Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend of Introductions

After meeting my parents Thursday I figured why stop there?

FRIDAY AT 4:30pm
- Run to Mike's after going to district office to take care of benefits etc.
- He asks where I want to go and throw a few places out, as well as my school
- We head to my school for him to see my classroom. I give him a tour and we stop by the lesbian's room where her girlfriend is
- The 2 teachers I will work with both came in the room looking for me and gave me supplies
- A new 8th grade teacher had my class rosters that I had been unable to access and gave me them
- I leave Mike alone for a few minutes to put the new stuff in my room
- I introduced Mike to some people, but not everyone; he made fun of me for being bad at introductions. I didn't tell the lesbian, but told everyone else who he was. Oops.
- In car I put names to the faces for him further.
- Go to Staples since highlighters were free after rebate
- Go to Tokyo Wako for sushi and a glass of wine. Sushi was awful and glass of wine was not great.
- Stop at Office Depot for a few more upplies for my room
- Go to Sears Grand where we try on shirts. They had some slim fit ones that I ended up buying for $9- as if I had the money to spend. ALso looked at weedwackers
- Go to WalMart for a wall clock for my room
- Back at Mike's about 9:30
- Bed about 10

- Slept until 8
- Shower
- He gets a haircut and I submit my rebate for highlighters
- Go to Panera for breakfast
- Off to LA for Travel Town Museum in Griffith Park
- Lots of fun facebook photos transpired
- Go to a Yucatan Mexican food place that was DELICIOUS... we loved the ceviche, ensalada de papa (potato salad), y los tacos de pork y fish.
- Drive back to our area for a movie, but the movie theater looked packed, so we decided on the drive in movie theater near my house
- Stopped at Albertsons for German chocolate and Snickers cupcakes that were so-so
- Saw The Smurfs
- Got out about 10:45
- Back to his place for bed, but we were both too busy feeling each other up and jacked each other off

- Up at 7- and only because Mike screamed we were late as the original plan was 5:30
- We were off to meet Jack Off Buddy and his boyfriend- they both invited us to Knotts for the American Coaster Convention- those rollercoaster enthusiast people
- Get access to the best rides with no lines... I rode Supreme Scream, which I only do when forced, but it was cool
- Mike got along well with JO's boyfriend and JO's sister
- There was another couple along, one who recognized Mike, and it dawned on Mike hours later that it was a guy he really briefly dated's roommate, but the guy was of no interest to Mike, so we talked about that
- Ate breakfast in the chicken house
- Lots of fun, cool to hear about behind the scenes stuff at the park
- Left about 4:30
- Head to IKEA to make a return
- Head home about 7 to mucho drama... shoulda stayed at Mike's
- Off to my first day of school manana

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Introducing my boyfriend to my parents

I let the cat out of the bag with all y'all yesterday that today was the day.

My parents were coming to my classroom today to help set it up. The plan was originally to have them come with me in my car, that way there would be no excuse to bail out. My classroom was being used this morning for other functions, my dad had a doctor's appointment, and a few other things prevented us from getting in my classroom until late. We went to lunch and my mom talked about her appointment at her school at 3pm. I said it would have to be later to Mike in a text. He didn't respond.

We go to my classroom, I tell my parents what I want where, then they set to work. I had a few meetings to run to.

About 3:15 I am done with meetings and go back to my room. My parents are ready to go. I stall and find a few things to do. I text Mike and let him know my parents are still at my school. I then tell them that I'm getting together with Mike and would love for them to join us. My dad said he didn't care if they went and my mom said it would be kind of nice to meet my friend. We head out to the car and I give them directions.

Mike pulls up next to me as we are on the street to go to the restaurant. I was tensing as I drove and had texted The Guy for moral support. He knew it would all be ok.

We pull up to the restaurant and I go over to my parent's car while Mike gets out of his. He walks over to their car and my dad was getting out of the car. I introduce my dad by his name and they shake hands. My dad said it was a pleasure to meet him. My mom gets out of the car and asked where her cell phone and other things were that my dad had in his hands. She then comes over and I introduce her. We walk in the restaurant and Mike and my mom make smalltalk about the weather, heat, and he mentions how I get burned in his convertible.

We go in the Italian Restaurant and are seated at the front. Immediately we start talking about what we did in my classroom, how we saw my cousin at the Mexican food place we ate at during lunch. Talk then goes to what my mom's situation was at her shcool, which is still horrible. Then Mike tells what he does. We talk a little about the staff at my school. We transition to genealogy, my mom's favorite topic, the NBC show came up where traces stars roots, and Mike talked about how little he knew, but wanted to know more to do something for his dad for his birthday. He was able to give specific cities and my mom talked about the resources/odd family relations we have discovered due to genealogy. Mike talks about his northeastern roots, cities, and towns, fireflies, lightning bugs (same thing), and places.

We talk all throughout the meal, then my parents say they need to get home to handle the issues my mom is having at school. We take turns running to the restroom and head out. I say goodbye to my parents and confirm with Mike I'm heading to his place. We were there for about 2 hours from 4-6.

I get back to Mike's and he said "that wasn't so bad!" I laughed and told him I knew it would go well. I texted The Guy and other friends telling them what went down and The Guy texted back with "told ya so Mike." Mike got his mail and came back to the garage and told me, "you are a dead ringer of your mother- mannerisms, the way you tell stories, speech, you sound alike." I laughed and said I guess that's true.

We watched the amazing SYTYCD last night with that short haired blonde girl who did "Total Eclipse of the Sun" and Lady Gaga loved. We talked about Howard Stern and Gaga.

I left about 7 because I had some new materials for school to look at.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sharing stories - Came out to the coworker

The girl I suspected to be a lesbian confirmed it today. The 2 of us were the 2 out of all of our new friends- 6 of us- to go to lunch- everyone else was swamped and overwhelmed. I told her I have to worry about me- I come first- school 2nd- so I was taking care of me first because if I don't, then that makes for an unhappy me.

We went to KFC. We ordered and she got through the line much faster than me. We had been talking about work/classes/support.

Shortly after we sat down she asked me about my story. She asked if I lived at home. I said I did. She said she was seeing someone who was a girl because in her case, she dates girls, and how hard it was to tell her parents. I said I am in the same situation right now- I have a boyfriend. She asked all the girly stuff they want to know, what does he look like, how did we meet, and how long we've been going out. I said actually my boyfriend is to meet my parents tomorrow night. She asked how old he was at that point and I said there is an 11 year difference between us, but he can pass for much younger. She said she could understand my parent's concern, but I have lead them on to believe he is much younger, so hopefully that goes well and the question never comes up.

We talked about how our coworkers are starting to feel each other out and they're prying about relationships, and one girl, the good Catholic girl still seems skeptical about who she is dating, the significant other, because she doesn't know it was a girl- and lesbian girl was unsure how she would take it. We talked about the number of gay staff members.

We also talked about how we won't deny it when asked straight out, we'll admit it. We said that we will answer questions about do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and be honest with staff. We will answer questions like "are you dating someone" truthfully, and won't elaborate unless asked.

We bonded. LOL

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New coworkers

I have an interesting group of new coworkers
- The queeny gay guy, who is just that, and announced to all of us new teachers he was gay and he would offend
- The Asian gay guy who flirts with queeny gay guy
- There is one gal, a new teacher, whom I think I will be good friends with. She was today talking about her "significant other." I noticed hesitancy, and I think she is a lesbian, and was looking for a PC way to say her girlfriend. At this point at lunch I was texting my BF and brought him up, but said my "closest bestie," but also I am not coming out of the closet that easy yet until I know and am able to figure everyone out. Eeeeeee. So what would be a good name for my BF around my coworkers? LOL. Partner gives it away. Boyfriend gives it away. Significant other is taken. My boy and man gives it away.

I'm also conflicted because my BF says to be out and use that to my advantage if I were to be fired/let go due to budget cuts etc I can blame it on sexual discrimination. I like the idea, but that seems to be irrelevant in how teachers are let go- I'm sure it could be a factor.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Whirlwind travel weekend for the wedding

- Go to Mike's
- He isn't home from his business trip, so I help myself inside and book my car rental/finalize trip plans
- He gets home about 6:15
- We watch something on TV and talk about each others days
- We leave at 7 to go eat
- Drive by my new school so he could see where my classroom was- but we couldn't go in
- See some crazy drivers as we drive around his city and talk about the airport etc.
- Go to dinner at our Mexican restaurant we like for the mariachis and he makes fun of me for not clapping, but I was, when the music stopped. There were a couple of times they caught me in the middle of scooping up a bite. The guacamole was sooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!
- Decide we should see a movie and head out to the Mills to experience the Mills effect, but it was crowded there, plus Forever 21 was opening and it was a mess
- Head to a different theater
- We saw "FWB" with Justin Timberlake. It was so-so. Too much personality and bad acting.

- The show was at 9:55 and we got out at 11:55, perfect for dropping me off at the airport for my 1am flight
- As we pull up to the curb at the airport I tell him "I SWEAR THAT'S LINDA." I had seen a man who looked like her husband next to her, who turned for a moment, and so we hugged, said goodbye, and kissed, then I go in. He stays at the curb until I confirm it was Linda. As I stood behind them while they were checking in I shook my head to him and texted him it was Linda, which he thought was crazy. Linda turned around and was shocked and surprised I didn't tell her that I was going somewhere. I told her the situation with my friend's wedding and we head up to security for our full body scans. Talk about my new job.
- Get through security, Linda uses restroom, First class gets called, and I board
- Linda realizes where I'm sitting and there was a lot of jealousy, especially after what she paid for the tickets she had
- I wish them a good flight and text my mom that her best friend was on my flight
- Fall asleep ASAP on plane


- Wake up about 30 minutes from Houston
- Connection in Houston where I talk to Linda and her hubby as we walk to our terminals, then say goodbyes
- I find a large bathroom stall for my Superman change where I slip into my suit
- Grab Mickey D's
- On my way to Mississippi
- Get to Mississippi on time at 8:50
- Get my rental car, an awful Hyundai Accent... no power... uncomfortable... seat was hard to see over for a 6' tall guy
- Make my way to the church without navigation... yeah... I'm good like that
- Arrive in time for pictures, see my friend sooooooooooooooooo nervous
- His bride ran up in her wedding dress to give me a hug and thank me for stepping in as usher... I just said not a problem... that's what a best man does
- I was best man and usher... weird combo, but it worked
- Lots of southern belles wanting to be seated by me and wrap their arm around mine
- Wedding is very untraditional as far as some of the things like they both gave speeches, friend washed his girlfriend's feet because of the biblical significance, blessing on face from pastor
- Reception was fun... reeses peanut butter cake was delish for the groom and white cake for bride
- Finally get a moment to talk to the married couple and get my pic with them
- Talk with my cousin's family and extended family
- Couple takes off
- Clean up church and help his grandpa, who is as sharp as a tack, move furniture and clean
- Head back to my friend's house... his mom drives with me and we chat about me coming out there, vacations, cruises
- Back at the house we sit around eating leftovers from the reception and talking/swapping stories about the bride/groom/family
- Watch "Blindside"
- I fall asleep during the parts i hadn't seen... still need to watch it through
- Go downstairs and then go back up a few hours later after we ate some pizza to watch some awful religious passion movie
- Bed about 1:30am after talking to his mom and dad for a few hours after everyone else made it to bed

- Up at 5:10 cutting it very close for my 6:10 flight
- I was out of the house at 5:25
- At the airport at 5:40
- It took maybe 3 minutes to get through airport security, and that was even after chatting with the TSA guy about me being from California and how the dry heat is tough
- Walk up to the ticket counter as they are announcing my boarding group
- On the plane I get to sleep 90 minutes to Chicago
- 4 hour layover - it was supposed to be 2, but crazy thunderstorms and rain delayed us since the plane was stuck in Indianapolis
- I lesson plan during that time and walk around the airport. I feel very good about each unit I plan to teach for the first part of the year... IF I were teaching any other class I would not feel this way and am just blessed to get the position I did.
- On plane at 12 Chicago time. We're about to take off and told we were going to sit on tarmac for timebeing since westbound flights weren't allowed to leave due to weather. We sit an hour on the tarmac before we take off
- Sit next to unpleasant bloated pregnant gal who told me she was pregnant and her baby gave her gas. She had it and made no apologies about passing it.
- Lesson planned more
- Landed at 2:15pm Cali time- we flew up into Minnesota cuz of the rain - long flight - great flight attendants who kept us hydrated and fed.
- BF picks me up and says he wants to go to IKEA
- I asked him if I was supposed to say no, and he said no, he had a plan, so I believed him
- Head down 60 to the 57 and traffic was a mess due to accident @ Brea Canyon and 57 connector
- As we're getting on 57 an ass in a Suburban from Mexico and an Infiniti who were a little late trying to get on the connector road cut in front of us and Mike swerved into the lane next to us where there was oncoming traffic. We nearly plowed into the Suburban and Infiniti. He was pissed off, cussing, honking his horn, flipping them off, which I'd never seen, but was amused, yet scared we were almost in an accident cause of those idiots
- Eat at ELL TOREETO GRILL... icky guac... interesting in a bad way food
- Go to IKEA and figure out accessories for our desks
- Wander around and finally grab the stuff for 2 desks and accessories
- I question the color he chose for the desks, but he tells me his logic. I just was the devils advocate
- Go to car and have to take a chair out of the box to make it fit, but we got about a dozen boxes, my suitcase, and backpack all in the car, which was amazing
- Head to Kohls where we buy sexy undies, a tie for him, and socks for $2 thanks to his coupons and Kohls charge
- Are you falling asleep yet he asks, and laughs
- Help get the desk out of the car
- He goes to work assembling about 7:30 and I fall asleep
- I woke up once to the cat under my chin
- He comes in at 10:40 saying bedtime and shows me what he had done
- Sit in my new desk and was amazed he got both put together in such a short time.... welll... 3 hours
- Brush teeth and go to bed

- Wake up at 7:00 and shower
- Out the door and off to work
- Long day with dumb people who have dumb ideas... lol
- Home now
- Ran into Keith at the gym and I was a bit of an ass, and eventually he just walked away... lol

Moving in

I feel it is happening as I spend a lot of time at his place. On the cruise he told everyone I was only 10 minutes away from work- meaning his house- not the 30+ from my house. He already has talked about how he will support me- I mean his emotional support as I go through this tumultuous time starting out in my career. So many thoughts and feelings... what will my parents say? How do I break it to them? Will I break it to them like I just start moving clothes etc gradually? Maybe it'll be after he finally meets the parents?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Predicting the future

When I was younger I used to have deja vu moments all the time where I had dreams and then later after the event occurred realized it was something I "predicted" per se.

I also felt like many times I knew what would happen each day. Bryan would get in trouble in class, I could see Mrs. P yelling at him. I remember imagining and many times the day played out as imagined.

Now, as I get older I can hardly tell or feel what will happen in the next day, week, month, or even in hours ahead of me.

It is all so unexpected and on one hand it seems scary that I can't realize this stuff, but on one hand it is exciting as this is what I enjoy most about life and the unpredictability.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Favorite drinks

What are your favorite classy, yet common drinks that you order in a bar? Someone, who shall remain nameless, but I'm sure you know, as I chronicled my vacation, complained I don't switch up my drinks enough and don't know enough. Here's what I typically order:

- Corona beer
- Margarita
- Screwdriver or mimosa
- Sapphire and tonic (he introduced me to those on this vacation)
- Red or white wine
- Cosmo (not my fav by far)
- Manhattan (except I get heartburn occasionally)
- Jack and coke (my all time favorite, but I get grief from someone and many since I'm not from the east. Let's just say that I fit in on the cruise ship.)
- Long islands (fine, but 99% of the time I won't order because I'm not going to be getting hella plastered)
- Electric lemonade (see above comment)

I like tequila and vodka is fine since it mixes with everything. I'm not going to go order a sex on the beach, so no kinky names... hahaha

Oh, and I order too many girly drinks... I had 2 pina coladas on vacation. I had the fruity drink special 1 day on the ship. I like sweet drinks, but want to try less girly associated drinks.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday Watch Day


- Met my cousin and her boyfriend for lunch at BJs. Lots of fun chisme.
- Go to district and drop off TB test
- Meet up with The Guy to chat, watch him play some MMO, and hang out
- Met up with Mike at 4:30 to go to Ikea
- Drop my car off at the mall nearby since that was most direct
- Go to Ikea without any real knowledge as to why
- Mike was searching for desks for both of us
- In Ikea he found a couple, but they were too big, and had ugly legs
- Lots of convincing him of what to and what not to do
- Remind him to not go back to Ikea
- Go to Kohls where we look for watches. Stop at one along the way home and find a watch identical to his favorite he owns and it was only $12 on clearance (pictured on right- $85 watch). He buys it for me since he had the discounts, though I offered; I am to treat him to something else soon as payment.

- Stop at the Kohls across from mall where they didn't have any clearance watches
- Drop me off at my car
- Back to Mike's where we watch SYTYCD and eat macaroni and cheese
- Go to bedroom about 10:30, but we are grabby and soon we are playing around
- Bed about 11:30
- Had a dream about 5:30-6am about being on a cruise ship that somehow in a major storm surge gets pummeled with water in the front deck and water is on the 9th floor where the deck is and that floor starts flooding- the 3rd floor did also. My room, as well as Mike's were on that floor, and we somehow managed to escape the rocking back and forth, the wave from getting worse, the water, and the maitre-d telling everyone to stay calm. I was almost in hysterics worried the ship would flood, we would die, it was our Titanic moment. I really somehow tried to focus and was able to drift out of the dream and resume my normal sleep. Weird stuff.

- Up at 6:30 since it was my 1st day of work and he had an early day
- Shower and eat some toast
- Head to work
- I am going to a school with a very close-knit staff and am looking forward to it. I REALLY HAVE THE DREAM ASSIGNMENT. I am just hoping for the dream kids. The kids are my biggest fear right now- isn't that crazy- you think it would be curriculum- and if I were teaching the subject I am credentialed to teach I would be panicked.
- Call Mike and tell him about my day
- Head to his house
- Go to Home Depot to look at desks - he gets call from coworker he has to handle
- Talk about meeting at the airport for dinner tomorrow night since he is coming back on a flight and I'm heading out on a flight to my best friend's wedding

- Work tomorrow
- Meeting Mike for dinner
- Fly to my best friend's wedding

- Best friend's weddding

- Back before noon - less than 24 hour turnaround, but I assure you I'll be exhausted

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A watch, watch out I'm official, and watch what happens live or something to that effect

MONDAY @ 2pm

- Arrive at Mike's after checking out my new classroom, meeting with the principal (WHO I FEEL WILL BE VERY SUPPORTIVE AND NURTURING), finding out what I will teach (I HAVE THE DREAM ASSIGNMENT) signing my contract, going through a physical and a drug test. Turns out I'm all official. I think this is my dream job if the kids are as wonderful as the principal and this assignment sounds.
- I was disheartened to know that I only needed 4 units (1 class) to move over to the max on the pay scale - it could have been worth $4,000. BOO
- Tell my bf all about my day
- He presents me with a new job gift of a watch. On the ship he had invited me to wear one of his to see if I liked it. We go to talking and I joked that I would probably need one as most classrooms have awful clocks. He had 2 and let me choose. I chose the one he liked the best. The blue one was sooooooo tempting, though. It was a tough choice. I hugged and kissed him to thank him.
- Go to Kohls where he gets another one of the one he gave me, so he has one now. He has a mini watch collection going.
- He gets a yellow watch with the coupon he has since it was a major sale
- Go to Cost Plus after for coffee, wine, and a few other things
- Back to his place he pulls out peppers and said he had something for me to make
- Rachael Ray's stuffed peppers
- I set out halving, chopping, and mashing the ingredients
- Peppers in oven and then Mike has to eye them and tell me when they're done since he has final say... lol... as if he has reason to doubt my culinary expertise... but it is his oven or something like that
- He made some mac and cheese the night before we eat with the peppers
- A few were a bit zingy, they were pretty good, but needed salt and pepper at least
- Watch SYTYCD on Tivo
- Lay up next to each other until we're both about to fall over at 9
- Go in to bed and lay down watching some Gordon Ramsey Hell Kitchen show or something, then brush teeth
- Bed at 10ish

- Up at 7:30
- Shower
- He makes us toast
- Browse internet while he does some work stuff
- Get the update on his work calendar
- He asks if I'm heading out soon around 12 and I said I would to figure out my benefits etc. and sit down with my parents
- Ended up going home and spending the better part of 8 hours not including the time we went for shots to see what materials/curriculum I already have for my assignment. I feel very relieved/blessed/fortunate that I had so much exposure to what I will be teaching in that I have so many resources.
- Spent some time searching amazon and other sites for books/materials I need in my classroom

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's 3am

And I'm up, my mind is wandering...

We heard this song at least 3 times on vacation and I realized how it is definitely 1 of my favorites that I don't hear enough. I would say it is in my top 10 favorite songs

Monday, July 18, 2011

The job details

I'm going to be a middle school English teacher at a low income school. I feel like this is the place for me as the interview went extremely well and feel like the admins will help me grow as a teacher, which can't be said in so many cases.

I signed my contract this morning.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

And where did we go?!

It was MY vacation as Mike termed it since the airfare, excursions, and a good portion of the meals were financed by him. The other part came from my parents. I did shell out a considerable amount- mostly food and drink because I wasn't going to burden Mike or my parents. Now here I am officially broke... but it was worth it.

- Mike gets home from his business trip at 9pm
- I finish packing and get to his house about 10
- He is so hot in his dress shirt and boxer briefs as he goes through the house frantically packing
- I throw a few things like a pair of his flip flops in my suitcase as I feel less prepared than him with his surge protector and other trip goodies
- He congratulates me for getting a job and tells me about his possible new job that would require a temporary relocation. I was taken aback, but supportive, because for him it would be an amazing experience
- Bed about 12am

- Up at 3:30am for Mike to shower
- Head to airport for 6am flight
- Make good time and had an open seat between us on the flight
- Flight crew was the same crew Mike had the night prior when he got in, which I found amusing
- Hang out in the club lounge for the airline
- Fly to New Orleans
- Put bags in hotel and head out to explore... we get to stay at a swanky expensive hotel that was a "good deal"
- Wind up in an oyster bar in the French quarter
- Walk all around NO
- End up at Cafe DuMonde where we enjoy our beignets
- Walk back to the hotel
- Sleep

- Grab a late breakfast at an awful pizza place down the way from the hotel and near the cruise terminal
- Missed the running of the bulls in New Orleans, but saw the people all dressed up and still partying... boo... I wanted un toro
- Get our bags and get on the cruise ship
- We get to terminal and a worker there had the same name as me... what are the chances? He was going through the passenger registry, saw my name, told all the attendants to direct me his way when I went through check in. He was in his 60s and we talked for probably 20 minutes about his family/mine. Really, what are the chances?
- Get on the cruise
- Check out ship... it was ran down and kind of soured our view of Carnaval Tryumph... rust... dirty floors... wet floors... dirty windows... bad food... unfriendly captain
- Play a game of bingo
- Drink before dinner at a wine bar
- Dinner
- Met our tablemates... 1 former and current teacher (sisters), an Mississippi nurse and her sister (I thought it was her mom), a husband and wife celebrating an anniversary
- Everyone congratulates me and Mike talks about how the job is so close to home for me (home meaning his house)
- Late dining ran over and Friends of Dorothy guys seemed scary
- Retired to room for night

- Woke up and relaxed for several hours reading on our balcony
- Walked around the ship and read some more, drank a little
- Wine tasting with our teacher friends we met - a group of sisters, one with a gay son and partner, they loved us... duck tape at the wine tasting to quiet one of the perky teachers. We never did get to hang out with them. The sister with the gay son was a sych nurse
- Drink before dinner
- Dinner with our new cruise friends - formal night
- Convinced cruise friends, the teachers, to go to wine bar with us for an amazing after dinner chocolate martini... they joked how they had never drank one and it would put them out... lots of talking and then we had to pose for cruise photos and that meant getting down on the floor on pillows... lol... I was feeling tipsy and last night Mike told me he thought i was drunk... lol... we termed them our southern mamas... they were very conservative and hadn't been around gay guys and probably had a hard time getting that concept through their heads, but they were interested in listening and Mike even got into the religion/politics talk with Vickeee
- comedy
- Bed and action

- Up at 6:30ish
- Pull into port
- Meet the people on the balconies next to us
- Off boat and in line for Chichen Itza
- 2 hour bus tour to get there... was a little tired... it was cold and rainy... Mayan tour guide
- Stop at hotel for sack lunch and then on way to Chichen Itza
- It was nice there- 90 degrees and probably 90% humidity... Mike poured in sweat and I was fine

- Tour for like an hour, then an hour on our own to walk around
- I lead Mike around snapping photos
- It was unfortunate there were no placards to tell the significance of each pyramid
- They weren't as huge as I had envisioned, but after studying so much about them in school I was excited to see them
- Back on bus we relax and play Monopoly
- Back to ship
- At least 200 people were late to the ship, whcih is unheard of since the cruise ships are always in such a hurry to leave. Many, including Mike were outraged and yelling from balconies at the people who made no hurry to get to the ship
- On board we shower and dress for dinner
- Dinner was inedible... icky vegetarian and something else... we head to the bar for the best bartender ever
- This girl looked like someone from an 80s hairband and unapproachable, but we kept going to her because the bar was quiet and she opened up. What a pleasant girl...
- Joke about all the photo taking and other random stuff
- Bed

- Up to watch our ship dock with other cruise ships
- Shower
- Eat breakfast on balcony
- Out to Cozumel
- Get taxi to resort
- We chose a private beach resort where we sat out under umbrellas con our coronas, sols, y margaritas. Private waiter. Crystal clear water
- Mike joked about my choosing the same drinks over and over and needing variation
- Bad heartburn from beer... no more for me either
- Back to ship
- Another taxi
- On ship stragglers still came in late... we held up the cruise ship next to us for an hour + as their lines were anchored with ours
- Shower
- Read on balcony
- Pre dinner drinks- go to dinner with wine... we had a bottle of it!
- Dinner was ok
- Catching up with the teachers since they didn't make dinner the night prior and the big nurse girl
- Go to bingo
- Go to magic show
- More drinks
- A few kisses on the balcony and on the port of the ship when no one was out
- Sex
- Bed

- Up late
- Do some reading... Finish my Ricky Martin book and start on Pride & Prejudice... get 26 chapters in (out of 39)
- Relax eating cake and listening to music
- Run into teacher friends at lunch and wave ecstatically
- Icky lunch
- Table to ourselves, but talk to black couple next to us and tell them how bad the fish was (whole fish in bread crumbs... very dry)
- Few drinks
- Out to buy a watch Mike had been eyeing... he has a watch obsession
- I got to wear a watch of his and felt obligated... I now need a watch... I don't have one... I may have a classroom with a bad clock... I can't pull out my cell phone. A visit to Kole's is in our future
- Dinner and photos with table mates
- After dinner drinks
- Bed

- Off ship at 8:30
- Woken up at 6:45 through PA announcement
- Shower and pack room
- My suitcase miraculously expanded... weird
- Bags to hotel
- Check in and get our cool 12th floor room
- Mike is unimpressed by the room, but I was content
- Breakfast sandwich that was delish at Dayzee Dooks
- Out to Gardin District on the trolley
- End up in cemetery and meet tour guide who insists we take her tour... $40 for us 2
- She tells us how the above ground crematoriums work... my bf wants one now... eeeeeew
- See houses of the stars like John Goodman, Sandra Bullock, the house from Benjamin Button
- Lunch at Coket, a really upscale french restaurant everyone raved about
- Icky nasty tequila martini... it was hot and had jalapeno
- I educated Mike on the finer tequila - I told him the difference between anejo, reposado, joven, y the everyday run of the mark
- He tries a Dos Amigos Anejo and is impressed by the sipability
- MAJOR DOWNPOUR... THUNDER AND ALL... try to wait out storm... Mike bought us umbrellas earlier at CVS thankfully
- Walk through town in the rain since it didn't stop and cruise the antique stores and other variety shops on Magazine Street
- Back to hotel via trolley
- My mom calls and I chat with her learning about my aunt in Nor Cal, her work situation, etc.
- In hotel we relax
- I look up things to do the following days
- We decide we need to try an Emeril restaurant for dinner and that one is N O L A
- we love the open layout where you can see into the kitchen
- Guy at bar wouldn't let me have a seat... he was out to seat hog
- Delish beet salad, pan bread, and mussels - Dinner was cheaper than lunch
- Out and about exploring bourbon street after dark... walk around
- Cafe Dumond
- Back to hotel

FRIDAY 7/15 - NO
- Up at 9
- breakfast at restaurant across street... scrambled egg was disapointing on breakfast sandwich
- Decide to do NO Cooking Class
- Walk around French Markit and mall to kill time
- NO Cooking Class with our very own Paula Deen
- Lard is the secret ingredient
- Watch demos and then eat jambalaya, gumbo, and pralines
- Chat with tablemates who were from Chicago and first time in town and without kids for weekend... swap restaurant ideas
- Back to hotel for naps
- Mike makes dinner plans with his friend Mike
- Nap and then head out for dinner
- Mike, the friend, changes plans and says we need to meet his bf and get free drinks at his restaurant
- We go there and get drinks... I get a margarita
- My bf encourages me I'm not drunk and need to be, so orders a shot of tequila for me
- The drink helped
- His friend's boyfriend gets off and we all go to a touristy restaurant that had awful overcooked shrimp... yuck
- Head to gay bar off of Bourbon Street and everyone knows everyone
- We order shots of tequila and I begin to get really touchy... I touch Mike a bit much and he tells me later at dessert that though it is burbin street I need to be careful and he does appreciate it
- Cafe Dumond where we talk about his friend, how this won't last, and the convo I had with his friend about my bf's past... lol
- Back to hotel and I'm in the mood to dominate and want sex
- Bed


- Up at 9ish
- Shower
- Breakfast at Dayzee again... not good this time... scrambled egg instead of over easy again
- Cost was much more... different waitress who charged per cup of coffee
- Back to hotel
- Mike decides we need an earlier flight to get home earlier
- To airport since Mike couldn't navigate airline site on my computer due to the airline's issues
- INcompetent desk attendants... yes... the south is lazy... that's Mike's retort for everything bad about the south
- Flight finally changed
- Small commuter plane and 1st class seats
- Grab fries for snack at Wendys
- hang out in lounge waiting for flight... order sapphire and tonic... little munchies... play on iPads
- 1ST CLASS SEATS... lots of photo taking and excitement on my end... WOOHOOO
- Mike assured me it was a good meal and tons of drinks
- 2 gin and tonics for me, corn chowder, salad, beef and noodles, icky cheesecake, and wine
- I <3 first class and <3 him for giving me that experience
- Baggage claim
- Talk about my flight for the wedding of my best friend this weekend
- Talk about carmageddon, which was all we heard about in TX and NO
- Nobody understands our Cali obsession and thought we just bitch too much
- Back at his house at 8
- Head home about 8:30
- Show family vacation photos
- My mom is taken back by the number of drinking photos... I did drink wine... and a martini... and cerveza... and a pina colada or 3
- Narrate until midnight for the family
Now here I am wide awake...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Music Trivia

I love music trivia.

Did you know that Billy Joel wrote Garth Brooks' song "Shameless?"

I thought that was pretty cool.

Do you guys have a piece of music trivia you care to share with me?

I enjoy anything along the following genres: country, pop (about 1995-present), oldies (50s-60s), 70s and 80s.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Write a song

I feel like I used to have creative juices. When asked to write creatively I never had a problem and always had a story to tell. Still can. Give me a topic, essay, report, or just free writing on my own I am fine. I have always, though, wanted to write a song. I feel like there is just some block in preventing me. The more I thought about it maybe it is an issue with genres- lyrics and topics in a country song are different than a pop song, and I listen to both. Maybe its my hangups about what constitutes a song. Maybe it is that I don't have a sound or beat in my head to help the song along.

Sometimes I hear songs- although bad ones- and they make me think I could do that...
Case in point. These 4 songs.

If blake could come up with that crock I could certainly come up with something better.

If Miranda could be this whiney I could too.

Your Flower is on My Head? Your Flowr is on my Head? I dunno...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm cranking these while on vacation

This is how I feel about some people.

This song took forever to grow on me

Pumped up kicks are my favorite.

I danced this at Eddy's the other night. The coworkers who were there were talking about they were in junior or sophomore year of high school when this came out. I told them I was in my second year of college and that I danced this for a class. Unfortunately I lost my Soulja Boy status and forgot how to do the dance somewhat, but still remembered most of it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend car

I decided when I'm older I need a weekend roadtrip car. I need a little hatchback that I can throw some gear in, a suitcase, and take weekend roadtrips. This would definitely be a purchase far down the road when I am established and have my feet in the door, but a little Ford Focus/Fiesta hatchback would be fun. I can have a daily driving car like a sexy little SUV or sedan too.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Radio thoughts

KOLA 99.9
They continue to expand their playlist, but so many of the songs sound so strange. Are they classics that you would find hanging on a shelf? I seem to think not. The hits they are trying to play should be trashed. I think they should mimic KRTH while still differentiating themselves. KRTH does an acceptable mix of the 60s (Beach Boys, Supremes, Temptations, Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons, and more. KOLA should follow that, but could throw in an occasional Bangles, Abba, Juice Newton, Blondie, or some other artist.

KOST 103.5
Loved the 80s weekend for the 4th of July. I heard Rick Springfield, Juice Newton, The Eurythmics, Tracy Chapman, and BonJovi in a row.I like the theme weekend and don't recall KOST doing one recently.

I like the sound of Southern California- it is mostly classic hits with a few surprises mixed in. They need to continue to do the surprises. I do like the special features like album sides Thursday and Your Turn on Sunday nights where they allow a listener to be a guest DJ and play what they want.

1043 MYFM
In the car with my mom the other day she said this was probably the best station as of recently on her radio dial because KOLA has gotten so bad. She even knew who Fergie and Train were and asked if I liked them when I was in the process of turning them. That blew me away...

99.1 KGGI and 98.7 STAR
Where the hell have your traffic reports gone in the afternoon?

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I have just been hired! I have a job! Contract will be signed when I am back from vacation.

Details to come!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And today

I had a job interview at 8:45, which I feel went awesome. It was like I was sitting around chatting with a few friends.

I called the principal at that school I got the offer from to turn it down. He was deeply disappointed.

Head over to say goodbye to Mike on his business trip and give him his iPad that I accidentally took to my house. He was very relieved. Told him about the interview and he wished me the best

Hang out at his house and catch up with what is going on online/my bank account

Go to the mall and see if there is anything I can't miss. There wasn't.

I go to Target and then get an idea that Gonzo works nearby and would probably be going to lunch soon. Text her, get an immediate text back to head her way, then she calls me and tells me how to get to her office.

She drives and we go to Chipotle with a gay male coworker of hers. The 3 of us got along great.

Drive to my next interview. It lasted 6 minutes. No joke. Shortest interview ever. I think the 3 administrators were uninterested in filling this job or being at that site.

Came home and debriefed with my parents

Ate dinner

Hit the gym because I was feeling fat

Tried to pack and got frustrated. I hope we check our luggage. I hope we check our luggage. I don't have travel size containers and I always check my luggage. Grrrrr.

So much running around to do tomorrow.
- Get my dad the handyman's number
- Call my best friend to discuss the wedding
- Return a carryon bag I bought at Target tonight with no zipper
- Gym
- Meet up with The Guy *fingers crossed*
- Take my shirts and suit to the dry cleaners
- Buy wedding gift for best friend
- Show my mom what I need her to do on the teacher job website so she can apply for jobs for Mike and I while we are on vacation


A week basking in the sun in a beautiful exotic location that I have always dreamed of visiting

Unfortunately I just realized I needed to clear off my digital camera photos and realized I left the camera in the dang rental car last night. FUCK FUCK FUCK. No vacation photos. My damn $200 camera. I don't have the money to buy a new one and I know my parents will say tough luck. I hate myself. I am not the one to lose things. I don't even have $200 in my checking account right now. I could cry.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The job and our first 4th... and my 5 on 5th photos

A special thanks to my dad for giving me $300 for the weekend. He wouldn't have done this normally, but it was for a job and technically the hotel. Mike was insistent to pay for the hotel with his points, which I appreciate. I did manage to pay for the last night. It was an expensive weekend with all of the good food

Also my 5 on the 5th photos are intermixed - all bad cell shots mind you


- Ran around with family for lunch and other things
- Ended up at Mike's about 4
- Hung around watching TV and talking. He decided we would rent a car for the weekend and leave Sunday as opposed to Saturday. We talked about both.
- I drive to Victoria Gardens where we eat at Gyu-Kaku. I had never been. It was disappointing.
- We see Larry Crowne at the theater there
- Drive to the airport to get a car. We find the car immediately. 2011 Ford Edge Limited with Sync
- Follow him back to his place and play around with Sync. I see why it is so confusing for so many people. So many features. Ford tried to make it simple, but needed to do more. I see a few tweaks they could have done.
- Get in bed about 11 or 12


- Up at 6am to shower
- He uses the shower in the main bathroom and I use his shower
- In the car at 6:30
- Up in Santa Barbara at 9
- Drive around for an hour looking for Windex Wipes. Plain Windex wouldn't cut it, but I do have to say we went to CVS and a Rite Aid that didn't even stock Windex or a comparable product. Who has ever hard of a drug store that doesn't?
- Text his cousin
- We meet his cousin and her mother for brunch. Her mom was a hoot. She was this really liberal lady who could talk about anything. She was transfixed with my eyes and eyelashes since they're both so bold.
- Delicious mimosas and quiche at a posh SB brunch place. His cousin treated. It was a lot of talk about family, so I was al ittle left out, but I felt like family with them

- Back in the car and we go through to Paso Robles
- Stop in Paso at the Rasso (I think?) winery where they had $3 wine tastings for 12 types.
- The lady serving was a blast and had a story for everything
- Bought 2 bottles of wine to enjoy together
- Visit another winery, but they wanted to do a cheese pairing and Mike didn't want that since he wanted the wine
- We finally manage to book a hotel at a Holiday Inn
- While hanging out relaxing my best friend's mom calls about wedding details and we confirm my travel plans with her for my friend's wedding. She talks for nearly an hour and then we head to dinner.
- Walk out of the hotel and I'm still on the phone- Mike indicated it was time to go, so I followed
- He was surprised I was on the phone so long and I relay the convo to him
- We go to the most delicious restaurant in Templeton, Ca whose name slips my mind. He'd been before. We had 7:30 reservations
- We sat at the bar and had a glass of wine (on top of all we'd drank already with breakfast, wine tasting, and now dinner)
- Talked about the area and his friends he had visited with
- We get a table at the front of the restaurant after requesting to not be with crying kids
- All of the waitresses- those passing- stopped to offer suggestions on foods to eat - the service was EXCELLENT
- Mike told me I had to have the pork chop that was 2 inches thick and so tender a butter knife could cut it. The apricot sauce created almost a barbecue sauce for it. Delicious artichoke appetizer. Bill was $108 for 2. EEK! $64 for each including tip. Thank goodness we split it and the $ my dad gave went toward that
- Talked for close to 3 hours at dinner

- Went to the Crazy Horse (name?)- a beautiful bar attached to a $300 a night hotel in Paso for drinks. I was intrigued and convinced we needed to go with the beautiful patio with lights in the big tree. We came and other couples/groups followed including the Brits who knew it all.
- Back to hotel where I fell asleep in his arms. He woke up in the middle of the night horny and obviously trying to initiate, but I think I was in the middle of a deep sleep, so played for a second and fell right back asleep
- Woke up at 9


- Up at 9
- Stop in the town I was supposed to interview in. Drive around, check out houses, the school, the shopping
- Drive up to Salinas. Not tons of apts to rent.
- Didn't get to stop at the Steinbeck Museum or any of the Steinbeck attractions like Fisherman's Wharf or Cannery Row

- Mike is starved, so we go to the All American Inn (or some name like that). Food was so-so
- Play on our iPads and find several cheap houses to check out (like $60k for a house)
- Drive by the houses and around the city

- Mike suggests we continue driving. He said we should go to Watsonville to see what there was. It was far, so we decided Monterey and Seaside and Carmel By the Sea. Monterey was amazing. All 3 cities were beautiful and we looked at property managers. We found a $1400 a month rental house in Monterey that was amazing and we would consider it if we were to move
- Drive around looking at the airport, which had the right airline flying in for Mike
- It was like a 20 degree drop in temps in 20 miles from Salinas to Monterey. It was only 60 degrees. We had no jackets and were in shorts.
- Stopped at the big outdoor concert in the heart of Monterey. SO FUN! We enjoyed the music. Good performers singing current hits like Don't Stop Believin, Forget U from Ceelo, and Lady Gaga's Just Dance

- Stop in a bar on the Monterey Pier for drinks, watch the hot dog eating contest highlights, and chat with a couple who lived in Los Gatos, originally from Mississippi. Mike is really good at being social with random strangers like that. I like that so much.
- Look for a Trader Joes for food. Decide to picnic and go see fireworks in Gilroy since that was where the big show was.
- TJs was closed for the 4th.
- Drive to Gilroy
- TONS of people. All the pizza places were closed. Mike was growling over this. I rubbed his shoulder and he said to not touch him. Subway was closed too. Eventually found another Subway and we got sandwiches.
- Off to Fireworks. THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE THERE. We park in a park about a mile away, but good views. Slow show. Shoot a firework and wait... wait... and shoot a firework and wait...
- We stood in the park joking how slow the show was
- Prior to the show begining I talked about the fireworks stopping in my city due to several fires. I'd been texting my mom and sis
- In the car on the way back we see lots of fireworks and listen to the Titanic Musical music
- End up at HOJO (Howard Johnson) in Salinas that was disappointing. It reminded Mike of an old Holiday Inn. He researched and it was. It was in its better days. The hotel mirrors had fingerprints, the floor worried Mike and so we put our belongings on the table, crumbs in a chair at the table, and a poorly thought out bathroom. I chose a bad $79 a night hotel. We should have chosen one elsewhere we decided.
- He showers
- I shower
- Watch news and Roseanne
- Create our own fireworks of sorts
- Fall asleep in his arms (MY FAVORITE THING!)


- Up at 8
- Shower and watch the morning news. Saw Dave Jackson who used to be on KCAL 9 on the KTVU morning news up there
- Get ready for my interview
- Drive to a McDonalds, go through drive through, which we never do since he is always insistent we walk in, but the inside of the restaurant looked packed. Ate in car listening to Rosie. Talked about air turbulence
- Go to the town I'm to interview in and Mike handles his business trip that they have again rescheduled. He worked it to be home in time for our vacation
- Park at the high school and Mike has a call from work to handle that he does and I try to calm down
- Walk in 10 minutes early for my 12pm interview
- Interviewers running late
- Longest teacher interview I ever had with odd questions- I felt confident after is all I can say- odd questions in that they weren't about me, the one being interviewed
- 6 people interviewed me and several seemed impressed
- I walked away able to tell myself I got the job and I knew I did even before the interview
- Debrief with Mike after interview
- Call my mom, Linda, The Guy, my dad, and Mrs. C asking for advice on whether to take the job.
- Talk to Mike about the program they want me to teach and he sees the benefits/why I want to teach it
- Get the call at 5pm I got the job
- I was told I have 24 hours to decide
- We knew I got it
- After talking with Mike he said there seems to be a lot of home and pressure and he's unsure about the support I'd receive. The principal sounds like he is committed, but are the funds there to run this program?
- Mike talks about how he can't relocated immediately
- Talk about how we see ourselves moving in together and how he doesn't want me to not go beause of him, how I have to do it for myself, and how I need to do what is right for me professoinally
- I break down in tears overwhelmed by everything and he puts his arm around my back and rubs my back/head
- Talk with principal 3 times as we were going down the Grapevine and the call was getting dropped
- Call Linda for more opinions... of course she said TAKE IT as the principal sounds amazing... AND HE DOES
- Back at Mike's about 7
- Clear out the Edge SUV
- Go to return car. I decide to call my former boss and she said there were many red flags about funding, my job description, my expectations, and the kind of contract, all of which I need to call the principal about tomorrow.
- Drive Mike back to his house
- Talk about what my former boss said
- My dad calls on the phone and I project him on bluetooth. Mike heard what my dad soudns like and sees how we sound the same
- Back at Mike's we talk and I decide to head home to let my parents know what is going on
- Home and talked with the parents
- Will call principal in the morning, but right now if those red flags don't turn green the job is a no-go

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July


Hope everyone is enjoying the 4th and remembering the reason for the holiday!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A cat for a few hours


Left for his house at 2:30pm
He was browsing the net when I arrived
We smiled and chatted about the past few days
He looks up a couple happy hours and says we should go get food to cook at Fresh & Easy
He needs a Bank of America, so I pull up a map to one along Route 66
We stop at the Big Lots across from it where he picks up and later puts back some Blue Diamond Almonds
Go to BofA
Go driving down the street looking at decrepit houses and eventually end up at VG
Debate over which happy hour. He lets me choose and I choose Kings Fish House
Dine on a margarita, fish tacos, sushi roll, and ceviche
Eventually end up at Fresh & Easy
No jalapenos, which was sad because I wanted to make jalapeno poppers
Grab lots of veggies and stevia for cookies
Back to his place to put groceries away
Watch SYTYCD and NJ Housewives
I make the cookies and follow the recipe to the T
They don't turn out well... they don't spread out and become really chunky. They had a shortbread consistency
He laughs that I really can't bake cookies
I told him baking is not my forte and we compared the normal chocolate chip cookie recipe and followed that almost exactly. My only guess would be we needed more butter, although we put in what the recipe asked
Watch Kramer and Hot in Cleveland
Watch Happily Divorced and Kramer in the bedroom
Bed about 11


Up at 8:30
Make a piece of toast while he dilly daddles in his office
Discuss getting a kitty
Go to WalMart for dirt, but the dirt is expensive
Get odor eaters shoe insoles
Go back to his house and he is looking at doing online courses through the school I just graduated from. I encourage him to set up an admissions appointment.
Take off about 12 for a doctor's appointment
Back from Dr. about 4
Discuss our newly revised vacation plans - my graduation trip- hence the short Austin trip
He wants a cauliflower recipe and suggests Alton Brown after I read the ones I found that mostly fried it
He makes a cheesy cauliflower dish
Eat some of the delicious strawberries
He fixes the stuffed southwest chicken fake we bought at the store to go with the cauliflower
Snack on more strawberries
Watch Seinfeld Soup nazi and Frazier
Bed about 10:30
I pushed that we fool around and we did... I needed that
Took a sleeping pill and about 12:30 I notice my baby isn't in bed and is at the window
The orange and white striped cat that came to his house the night prior when I wasn't there- Monday night I think- came back and he was calling it in
He grabbed the cat and brought it in after coaxing it with treats
Put kitty in bathroom, but it escaped to the other cat's bedroom... worry what the cat has on it
Google the tag phone number and discover it is a city about 30 miles away and was a cell- we knew that part
Cat meows from bathroom and we sleep


Up at 7:30
I shower and he plays with new cat
He showers then calls owners
Owners say the cat is a neighborhood cat and to let it be
... now we know the cat will be back
Caused problems as he climbed the sliding door screens and left giant toe marks... closed them to avoid that
The talk of a striped kitty slowed
Downloaded iPad apps like monopoly and battleship
Played Battleship together for a while
Got the call about the job and everything with that unfolded
Left about 4:30 to go to Eddy's goodbye party

Saturday, July 2, 2011

To take my dream job or not


- Principal EXTREMELY friendly
- Willing to support me in any way – AND THIS IS HARD TO COME BY IN MOST PLACES
- Freedom to teach classes I want (an elective or 2, drama, journalism, etc.)
- Dream job – just not dream location
- Principal is willing to pay for training for programs I am interested in teaching/working with
- My super awesome boyfriend will come with me
- A chance to get closer and move deeper into a relationship with him
- More equity in the relationship as I could contribute/contributing toward household expenses
- Actually leave my comfort zone
- Away from family drama
- Close enough to home that I could fly home or drive on long weekends/daytrip
- Principal is gay friendly
- ~25 average class size
- small high school – about 30 teachers
- relatively new school
- It could be temporary and most likely would be thanks to pink slips


- Something is bound to come up here in SoCal
- Probably less freedom to teach what I want
- May not be moving in as quickly with bf
- Moving in is still in our future
- Leaving my family would be incredibly tough
- Leaving my support system- friends- that I value so much and work so hard to maintain because I can go to these people for ANYTHING (The Guy, Gonzo, Darla, Darla’s cousin, Jack Off Buddy). This just kills me.
- Would I have the gay tolerance at any school? No.
- Pay is worse up there (~$41k vs. $45k in my area) and it would take about 4 years to get up to $45k
- Lousy health benefits ($900+ a month for 2 medical options)
- Housing more
- Have to pay rent, so save less $
- Would I get stuck up there?
- How easy would it be to find a position and move back?
- What if my boyfriend and I don’t work out? Am I stuck with my name on a house or apt that I might not necessarily want?
- The fear of starting my life over and finding new support systems
- How gay friendly is the area?
- It could be temporary and most likely would be thanks to pink slips

Friday, July 1, 2011

No bueno!

Hace calor!

Job offer

I was just offered a job waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up in Nor Cal that I didn't even apply for. The principal sought me out through the teacher job site database. He will let me teach English, an elective, drama, or journalism. The phone interview was a success. The principal at the school was so accommodating at wants to meet me on Tuesday. OMG. The pay is a little lower than I would make here in SoCal and housing costs would be higher in this area it seems. Take it or not? It is near enough to a local airport and so my bf will even relocate with me he said. I have so many mixed feelings now.