonzo told me I didn't have enough dance/party music

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Next step in my education

I started my masters tonight. I have had a lot of anxiety about this over the past week and considered dropping out of the program. Here's why:

- The car search is an excuse
- The 2, roughly 40 page documents I'll have to submit to the state before December to finish my student teaching. Both will take about 10 hours or so to write
- The grading and lesson planning that comes with student teaching
- Wanting to spend more time hanging out with friends
- Feeling like I deserve a break from school- even a week. The school is now on a new schedule where you have an 8 week course, then the next week you start another course. I liked a week to recharge, and really needed it.
- Who wants a masters anyway?
- The classes are probably more difficult
- The time, effort, and hard work that comes with it being a masters level class. It looks like it will be reading several chapters and 2-3 large papers. SIGH.
- The professor doesn't seem to be the friendliest in the bunch

But I'll keep on, and this is why:
- Financial aid will pay for now
- I have 2 friends in the class (although I miss the usual group of hooligans I'm with, and taking this class now will put me on a different track than them. Damn my advisor.)
- I am going to hate myself if I don't
- I will regret not doing it later'
- What will I tell my parents? I'd never hear the end- it's only 4-5 classes
- I am sure I'll be able to manage it. I stress and have anxiety attacks at the beginning, but always manage.

Monday, October 25, 2010


I have a tendency to send my sister youtube vids of whatever I find amusing at the moment via AIM. One of the things I meant to send was 1 of these 3 videos. Instead I wasn't paying attention and figured the video I tried to copy posted. It didn't. Instead I sent my sister text from a guy's adam4adam account. UH OH. Who knows what she'll say to my mom in the morning... or dad... I tried playing it off as spam and a bunch of my friends were getting that message. She replied "errr pass." I told her I went in and fixed my AIM account so we shouldn't have any issues since I changed the password. She laughed it off...

Here's what I meant to send her...

Yeah, I'm on a mad, angry, country kick.

Sex text

Ry and I had been messaging since about 3p.m. when I sent him a text saying I was frustrated we still hadn't gotten a car. He laughed and then we told each other about our days. He told me about being frustrated taking his mom sheet shopping. She was indecisive and couldn't decide on where to buy them and was worried about paying too much. Sounds like my mom. He had been meaning to text me earlier to see if I'd go to lunch with him during his lunch break at work. I would have had he asked.

Anyways, we text and chat some more, and then he tells me how horny he is. I'm horny of course too. A few texts back and forth and I said I'm up to play if he is. He tells me he doesn't have lube and I didn't have any either.

I take off for his place at 7:20 and get there at 8:10. I hit rain starting about Ball Road. Ry didn't believe me, but it wasn't virga (how do you like that term? I will be a meteorologist in my next life I'm pretty sure). It was all out lluvia (rain- and I can say it in 2 languages- that's pretty good). I get to his place, park, and walk up.

Ry is on the phone with some friend. He hangs up, answers the door, and we sit on the couch with his cat in between us. He moves the cat after a few minutes. We're already touching, feeling each other, and I'm rubbing his neck. He moves the cat, leans in, and pulls me onto him. We make out, he removes my shirt, we kiss, he undoes my pants, I undo his, more make out, kiss, more make out, and jacking each other off. He was jacking me off and I reached back and jacked him off. He was really precumming. He is really big! He was hitting my ass and getting pretty dominant at times. The whole make out and jack each other process ensued and I began sweating badly. I never really sweat- I glisten. After probably an hour he cums all over my back as I'm sitting on him and his dick was pointed back at me. I shoot a few moments later in 5 spurts into his hand. Then he spreads the cum all of over my chest. He declares we need a shower. We hop in the shower and he tells me about work. His best friend is leaving going to a job that pays about $10 less an hour and how she is setting herself up for financial failure. We wash ourselves and then hop out.

We get out and get dressed. He shows me the table and chairs he wants to buy. He shows me his apartment all lit up, he shows me the type of furniture he likes. He likes a retromodern look. I tend to like that too minus the Asian fusion like he does. He has a big picture of a bonzai tree in the living room as well as little Asian looking trinkets set out. I show him pictures of my room. He IDs my lamp as being from Target. He was surprised by the size of my bed. He tells me about his colors on his wall like crimson and chatrouse. We are both fans of oranges and greens. As we were talking he was thinking of demoing his bar in the kitchen that trails into the living room. He didn't like how flimsy it looked. I'm sure it could have been fixed easily, but he didn't want to. It was interesting to learn what a handyman he is- I guess that comes from working at a major home improvement store. He tells me about all the painting he does, the patching, how he's going to fix the cabinet, how he knows how to install sinks, and how to deal with electrical boxes. Pretty cool.

We talk until about 11p.m. about things like that and then I decide i need to take off. We hug and he calls me sweetie. We talk about how we need to get together again soon. I get home at 11:40 and at 12:20a.m. I'm still up typing away.... boo.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My weekly update

Since I'm always out and about...

Work- the kids were difficult and getting kind of crazy. I think it was the rain that continued all week.

Work- I got paid since Linda had a literacy conference to attend, so I subbed for her, and the day went fine with the exception of 2 periods
Dinner- went out to dinner with Linda and my parents

Work- it went better- the kids were still crazy
I met Ry for a dinner out after his class at El Torito. We shared the appetizer platter, which was delicious, and the flautas were the best part. I drove down there doing my dad a favor of getting everything out of my sister's car so the insurance company could total it.

Work- It went ok- very busy finishing grades
Dinner with Linda, my sis, and mom

Work- it was such a crazy day with grades being due, writing prompt testing, an assembly, and my last day. I was at school until 4:15.
Halloween Party- I was supposed to be at a family Halloween party in the next city over at 5:30, but when it was 5:10 before I got home and 5:40 before everyone was ready we didn't make it on time. My aunt was throwing a party con carnitas, hot dogs, chili, nachos, and tons of cookies/desserts. It was fun to talk, catch up, dance to 80s music, bounce on the tall inflatable slide, and all sorts of things. Oh, and I was a doctor.

Car shopping- we test drove 5 cars and narrowed it down to 1. I've been bombarded by calls all weekend from dealers, just dealing with dealers in person was annoying enough.
Movie- I went to a movie with Keith and a friend of his who is his regular fuck buddy apparently. We went to El Torito where I got my flautas otra vez y era muy delicioso. We saw the facebook movie "Social Network." That was an excellent movie. I was skeptical of it. I have to say that it was one of the few movies that I become engrossed in. Oh, and Armie Hammer, and Andrew Garfield, who played the Winklevoss boys and Eduardo were SOOOOOOOOOOOOO fine. Seeing how Mark Zuckerberg just totally stepped on the privacy of all the Harvard students in the different houses made me skeptical/feel vulnerable about what I put out online like on my facebook, so it was a good movie.

Car shopping- we may be getting a car today. We know the color, the options, and now it is waiting on 2 dealers. One will match any price we receive, and this is the dealer where we got my car. He has the car my mom wants, but not the interior color. He is trying to track down a car with the right interior color. The other dealer is where we got my mom's old car from and we really liked the service, but they have been slow to respond.

I bought my ticket last night to Orlando for the week of Thanksgiving. I'm going to Disney World!!! I'm also going to get to hang out with a certain someone down there :-).

Saturday, October 23, 2010

She saw a different perspective

As I have taught with Linda over the past several weeks I've told her about various things going on in my life. If I hadn't shared my mom would wonder why I didn't tell her something and so I told her. Among those things were my sister's car accident where she became totally incapable of handling the accident. Linda was shocked.

On Tuesday night Linda was over near our house for a conference and she was shocked to see my sister's attitude at dinner. My sister was putting down Halladay or some player on the Giants, she was touting her new title at school. I guess my sister is abandoning her chemistry major and graduating with her Communications degree and graduating in May. I guess she has been accepted for the masters program at her college. She was bragging that she was going to be a professor. Linda said you are not going to be a professor. The title would be a GI, grad student, TA, or fellow depending on the college. My sister shouted back "no, they call you a professor." Linda said they may, but that was not the correct title. I confirmed it was not.

Linda was telling me Wednesday that in knowing my family 11 years this was one of the worst times she has ever had with us. You have to remember Linda goes out with us all the time- usually at least once a month. She tends to spend weekends with my mom. That may mean she'll show up at our house at 8a.m. Saturday morning with breakfast, will hang around for a few hours, then do some shopping or something. Linda is always here with us.

Then on Thursday night there was a lot of tension. I was scolding my mom over my sister's lies and for her allowing it. My sister said she didn't have class until 2, therefore could not take a 7am train to school. My mom told me as I was picking her up from work to take her to dinner where we were meeting Linda that my sister had just got to the restaurant, and it was only 2:50pm. I asked my mom how that was possible when her college was 30 minutes away, and I had just driven to there the day before since the car dealer was down there, down the street. My mom said she wasn't having it as she was fed up with the car issues.

At dinner my sister was in an awful mood. She was in shorts and complained how cold it was, could my mom keep her warm with her sweater. It was rainy and 65 degrees Thursday. Then my sister was again touting her title at school. Then my sister was telling Linda how we all suck because we teach dumb kids. I pointed out that our kids aren't dumb. Our kids just need teachers to make the information accessible to them. The college kids she will teach are dumb to until someone makes the information accessible and teaches them too. My sister said that wasn't the case and basically that she looks down on my mom, dad, Linda, and myself. It goes only downhill as I left to go to school, Linda stayed behind. She said that my sister got worse. She said that she wanted to go, she had homework, and she had school. My mom pointed out she didn't have school Friday. Linda said she didn't work and that my mom and Linda were going to sit and talk for at least an hour more like they usually do. My sister said that she wasn't going to and basically threw a fit until my mom left.

Linda told me on Friday that she was so sad and that she sees my sister as lacking compassion. She said she sees my sister getting a real wakeup call in the future for her bad behavior. Linda told me how bad and sad she felt leaving the restaurant. She said she felt so distant from my mom and sister. She is hoping that next week with my mom they have a fun time without my sister. She also sees now how she is going to ask my mom what my sister does- she pointed out how she knows how I do everything- and sees it now.

And we're not sure how it will work this week. I am now at the high school I graduated from for student teaching. I am no longer going to have the 30 mile commute that my mom has to another school nearby. We still don't have another car. I told my mom and dad that I can put my sister on the train for her to get to school. She used to take the train. She used to take the train before even though her classes weren't until 11 or 12 because we couldn't take her to the train at that time. Last Thursday my sister drove my mom to school, drove the car 30 minutes/miles back home, then drove 40 miles/45 minutes to school, and then 30 minutes/25 miles to get my mom, then 30 minutes/miles home. THAT WAS SO RIDICULOUS. I will be so upset if my mom puts up with that next week. We shall see...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I did not give in

Jack Off Buddy is interesting. Tonight I get a photo he took on the outside of Target and sign of the fitting room. I think to myself I'm going to be getting sexts any moment. Here's what I got and here's what I said... it felt awkward to even say what I did. It's not to say I wasn't horny and was maybe actually jacking off, and very tempted to take him up on his offer when he started texting me.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Student Teaching
It is going well, and I'm not having any problems regardless of what my Thursday night professor thinks. I am really going to miss about 2 dozen of the kids that go out of their way to talk to me, really take an interest in what I say. 3 or 4 were asking the other day if I was going to be teaching at the school next year because they want me for 8th grade. I think it is so cool to have made an impression like that.
Like I said before student teaching was merely a formality. I did get to see how Linda thinks and plans her lessons, which is probably the most valuable thing I got. I already had a good idea since I subbed for her.
We had parent conferences everyday last week and I got to break out my Spanish at least a dozen times. I am getting really good at talking to parents in Spanish. It was pretty awesome. The kids were all present at the conferences and a couple of the kids I think were embarrassed that I could speak Spanish and that I ratted them out for not doing their tarea o trabjao de clase (classwork/homework) or their comportamiento (behavior).
I do know where I'm going for my next assignment- my old high school- not with the teachers I want to work with, but with a teacher I know. I'm nervous, but what's new about that?

Speaking of Spanish I keep realizing I'm forgetting words here and there in Spanish and am trying to get back in the habit of pensando en mi cabeza (thinking in my mind) what words mean and random sentences. So far I'm doing a pretty good job. I haven't watched a Sunday night movie in Spanish in forever.

I'm loving the possibility of rain and thunderstorms all week. Sweater weather! Jacket weather!

Family life is going pretty well. Sister is keeping a very low profile after last week.

My sister totaled her car. Yep. The insurance company basically said normally they would not total it. Had the car been 1-2 years old they would have repaired it. They are totaling it due to age. It is a 13 year old car. The only things that need repaired are the radiator, lights, grill, and airbags. Airbags alone are $1000 or so. They're giving us quite a bit of money for a car that age. It sucks that we have to buy another car when we're doing so much work on the house. My mom gets the new car out of this and I'm kind of pissed off my sister gets to get my mom's old car. So we're car searching starting now. We hit the dealer tonight and I showed my mom 4-5 cars. It will pretty much be between those- 2-3 small SUVs and 2-3 cars.

I'm maybe finally going to Florida to Disney World for Thanksgiving Break. I'm trying to firm up my plans, but right now everything seems bueno. Going to be going alone, but will be hanging out with a cool Floridian, so it should be cool. MUST BOOK MY TRIP IN THE NEXT DAY OR TWO. MUST. MUST. MUST.

This is what I'm listening to...

The official video is embedding disabled. The official video was filmed on the new backlot at Universal Studios.

I remembered a song my grandma used to sing me the other day

This song is just so wrong. It's catchy, but good?

Monday, October 18, 2010

My commentary on various things...

I just want to disagree with this news story. I can buy Panera being #1, but Chipotle being ranked with their super huge burritos that are greater than 1,000 calories? And McDonalds?

I never knew Apple had a patent on swear words showing up in auto correct. I ducking hate it. Not that I say that sort of shut all the time, but occasionally I say something that Apple considers inappropriate. I hate that it also autocorrects the Spanish, which this article happens to mention. 95% of the words you type into Spanish on your iphone though end up autocorrected y es malo.

I found this story interesting about the origins of the Tea Party movement.

I am glad there are some trained people who can read CAPTCHAs. I have the hardest time.

And now you're up to date.

Full post to come on my doings soon.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Flirting with friends in relationships

I have several friends/acquaintances that are in relationships. There is The Guy and Robert, Jack off Buddy and his boyfriend, the hairstylist I met with Max a while back is one of my acquaintances in a relationship.

I remember several months back the hairstylist found me on grindr. I just had a torso shot posted. We talk, I tell him who I was, then a few days later he starts sexting me nude photos of himself. I am taken back and wonder to myself, you're in a relationship, you're flirting with me, telling me how we should get together, and this is weird. It was at that time I was thinking to myself this was not alright, and I didn't know this acquaintance well enough to know if he was joking around about getting together. He would ask me all the time what I like to do with a guy, what I would do with, and then told me to meet him after his beauty shop closed for fun. I wasn't going to risk anything and just sort of ignored this guy. I had a hard time determining whether he was flirting or was serious.

The Guy and I haven't really had to worry- I am not going to do anything to get in the way of his relationship, and we aren't really flirty toward each other. Just good friends.

Then there is Jack Off Buddy. We met on adam4adam for jack off basically. He is several years older than me, but we both have a good time. I was a little weird about meeting his boyfriend/really hanging out. I remember since we had only known each other and only hung out when we were jacking off together that meeting his boyfriend at his birthday was weird. Then he insisted his boyfriend and I go to Universal Studios. The only reason it seemed weird to me was it is a guy I've done something sexual with, and now he has a boyfriend, and to me it seemed like I wonder if his boyfriend knows, and so it was weird. I know from talking about random stuff with the 2 of them they are very much in love, not wanting to cheat. The 3 of us get along well. We were able to look past the sexual thing and it hasn't come up until now. I know that Jack Off Buddy is very voyeuristic and exhibitionistic, unlike his boyfriend. Anyways, Jack Off Buddy and I text occasionally back and forth. He'll send me a funny photo or something like a picture of a children's book and ask if I was the little boy in the picture since the kid kind of did look like me. Another time he saw a book with my last name in the title, was amused, and sent it to me asking if I was related. So basically we text random pics and stuff back to each other. Now I'm conflicted I guess because he knows another side of me that goes beyond the friendship level- I am sure I'm not the only gay guy to fool around with a gay friend- so this isn't unique to me. But what about when the texts become flirty? I am sure Jack Off Buddy won't cheat, but here's what happened:

Yesterday I got a text from him and he sent me a picture of his boyfriend being felt up by airport security. He told me that another man had his hands all over his guy in the caption. I texted back, "and you're alright with that?" He said yes, as long as he gets to watch and take photos. Then he said he has a voyeuristic/exhibitionistic side and asked if I did. I said I did. He asked what I've done that was either one of those, and I told him some things. Then we started talking about fantasies. He told me he wishes his boyfriend was more exhibitionistic or voyeuristic and had given him a hand job while driving. He told me how he used to jack off for truckers as he would drive. We got to talking about have you ever done anything at the gym? He told me about getting jacked off in front of a bunch of guys at the local Ballys Fitness years ago. He started sexting me photos of his dick. He told me he has always had a dressing room fantasy and how he would like to jack off in one. He told me I should take some photos of me in one and send pics of my dick in the mirror to him. He asked what other fantasies I had and I said outdoor scenes could be hot. He said we should go to the nature preserve near his house soon and jack off. I just left it at "that would be hot." I didn't really know what to say- was he playing around- was he serious- I think it was mostly playing- but I won't get involved in between him and his boyfriend.

Does anyone else have this where they have a friend they've done something sexual with, then they are involved, yet the flirtation with you continues?

A second dinner

Ry and I had been chatting almost daily still. There was only 1 day that he didn't IM or text me, and I didn't do the same to him. Yesterday he was particularly flirty and was telling me how he was in bed, wanting to cuddle, and wanting me to do the same. At about 7p.m. I just decide to message him on AIM. He texts me at the same exact time, which was funny. He tells me how hungry he was. A few more texts later and I admit spinach dip sounds good since I went out with my mom, Linda, a few teachers, and hardly touched my food. The salad bar at the restaurant didn't phase me, and lemon chicken was just not what I was wanting. I had 2-3 bite . I just wasn't hungry. A few texts later he asks me what I'm going to do. I ask him at about the same time he messages me that, "do you want to go to TGI Fridays?" He had messaged me earlier in the week and agreed that he did. I leave the house at 8.

I arrive at his place at 8:40. I had to park waaaay around the corner. The door to his apartment was closed. When he opened the door we hugged and kissed, then he showed me his cat wound. His cat punctured his leg in 7-8 places on Monday morning and now it is starting to bruise. He sent me pics of it via text earlier in the week. We head over to TGI Fridays at the Block at Orange. On our way he tells me about the cat doing it, how he kept disinfecting it all week, coworkers told him to let it crust over, and then now he was looking at how to make bruises last for a shorter time. Basically he learned he needs to rub the bruise to recirculate the blood.

We get to TGI Fridays and there is about a 25 minute wait. We wait outside. We aren't given a pager to tell us when our table is ready. We stand outside talking about our weeks. Then after 25 minutes we walk inside and the employees called us long ago they claimed. Usually they check outside, but didn't. They did get us a table pretty quickly after we said we were here.

We get to our table and are seated across from one of Ry's former employees who was having a girls night out. We decide on the 2 for $20. I got my spinach dip and though I wasn't wanting an entree got the prime rib pasta. I had several bites of it. After we shared the red velvet cake dessert. The cake wasn't bad. It is pretty hard to find a good red velvet cake. We chat a lot about school and other things.

We walk out of Fridays and it is misty outside. We are both frozen and walk to his car and put the heat up to full blast. We thaw and he tells me about his dad living on a boat and we talk about earthquakes and random stuff like that. He likes earthquakes. I don't.

We get back to his place and he plays with his crazy cat. We watch some show Ghost Ship or something on TMC. I'm getting tired, as he is too. I playfully hit him once or twice when he said some things that I disagreed with- I don't recall what. We eventually in the last 10 minutes or so of sitting, hanging on the couch, started holding each others hands and I rested my head on his. I was having a hard time not falling asleep. It was 12:30a.m.

We finally decide to call it a night and I walk over to the door where we hug and kiss. I get home at 1:10. I was glad I was able to make it home. And I was able to sleep to 9:30 like Ry thought I would.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No sympathy

I got a call from my dad about 3:45 today as I was driving home from school. My sister had been in a car accident. I asked what he wanted me to do. He told me that he wanted me to drive down to her college with him to pick her up. That told me the car was probably totaled.

I know how my dad doesn't handle stress well, so I gently eased the details out of him. I asked where she was, what was going on, etc. He told me she ran into someone and she was too distraught to drive.

My sister was at fault. She was near her college, trying to get on the freeway, she hit the gas instead of the brake, and barreled into the lady. The lady was injured and taken away in an ambulance.

My sister was too distraught to do anything. I guess the injured lady called 9-1-1 because my sister was too distraught. She didn't get any of the lady's information.

I was not shocked when she told me this. She didn't even know where she was. She told my dad she was on the 91, then she said she was on the 57, then she said the 241. We drove past the 241 and did not see her. We drove down the 91 and did not see her. We used the traffic maps from on my iphone to see where an accident was and maybe find her. My sister just did not know. I was getting frustrated because I was driving and I was getting information from my dad. I finally told my sister to go, walk, and tell me what she was near. She broke out in tears. I told her to go look and got really upset at her. She said she was in a parking lot, and told us which one. She wasn't. I was so mad when she wasn't. We parked in the parking lot she claimed, got out, walked around the restaurant, and saw her on the onramp. She was on the onramp to the street her college is on. So I was frustrated after driving 45 minutes home, then another hour only to play goose chase with dumbo.

We found my sister finally on the onramp like I said. She didn't know if the car was drivable- she was just pulled over onto the shoulder. We figured since she is in a big Crown Vic that there wasn't a ton of damage. My sister's front grill was pushed in, her light was broken, and she had some major paint chips on the bumper. The lady she hit was probably totaled from what I hear. Dumbo hadn't bothered to try to call a tow truck and just sat there crying as everyone left.

We started to drive my sister's car and got about a mile. We stopped at Burger King and saw antifreeze all over below. We called AAA, the Automobile Club of Southern California. We only have 7 miles towing, but I called and offered to upgrade our Automobile Club membership to have the car towed 40 miles home. The gal helping me spoke to her supervisor who said that they would not allow us to upgrade our membership so we could avoid paying an absorbinant fee to tow the car. They just lost $60.00 or so- their hard luck. I'm so sick of AAA by the way- the last time I had a flat tire they didn't even come- I'm about to file a complaint. Anyways, we spent about 20 minutes on the phone trying to find a local repair shop. They gave a bunch of names and we finally asked for a Ford dealer for the car. Got that, then it took about 20 minutes for the tow to come. The car will be delivered there tomorrow.

I was sad when I saw the car. Sad that it looked so bad. I felt even worse for the lady. My sister made a big mistake and this lady had to go to the hospital because of it. I have been debating the entire evening should I have sympathy for my sister? She is a SCARY driver. I am a fast driver- I know- but she is a SCARY driver. She is very fast, always doing something like playing on the phone I suspect, and I'm scared to be in the car with her. My sister is so irresponsible it is stupid. She was told what to do in an accident and told what to do. I don't buy that she was so distraught she didn't know what to do or forgot. She's just stupid. She was warned to not drive so irresponsibly. She was told to not wear the shoes she was wearing while driving. She was told to keep her phone in her purse on the floor- I don't know if the phone was involved. I know my parent's insurance will probably go waaaaaaaaaaaaay up because Sis was responsible for an accident. I feel bad for the lady. Not my sister.

And my final reason why I don't feel sorry for my sister? I get so scared often- as soon as yesterday morning when I was driving, had just merged on the freeway to go to work, and some gal made a lane change into the collector lane where I was. She wasn't paying attention to the slow traffic, and I watched her scramble as she nearly plowed into me. I recall when I was rearended last November by a distracted driver- I had no damage to my car, but that still sticks in my mind as I watched the car come into me in my rearview mirror.

It took 87 minutes to get home at 5p.m. via the 91.

If anything I give her credit for admitting she admitted the accident was her fault- and that took a lot.

Meet Poison who sits in the street

This is Poison who sits in the street unknowingly, never worried a car will hit him. I have news. I have nearly hit him a half dozen times or so as he is sitting at the top of this street as you come up the hill. Or he'll be laying at the bottom of the street as you turn onto it. Or he'll be laying in the center of the road.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Best status message ever

The things people post on facebook.

My friend's status message that made me look, LOL, and wonder...

"Operation physical stimulation is going to plan minus fuck partner, dildo queen, and douche bag"

Oh, and this was a girl.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A rant about my class

I am taking a class on Thursday nights that is required for my credential. It is called Advice for Student Teachers. Advice? My ass. That class seriously bothers me.

The professor is a first grade teacher who has been teaching for 34 years, and only taught elementary grades.

The first night of class was an introduction- where are you student teaching, are you doing alright, and the prof explained the syllabus. Everyone was confused by the end of the first night- there were 4 different due dates for 2 different assignments listed in the 3 different versions of the syllabus she gave us. She blamed it that the class is now moving toward an online format. I vowed to just get everything done now so I do not have to worry.

The second night of the class we focused on what our problems were. Everyone had to go around and give a problem they were facing with student teaching. I had none to share. I instead said I was having a good time.

The third week we had a case study to read from our book on a reading teacher that was having a difficulty with unruly students. We also had a story to read about a teacher that had a mentally unstable student and cheerleader with bruises. The prof did not give us a chance to discuss the reading teacher's issue because she deemed that she had the answer being the reading specialist. Also during this class we spent about 30 minutes discussing paperwork we have to submit to the state. I was mostly clear on the paperwork. Lisa was not clear, however, and she just didn't understand how she could submit her paperwork when art is such a broad field. It made sense to me- I tried to clue her in, as did other students. But Lisa went on for 15 minutes talking about how she just didn't get it. Finally I raised my hand and said that I didn't mean any disrespect to Lisa, or to the professor, but this seems like a personal problem that only involves 1 student, and we should all not be subjected to hearing this. This seems like an opportunity where the prof. could conference with Lisa after class. I pointed out in the real world you cannot hold up an entire class because of one student.

Also during this week the professor discussed seating charts. She did not understand how you could create a seating chart for a middle/high school classroom since you have so many students. Um, the same way you would for an elementary class. You get your roster and you arrange the kids on it. If you are lucky you have a grading program with seating chart creators built in. She told me she was just unsure you could do this. I explained it was not that hard. She had a bunch of misconceptions about teachers not having rosters in the secondary classroom. I shot that down. How could she seriously think that?

The fourth week of class was just as bad. The class started out "what are your problems?" Everyone complained about their situation. I didn't. What did I have to complain about? My issues with Linda? No. That's hardly anything. Sure, I was annoyed a little bit, but is it a real problem? Is it something I want to subject other people to? Would I really share these issues with the class? No. What is the class going to be able to do to solve my problems? Who would I tell first? Friends, family, and colleagues. Students and this teacher? Not so much...

The fifth week of class began with the usual diatribe- what are your problems, and again we spent an hour discussing this. I have never mentioned a problem because honestly I am having the best possible experience I can have (even though Linda does get to me at times). I always reply, "I'm not having any problems. I had a great experience last week. I had a great observation..." And she pried, "Mike, surely you have a problem..." I said no, and she would give me a hard time for not having a problem. It was also during this week she said that she likes to start out her first grade class where the students do the pledge and tell each other something positive that happened to them within the last 24 hours. I raised my hand when she said this and said, "so why can't we do this in this class, why do we always have to have problems?" She said this class focuses on your problems.
The case study we read this week dealt with something- it wasn't hygiene like the conversation turned out to be. Whatever the story was about reminded Lisa about her child custody issues. She has a husband who doesn't bathe her kids when he has custody of them. She is at wits end and didn't know how to tell teachers, how to get her kids to bathe on their own, and how to take the kids to church when they smelled like they did. Personal issue. How are we going to solve this? I don't know. This was hardly relevant to me. I am not going to be teaching 10 year old elementary kids like Lisa's 2 children are. Do I have kids? Do I have to deal with these issues? Am I married with kids? No, I am a single gay male. Is this a private personal problem? I was tempted to raise my hand like I did in week 3, but decided to keep silent. At the end of the class I was asked by the professor why I didn't speak up in this discussion. I pointed out it was not relevant to the reading and it seemed like a personal problem, which I felt I could contribute little to. She told me that I probably would not get participation points for that week. I said to her that I felt I could do little based on my situation in my life, and I felt it was best to just sit back.

The sixth class started again, what are your problems. I had several rhetorical questions for the teacher. Maybe I already have teaching experience? Maybe I have a great master teacher? Maybe if there is an issue we discuss it and work through it, and when I say issue, I mean an issue with lesson plans, or something like that? She didn't have an answer. I went on to say I had a great review and that I now have complete control of the classes. She was taken back.
We had a case study about a teacher who was failing in his first 2 years of teaching. I gave my opinion about the piece. We spent the last 30 minutes of class discussing a few student's problems.

Last night I emailed the professor with a rough draft of my paper. I told her that I had an outline, and what I was going to include in each section. I said that I did not have 2-3 of the sections done, and wanted her to just read the main content/my argument. She read that, then wrote back telling me I did not have a good 2/3 of my paper there (the stuff that I specifically pointed out I had not included yet). She told me that the paper was downright confusing, and she was ready to give it a 7 out of 20. This is my final paper worth like 40% of my grade. Um.... no... mildly annoyed this morning. Ugh. I seriously loathe this woman.

And so student teaching advice? Not so much. Showing her up, yes.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekend shorts

I just found this online- I remember playing it in the computer lab in elementary school, or in 2nd and 3rd grades during rainy days. How fun!

This was amusing, but not nearly as hot as the Old Spice commercial...


I started off the week messaging him everyday via text or AIM, and there were a couple days, especially at the end of this week where I just waited to see if/when he messaged me. He messaged me tonight on AIM. We've chatted about our days, sex, and stuff like that. Found interesting tidbits. Knew he is vers, he likes PDA, he jacks off 3 times a day, no lube when he jacks off, likes shower sex, likes his balls sucked and licked, he likes to swallow and thinks it is sad I do not, his favorite position is riding and on his side, likes guys in board shorts, can have multiple orgasms, random stuff. We didn't hang out this week :(. Bad sign? Wanted to ask him since we were pretty into the sex talk, talking about what turned us on, what he wanted/was looking for, but didn't. That could have killed the moment...


- Got an oil change finally- my oil light had been on for a while- bad boy, I know
- Took sister to get an iPhone today- her post birthday gift- she can't figure out how to use it. It was cute she kept coming to ask me. I'm like really?
- Went to Target and Best Buy today to get my sister a case for her new phone
- Gym this evening... worked out the chest tonight
- Wrote my paper for my dumb Thursday night class... mostly done... need to check with the prof to see what she thinks... I'm sure it's not good enough for her
Song of the weekend:

"You Can Do Magic" - America
This has been stuck in my head all weekend...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Being bullied

I've been chatting back and forth with reader, fan of casey, and wanted to write something along the lines of bullying to partly respond to his questions, but also because this is a topic that I feel strongly about I want to talk about. I started writing this post not knowing where it was going to go, but take a look and see...
I've been bullied.
- 77% of students are bullied, and the abuse can come in many different forms- verbal, physical, etc.
- Over 160,000 kids miss school each day due to bullying.
- 30 million students in the US, and as many at least 2 million are maybe gay.
- Gay teens are 2/3 more likely to commit suicide
- Gay teens have higher substance abuse, attendance problems, etc.

With the bullying incidents that seem to have come to a head over the past couple days- the Rutgers incident, and Ellen's response to gay bullying.

I was listening to Valentine on MYFM, yesterday morning, who was talking about bullying, asking if you were bullied, and how you handled it. All of the DJs/producers, Nate, Valentine, and Irma were able to name the bullies. They named names. Irma refrained since she is a SoCal girl, and chances are they were listening, but the point was clear that you don't forget the names of those who bully you, and what they say to you.

10-12 or so years later I still haven't forgotten those who bullied me. I was bullied once or twice in 7th grade by Shay, whom I had known since elementary, but the pique times for me were between 4th and 6th grades. I remember my bullies, and they were Tommy F, Brad K, Chris M, Shay, Stephanie Y, Amy L, and Brad H. They all have names, and I have not forgotten what they did, and can still see many of the events etched in my mind. I was bullied over things from my clothes to sexuality to lack of athletic abilities.

Jack Off Buddy made a statement on facebook that has been etched in the back of my mind because it was so powerful. He remembers being called a fag and the pain better than memories about his best Christmas.

Seacrest had a group on talking about bullying simultaneously as Valentine was talking about it. He had on a support group that goes about visiting schools, and they were taking calls from parents. Seacrest talked about how he had been bullied, but now he can laugh in all of their faces because he is not the fat little kid, and he is more successful than them. The group presented the statistics above, as well as more, which I had heard, but they cause me to cringe. If you're interested in the audio search Lauren Parsekian on his site. The group was actually dealing with girls bullying each other, and taking calls from parents whose kids had been bullied, and I was just so sad for the students. Students who are so depressed, who seem like they have all of the life taken out of them, students who feel like they have no friends, and kids who are told they can play with a group only for the group to turn on them... I had tears in my eyes as I drove to work.

It seems other bloggers are talking about bullying right now like Kelly over at Rambling along in life...

The teacher credentialing system in most states is horrible. The education classes are based on theory and little on real world scenarios. The education classes do little to educate teachers how to deal with bullying. I'll tell you the training I've had: a few words of advice, "be proactive." The professors I've had say bullying is bad, you need to stop it because your job is to create the best possible classroom as possible where all students feel comfortable to learn. You can lose your credential if a parent or lawyer sues you because their son or daughter was bullied, and you knowingly could have prevented it. But as far as training? Nothing is really in place anywhere. The classes largely focus on cultural diversity and multiculturalism.

I have dealt with 2 instances of bullying in my classroom just while subbing that I dealt with:

- Marshall is one of the few white boys on the campus I teach at. He is in regular classes, even though he is probably a few grades behind. He is a good hearted boy who will try his hardest, but is often made fun of for various reasons. The first time I met him was last year in 7th grade. He was in a group of boys in Mel's class. The class was a handful to say the least. I had a lot going on. He came up to me as I was walking around and told me that 2 boys were making fun of him. I said I would handle it. I didn't say anything more. That meant I walked over and hung out in the area. I saw one boy take his paper, and then scribble a line through it. I called the kid out and sent him outside. I followed behind after about 30 seconds. That gave the kid a moment to calm down and I conferenced with him. The kid came back in and I put him in a new seat. The kid began taunting Marshall from across the room calling him retard and slow. I told the kid who was making fun of Marshall that it is not tolerated. Marshall might not understand something, but I can assure the kid who was teasing that he was not perfect, and asked how he would like it if I, or another student teased him. Obviously he was offended. I left it at that, then I heard the taunting start right after. I told the kid he had 2 warnings, and obviously my being nice would not work. I got on the phone and let the assistant principal know she would have a visitor, and I sent the kid down. I sent the paper he scribbled on, as well as a note. I did my duty. I subbed in the class several times after and made sure that Marshall and this kid were separated. I know the kid who bullied Marshall was eventually moved into a different class because he was bullying other students.

- I subbed for Linda last year 4-5 times within 2 weeks at the beginning of the year as she was out at several trainings about team teaching, leadership, and English planning. I met William in that class. William was tall, skinny, had black hair that he curled with a curling iron he carried in his backpack, would wear a pair of jeans, and jean skirts. He was all the rage with the girls in the class and sat around them. I liked the kid- he said some of the most outlandish stuff that just made me chuckle. He had a brilliant sense of humor, and you could joke with him in ways you couldn't other 7th graders- he understood sarcasm. We were in the midst of a classroom read aloud when suddenly one kid raised their hand from across the room, and said, "Mr. Teacher, William is gay." I was probably silent a moment or two, then said that it doesn't matter, we are there to learn about Islam, or whatever topic we were covering. I said even if he is it doesn't matter. I said that things like that (sexuality) don't matter. He's a good kid who does all of his work. This kid is merely speculating and saying things that weren't necessarily true. I said that was damaging to the person and could be suspendable. I said that I could make the same remark he had just made to him, and how would he feel about it? He stood up and told me "that's messed up," and I said that was my opinion of it too. I said it was messed up he said that. I stopped there and sent the student who made the comment about William to the assistant principal. The student who made the accusations was at least talked to I'm sure. I know that about a week later he was moved from Linda's class.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quick Ry update

Ry and I hung out yesterday. I gave him a call after meeting up with Beth. We wanted to do Gay Days at Disneyland, but we discovered our passes were blocked out.

We decided to just hang out anyway. We went to the Block at Orange where he bought some cardigans at H&M, and we tried on scarves and jackets at Forever 21. I can honestly say I do not like Forever 21's men's selection. We grabbed a Subway sandwich that we both split. I got to choose the bread, he chose the meat and cheese, and I chose the toppings, and he was insistent we add cucumber to it.

We went back to his place and looked through his entertainment booklet with coupons and were going to go see a movie. The AMC theater didn't have coupons, then we found a theater, but we got busy. It was 7:30, and the movie started at 8. We had been seated on the couch, leaned over, kissed, a kiss led to a hug, and then we were making out me on top of him as he sat on the couch. He took my shirt off and undid my shorts to expose my dick. He jacked me off and licked my chest. He jacked me off while I made out with him. By then it was 8p.m., and we decided the only thing to do was get him off, so we did. I played with his leg and balls. I kissed his neck, and he jacked himself. We cleaned up again.

After our adventure we had Dreyer's Rocky Road Ice Cream and a tall glass of water. We watched "Top Chef" on TV. He fell asleep leaning up against me, and I think I dozed off at the same time. I woke up about 10. He woke up a few minutes later and I told him I would let him go so he could get some sleep since he had to get up at 4a.m.

Female crush

Beth and I have had the same classes in my teaching credential program, and we both started at the same time. We are the same age and get along pretty well. She is getting her teaching credential in art. She and I sit next to each other in our classes. She is a good Christian girl, and avidly brags about that. We have the same tastes in music for the most-part. She doesn't understand my tastes for country, but we have the same radio presets we've discovered: KOLA 99.9, STAR 98.7, 931 JACK FM, and we like Foreigner, Hall & Oates, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Queen, and REO Speedwagon.

We sit next to each other in classes, pay attention, make side comments about what we don't like/disagree with/whatever amuses us at the moment. We even pass notes back and forth to each other like little middle or high school students. Our notes are about random stuff like drawings, how our week was, and about our day. We both got in trouble in my current class for passing notes because the teacher saw "too much activity going on around our desks." She said that she can't concentrate and we obviously aren't participating- which could not be further than the truth, especially when this teacher bothers me to no end, and I make a comment about everything. That night we got in trouble Beth texted me the whole way home telling me how annoyed and sad she was at this class, and that we could no longer pass time in class like we had before. This was 4 weeks ago.

Since then we still make comments about each other, we text back and forth, and we've planned out a Disneyland trip in a couple weeks. We still whisper comments back and forth to each other. We have had seminars before the start of each class this quarter, and each week Beth texts me to remember to come early, to tell me she has saved a seat next to her, or reminding me to do the homework (as if I need a reminder- I post the homework on time- she doesn't.)

Beth keeps saying that we need to hang out and talk. I have agreed because she is cool, and I think we could be good friends outside of school. That's why I agreed to Disneyland. Then last week she said we needed to hang out and talk. She said she was frustrated with her master teacher. I said sure. She texted me twice this week telling me how excited she was that we were going to hang out, she didn't know where we should go, and asked me about my day, what I was up to. I didn't think too much of this...

So we hung out yesterday. We met at 12p.m. at Coffee Bean, but then she recommended we go to her favorite sushi place. She offered to drive, and we cruised over to it. We talked about work, school, family, and people in our class while we ate sushi. We talked for 2 1/2 hours at the restaurant, then drove back to Coffee Bean where we met. She suggested we sit outside and talk, and we did. We talked for another hour. I then insisted that I needed to get going. She invited me to go out with her and her friends today for dim sum. I don't know her friends, but it was nice she invited me. I had been thinking though, that it seems like she likes me and maybe was thinking there is more there than friendship. She went on telling me how she wants to introduce me to her friends, how they would love to meet me, and I scrambled for an excuse. I said I was doing breakfast with friends. She told me how sad she was, and how much she wants to hang out with me again and get to know me better.

Last night I get a text from her about 10p.m. asking me what I did after we took off, how she wishes we could have hung out longer, and how she can't wait to see me Thursday. I haven't written back yet...

So maybe she's just being nice, but I was thinking about maybe she thinks there is more there, and she has a crush on me. I get that, which is why I backed off and turned down her offer for dim sum. I know that I can be very flirty, and I am wondering if I have sent the wrong messages to her.

I have not exactly hid my sexuality to her, and my class knows since I did do my presentation on sexuality several classes ago, and basically it was evident to the class that I was gay. I haven't hidden it, and when we've discussed things related to sexuality I have said things like, "speaking from personal experience..." I am not sure Beth has picked up on these clues, and I would hate to lead her on. I don't know if I should say something or not...

What to do...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sub at work

There's another sub at work that I usually see once every 2 weeks or so. He is also gay. I know this because I've chatted with him on connexion once, then we've shot each other a few messages on adam4adam. He is about 35 and going after his credential after working in the business world. I know this since I stumbled upon his facebook profile. It turns out Jack Off Buddy's boyfriend is good friends with him, and they went to Disneyland together a few weeks back, and I saw the photos. I'm not stalkerish. I've just came upon this.

Anyways, it is always weird everytime he sees me. One day back in August he came into my class because he was working with another teacher that needed the language arts books that I had in the class I was subbing in. He came in and we were like staring each other down and I just felt weird. I saw him on campus yesterday morning. He was coming out of the office while I was on duty. All of my kids kept coming over and saying hi to me. This sub walked by, and again he stared me down like checking me out. It was weird. I don't know if he has made the connection that we have chatted online before or what.

He's a cute guy and totally my type... but at work...

And he doesn't even try to say hi to me. Most people do. Is he intimidated? LOL... It's beyond me...