Thursday, March 29, 2012

I can't believe I'm thinking of ditching my iPhone

Don't tell The Guy - well, he already knows! Maybe it is Mike's influence. Maybe it is that I'm just wanting a few things that the iPhone doesn't yet seem to have.

1. The weather app doesn't update instantly and give me the temperature at the current moment on the home screen.

2. The phone needs to have at least a 4.0'' screen, preferably 4.6'', but 3.6'' is just too small compared to other phones out now.

3. A new shape. I hate the shape of this iPhone. How can that be held in your hand? In Apple's defense not all smartphones out now meet the hand friendly shape.

4. A faster processor - the new Droid Razr has a 1.2GHZ processor in comparison to the 800MHZ in the iPhone. Most processors on phones are already ahead of Apple.


I have to weigh a couple of factors...

1. Sexiness - which is sexier?

2. Ease of sync with my Mac

3. Continue being the Mac addict

4. Does it sync over the air/cloud?

5. iMessage = free texts = awesome!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Songs from the past week

He was everywhere this week!

A song I should have no business knowing, especially since Mike had never even heard of the artist. But who doesn't like the 60s?!

But I guess skipping ahead 7 years to 1972 is ok.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You mean to tell me?

I know its no secret so many foods contain bugs. Many breads contain human hair, etc. But my favorite Starbucks drink, really?! At least I'm pretty damn good at making them at a fraction of the calories and more of a strawberry taste...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week of trainings

AWFUL WEEK OF TRAININGS FOR WORK. I guess the nice thing was I had good company and equally pessimistic people to amuse me.

Monday- Learned about the F word. Mike and his parents got back late Monday night and I made some pasta for us all.

Tuesday - Allergy shots. My dad had a mini health scare Tuesday night while I was at home. I'm really worried about my dad.

Wednesday - Boring day of trainings. Dropped my car off at repair shop down the street from the training. Mike texted me asking if I wanted to go to LA with his parents to see a TV taping- sure- sounded good. Mike and his parents picked me up from school so we could go... awww. it was cute. We got there just a tad too late, but enjoyed our time prior drinking some margaritas at El Torito. Went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory where we had a couple appetizers that weren't half bad and a cheesecake. We did have some more wine.

Thursday - Mike took me to my training since I had no car. He went to go get his braces put on. Got my car back that afternoon and met him and his parents at home. We went out to PS. We stopped in to see Mike's coworker, whom we ended up going to dinner with. We went to the Mexican place on the main drag where we had a couple margaritas and his dad socialized with all around, went to the street fest in Palm Springs and bought a few things, then went to Fishermans for beer and tacos, a restaurant/nightclub with an interesting crowd where we heard all about his dad's idol, his coworker's family, and talked work. There was also some dancing and lots of interesting people to look at. We ended the night by dropping his coworker off and going to the gay club WITH HIS PARENTS. His parents were so cool about it- they didn't say anything- I'd never been. There was an older crowd. His dad chatted up a group of guys and his mom, Mike, and myself just sat at the bar talking. We head back home after - its about 10:30ish.

Friday - More training. I'm done with the training early in the afternoon and I go home to visit with the family before going back to visit Mike and family. We watch TV and then head to the steakhouse we like for dinner. It was cold. We sat on the patio and his dad got cranky fast, and that sort of soured the night. Mike was so tired of his dad we dropped them at home while he said we were going to the store. The store was Chilis. We had a margarita and he bitched about his dad, I listened, offered my 2 cents, and told how my dad is a lot alike. We did go to the store since we said we were, and so we had to come home with something. We came home with stuff so we could make pancakes in the morning.

Saturday - Mike made pancakes after we were up and showered. We sat around a few hours, watched the Nascar race, and went to Sams with his mom. We got back home and cleaned his car so his parents had a clean car to go to a friend's house for dinner. They left about 5 and we took off too. We went to the Italian place at the mall where I found my new favorite drink - cinnamon whiskey with coke. Walked around the mall after, grocery store, and then home. We watched TV on the couch. He kept yelling and hitting me to wake up, yet I was mostly awake. He's the one who fell asleep about 5 minutes before his parents got home at 9:40 and I was talking to them. We went to bed about 10:30

Sunday - Up about 8, showered, and then I was a little tired as we sat on the couch. Mike did make food for breakfast and we watched more racing on TV. Went to PS again with his parents. Actually, we went to our favorite seafood place with his parents where his dad had a strong margarita with a lot of tequila. He was very happy and social, which allowed us to enjoy the calamari and walk through the mall. We went down the street to an Italian place that was super cheap, super busy, and super delicious. Sat at the bar and we each had 2 drinks to go with our meal. Chatted about lots of random stuff. We head toward the storm and back in the car toward home. We arrive, have some ice cream and cookies, then relax. We watch "Bridesmaids" with his parents. Pretty funny. We head to bed about 11.

Monday - Home about 8:30 since Mike had to go for a physical. I left as he did, everyone else was still in bed. Hanging out with my dad today. Joy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Queen sound?

Heard the group, Fun, on NPR the other day talking about their sound, songs, and influences. The songs are really catchy, and some sound like Queen as noted in the interview...

What is interesting is that several artists I like as of late have been featured on NPR. My musical tastes are maturing maybe? lol

Monday, March 19, 2012

Travel bug

I want to go on a European cruise that stops in Rome/sets sail from there. I also want to go on one that stops in Barcelona.

I'm feeling a great need to go to Spain.

I want to go back to Puerto Vallarta.

I want to explore Barcelona in depth and do it at my own pace, though.

I want to go to Rome and explore the Vatican.

I want to visit DFW.

I've been watching airfares very closely...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday night TV Ramblings

Desperate Housewives
- Sad it is ending. I really disliked tonight's episode. Mike was one of my favorites. The episode was bad in my opinion just because it was so different from the typical Desperate Housewives show. There were flashbacks to childhood, which while it tied the story together seemed completely out of place and gave the show a different feel. There were also too many stories going on and the first flashback when Mike was suddenly alive and in the room at rehab with Carlos and Gabrielle threw me for a loop.

I want to like that show. Kristen Chenowith is fun, and I had no clue the sexy David James Elliott is in it. We got to see his sexy chest on multiple occasions. Plausible? Not so much. That's hard for me to take. Cute? Sure... cute lines... I want to like it, though.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

High School Reunion of sorts

Met up with Darla and Amoona - it'd been months since I'd hung out with them - probably when Gonzo got married was the last time.

We met at 6 at this new indian place - it was so-so- the hummus was clumpy.

We chatted about anything and everything - and Darla drank, so she was inquisitive, and I answered her questions about whether gay guys begin to feel loose after being fucked so much... LOL. Good times! She shared her first experience with me and Amoona has never been kissed etc.

My cousin wanted to get her Irish on, and I did too, so we rushed to the Irish pub after. The line was at least 3-400 to get into it- no joke- the line wrapped around a large department store completely. We opted for the martini bar next door. In there it was like a high school reunion. I saw a kid named Bryce, the bros who graduated the year before me, and a few girls from my grade. My cousin saw 5-6 that she went to high school with, which was cool. She chatted her friends up and they were cool. Awkward moments in the bathroom when I go in- there's a urinal and toilet- some asian guy wished me a happy St. Pat's Day, and then asked me if I waited in the pub line, told me he was worried about cops, and then joined me in the bathroom to piss where he put his arm on me as he was doing it telling me how we are both bros. UM. NO. WEIRD. My cousin wasn't a fan of the gin and tonic, but was of the apple concoction the bartender whipped up the 2nd time around. Girls grinding up on guys awkwardly, girls on girls, and guys on girls... good times to observe

This song was really popular and the crowd seemed to go wild

We both left about 11pm and were home by 11:30. Good times... reunionish

Friday, March 16, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sleepover with the parents home

Despite a super busy open house the other night, Mike's parents were coming into town. I met them after my 15 hour day at the casino where they were having dinner. I enjoyed a beer while we talked and I told them about the night. We talked about layoffs, and my cousin who happened to be working. She didn't meet them as we didn't walk through that area.

After dinner, we go back to Mike's, and I arrive and go in to turn on lights before they arrive. Mike turns on the TV while they eat dessert. There is some show on- the I Love Raymond spinoff or something and there was an awkward episode on TV. Some girl was bringing her boyfriend home to meet the parents and they were going to stay in HER bed. The dad wasn't ok, and neither was the mom. I wanted to laugh and giggle as we were sitting there because I felt like the boyfriend did at the moment- where am I going to sleep, although I knew the answer- it seemed weird I would be in my boyfriend's bed and his parents would be around. He fell asleep on the couch after The Middle, and so I let myself. I didn't sleep well due to all of my anxiety with everything mentioned in the previous post.

I woke up and showered while everyone was still asleep - hope I didn't disturb them.


Long day at work, lockdown, then met The Guy and his boyfriend at their place. We had been planning on hanging out for a while, but someone had gone incommunicado, and I wasn't going to pass up this opportunity. We just sat and talked/joked around about whats going on in our lives for 2 hours or so. I asked them about doing a weekend trip together- boyfriends and boyfriends. They are down.

Spring Break soon, please?!


Let's see...

Admin all got pink slipped and chances are mine is at the post office right now

Admin getting pink-slipped sort of set the tone around campus

Lockdown Tuesday afternoon due to local pharmacy being robbed - lasted 60 minutes after school was supposed to be out

Lockdown this afternoon due to a guy with a gun outside of the school that lasted until 5p.m.

Open house last night

6:30 meeting this morning - our usual Thursday thing

Had to present at the staff meeting this morning- lots of preparation for that - plus after being at school until 9:30 last night made it tough to get up

Getting back this week after my awful sub last week was hard - my room was a mess - the sub was awful, made some kids cry, didn't have others do work, not sure what went on...

Prepping for being out all next week for training... 5 days of sub plans... ick... it takes forever to write them

And I will probably have an observation tomorrow... eek! My kids are all at different points in the lesson I need to teach due to the bad sub last week - wrote that in my plans so principal would know

Oh, and I got a new class to teach this week - more planning, more grading, more kids, ick

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dance Wednesday

Songs I was dancing to with Tagalong at the club the other night.

... and on a different note, the song my mom is suddenly liking for its really catchy lyrics... I'm sure if she knew what the song were about it would be different...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Responses to your questions

What is the meaning of life according to Mike?
- To be successful, have incredible relationships, be productive, and make a difference in the world.

Mike, I am curious as to why
you haven't moved in with your
bf? You seem to be back and
forth a lot between your parents'
house and the bf.
- We have yet to have the moving in conversation. I have sufficient supplies of shoes and clothes at his house in his closet. I do want to wait until I'm stable and know if I'm going to be rehired next year.

Are you happy with your current sex life?
- Yes, in that I love and care for Mike. I love that he is a great friend and boyfriend. I love to please him in bed and hear him moan.
- No, in that I can always use more sex.

I've been reading your blog for quite some time now but not sure I am or other reader are aware of how you and Mike met. Maybe you can explain? Also have you ever told your readers of your coming out?
Here's the blog post where I first mention Mike - I had to do some searching.

This is the first coming out story I have. I don't remember when exactly I came out to my dad, but it was in a car. I came out to my mom in March 2010- you can read the archives from that time. I still won't discuss in full details what happened on here, but it was a tense time.

Where do you see yourself 5, 10, 20 years from now?
- Had you asked me prior to meeting Mike I would have said in a house I bought, looking for a guy. Now, it is much different. I see myself moving in with Mike, maybe in the same area, maybe not. I see myself still teaching hopefully the same class I am teaching now.
- In 10 years from now I see myself moving into administration or maybe working for the program that I teach. Traveling the world.
- In 20 years from now I see myself in administration... wow... I'll be in my 40s. I see myself with a nice house with Mike, a sports car and SUV, thinking about retirement and hopefully moving to wine country. Maybe a regular vacation spot in Puerto Vallarta?

Do you think that you are enough open to the outside world, people that are not directly in your near environment ?
- I do. A lot of friends are educators, a lot are still going to school, but I have tons of friends/acquaintances/contacts. I'm open to others ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. I know i have a naive nature to myself, but it is a part of me. I love hearing other perspectives.

Do you see yourself (in the near future) being "out" to your students and the school community as a whole? Is this even a realistic possibility when where you work? As an out young man, you'd be a fantastic role model for your students, gay or otherwise.
- As if I'm not already?! LOL. Awkward moments in class. I don't want to be- at least not until I have more experience under my belt. It is possible at the school that i'm at, but I would prefer not to be because of the difficulties with students, parents, etc. I would be 1 out teacher out to all- out of 8 on the campus. Students are suspecting now. Grrr. I guess time will tell...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Out on the town

I've been away all week at a conference for work- The conference was actually very informative and worth going. I was with Tagalong, the other ELD teacher, and the ELD coordinator. SO MUCH FUN.

Tuesday- arrive at conference, dinner at ritzy fish restaurant, then hunt down a liquor store for a bottle of wine. Enjoy bottle of wine while talking about work, anything and everything. Tagalong opens up about her life, which was pretty crazy. She's a strong woman. Bed about 3:30-4a.m.

Wednesdayy- Up at 7:30, breakfast, meet a few new friends in the lobby- people also at the conference. Decide on conferences to attend, then off for the day. Lunch at mediterranean place. More conferences. Dinner at Thai place. Get a bottle of wine and head to hotel to drink in other ELD teacher's room. Chat about anything and everything until 1a.m.

Thursday- Busy day, breakfast at pancake restaurant, conferences all day, met up with group for dinner at Mexican place. And the rest,Well, you read about it here!

I am just getting in from the bar with my coworker. Love Tagalong. Realized Tagalong was my mistake - it was before I realized a lot of things that have recently come to light. She is simply an amazing woman- and I have such respect for her after all she has done. She is great. We had such a fun time talking family, kids, husbands, gay guys, shopping and more. At 9:30 we were liquor store hunting, at 10 we settled in our other coworker's room to guzzle down a couple bottles of wine, at 12 when she fell asleep we figured we should eat. We walked a few streets, met a cabbie who took us to the only place open, a bar with food. 1 sapphire and tonic later, 3 kamikaze shots, and a pink something or other she gave me we made it back to the hotel- and feeling just fine. Not tipsy even. We spaced it out. We're pros. At 4:00a.m. now we are just getting in.

Love it!!!

Friday - Up at 8, shower, head out for the day's conferences. Starbucks for breakfast. Lunch at Starbucks too. King crab, scallops, and shrimp for dinner. Go to Macys to shop for the club. 2 margaritas at dinner, 2 glasses of wine at the hotel, then dressed up and sexy to go to the club. She gets checked out as we are going to the club. We go to the club that seemed to be happening every night, the mermaid club, then after there was nothing going on and the drinks weren't strong, we head to the place next store. Drink 2 more jack and cokes, then dance with Tagalong to some of these songs and some rap stuff:

The song has a new meaning.

Saturday - UP at 8:00, meet 8:30 in hotel for Starbucks. Conference. Lunch at hotel. Icky lunch. Good dessert, though. Head to hotel. Exchange notes/debrief about conference/email admin. Discuss this week's conferences. "Drive the plane" home with my gal Tagalong, bumping these jamz:

Head home to see my boyfriend and grab pizza with him for dinner. He cleans and I mop the floor.

SUNDAY- Up around 10- needed sleep. Took him to the airport and head out to meet my cousin with the familia and her boyfriend.

Friday, March 9, 2012


I am just getting in from the bar with my coworker. Love Tagalong. Realized Tagalong was my mistake - it was before I realized a lot of things that have recently come to light. She is simply an amazing woman- and I have such respect for her after all she has done. She is great. We had such a fun time talking family, kids, husbands, gay guys, shopping and more. At 9:30 we were liquor store hunting, at 10 we settled in our other coworker's room to guzzle down a couple bottles of wine, at 12 when she fell asleep we figured we should eat. We walked a few streets, met a cabbie who took us to the only place open, a bar with food. 1 sapphire and tonic later, 3 kamikaze shots, and a pink something or other she gave me we made it back to the hotel- and feeling just fine. Not tipsy even. We spaced it out. We're pros. At 4:00a.m. now we are just getting in.

Love it!!!

Oh, and last night was pretty good too talking about work and sipping down a bottle of wine.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Whadaya want to know?

Ask me a question, any question, and as long as I feel it isn't too personal I'll answer it...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Stressful day at work due to my scheduled absences over the next 2 weeks and prepping sub plans. It was 5 before I left work. Mike made us pasta for dinner.

Another awful day due to issues with students, schedule changes, and projects being due. It was nearly 7 before I got out. Met Mike for food. Chatted with my parents about all the issues. Worked in the office with Mike as I prepped for my sub.

Up at 5:45 with Mike to meet my mom near the freeway so she could give me a couple things I needed that I ordered online that I needed for my classes. Chatted with her on cell phone after on the rest of the way to work about all of the issues at school.

I'm sure you can guess what kind of day it was at work as there was a major shortage of subs, projects being due, and prepping for my absences.

Out of work about 4:30. Watch random TV with Mike before we think about heading to dinner. It was between Mexican happy hour, buffet, and then a random Italian place I had a groupon for that we'd never been to. We decided on the groupon restaurant where we ordered a nice bottle of wine, crab cakes, and chicken marsala for me. It was pretty tasty. There was an obnoxiously loud Jersey woman behind us who was talking so loud, had so many issues with her food, it was comical, yet took away from the ambience. It did allow us to chat with fellow diners who were amazed at how loud she was. We were joking around with them, yet she was oblivious.

Head home for some cookies and relaxation.

Up at 6:30 for home visits for my students. I was the translator for the team. I only visited one of my student's houses. Good time, though.

Home at 1. Chatted with my dad about all of the new issues at work. Grr.

Headed out to PSprings with Mike to go to a casino for concert tickets for my parents and gambling. He won $286 accidentally on a dollar machine- of course he didn't know he was playing dollars and had dropped $100. In and out like that. We stopped in PDesert at BananaRepub, then looked at several restaurants for dinner. Everywhere was so crowded, and such older couples. We decided on Fisherman's, which was delicious and the tacos hit the spot. Sooooo good- and we didn't have to wait for a table.

Star gaze as we head home in the convertible, but stop at the outlets first where I pick up some pants, as does he.

Fool around in the evening after he liquors me up with some whipped cream vodka flavored libation.

Here we are, Sunday, up at 7, been sitting around all morning on the phone with the airline's dealing with his ticket issue. Went to the pet store, dropped off clothes at Goodwill bin. Watched Ina and I made a pound cake with much assistance from someone who didn't think I knew my way around the kitchen and someone made an unhealthy stir fry.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

Any mechanic inclined readers?

Hey guys!

Anyone have an idea what a transmission fluid replacement might cost? This was the other service my service man at my usual repair shop recommended.

What do you think about having the fuel injectors cleaned?

I have a coupon from a dealer who has a special running- of course I don't know how much of a special it is, but it sounds good considering it is their 60k service and that's what my car just passed.

For $299.95 you get the following:
- 1 day complementary rental car
- drain and refill transmission fluid
- drain and refill coolant

- lubricate hinges etc.
Inspect, adjust, or top off the following:
- brakes, rotors,
- road test
- power steering fluid
- brake fluid
- engine coolant
- wiper blades
- windshield washer fluid
- belts and hoses
- all lights
- tire wear
- tire air pressure
- battery cables and terminals
= exhaust system
- shock absorber system
- spark plug wires
- oil, oil filter, air filter
- spark plugs

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What do you say?

Who would announce they have AIDS over Facebook? One of my acquaintances that I have mentioned on my blog did so the other day, as did his former hookup. It was random and there was no real reason for it, except one of them is raising money for a foundation to find a cure. Do you say "congrats, I'm glad you're raising money?" I don't know - it just struck me as weird to come out and say that. I guess it also struck me since these are the first 2 people I know with this. It also struck me because it's online and for the whole world to see...

The status message said "I am happy to have AIDS and raise money for ____ AIDS Foundation."

The hookup said: "New insurance won't cover my hookup meds, I have AIDS"

Do you like that? WTF?