Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Top Concerts

I was thinking about the top concerts I had been to the other night after discussing the recent Reba and Dolly concert with Mike.

Here's a recap of some of my favorite concerts, and my list of the best concerts I attended:
1. Adele - so intimate, and great seats
2. Dolly Parton - such a fun personality
3. Montgomery Gentry - what ruckus, and belting out every song
4. Faith Hill at Hollywood Bowl - the philharmonic behind her was great
5. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw - I got to say I saw Soul2Soul
6. Tim McGraw with Lady Antebellum opener - LadyA did great and Tim is just sexy
7. Luke Bryan and Jewel - So intimate and personal, plus I got Luke Bryan's autograph... he's sexy
8. Sugarland - Seen them multiple times in concert
9. Lady Gaga - With a good blogger friend, first major concert for a big act. So glad I got to see her
10. Frankie Valli - He's always good
11. Reba - She had lots of songs and stories
12. Pat Benatar/REO Speedwagon - Outdoor at the Hollywood Bowl :)
13. Beach Boys - Cali Boys... 'nuff said
14. The Turtles/Creedence Clearwater - They don't have the voices they used to
15. Easton Corbin KKGO - Easton was great

Next up on our diva list is Wynonna, then Cher!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Fotos de Mexico DF

Thoughts about Mexico

- Lots of hot guys
- Latinos
- Most people eat a large meal between 2 and 4, then go back to work. After 4 the restaurants are nearly dead
- Margaritas aren't all the rage here in the DF. Ron y whiskey es, and we've already visited a few whiskey bars.
- Cuando you sit en un restaurant, that's when they take your drink order, y it threw me off guard a couple times.

Y ahora son las fotos

Like en America, gastropubs are the rage y beer
Templo Mayor

Nuestro neighborhood

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Made it to Spring Break

Made it to Spring Break. It was actually not too bad at work - the kids were ok. 

I organized Happy Hour the day we went on break. Had about 10 people there, not all the usual suspects, Marky Mark was missing, so no sex on the beach this time. Him and I know how to have sex on the beach shots... let's just say. My cousin, M, happened to be there. She walked in about an hour or so into happy hour. I walked over to say hi, then she came and visited my work peeps. 

Got to talk to the lesbian math teacher who now teaches English. Glad I did. She thought I was mad at her, so we talked, and I wasn't. I told her that I am at my breaking point with the new AP, and she was supportive, and felt the same way. 

Made it to Mexico City. So far we are loving it. It does not feel dangerous at all. There's tons of security everywhere you go. The people are friendly. We discovered the different sections of the city, and where we need to go back. There are some parts that are really old, grafittied, and rundown, but it was to be expected. We used AIRBNB and found an apartment to stay in for the week, so we are doing the locals thing. Dan - check this website out - it is great for the travel bug itch. 

Tonight we are going to a gay leather bar. My partner is apprehensive, but I want to. Not that I'm looking. Not that it is my scene. This bar seems to be advertised everywhere. Second, I want to be able to say I went to a club in Mexico City and had one of those crazy nights out... lol... well, at least say I've been to a club here. Next will be a 50s/60s oldies music bar. How awesome is that? I'm seriously loving everywhere we go there are oldies playing. Even the gastropubs and more trendy places have them going...

The number of gay people we have seen has been crazy. We are staying in a gay area, but even when we haven't been, we've seen lots of guys.

My partner is so great - he doesn't speak a word of Spanish, yet takes me to all these places, and he doesn't complain.

I've been thinking about starting up a travel blog with reviews and recommendations, or a food review website, or both. I want to start writing again for fun, but also to get my work out. There's a few magazines starting up in my area that are seeking writers, and this would be a good thing. I've also thought about creating a happy hour guide in my area since I am the resident drunk after all.