Saturday, May 30, 2015

Avoiding my family

I call my parents each day as I am leaving work. I called them Tuesday night and was annoyed. My mom was complaining about this or that, and whether or not we could get together this week. I called her Wed night because it was her birthday, but only spoke for about 2 minutes, then I cut the call short because I was annoyed, and was getting into the car.

I got a text from my dad while at work Thursday saying they wanted to meet me in the city I work, and asked what restaurants were around. I mentioned all restaurants but TGI Fridays. I hate Fridays. My parents love it. I asked if we had to go there, and if we could go to Chilis. My mom doesn't like Chilis, and my dad said "NO." There's a BJ's in the city I work, and one a few cities away. Suddenly they asked if I wanted to go to the BJ's a few cities away. When you were just telling me about coming over to near where I work why are we going that far out? NO. My dad texted asking if the time could be made later. I said I have to be home by 7:30, and that was that.

It feels weird that I didn't call them Friday, but you annoyed me, and I'm still annoyed.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Ouch ouch fuck fuck

Yesterday at work I played in the students vs. staff softball game. And we have the worst student pitchers. The balls are thrown all over. And they have been playing softball for several weeks!

I can tell you the last time I held a bat - last year during the softball game on the last day of school. I hit pretty well last year despite sucky pitches. I think part of it was that this kid pitching today couldn't pitch to lefties. All of us lefties were getting horrible pitches.

So we were playing. I struck out my first at bat, and was swinging at random shit. In the 8th I made my final at bat, and at bat, I hit a ball that made it to about 2nd base. When I hit I don't know if I was in surprise, but I took off running, or maybe hadn't yet. I made a small jump, came down on my knee, am starting to tremble, and feel my right leg extend to the right as I'm coming down. I'm losing my balance, but manage to keep my grace and stay on my feet, and make it to first base. I made it. WHEW. SAFE. It must be a muscle spasm or something, but it hurts like hell. It is my side calf and front calf that hurts. I knew this would hurt for days. I am hoping it is just a spasm. It is not a sprain. It doesn't feel like the bone. But OH... it hurts. I am walking around like the senior history teacher, with a limp. I already have a terrible left knee, so this isn't welcoming news. I'm optimistic it is only temporary.

All I could think about after the injury was ouch ouch fuck fuck.

I massaged it - whether or not I should have - it felt better. I also iced it most of last night. I had my leg up on the couch all night. Now I'm going to go into work stumbling around like a fool today.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Came out to a tough crowd

I was invited out with some coworkers, which felt nice, especially at a school where I don't like and get along with many. There are a few cool people.

Big Science Teacher invited us out after graduation last night to a bar. It was about 8 guys from work, and 2 girls. About 8 of the people I like, and the rest, I'm not fans. So we were all at several tables put together, and I was about 3 Jacks in, and I felt the confidence to talk to Jullee, the new science teacher, who is sadly not able to return next year. I told her I had a partner when we were talking about things around where she lives becuase my partner and I like to go down to her city to hang out with J&B.

The night progressed and I came out to our AM math teacher. She taught PM last year. She wanted to see photos and pics. We were talking about what we like to do for fun, and I said travel, eat out, and she asked if I like to dance. I said yes, but my partner doesn't. She said "ohhh... aww... let's see him."

I'm sure the judgmental math teacher across from us, and maybe 1-2 more heard, but oh well. I am sure a few of them may speak negatively about it, but oh well.

And today in my 4th period as we are leaving for summer break a student, Mac, asked if he could ask me a personal question - he was1 of 2 kids in the room. When he said that I knew what was coming - I said he could. He said, "Mr. Teacher, are you married or gay?" I said I was gay, but partnered. He said that clears up a lot of questions. I can be whatever, he has heard I am gay, he has heard I am straight, so he didn't know. I am at the point where if kids ask I will tell them as long as it is not intimidating and I don't fear they will be chismosos or give me a hard time for it. And that was fucking hard to admit. That sounds like something Mac would say. LOL.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Guy unfriended me on facebook

I don't know what to say.

I was just thinking I hadn't seen posts from him for a while, so went to his page, and it said "add friend."


My partner was deleted too. I'm still friends with The Guy's partner on facebook...

Monday, May 18, 2015

Keith Urban's songs all sound the same

Anyone hear that same guitar melody throughout these 2? This urks me beyond belief. Be creative, damn it.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Expanding my horizons

Thanks to my awesome partner, he has expanded my horizons, and we are discussing a Christmas Euro vacation. It saddens me I may not be with fmaily, but the thought of spending Christmas in a cute little German or French village sounds amazing and quaint.

I also would love to be en Espana durante that time.

I listen to this song about a dozen times a year - even when it is not Christmas. I'm on round 3 of it so far tonight.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spanish Harlem

It wasn't until I heard Frankie Valli sing it that I appreciated and began to love the song.

And it wasn't until I heard Frankie Valli sing it that I knew "Spanish Harlem" was a place... and I want to visit it... I have only been up in Harlem once, and it was by accident. I also want to visit up by Columbia... haha

RIP Ben E. King

Did you know Spanish Harlem was written by Phil Spector?

Oh, and speaking of Frankie Valli, I bawled in Jersey Boys, the movie, when his daughter died. I was on the plane headed to NYC.

Oh, and on another tangent I would be the person going through Spanish Harlem playing this song as I did. And when I go to NY the ubiquitous song I have to play on my iPhone before I arrive is "Empire State of Mind"E

And anytime I am leaving on a jetplane I have to play this song.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Down 7

I've been doing cardio 3-4 times a week at the gym. Guess it is paying off. I'm down 7 pounds. From 171, which was my absolute highest weight ever, to 164. I vowed I will not let 171 show ever again. Down to 164 and dropping.

Monday, May 11, 2015

BDay Weekend

Spent the weekend in San Clemente for my partner's birthday. Asked him what he wanted to do and where he wanted to go. San Clemente was where he decided. We lvoe going there for a weekend getaway. Small town, fun shops, good restaurants. Lots of margaritas and wine. Lots of flirting. Went down to Oceanside after and then headed home. Great weekend.

Birthday Card

Sent The Guy a birthday card and have yet to hear from him. And I don't expect to.

I have posted a couple of comments to things he posted on facebook and don't get a reply when other people do. Oh well. I tried.