Thursday, December 25, 2014

This Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!

Started off Xmas Eve at a swanky hotel in the area getting our photos taken by the music teacher from my old school - he is a photographer on the side. Photos turned out well I think. My sister was in a mood the whole time. She didn't want her photo taken, she wanted to go to bed, she didn't see why we had to do this. It was part of my mom's Christmas gift, so tough it out, dumb bitch sister. My mom was so annoyed with my sister after a while that my mom spanked her and said that she was going to behave or she was not going to have a good afternoon. THAT MADE MY CHRISTMAS. It wasn't hard, but it was hard enough. She shaped up, and was good after that. Sis returned to moody after.

Soooo... my dad and I hung out this afternoon, talked, drove around and ran errands.

My dad made dinner.

My sister is apparently selling a bunch of random shit on craigslist, and we had a constant influx of people coming to buy things she was selling. She sold a jewelry box, chopped wood, and something else. There was some guy who came as we were opening gifts to pick up something.

So I really don't get my sister. She got me a 5lb bag of jawbreakers, which I gave to my mom. I don't need all that candy laying around. Every gift she gives she has to use an index card to write some snarky comment, or inside joke, or something that doesn't make sense. I guess maybe she gave me jawbreakers a few years ago because the card said "don't you need a refill?" My sister was giving my parents their christmas gifts back in mid November. She I guess bought them a Kitchenaid mixer. Last year she gave my parents a camera and put some snarky index card on it. Tonight she gave my dad tongs and my mom a bag of jelly beans. WTF?

My sister used every opportunity she could to paint me as a polar opposite of her - I only care about material things, fashion, celebrities, and she is a saint who gives back and helps everyone. She loves her animals. She threw a fit that I scare the dogs when I am around and how the dogs had to be outside because I was there. Dumb bitch.

Apparently she is collecting kitchen utensils and received a lot for Christmas. She still lives at home? I don't know.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful - I told my parents this back at the beginning of November. They were insistent I gave a list of what I wanted for Christmas. I listed stores I liked and didn't like. I listed brands I liked and didn't like. I gave internet links. I told my parents I would rather have things on my list, or a really nice gifts, and not a bunch of things I wouldn't use. I mentioned a few specifics I wanted - a few pairs of Vans shoes, a couple scarves along with links/photos of prints I liked. What did I get? Horrific Burlington Coat Factory shirts and sweaters. The sweaters are godawful and weigh a few pounds each with all the yarn used to knit them. Do you know how impossible it is to return anything at Burlington without a receipt, even if the tag is still fully intact? It is crazy hard. Did I make it too hard by listing things I liked and didn't like? My mom said she was worried I will freeze in NY. I got an electronic hand warmer that can be charged by USB. I got a bunch of thermal shirts and long underwear and knit gloves. I told her I don't freeze like she does. I don't like sweaters that weigh 10 pounds. She asked me after we opened gifts if she did a good job picking out gifts for me. I told her no. I felt bad saying it. I said I don't like the Burlington clothing. I said I want a few nice gifts from places I like - even if i is not stuff on my list. I like a few surprises. I got a few, and told her those were my favorite. She gave me some mixes for cooking etc. But I guess my question is how do you tell your parents to lay off on the gifts, or at least get you stuff you like? I probably sound ungrateful. I know. I tried to tell her in the nicest way I appreciate the thought...

Thursday, December 18, 2014


When did Elex Michaelson become ABC7's lead reporter at 11? I have to turn overtime he is on. I cannot watch him. He makes me cringe. He often needs a haircut. Tonight he was doing a breaking news story, and I had to turn the channel. I turned to Beverly on Channel 4 to tell me about it.

Last weekend as he was anchoring the weekend news I couldn't take it. I cannot watch him. He's just difficult to watch.

Maybe its his head movement? Too full of himself?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Alert me when I'm near

So I'm a nerd. I have places I want to visit, but I know we won't go out of our way to visit. Someone needs to create an app for when I'm near one of those points in NY where if I'm near I can decide to walk down to.

I mainly want to visit celeb houses and hangouts, and if I'm near, then great. Some people whose houses/apts. it would be interesting to see include:

- Truman Capote
860-870 U.N. Plaza.

- Edgar Allan Poe

- Mark Twain
14 West 10th Street
21 Fifth Avenue
Chelsea Hotel  <--janis joplin="" p="" too="">
- John Steinbeck
38 Gramercy Park N.
330 East 51st street
206 E 72nd St

Joan Baez
Washington Square Hotel (formally Hotel Earle) 101 Waverly Place

The El Dorado — 300 Central Park West <--moby span="" too="">
San Remo Apartments —145-146 Central Park West

Bob Dylan
161 West 4th st. 

Jimi Hendrix
55 West 8th near Sixth Avenue
59 West 12th Street
61 Jane Street

Billy Joel and Idol
The Brentmore—88 Central Park West <--sting span="" too="">

John Lennon
434 East 52nd Street

Carly Simon
The Langham—135 Central Park West

Cary Grant - Warwick Hotel

Katherine Hepburn 244 East 49th Street

Marilyn Monroe - 444 East 57th St, 13th floor.
569 Lexington Ave

I should probably create an offline map I can look at while in NY to be able to remember the places I want to go. I just need to figure out how to create the map or alert...

Nerdy me ;)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My NY Wear

And my quintessential NY song to go with it.

My clothes surely aren't as exciting as Dan's - I love the color of his, and his shoes. His shoes he is bringing along put mine to shame. Probably my Guess black boots with laces and a pair of dress shoes. Going to bring my peacoat that I don't get to wear enough.

Undershirts to match... lol. Going to wear sweaters over the shirts - a navy blue sweater, purple, and pink.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Nearly a month

I've been meaning to blog, but I've been so busy. Here's the rundown:

- Thanksgiving was good. Mike brought spiked cider to my cousin's. My uncle is very anti-drinking, so that was his way of getting some in. Just so happens my cousin had a friend there who was opening up bottles of wine. The wine hardly got drank, so Mike had to polish it off at the end. I didn't really hang out with my parents at Thanksgiving. My mom could hardly walk, so she was pretty stationary in one of the chairs. I did go and talk a little bit to her. Felt kind of bad.

- Spent some time in the hospital - only an evening - esophagus constriction - glad that's over

- My mom's hip replacement didn't go so well she found out - she's been in excruciating pain for over a month. Turns out the hip wasn't cemented into the joint properly. She has an appointment later this week to find out what, if anything, they can do to fix it.

- Last week of work. So excited. Lots of grading. Lots of teaching. Lots of high kids.

- New admin, both principal and VP. Lots of feeling everything out.

- Spent the weekend, Saturday, with J&B, exploring Newport Beach. We don't need to go back. We ran into a bunch of Santas doing the Santa Pub Crawl. We started off with lunch at a seafood place. Good to catch up.

- Went off to the Christmas party for my old school - the party for my new school was at the same time, but I didn't want to go to that one as much. EXCELLENT time catching up with old friends. Apparently there was some apple pie cider spiked with moonshine that got me talking. I apparently knew everyone.

- Yesterday morning we had brunch, everyone was probably hungover from the night before... good to have my coworkers over. Love them. So glad Mike helped and did all the cooking and buying. I cleaned.

- SOOOO excited for this weekend. Going up the coast, then spending some time with Mike's cousin and hopefully aunt. They're both really fun to be around.

- Christmas should be a blast.

- NY is so near. Cannot wait. So many people to see, things to do, and places to go. My list is mainly eating places - a couple of restaurants and bars. I am so sad Mike's friend is no longer in the West Village. I loved it there. She's now in Brooklyn. I feel like that's so Miranda from Sex and the City, and what happens in Brooklyn? Want to go to some of the popup shops. Want to visit my favorite shops - Century 21, ABC Home, Fishs Eddy, and a couple more. NYE is gonna be a big dinner with a bunch of friends, cooking, and celebrating.

Friday, November 21, 2014

You know I love my country boys


He should. His voice is incredible. And he's gay. And that's what Nashville needs.

And my favorite Ty Herndon song.

Cheryl Wright also deserves big props. She has been ousted from the country community and going a more alternative country route. She has a coming out bio story on Netflix.

Now we just need Kenny to come out!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Today Show vs. GMA

So I'm a morning news junkie. We know that. Often, when Mike is gone I'm up at 4am watching the KTLA Morning News as it comes on, flipping over to Alysha and Garth on ABC7 because the weather and traffic gal just make my morning.

I didn't watch the Today Show until high school. Matt and Katie. I enjoyed them. Al was whatever. Meredith was great too. I would always flip back and forth between that and GMA. I liked Charlie and Diane, then Diane and Robin.

After Meredith left I was solely an ABC watcher. George Stephanopolous, Robin Roberts, Josh Elliott, and Sam Champion had such great chemistry together, and were fun to watch. After Josh left it became hard to watch. Bringing Michael Strahan on? That was jumping the shark. He is tough to watch. He doesn't fit into my morning. He's not a news guy. I can somewhat stand Lara. I still watch GMA or CBS. CBS does real news, and I like that.

GMA continues to drive me crazy. Amy Robach has zero personality and Ginger Zee has her moments. I was hoping that Juju Chang or Bil Weir would be on in mornings. I remember when Bil Weir used to be in LA. Loved watching him, he's a looker, and great sense of humor. GMA I feel needs someone with a little more personality in there to read the news in the mornings.

Savannah Guthrie is imposible to watch. I was hoping after all these rumors that have come up over the past few days about the radical changes at the Today Show were true. Willie Geist would be gone. He's tough to watch. Here's the changes I would make

7-9am - Matt and Tamron Hall, Natalie Morales reading the news
9-10 - Natalie Morales and Josh Elliott, or Josh would be great reading the news on the 7-9am
10-11 - Hoda and Kathie, you can't separate them, they remind me it is ok to drink wine before noon.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Revolutionary Idea

Tie welfare checks parents receive to their child's performance in school.

Parents receive welfare checks on many condition - one is that their children go to school.

I work in one of the most impoverished counties in the nation - let me tell you - I hear what the kids say - I see it on a daily basis inside my class and outside in the community, tie those checks to welfare benefits, and those kids would be busting those arses. That would create a more educated workforce in the future and better citizens.

Obviously I could never run for office.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rave reviews

Had my formal observation - it was amazing - best review ever.

The principal only had complements. Nothing I could improve upon. He said my lessons were amazing. He was impressed with how I handled the kids. He said my room environment was welcoming and my classroom management was excellent. I'm not the best teacher. Lord no, but I do a pretty kick ass job, and work hard.

So at the observation meeting the principal mentioned all of that stuff above and more. He asked what my career path was. I told him I have thought about admin, but am not sure I want to do it given the hours etc. I said I know it would make me more marketable. He said I'm an asset wherever I go, my organization is superior. He said I'm one of those rare people who has organization, can teach, manage, and lead. He said I would make an excellent administrator. He said no pressure. He's not pressuring me, but said it would be a great path for me. He is also willing to send me to a couple of really neat conferences coming up that I'm excited to attend and sent him the information about.

So... he asked me what I was interested in. I said admin. I am going to email him back, or chat him when I see him at school and tell him I am really interested in curriculum, because I am. I love planning a lesson and seeing it executed. I am interested in technology. I am putting several of my unit plans I have created on teacherspayteachers. I have material that can easily be adapted for all learning modalities, adapted for the class format (blended, traditional, and independent). I like thinking of a product and all the activities the kids can do to reach that. I would also like to do something with technology.

I think I want my admin degree. It is about $12,000-20,000, depending on where I go. It would take 2 years. I don't want to drop that amount of money. I'm trying to save for a car, a rental house, and have some vacation dinero on the side. I don't want to go in debt to get a degree. I am already all the way over on the salary scale and only get a raise for each additional year.

I could take more certification tests to make myself more marketable and able to teach more subjects - I know at the school I'm at a business certification would be the best thing. Business at other schools - not so much. There is an overabundance of PE, history, and math at my school. Other schools - PE is usually in demand, and of corse math and other subjects are.

One thing I think about is many administrators will be retiring - there is going to be a shortage - maybe much like the teacher shortage years ago. So do I wait and put it off, and maybe a district will pay for me to do it? Do I just keep taking certification tests? Do I more or less stay where I'm at in the classroom?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Such a busy few weeks

Such a busy few weeks.
Let's break it down.

15 hour days suck. Up by 7:30, head to gym, run errands, do things around the house. Work and then to visit my mom who is in the hospital. She's been in hospital for past week with her 2nd hip replacement. She isn't making a great recovery - this was much more invasive the 2nd time around. She's in a rehab center right now. Arrive home about 10:30 each night.

I did get to see Cole Swindell, Luke Bryan, and Lee Brice in concert. Lee Brice pleasantly surprised me. I loved those pants Luke Bryan had that showed everything. I could see his red waistband to his underwear at many points, which was totally hot. Went with our favorite bartender.

Sold my iPad. Decided I never use it. Didn't get much.

Had my formal observation nat work today. Think it went well.

Spent the weekend out in Palm Desert which was nice.

Was about to buy some personal training sessions at the gym, but they require you to sign up for a year at $45 a session. I negotiated it down to $30, but then they wanted to add a $200 initiation fee, and well, screw them. I wanted some motivation to lose a few pounds and tone my chest. Maybe get back into my 29s. I had been making pretty good progress.

You know what bothers me about jeans? I am wearing Levis 559s right now. I liked the 514s, but they started making them differently or something, or maybe my package got bigger. I hate jeans that squeeze my package, and I felt that's what they were doing.

Hopng for tons of rain. Soon. Hopefully.

No plans for Halloween. Will dress up at the house.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Almost bought a car

I was this close to buying a Hyundai Veloster today - it's between that and an SUV. And the Prius comes out next year.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bonding with my custodian

I have the 2 greatest custodians at my school - I could say they're my favorite people at the school - I'm not friends with most of the other staff.

The AM custodian is a good friend of my sister (sister, as in work sister from my old school). We go back and forth, and she thinks if I'm sissy's friend, then I'm a-ok. AM custodian goes out of her way to do things for me - she brought me a bunch of computers at the beginning of the school because 1 teacher wanted them out of her room. She even found me a teacher computer since I didn't have one.

The PM custodian always calls me "sir." Tonight he came in my room as I was packing up and told me he wasn't going to clean the spills the AM teacher had made with her coffee machine. He said he didn't like her. If it had been me, he would have. I said I would have cleaned my mess if I made it. He said again he didn't like the AM teacher. I said I didn't either. He told me he said some very hurtful things to him. My custodian looks like one of those biker bad ass guys, but thin and scrawny, and a ponytail. I didn't ask for more detail, but he then said "my brother is gay. My brother died. My brother committed suicide." I said "I understand - I'm gay." He said "I know." I was surprised. I thought this guy would be the biggest homophobe because he has that biker look. He said for someone who calls themselves a Christian, the AM teacher gives them  bad name. He said that he has no problem with religious people, but she is such a hypocrite, and she printed out articles for him about why gay people go to hell. We chatted a bit back and forth, and said goodnight. I have a new respect for this guy - he's always very friendly - but I felt like he could turn on a dime - but knowing he's cool with me being gay (not like my sexuality matters), but like he knows, and he isn't going to give me a had dime is refreshing.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Songs to get me through the week

Heard this on Dr. Laura's show the other day - yes - Dr. Laura - don't ask. And I haven't heard it in years.

And this song has been in heavy rotation in the car on my partner's phone

And the way Nicki's ass moves in this song... but on another note I burst out singing this in class for my class - only the chorus. They didn't think I knew cool music. I said Nicki was my girl. The voice. Nicki. You just sound so childish.

Because I saw them the other night, and am all over them.

Oh, and all these songs fit so well on my new iPhone 6, which is as sexy as can be.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Another concert weekend

Saw The Band Perry Friday night at Stateline. They were awesome. Ventured to Vegas Saturday. Sooo needed the weekend away!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

In honor of National Bullying Month

Thought I would talk about the times I was bullied or made fun of, that stand out vividly in my mind.

Steven D made fun of me back in probably 2nd or 3rd grade. We were in AWANA at church, a program where you learn Bible verses and play games. One Thursday night something had had happened- I think one of my tennis shoes was splitting, so I couldn't play games at AWANA if I were to wear the shoes I had on. I was at my grandma's house at the time. My dad went to Stater Brothers because they sold shoes at the time, and bought me a pair of women's canvas shoes with laces like my grandma wore. I wore them with slight embarrassment. It was a few weeks before my parents bought me new shoes- money was tight. Anyways,I went to AWANA one night, and Steven made fun of me, and that stuck for several weeks when he would ask me why I wore cheap shoes, why I wore granny shoes. He called me granny from then on- a good 2 or so years until he moved away. 

4-6th grades
Brad and Brad made fun of me for not wearing Billabong or Quicksilver back in about 4-5th grades. My mom's philosophy was she shouldn't pay to advertise the names of companies on her shirt. I could never bring myself to tell my mom that I didn't have any cool clothes and was made fun of. Instead I remember that one night we were at a thrift store for whatever reason, and I saw a green Billabong shirt that looked in relatively good condition. My mom said how ugly it was because of the logos on it, and refused to buy it. She relented after my nagging, and invested a grand total of 50 cents in the shirt. I wore it to school excitedly only to be made fun of by Brian B because it looked like it was bought at a thrift store. I was so crushed at my attempt to try to be cool and fit in. I denied it was and said that I just hand't worn it in a really long time. 

4th grade
We would line up along the portable, our classroom, which was located on the field after recess. Tommy F would always ask me if I was gay. I didn't know what the word meant at the time, and would say yes. My friends Jamey and Daniel told me to say otherwise, and when I would, I would get laughed at. I learned in 6th grade being gay meant liking guys, and I did, but by then that had been forgotten. This went on day after day- 2 or 3 times a day sometimes!

I had a lunch pail that had the initials BMS on it in 4th grade when I remembered to bring my lunch and didn't have to eat in the cafeteria. It was the initials of an education company or something my mom bought stuff from. Anyways, we would put our lunch pails at the gate of the field after lunch during recess. Brad (mentioned above), Shay, and John would make fun saying that it stands for "Break Mike's Shit," so of course my lunch pail was kicked around and hid from me EVERY FRICKIN' DAY. 

Stephanie Y and Amy L would often join in on the bullying. I still dislike both of them. 

Anyone who didn't have a BMX bike was made fun of- Brad K and Shay both had one.

I wasn't bullied in 6th grade really as Shay, Stephanie Y, Amy L, and  Brad K were in different classes. They were in the room next door with Mr. O, but I rarely saw them. 

7th Grade
Shay ended up in my CORE class- language arts and social science class. I remember Shay tried to make fun of me when I sprained my ankle about how I wasn't cool, told the kids how he made fun of me in middle school. I loved my teacher, Mrs. H, and told her that Shay used to make fun of me. She moved his seat and I guess spoke with him- he never made a comment again. 

There was also all the times I was made fun of for my name.

... And for my voice. I don't know how to describe my voice - a mix of nasally, southern, twang, with some Indiana and New York thrown in. People used to ask me when I was younger if I was from New York. I'm not. I don't say "cawfee," and words to that like. It is nasally due to all my sinus issues. And I am always mistook for ma'am on the phone. I'm not southern. I'm not a woman. Don't call me ma'am. I guess the southern comes about because of the nasal issues. I sound a lot like my dad and uncle, though. My uncle somehow has a boom to his voice that I don't have.

This was hard to write... it brought back so many memories. One thing that all of these events have done is caused me to be a little more shy, not fight, not speak up. These events caused me to go from a fun loving kid, to a kid with many things to hide, a lot of shame. These things made me not want to participate in church functions or school functions. I remember not participating in things in school like chorus because all the kids I mentioned above were in it. And who wouldn't want to get out of science class?!

So speak up. Be an advocate for those who are bullied - that's something I try daily. And I speak. I use my godawful voice, and you can't shut me up. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Being at one

My partner in crime has been gone since Sunday. I miss him. It's not unusual for him to be gone several days in a row for business, so that's not the issue. I'm usually perfectly fine with it. I go to the gym, clean, cook, try new dishes, visit family. The past 2 days I've felt a strange sense of aloneness. I have been coping pretty well and just trying to be in the moment, and enjoy the company of myself... but sometimes it would be nice to hear from a random friend.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Stupid Shit. The dog.

So... I was visiting the family "celebrating" my sister's birthday. It was hardly a celebration. I bought her some really nice sports themed gifts that she seemed to enjoy. And well, there's a dog issue... suddenly my parents have new dogs and my sister insists they stay inside... dogs have never been allowed inside. It has limited my visits to the house because my allergies go haywire when I'm there.

So anyways, I'm at the house. I'm in the kitchen and there's a glass candleholder that was on the counter that is like that fake crystal stuff, but glass. Well, part of it broke in half and I guess my mom had the intention of gluing it. Well, she put it on the counter. WTF why? Anyways, I didn't realize it, set my hand down on the counter, and holy shit, I sliced my middle finger all the way down. It hurt like a mother. I take my hand and swat that candleholder into the trash, which is right next to me. Apparently Stupid Shit (the dog's name I gave her) runs away and has a GPS collar that my sister decided to sit there too. So it happened that I swatted 3 small pieces of the collar into the trash. At that point all I care about is my finger. Am I going to go digging in the trash to find Stupid Shit's collar? No. Did I know it was Stupid Shit's collar at the beginning? No. So I go and clean my hand up and put a couple bandaids on it.

I come back out and sit in the chair in the living room. Parents are prepping to go in their bathrooms. Sister starts looking for Stupid Shit's collar and goes to tell my dad I threw it in the trash. Excuse me? I had no idea what she was talking about. I said I didn't know if I did. I told her that I just sliced my hand and if it was over there, then I probably swatted it in the trash. She told me I needed to dig it out of the trash. I said no. She suddenly comes lunging at me. She stands within 12'' of my face and starts screaming at the top of her lungs calling me a stupid idiot and that I don't care about the animals, and I am going to be responsible if they run away, and the animal has never done anything to me. Whatever. The dog comes over near me and I kick it as I'm trying to get up.  Sister then stands back and slugs me across my arm and bruised it nicely. I rush into my old bedroom get my clothes, suddenly my mom is yelling at me about how the dogs have never done anything to me. My sister is yelling about how the dog was abused before they got her, so it was a great thing that I kicked the dog. I get my stuff and walk out and tell my sister that she's a fucking retard.

I go down to the gas station to get gas from my car and with some begging from my dad after he called me I relented and went to my stupid sister's birthday. Honestly I shouldn't have gone, but I went for my dad and to make my sister mad. I stewed about the incident all the way to the venue and debated if I did the right thing. It's a delicate situation - I am in such a good place with my dad right now that I didn't want to cause issue. On the other hand I feel I should have just gone home and made my mom mad that they spent $50 and I didn't attend, and all that jazz. I do think that I won't get together with my parents this week, and when my mom asks why I'm going to say because of the way they let their daughter treat me. I probably won't call after school each day, which will probably be a little lonely. I am sure we will make up, but I just want to be mad for a while I guess. Good thing regardless I won't have to see my sister anytime soon. With my work schedule I rarely have to see her.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday mumble

Watching Project Runway. Sandhya is my fav this season.

Looking forward to a weekend getaway. Going to the fair and seeing Jennifer Nettles. Excited.

Hopefully meeting up with our friends J&B.

Currently dreaming of living in NYC one day. I need to make enough to eat out all the time, hang out at the bar, you get the idea.

I made the best Manhattan the other night. Pure deliciousness. And it was strong. Make a good Manhattan, and make me swoon. Oh, btw, daninokc, I know the best place to get a Manhattan in NYC. It's a must. I really want to get in to making custom cocktails. I made my own concoction with pineapple vodka, coconut water, and pear juice. Tasted like a margarita with probably a lot less calories. I am convinced I was a drunk in my past life.

I bought tickets to see my man Luke Bryan the other day. Invited my fav bartender along with Mike and I.

Tempted to sell my car. A coworker at my old school wants to buy my car, will pay top dollar. Mini Cooper as a replacement? Maybe. I doubt I will part with it. I really want an SUV, one that doesn't require gas. Tesla, hurry up, please.

Going to be getting a new boss at work. Not thrilled. I really like my current.

My sister may be getting married. That's the word from my mom. That threw me for a 180. WTF? That mess? Really?

Oh, and someone wake me up at 3am please. I need to buy my iPhone.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bits of news

That new iPhone is sexy. Damn sexy. I want a 5.5'' because I'm a size queen. That's on my to buy list this month.

So is the watch. I have missed reports on the battery/charging for that.

I tried to watch the address, but I ended up having to go to work.

In other news, Mike's best friend had been visiting for the past week. They went on a cruise this past weekend. I went to visit my cousin in SD with my mom. We had a blast. Wish we were closer distance wise. Took a few ussies to commemorate the occasion. Back to his friend. Had fun seeing Mike's best friend as she's the opposite of Mike in many ways, and feels sorry for the way he torments... haha... or things he does. It's not bad... like he'll poke my leg when we drive, or he'll pull the hair on my leg to be funny. He tried to do that to her. I react, which makes it amusing.

Need a weekend getaway STAT.

Also need to do brunch/hang out with my former coworkers. Miss them like crazy.

Work has been crazy because of a coworker making drama and internalizing everything. Some people need to get over themselves. I am keeping my distance, but it has caused me to have to recreate my entire course.

I'm on a folksy/oldies kick lately. Here's what I'm listening to at the moment:

Eric Burdon has a SoCal hangout I want to go back and visit - kind of a weird bar in the middle of nowhere. Visited on a random road trip one weekend. Its outside of 29 Palms.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I am going to toot my own horn because I feel like it is necessary. I have had a difficult time at my new school. I like the kids. I like admin and the support staff. I dislike all but 3 of the teachers. I may not like the staff, but I try damn hard at my job. I have had more praise in the past 3-4 weeks at work than I have had in 3 years at my other school. And it means a lot.

The principal sent an email yesterday saying how it was so refreshing that I am a go getter and easy to deal with. I assume it is because so much of the staff is so hard to deal with and unfriendly.

He came in my room to tell me how impressed he was with everything other teachers have told him about me has been positive, how I am always on top of everything, and get everything done so efficiently. He said he wished he had come into my room last year because he is so impressed with everything I have done.

The vice principal last week told me that the kids love me, and she wanted to thank me for that.

And I love there is so little stress.

I just hate working nights and dealing with unfriendly people.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Remember how often we used to be asked that ubiquitous in the good ol' internet days?

Well, I'm following what Joe at Closet Professor has done to find out a little more out about who is reading my blog...

I also want to know your A/S/L, how, how did you hear about my blog, how long have you been reading it, and tell me a little bit about yourself. I am curious to know...

You can do it anonymously, or with your blogger handle.

I'll start...

Age: 27
Sex: Male
Location: Southern California
I'm a high school teacher, been partnered with an amazing guy for nearly 5 years. I love to travel, eat out, cook, and technology.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I'm so lucky I've got to go to so many concerts this year... Dolly, Cher/Cyndi, Reba... 

Coming up next month we are going to go see Jennifer Nettles. She's country with a little rock mixed in.

I WILL NOT miss Chris Cagle when he comes into my area in November. I have missed him 3-4 times. It looks like I'll be going to this concert alone as he's too twangy for my partner.

And I want to go see Luke Bryan badly at the Hollywood Bowl. Those tickets sold out FAST - I didn't even have a moment to get my hands on them. My partner and I want to go with our favorite bartender from our favorite restaurant. She's in love with him, as am I. We just don't want to pay $125+ for seats in the last few rows. Luke Bryan and an outdoor picnic with wine under the LA sky would be so amazing. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Shoe binge

I am about to go on a shoe binge. I have found so many cool new shoes I need. For those of you who have followed my blog, I have a lot of shoes. Lots. Well, I have been condensing my shoe collection over the past several months and have whittled down ones I won't wear again or that have been vetoed by my partner. Here's what I am thinking I need now...

I want the above pair of Cole Haan baldy. I have been eyeing these 2 years, but $249 was too expensive. I was at the outlets recently and they had these for $59 in 11.5 and 13, but not 12. I have called all over - NJ, NY, IL, OH and all of them are selling these shoes for $119. They're $119 or so online if they have them. I'm not going to pay $119 when I could have gotten them for $59 had they had my size.

I want a green pair of dress shoes. Wingtips are hot.

Vans are always in - especially in leopard!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Images of the future

So my mom had surgery last Wednesday - she had a hip replacement. She'd been having difficulty walking, was using a cane, and stumbling from side to side. 

I went down to the hospital to be with her before school Wednesday, and stopped by after. She was sleeping. It was haunting walking into the hospital wing and seeing my mom there laying in a hospital bed, in a dull blue gown. I went in Thursday to see her after the surgery, and she was tired, but in good spirits, but nodding off. I could only think I hope this is not something I ever want to see again. She is healing pretty well - using 2 canes at times, and doing physical therapy. She was released from the hospital Saturday night. That's the longest she was ever in a hospital. 

So I went to see her last night, and saw another image I don't ever want to see again. She was in her new chair, the kind that has the motor to lift you up and off the chair. Her usually well coiffed hair was not. She had no curls left, and had all of her hair in a bun on the top of her head. She just didn't look herself - and I know nothing could be done - but that image stuck with me and kept me up all night. I know our parents age, change over time, sometimes the progression is gradual and sometimes it is more obvious. But to see my mom in a way I have NEVER seen her over these past few weeks has been disturbing. I hope I never have to see this in the future...

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Still here

I'm still here - I've just been busy.

Back at work - been back 2 weeks. It isn't bad - I haven't had too much stress. I am going to have my first walkthrough observation Monday. It was supposed to happen yesterday, but the principal kept getting called out.

Lots of family stuff going on - my mom is recuperating from surgery. My sister is a mess, as usual.

Relationshipwise, things are going well.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Retro TV Shows

Just came across a bunch of TV shows and other things I used to watch on youtube...

The Wuzzles. Rhinokie

Kids Incorporated

Under the Umbrella Tree. Gloria and Holly were great. Jacob was a spaz.

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?
Had many friends appear on that.

Pound Puppies
Cooler was my favorite. He was so cool.

Just the Ten of Us
Loved the Lubbock Babes. And Marie was my favorite.

I would watch for hours on end. Have almost every episode memorized word for word still to this day.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


My mom has been driving me crazy this summer. When we were on vacation in Mexico on the cruise, she kept asking me what my hobbies were, and told me several times I needed more productive hobbies. Um. WTF? LOL. Ok, so that sounds like a conversation we have every few years - it used to be that I sat around all summer doing nothing, and was being unproductive, now this.

So what are my hobbies?
- Entertaining people at our house
- Traveling (cruise, plane, driving)
- Exploring new places
- Working out
- Eating out
- Surfing the web
- Enjoying wine
- Writing

And I'm fine with these.

I am not into material type hobbies because I hate clutter. I hate dust. I hate things everywhere.

I'm not my mom. I don't always have to be doing something in idle time like knitting or crocheting. I don't have sewing, craft books, whatever strewn around all over tarnation.

3rd cruise of the summer

This is summer on the water as I call it. 3rd cruise of the summer. Mike and I booked a last minute to Alaska. We got a great deal, but the cruise was more like being in steerage. Never have I had such a horrible room attendant. Never had such horrid service on a  cruise. The ship was alright, but the cruise line we took that books themselves as "modern luxury" has a lot to live up to.

We did meet a lot of fun people, though, and I am trying to overlook the service issues.

Got to spend the 4th of July in Canada. Uneventful. I can now say I spent the 4th of July in Canada. Too bad we missed Canada Day.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

This is a Woman's World

And I will be celebrating that with Cher tonight!!!
Along with Cyndi Lauper!!!

Have reservations at a new Italian restaurant, hotel next to the venue, and we can't wait!!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

No show underwear

I am a grower. I have a nice package to offer. Often times I tend to grow as the day goes on - a hot guy walks by, some flirtatious conversation, and I'm stiff as can be. What I hate is pants and underwear that hides that. What is with these no show boxer briefs and trunks, or these slim fit pants that give you no room to grow? I hate it. I find myself reaching in, grabbing my goods, and adjusting. Often it is a process. It is not comfortable. What is wrong with underwear that shows this stuff off, what is this obsession with no show? Currently I am on a quest to find some trunks that don't hide what I have, or don't, depending on the time. I'm open to boxer briefs and tighty whities. I have to switch it up once in a while, you know...

Monday, June 30, 2014

Pay Cut

One of the things about my new position that I thought about going into it was a pay cut - the middle school is a great place to work and comes with opportunities for a lot more money. There is the after school program at most middle schools that are low income, and often teachers are given the opportunity to tutor after school. I was making an extra $2,400 a year tutoring. That's lost now, and well, it was a nice amount to put toward trips. That was my trip fund.

At the middle school we were in constant need of subs - I was often told I was going to sub on my prep period, which drove me crazy, but it did provide a nice check with it. $45 per hour. Yeah, I can do that. I was making about $100 per month doing that. At most high schools there is also opportunities to do that, but at my school where I teach all periods, and all teachers there teach all class periods, that is not an option.

My school had a wacko schedule, and there were several addendum's to the contract for it. While I disliked it, what it did provide for was a lot of extra income - we had 20 instructional minutes added at the beginning of the day that gave us about $250 a month more in our check due to a low income grant we got for adding instructional minutes. Also, we had a lot more meetings than a regular school, and well, those meetings drove me insane, but an extra $20 here, $40 here, it adds up.

At the high school there is not a lot of opportunity for extra money. I am taking a pay cut - but I guess it is at the expense of my mental wellbeing.

I am already maxed out on the salary scale and so there is no room for advancement/more money.

Damn, I feel poor again.

$350 a month less is quite a bit.

Oh, and it also doesn't help that we had 3 planning days at the end of the year I was unable to attend due to prior vacation being planned prior to these dates being announced. I went online and put it in the sub system, but was told by payroll after receiving a letter, they are taking $995 out of my check for July because I did not do the leave request properly. GAH. GOTTA FIGHT THAT.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Aurora Borealis

As we hang in Alaska, I am disappointed I'm not able to see this right now. It is definitely on my bucket list.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Hey guys!

I'm looking for some new reads - I like biographies, like plays, but haven't found anything tickling my fancy lately.

Hilary's new book isn't well rated on amazon, so I have strayed away. Robin Robert's book was pure inspiration and had me bawling as I read along.

Now I was wondering if anyone had some good reads - as far as plays, I like Ibsen (A Doll's House), Tennessee Williams (Glass Menagerie, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Streetcar Named Desire), Death of a Salesman.

So... given my preferences... any ideas?

KOLA 99.9 Variety

Ok... so KOLA has expanded their playlist to 70s-90s, and deemed it classic hits. Well, there's a lot they are missing, so here it goes.

They play a few Mariah Carey songs, the occasional BSB song, Smash Mouth, and No Doubt song.

They really should expand their playlist. I feel that one of the biggest issues is a lot of stations repeat songs to adnauseum (see KFROG). I get tired of that same thing. I have a lot of songs, as I know many do, on their iPods with more variety. We even have those really embarrassing songs (Two Princes - Spindoctors or Hootie and the Blowfish). A few of those songs here and there aren't bad.

KOLA could benefit by adding in more variety

90s Songs
- No Doubt - Spiderwebs
- Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy Breaky Heart (file under embarrassing)
- I Love You Always Forever - Donna Lewis
- Celine Dion (My Heart Will Go On, It's All Coming Back to Me Now)
- The Cranberries (Dreams or Linger)
- Christina Aguleria (What A Girl Wants)
- TLC (Waterfalls)
- MC Hammer (Cant' Touch This)
- Enya
- Sting (Desert Rose, Fields of Gold, If I Ever Lose My Faith In You)

80s Songs
Abba (Dancing Queen, Mama Mia)
America (You Can Do Magic)
Deneice Williams - Let's Hear it For the Boy
Duran Duran - Girls on Film, Rio,
Dwight Yoakam - Guitars Cadillacs (embarrassing)
Juice Newton - Queen of Hearts
Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes
Depeche Mode - Can't Just Get Enough
Annie Lenox (No More I Love Yous, Walking on Broken Glass)
Your Love - The Outfield
Promises in the Dark, Shadows of the Night - Pat Benatar
Pet Shop Boys (West End Town, Being Boring)
The Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Kathy Mattea - Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses

70s Songs
Van Morrison - Domino
Crosby Stills and Nash
Frankie Valli
Bee Gees (How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, I Started a Joke)
Cher - Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves
Sonny and Cher
John Denver - Country Roads, etc.

60s Songs with a  Folk/California sound
- The Beatles
- The Beach Boys
- The Supremes
- Bobbie Gentry
- Buffalo Springfield - For What Its Worth
- Marvin Gaye
- Jan and Dean (and others who have the California sound)
- The Troggs - Wild Thing, Love Is All Around
- The Mamas and Papas
- Simon and Garfunkel - Sound of Silence, etc.
- Paul Simon - Loves Me Like a Rock
- Peter Paul and Mary

Shout out to WJLT Evansville, which I often listen to since they have quite a few 60s in their classic playlist.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What is wrong with KFROG 95.1

I'm sick and tired of KFROG. I cannot listen to it. 

I despise the Frogmen in the Morning, Scott and Tommy. I dislike everything that comes out of their mouths. 

And I was in the car at various points today, and here's what I heard:

9:05 - Blake Shelton - Doin' What She Likes
10:06 - Blake Shelton - Doin' What She Likes
11:15 - Blake Shelton - HoneyBee
11:35 - Keith Urban - Cop Car
12:15 - Blake Shelton - Doin' What She Likes
12:30 - Keith Urban - Cop Car

This was just as I was flipping the radio and landed on the frog I heard this. Can you say repetitive? 

And their throwback Thursday hits they're playing? Yeah, 1 song every few hours from a few years ago to the 90s. What a lack of variety. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Parting with books

Some people have that emotional attachment to books - my parents and sister consider books sacred. Tons of bookshelves in their house, love books, buy them constantly. Me? Well, I guess I have a part of that still in me. I always felt that there might be something in my education books that I would find useful, and for the most part I haven't returned to any of the books, so today I decided to sell some of my books on amazon. I had 5 textbooks from my graduate program that fetched me $89 - nice down payment for some new sunglasses... or shoes.

Also took a bunch of $3- and less gift cards I had, and traded them in online for amazon gift cards. While it would be nice to get the full value out of them, they were places I simply didn't shop like the movie theater, Mimi's Cafe, IHOP. So they were places I had gift cards to, went, and still had a little bit left over, and since I didn't pay for them I didn't feel that huge of a loss. $11 there.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

What's good this week - new and old music

Here's what I am playing on my iPhone this week.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Back in the days...

Hung out with The Guy yesterday. It was good times. Lots of talk about anxiety meds, politics, and our relationships. He finds it funny how antagonistic the relationship is between my partner and I. We argue constantly over little things, but in a cute way, and give each other a hard time.

The Guy had a training session with his trainer at his ritzy country club he has a membership to, so I got to tag along and look at all the hotties from the local high school and college, and work out.

Stopped by Trader Joes and then went back to his house where Rob had just shown up. We talked about a lot of things - mainly Rob's new ventures into nursing, and his new job at a doc's office. Got to talk about a  lot of interesting things like B12 injections. Glad Rob is doing so well.

Then we ordered pizza, ate, and talked, and watched something called Paranormal Witness. It was good - could easily become addicted to that show.

After dinner, and the bottles of wine started flowing, we talked about a lot - we got deep - we talked about cooking, common core math standards, our upbringings and how we remember being taught math in school. It was good that The Guy and I are on opposite spectrums of our beliefs for the common core standards, so that made for good debate. Rob and I grew up in the same city, and grew up with a lot of the same common friends, though we went to different schools. We reminisced about the places we went, people we knew, and that was fun.

He asked about one mutual acquaintance - actually, he is good friends with everyone int he family, and I am Facebook friends with most of the family, but did not like the girls, and I went to K-12 with them. They were mean, know it alls, and made fun of everyone. There were 6 of them, and 4 boys. He asked if I heard about the crash in a nearby city where a guy was coming home from work on his bike, and was struck by a man in a car. I said I had, since I remember hearing it on the news. Turns out their little brother, whom I did go to school with, was all over the news the day before because he had been arrested for mowing the guy over with his car, and I heard the name as the news was reporting it, but the name didn't register. The kid had a very unusual name. I didn't like the little brother, but what he did was tragic.

About 10pm I figured it was time to go, so I said my goodbyes.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cruise photos

Taken with my iPhone as that was what I had around me most of the time.

My room - an interior cabin - I thought I'd be paranoid - thoughts of what if the boat sank, but I was fine. I really enjoyed that it was pitch black and I could watch my favorite drunks, Hoda and Kathy at 7am with the Miami feed in pitch black.

The view down my hall that I saw every morning. It has a Vegas casino feel to it.
 From the deck.
 The lobby
 The buffet.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The cruise with my parents

Ventured over to Catalina and down to Ensenada with my parents. Cruise went well.

Good dinner mates - an older black couple from Cerritos, a lesbian pair of nurses, and what looked like OC money from Reno

Just got off at Catalina and walked around, had dessert.

In Ensenada, we went downtown, and walked and walked and walked and walked.

Some good conversations happened - the finance conversation - they saw me do a shot of cranberry vodka at the dinner table, they saw me wandering around with my glass of chardonnay, and I had my piƱa colada at brunch. My dad seemed judgmental, but my mom was cool with it.

Parents enjoyed the shows - I'm glad they weren't exactly like the ones the week prior.

Pics to follow.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gay in Nashville

I was reading one of my new blogger friend's archives the other day, and not only did I discover he was a country music fan, which scores major points in my book, but he posted an article I knew nothing of.

I had heard the name Shane McNally before, so I'm not that so far behind, but I knew nothing of him - a gay country songwriter who is behind some of country music's biggest hits right now.

He's got lots of articles about him - here, NY Times, and the Washington Post.

A lot of his songs are some of my favorites I discovered -

Last Call - LeAnn Wommack
Somewhere With You - Kenny Chesney <-- a="" and="" every="" gay="" have="" heard="" i="" it="" like="" lol.="" nbsp="" p="" relationship...="" song="" sounded="" this="" time="">Come Over - Kenny Chesney
A few of The Band Perry's songs
Tie It Up - Kelly Clarkson <-- equated="" funny="" gay="" he="" heard="" immediately="" it="" marriage="" my="" p="" partner="" this="" to="" when="">

Oh, and Lady A too... Downtown. Love that song, and the line "I've got a dress that'll show a little uh-uh, but you ain't getting unh-uh unless you come pick me up..."

And Miranda Lambert's "Mama's Broken Heart"

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Togetherness - Finances

Over the past month or so I've been thinking a lot about money. I have several goals that I want to meet -

Things I already do
- Save 15% of my monthly check toward retirement
- Save toward an emergency fund

Things I need to do
- Build an emergency fund that is at least 6 months of salary set aside -- I've got about 4 months there
- Put money toward the house (patio)

I guess I'm easily swayed, or pressured. One thing that would be nice is to have a rental house, but do I need it? No. My parents keep saying I need to buy a house, but I have a house, I have a partner, and we are happy where we are at. I have been having the realization that I don't need to please anyone - my parents can talk, and tell me what I need to do, but that doesn't work for me right now. Right now my priority is the patio and doing what I need to do for us to live comfortably - or at least contribute my part -- and on our cruise this week this is something I plan to bring up to my mother and father. It is not going to be an easy conversation, but I feel that is really holding me back right now.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Excruciating Pain

I went through several rounds of physical therapy for the meniscus/calf issue, and did that for about 3 months. It was great. The pain went way down. The physical therapist was awesome - she really, over time, dug into my calf muscle and knee area via soft tissue massage.

I've been out of physical therapy for about 3 months, and I continue to be a good boy, doing all the exercises, but I still get a pain.

The pain occurs right above my ankle in the inner part of the calf. It is on the inside of the leg, literally 1-3 inches from where the ankle bone sticks out. It is a sharp, tingling, piercing, and pulling pain. It is pretty constant, especially when I am not standing or walking. It is weird. The pain is only concentrated to 1 little spot. I alternate between an Ace Bandage Wrap, a calf band, and a calf sleeve - whatever seems to hit the pain that day. I try to massage it, and that helps for a few moments, but then the pain is back. I lack the massage therapist touch, and I do try. It is made worse when I sneeze, for whatever reason, the tingling can be felt then, oh, and when I wipe, which is probably TMI, but it goes to show how the human body is connected. When I'm laying in bed it bothers me too, especially without the Naproxen. It feels like my leg is electric, and the Naproxen calms it down. Tylenol won't work.

I try to research online and come up empty-handed. I don't have shin splints, blood clots, and nobody can seem to explain this.

So today I'm in the Ace and calf band, and on a big dose of Naproxen trying to make things better, and trying to enjoy the day en Catalina.

As for the meniscus issue, my knee is 1000% better, and only after strenuous physical activity, or movements I'm not used to do I have to wear a knee band for a day or so, then I'm fine.

Monday, June 9, 2014

We have places to go

So lots of vacationing coming up...

I'm vacationing on another cruise with my parents next week. It was super cheap - less than $250 for 5 days/4 nights, going on a quick jaunt down to Mexico. And they say I never spend time with them. Thank my partner for encouraging me to go.

I NEED A VEGAS BREAK SOON. Last year we went to Vegas like 4 times over 2 months, and well, I miss it. I wanna park myself like its hot at a slot machine and make it rain. Then I want to find some amazing drinks and happy hours. And shop. That's my plan. Gonna press Mike to go soon. I've been pushing. He'll probably say "it's too damn hot."

And well, NY for the holiday season. SO EXCITED. AGAIN. It is our annual tradition. So, our friends from the cruise, Mike's friend Kat, and myself, are trying to plan a NYE in a house on Martha's Vineyard or somewhere fancysmancy like that, or in a mountainy area with lots of snow. We are super excited. While in NYC I MUST MUST MUST see "Beautiful," Carole King's biography that basically became a Broadway show. I'm not sure it's Mike's cup of tea, but I just read her biography, and love her music. Her songs are just brilliant. Brilliant play on words. So, here's some Carole King for ya... and me.

My favorite line is "when my show was in the lost and found..."

Little Eva was her kids' babysitter.

I want to get to OKC to see my cousins. Indiana is also on my list to see my family there. So many places to go and so little money. Boo.

Oh, and it drives Mike crazy that I love those oldies... and trivia.

And I want to go see Elton John at Staples Center in October. Expensive I'm sure.

Oh,and Bobbie Gentry is currently in heavy rotation on my iTunes right now. Love the folksy sound. The Closet Professor posted her song "Ode to Billy Joe," and I've been playing her ever since...

Saturday, June 7, 2014

TV and Radio Observations

Anyone ever watch "The People's Couch" on Bravo? Anyone seen the Egbert family, the 2 guys, who are sons, who are always laying in their parent's bed, in between mom and dad? Weird.


- I am so glad Kristin Cruz from the Mark & Kristin show on KOST 103.5 is gone. I could not stand another moment about her talking about her kids, her firefighter, or her sandpaper voice.

- I cannot stand Bruce Scott in the afternoon on KOST. He just seems a little fruity. Keri Steele is just hella annoying too. I avoid KOST a lot these days.

- Oh, and another reason why I avoid KOST is their traffic bed. They've added the most annoying and grating music to the bed during the traffic report. It sounds like they took the music from One Republic's Counting Stars and have that behind Mike Nolan giving the traffic.

- I miss RaqC and Nachin en Exitos 93.9 y all the Spanglish. Listen to the clip from Exitos below. How awesome is all that Spanglish? That's pretty much como I talk on a daily basis.

- Radio stations that place the commercials before the traffic reports bother me. I am not going to stick around to wait for a traffic report - I will flip to another station.

- KIIS is so formulaic sounding in the morning - not a Ryan Seacrest in the morning fan, but I do like him, only on TV I've decided.

- My favorite radio stations right now are 100.3 KSWD, The Sound. Lots of music, lots of not regularly played classic rock, great features like Peace Love and Sunday Mornings, Triple Play Thursdays, and My Turn.

- KOLA is good, but their playlist, even though they have gone 90s too, is so limited. They could add in groups like TLC, Gin Blossoms,  Mariah Carey (other than Always Be My Baby), Nirvana, Alanis Morisette, Paula Cole. KOLA also needs more 80s. They should add in a few 60s like KEARTH does with Beatles and Beach Boys, along with Motown.

- I like Jesse Duran and Irma in the morning on KOLA. They're fun and energetic.

- Meanwhile on another IE station, KGGI, I cannot stand John Magic, Weavey, and Evelyn Erives. He just doesn't appeal to me. Diana Weavey is so small market sounding. KGGI no longer plays old school.

- And other morning shows - I don't like the Woody Show on ALT 987. Their features like the Redneck news are fine, but they talk so much about like how bad humanity is. I know it is, but I just don't find them relatable.

- Anytime I need a Woody I can go to Heidi and Frank on 955 KLOS, and they are always talking about sex in some way or another. The other morning they were talking about a survey about people liking to do it while their favorite shows are on so they don't miss out on the shows. Like WTF, really, people? LOL.

- I continue to loathe KFROG's limited playlist, the Frogmen in the Morning talk about the same thing everyday - their kids, school, and well, it's boring.


- KTLA just hired Nerissa Witherspoon Knight - the former KNBC morning anchor who had a big 130 market fall to Beaumont Texas after her KNBC days. And she was probably where she belonged. She was painful to watch. WTF is KTLA thinking?

- KTLA is on a bimbo hiring spree it seems right now. Courtney Friel. Nerissa.

- KTLA should have Vera Jimenez or Ginger Chan occasionally stand in front of the traffic map, instead of inside the traffic center. I like that. Watch my girl Alysha below...

- Love me my Alysha, Garth, Leslie, and Phillip in the morning on ABC7. I am constantly changing the channel between ABC7 and the KTLA crew 4-7am crew. I can't stand Jessica Holmes, so after 7, I am watching CBS or ABC. Henry DiCarlo is hilarious. I can't watch KABC with Bri Winkler on. She's amateur, at best. Chris Schauble doesn't even bother me that much on KTLA now.

Have to admit, I used to have a hard time watching Leslie Sykes, but she has grown on me, and I enjoy her in the morning.

- And Good Day LA is unwatchable. PERIOD.

- Oh, and I haven't watched KNBC in a hot minute also. They're just a mess over there. Anette Arreola, Gadi Schwartz, Tony Shin, and Michelle Valles. All amateurs at best, and really do not know SoCal when they talk.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Cars - the 2015s

So I have been thinking about cars lately, and how there are so many new models coming that I want to wait for... 

A few months back, this is what I said:

want a luxury car at that - even cpo - certified pre owned - it is not like i'm driving a lot now, and i don't plan to hold onto it after it hits 100k. sure it costs a little more, but its about the thrill of driving as far as I'm concerned. my partner thinks otherwise. we have his old luxury suv deal, his convertible, and my fuel efficient car. we have talked about going more fuel efficient - prius like - but part of me wants a luxury car - i feel like i should be moving up - not staying the same and also not compartmentalizing myself into something
my car could get about $6-7k right now. its nearly at 100k, so needs about $300 for the tune up and then about $450 in other work. so i would be putting $750 in a car that i'm going to keep for another year. i don't like that idea. dang cars being expensive.

Here's the cars I'm liking, and eyeing...

2015 Volkswagen Tiguan

2015 Honda VHR

2015 Lincoln MKC

There are of course luxury models I'm looking at, and a few others (Hyundai Veloster, BMW/Audi Certified), but I think I want to wait at least until the end of 2015. Maybe a Scion? They're coming out with new models including a sedan, a hatchback, and a few more. Maybe a BMW? I also like the new Jeep Cherokee, the new Prius is coming out, as well as Prius C, and so there are many choices.  I will have some money saved up by then. 

I am setting money aside right now for a rental house, building up my emergency fund, and toward our amazing patio. 

So right now my goal is this - save $100 a month toward a car.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

To get myself motivated to lose some weight/get back into the gym regularly

Current Stats:
Height - 6'1
Weight - 165lbs

Goal - Lose 10 pounds
Goal - Do at least 2 hours of cardio every week at the gym/15 miles a week
Goal - Abs at least 3 times a week, at least 100 of some exercise
                 *** Do AbRipperX (P90X) when I go 2 or more days not going to the gym
Goal - 3 times a week at the gym I will have a leg, arm, and chest day
Goal - Gym 4-5 days a week
Goal - fit better into size 29/30 pants

Truth - I used to be between a 28 and 29, suddenly I'm at a 30, and edging toward a 31, which I refuse to let happen....

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Jack off

How do you make for time when you are around your spouse who is obviously not horny, and you need to take care of business. How do you get away from them to jack off for a bit? Problem is my guy works from home, so is there 90% of the time, and we are almost always I'm the same room

Might I add that he is a prude when it comes to stuff like this, that he doesn't really have the sex drive I do, and would find it weird to find me doing it.

Friday, May 23, 2014


How do you manscape your pubic hair? 
Is it au natural?
Is it trimmed over with a trimmer?
Do you trim or shave your balls?

I'm curious. There's something sexy about an  au natural or nicely trimmed set of balls and cock. 

I typically shave my balls and will occasionally manscape taking a trimmer over the pubes. Sometimes I'll trim heavily around my penis because who wants pubes in your hand while you jack off? 

I am thinking trying new things - a more triangular landing strip like this... what do you guys think and do?

Summer Questionnaire

Memorial Day Weekend

1. Memorial Day is a day of remembrance but it also signifies the "Official" start of summer. What are your plans for the weekend?

I will be in Tampa/Orlando departing on a 7 day cruise with my partner and some friends.

2. What is your most and least favorite thing about summer?

Relaxing and traveling are among my favorites, as well as no schedule. 
Least favorite things include wearing shorts - I think shorts don't look as complete as pants, and I feel naked wearing them. 
Oh, and sweating sucks. Hyperhydrosis. Ick. I have sweaty hands and feet especially int he summer.
3. What do you think of when I say "Bar-B-Que"?

Lucille's. Google it. 

4. What is your favorite summer food?

Taco Salad

5. Are you in swim suit shape yet?

Nope... got about 10 pounds to lose. Damn me for not losing 10 pounds in this past month by not eating. 

6. Given the choice, which do you prefer: ocean, lake or pool?

Do I have to choose? Who wants a pool? Maintenance. And water. Ick. Ocean... sand... and sand is bad. And lake... well, walking around it isn't bad. I guess. 

7. Which summer blockbuster movie are you most looking forward to seeing?

None - not a fan of going to the movie theater

8. Summer reading - What? Recommendations?

gay erotica, cheap reads on amazon's kindle site
Biographies - Currently reading Carole King's bio

9. Vacation Plans? If you can't, what would you do if you could?

Cruise this weekend, Vegas hopefully a few times (fingers crossed), a road trip to Salt Lake hopefully

10. Did you ever have to go to summer school?

Yes... got a D+ in Algebra II because I sucked at math, and Carlos was a horrible teacher. 

Bonus - Sex on the Beach?

Every happy hour.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Last day of school

:::Happy Dance:::

Have to go back and check out tomorrow, but that should be a chill day.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The new job

So here's the lowdown

The Good
- Almost no stress, and I don't come home needing a drink every night according to Mike
- The kids know that since they are at a continuation school this is their last chance to shape up, so most are pretty good.
- A lot less planning on my end since it is packet work and setting up my syllabus at the beginning of the year will carry me the entire year.
- Easy lesson planning
- Admin is laid back and supportive
- Max class size is 25
- Next year I plan to teach things i'm passionate about - critical reading and writing, and I can. Woo.
- The cafeteria lady and custodian are the nicest people at the school. They really are genuine, concerned, sweet people

The Bad
- The hours - 11:30-7pm has required me to completely readjust my schedule. Still get up at 6, but go to the gym, do yard work and clean, then eat breakfast, and shower. Getting off at 7 threw off my dinnertime - now 8 or later instead of 5. BOO. Oh, and 12am is my new bedtime it seems instead of 10:30.
- The fulfillment - this is not really a fulfilling job, but after 3.5 years of extreme stress I'm ready for a change. I think me being able to teach next year rather than just sit at my desk will be more fulfilling.
- The teachers - most unfriendly and rude people you have ever met. One dude was trimming his nose hair in the lunch room with his electric trimmer. Who does that? Another was talking about how he was wanting to cheat on his wife he married 3 weeks ago because she wasn't giving him sex. These aren't people I want to surround myself with. When I say hello I'm ignored. I miss friendliness.
- You don't have to dress up- I was a shirt and tie guy at my old school, as were all the male teachers. It was what was expected. Here, there's a guy, who everyday wears an orange shirt with a rhinoceros on it, brown cargos, has a green or orange mohawk depending on the day, ears pierced, and combat boots. I believe you dress for the job, dress for success, dress professionally, and so this is a disappointment. I am dressing down a lot in fact, and doing button downs and jeans most days.
- The lady I share a room with is bipolar in her thoughts and what she says according to staff.
- Happy hour is from 3-6, or 3-7 depending on where you go. No cheap food and drinks for me...

Monday, May 19, 2014


Miss my old coworkers like crazy, and our super nice enclosed patio was just finished, so it was the perfect time to have a brunch Mike and I decided. Went out and loaded up on breakfast stuffs, and booze. Mike made his NJ tradition, his egg and sausage creation in a bowl, and oatmeal. Had a do it yourself bloody mary bar, which was a hit. Many of the teachers who were here had never had one before. They loved it. Also had the traditional mimosas. Played Cards Against Humanity, and drank, and laughed, and talked. My coworker Marc, whom I am sure has floated in the man pool before, though he is married and has a kid, was the life of the party, like usual. Flirty. Chatty, and just fun to hang around. Blondiful J was here too, and she was taking photos of everyone. Marc declared we need to have many more of these - at least once a month. I agreed. Hopefully we can.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cheesy Photos

The clerk at my old school is raising money for her son to go on a trip to DC with his school next year. She is a pro photographer, and has a special of 5 shots, which equates to a 20 minute session for $30. I took her up on the offer since I have wanted some good photos of Mike and I together, plus it is for a great cause. Mike hates taking photos, gave me looks, and snide comments the entire way. Once we got to the site where we were taking the photos, he was fine. We got the photos back today, and they look great.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Opus 1

I didn't know the reference on RHOC to Opus 1. Mike was saddened. I need a bottle of Opus 1, stat.

It's wine BTW.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

3s the charm

Finally met up with our friends J and B. We haven't seen them since November or so. Lots got in the way. The first time B had been sick, the second time something else happened, and the 3rd time was 2 weekends ago when Mike was in bed sick all weekend with some stomach virus. It almost became a 3rd time we had to reschedule when J's grandma died Thursday. She was 101.

We chatted last weekend and bought groupon tickets to an Angels game.

Met up at their house about 4pm yesterday. Showed off Mike's new car. Mike got a new Chevy Volt. It is the coolest thing. Seriously. We drove to the game in it, and parked at the brewery right by the stadium. We had a couple beers, then meandered to the stadiuM. I sat next to B about half of the game, talking about work and other random stuff. Then we got up halfway through the game and found new seats where we could better see the fireworks. J and I sat spotting cute guys and determining whether they were straight or not. Angels won. Fireworks after the show were awesome. As we were walking back to the car we found a baby kitten that we were trying to rescue - he was nowhere near his mommy and seemed all alone. Scared little thing, though. So we were off to Yogurtland for some treats.

Good night overall... glad we got to get together

Other happenings- we put one of our cats down this week. He had kidney disease, which basically there's no recovery from unless she was going to have constant injections and something equivalent to dialysis.

Had breakfast with my dad this week now that I work nights.

Hung out with E from my old school, and her husband, Mike. We went to a brewery on Friday night, which was really good. They had a food truck too,w which was so-so. Asian fusion.

Our patio is done. We have had a patio cover put in that is about a quarter the size of the house - it is half enclosed and half open. Been buying stuff for it. We are out on the patio right now enjoying it.