Friday, July 30, 2010

I love my mom

My mom heard about discount tickets to Pat Benatar and REO Speedwagon Saturday night at The Greek in LA on a website called She told me to go on and find how much the tickets were. We found 2 for $55, and told me to buy them. Most of the tickets were sold out, so we'll be sitting waaaaaay up high, waaaaaay far away from the stage, but it will be an awesome concert.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

First person you fooled around with

I had a discussion with Jack Off Buddy's boyfriend the other day while at Universal Studios. He believes that for the majority of gay guys, the first guy they fooled around with turns out to be one of their best friends. He talked about Jack Off Buddy's experience, his own, had 3-4 other anecdotal stories, and asked me about my own experience. I explained the first guy I was ever with was making out, grinding, and he sucked me off in his dorm. I was nervous as could be. I think that was a turnoff to that guy, and I haven't had any contact since. The second guy I met however, The Guy, is one of my best friends. So maybe 1st or second person you've met?

So I have a question for all of you guys. You can answer with your blogger name, or anonymously...

Was the first guy you were with someone who ended up being one of your best friends?

I'm just curious...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Because I know I have more than 1 country fan reading my blog

Heard these songs on my Pandora radio at the gym the other day...

Sugarland- Sex on Fire

Sugarland and Beyonce- Irreplaceable

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Great weekend

Went to Universal Studios with Jack Off Buddy and his boyfriend. The 3 of us see each other 2-3 times a week usually at the gym as we all go to the same one, or whenever I'm over near JO Buddy's house. Universal was quite fun. JO Buddy determined we were a good match because of our personality types. JO Buddy is INTJ, his boyfriend is ENTP, and I'm ISTP. Being an INTJ was why JO Buddy needed a navigation system as opposed to his boyfriend and my directions; if only he'd listened to us as his navigation sent us in a circle more than once. JO Buddy had been to a training the day prior about the Briggs Personality Types and applying it and its characteristics to clients. There were 4-5 times where we joked that we were doing things a certain way during the day because we were INTJ or ISTP or INTJ. We also picked out the "j" kid sitting next to us who was definitely the judgemental type who knows it all and has to get his way. HAHAHA

We got to Universal and stopped at each one of those spots they take your photos because JO Buddy said it was only $9 for all of your photos to be emailed to you that they shot that day. We got about 6 pictures of us on various rides. The lines were super long due to the King Kong ride opening on Universal's backlot. Most lines were about an hour. We had a good time talking about our coming outs, activities we like to do in our free time, and things like that. JO Buddy's boyfriend had a really interesting story about his life and addiction. We listened to stories about drugs, sex, and stuff like that. Also got to check out Wisteria Lane- Desperate Housewives- I've been on the tour 4-5 times and everytime we just drive past Wisteria Lane, so I was excited to go down it.

For dinner we went to Samba, the Brazilian Barbecue restaurant. It was soooo good. We had about 7 different types of meat. We all had the same favorites- bacon covered chicken, the chicken, pacolli (spelling?), and beef ribs. The pork ribs, sausages, and tri-tip were alright. We had a $10 off coupon, which was cool. It was fun since it was sooo good and there were lots of jokes about meat going around. There's just so many different types. Thick meat. Round meat. You get the idea.

JO Buddy's boyfriend drove us home and it took 45 minutes to get from Universal on the 101 to the 10- maybe 10 miles? And this was at 11:00pm on a Friday night. I told him to take the 10 because of all the construction late at night where the 60E is shut down to 1 lane on Friday and Saturday nights. I was going to suggest the 134-210 to get home, but I wasn't driving, and so it didn't bother me too much. The extra time in the car just meant time for good conversations and singing to the Glee soundtrack. 2 really macho men and myself singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart." JO Buddy has a pretty dang good deep voice.


Got all of my bank cards and license in the mail. I'm back in business after having my wallet stolen. Yay for shiny new cards! They should spend better.

Went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory with Darla and several of our friends from our college. Gonzo was sick sadly, so I felt a little alone. No, actually it was cool. I had a fun time. Everyone has finally graduated. Most are going to a local med school to get their masters in public health since that's the "in" thing to do. I kind of like being the strange English guy in the bunch. Everyone else is science oriented.

My food was very disappointing. I've never been impressed with anything I've had at Cheesecake Factory with the exception of the cheesecake. I had the chicken dala, which basically a chicken pounded thin and with a batter on it to make it like chicken fried steak with no sauce. I used some of the ranch at the table to dip it in. I ate everything on my plate and was still hungry. The Cheesecake Factory has huge ungodly portions and I ate everything on the plate including the mashed potatoes and broccoli.

Darla didn't want dessert because it was too fattening. Her reasoning was her dinner was 1000 calories, the cheesecake was 1000, and she was planning on drinking 1000 calories, so she'd have to burn at least 1500 calories at the gym today, and that would take 2 hours. She does the fatburner on the treadmill. I told her the cardio is good and you do burn calories, but she keeps talking about getting toned, and I told her that is where weight training come in. She seemed convinced the treadmill was the all-encompasing-do-it-all workout machine. Too funny!


I went to a barbecue at The Guy's house. My parents and sister were in San Diego and a pipe under the sink cracked in the kitchen. I got under and conquered that. It took a lot of looking and then panicking, but went to Ace Hardware, and thanks to a friend from high school I fixed it myself and only took a couple trips. It left me short on time to The Guy's place. I only mention this because The Guy asked me if I was near Jeff's house because he needed a ride- I wasn't- I was willing to drive 10 minutes out of my way to pick him up, but he didn't pick up his phone.

The Guy asked me to bring alcoholic pear cider and ice. I picked up the pear cider yesterday because I happened to be near a liquor retailer that has everything- I'd never heard of that- it was ciderlike, but ok. That saved me time and I made it right to The Guy's at 3.

I get there, I shake Robert's hand- The Guy's new boyfriend, and put the cider in the fridge. We talk about random stuff- I ask what they've been up to, and they've been playing WOW. The Guy is sauteeing some mushrooms and running outside to grill the bell peppers. I get some time to talk to Robert. We talk about work, how we both deal with kids, and some of the areas he works in. We've probably crossed paths and never knew it- he looks so familiar, so I'm thinking we have. It was cool to talk to him, especially when The Guy tells me he is so shy. We chat about where we live, and I bring up the city I live in because I saw on his facebook he is from here. I find out he lives/lived in the poorer area of the city, but I tell him the high school I went to. He asked if I knew Tami, Reagan, and other random kids, and I knew all of them. The Guy was surprised, and I know Robert and i both got a kick out of it. I asked Robert if he was a soccer player since all of them played soccer, but I didn't realize that the people he mentioned always hung out, and that's how he was introduced to them. That was cool.

Louis showed up shortly after (a friend of The Guy's that I hadn't seen since 2008 and is living back at home in the area now). The 4 of us make more random conversation and joke about stuff. The Guy's brother and his girlfriend show up too, and we chat.

The Guy finishes up the chicken and we all make our chicken sandwiches with mushrooms, onions, munster cheese, and chicken. We also have some delicious bruschetta that The Guy made. We sit around and talk about random stuff, mainly bad wine I think if I recall right. After we eat The Guy's brother asks me how I've been, and I tell him great, just enjoying summer, and sad I go back to work in about 15 days. He asked if I was a teacher, and I told him sub. We talked about the subject matter i want to teach, then we talked about something related to that, and then talked about direct instruction and how it is being used for the wrong reasons. The Guy's brother is very conservative, from Orange County, and of course holds almost all conservative viewpoints on education, but we found ourselves agreeing on a lot of things. We discussed direct instruction (think recitations and very structured drilling lessons,) and how that sucks out the creativity, and that is a negative trend in education for English classes. We actually had a constructive conversation and I learned a few things from it- he is one of those really well versed people- just like The Guy. We talked about the Department of Education and why it was not necessary- I think The Guy and I were able to convince him that it was necessary because we need some sort of precedence to follow for standards to make sure that all students in all states are at least learning certain things. We all felt that education should be more localized, and as long as the standards are being met.

I also pointed out how in California to be eligible for the Race to the Top funds from the federal government we are being asked to basically dumb down our California state standards for all students because they don't fit in Obama's framework. Don't get me started on Obama's education ideas, but sticking to the topic, California has some of the highest standards for students in the nation. The states with the highest standards for students are California, Texas, and Indiana. Basically what it all boils down to is that California expects a lot out of our students, and by trying to compete for the Race to the Top funds, we would be dumbing down our standards, classrooms, and students, which is wrong.

I enjoyed talking with The Guy's brother because he was reasonable and receptive, which so many people, especially those not in education tend to be so rash when it comes to issues about education and teachers. He was very praising of teachers.

We chat about the importance of PE, and Louis wants to teach PE, so that was interesting to hear about his stories.

The Guy decides we should all head to the pool. I borrow a swimsuit from The Guy because he didn't tell me to bring one- it did cross my mind. I did blame him and showed him my text evidence. Everyone else had theirs. We go out in the jacuzzi in the 90 degree heat. It was not bad, but after a while got to be a bit much. We went back and forth between the pool and jacuzzi. We mainly sat around talking about swimming and coaching, as The Guy, his brother, his brother's girlfriend, and Louis all were into swimming and all have coached it. Robert and I didn't say too much. We were out there for probably an hour.

When we go back in we sit around and play with the dogs a few minutes, and then his brother and girlfriend take off. The Guy suggests we go get yogurt, so after some confusion we take my car and I drive to the yogurt place. I turn the car on and 100.3, The Sound, is playing Billy Joel's Piano Man. Robert and The Guy sing along. It was cute. I get some green tea and acai yogurt, and am happy. We had fun joking about random stuff like soda wine that was in the yogurt place. We talk about Louis hating living at home and his parents, and other stuff. I have it so easy. My parents just kind of understand I do my own thing and have my own life.

We go back and look at movie trailers for shows like "Red," and then The Guy shows us Robert's WOW character who is on level 70 or something. We hang around until The Guy and his boyfriend decide they want to play, we all hug and then take off.

I left about 8:30 and had a good drive home. I realized some of the reasons I'm not into Rick, and when I got home it was even more clear. He is one of those "drama" types. For some reasons email confirmations aren't being sent to my email via facebook, so I didn't know, but Rick posted on his facebook to the effect of someone he likes hasn't messaged him all day, and that person was me- it wasn't hard to tell. He texted me 3 or 4 times while I was at The Guy's, and it wasn't appropriate for me to text then. His brother sent me a message on facebook. Rick also sent me a message about how I'm so unavailable for him. Come on, fight your own battles, if you have a problem approach me. That's what I didn't like about him that I got that I wasn't able to pinpoint until tonight. He seems to have 4-5 really good friends who, while nice, seemed leery of me for whatever reason, and protective of him, and it seemed like they would take his side on anything regardless. Now I have nothing against that- it's great he has that support system, but when it comes to a personal matter between 2 people 3, 4, or 5 don't need to be involved.

I was thinking while driving home about what I look for in a guy, and I don't see a lot of it in Rick. I like a guy who is grounded- Rick isn't. I like a guy who is educated- Rick is. Physical attraction is important- there isn't a lot with Rick- he's a good looking guy, just not my type. I don't like the whole air your drama on facebook. I like guys who are mature about issues and can be open, and if I'm going to be blasted, even indirectly on things like facebook that's not cool.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Letters of rec

I have 3 letters of recommendation ready to go for a job i'm applying for. The place requires 5 recommendations. I have had to ask 2 people in the past 2 days if they would mind writing letters of recommendations as I had 3, but needed 2. Both said "just write something, and if I like it I'll sign it." Ugh. I hate that. I had that in high school with a teacher, and it was a good lesson, this happens pretty commonly. I just hate that in both cases I'm coming from the same sort of perspective and basically saying the same things, and don't feel the talent right now to differentiate them. Must do. But on one hand, come on, it's a recommendation, who reads those? But then again I feel annoyed because for this job they want a letter of introduction, a letter of intent, and a couple other documents. Is my writing style not going to be evident and it will sound like I wrote my letters of rec? Maybe I'm just overanalyzing and being overly anal because that's how I am. I guess it's a good exercise in creativity to use a different style for each, make each sound unique, and so on. I can do it. Off to play and then I'll come back refreshed. Maybe I'll dance around my room to this...

Mary J. Blige- Just Fine

Thursday, July 22, 2010

His first date

I was a bad texter and didn't reply to any of Rick's texts on Sunday or Monday. I'm getting like a dozen texts the day asking me how I am, what I'm doing, who I'm with, like he's trying to keep tabs on me. And I'm sure he's just being friendly, trying to start conversation, but nearly everytime I got a text it was inconvenient to reply since I was up in the attic or wherever.

I finally sent him a text on Wednesday when he replied that he hadn't heard from me and was wondering if I was ok. I reminded him I only get 1500 texts a month. I said I prefer face to face or phone conversations. He said he doesn't talk on the phone and won't. I said I'm sorry. He asked if I'd meet him at the Brandin' Iron over in San Bernardino and I said no because I was exhausted since all of the stuff we've been doing on the house felt like it caught up with me last night. Also, I don't have a photo ID and being college night, and not knowing the bouncers it didn't seem real plausible.

He texted me today and said he wants to come see me tonight. He said he was bringing his friends. I said fine. His friends don't come. I get out of class at 9. He said he'd meet me wherever. I asked that he drive over to my area since it always seem like I go out of my way for the other guy. Sure enough, he came. He said we were doing ice cream. Coldstone was closed at 9, so we went to Dairy Queen. All the way there he smiled as we drove in my car. He told me how he enjoyed me so much, how he loves kids, loves ice cream, and loves my sarcasm. We talked about random stuff as we walked around, mainly Power Rangers and The Office.

We get in my car and I tell him that I'm not repeating anything in the car like he wanted to the other day because he was smiling at me in the same way he was Friday night. I told him that I was not into that. He told me he doesn't have a place we can go. I said we're just not going to fool around. He smiled and sang Beyoncé's "If I Were a Girl." We get to his car and he tells me how he is going to make out with me. I told him that he's a bit straightforward, and I am not cool with the car thing. I think we are taking this a bit far a bit fast. He comes over and kisses me. Oh, and security was right behind us parked. I pushed him away, but he thought I was playing hard to get and came in again. I made it clear I'm not so much as even kissing with security around because I live in a much more conservative area than he is used to even and the last thing I want is to be caught in a car for whatever. I've heard 2 accounts from gay guys I've met at bars who have had trouble for making out in cars in my city. I don't want that, especially when I have so much on the line. I tell him that we're not dating and he told me that this was his first date and I made it so special. Oh... ok... that threw me for a loop. I wanted to tell him that I didn't know it was a date or that

With other guys I've felt a spark- The Guy and Chris come to mind. It is hard to explain other than a fluttering/feeling in my chest that they just do something for me. They have the perfect combination of attraction and intelligence. I don't feel that spark with Rick. I just don't know... he's not exactly my type and I feel like I still know so little about him, yet he seems to think we're perfect. I think I'm going to have to be more direct with him and say I'm not wanting a relationship. Thoughts? Continue with him?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


One of the things I have wanted to learn recently is to play the guitar. My grandpa was a great guitar player and my parents wanted him to teach me, but that was before he got sick, and at a time when i didn't have an interest in it. Now, it is coming around.

There are some videos that have inspired/piqued my interest, and caused me to want to like Daughtry's version of Poker Face,

Gotta love Gavin DeGraw

This performance also intrigued me, and I'm really into John Mayer since

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New dilemmas

Remember Rick from Teacher Friend's party? Rick has been texting me incessantly asking me what I'm doing, how I am, how he misses me, how he had a great time the other night, how he feels so much with me, and how "someone is sending chills down his spine," and he refreshes his status update on facebook as that after I send him a text everytime. I have got to the point where I am not replying. He's a cute guy, but I'm just not into him. I don't feel a spark. Should I feel a spark? Is it me and hangups I have like that he is younger and a few other things?

Teacher Friend invited me out for a drink tonight and Rick was there. Rick was all over me. Hugging, trying to kiss, looking in my eyes. I tried to avoid Rick, and was actually more friendly to the other guys there- all of whom were from the pool party the other night. Ugh. I felt bad kinda, especially when he updated his facebook status a couple times to say how he had chills going down his spine. He asked me if I would give him a ride back to his place- about 10 miles out of my way- and I politely apologized telling him I had to get up early.

And we can't go without talking about the neighbor, Carlos. I was chatting with him the other night and he told me he won't come over while my parents or sister are home. He also said I can't come over while his mom and sister are home, and they are home like my parents during the summer. And of course in my mind the reason is because they're all thinking we're going to jack off together.

He did send me a nice round of nudes the other night and his thick dick. I said we should meet up to compare since a pic I sent him made him think my dick was bigger. He asked where and I suggested since our houses wouldn't work we could try car action, although we know after the party the other night I'm not a fan. I felt safe in saying that because I don't think he'd take me up on it. He didn't. He just said he wanted to see more of me, etc. etc.

Today he messaged me a couple times asking how to get his gf to have a threesome when she visits in August. I said I had no clue- that would be such a relationship killer- and well, I'm not going to do that. He is becoming much more curious, though. He was asking what hand I'm using to masturbate, what website I'm looking at, asking for the links I'm looking at on Xtube, and opening up more when I ask him questions like what's he doing, thinking about, and he's admitting he's thinking about me. Why can't I get him over here already?

I'm not as forceful as I may sound. If anything it'd be hot to say I fooled around with the neighbor. I know he's not relationship material and is suffering from straight boy syndrome. I am still treading extremely carefully, and have told him that I am just here as a friend. If he wants to hang out, even in a nonsexual setting and just go out somewhere I am willing. I'll talk to him about anything he wants, listen, provide advice and experience if I can, but any move would be left up to him. I'm just saying I see him giving in.....

Monday, July 19, 2010


This summer we seem to be in the midst of a lot of home improvement at my house. One small project leads to a much bigger one.

When we had our central a/c installed the contractors told us there was some insulation missing in one area, which lead my dad to want to redo the whole insulation up in the attic. So we've been moving/removing what is up there, and installing new styrofoam and fiberglass insulation. Oh, and it is 100-110 right now in Cali, mind you, imagine how hot it is in the attic.

We had an invasion of bees earlier in the spring in one of the eaves, which has led us to call an exterminator, and now work on replacing the trim along the house. We haven't had time since the insulation is taking up all the time.

We are having new windows installed in the house in about 2-3 weeks. We had window air conditioners prior to the central a/c being installed. My mom threw a fit and didn't think we would use the central air, so the window a/c's remained. We took all of those out, and the big one in my parents room. In the meantime we had to put up boards and insulation in the meantime. The only reason this project was sped up was my mom's hairdresser was promised the air conditions and wanted them last Friday.

I'd like to paint my room. Maybe that'll happen soon. I am just not in the mood right now as I'm doing other things. My mom absolutely hated the blues and grays I had chosen. I think it'll end up being a darker brown accent wall. She was more agreeable to that. She kept going back to all of her home ec classes, all of her years working in the fashion field and fashion design field, the color wheel, and how those colors don't match.

The kitchen is still a big battle lurking. My mom doesn't want to put out the money to have it redone.

I'm actually enjoying this for the learning process and seeing how everything is done.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pool Party

Friday night I was invited to a pool party that Teacher Friend was throwing. I was so busy Friday. I took a window a/c out of our house, learned a little bit about installing windows, and installed insulation in the attic when it was 105 out. Oh, and then I had to run the window a/c across town and set it up at my mom's hairdresser's house. That a/c was a mother. It was sooooooo heavy!!! I was out until 5:15 doing all of this and the party had started at 5. I get home from all of this, shower, and take off.

I get to Teacher Friend's house about 6. A bit late, but I had texted him telling him that I would be because of all of this. There were about 10 people when I arrive. One is his new roommate who is 22 or so, his roommate's mom, Teacher Friend's mom who was helping with the food, a black guy named Rick, a few teachers Teacher Friend works with, and a political candidate running for local office.

I ended up talking to the political candidate for a while, as well as other people who walked up. Just small talk. Most of them had never met me, but we had some common friends here and there. Rick, the black guy, kept coming over chatting with me wanting to know more about me- he wanted my life story in 30 seconds, wanted to know my favorite color, and other random stuff like that. The political candidate got in the pool and tried to get me to go. I didn't, and talked to him while I sat on the ledge. I moed around and began chatting with others. Rick happened to be apart of the next group. He was chatting with me and the really hot 50 year old bright silver haired guy. Rick introduced me using the details from my 30 second life story, told about how he is studying psychotherapy and massage therapy, is an identical twin and he is gay, and all of the similarities they share. We make our way over to the bar and he orders a hurricane, which did not taste like a typical hurricane. This one had a peach flavor to it that was substituted for grapefruit juice. Teacher Friend is on the grill grilling chicken and panini bread. OMG. It was sooooooo tasty. Barbecue chicken, cheese, tomatoes, and bacon. Can't go wrong.

It is dark about this time and Rick keeps trying to get me in the hot tub. Political candidate was also in the hot tub and both are feeling me up. It gets really weird. I am like "you don't see Rick's interest?" LOL. Lots of shifting around and stuff like that. Rick had stripped down to just his Papi boxer briefs to get in the water. We were at opposite ends of the hto tub and he was giving me a foot rub. When more people get in he backs into my crotch, is humping me, and reaching around to grab my dick. He moves my hand into his penis and so um I rub it. Weird. I'm trying to not go too far because well, one, it was a pool party, and I'm all for PDA, but that was a bit much. Rick asked me at one point if I was shy, and I said yes. He said he didn't know that. I still in the hot tub tried to make it look like nothing was going on. I get out of the hot tub before everyone else because I didn't want to be there to begin with. I was sweating buckets and it was 85 degrees out. It was a sweat bath as far as I was concerned.

I find a seat at the canopy where most of the guys and girls are chatting. I'm across from Teacher Friend. Rick comes up behind me and massages my back, which feels oh so good, and then does it to one of the girls next to us. I get up and run to the bathroom, and when i come back he tells me to sit on his leg. Um. I did. I was a little uneasy because nobody else was, we weren't an item or anything, and so it was weird. He leaves to go to the bathroom and I take his seat. He comes back, sits on me, and then makes out with me. I'm honestly still trying to say NO and I'm not all into it. We were drawing attention by some. It was awkward, especially with Teacher Friend across from me. 2 of Rick's friends left and he didn't have a ride home. He asked me as I was about to take off about 12:30 if I'd take him. I said sure. I say goodbye to everyone at the table and hug Teacher Friend who thanked me for coming. He joked with Rick that he was warming me up all night.

In the car from the time we got in Rick had his hands on me, on my crotch, his hand on mine, rubbing my arm, and looking at me. I tried to avoid eye contact because i was driving and trying to be safe. We get to his dorm and are in the parking lot, and I had barely parked when he moves over and is on top of me ready to make out, and well, I'm trying to push him off. I'm like we're in a parking lot. Where is this going to lead? He takes off his shirt, I tell him I can't, and he pushes himself into me again and we're making out. We do this for a while and he's trying to undress me. No car sex for me. He's grabbing my dick, wanting to get on me, and undoes my pants. He undoes his. No. It's not going there. At this time security pulls up and there are 2 girls standing outside a car like 3 cars away. I was insistent we stop at that time. Security was only a few cars away. I was so scared driving home. What if I got caught? What if the police went after me or were sent out to look for me?

Well, I'm here, so I guess that I am ok :).

Teacher Friend did facebook message me Saturday and asked if I got any from Rick. I said we made out in the car. Teacher Friend thinks more happened and said how you can do so many dirty things in a car.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I know what I need to know

Remember my 2nd facebook crush this summer, Michael, the guy from high school? I got what I needed to know Thursday night, and that was that I don't need him as a friend. I was sitting at the computer at about 11:55pm gathering the motivation to get my teeth brushed when my phone rang. It was him. I let it go to voicemail because I figured it was some drunk call at that hour. He did leave a voicemail and sounded very serious not trying to laugh, and he left a message me telling me this was Wells Fargo Bank and I have a delinquent account, he wanted my account number to clear it up, and left a phone number for me to call. But seriously, why would a bank call at midnight? At least block your number so that your caller ID with your name doesn't appear.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Don't lose your wallet

I did.

I guess tomorrow things will start to get back to normal- visit the DMV, visit AAA.
I have to pay $20 to replace my Disneyland and Universal Studios passes. I am just a little peeved at Disneyland. I already paid $48 to upgrade my pass to have fewer blockout dates.
I have to wait until August to get a new student ID for the new school year.
Oh well, I get to go shopping for a new wallet.
I'm soooooooooo relieved that the large sum of money I had just deposited in the bank made it safely.
It was so easy to cancel my debit and credit cards.
And life goes on.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Straight boy

Straight boy, you don't have to message me everytime you're on AIM to tell me you're stroking, although it is quite hot. While it is hot, invite me over already.

And me telling you straight out to come over is not enough. The one boy I could so easily bring into my house...

Each time his excuse is it is cheating on his gf.

Best line from last night:
Me: what r u thinking of?
Carlos: my gf
Carlos: got any cock pics so i can think of u too?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Snippets from my sister

While she is getting her hair trimmed, and I'm talking to the lady who cuts our hair:
Lady: Where are you going to school again Mike?
Sis: He's going to X University.
Lady: Where's that at again?
Sis: It's in Orange County.
* In my head I'm thinking thanks for talking for me. Rude much? She always does that.

Still talking to the hairdresser:
Lady: What are some of the classes you have to take for a teaching credential, Mike?
Me: Lots of things like a class on teaching students with
Sis: Do you know how easy his classes are compared to mine? Speech communication classes are among the hardest classes you will ever take because you are graded not only on the speech you write, but delivery. I have this one professor who...............
Me: That must explain why you've failed so many classes so far.
* That was perfect- I got the last word in. My sister has failed 2 or 3 of those classes so far.

While at dinner with my dad, sis, mom, my mom's friend Mel and Linda:
Mel is talking about how she is applying for an administrative position at work where she will be in charge of discipline because she is tired of the laxed discipline policy, and wants to change that.
Sis: Your problem is you work with kids. You think kids are going to listen to you when they're 12 and 13?
Mel has an annoyed look on her face.
Linda: Well, everyone has a calling in life, and Mel feels she can help out strongly.
Sis: Please, kids aren't worth it, and you're just wasting your time.
Linda: Mel is very good at any task she sets out to do.
Sis: College kids are the only kids worth helping. College is the only thing worth teaching. At least there it is kids who want to be there.
Linda: Maybe I should be teaching at college.
Mom: Yes, you should, absolutely.
* Thanks for insulting Mel, sis.

With Linda, my dad, mom, and sister at my house discussing what we did recently:
Me: I wasn't home that night, I think I was at the Tim McGraw concert.
Linda: How fun, how is he in person?
Sis: Why do you care? Country music sucks. Its all about sad stuff. He's nasally.

When talking about sushi:
Me: I like the spicy tuna, salmon, and usually the Mexican type roll thrown in.
Mom: You really eat that stuff?
Me: Yes, why not?
Sis: Noooooooooooooooooooooo, fish are friends.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day in SD

Gonzo has a new job and is working down in SD for a week for a conference that her company is hosting. She has a hotel in the Gaslamp District, and invited all of us coworkers to go down for the night and hang out once she got off work. That was just 1 of the many events I was invited to on Saturday, and I had committed to going first. I was invited to a party John's parents were throwing- a 50s sock hop themed one. Then I was invited to a gay casino night/auction for a leukemia foundation by Jack Off Buddy, and a bunch of gay guys were going to be there.

I decided to make a day of my San Diego adventure because I don't get down there enough, and I love it. There is so much to do. My first stop was going to be lunch and shopping in Hillcrest. I walked all around from one end to another. I stopped in lots of the stores- furniture and clothing stores, cute undies shops, and whatever else I came across. I was tempted to buy some cute undies, but at $20+ a pair I had a hard time doing that. All of the shop owners were very friendly- the old lady who owned one of the undies shops and she "suggested" a pair for me... hahaha.... and the flirty guy in one of the furniture stores. I decided to eat at Bite because it had pretty good reviews and a chicken torta con fruta was only $6.95, which wasn't bad. It was pretty tasty, although I'm not a fan of pesto sauces. The sandwich oozed of brie cheese, which was good, and the fruit was very sweet. Good deal.

A look inside Bite

After this I head over to Mission Valley's Westfield Shoppingtown to go to the 2 story Target with a cart escalator. That's one of my favorite memories- coming down with parents to go there when I was a kid. I remember going 2 or 3 times when I was little. Actually I wanted to go to the Nordstrom Rack- it was 2 to 3 times the size of the one at Ontario Mills. It was crowded. I didn't find anything I couldn't live without. I walked around the mall, then headed to my next place.

I went to Little Italy next, and saw that Downtown SD was not too crowded. Not much to do. I walked around in about 25 minutes.

Back in the car and over to Gaslamp. I park right across from Petco Park, home of the Padres. It is 3:45pm and I am not meeting Gonzo until 5. I figured that would give me time to scout out restaurants and shop. I wanted to go to ZGallerie, but it closed down apparently. I also wanted to go to a few clothing and other stores. I manage to hit everything and stop at the Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop for an ice cream cone. I go over to the Horton Plaza Mall to see what they have and use the ATM at the credit union over by there since I wasn't going to be charged fees. Gonzo texts me at 4:55 and says it looks more like 6. I say that's no problem and another hour flies by.

Gonzo and I meet in front of the Convention Center since we figure that's the easiest place to find each other since there were tons of people walking the streets. Ugh. More walking. I had probably walked 4-5 miles already, and didn't want to walk anymore. I sucked it up. We meet and talk about food. I share my finds, and she says she wants to take me to a place she went to last year when she was at this conference. She said we were going to Mexican food at Horton Plaza. I had seen a La Salsa Mexican place and cringed- that wasn't my idea of Mexican, but she isn't the most Mexican, and I didn't really care, I was just hungry. We have a fun time walking and talking and scouting out bars and places to go. We get to the mall and just next to La Salsa is an incredible taco place. These tacos were amazing- we went to Micho's Tacos. They had original tacos like your asada and carintas taco you could choose in the combo, as well as a specialty taco like a New York taco, a cheese taco, and several other combinations. I try the asada taco, which had tons of meat, a homemade corn tortilla, and a cilantro and onion mixture with salsa on top. It was one of the best tacos I've had in recent memory. I had the New York taco too, and this had meat, avocado, a white sauce, and cheese. The New York taco was not so impressive, but that was ok. I was happy. The beans and chips that came with the combo were soso, but the tacos were great, so it balances out.

We walk back to the Petco Park area to meet Marci who drove down. We all head to Gonzo's hotel to get ready for our night out. We head down 5th Avenue, since that's where the action is. We think about heading to Whiskey Girl, but there wasn't too much action there yet at 9pm. We decide on the Tipsy Crow, which was already happening. The girls didn't have to pay cover, but I did. We go in and I order a drink, and the girls order kamakazis. The drinks were VERY weak, and so of course that meant we were all pretty sober. The girls didn't want to get up and dance claiming there weren't enough people in the basement, but a couple times I did get up and dragged Gonzo out with me at least a couple feet away from our seating on the outer edge. We sat talking, discussing who entered, looking at the crowd. There was one super hot guy who was 6'2 or so, in a green Affliction shirt, glasses, dark hair, who was dancing with his girl, and damn how I wished he was gay... hahaha... he was FINE. I chatted with a few guys on grindr including one who was in the bar, but he didn't know who I was since I don't have a face pic posted, and he was just more curious in knowing how accurate the distance thing was on grindr. I did try to chat him up just because I was feeling a little frisky. I did go venture on my own to see who he was, and found him on the first floor, but didn't chat him up. That was pretty crazy. The girls and I took lots of facebook photos and commented on each others facebook posts. The music was pretty good- it wasn't all just club music, and I knew 95% of the songs. He played some strange stuff, not exactly dance music like Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer and Sweet Home Alabama, Train, Rob Thomas, as well as some rap mixed in. How do you dance to Bon Jovi? We do dance to a few songs in the last 30 minutes of being there.

We take off about 12 and think about going to Whiskey Girl, but there is a huge line. We pass. We decide to call it a night. I walk the girls back to Gonzo's hotel since I see there aren't many people in the direction of their hotel. We decide we have to take elevator photos. The hotel they are staying at has elevators that are mirrored all around on the sides and the ceiling. We take photos of us all looking up at the ceiling with our phones.

I walk back to my car and head home. I leave about 12:45 and get home at 2:15. There was tons of construction on the 163 and 15, and both were shut down at some points. There was also quite a bit of fog in some places. It was a good night in that I didn't lose any of the San Diego stations until I was a good 20+ miles beyond San Diego County in like Menifee. KYXY 96.5 soft rock actually came in all the way home and I was able to pick it up without static. I was amazed.
50s Sock Hop

My parents were at John's parent's party, the sock hop. They had a great time. It was a surprise party for one of the women in the group. Kind of sad I missed it- they roasted a pig again this year, which was sooooo delicious last year. Anyways, I'm glad I missed in this regard.

Remember The Mike's (the 2 asses I used to be good friends from high school, but have issues over things like my sexuality). My sister was also the one sending him texts about how she was glad one of the Mike's lost his job etc. etc. before I put a password on my phone and made sure that my phone is on me at all times. Remember how John and I are cool, but I'm not with The Mike's, but of course they are oh so friendly in public when we do encounter each other. Anyways, enough of that tangent, Mike #1 was there because John invited him, but this is the first time he came, he never shows. Well, Mike has some new idea about rekindling his friendship with me. Mike came over to talk to my parents and talked to him for a while. He misses me so much. He saw me at Elephant Bar a few weeks back, and I didn't leave my friends to go hang out with him, it was like I was brushing him off. Poor soul. My mom found it funny as she was relaying the story to me this morning that I, of course would not leave friends, a large group of people that I was with to go hang out with him because that would have been inconsiderate of the people I'm with. Good, she understands. Mike was so hurt, and so sad I wasn't there, and he hasn't talked with me in ages, he doesn't know what I'm up to, doesn't know what's going on, doesn't know why we don't hang out anymore. Poor thing. My dad basically told him I was busy, I had other commitments, but would try to get in contact with him. Yeah, right.

Other than that my parents had a fun time singing, and there was some dancing I guess, as well as great food.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Pizza Shop Fail

We had pizza for dinner last night. Notice anything wrong here?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Country summer songs

Because I can't leave country out!

Kellie Pickler- "Makin Me Fall in Love Again"
Love the sound and 40s video

Jerrod Neimann- "Lover, Lover"
Cute guy, and did you know he chose to sing all 9 different vocal parts in the song?

"Our Kind of Love" - Lady Antebellum
Still on a Lady A high after the Tim McGraw concert

Gary Allan- "Get Off on the Pain"
Gotta represent with Cali boys- he's from the OC... and how yummy does he look?

Easton Corbin- "Roll With It"
Loved seeing him at Morongo

Jason Aldean- "Crazy Town"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Needing to get off

So yesterday I was cruising A4A and got a message from a chatty guy. He was sending me long 4-5 sentence responses, which for the shy guy he claimed was cool- I can see the shy part, but I also see the burst of confidence. The long responses was an instant turn on. Next thing you know we decide to meet.

He was 31, 5'7'', 140lbs, swimmers build, shaved body (except groin area and legs), tan, HIV-, drug and disease free, and 7'' or so cut and on the thick side. He was bald, but totally cute, and has he said he couldn't help genetics.

I get over to his place about 9:30 and he meets me at the door. He is in the next city over. We sit on the couch and chat. He tells me about himself, I tell him a little about myself. He's worked 11 years in ministry and was ousted from the church because he was gay. We were sitting at opposite ends of the couch, but our legs did touch a few times. I guess about an hour into the conversation he puts his hand on my leg, and then he said he enjoys cuddling on the couch. Next thing you know I have my arms around him, then he decides we should lay and cuddle. I took my shoes off and spread out, and he laid next to me. He was so short that my mouth was at his eyes because of how he was laying. We decided the bed probably had more room.

In his bedroom we lay clothed on each other making out. Then he says it's hot and maybe we should take our shirts off. We do. Shirts come off, lots of makeout, me laying on top of him. Then we switch places and he's on top of me. More making out. Pants come off. He's in a pair of cute white briefs. He had a hot ass. We grind up on each other some more. Lots more rolling around and making out and then he says he can cum. I'm just like wow... you haven't even touched your dick, but he was so turned and all he shot while grinding on my chest, and I stroked my dick for a moment before getting off. He was definitely an aggressive top I got from this little thing as he was grabbing my hair, body, and that was a little much... haha

So after we lay talking, hugging, kissing some more, and then comes his stories. His first time he was with a guy was at the Ballys gym in my city, his first threesome, and a few others... not the stories I wanted to hear. Oh well.

We romped around for 2 hours or so and it was 12:34 when I was finally getting in my car.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Color choices

I've blogged many times in the past about wanting to finish my room. I do know that this wallpaper has to go. It has to go NOW. I painted the room this beige that I like quite a bit about 2 years ago. I never really finished my room, and I would like to soon to accessorize. I am looking for a color for an accent wall where the wallpaper currently is.

I found the coolest iPhone app from Sherwin Williams that snaps a picture of their paint and will tell you what colors accent what the color you chose. Of course the paint looks different at different places in the room because of how the lighting is/how the light shines in, so I took photos from multiple parts in the room.

Here's colors I found that I like... any opinions?

Keep in mind I have new black furniture, and that isn't changing soon.

Accessories I plan to buy: duvet comforter for my down comforter, candlestick holders, candles, other odds and ends I find at Target,etc.

Personally I like the fireweed color, and could accessorize with oranges and browns. It would be a safe bet with my black furniture.

I think the lobelia and upward blue, but am hesitant with black furniture. The upward might work better for the black furniture.

Swanky gray is swanky, but I'm not sure what I'd accessorize with with those colors.

I like the peweter too, but I'd have to do some bright accessories I think.

Any thoughts, guys?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My summer '10 playlist so far...

********Happy 4th of July!!!********

What's everyone doing? We are just staying home. My dad has been asleep on the couch most of the morning since he woke up at 3:30 and couldn't fall back asleep. I'm hungry. We're going to barbecue some steaks, go to see fireworks where we always do in my city. Should be fun. I may also try to bake some oatmeal crisp cookies I found online.

So since summer is here, although you wouldn't know it today with a thick marine layer and it is probably 70 degrees outside, we need what I'm listening to this summer

... my non-country picks... hahaha

"Half of My Heart" - John Mayer and Taylor Swift

Any thoughts on John Mayer? His guitar playing really makes me want to learn, and a couple of his songs are ok.

"California Gurls" - Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg
Sorry Dan, but it is catchy. Who doesn't like Cali girls (or guys)?

"Misery" - Maroon 5

Maroon 5 is back, and this sounds good.

"Neutron Star Collision" - Muse

First Muse song I've liked, but it sounds pretty good. And who knew it was from the Twilight soundtrack? Oh my joy!

"At Or With Me" - Jack Johnson

This was a free download courtesy of Starbucks, but his music is light and airy.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The neighbor followup

There were a few days I didn't hear anything from the neighbor and wondered if he had been scared off. Then one night he messages me telling me how he wants a "thick and long penis in him." I was on my phone and the messages were being pushed to my phone since I was driving up the highway on my way home. I replied with HOT or something like that, then when I got home we chatted. He was sending me pics of girls from high school he apparently had nude pics of that I knew- they are of course of age now. That did nothing for me. Then he sends me pics of dicks that turn him on- all of them long, hard, and cut. He kept telling me how he was so curious, yet so worried of cheating on his girlfriend- the stuff I've already blogged about... hahaha. We kept chatting with each other and wondering who would cum first. I think he did, as he signed off first.

We haven't chatted in almost a week- he hasn't been online much. I know he was up in Northern California this past weekend helping his sister move back home from college- she hasn't been home in like 3 years. So much for him being home alone and anything happening... hahahaha

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Playing hookie!

I got a couple simultaneous texts from The Guy this morning. He asked what was up, then said let's hang out, he was playing hookie. I texted him back saying I'd join in. It was about 9:45 at the time, I threw on some clothes, and was on my way. I was there within 45 minutes.

I get to his place and give his dogs some love. He is on the phone with the company behind Warcraft trying to deal with some issue. He logs into Warcraft and stuff. He asks me what's going on. I tell him I've been busy with landscaping projects. I laid sod the other day, trimmed and pruned geraniums that we are wanting to get rid of. He told me he was just hanging out with Robert, his new boy, and all is well. He told me things we could do today- Best Buy, doggie day care, AT&T store. I said yes, yeah, sure, and shook my head to give my approval. We get the dogs ready, and head out.

In the car we discuss the Elena Kegan Supreme Court Nomination. He tells me how he watched the hearings the 2nd day, but didn't get to watch yesterday. I said I had just seen bits and pieces shown on TV, like her sense of humor, which was cool because she seems much more down to earth than others on the court. We talked about some bad SC rulings as of recent like the Bush v. Gore, and how they seem disconnected from the general population as of recent. We take the freeway over to the dog place, which seemed to take longer in my opinion. Drop the dogs off.

We return home for a few moments as The Guy forgot his wallet. We head back out to the AT&T store, which was in Mexican town, according to The Guy- it was just down the street from him. I am on my phone trying to google where it is. I have to say the service was sooooooooooooooooo much better than any other AT&T store I've ever been to. Personally when I shop I tend to go to the more Hispanic areas- I find the employees are much friendlier. The girl who helped us was young, cute for a girl, helpful, and very flirty. We were flirting with her. The Guy got his iPhone for Robert, which he is not paying for, his boyfriend is on a month-to-month prepay phone, and wants to pay. The Guy got his parents iPhones straightened out, and bought one of the 3G coverage extender you plug into your router for work.

We both sang along to "Battlefield" by Jordin Sparks. He loooooves the song, and I like the song a lot too mainly because my cousin has a special connection to the video.

In the car again and off to Best Buy where we find another friendly gal who helps us find 5 cases for the new phones, 5 car chargers, and then we check out the washer and dryers. The Guy has the front loading LG washers that look cool, but really aren't. He has to wash his clothes 4-5 times to get the mold smell out of them, he has mold growing in the washer, he wipes it dry after each wash. The salesman was most unhappy there unwilling to budge in price, although The Guy would buy the washer, dryer, extended service plan, and the drawers the appliances sit on. He was going to try out Samsung's front loading instead of LG. After 20 minutes of arguing and questioning we get the cases and car chargers, then take off.

We go through the drive through at Carls for bottled waters because "we're like on a diet, and we need our Pepcid AC."

We hear this catchy song, which we sing the "hurry, hurry" part.
Happiness- Alexis Jordan

We decide to go out to Victoria Gardens for the Apple Store. We get an iPad with 3G for The Guy for work, and get his phone looked at since the proximity sensor didn't seem to be working. Of course it wasn't failing when the manager was looking at it. We made a couple test calls to each other. The Guy is also having issues where he can't send picture texts, the phone just says "saving photo." I bragged my phone is just perfect, because for once it is. I have had 1 dropped call in 1 week, and I don't believe the dropped call that I had was my fault. This is from someone that had 50%+ dropped calls. The Guy has an appointment Tuesday for his phone. The manager was actually somewhat helpful for a change. That lady is hard to deal with. We talked about how nice she was, and how sometimes people are just really having a bad day. This related to a story we were talking about earlier when The Guy cornered a trainer at his gym about an insensitive comment about fat people, and all fat people have bad lives and things like that, or something.

We are starved by this time, so head back to The Guy's place. It was 3, and we had been out since a little after 11. Time flies when you're having fun. We do make a quick jaunt to Home Depot where they only have the LG washers and dryers- no Samsungs. The Guy gets the out the door price, and he would save over Home Depot. At Home Depot the employees did tell The Guy of course there will be mold and water issues with front loading because there is no agitator. The Guy is basically sold on the cool design.

We get back to The Guy's place and cart all the boxes in that had arrived- clothes from The GAP, Amazon, and a bunch of other stuff. We put that stuff away somewhat, but never get a bite to eat. The Guy had to jump in the shower and take off to his training appointment.