Thursday, December 19, 2013

Partying it up

Spent the better part of the month partying when I wasn't working.

Well, when I was working I was dealing with a bunch of crazy stuff. I had the Dept. of Corrections test this past weekend to be a corrections officer.

Also signed up to teach in the prisons.

And applying at local colleges.

My cousin's wedding shower was last weekend too. It was great seeing all the family. Great food, and some bonding time with my cousins who live nearby. Mike and I are making plans to get together with them.

The weekend before we did a massive housecleaning for all my teacher friends to come over. It was only going to be just English teachers, but ended up inviting a few others. Wish I had invited M and B. Next time. We had such a blast. Started off the night with a cheese plate, jalapeño poppers, then had chili, bread, and all sorts of cookies for desserts. Wine and cheese was wonderful. Had such a blast.

Going to a drag Christmas party at The Guy's tomorrow. Trying to plan a weekend trip with him and Rob.

Going to the work Christmas party too tomorrow.

We went to happy hour yesterday after work to celebrate the kids being gone - today was a teacher work day. OMG. So fun. M and I sang Christmas carols. My sissy was there too- first happy hour she went to this year. We celebrated our favorite lesbian getting engaged. Everyone thinks it is beyond time for Mike and I to tie the knot, and they all want to have a party for us.

We had our first pep rally at school this past week. Was soooo fun. I was in 2 scenes - teachers performed to Beyonce's Single Ladies and Can't Touch This with B. B is my favorite guy. He seriously is so fun. He's a former police guy, great rapport with the kids, big supporter of me and my sexuality (his dad is gay).

That's what's going on in my world. What's going on in yours?

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Decided to do a cooking survey...

1. How good of a cook are you?

I'm a good cook. My food turns out edible. I have realized after watching all of these "Top Chef" shows, and my BF, that my cooking needs to be more adventurous, and I should not be scared to try new things.

2. Who taught you how to cook? 

My mother, when I was 4 years old.

3. Who does the cooking in your home?

My BF usually most nights because he thinks his cooking is superior to mine... he thinks everything he does is superior to me.

4. Do you cook more or eat out more?

We only eat out 2 or so nights a week, sometimes more if it is just one of those days we need to get out. 

5. Are you more of a cook or dessert maker?

Cook... I can do a nice fudge and brownie, though. 

6. What was your worst/funniest cooking moment? 

When my BF gave me non gluten shit to cook and make some cake, and didn't have half the ingredients, then wonders why it doesn't turn out. 

Funniest would be when I was about 5 making breakfast for my parents.

7. What's your best dish?

My grandma's pork chops, my pork chop, anything with chicken... hmmm. Oh, I have a great enchilada recipe. I like to cook Mexican food.

8. Is revenge a dish best served cold? 

Yes... sometimes it just makes you feel better. 

9. Is the best way to a man's heart truly through his stomach?  

Yep... just look at my waist. 

Have you made whoopee in the kitchen? Which foods have you used to spice up your love life?

Nope... and there aren't any foods to spice up my love life.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

My thoughts and likes and recent travels

Need to get back into the blogging habit. I find it so therapeutic.

2 weeks ago we spent a great weekend in San Clemente, which is a newfound love. Great food and Fun people. Spent about 4 hours in a bar with a sassy latina bartender. Viva Columbia. Good wine too.

Last weekend we hung out with J&B at a fish restaurant we like. Caught up on family and happenings in our lives. Fun times. Went to a brewery attached to a pizza place after.

Spent this past week in NY - my first Thaksgiving away from my family. I missed seeing them since I haven't seen the majority of them since Easter, but it was good. Here's how the week unfolded:
- Spent Sunday night in LAX hotel with crunchy sheets. Got no sleep.
- Monday morning we had a nice 1st class flight to ORD and then onto Philly. Took forever to deice plane. Wanted to go see Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, as well as Poe's house, but didn't get the chance. Went to Atlantic City instead where I wasn't paying attention and was making $10 bets on video blackjack, and made over $100. Yay.
- Tuesday we visited Mike's family. Went to dinner with his parents at a Chinese restaurant where I had the most amazing grand mariner shrimp.
- Wednesday we went to NYC where we hung out with K, Mike's friend from Kindergarten on. We checked out her new studio apt and then went bar hopping in her neighborhood. We happened upon the most amazing restaurant there with shoestring fries and fish and good mashed potatoes. We will go there again. Also went to the Stonewall Bar where we found some really friendly people. Also met a hairstylist who was giving everyone pointers. Good times. Went and saw the balloons too. Stayed at Hilton in Fashion District.
- Thursday we got up about 7:15 and dressed. We got dressed and met up with K again. Drove uptown to a parking garage to go to our caviar restaurant/benedict restaurant. After, we went and watched the parade. Saw the pikachu, doughboy, and buzz lightyear balloons before heading out. So fun. Drove to Jersey and chatted with Mike's bros and parents as Thanksgiving dinner was being prepared. Did a little browsing online too. Watched TV and the games on.
- Friday we were up early. We were upgraded to 1st class again for our jaunt to LA.
- Weather throughout the trip was nice - cold, windy, and in the 30s. Wish it were a little colder. Snow would be nice too.

We are going back to NY next month, and I can't wait.

Christmas season is here. I have a strange obsession recently with my last name - those of you who know understand - it is unique, and well, I'm on a search for anything related to my last name. Have come across some good knick knacks for my classroom and for Christmas related to it.

My other big Christmas wants this year include a massage, pedicure, any Vans casuals shoes size 12, a small brown leather jacket that is collarless, a pair of any color of Nike Airs in size 13.

I'm thinking I want to propose to my man near the end of this year.

Work has been ok - we will talk about that later.

Anyone tried vaping? That seems to be the new thing, and well, for shits and giggles I tried it. It's so so.

My parents have 2 new dogs. 1 of them got lost and they got a replacement. Both are interesting. Both are house dogs now, but need to go out.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend getaways

Nearly every weekend between the past 3 and Christmas is booked. So thrilled. Loving it. It is really what is keeping me sane, besides a partner who will listen to me bitch about work, and everything else

Weekend before last was Laguna, which we had mussels at one of our favorite restaurants, then enjoyed wine and a fire in our hotel suite.

Saturday morning we ventured to Phoenix/Tempe/Tucson. Good times. We had nothing but amazing food all weekend. It was relaxing. Was great weather too. Bought lots of good stuff. Making fun of the BF and him making fun of me. Good times.

Next weekend is the all night Knotts Field Trip, and the beach again.

The following weekend we are hanging with our friends J&B, and the weekend after that is a shopping weekend.

Hopefully going to hang out with The Guy Friday. I need to see a friend. Hanging out with my former boss Thursday. Can't wait for either.

Bought a Macbook Air the other day. I had a very old 2007 Mac that I traded in. So far it is hard to get used to the small keyboard.

Songs I am listening to, and you should be too:

Need a massage badly ASAP. My hands have been knotting up lately, and it is hard to make a fist. I got a massage last month, and the therapist only focused on my hands, and it took like an hour to get the knots out. I got a massage last Wednesday, and same situation, she spent the majority of the time on my hands. I have no clue what's going on - i am not really doing anything different, or using my hands in new ways. Therapist on Wednesday said it is possibly knots in my tendons in my elbow, which I never heard of such a thing. Oh well... massage ASAP.

Disappointed I don't have tickets to see George Strait's farewell tour.

Wanting something fun to do for my birthday coming up.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hi guys…

Stream of thoughts… here we go…

Work sucks. I'm tired of being cussed out on a  daily basis. Fuck you, stupid ass idiot, whatever, why the fuck can I not send the kids out on a referral? Why am I supposed to take that? Why when I send them out for that, you tell me I don't have control?

Why, when 80% of my kids have a D or F in 1 class it is my fault? I am teaching at grade level. I have a bunch of lazy kids, and I'm supposed to pass them? Laziness is not getting the kids anywhere. They need to see they're going to flunk, and hopefully be held back like the principal says. I can't in good conscience pass the kids for doing nothing. We hear it nonstop from the high school that the kids wonder why they can't succeed in high school when middle school they didn't have to do anything. My kids are going to work their little selves to get the grades they deserve. I don't baby.

Why do I have to have such crazy kids? No joke. I have 1 kid who has called in threats about the school, another who has been suspended 30 days this year, another who cusses me out, and then goes and punches the wall, one who thinks he is a dog and crawls on the floor and tries to pee act like he is peeing like a male dog, and barks randomly in class, or the kid who steals and doesn't know he is doing it (forget the name for that). All of these kids have been suspended at least 15 days, and due to district bureaucracy get to stay in the class and disrupt others. Kids like these need to be in a more restrained environment where they can't hurt 30 other students.

I did have a pretty good evaluation last week despite most of those crazies I mentioned above being present in class. The other 20 kids did a pretty good job ignoring them.

The students like A, K, R, M, and a few others do remind me that I am there to teach, and make my day better.

I've been so busy at work I haven't seen family.

I have had 2 great weekends, and am looking great to another. Spent last weekend along the beach, and the weekend before that in wine country with my man.

Took the test to be able to teach Espanol, and think I aced it. Hopefully it increases my chances of getting to high school….

Friday, October 25, 2013

Does size really matter?

Quiz from  bySean of Just a Jeep Guy.   
  1. How big is your TV screen?  - The TV I had at my parents that I bought from The Guy was 46.'' With my partner we have a 47'', 42'', and 13''. 
  2. How big is your hard drive? - 500GB, 1 TB external
  3. How big is your home? Is it too big or too small?  - My parents house was 888 square feet, which for 4 people was too small. My house with my partner is just right for the 2 of us at 2,100 square feet. It was truly moving on up.
 4. How big is your waistline? Is it too big or too small?  - Too big. 30'' right now. I was 29'' for over 2 1/2 years, and would like to go back to that. It sure as hell not get bigger.
5. How big are your pets? - The cats are all fully grown, except for the kitten. 
6. How big is your car?  - Compact, a Sentra
7. How big are your biceps?  - There's some muscle there, thank you.
8. How big is your ego? - Ask my students at work, and they'd say big. The world revolves around me. Cry me a river and get over it. Outside of work, it's small.
9. Who's currently the biggest ass?- The students at work
10. Who's currently the biggest loser? - Me. My stomach hurts right now - it is in a knot over work drama. 
11. How big is your bank account? - There's currently $167 in it. You tell me... By the end of this weekend it will pretty much be gone since we are going away, food will probably be about $100, then I need to fill the gas tank on my car, so that's about $40, and I'm sure something will come up. 


How big is your sexual organ?    7'' cut, long and skinny
Is it big enough?  Yes, but bigger is better. Wanna see? hahah 
How do you like your partner to be sized?  Can it be too big/small?  YAs long as it is not super small, 5 1/2'' or better will suffice. I'm not being fucked by a really large one, say 7'' or better.
Does size really matter?   Yes, I like looking at big dicks.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Talking about the presidents

I pronounce things differently than some people, in particular, the boyfriend. I speak very much like I'm from Indiana, which is where I get it from, my dad's family is from there. 

So in class the other day I was talking about something, giving the kids an example of something, and told the kids something along the lines of "WaRshington was the first president." Catch it? 

So the kids started laughing, told me I didn't know how to talk. They asked where I got that from, and well, it went in with the lesson from a few days ago talking about dialect. Gah. LOL. I can't believe that came out, you see, when growing up being around my grandparents so much, I began to talk like they did. Warshington, warsh, Sardee (Saturday), Wensdee (Wednesday), Thursdee (Thursday), and they tried hard to get me to stop that. I did after a while, and well, occasionally it comes out. 

My BF's words are caw-fee, coup-in, awff, cray-ins, and a few other Jersey words. 

So here's a list of words people tell me I say wrong 

Roof - I say "ruff" according to some people... no... 
Measure - I say may-zure
Envelope - onvalope
tour - I say "turr"

And there's a few others, but honestly, those 4 words I say the same way as my grandparents and parents do, and well, it's hard to change, and it's dialect, and it makes people unique.

What are some words you get harrassed, or is it hair-issed, for pronouncing wrong? 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weekend Timeshare

Some friends let us use their timeshare in the desert last weekend, which was great. We left about 4pm Friday, went to the timeshare, then to our favorite pizza place in the desert. We went to the grocery store for goodies and breakfast items, then relaxed on the patio. Loved it. Perfect temp. 

Saturday we were out and about shopping, and well, we found a car. My partner had been wanting a nice used car, he found a nice, but EXTREMELY high mileage used car we ended up buying. It's a Bimmer. At least I'll get to drive it sometimes, and it really was well kept. 

Saturday night we went to the fish taco place that now had a location in our hotel, then went back to the room, sat on the patio, and then had a bath together with a bottle of wine, that was oh so romantic. LOVED IT. Slept amazingly well.

Sunday was relaxing, lesson planned, watched TV, and headed home. More amazing romance that night. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Liquid Weekend

Jetted out of work to get to happy hour last Wed. w/ coworkers. What crazies I work with. 3 jack and cokes, a shot of Jaeger, and many hugs with the special ed teacher and queeny English teacher.
Off to dinner and a glass of chardonnay. Dinner at Truxtons. Then off to LAX.

Arrive in Jersey at 7am, head to my partner's parent's house. Take his mom and we go to New Hope Penn. Fun times. Fetish stores. Eclectic crowd. Up to Trenton NJ, then to our hotel. We meet his parents at a restaurant for dinner and several more drinks at the town bar.

Friday funday. Visit crayola factory with Mike's best friend. A couple drinks at bar across street. Made it a double since it really didn't taste like whiskey and coke. Lesson learned, you cannot buy well drinks. Dinner and drinks. Drinks after dinner at the bar by her house - cider beer this time.

Saturday was loco. We drove to NYC. Went to Central Park and a pub nearby for lunch. Went shopping at my favorite store, Century 21, where I bought several ties for work. Por trabajo. Then we went back to the room to get ready for the night. Drink in bar. His friend Kat has some friends we met at Christmas, and we met up with them nearby our hotel at a bar. 2 cosmos for me. Then we go back to get Mike's best friend, and off to a Mexican place for 2 margaritas to add to the night. Off to an Italian place for real dinner and then to Flaming Saddles for line dancing and drinks. Whiskey and coke, then off to Posh for another 2 drinks, and about that time the shirt started coming off. I was shirtless by the time we left, and Mike was so toasted he was touching everyone and flirting big time. A straight bar for a little dance, then a diner for dessert.

Sunday was sleeping in late and heading to the airport. Got lots of planning done on the way home for work. Woo.

Monday, September 16, 2013

New York State of Mind

3 trips there between now and the end of the year. Cannot wait for the fun to start. Friends, bars, food.

Spending Thanksgiving away from the family in California. A first. Our first holiday where I visit his family. Have not broken it to the family.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Twerking it...

Nope... I don't have any competition on Miley, but speaking of working your ass, I am giving P90X a whirl. I cannot complete the full hour of some of those crazy CDs, but I did do the 20 minute ab buster yesterday and 20 minutes of plyometrics today. Hey, I was sweating and tired by then, and 20 minutes is better than none, right? So I figure I'll do a little different bit of the workout each day, try a new CD, see what happens.

So I found a really good deal on a Prius C- $4,000 off on a 2013. Debating about buying... could get $8500 for my car leaving about $12 to finance, which isn't terrible. Its the top of the line with those funky vinyl seats, navigation, HD radio, and touch key ignition. Could also wait and see what my partner does when his lease is up, and we could go for 1 car, or get something more fancy smancy.

Shaved my chest and pec area last night since it seems to bother my BF. Did it laying in the bathtub... haha

Went to dinner with The Guy and his BF last weekend at the steakhouse, was fun, enjoyed it, lots of good talk and wine and food.

Saw Kesha in concert Saturday night. She's one crazy girl, she was fun, we had a lot to drink, and it was good. Lots of wine.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Material Needs

I like to look good, and there's a lot of money that goes toward that. One has to have all of the perfect clothes and accessories. Unfortunately that costs a lot of money... here's what I'm looking at these days... my Mike's Autumn must haves... for when I get paid.

Cole Haan oxfords - preppy is always in    and chestnut with red is just sexyness

An orange belt, because why not spice it up with a little color?

Because $250 Cole Haans are just too much...   I have an all blue pair that is HAWT beyond words. Always get tons of complements when I wear them.

And I need a watch to outfit the mix. But can I justify spending such a price on a watch? I like the sexy simplicity of this watch, but don't know how to justify spending that.

Can't go wrong with a pair of bootcut 517s

And I love this blazer. My boyfriend just bought me one.

I also plan on investing in some fun argyle and pattern socks when I get my paycheck. Stat. It can't come soon enough.

Monday, August 26, 2013


The stress of work is really bothering me. It is in part due to teaching a new subject, curriculum, acquainting myself, writing ridiculously long lesson plans that are required simply because I'm an English teacher. The admin pressures - walkthroughs, student work on the walls, etc. I have questioned myself many times this year wondering if the students were truly learning.

I have 2 coworkers whom are teaching the same thing I am. Thank god for them. They give me ideas on what to teach, and how. Would I be able to do that on my own? Nope. But what bothers me is when I look at their lesson plans and see I didn't teach something, or I am behind. I hate that. I know I will get it done and I will teach my kids. At the same time I wonder if I'm going too easy on the kids. So many thoughts... and these are the things that keep me up at 2am on a Monday morning when I have to be at work in a little over 4 hours.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

We Can't Stop

This is my song. I have Miley and Kesha nights al the time. Their love is like my drug.

Can't wait to see Kesha in concert next month. I'll have my drunk text on the entire night.

Monday, August 12, 2013

So much has been going on

School started... weeks ago. I'm teaching English this year. Never taught it. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions as my heart really isn't in it, but I'm coming around to accept the fact. I know why the principal moved me there - I am a dominant personality who sticks up for what I believe, and I don't take BS basically is what it boils down to... that and we lost 300 students due to new district boundaries and new schools.

New principal, new coworkers, new things to learn, tons of new planning and grading, tons of lesson plan writing. Ick. It makes me sick. I have not been sleeping. In 3 weeks I have only slept 2 nights, all night. Last night I fell asleep around 3am and was up at 6. The night before I slept all night. I woke up 5-6 times on Friday night.

Lots of drama at work discussing our first unit. I have a masters in curriculum - I am an expert with backward planning, and assignments building upon one another. Don't challenge me when it comes to that. I will stand up. I will be a bitch. I will tell you that you are wrong. I will challenge your idea and tell you why. I know I have never taught English, but I know when something is so clearly wrong and should not be taught. I understood her purpose, but it was completely inappropriate how she was choosing to do this unit. The reason I fought it is we are supposed to have common lesson plans etc., so if I weren't doing the same story than her there were going to be issues. I sure as hell was not going to do that. And I called many people who agreed with me. Oh, and in the end I get my way. But long week.

Family is fine. Sister still has no job. Lives at home. Graduated with a masters she finally decided to go back and get. Dad's retired. Mom is happy at work.

As far as my relationship goes with Mike. We had a rough patch about a month ago. I was looking at an inappropriate site and there were some hurt feelings/things we had to talk about. We are back on track and as happy as ever.

On a new anxiety med. Zoloft. It is not new for me. I had it. I didn't like it because all I did was gain weight. Prozac did nothing. Need to lose 10 pounds.

Friends... haven't seen a lot of them lately. Talked to The Guy and he is doing ok. His bf's grandma has had health issues, so plans with him are up in the air. Gonzo is constantly sick - comes with being preggers.

Been traveling a lot on the weekends - just random trips around the area, but it has been fun. Spent last weekend at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery picnicking and watching a movie with my man. Spent a night in a hotel after...

Few weekend trips coming up that I am thrilled for, and are keeping me energized and giving me things to look forward to during the week.

Eating a new breakfast. I cannot do another year of toast and peanut butter, or toast and jelly. I need a break from that. I'm into breakfast smoothies now with banana, blueberries, strawberries, or some type of berry, almond milk, nonfat yogurt, and a dash of vanilla or stevia. I'm still perfecting the perfect recipe, but it is keeping me full until lunch and I'm not having to get a snack in between. It's pretty healthy, so that's a good deal.

So yeah, need to lose 10 pounds. I love me my wine. The only sugars I'm eating are from the fruits in the morning from the shake. Lunch is a pasta dish, chicken dish, or some dish. Dinner is what Mike cooks.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Laugh Laugh

Over at Sean's blog, Just a Jeep Guy, he posted a survey, and I decided to do it to relax and calm down after a week of hell.

 1. Do you have a good laugh? Do you like it?

It has gotten better, and I'm ok with it. 

 2. Do you have a sense of humor? What kind?

My sense of humor is dry and campy at times. 

 3. How important is a sense of humor in a mate?

It is very important. My man has a great sense of humor, much like mine, yet different.

 4. Are you attracted to one type of humor over another?

Dry humor. 
People who state the obvious in a funny way like Chelsea Handler

 5. Can being really funny make an "unfortunate looking" person sexy and attractive to you?

Yes, some people are over the top.

 6. Fart jokes are_______! 

My favorite. Potty humor makes me laugh constantly. Joke time. Here's the kind of jokes I like.

Q= What was William Shakespeare's greatest decision he had to make as a baby?
A= To pee or not to pee.


 7. Do you embarrass easily?

Yes. Sometimes

 8. Do you tend to wear silly t-shirts? Do you have a favorite? 
Nope. I wear pretty conservative t-shirts.

 9. Do you make faces or strike a pose when having your picture taken? 
I put on a nice smile because I have some really horrid photos where I didn't smile or tried to make a bad pose.

10. Which is the funniest movie you've seen? 
Ummm... I don't know.

11. Do clowns scare you or make you laugh?
Laugh? I don't know, nothing wrong with them.


What's the funniest thing to happen to you while having sex?

Passing gas when being fucked?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bucket List

I remembered a while back there was a post I did where I posted part of my bucket list, and well, I thought I would revisit it as it changed. 

This is what I said back in 2010:

I did get to Spain, Madrid y Malaga, but Barcelona is still on that list, so I consider it half done.

Here's what I've done - Become better at line dancing... I can line dance to Shania Twain's diddies pretty well... the thing about line dancing is I don't know the dances like if you name them, but after watching the steps I can mimic it. It's all about watching and following, and I'm a follower.

The cruise to Alaska we went on was obsessed with Shania line dances.

This was the hardest to dance for me, but I was all over it.

I want to head out to Oil Can Harry's in Silverlake for some more line dancing.

My new bucketlist/goals looks like this:
1. Go to Barcelona
2. Visit all 50 states
3. Teach in another country - even if for a summer 
4. Maybe live abroad in a Spanish speaking country (#3 would suffice)
5. Own a luxary car (Hello, Lexus RX or Acura ILX - my 2 favs)
6. Get married 
7. Own at least 2 properties
8. Drive a big bus
9. Skydive or bungie jump
10. Find a job where I can travel a lot more

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Songs you need to listen to

Since I haven't posted in a while what you should be listening to (since I am, hence all the cool kids are doing it)

I'm in a super twangy country mood

And bubble gummy

I love the line "I got a little sundress that'll show a little uh uh, but you ain't gettin' uh uh," So sassy.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Was pretty amazing. Loved the city. The people were so friendly.

Saw the Sears Tower, Millenium Park, the fountain from Married with Children, Wrigley Field, Magnificent Mile, River North area, and ate at some amazing restaurants.

Pics will come when I get my camera connected to my computer.

Been a busy week.

On a mission this week to try a new recipe everyday. Made a no bake peanut butter pie yesterday. Made zucchini chips the day before.

Getting caught up on my daytime TV - The Chew, Wendy Williams. How you doin, btw? Wendy looks like a man, but she has the gossip going on.

Had a pedi date with my Sissy from work yesterday. Had a blast.

Got new health insurance this week - left Kaiser and am with a new company. Hopefully things will be good. I have an appt with my doc in the middle of the month.

Work training in NorCal next week. Can't wait.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Ring

Here it is. I tried posting it last time and guess it didn't work out. And we have matching ones.

In other news, hung out with The Guy and his partner the other day. He talked about how we need to at least have something to commemorate our domestic partnership as it is a way to affirm it in front of friends. I'm going to bring it up to my guy as I think it would be fun, but he's very low key. Maybe a neutral point? We were trying to think of our friends...

The Guy and Rob
Jack Off Buddy and his guy
J & B
Mike's coworker
Mike's cousin and aunt?
My cousin(s)/aunt/uncle - 1 to 6 of them
My sissy from work

We had a nice dinner The Guy and I ran to Trader Joes to make. Chatted about everything and anything with him and his man.

Also hung out with my cousin that I'm closest with and another more distant cousin, Marquel, whom I've never mentioned before. He's like 3 years younger and we never really chatted until the past couple of years. He was so interesting. He said he knew I was gay all along, we chatted about that, he asked what it was like, what it was like not being attracted to girls, whether I found girls hot at all, and he's just one of those really interested people who tries to hear everyone's opinions and thoughts. Sex came up. He recently had his first time with his girlfriend. He thinks I'm one of those been there, done that types. Talked about family, friends, and school. Lots more too.

Monday, June 17, 2013


Headed there in a week. Super excited. What's there to do? I have my list of places, but maybe Chicagoans would like to chime in.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Put a ring on it

If you like it, then you should put a ring on it, and that's what he did today.

And I'm happier than Beyonce could be.

I knew it was coming. In typical fashion, he was intrigued by the ring I'd been wearing, then asked me my size the other day when he was shopping on Kohl's website, and then this morning as he was prepping for the day and I was grabbing breakfast he put a ring on it and told me it was mine.

And tomorrow we will officially be domestic partners.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

North to Alaska

Lovely 7 day cruise to Alaska with some time in Seattle.

Seeing glaciers and icebergs up close were surreal and breathtaking. Searching for Sarah Palin and Russia were also highlights of the trip. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Days of busyness.

Been so busy at work with a new program we are implementing, plus recruiting students for the program I teach has had me putting in many 15 hour days. Little bf time.

I have also been busy doing things. Had a surprise bday party for my bf last weekend.  Contacted his cousin and told her I wanted to surprise him. We made it happen. Drove up to a posh hotel 3 hrs north of us. He was surprised. Had a nice dinner out too.

On his birthday surprised him with flowers and a special vase he had been wanting. Also got him a pizza stone.

Vegas getaway weekend and my anxiety has been to the max. My mom was assaulted, carjacked, and had her purse stolen yesterday afternoon. Sis shot me a text and have been on the phone constantly. My mom is ok - thankfully the man pulled my mom out of her vehicle so she didn't fall face first. She has some bruising, but is ok. Car was abandoned in the parking lot my mom was carjacked in.

Spent yesterday night partying with the bf's coworkers. Glad to meet them. Tonight I did sort of that trophy wife thing - went to a reception and benefit for his work and wined and chatted with important people. Great time.

3 more days of School

Sunday, April 28, 2013

My first major purchase for our house

I just bought a $4,000 couch, but it's beautiful, and um, well, we can sit on it, and um, have a movie night, and um have people over. And, well, it's leather, and I have a thing for leather.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quick Update

Super busy week... bullets to summarize

- Layoff rescinded
- Had 4 interviews over the past 2 weeks for schools I want to be at next year
- Had a tough few weeks with my dad
- Getting ready to be outfitted with a holter monitor for 3 days due to my fast pulse
- Kids are loco at work and it is driving me crazy
- Miss my sissy at work - we have been getting together when we can since she is still an integral part of my everyday
- Spent 8 hours last weekend shopping with sissy at the outlet mall, then we went to El Torito
- Went to Palm Springs and Laguna this past weekend

Let's Go Flying

Guess who's going to be in NYC over NYE? Me! A week of relaxing... a week of friends... and shopping... can't wait.

Dan, you need to book... hahaha

Monday, April 15, 2013

Going cruising

BF and I found a cruise. Super excited. Going to Alaska. Can't wait.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Puerto Vallarta photos

Can't wait to go back... and teach there one day

Thursday, April 4, 2013

First big fight

Well me and my man had our first big fight. Family drama. Easter. I wasn't comfortable introducing him to my extended family. I just kind of went around being social with the family and ignored him, and left him to introduce people. Had a really awkward moment where my cousin and his wife arrived, and we were talking about things, and Mike said, "you live in this city with me," and they're like is that true, and I chalked it up to school. I saw my dad looking at me, scoffing, and turning red, so I said "only because so much is going on with school." I felt so defeated. About 5 minutes later he comes over and says he is ready to leave. I asked why. We went outside and talked and it was everything to do to keep me from crying. He said he was ready to end it since I wasn't willing to acknowledge us, or where I live. We left about 5, everyone else stayed until about 7. I left with him and cried the entire car ride home, and on the couch in the evening. We talked and had an ok conversation where I explained my side. He basically said my dad needs to know and understand I've moved out. We are slowly handling things - my dad and I.

Mike and I tonight are going to talk about merging our insurances - my car insurance and his would go down, even with my 1 ticket on our plan - we would save over $700. We would also get life insurance with the savings and then use the money for something else.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good morning from Mexico

Had to get away. We actually has this vacay booked since December. Spent the week on the beach on  getting tan, eating some really good food, enjoying each other's company, and disconnecting from the world. We came back to civilization last night for a delicious meal de camarones y risotto y una botella de vino y sexy coffee. I have loved using all of my Spanish and interacting with todos. My bf has actually taken to learning Spanish and this time around is making an attempt with cajeros and others. I am quite proud. I am off to seize the last day in Puerto Vallarta!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No Domestic Partnership or Wedding - for now

Let me explain. We had happy hour celebrating my finally being off for Spring Break at the fish restaurant. While there we talked to the bartender whose brother is gay and having his gay wedding. We discussed how one day we will do that, but not now. He emphasized one day. I asked him about that later, and he said it was because he had debt. He said that he didn't want me to be burdened by his debt if something were to happen, and having a DP makes me responsible for his debts now. He would rather us both enter into a partnership without debts. And I'm ok with that. I dislike debt. And we're still committed and happy with one another.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

On the wedding

In my last post I mentioned that the word marriage came up. It came up again this week. We were watching Say Yes To The Dress last night and talking about gay guys and our wedding. He said we were going to wear khakis and white shirts since we were going to be on a cruise ship. I said nope, we were wearing suits and tuxes. He said if I do a tux I have to do a bow tie. He told me how guys can rock bow ties and they are so unusual. I protested saying they were ugly. He said he would wear the bow tie then. I told him I needed to see him in it. I said we should do the whole matchy-match look, and he didn't say anything. Then I said something about bowties being never in, and he said they are next season, but they're making their way around on the fashion circuit right now. I asked if that meant the wedding was happening soon, and he said no, it is a while away... lol

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A month long of being gone

Past month or so has still been crazy... here's what's been going on

We discussed a wedding - a cruise ship wedding - of course when it becomes legal and all - and he was the one who brought it up. It was brought up of course at the same restaurant he asked me to move in, our Mexican restaurant, over margaritas

We haven't really been traveling since his new role at work has him not traveling as much, hence not receiving miles and other travel perks

Work has been tough. The college fair I am planning is nearly here. Contacting vendors, colleges, doing PR, and teaching has been crazy. My kids projects are nearly done.

I learned at work I am an administrative transfer for next year because my school is losing 14 teachers due to declining enrollment. Who knows where I will end up and what I will be teaching...

I've spent the month applying for jobs outside of the education arena, and had 1 interview I have yet to hear anything about. It would be my non-education field dream job

Car problems have plagued me this month - in particular routine maintenance  - coolant and transmission fluid replacement, was hit by a flying piece of metal that damaged my hubcap and steel rim on my car, so have the dumb donut tire on my car right now and am waiting for the steel rim to be delivered to the dealer. That's the 2nd time I have had to replace a rim on the car. FML. I've spent close to $500 in car repairs this month.

Wanting to travel. SOON.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spending time with the parents

Busy week at work - still have TONS going on. Was supposed to be observed - again - and that never happened. One day.

Since Mike's parents have been here we've been taking them out. It's been nice - eating out every night, and Mike's dad pays. That's really nice of him. Took them up to the mountains Friday night and then came down the mountain to eat at the local French restaurant. Saturday we went to the horse races where we bet on some horses, and lost money. We ate at the fish restaurant we like for dinner. Sunday we laid around all day. Monday we went to the OC to Dana Point and a few other areas.

Been busy moving my money around to bank and retirement accounts too. Good stuff. Specially if it makes me money.

Heading to the gym tonight. Trying to get back into the habit of going. I'm at 155lbs - my lowest was 138. BOO. I feel fat. My 29x32s aren't fitting as well.

My sister, because we all love her, has dropped out. She only had her masters thesis writing class left, and she decided she didn't want to write the thesis. It was too much work. So she decided she would go to school, but not do that. I asked her what the point was if her only class was to write the thesis, and she then decided to leave.

She's applying for jobs in fields that have nothing to do with her major - and calls it working the hard way around, which is admired, when she could have had the silver platter handed to her. She applied for a job at the local country radio station as a web editor for their site. It has nothing to do with her degree. She cries when I put country music on. Hypocrite much?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Updating on me

Been super busy, but I'm still around.

Work has been kicking my behind. Due dates, projects to grade, and planning have been crazy. Principal is making an "unannounced" observation in my classroom tomorrow since I've been evading him for the better part of 2 weeks. NERVOUS AS HELL, especially since it is not a great lesson I have planned with plenty of room for failure. LOL. It boils down to he doesn't want to watch the good lesson, and so I have to half ass with something for tomorrow. I have tried to make it interactive, and it could be good, and he could be happy, but that means my kids have to be on the ball 100%, and I hope they will be.

Mike's parents are in town through the end of the month, which is cool. Mike is probably taking them to Vegas manana. I wish I were going along to skip this observation.

My aunt in Indiana wrote me an email the other day. It shook me. I read it in the middle of class - and the only reason I had my phone out was I was texting my Sister trying to lesson plan with her while my kids were typing their assignment in the computer lab. Here's what it said:

We been writing each other for many years!  I want to ask you a question, please don't get mad at me for asking this!  If its not the case, I'm hoping I didn't hurt your feeling.  Are you Gay?  If your not, I'm sorry for asking.  Please for give me.
But, if you are, I want tell any one and I'm OK with it!  I had a good friend who was, he was my boss when I worked at the Garden Center!  We had some great talks! I do miss him, if he was still around, we would still be friends today!  He tried to cover it up and the day he was going to tell me, and couldn't!  I told him, what he wanted to tell me!  He was surprised, but was happy I knew, because we were friends and it was OK with me! 
I just want us to be open with each other!  So, your open to talk to me, if you wish too!  

Obviously the answer is that I am. I never expected her to be so bold and ask. I have never spoken of girls. I am sure my other family on facebook in Indiana has seen my relationship status, so they probably told her. I have yet to write back, but will.

I need a massage. I got one the other day, at it was amazing. My massage therapist is this chola lady who has tattoos, and man, she gets in and works every muscle. I had such a knot in between my shoulder blade that she worked out, and she said it was the biggest one she ever found in me. It hurt a lot after, but felt good. My legs were also aching, and she worked on those, but I feel like I could use another go around with those.

Hung out at a country bar with my cousin about a week ago. That was fun times.

Wanting to get to Dallas and OKC in the really near future, but not sure when that will happen. Air fare has been ridonkulous as of late.

Need to plan our Mexico Spring Break trip.

Caught up with Gonzo twice over the past month at Starbucks and at breakfast one Saturday morning.

Met Darla Friday night too, but Mike didn't want to go since he was tired after getting home about 3am from his trip.

Well, that's it from the front lines here... how's everyone else doing?

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Been super busy at work - will be for the next month or so... grrr

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hung out with The Guy and his bf. Spent the better part of a month tracking him down. It was good times and constant laughs from the time we walked in. Gave the Christmas presents we bought them - a thermos and wine aerator. We of course opened a bottle of wine and sat at the table in the kitchen talking about work, family, and clothes. I talked about clothes having to match and my dilemmas trying to match things. The 2 of them got the biggest kick out of this, and I showed pictures of some matches, and some horrible "matches." I told them I take pics of manikins in stores to figure out what matches, and this is what I was told. IT WAS HILARIOUS. I told them I'm very matchey-matchey since I will do like black on black, blue and blue. Tone on tone.

Judge for yourself...
Best comment from The Guy about this. SO AMUSING. "And you need a sweater to go over your blazer?" LMAO.

Oh, and they didn't buy my whole story I did purple and green myself yesterday.

We made plans to meet at the end of next month.

Monday, January 21, 2013

A month long of trips

I feel like I haven't done a proper update - been out and about, and around.

Vegas Dec 26-28
After I got back from NYC I was home for 2 days, then took my parents to Vegas. I took them to see Jersey Boys. Sis went too. It was a tense trip, as they were indecisive, and didn't want to do anything I did. They had a great time, though.

Our Christmas, Dec 28
Opened our Christmas gifts to each other. I bought him a watch storage box and bath sheets. He bought me bath sheets, a jacket, and a Coach name tag holder

Vegas Dec 30-January 3
Went with Mike and we stayed at the Rio. Watched fireworks from atop their parking structure, ate some great food.

Returned to a tense time at work with a change in leadership, and I'm still dealing with that.

My Birthday
Celebrated my birthday at work. Sissy took me out to lunch. Then went home and Mike bought me a supply of liquor - whiskey, bitters, margarita mix, a new watch battery for my Diesel watch, and a super sweet card. Went to dinner at our favorite steakhouse where the food was impeccable. It was an old fashioned celebration, with a nice Manhattan and a grasshopper for dessert, along with a soufflé.

Day after woke up not feeling so great, but muddled through work. It wasn't the crazy night before - a bad stress headache and anxiety running amok.

Last weekend was spent with J&B at the horse racing track betting on horseys and losing money.

This past weekend we went up to Santa Barbara to try to visit Mike's cousin, but her dad was in the hospital, and so instead we went to Solvang, a Dutch town. Went wine tasting and olive oil tasting Saturday morning. Drove to Ventura and the outlets in the area. Headed home. Went to Joshua Tree National Park yesterday and found an amazing pizza place to eat at in Palm Desert.

This next weekend will be relaxing and preparing for his parent's to come.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Getting high

Now I got your attention...

All Mixed Up made me think of this after his post about his boyfriend...

Thought I'd post about a recent occurence. My doctor just prescribed Singulair for my asthma/allergies, and I've had some good times with it. The first, shortly after it is in my system I feel high, like a drug high, like I smoked pot, got high. Then apparently I get crazy and hallucinate, which I have no recollection of. This is supposed to be taken before bed, and apparently I get crazy.

The first time something happened I started to think there was an earthquake. I felt the bed shaking, asked Mike to hold me, told him that we needed to put our heads under the pillow in an earthquake, and he should hold me. He apparently egged me on and started shaking the bed where I ended up in the fetal position.

The second time I was super hot and thought I should come out from under the covers on the bed and strip naked.

Another time I saw stars in the room and was reaching out to grab them, reaching over Mike.

The other night I got hot after taking the pill, got out from under the cover, and Mike thought to videotape it. Apparently he asked me why I was out of the covers and I told him it was hot. I started talking about when you are horny you are hot, or something to that effect. Then I started talking about something completely off subject, oh, maybe it was the light of his phone bothering me.

Crazy thing is I remember nothing. I emailed my doctor and he told me to cut the dose in half. Mike finds it hilarious and I feel helpless... hahaha. He has told me he doesn't think I should take the medicine anymore.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Anxiety run amok

And the doctor thinks I'm fine on Zoloft. Hah. Hardly. I seem to worry more with this crock than anything.

So here's what is on my mind as it is 12:18 and my BF is asleep and I'm up to worry.

So first thing's first. I got afforded an opportunity to go back to school and have my tuition paid for if I enroll before my 26th birthday, which is coming up in a few days. I don't like the thought of going back to school - it means work - it means time - it means giving up my time. I am already maxed out on the pay scale, but to not take this opportunity would mean I'm basically giving up the chance to get my admin degree for free. Do I want another degree? No, but I don't see myself teaching for 30+ years. Would I feel guilty passing up on this money? Yes. Admin degree means I could become a principal/assistant principal/take on some other sort of leadership position within the school. Could also give me a leg up if I want advancement outside of the school setting, or even teaching at like a college. I know I could go teach now with masters, but hey, more marketable...

Oh, and I'm $16k in debt right now from my teaching credential/masters. I am scheduled to have that paid off in 2017.

Oh, and Mike supports me, and I appreciate that.

Do people like me? Do friends still remember me? I get these random thoughts sometimes like no one likes me, like when I text someone and they don't reply. Gonzo has been doing that, as has The Guy, and well, when I don't hear back my mind wanders, especially on this new anxiety med.

My parents are driving me crazy. I have such a hard time biting my tongue, and when I open up my mouth it makes people mad, and I hate opening up my mouth, especially now, when I don't know how my dad will handle it.

My dad just got 100% disability from the VA, and is happy. At last. My parents are planning on remodeling the kitchen int he next few months before my dad retires. My mom has the most ugly kitchen design picked out. I hate it. My dad does too. I want to say my 2 cents and do. Mike says I should butt out since I don't live there. Sometimes I don't care and feel the need. Part of it is I give the best advice - in my mind - but Mike keeps remidning me I don't live there.

WTF is my dad going to do when he retires? He has no hobbies.

Work has me stressed out - I go back on Monday - know I'm due for an evaluation, and it could be anyday. All throughout the past couple days I've had images of Teelima stuck in my head, my most difficult student. Feel like first day jitters again.

The past month was difficult money wise with Christmas and the district not withholding enough on our paychecks, and an accounting error, so I was out of money fast. This month I'm saving extra because my auto insurance is due next month, and I'm moving off of my parent's insurance to a different company, and so gotta save since they give you a discount if it is paid in full. Also paying off my credit card from NY/Vegas. And my birthday, and everyone else seem to be having a birthday too. And I am down to $800 or so and it is the 4th of the month. And I hate to make Mike pay for everything. I feel like a broke teacher sometimes. I pay everything once it comes, and everything tends to come at the first of the month, and so it feels like I have nothing the rest of the month. I guess I'm doing ok, making ok money, but OK sometimes just doesn't feel so ok

And when my anxiety kicks in I get acne on my chest and back. Its no bueno. It itches.

Oh, and at least on Zoloft I can still get hard. And in fact I'm pretty much always horny on it.