Monday, January 31, 2011

Good people

Today wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. My sister was still on my nerves, but good people helped make the day better.

I love Mrs. M, who somehow received a student of mine in 6th period, because he left the class without permission, I knew that, and was waiting to handle him. He never came back, but instead found his way to her class. She didn't want him there, but marched him to me where we discussed his behavior, and got the clear lie from him. He didn't deny it. We marched him to the principal's office.

My awesome principal backed both of us up, then gave the kid mandatory Saturday schools, an hour detention after school, and turned him over to the school police and his attendance is now being watched. He is now considered a habitual truant. This kid needed that shake up. I hope his behavior improves.

Mrs. M is also awesome for saying she would not mind being my buddy teacher for when I need to send misbehaving students out.

I'm making an impression on a few students like M in 6th period. I conferenced with his mom last week about his poor grade and behavior. He is turning around, stepping up his game, and today volunteered to take an unruly kid to the AP. M is a good kid deep down, I know it. I really like him, and am so excited to see this positive change.

The secretary at the school is always so willing to help me look up phone numbers and pull up student info that I don't have access to since my account still hasn't been configured.

My mom is awesome for working "behind the scenes" at home for me on my Excel assignment? Is that bad? She called me as she was leaving school today and I was heading over to school to ask if I was alright after last night. I told her I wasn't. I told her the professor shot the assignment back at me. She came home and I highlighted the information I needed. She played around for about 2 hours trying to get my graphs labeled. She is great with Excel, but has never really used the graphs, but did manage to fix 1 of the 5 or 6 graphs.

Fuck her

My sister really pisses me off.

I asked her to help me with my homework last night. I had an assignment I had to complete in Excel, but maybe it was just my lack of expertise and that I didn't know how to access some of the functions on a Mac I couldn't do it. I went in and asked my sister for help. She said in a monotone voice, "I'm working." I said I just needed her for a moment. She said she hasn't used Excel in a long time. I showed her the graph that I needed fixed. I told her what I needed, showed the page in my book that had that. Sister in the meantime throws the document in the trash on my computer and deletes my trash, therefore deleting my only copy of the assignment. Then the bitch claimed she didn't know where it went. I told her. I told her my trash was now clean. I told her that was the only explanation since stuff just doesn't disappear. So I spent another 3 hours on top of the 2 that I had already spent trying to recreate that shitty assignment for 5 measly points (but the entire class is out of 100 points). Bitch. Of course I wanted to go to bed at nearly midnight because I was up all night recreating something you destroyed in 2 minutes. No apologies. She just replied she didn't know what happened. I went in my room after I got my computer from her in tears and felt so crushed and defeated. I wasn't asking her to do the assignment- merely put a title, as well as label the x and y axis in a graph- I left my computer with her a max of probably 5 minutes while I was in the other room helping my mom. My mom just asked if the document was saved and I went right to the email where the professor sent the assignment back to me. Unfortunately this was all done through the university's online system and there is no copy saved there. How can she be so mean? Oh the things I would love to do to her to show her how it feels. Should I? Ugh. I won't steal her phone and text her friends because I've had that done to me, and know how it feels. I won't do anything like that. I feel tempted to write on her twitter she really isn't a professor, but then mommy and daddy would have to get involved, and that's just childish. Maybe wipe her hard drive? Something? Ugh. I'm still livid this morning.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eating out

Thursday Night:
Mike texted me about 12:30, but it was 2:30 before I got to the message since I was in class. He invited me to dinner at a local Mexican food place with his friend Candy. I didn't have plans- we said we would meet at 6:30, but that later turned into 7. I heard all about Candy and Mike's excursions over the past several days including Hearst Castle, Disneyland, and some Top Chef's restaurant in LA. The restaurant was awful. Hearst was interesting. Disney was pretty good with the exception of Tower of Terror where Candy was so scared. We talked about all of the "flair," or Disney pin collectors. We had to spend $100 at this Mexican food place since Mike had a gift card. We did a round of drinks, the main courses, and then dessert. Our total was $101, so then after the gift certificate it was about $24 a person. The food was not good, although Mike and Candy were of differing opinions.

Saturday Afternoon:
I ran around Saturday morning with Linda and my parents. We went to the bank, a cafe down the street we had never tried that was disappointing. Mike texted me asking if I was still going out to Palm Springs with him and Candy. I texted back yes.

We meet at his place at 2 and drive out there. We stop at the A&W Rootbeer outside of Casino Morongo for rootbeer floats. We get out to Palm Springs about 3:30 and spend about 30 minutes driving around lost, trying to find the couple whose house we were going to. These were good friends of Mike and Candy whom they met and took a couple cruises together with. I am sitting in the back of the car laughing hysterically to Mike's horrible Spanish. Calle, or street, he pronounces it as cal-lee. Mike swore the condos we were looking for were white, but there were no white condos on the street we were passing. Candy said it was probably dark when he was there last. Mike didn't deny that. We finally found the condos after peering in old ladies windows and discovered the condos were beige.

So I meet Mike and Andy- former Disney workers, an attorney, and a school administrator. Mike, Candy, Mike, and Andy talk about the cruises, cruises they took recently, and things like that. We talk about the weather here and New Jersey where Candy lives. We debate about where to eat dinner- Fisherman's Market, but one person didn't want fish or tacos of any sort. The dark place, Wang's of the Desert came up, a Chinese food place. Roscoe's and Dinks also came up. Candy said she didn't want Mexican, and we told her how anti-Californian she was since any true Californian would never turn down Mexican food. Mike, my Mike, mentions how great Cipolline Italian on Palm Canyon is. We all pile in Mike's car and head on over. We hear all of the Disney stories about the submarines and other rides. The restaurant itself was alright. The service left much to be desired. The food was alright, but with most Italian, I can make better at home. Andy and I talk during dinner un poco- el habla Espanol también y nosotros estamos gringos- hablamos de los ventajas especialmente en la escuela. We both speak Spanish and talk about the advantages, especially in the school setting. We go back to their place and drop them off. Everything sort of trailed off...

Mike joked we should go meet his boss who lives in Palm Springs and how shady he was. Candy vehemently protested. Mike called the boss, and Candy gave me the lowdown. I'm sort of glad we missed that one... LOL.

We decided to go bowling. We tried to go to Morongo, but there were 1000s of people. We ended up at an AMF in San Bernardino. It was pretty fun. We did the cosmic bowling. It wasn't quite 10p.m. when we arrived, so we sat in the bar drinking. I had a Dos Equis. We got our balls. I got a 14 pound ball and Mike did too, but later he went back to an 11 pounder. LOL. He said to bowl he needed alcohol. He kept us well supplied. Un dos Equis turned into cuatro Dos Equis. WOW. I'm not sure the alcohol helped us bowl better, but let's just say the 3 of us were very touchy feely, and were probably disturbing the "white trash" family next to us. 2 guys and 1 black girl all touching and feeling each other. The most drunk moment probably had to go to me- and I wasn't drunk- I was a little tipsy, but one of the white trash kids screamed, I turned around to look, and my ball went falling backward. The best I bowled was a 96. The best Mike did was a 122. Candy did about 83.

After our little adventure Candy wanted In-N-Out. Mike harassed her about wanting and needing that. We sang along to the songs on KOLA 99.9. Candy said The Commodores sang "September," and we got into an argument. I told her it was Earth, Wind, and Fire. She thought someone weird- I want to say John Mellencamp sang "Wild Night," but I informed her it was Van Morrison. I informed the 2 of them I had KOLA as my #1 preset, which made me a pretty good source in music. Then Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons came on with "December 1963," and again I knew who sang that. Candy got her burger and got her Ben, Ben was the sweet man helping us in the drive through.

We get back to Mike's and I use the bathroom in his room. When I walk out Mike throws me some pants and so I change into them. We watch Candy dance 3-4 Michael Jackson songs. Mike sits on the couch next to me and he takes the controller and plays one of the backup dancers just moving his arms, and does pretty well. Shortly after we head to bed. It is 1:20a.m. We sleep pretty well. I did have an icky coughing spell in the middle of night. We wake up to Mike's alarm and tickle each other and some other things.

We shower and get dressed. Mike asks if I'm wanting breakfast. I said sure. We drive to McDonalds and talk about teaching and the primary grades. We go to Wal-Mart also for a few things. Candy is up when we get back due to Mike's false alarm where he left without her. He makes her food while we watch "Red." I had every intention of going home before the movie, but instead we head to CPK. The one in San Bernardino closed down apparently, so we drive out to Victoria Gardens. Candy drove. Mike has a business trip he is leaving on tonight, and Candy is taking him to the airport. He wanted to be sure Candy could drive his car. She was having a few issues, but she managed. I guided her to Victoria Gardens. At the Pizza Kitchen the topics of conversation included: child leashes, how high maintenance Candy is/isn't, and locking your bedroom door. Mike offers to take us to Cheesecake Factory for dessert. I have the most disappointing tiramisu cheesecake.

When we finally get back to Mike's I use the bathroom and then take off so he could get ready for his trip.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My sister's first week as a professor

Last Saturday: My sister broke a tooth that she never got repaired and it got infected. My sister was so sick she could barely lift her head off the pillow. My mom forced her to go to Kaiser. Sister threw a huge fit. When she got to Kaiser she told my mom to get lost. Lots of ruffled feathers. All my mom said was she had to feel better before Monday.

Sunday: Sister was still really sick. She realized she had to dress like a professor or something on Sunday. She suddenly needed makeup. My sister, who doesn't wear makeup, demanded my mom take her out to get makeup. They spent $60.

About 10pm Sunday night my sister decided she should write her syllabus. (Insert your favorite, Christian swear word here like crap bucket). So she was up swearing like a Christian sailor in an effort to create her syllabus. About 11:30 she sends it to the printer. She decides she is going to print from our little inkjet with a duty cycle of about 150 pages. Nope. Mom yelled at her for that. She said she was going to go to school and photocopy early in the morning. She has had all week and weekend.

6am Monday morning:
My dad woke my sister up. She went in to the bathroom, and demanded my mom, who was already running late put on her makeup. Sister got home at 10p.m. and she had nothing but great things to say about how good she is as a professor.

6am Wednesday morning: Sister gets up and again demands my mom do her makeup. My mom throws a fit my sister is going to have to learn one of these days. Soon. 6:10a.m. she is back in bed. Sister teaches an 8:30a.m. class I think. At 6:50 as I'm leaving for work I see there is a fatal accident on the 91 at the 15, an accident at Pierce, and an accident at the 71. I know the 91 is already bad. Typically it would take about an hour at least in morning traffic to drive from my house to my sister's college. I knew a fatal accident would make it worse. I woke my sister up and told her to get going. She called me an idiot, told me to go away, and she's good at watching the clock, she will get there on time. At 8:25 sister left a crying voicemail on my phone about how late for school she was. Poor brat.

Thursday night: All my sister could talk about was how she has so much work and she has so much more work than everyone else now that she is a professor. I reminded her she was not.

My mom and Linda went out Thursday night. My sister made my mom get a twitter account to follow her now that she has an iPhone. My mom was displeased and spoke to my sister earlier in the week about her language/the things she discloses on twitter. Sister wrote something about how her students are so dumb. Linda was flabbergasted about what my sister said, and all my mom could say was I told her about her language.

6a.m. Friday morning: Sis is up demanding mommy dearest does her makeup. And of course my sister gets her first email with an excuse symbolizing she is a professor.

Friday, January 28, 2011

My sister's supposed title is going to her head

My sister has been bragging all week how great it is that she is a professor. Take a look at her status message on AIM tonight.

Oh, and what's worse I have been reading her twitter, and she has told her 150 or so followers that she is a professor not once, but 7 times.

She has told all of the family. I instant messaged her and she never replied. I have told her in person and she says I just don't know how things work at her college. Oh, but I do. It is pretty standard that a student starting on a masters can be a T/A or GSI. Not a professor.

Um. No. She's not.

Even wikipedia says so.

At most she could call herself an instructor.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Got my sunglasses back

Today is a better day.

I ran into Keith at the gym tonight and got my sunglasses back. Woo!!! We went out to get drinks and food afterward. The food was blah, but the margaritas were strong, and suddenly everything is looking better.

Oh, and I just bought a groupon for cooking classes. Woo!

How are you?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Hate Everything

That is pretty much my motto today. Let's see...

1. I hate students who can't listen.
2. I hate meetings.
3. I hate incompetent people at my university like the dude in the credential dept. who I spent 45 minutes arguing about documentation I had submitted.
4. I hate homework. I hated the damn Excel assignment that I had for my Monday night class that took over 2 hours to do because I did it on a Mac, because the directions left out steps, because my professor returned it because I didn't do a few things right like a table.
5. I hate school work.
6. I hate sore throats.
7. I hate nasal drainage.
8. I hate my sister's attitude.
9. I hate uncomfortable shoes.
10. I hate days where I feel like nothing looks good on me.
11. I hate not having my sunglasses. I have lost 2 pairs the last 2 times I've hung out with Keith.
12. I hate not feeling prepared, even when I know I am.
13. I hate students who go out of their way to say they hate me. I understand the kids might not be used to me/don't like something I do, but there are 2 in particular in my 1st period that go out of their way everyday to say that. That hurts the moral and makes me have to work extra hard to bring several in. It doesn't bother me the kids say they hate me- I know they just get used to a sub, and then they have a new teacher. I do think that a couple kids, who are very softspoken have taken pity on me so to speak and after this started happening started being nice to me. These 3 quiet kids I am thinking of are very quiet, yet don't do their work. Suddenly they're going out of their way to acknowledge me, I'm encouraging them, giving them positive encouragement, and I see 2 of them have made a turn around, and are doing their work.

10 Things I loved about today...
1. Students who really do care like my 4th period
2. Shrimp alfredo for dinner
3. Veggie notsagna pasta for lunch
4. Treating myself to a trendy cupcake for dessert
5. The complements I received for my cool Vans shoes at work. I wore brown suede Vans. Be jealous.
6. Waking up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy
7. One student called me dad on accident.
8. Not having tons of planning to do at work.
9. Being tired when I got home from school.
10. A text from my cousin telling me she is coming back next month.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meeting the best friend

I seem to be inducted step by step into Mike's life. He messaged me on Friday night, but I had already made plans with a coworker, so he told me we would be in contact on Saturday. I was out all day Saturday. I was rolling around town with the sunroof down in my mom's SUV taking it for an oil change, the bank, lawnmower repair center, ran into my cousin M at Costco and her daughter, then went to Best Buy. My dad suddenly decided we were going to buy a home theater speakers system since he thought this would help him from being blasted by my mom in the living room since she routinely turns the volume up to 30 on the TV. Whether or not it will help I jumped on the opportunity. Like yes, we are finally moving up in the world. I texted The Guy for his recommendation, thankfully he responded immediately, and 20-30 minutes later we are walking out with some new speakers that sound pretty great. While I was out running errands Mike texted me and told me to meet at 5 at his place.

I texted him before I headed out. He asked if I could stop and get a half gallon of milk, so I did. I get to his place and he tells me from now on to just come in when I arrive. He was busy in the kitchen cutting up avocados for guacamole. He had a pretty zingy guacamole. His best friend looked like, and reminded me of Candy from Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was on her Mac playing around checking email. We made random small talk about what we did during the day, and music. The cable hits music channel was playing in the background, so we sang each as they came on like Cee Lo Green and Justin Bieber.

Mike turns on the Wii because I need to play the Michael Jackson dance game. His friend, whom we will call Candy tries it. Candy is already an expert at this. We take turns, her, Mike, then myself. I first dance the backup dancer part for Smooth Criminal.

I danced Dirty Diana with Candy too.

We were getting full on wine and orangesicle drinks. Mike put dinner in the oven. He made sliced baked potatoes, rosemary bread, and some tilapia with lime and cilantro. All of it was absolutely delicious. We ate in the dining room, sitting at the table, talking about strange neighbors and other crazy people. Mike has some crazy neighbors, Candy does, and I certainly have them. You've gotta be careful... lol

After dinner we cleared everything up and then retreated to the couch for an evening with our favorite girlfriends, Charlotte, Miranda, Carrie, and Samantha. We were watching Sex and the City. We got through about the first 5 episodes of season 2. I had seen 4 of the 5. Mike leans up against me while we watch. I enjoy it. He moves around and repositions a few times, and falls asleep on me and is snoring pretty loudly. About 11 I think we decide to call it a night. Candy tells me goodnight. I'm falling fast. Mike said that she would see me again because I wasn't leaving. Mike pulled me to his bedroom and we both brushed our teeth. He has a toothbrush for me there... lol.

He holds me as we sleep, and I sleep pretty well for a change. I only wake up to the wind once or twice during the night howling outside. We play around a little once his alarm goes off. He holds me and jacks me off. I jack him off too at the same time. We take turns showering to clean up.

Mike cooks breakfast for us all. He makes potatoes with onions and paprika, scrambled eggs with cheese, and that yummy jalapeno bread. I take off at 11 once this is done so Mike and Candy can have the day together. They're going to come over here Wednesday or Thursday night for dinner and a movie at the movie theater about 3-4 miles from my house. I suggested a wine bar to eat at and a couple other places. That should be fun.

Friday, January 21, 2011

And she's not capable?

My dad, mom, and I went out to dinner tonight. My sister was at school and we did not know when she would be back since she had some orientation seminar or something. As we were leaving, my dad said he was going to stop to get food for my sister on the way home. My mom asked why. She said my sister wasn't going to be home for a while and it would probably be after 7:30p.m. It was 5p.m. at the time. My mom said to not get food for her since it would be cold, and nobody likes cold food. My mom said sis is capable of going through a drive through on her own. My dad still went to get food.

And while I'm not complaining, he never thinks about me like that. I think on one hand I'm glad because I don't like cold food. With me he calls to tell me to pick something up...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dinner and wine on the couch

Hung out with Mike yesterday. I texted him early in the morning, then had a dentist appointment and texted him after. He asked if I was on my way. I told him I was. We had talked about getting together on Wednesday since Monday when I couldn't hang out with him since I was doing homework that I forgot about.

I get to his place and we chat for a few minutes. He is putting together a shopping list. We go to Wal-Mart a couple cities away. We chat on our way just catching up on the past few days. There was quite a bit of traffic, but I did ok in telling him how to get there. We had some debate- the 10 or 210? I told him the 10 would be bunched up, and it was. He said the 210 would be a mess.

In Wal-Mart we get our hands and arms full with cat food, paper towels, Listerine, and a few other items. We make our way to the check out. We discover he didn't get everything on his list, so we get it out of the car, and head back in. We get the shower curtain and tomato paste he needs, and get back in line. We then venture onto Cost Plus for wine and to use coupons he had. We end up with 6 I think.

On the way back we talk about weird contradictions in my family- my "Christian" family and the odd cousins that I have. We talked about schools in the area and the best Catholic schools in the area.

We get back to his house and he has me put the brie-cranberry pockets from Fresh & Easy in the oven. He puts what looks like a veggie soup on the stove. It had green beans, peppers, onions, and other stuff. He added veggie stock, then got out the hand mixer and mashed it. It was actually very tasty and had a thick consistency to it once he did that. He also made some rosemary bread to go with everything. The brie-cranberry pockets weren't too great- we thought cream cheese would have been better in them. We open up one of the bottles of wine, which reminds him of champaigne, and I agree.

We watched Top Chef, then Idol. Top Chef is always fun. Idol was, well, we love JLO, and Mike loved Steven Tyler's teeth. The singers? I didn't see one I like. I did see lots of NJ crazies to tease Mike about. We both started watching something and started falling asleep on each other as we cuddled on the couch. I woke up about 10:45 and suggested I head home since I didn't want him to hate me for waking him up around 6:30 when he didn't have to.

His best friend is out here for the next 2 weeks and invited me out with them on the 29th. Should be cool.

Sleeping with the one you like

Random Thought In My Life #2492:

Ever been in that situation where you fall asleep in the arms of the person you like, and it is as if the entire night they want to be snuggled up to you? It is sweet, yes, but what if you have an itch, you want to readjust to get more comfortable, or lay on the other side even?

Ever notice how when you're snuggled up to someone you don't sleep as soundly, or at least I don't if I'm the one who is cuddling you because I notice every turn/sound/noise.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Female Crush Part 2

Remember her? She's back and more flirtatious than ever. It is really getting to the point where tonight I almost said something.

Beth and I still have the same classes together. The first night of classes this quarter, a kid in the class, named Mike, told the professor that we were married because we sit, argue, and quarrel like we are married. See, Beth still sits next to me in every class. I do have a tendency to voice my opinions to those I sit next to, and so I tell her. So after much convincing I convinced the professor we are not married. I played it off that I would be as flirtatious with Mike if I sat next to him. I said that is how I am. A few kids in the class still wonder.

Beth always comes to me with questions, thoughts, and I am there just to listen. This I think has people thinking we are an item with some of the stuff she tells me. Family, school, work, and career thoughts.

Last night she told me to "get me the cookies," our prof had brought in cookies for the class, and she wanted me to get her some. She claimed my chair was blocking hers. I told her no, she has 2 feet, she can walk, and if I eat 1, I will eat 5, and that is not bueno." She then tried to blame me for her inability to get the cookies. I told her that sounded like a personal problem.

Later on in the evening, Beth told Lisa about what great discussion board posts I always have online. Um? Ok? Thanks? Are you suddenly the professor?

So tonight I had parent conferences at work and was about 30 minutes late to class. I told the professor last week. I mentioned something about it to Beth last night in passing, and she told me she would save me a seat. I knew she would. She always does. After class I thanked my professor for allowing me to miss the first 30 minutes because conferences ran up until the time class started. She said it wasn't a problem, she remembered I mentioned it last week, and Beth reminded her. The prof said she seems like a truly great friend for me as she is so helpful and supportive of me.

So Beth told me how she was feeling so bad tonight and asked if I have Tylenol. You see, I tend to have everything, and know everything about due dates/requirements, so she assumed I would have some on me. I said I had some in my car. At the break we went out to the car. I am telling her about the real zingers during my parent conferences, and I know the guy who walked out to the cars behind us, who sits behind us in the class, thinks we are more than friends. Anyways, I get in my center console and get the Tylenol out. I sit in my seat, and she comes over, and it gets really awkward. She stands in the doorway and tells me what a nice car I have. She reaches over and touches my shifter and tells me what a nice place it was in. She leans over me. She told me that she prefers to have her seat leaning back, however, and again leans over me. Awkward. I suggest we head back inside, and she wants the grand tour of my car. I told her it was a car. She laughed. I opened up the back door. She wanted to see the trunk. She told me it was cute. She wants to go for a ride.

Back in class she was telling me how she misses me. She told me how our sushi run was so fun, and I seem to be avoiding her. She said she wants to go to Disneyland with me and go bowling. I just said "oh." She said she is going to call me up this weekend to see if I want to go.

Must distance myself.

I already told her I am not passing notes with her in class constantly.

Must distance myself.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good listens

Recently downloaded on my iPod

Traffic Light- The Ting Tings

Alone- Heart

Thinkin' About You- Trisha Yearwood

Little Lion Man- Mumford & Sons

She's So High - Tal Bachman

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend thus far

I was supposed to meet some friends from high school for dinner last night, but I was in a pissy mood and decided against it. The 2 friends I really wanted to see were also not going. With that in mind I headed home from work...

As I'm driving home from work there was apparently a policeman on a motorcycle with a little radar gun in his hot little hand. He clocked me doing 57 in a 40mph zone. I probably was. I was going with the flow of the traffic, but breaking the law nonetheless. Everyone does in this area. And what irks me even more about this is that it is the highway I live off of. I drive up and down this road at least twice a day. Lately there have been cops with radar guns patrolling it heavily morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Going to work 4 days this week there were police with radar guns at various points on the street. Coming home there was officers out 3 days this week. And one of them happened to be yesterday. That officer was mean. He scared me for sure. Anyways, lesson learned. I am going to put the car in cruise control going up and down the street and set it to 45. I'll have a bunch of people riding my ass, but I don't want another one of those especially since I have to do traffic school now, and I can't get another ticket for another 18 months otherwise it goes on insurance.

I got a call while being pulled over from my mom telling me to meet her at our favorite Mexican restaurant since my sister wasn't home we could go out for Mexican. I get there, eat, chit chat with the parents, tell them about my ticket, and they were shocked I got the ticket. They didn't blame me. Yay.

So I text Mike shortly after dinner and he tells me how windy it was there. I was curious if it was since it was on my way home, but not at my house. He lives in such an odd area. I tell him I've already eaten, but he says I should come over and we could go see a movie.

It takes me an hour to get there- it was about 7. There was so much get away Friday traffic. I do surface streets most of the way to his house. I impressed myself since i hadn't driven that way in YEARS- maybe since I got my permit.

When I get to his place he has the traffic pulled up and says it is 95 minutes to the OC and 1 hour and 20 minutes to Pasadena. There was some small film that was only playing in those 2 places Mike wanted to see. We decide to just head to Victoria Gardens to see "Country Strong." We were both surprised that Gwyneth Paltrow didn't sing that much, but her opening acts sang quite a bit. Mike didn't realize that was Toby Mcguire in the movie. I didn't at first, but I saw it in the credits. We don't think that was his real voice.

After the movie it is about 10:30 and we go to Ralphs for him to get mini donuts, which we snack on later at his place while watching the behind the scenes for Oprah's 25th season. We get some potatoes, Doritos, cheese, and eggs. We hear Reba's version of "If I Were A Boy" on the way, which he chuckles about. He then sang along to Brad Paisley's song "Water" that came on after. Not a Paisley fan. Even if they painted Brad pink it would do nothing for me.

When we get back to his place we watch behind the scenes of Oprah's Season 25. He was holding me as we lay on the couch and falling asleep. He put on Tabatha's Salon Takeover and we were both asleep by 12:30 when it ended. Then he told me we were ready for bed and make our way to the bedroom.

We wake up about 8:30 when his alarm goes off and play around, then take turns showering. He whips up his Julia Child's omelet, apple cider, and jalapeno bread. It was good! We play with his cat and asks me what I had planned for the day. I wanted to go get pullover sweaters since I decided I really like them since I am into the preppy look right now, can wear those to work, and it is the end of season, so was hoping to find some good clearance. He seems to think about it and then says he'll go with me to Victoria Gardens. He asks if I want to drive, and I say yes. I'd never driven him... lol. He controls my radio- few get to do that. I trust his judgement. He played some Sugarland- their new song "Stuck Like Glue," Liza Minelli's version of "If I Were a Boy," and some Michael Jackson.

We walk all around VG and hit GAP, Williams Sonoma, Banana Republic, and Crate & Barrel. He tells me there is an Old Navy down the street, and I knew they had the sweaters, so we go down there. We go there and find nothing. We go to Ross and look at butter dishes. We go down to Target and do the same.

In the car on the way back he has ran into Michael Jackson again, and is quite the fan. We listen to "Want to Be Startin' Something," which he is getting pretty crazy while listening to. I have him stop at "Human Nature" for me. We also listen to "Smooth Criminal."

We go back to his place and watch more OWN. We watch an episode of those trying to get their own show on the OWN network. I love the whole premise, so I was eating that up. An LA TV reporter, Elizabeth Espinosa, is in the running, so I wanted to see how she did. I like the whole behind the scenes, the challenges, the production, etc. that is involved in that, so that was cool.

I figure since it is about 3:30, and though he said he wasn't up to much, that he would like some time to relax, so I head out.

Now I'm home and am going to spend some time tomorrow knocking out some journals for my masters classes. I should also do an annotated bibliography, and email my professor about his lack of directions on our masters thesis, which I guess is due in about 4 weeks. No joke. Ugh. He says take everything week by week, and he'll guide us through that. He has told us nothing. Ugh. End of rant.

Friday, January 14, 2011

This almost sounds like a place I want to go...

... Although if you knew what Boys Republic was you probably wouldn't want to be there either. But it sounds like a gay man's paradise...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sometimes when you're having sex

... and maybe you're being sucked off, and the guy wants you to cum in his mouth, do you ever have a hard time cumming? He may be giving a great blowjob, but I find it so much easier to cum when I am next to him, can feel his body, and that's what makes me cum...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Carla calls and I hang up

Tonight @ 9:59p.m. - House phone rings
Me: I'll get it. (Wonders in my mind who it could be... Carla... probably... don't know anyone else that would call so late).
I pick up cordless phone, click talk, then click end. I go back to writing up my discussion board post.
Sister: (She is standing in my room anxious to know who it was). Who was it?
Me: Carla.
Dad: What did the turkey want?
Me: (Bursts out laughing!) To be hung up on?

Tonight @ 10:01p.m. - phone rings again
I am frustrated now as I was actually come up with a halfway smart, as opposed to half assed discussion board post answer for my class. I walk over to the phone and pick it up.
Me: What?
Carla: Oh...........
Me: Did my mom tell you she met a new AVON lady a few weeks back, and this gal calls about 12 hours earlier than you do, and leaves messages on our answering machine? (Click end on the phone)

Told her off... maybe not...

@11:07 - phone rings again
All are in bed and have been in bed for at least 20 minutes. I am up looking at porn on the computer. Phone rings.
Me: Hello. Everyone's asleep. Thanks for waking us up.
I open up my bedroom door and decide to use the bathroom. My dad is up after being sound asleep (he went to bed at 10:10p.m.) asking why she was calling at this time of night.

So I guess my mom found a new AVON lady a few weeks back, but still felt obligated to buy from Carla. My mom was upset with my dad and I for not letting her talk to Carla since nobody was in bed yet. She feels sorry for the old woman. She was in the hospital 2-3 weeks ago for an allergic reaction to some medication and now has to make the choice about home hospital or going into a resident facility I guess? She called my mom about 2 weeks ago about 7p.m. and went on this pity trip for about 30 minutes with my mom. I'm sure this won't be the end of this lady...

Sorry for the incovience, but the gym can't spell

This sign was posted on the locker room at my LA Fitness.

I always knew the people who worked there weren't the brightest- there was the trainer who was trying to recruit me as a client the other night who couldn't remember my name as he approached me on the bench press. He asked my name, I told him Mike, then he called me Carson, then Kyle. I gave him looks and then he told me he knew my name wasn't Lisa, and asked what my name was again. Yeah. No lies. This guy couldn't remember my name and said he knew it wasn't Lisa. At this point I got to a position where I could put the weights down and walked away without saying anything, but visibly pissed off.

Then you have the front desk or management that can't spell!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 1

Although it is for the next several weeks, for the time-being I can for that time say that I have my own classroom! Woo! The thought is exciting! I love the power that I have! Great first day after muddling through the lesson the first period, but after first period it became a breeze. The rest of the week will get better pending I survive graphic and explaining endothermic and exothermic reactions, then explaining how to determine each one a graph! I think my classes overall will be pretty good. I already see 6th period will be a challenge, but I think I scared them a little bit today. I'm excited to see where this journey goes...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A most excellent birthday

Mike and I hung out yesterday since I didn't have to work. I texted him about 10:30 after I ran errands. I washed my car, detailed it, then went to the grocery store for a few birthday cards, and then home to write them. We were texting each other back and forth. He wanted to know when my birthday dinner with friends was, and I told him. It was at 6:30, so because of traffic I needed to leave at 5:30. I said I didn't mind driving over to hang out. He had someone coming to give an estimate on what it would cost to design and landscape his backyard.

I get over to his place at 12 and the landscape designer is late. We sit and watch that addiction show on TLC. That was pretty crazy- one gal was addicted to tanning and the other was addicted to Comet, the household cleaner. Both were pretty... Um... Interesting. I sat on the couch watching that while the designer, a cookey old guy, talked to himself in the backyard and the 2 of us just laughed. The guy was really amusing. He brought up some of Mike's plants in his yard and grass to show what he did wrong. Mike isn't using a sharp enough blade to cut his grass making it look dead.

After this guy left about 1:30 we head over to Victoria Gardens for lunch. We go to the Italian place next to the movie theater. I think it is called Paisano. We have a vegetarian calzone. It really lacked flavor, which was disappointing. The vegetables had the potential to be flavorful. Mike insisted on paying since it is my birthday. It wasn't, but he insisted. We talk about lots- gay cruises, his vegetarian eating, favorite and fine restaurants, vacations and family vacations, and our best friends. His best friend is coming out at the end of the month and he wants me to be sure to meet her.

We stopped at Fresh and Easy, and drove by a place called Corkys that boasted being open 24 hours and having great breakfasts. I checked it out on Yelp, and the reviews were either very high, or very low. We talked a little about breakfast food places. As we drove back in the car he kept poking me and making me giggle as he tickled me. He's cute.

We get back to his place and hang around for a few minutes before I take off to my birthday with friends. I'd invited him along, but he wasn't comfortable with a crowd of people. He's very much introverted and shy. I am, but in a group of people I know I am fine. We watch an episode of Oprah's 25 and finish up The Talk from that day on CBS. I had never seen either. He is all over daytime TV since he is at home able to watch all of it all day.

I decided on Olive Garden with friends. Gonzo, Eddy, Marci, her boyfriend, Darla, and her cousin all showed up. It was fun. A lot of talk about Gonzo's upcoming wedding- Marci is planning her bachelorette party. Edwin wants to go, and as a gay guy, I can get by going according to Gonzo. LOL. So yeah. We also caught up in each other's lives. This is the first time we've really been split up. We all went to the same college for undergrad together. We went to high school together for the mostpart. We are now at 5 different colleges.

After, we head to Eddy's apartment about 9. I had every plan to not stay long because Mike invited me back over. I was also not in the mood for Eddy's drunkenness. He did 8 shots in the course of about 2 minutes just to prove himself- as if we haven't seen this 100 times already. Anyways, we hung out watching the video "Like a G6" and Enrique Iglesias videos like "I Like It" and "I Want to Fuck You Tonight" song. I texted Mike around 10 as it went downhill. Eddy was drunk, horny, and about to go out on the roof or something crazy. I made the excuse that I was tired to leave.

I get back to Mike's about 11 and he is watching "Reba" on TV. We watch an episode of that, then "How I Met Your Mother." After, we head to bed. It is about 12:30. He wants to suck me off and does, which was hot. I get him off too. All during this I'm thinking about how hot it was, especially because we were both hibernating under the covers because he keeps his house so cold. The song "Birthday Sex" is playing in my head... lol. We then fall asleep in each others arms. We woke up about 9 to the cat who was kneading, which is something I'd never heard of. He was purring and alternating between front legs. He was getting very loud. He was looking for attention, so I gave him some.

We took turns showering, then went to breakfast at that Corky's place. It was on the expensive side. The omelets were alright according to Mike. My French toast was pretty good. We just thought it was overpriced and for a few dollars at home we could make better.

We stop at Wal-Mart for cat litter and pick up Scrabble while we are at it. We talk about random stuff like cars, my family who lives right by him (all of my aunts and cousins). He talks about how great his life is that he can work 25 hours a week... I'm jealous.

It is nearly 11:30 by the time we are back and my aunt and uncle were over in the area today, so we met up with them. We all went to dinner at the restaurant of my choice. I was thinking a churrascaría, but the closest was in Irvine. I was thinking the Spanish restaurant, but since Mike took me the other night I was wanting something different. I knew my aunt and uncle had mentioned wanting to try a certain restaurant before, and I had too, as Mike had mentioned it, and several other friends like Mrs. C, and Keith. It is an upscale northern Italian restaurant. Everything on the menu ranged between $18 and $37. I had a delicious ox tail pasta with huge shreds of parmesan cheese on top. YUM. Before we went, though, my parents were curious how much it cost since I do tend to have elaborate tastes that come at high prices. They didn't find an issue with that since it is just a little bit more than we'd typically spend elsewhere, and that it was a special occasion.

My sister, of course, was talking about how guilty I should feel. Her birthday was $10 a person because she saved the family money by going to TGI Fridays and they had a special of 2 entrees, appetizers, and a dessert for $20. I reminded her you have to factor in a drink for that as well as tip making it close to $16-17 (of course I know tax and tip weren't taken into account in my argument, but my sister didn't think of that). That quieted her down for a moment. Then she was talking about how ridiculously expensive $30 was for pasta. I informed her most of the pasta dishes were about $20. She told me how that's so expensive and we can't afford that. She told me that she could make pasta for $0.50. She said she would be thankful for just Spaghetti-o's from a can... um... sure she would... she likes those, but on her birthday she'd throw a fit. She told me under her breath how "that's f-in ridiculous." I informed her she may go to "h-e double hockey sticks l" for saying that, especially being the good Christian she is. She told me how she would never bankrupt my parents like that and how Cocos is more up her alley. I told her I understood completely- she plays the old woman part well- she has completely let herself go. She didn't have a comeback for that other than to say she is not old and that I was so insulting.

In the restaurant my sister was making faces at me to express her displeasure. There was nothing she would eat since they didn't have regular spaghetti. Ox tail is nasty she said. She didn't want goat cheese because it wasn't Velveeta and pasta with cheese is icky. My aunt and uncle basically told her she should order a pizza if she was having an issue. She did. She didn't like it. She also pulled out her cell phone and started texting. My uncle informed her that this was probably not the restaurant to be doing that in. She said that she could because she had an important text about work. My mom said it could wait- she needs to spend time with the family once in a while. My mom remarked that she doesn't allow her to text in the first place in restaurants and was apaulled that she pulled it out in such a nice restaurant.

My sister may sound like she was the complete topic of our conversation, but really, she was minor. It was truly my night- not my sister's. I had a great time. We talked with my aunt and uncle about school, the weather, work, and going somewhere together soon like Disneyland or Knotts.

We walk around downtown before coming back to my house for my white cake with pineapple filling and cream cheese that my mom made. It was sooooooooooooo good!!!

All of the gifts from friends, texts, calls, and facebook messages have also helped make this special.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Birthday Celebration #1

Mike texted me yesterday asking if I was free for dinner last night for my birthday. My birthday came up very casually in conversation while he was home with his parents. He didn't know the exact date. I thought I was free last night, but texted him when I got home that we were getting my mom an iPhone, and going to surprise her with it that night, so why not tonight. He agreed. I texted him about 2 as I was leaving work. He texted me about 3:40 as I was walking in the door to my house. He said that we should meet at 5:30. Over the next several minutes we debated. I asked what he was tasting. He named the Spanish restaurant in my city and I melted. It is on the expensive side at roughly $40-50 a person. Regardless of price, and the fact I am pretty much out of money since I didn't earn much during student teaching, I wasn't saying no.

I get to the restaurant about 5:20 and park next to him. We head on inside. We go up to the bar to eat and for the better part of 2 hours talk a lot about family, school, work, food, and I tell him some random stuff about my city. We talk a lot about restaurants and all of the Top Chef chef's restaurants he has visited in Vegas. He is not a fan of chain restaurants. I order una sangría roja que es muy deliciosa, una paella, y we talk a lot more. I wasn't wanting anything more as I was content, but he insisted that I try his favorite concoction, a drink that tastes like an orange creamsicle. He had one there the last time, as well as some restaurant in Vegas. It was so tasty with a kick of alcohol. It was equal parts of orange juice, cream, orange liquer, and vodka. Then we needed dessert. After deliberating between what I liked- the apple tart, the bread pudding, the cream brulee, we settled on the dessert sampler with 5 different desserts. We both pretty much finished that up. We pay, then head out. We say goodbye and hug. He wants to hang out tomorrow or Saturday if I'm free. I told him I'd text him in the morning if I'm not subbing. He will be gone all next week on a business trip.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stories from student teaching at the high school

I was pretty mum about it, but it was a blast. Here's a few stories:

- Every Thursday a teacher in the English department brings lunch for the entire department. I was well fed. One week we had grinders, another ceviche, ortra semana we had carnitas, y beef stew.

- My first 2 classes seemed to really like me and were cool. They brought me food all the time like candy. They were constantly eating in class, which drove me crazy. They would pass around Oreos and other snacks to the entire class on a daily basis. We managed to get work done in spite of the laxed atmosphere. We ate so much food in that class - everyday it was like a party.

- One student, JC, gave me great feedback as we went through each lesson. She told me her opinion of what I taught. She liked that I gave the kids a record sheet with assignments that were due and points values. She told me she liked how her 8th grade language arts teacher gave everything to them in packets and it was due in a few weeks. The students worked at their own pace. I liked that- gives me ideas about my planning.

- I will miss Cyndi who was always trying to flirt with me and always asked how I was doing. Her friends always told her to stop.

- The period right after I made my videotape I had a pretty big faux pas while presenting that lesson to another class. I broke out into random Spanish. The lesson was on background for the novel The Pearl. I had a slide on the main characters that included Kino, Juana, Coyotito, and Juan Tomás. I was describing Kino and Juana, then I saw Coyotito and whatever it was in my brain triggered Spanish. I started describiendo Coyotito en Espanol. I said that Coyotito es un infante, el hijo de Juana y Kino. Describí el doctor y Juan Tomás en Espanol también. My kids just let me go talking in Spanish all smiles and then I caught myself. The kids just laughed. I laughed too. They didn't even question me about how I knew Spanish- it was more like this is an everyday occurrance that their teacher speaks in Spanish.

- My first period students were very high, but they were slow as molasses when it came to projects. My second period was also an honors class, but they were lower as far as test scores and grades, and worked much better in group settings. My third period kids were atrocious.

- I will not forget the fight in my 3rd period my second week. It was my first day taking over the class. RS and Chuck were sitting next to each other arguing. The rest of the class was silent. Chuck got mad and RS did too. They both stood up in front of their desks, and Chuck, the taller kid had his arms around RS. RS and him knocked over a desk, then both fell onto the floor. My master teacher and I ran over. I pulled RS off of chuck, who was short, and getting the brunt of everything. She held Chuck. Someone ran to get security. I felt like a failure for a moment. The class was unphased by the fight and many kept working. That was still talked about 8 weeks later on my last day. LOL.

- I won't forget having 2 master teachers. I am so thankful Mr. W chose to carry me through all of this since he thought the idea of me having 2 master teachers was stupid.

- I enjoyed not doing anything in Mr. W's class for 4-5 weeks while he taught Monte Cristo, which I'd never read, and they were already too far into the book.

- I won't forget Mr. P coming in during my first day of teaching in Mr. W's class. He was smiling at me and doing anything he could to distract me, and he did.

Monday, January 3, 2011

NYE 2010

I went over to Mike's house about 12. He was already to go. The car was packed. We run to the restroom and head out. We stop in Agoura Hills at the Chipotle for some burrito bowls. He pays for both of us. The navigation system he has doesn't lead us directly up the 101, rather the 126 through Fillmore. It was a nice detour- lots of agriculture fields. He calls his cousin and confirms everything.

So here's the spiel I found out: his cousin is about 50, stereotypical California girl with an artsy side, and loves animals. We meet her at the house she is house sitting for. Apparently she doesn't have money (by Santa Barbara standards), but has friends that do, and they were out of town, so she was throwing a small get together with her best friends. The house was a $4 million Santa Barbara house that was built in the early 1900s. It was nice on the outside and the inside was a mix of old and new. It had its points. Anyways, we meet, she is very sweet, she shows us the house, then we head to Trader Joes for ingredients for the appetizers and Ralphs. There was no parking at Ralphs. Mike and I get out, then go in for the beets and limes.

We get back to the house and start cooking. First Mike has to clean the counters as he criticizes how for a multimillion dollar house you think they would have a maid who would actually clean and not keep a cluttered house with dirty countertops. He was hilarious. We make the Tyler Florence Winter Panzanella salad. I had never had such tasty beets. Seriously, it was delicious. We also make pomegranate cosmos that were alright. While making all of this we sipped on some various white wines that Mike had chosen. We each go through about 3 glasses. While cooking all of this Mike joked his cousin was making me a slave, and we watched Real Housewives of Atlanta. I am now all caught up. We watched 6-7 episodes total this weekend.

The guests start arriving at 7:30- one was a food blogger whose blog I had actually stumbled across before. What are the chances? I tell her that I had read it, and she thought it was hilarious. She was the cutest little thing. A lesbian friend of his cousin came, then a couple in their mid 40s probably, and their daughters. All of these people have money- just not money by SB standards. We all make our way into the living room where we chat, introduce each other, and talk about random stuff. They were all very accepting and interested in getting to know Mike and I. We go back and forth between the living room and family room to watch the wig drop on Bravo with Andy. At about 11:30 Mike and I go to the family room and switch channels. He has a thing against my boy, AC, so we flipped between Fox for Bruno Mars, ABC, and even Univision seeing what was going on for the New Years. Everyone laughed at him and got tired of him for being a channel surfer. Some drama occurred about 12:15, then some went to the hot tub. Mike and I cleaned up the house. We did the dishes and everything.

Everyone leaves about 1:30, so we put our airbed up and go to bed. We sleep in until 11:30. Well, there was some stuff going on in between probably 8 and 11:30. I didn't sleep really at all. He kept insisting on me holding him, the bed seemed to crunch anytime we turned, and stuff like that. We talked. We aren't sure we want to be bf's, but good friends would work. We get up and eat some french toast that his cousin made, then we watch more Housewives. We do this until about 2:30.

About 2:30 we leave and say goodbye. We go to the hotel room that Mike rented for the night, then go to a restaurant in SB that he saw on Food Network. We walk through Downtown, stop at a kitchen store, the Borders that was closing, then go to Wine Bistro to have their 4 Santa Barbara wines for $10 samplers with pretty generous helpings. We talk about a lot of things like family, my schooling, and public education. We have differing opinions, but we were respectful of each other. We go back to the hotel to get the car, then go to the Goleta Drive In to see "Meet the Fockers." Awful show. We both didn't like it. We didn't laugh. We thought it was stupid. We didn't stay for "Tron." He didn't like the old one. I still want to see the old one.

We go back to the hotel and watch TV. We watch some AFV and I fall asleep in his arms. It was the first time he held me. I woke up once when the fire truck went by blaring its siren about 5a.m. We then played around and got up around 8:30 to shower. We each shower, open the windows to watch the pouring rain, then head out.

We stop at McDonalds where we talk about things we did when we were young like the 20 chicken nuggets at McDonalds. He talks about how he can only eat them for breakfast. I told him about my adventures at McDonalds with Linda- basically she goes for the cute happy meal toys, so we had happy meals a few times when I was student teaching.

I bought all of the food when we ate out-minus Chipotle- because he was paying for the hotel and some of the stuff from TJs and Ralphs for the party. I wanted it to be equal even if we are just friends.

We drive back in the pouring rain. The rain stops once we leave Ventura. We stop for gas. We sing to a lot of the songs on the radio- he's not into country as much as I am- he likes Sugarland - his dad does too - we like Katie Perry to an extent - Pink is awesome - he's more into rap than me- he is into Bruno Mars. I can't tell you how many times we heard this song.

We talked about his like for expensive cars, cars in general, his car buying, his cousin's new car, and more...

We get back to his house and watch more Real Housewives of Atlanta to make me officially caught up. Then we watch some Aarti's Party on Food Network. It is about 3:30 and so it had been 2 1/2 hours. I say that I'm going to head out to give him some time to relax. We hug and I pull my car out of his garage, then head home.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Huskies vs. Huskers

I went to the Holiday Bowl in San Diego last Thursday night with Keith. The game was fun- college football, hanging out with Keith, and the stadium/experience.

I was invited by Keith because a friend of his was sick and couldn't go at the last minute. I had no clue who was going, but he told me it was going to be a fun time.

I met him at the time he suggested near his office. We were at his friend's house by the time she suggested. We get to his friend's house and this lady was just downright cold. She scolds Keith for calling her on her cell phone and not on the house phone. She hugged Keith, then didn't shake my hand and just kind of ignored the fact that I was there. She just turned around and walked back to her cooler in the kitchen where she was putting drinks for us.

Her friend was a chatty little Filipino lady. She introduced herself, said she was driving, and was more hospitable. We get in her car and she drives us. It starts out we are all having a conversation about the weather, then everyone breaks off into their own conversation. Keith and I talk about San Diego and other things. Keith brings up Hillcrest and where it is in relation to an area I had just mentioned called Normal Heights. I start to tell, then the cold lady interjects that there was nothing normal about Normal Heights. I laugh and agreed with her. Then the conversation seemed to go sour once she said where it was in relation to Hillcrest. She said except for her favorite area, and she didn't say where that was. We drive down to the stadium and this lady just seems to be ignoring me and at times giving me stares in the mirror.

At the stadium I thank the lady for having me come along. She says "your welcome" and we say a few words toward each other about the crowds. In the stadium her friend offers me a water, pretzels, and popcorn. Keith and I break off from them to go meet a really sweet friend/client of his, a charming girl, who is an attorney. She was so homely. Before the start of the game we go back and the woman seems put off that she has to make room for me to get to my seat. She was even distant toward Keith who did his whole lovey dovey thing he does, and gave her a hug. Her friend was even asking how we met, how I was such a gentleman, and this lady was off in her own world. I felt really uncomfortable as most people, even when you're not friends, but are introduced to people, try to be somewhat warm, introduce themselves, even what kind of job you do, but not this time. It just felt really cold. We had to wait for 45 minutes in the cold to get the trolley back to the car and this woman was having a conversation with her friend, then a few times she said things to Keith, but excluded me. It was so weird! This lady drove the entire way home. Keith fell asleep and I played on my phone. I thanked her again too for allowing me to come, for driving, and she just smiled and said it was nice to meet me, then retreated into her house once we got home, and Keith and I took off. I was really bothered by this at the end of the night... I guess that's why I wanted to share and get that off my chest. I don't feel like I did anything wrong. I know I wasn't the first choice to probably fill the seat, but I try to be hospitable, especially in situations like that. Was it because I was the youngest? Was it just this woman? LOL... I don't know... I am still somewhat bothered. Keith described her as "amazing" and "fragile." But what was up with this woman?

The game was a lot of fun in general- like the whole college band, the performance aspect, the passion that surrounds the college games, wearing 3 heavy layers and spending 4-5 hours in 39 degree weather. The final score was 19 Huskies and 7 Huskers.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goals for 2011

I'm not really into making resolutions, but I am feeling strong going into 2011, and here is what I'm hoping to accomplish:

- Get an English teaching position at a school that I am happy to be at
- Complete my masters in June
- Focus on the test to be able to teach Spanish
- Continua mejorar mi Espanol
- Save money for a trip to Mexico in 2012 - I really want to go to Chichen Itza in the Yucatán, or a site to see the Mayan ruins in Chiapas like Palenque. I would also love to go somewhere donde puedo usar mi Espanol pero in a touristy area like that I'm not sure how possible it would be.
- Save money to move out
- Travel- cheap weekend getaway to Vegas or Texas? A trip to see my best friend probably too.
- Take a cooking class- even if it is just a 2 hour one
- Visit more food trucks... lol!
- Continue my relationship with Mike and see where it takes us
- Continue to go to the gym 2-3 times a week
- Go to a few concerts (Stagecoach? U2? Lady Gaga?)