Thursday, March 27, 2008

Birthday gift ideas

The Guy's birthday is a month away. I'm thinking of things to get for him. I want to get him something personal and something that I put a lot of thought in to. My problem is I have no clue what to get him- he has just about every electronic and component out there you could ever want or need. He has all of the books he'd ever need. He is not a huge fan of gift certificates. He likes food, especially homemade food. He doesn't need clothes.

So what to get him? That is the question...

My idea so far:

- Vita-Mix book (that $500 blender) that can practically cook anything. He has the blender, but no recipe book that I can find to go with it. We have that blender at my house and we have a recipe book with lots of easy ideas like alfredo sauce in minutes. That's my only idea for the guy, the recipe book.

- A cookie plate with my mom's molasses oatmeal cookies, my chocolate chip cookies, and stuff like that, which would be personal

- A gift certificate to the farmer's market him and I love (but that borders on impersonal) and I really want something that will last

Monday, March 24, 2008

.mac and iPhone

The Guy im'd me about 3p.m. on Sunday saying how thirsty he was and how he needed a Monster energy drink. I said I was busy at Linda's barbecuing steaks. Then I text him about 7p.m. I text him and ask if he has died of thirst yet. He didn't get the message, so I leave him an offline message on Yahoo at 8:00p.m. He calls me at 9 and leaves a voicemail. I return his call right afterward. I text and call him a couple times- his phone wouldn't receive texts or go to voicemail after he thought he had the problems fixed the other day. He said I should come over. I said that was not a problem, but I talked with Linda and she said I had to spend the night if I was going out at 10p.m. to hang out with him. She was worried about all of the drunk drivers over Easter weekend, which was her justification for me needing to spend the night.

I get over to his place about 11p.m. after stopping for Monsters and mint and chip ice cream. I get to his place and he is in the office playing WOW. I scoop us some ice cream and bring him an energy drink. He is playing my WOW character leveling me up. He plays until about midnight, then works on tradeskilling me to be able to make leather armor. He goes and buys out the auction house several times. He stops that at 12:30 after not having any more supplies to do that. I am no longer a healing shaman in the game- I am back to being a tanker. See how I can't win? He keeps changing everything up on me! He said he was playing my character all day and realized my gear sucked for healing.

At 12:30a.m. we go into the kitchen to look for snacks. He makes 2 bags of popcorn and teaches me to use the light popcorn fnction on his microwave. We eat the popcorn- him laying down on the couch and me at his feet and the popcorn is so we can both reach it. It is 1:30a.m. and I'm tired. We're watching "Tomb Raider" on TBS and talking about Brad Pitt in the show how he keeps escaping and it is not explained. I wasn't about to play stay up all night. The Guy has had an odd sleep schedule for the past month- instead of going to bed about 10p.m. like he used to, he is going to bed as late as 4a.m. because he is so into the game. I fall asleep with my head resting on his legs. He finally gets up at 3a.m. or so and says bedtime.

We go to bed and sleep until 9:30a.m. His dog kept knocking into me in the middle of the night, standing up, or licking his ball sack just about as loudly as he could, keeping me up.

We get up and The Guy calls AT&T about his iPhone. He demands some sort of compensation as well as to have the problem fixed. His text messaging problem and voicemail problems are fixed within minutes. They give him a $40.00 credit to his account. I'm about to log on to play WOW when The Guy asks me to go get breakfast burritos. I go up the street and do that.

When I get back I share my Linda stories about her obsessive compulsiveness, her craziness, and everything else. We sit around on the couch and my bank calls me about 12p.m. saying there was a questionable charge on my account. I was furious because nothing was questionable to me and I logged onto online banking to check it out. The questionable charge was at a Bank of America in West Hollywood on Thursday night at 11p.m. That is out of the ordinary for me. The bank was worried. I used my ATM on Friday at Chipotle, a Shell gas station on Friday, and at Stater Brothers on Sunday night and the bank basically deactivated my card, so none of these places were paid and they wanted ME to pay the amount, plus $30 for each charge since Thursday night. I spent about $100 in total at those 3 places, but $30 for each place would have made it about $200. I fought it on the phone, but it was doing no good and I told them I was taking my money elsewhere.

When I got off the phone, The Guy told me to switch banks. I called my mom and told her what was going on. Then I told her what bank I was switching to. I wasn't completely sure which bank I was going to switch to, but I told her I would choose another one by the end of the day. The Guy gets on one of the banks websites I mentioned to my mom and he fills out my information, then he asks for my birthdate, my e-mail, and a couple other things. When I told him my e-mail he said, "no, your gmail e-mail." I said I don't have one. He asked "what's your .mac e-mail?" Again, I said I didn't have it because my dad bought it for my sister, but not me. The Guy then goes onto the website and he says what do you want your e-mail to be? I said I don't know. Then he said what about this, or that, and he tried others. I told him he didn't have to do that, but he was so insistent. Finally we decided on an e-mail for me, which is relatively similar to my current e-mail. We have an argument over passwords also because The Guy tells me my password I wanted for .mac was too easy. Really, it wasn't as super easy as he was making it out to be; he is just super paranoid about security and passwords. He is the tech guy for his dad's business, afterall and if a password doesn't have a couple dozen characters, lots of numbers, and symbols it is not a good password. My password didn't stand up to that test. An acceptable password for him would be something like "thwerkksfafkalm#pqrs5843.03.09," and yes, he would remember it.

Then The Guy said I need an iPhone so I can get my .mac e-mail from there and stuff like that. He says, "we're going to get you and iPhone." It was a combination of surprise and shock on my end. I said no, that's ok. He said that he was right there on the site and all he had to do was click buy. He did click buy. Since I do know his password for Apple, I went on and canceled the phone. I explained to him how I will buy one. We went back and forth on that for a few minutes and I showed him how much was in my bank account just to prove that I was perfectly capable of buying it. We talked about how my dad might react to that, and really that isn't an issue now. We talked about how I've had my current phone for a year, had my previous phone for 2 years, then my old Nokia 5165 was from 2001 or so; because I was talking about getting the warranty because I keep my phones a long time. He told me that wasn't necessary. I said it was if I was keeping my phone that long. $612.02 with warranty doesn't appeal to me. With no warranty it would be $536. I really do want one. Then we discussed it. He was insistent on getting it for me, but I convinced him that a LATER date may be better like in July or whenever the new iPhone comes out.

We hung around a little while longer and I thanked him at least 3 times for the .mac, which was a real surprise. It should be neat though to be able to back up my address book and everything else on my computer.

I drove back home for my dentist appointment and let The Guy go to the gym. I survived and had no cavities. I wanted to rip the dental pick from the dental assistant's hands many times. THAT THING JUST DRIVES ME NUTS- LIKE THE DRILL. I had no cavities however. After the dentist I went to the bank and sorted out my dispute, fought with the manager to get them to drop the charges for everything, and then took my money out. I went to my new bank and opened up a checking account. Too bad I won't have an ATM for a week or so. Oh well... I'm happy to be out of the problematic credit union.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Long weekend together- 2 nights together or...?

Friday morning rolled around and I im'd The Guy about 9:30. I hadn't talked to him in depth since Tuesday and we were LONG overdue for a long chat. I told him about my going out to West Hollywood with friends the night before and Linda. He said I should come over since he took the day off work.

I get over to his place about 11. I stalled a little because I knew Chipotle didn't open until 11. I got our food and then went over to his place. He was playing WOW with 2 people online from the guild. We ate and talked about what I did in West Hollywood. He asked if the guys I went with were cute, and yes, they all were. He asked if I got into bed with any of them, and while I didn't I couldn't help but think OH NO... BLOGGER SCANDAL!!! He said he was happy for me getting to experience WEHO.

We sat down and played some WOW running random instances and did that for several hours. I think we did that until 7p.m. or so. The Guy went into the office about 3p.m. to play and had all of his computers in there, on, so there was no room for me. I laid on the couch playing. He was yelling at me and I was yelling at him over how to play the game and what to do. I could hear his friends talking on Vent about what moves that I needed to make or they were going to make. Then The Guy was telling me to place my totems down and other things I was doing wrong. I was yelling at him and he was yelling at me. I don't cuss often, but I do when I get frustrated and I was getting frustrated. He didn't know I couldn't hear what was going on. I told him several times "I am fucking doing that" or "I don't give a fuck." It made the evening more interesting, but we apologized to each other afterward and made up. BORING, YES. The Guy and I take a break about 5p.m. The Guy looks into the refrigerator about 5p.m. for a snack and decides on smoothies. He puts some vitamin juice he bought, some super special nutrients drink, a banana, raspberries, and blueberries, then starts the blender. It is delicious and hit the spot.

Then about 7p.m. he said he had an idea. He said he knew what he wanted for dinner and it was bad. I guessed he wanted pizza, In-N-Out, or Thai. No, he wanted the farmer's market. We get in the car and drive over there. The Guy decided pasta. We get tons of stuff- garlic flavored bread and brie, meatballs, pork chop readymade dinners, meatloaf readymade dinners, spinach, cole slaw, tons of dressings, garlic, water, sesame seeds, and yogurt.

We go back and make pasta. We also make cole slaw, which he puts in a bag and saves for the next day- I'm not a cole slaw fan, but he made a good one. Then he makes some special thing he saw in a magazine that is supposed to purify your body- you put some spinach and sesame seeds in a skillet with some olive oil and cook the spinach until it is wilted. We tried and tasted it- it was nasty, but I said maybe some vinagrette on it and it would be good. The Guy whipped it out and sure enough that helped. I felt healthy afterward. He asked if I was going to spend the night and I said sure. I go outside while taking the trash out and call to tell Linda I'm spending the night.

We sit around playing until about 11p.m., then log off. The Guy plays around on his computer for a while. Then we go into the office and work on setting up his new computer and uploading DVDs to his itunes. About 1:00a.m. The Guy says he knows what we should watch before bed. He goes in and takes all of the DVDs out of his 300 disc DVD player. Then we tote them into the office for him to sort between genres. We do this for about an hour.

At 2:00a.m. he asks if I'm tired and I say yes. I ask him if he is and he plays the rhetorical game and keeps asking me. We decide to finally go in and lay down. He holds me in his arms for a few moments, which was soooooooo nice. He asked what I did in WEHO and if I had sex last night or with anyone since we last did. Nope, you bloggers can vouch for WEHO... haha. Then he nudges my head down to suck on his dick. I think I give him a great blowjob. Then he says to get his dick ready to ride it (lube, condom, etc.) and so I do. It felt great. He was playing with my dick rubbing it in his shirt. I was so hard, especially after not jacking off in the past week because I've been with Linda and don't have the privacy. We changed positions while he was still in me and rolled over where he held my legs up in the air and started fucking me. He did that for SEVERAL minutes and at a constant fast pace where he finally shot his load. He wanted to get up right after and I said not so fast, I need to get off also after not being able to for a week with Linda around. He says ok and he jacks my dick off and I cum on my chest.

We go back to check the computer, then go to bed. He wasn't tired he said since his sleep schedule is off and was planning to stay up all night since it was so late. He laid in bed and didn't really hear him snore like usual. I slept well and only woke up once. We woke up at 8:30 Saturday morning to his dog barking hysterically and tapping at his door. It was e-diets with some new food for him. They sent him some last Saturday morning and that woke us up then also. He brings the food in and we sit in the office for a while surfing his computer. Then we go into the kitchen to have some brie and garlic flavored bread. The dog grabs a slice of the bread off the plate while we're sitting at the couch eating and The Guy yells at the top of his lungs at the dog, then throws the little chain at the wall that is supposed to scare the dog. It did, and it scared me. But a minute later the dog is back trying to get more food, so The Guy puts the dog in the kennel.

We play WOW- not real intensely, we take several breaks during the day. About 1:00p.m. his friend Mike from Portland calls and says The Guy's iPhone was shut off when he was trying to set his up. The Guy gave Mike his old 4GB iPhone and told him to activate it using iTunes. Mike, while on vacation in Chandler Arizona decided to go to the Apple Store, then the AT&T kiosk in the mall. The Guy again got just about the maddest I've ever seen him. He was on the phone for maybe 30 seconds when Mike said that while trying to activate his iPhone, The Guy's was disconnected. The Guy raised his voice real loud and said "GET OFF THE PHONE, I DON'T WANT TO TALK WITH YOU." The Guy called AT&T and it turns out the guy at the 3rd party AT&T kiosk got into The Guy's account without his permission and changed all of his information disabling his SIM card and ICEI number to 11111111111. The Guy was then told he'd have to get a new SIM card, but his phone could be fixed. The Guy also spoke to a manager to see that there would be something done about this guy at the kiosk in the mall and why his account was tampered with. The Guy calls Mike back in the meantime on my phone and also while dealing with the AT&T rep on the phone to figure out what went wrong. The Guy in the mall activated Mike's iPhone and then when he came back told Mike The Guy's iphone was disabled so his will work. The Guy was mad his friend was so hard headed. The Guy and I went out to the AT&T store and the manager was so friendly and helpful.

Then we went to get pizza since The Guy figured he needed a cheat meal since he has eaten so well lately. We go to Longs Drugs while waiting and The Guy buys himself and I a chocolate bunny. We get a few other random things. Then we drive around the parking lot waiting for our pizza.

We get back to his place, eat the pizza, and fix his phone. No problems whatsoever. He calls his friend Mike back to apologize and say that he has calmed down.

B was messaging me several times over the past couple days wanting to know if I was home yet and things of that sort. He joked that I should have my own drawer and everything at The Guy's house for a toothbrush, etc. I don't have a toothbrush there because I don't bother bringing one, since spending the night is often a spontaneous decision. My teeth were feeling really dirty, so I kidded The Guy I don't have a toothbrush there and he went to a drawer in his bathroom and gave me one. Now I do.

We play WOW in the office for a while. Then about 9:30p.m. we decide it is time for dinner. The Guy makes some brie and cheese and heats up the pasta from the previous night. It was DELICIOUS. He pours 3 types of cheeses on the pasta and it was perfect- romano, mozzerella, and parmesan. We eat and then I lay on the couch with him and we watch "Law and Order." I lay up against his arm. I laid up against him until about 12:15a.m. and decided I really needed to get home. He said I was more than welcome to stay the night, but I figured it was Easter and should maybe get home.

I spent the night at Linda's and the Easter Bunny came. He left me an Easter basket chocolate bunny, a $50 iTunes gift card, a $25 Olive Garden gift card, $50 Target gift card, and assorted jelly beans and other candy. That was so thoughtful of Linda/the Easter Bunny and really made my day.

Bloggers take on Hollywood

I had the fun opportunity this past Thursday to meet up with Troy from Chicago, K from New York, JR, Kelly, and David from LA.

I met up with Troy and K at about 2:30p.m. at their hotel in Beverly Hills. I made great timing coming from work. It took 1 hour to get there exactly. I was on the phone with Troy a couple times letting him know about my progress.

I met K walking through the hotel. He was going in to use the bathroom. We smiled at each other, then gave each other a quick hug. Then as I am waiting Troy calls me to say that he is in front of me in his car. I walk over, and sure enough he was. About this time K is coming out. We head out to Melrose to the True Religion store.

Troy drives and we find a place to park. The parking meter said "fail" on it. We walked down Melrose and did not find the True Religion store. It was in the other direction we later found out. We walked down Melrose despite this, K and Troy looking on their iPhones for the store using google maps.

We stop in a store and have gelato and ice cream. I had to pick the ice cream that screamed gay (rainbow sherbet), I don't remember Troy's exact wording, other than it was something along the lines of I would pick the gayest ice cream. I think it was the perfect ice cream however. Wasn't Thursday the first day of Spring? It is a nice, light, ice cream, and it is spring colors. We talk about how Troy is catty that day and how K was the horny one. K thought our waiter was hot, but he did nothing for me. K thought he was an attainable hot. I didn't know what that was supposed to mean, but I said attainable sounds like lowered standards for him.

We head out afterward after being unsuccessful finding the True Religion store and try to go to meet Kelly and David at the Beverly Center. We use the navigation system in Troy's car and iphones to help us try to find the way. The navigation system however was terrible. It was telling routing us back to the hotel I think at once, then to everywhere but the Beverly Center. Troy was getting frustrated with it. We drove through the streets of Beverly Hills singing Mariah Carey's new song "Touch My Body," at one point when they play it on the radio. I told them how I worked Mariah Carey into a spelling test I had to give at work that day and how I burst out singing "Touch My Body" to a group of middle schoolers. The word was "soloist" and I said in a sentence "Mariah Carey is a soloist." The kids laughed and asked me if I knew who Mariah Carey was. I said of course and I started singing "Touch My Body, put me on the floor, roll me around..." The kids got a kick out of it.

At the Beverly Center we park, then go to Diesel where Troy and K look for jeans. I look at shoes. I just bought 3 pairs of Diesel shoes, so I didn't need anymore. We go to Bloomingdales also where I see some Charlie Brown themed shirts that I liked and was tempted to buy. One had Shroeder (the piano guy?) on it and it said "player." K said I needed that for later that night. We also walked through the underwear section there where we looked at Ginch Gonch, 2xist, and other brands of underwear and talk about our likes and dislikes. Soon we meet up with Kelly and David and go back to Diesel for Troy to buy his jeans. We also hit up a couple other stores in the mall. I was about to buy a gray sweater with a blue argyle pattern at Banana Republic. They didn't have my size out, and I was a little mad because I really liked the look. I complained to K about it and then went back and asked if they had it. The lady put some more out, but then I tried it on and it did not go well with my hair color and eyes.

It was getting late and K needed at least 30 minutes to get ready, so we make our way back to the hotel. We hang around in the hotel while K is getting ready and showering. In the car I brought my phone out and showed K and Troy pictures of The Guy. Troy is obviously into much twinkier looking guys, and after he saw a pic and asked how old he was said, "yes, he does look his age." While I do disagree with Troy on that, it was funny though, especially because Troy's catty side came out, which is him, as he said.

We head out for dinner at Ketchup in West Hollywood. JR met us there. We sat around at dinner and had martinis. I had the summer lovin martini. It was fun to sit and talk. I had the beer can chicken, which was pretty good, but I was a little underwhelmed. It could have used a lot more flavoring in the actual chicken or on the skin. The garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables were delicious though. Afterward, Troy had to beg JR to go to Tigerheat with us and it was very cute to see Troy with his arms up jumping around, asking him to go. Who wouldn't give in to that?

We then hit Tigerheat. I bought Troy a round of drinks because he paid for my dinner. We could only use 3 credit cards at the restaurant and I never carry more than $20 or so on me. I should have planned to get cash out of the ATM earlier, but that would have been to easy. As Troy said, by doing this he had a guy buying him drinks all evening. HAHA. We hang out on the sides of the dance floor and upstairs while having drinks. Then we make our way out onto the dance floor and dance. It was a lot of fun. A couple times during the evening JR was trying to find me a guy and get me to go up and dance with one. I think he made a comment about how I wouldn't because The Guy is mine and by dancing with someone else I wouldn't be faithful. HAHA. No- we're not boyfriends, so it doesn't matter. Were there any super hot guys there? Not so much- a lot of the guys were really twinky looking and I'm not into that. I'm into college aged looking guys, guys a couple years older, etc. JR was joking around later and said he found a guy who looked to be about 60 at the club and pointed him out to me. TOOO OLD, WAY TOO OLD JR. JR was encouraging me to go out and find a guy, but it was hard when I didn't find any guy super hot and it is hard for me to go up to a guy. I guess I don't possess JR's natural charm and know all the pick up stuff that JR does.

We stay at the club until 2a.m. and then David brought us back to the hotel. We stop at 7-11 so K could get a cinnamon roll. He is so random, which was hilarious- after the club he wanted to go to another club to find a guy, he wanted a bagel and cream cheese, and things of that sort. We get back to the hotel and I get my car out of valet parking. Then K, Troy, and I hug and say goodbye.

It was fun to get to do this. I have read these guys blogs, and I know I have said this before, but it is so cool how we know each other through them, how we would have never met each other otherwise, then getting to hang out with them was totally awesome. I felt so comfortable around them.

I got home at 3:30a.m. and was supposed to sub on Friday, but it was 3:45 before I actually got to bed I said FORGET IT and called in. I had a fight also to deal with because my mom's friend Linda, with whom I'm staying called me 6 times at the club to ask where I was- after I had already cleared it with her AND MY MOM that I would probably be home after 3a.m. When I got home, she was crying and was telling me how worried she was, how her son would never do this, how that is too late to be staying out and when you're staying out that late it is because you're having sex, which is bad. So to all of you bloggers, thanks for the sex; it was great and memorable.She told me how bad sex was and how bad it is out of wedlock. Basically I told her I was sorry, I was with a group of guys, we went to dinner and hung out just chatting. Not necessarily lying, but not telling her anything she didn't need to know. She was hurt, but I didn't care.

And while we're on the subject, Troy, I want to post a few pics of HOT OLDER GUYS for you...
David James Elliott, George Clooney, and Matt Damon

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The mom convo.

The mom conversation did happen in the car this afternoon coming home from work together.

We were talking about random things like my sister's friends in college and how she has so many. Then the conversation made a transition to "so, tell me about your friend The Guy." I asked what she wanted to know. She wanted to know how long I've known him and I said a year, which is true. She asked his age and I said the age on his myspace. She asked about his family and I told the truth. His parents do support him, they do pay for some/all of his college, and he has a younger brother. She asked why he is still in college at his age. I said he went back to school, which is true. He went back and is getting his PHD. She asked what his major is and I said English, which is technically true. I said he is getting a minor in Spanish, which is not true, but I have lied in the past by saying he was a guy in my Spanish class, but this provides the college connection to him, which is what I know my mom wants to hear so he is not just any random guy.

So all in all, it was a little lying, but there was more truth.

Thanks guys for all the comments you've been giving and well wishes. It makes me want to be more honest knowing that I have encouragement.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

H.S. Courses and Worry on the Mom Front

The Guy called me at 3:30 saying he had no school, he just left the gym, was going to go grocery shopping, and said I should come over. I talked with him most of the way over to his house about random stuff like the cars in front of me. There was an ugly, blue Cadillac Escalade by the way and when I told The Guy he burst out into song- "Buy Me A Cadillac" (from Dreamgirls).

Got over to his place and he asked if I was hungry. He warmed up some readymade dinners that he bought from the farmer's market. He bought a meatloaf dinner and a beef tips dinner with mixed vegetables. He told me originally I couldn't have those, then changed his mind and we stood in the kitchen eating from each other's. They weren't bad. Not a fan of mixed vegetables, but those weren't half bad. Yellow squash is not good, though; I left that in the tray.

We sat down and played WOW for an hour or so. We helped The Guy's lower level friends with their quests. Then I went to the bathroom in the hall, the main bathroom and had the light out. I started taking a piss and The Guy walks in and he didn't realize I was there. He went to his bathroom, then we ended up laying on his bed and he talked on the phone with his friend Mike up in Oregon. Mike is an ex of his and they lived together, and had a couple threesomes together. HAHA. Mike is a grad student studying Physics. Somehow The Guy and I began talking about things like my sister being stupid for commuting to college by train and relying on my parents since she doesn't have her license. Then we talked about me in college and why I'm majoring in what I am. I told The Guy my choices in colleges including Loyola in Chicago, who offered me a lot of money to go their college, but it wasn't enough. Then we talked about AP classes. The Guy took AP US, Government, Physics, Latin (I was impressed), and English. He had nearly a sophomore standing when he entered college, just like me. I told him I was impressed about the Physics. He got 4s and 5s on all of his tests, except for Physics which he got a 3. He didn't take AP Chem. I told him how I took AP Euro, US, English 11 and 12, and Spanish. I passed all of my tests. Then the conversation went back to my sister and how I found out about her AP scores- she got 1s on every test she took including Chem and English 11 and 12. He said it is pretty hard to get a 1, and how she doesn't have the advantage that I have, or he had. That made me feel good and I enjoyed hearing about his high school courseload.

After the nice conversation we went back to WOW. We played with The Guy's friend Jeff, who was a level 27 character. The Guy and I just went around KILLING everything in 1 or 2 hits. It was fun. Then about 10p.m., we called it a night. I told The Guy I was going to go back to my mom's friend Linda's house. He asked why. He said I should just stay the night. I got on the phone and called her.

The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Hi Linda's husband, I'm going to stay the night at my friend's house.
Linda's hubby: Ok- you can tell her, her she is
Me: Hi, I'm going to stay the night at The Guy's house (I used his real name, not my friend's Mike or Steve- this is a first. I have thrown The Guy's name out to my mom and dad, but still when I'm staying the night I say Steve, or they have assumed)
Linda: Ok, why don't you want to come here? There's lots to do here.
Me: I don't know, no reason. My friend invited me to stay the night, so why not?
Linda: Ok... well, I'm against this. I'm a mother. I worry.
Me: I'll be ok, goodnight.

2-3 minutes later I get a phone call from my mom

Me: Hello
Mom: Linda just called and said you're staying the night at a friend's house
Me: Yes, The Guy (his real name) in my Spanish class (I have told my parents The Guy is in my Spanish class, which is not true, but he is a college student, so it adds validity to the story)
Mom: What do you plan to do there? You already had your Spanish final.
Me: I'm going to help him with his dog who just had surgery and play computer games.
Mom: What do you do when you go over there usually?
Me: Well, we work on Spanish and then we watch shows like "Law and Order." All of my friends are big "Law and Order" fans.
Mom: Do you plan to work tomorrow, how are you going to get up without an alarm clock?
Me: I haven't got a job yet and I can set my phone.
Mom: Ok, well, tell Linda.

Called Linda back:

Me: Hi, I just talked to my mom, and she said it is ok with her.
Linda: Well, you know, I just don't agree with it. I'm sorry, I'm a mother, I worry. I don't know this guy like I know your other friends.
(I'm thinking Linda, you don't know my other friends.)

Me: Linda, it'll be ok. He is in my Spanish class and we've hung out quite a bit before.
Linda: I don't know why you don't come on home. Please. I'd just feel safer having you here at home safe.
Me: It's ok. I understand how you feel, but really, I can handle myself and nothing will go wrong. He is in my Spanish class and so I doubt something would happen because he'd see me in class everyday and so he's not going to do anything to me.
Linda: I just don't know. I haven't met him. I don't know why you don't want to come home (insert random whimpers and it almost sounds like she is crying)
Me: I'm sorry, but I'm going to stay the night and it'll be ok.
Linda: It better be fine.
Me: It will. Bye.

Mom called a few minutes later:

Mom: Linda is really worried about this. You're always hanging out with guys. You're always staying at guy's houses. Mike, Steve, and now The Guy. I just hope nothing is going on.
Me: What would be going on? We just hang out playing computer games.
Mom: Well, I see you're spending a lot of time with them.
Me: Yeah, it's Spring Break.
Mom: Ok, I'm not going to tell you what to do or not do, but I hope you're safe, I'm not 100% comfortable with this, but I love you.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH MAN... so my mom is picking up on the fact I spend the night at lots of guys houses thanks to Linda. I haven't seen my mom yet today, but I'm worried about our conversation. She'll probably ask what is going on. She may queston and drill me. I was worried I was going to have to come out to my mom on the phone there last night. WHEW. We'll see what goes down today. The only reason my mom began to worry was Linda. Ugh. Oh well...

We just played around on our computers until midnight. I was about to crash then- The Guy wasn't that tired. He went to bed though. We snuggled up to his dog and laid closer together than usual. We put our hands on each other rubbing each other's hands as we were trying to pet the dog. I slept pretty good. Woke up once about 1:30a.m. when The Guy's friend Rush, who he plays WOW with texted him to get up and play. The Guy slept with the phone in his hand. I thought that was funny and the height of ridiculousness. We both woke up at 3:30a.m. when The Guy's dog was acting really strange. He stood up, over my head, and looked like he could throw up any minute. We both got up and just stood around the bed. A couple hours later I woke up again when The Guy rolled over onto his dog and his dog didn't yelp or anything (I think that's what happened). The dog didn't make a sound and had his eyes closed. The Guy called his name and the dog wouldn't move or respond. I asked if he was alright. The Guy tried picking the dog up and he didn't do anything. Then he felt the dog and said his heart is still beating. Then after a few more moments he woke up. We slept until 9, which was HEAVEN and except for those few interruptions, it was a much needed good night's sleep.

We got up this morning and had Frosted Mini Wheats. WOW was down for upgrades, but The Guy was talking to his friends on there and helping one try to solve memory/video card problems. I got a call at 9, then again at 9:15 to go into work at 10:45. I left The Guy's place at 10:15.

We'll see what goes down with my mom today. Maybe it will be nothing, and I was just making a big deal about nothing, maybe something will. Who knows... I do know that I'm leaning toward being honest and actually coming out if need be.

Who is Linda?
Linda is my mom's best friend at work. Honestly, the lady is like a 2nd mother to me because I spend enough time with her and she treats me like her son. I've blogged about her before- if you want to read about her, go to July 2007 entries and look for the post titled June 21-July 1. Then look for the June 29th entry. She was worried I was hanging out with male friends and that I went on a trip to Santa Barbara last year with male friends. I am staying at Linda's house right now, so she is playing my mommy, haha.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wrap-up of the last couple days with The Guy

Thursday I dog sat for The Guy because he asked me to and I had the day off work. I only had to dog sit for 2-3 hours, which was perfect because I was able to work that afternoon when I got called to. I got to his house about 8a.m. and woke him up. He got ready putting his computer in his car and taking out all the extra RAM in it so he could take it to work. While he drove to work we talked on the phone and he got a speeding ticket for doing 85 on the freeway. When he got home about 2 1/2 hours later I was asleep on the couch. I hadn't slept much this week. We talked and took his dog outside to walk around. Then we laid down and napped for about 45 minutes since we were both tired.

Friday at 11a.m. I got a text asking "you know what WOW, nonfat milk, and energy drinks have in common?" I replied "party at The Guy's house?" and also "no clue." He responded with things you need to bring before you come over. I was in a surprisingly chipper mood and was starving. I was at home and had just baked cookies that morning, so I got a bag of cookies together and took them, then texted him asking if he wanted Chipotle. He said YES!!!!

I waited in the really long line for our food at Chipotle. Then I got him the milk and energy drinks. Went to his place and I was the man! He was so excited that I brought not only the drinks, but Chipotle, and dessert. We sat and ate. I sat at the end of his feet on the couch for about 2 hours with him watching "Law and Order." Then we delved into WOW. I did pretty well The Guy said, though he kept shouting commands at me telling me what to do. It was funny. I was joking with him that he is damaging my self esteem and everytime he does this I spend the night crying myself to sleep. He asked if I was serious and I broke out into fake tears and said yes, then reassured him, no.

We had tuna sandwiches for dinner. The Guy didn't have any pickle relish, so he chopped up pickles, which was funny. The Guy also told me I was going to stay the night as a thank you for pet sitting the previous day while we were standing in the kitchen eating. I needed that and had told my mom's friend Linda, with whom I'm staying with this week that I would not be home. She is the one who was so concerned at the beginning of summer I was hanging out with male friends and went places with male friends. Basically I told her in my family I call my parents if I'm not coming home that night, and they respect that. I told her I hoped she would do the same, and she did. There were objections on her end and she was wanting to worry about me, but I didn't let her. I just merely called, told her I was staying the night, and she told me if there were any girls around to not sleep in the same bed as them. That was an easy rule to follow.

I quit WOW about 1:00a.m. after becoming frustrated because I was killing stuff and not getting credit for it in the game- the server was acting up or something. The Guy was doing something totally different in the game with a friend. Finally when The Guy said he was about ready for bed at 2:00a.m. I went into his room a few moments before him and laid down in bed and was fake crying. He asked what was wrong and I told him I was crying over all of the comments he made toward my playing abilities and things of that sort. He laughed and hit me with the pillow, then he hugged me. He was joking and told me that I really did suck. His dog lay in between us during the night and we both woke up a couple times to get the dog to stop licking his balls and stitches from when he was neutered the other day.

We got up at 8a.m. after The Guy's friend Rush texted him after he got off work telling him to get online and play. We got up and ran around doing instances with level 66 stuff, so I got credit, so I could go up a level. We did that for a while. Then The Guy's dad called wanting to know why he hasn't been at work all week and The Guy made up a BS story he was at home, in the online ordering program right now that his dad's company uses testing it. His dad also questioned him about why The Guy hadn't given him copies of his student loans, etc. for his parents to pay. Once that was handled we finished the instance, then took a break.

The Guy went in the office to buy dog food on (he bought 5, 24 pack cases of can dog food), and paid $40 in shipping, when he could have driven 3-4 miles to Petco. Anyways, he did that, then called the Apple store about a video card for the computer he brought home from the office that wasn't working. They didn't have the card because you can only buy them online. The Guy decided the OS on the computer may be the problem, so looked for his Leopard disk to reinstall it. Couldn't find it, we tore up the house looking for it, so he wasn't happy. We went to Best Buy for a new copy. While on the way to Best Buy, The Guy was talking about how if he were this age and straight, he'd be married, not worried about his weight, he wouldn't have to worry about shedding a few extra pounds. I just rubbed his shoulder and told him he looked hot, to not put himself down. The Guy got the disk at Best Buy, some gaming headphones, and Skittles. In the car he made fun of me for eating each Skittle color by color (green first, then yellow, then orange, red, and purple- best for last). The Guy also learned from a Mac Specialist at Best Buy that he could get his Apple Certification License to be able to make warranty repairs on computers, like at his dad's office, and sign off on that. The Guy might look into it.

We drove to the liquor store down the street from The Guy's house for energy drinks and water. When we walked in, we thought there was going to be a robbery. There was a black guy in a bandana, yelling obscenities to the 2 guys who work there, and yelling at us. The guy was saying the workers were faggots, that they probably stand behind the counter with their dicks rubbing together, probably had HIV, etc. The Guy and I stood at the back of the store, and he called the police. Then the black guy said we were the faggot customers, etc. etc. The Guy said gosh and looked like he was going to cry and was really upset. Then after 3-4 minutes, the black guy walked out and the younger worker called the cops. The Guy and I went to pay and The Guy apologized to both of the workers who looked like they were going to cry. Everyone who works at the liquor store is super sweet- it is an older Jewish guy (I think) and his 2 kids. The Guy said he was so sorry for these guys having to put up with that, that he is probably the one who has HIV since the black population tends to have higher HIV rates and the guys working agreed and said thanks. Driving away, The Guy and I looked for the black guy who the police had already got to and was at the bus stop down the street from The Guy's house. The Guy got the number off of the liquor store receipt and called to tell the guys that the black guy was being questioned by police. The Guy then wanted to do something for the guys to make them feel better, so we went to Bakers Square and bought them hamburgers and brought them. They were shocked and surprised, and thanked him. See, this is why I love The Guy, he has the biggest heart and goes out of his way to be nice to people.

Back at his house, The Guy played around with the different hard drives in the computer and reinstalled Leopard. He called AppleCare to get a new video card for this computer instead of spending the $370 out of his own money like he had planned. The Guy also called his brother who plays WOW to ask why he wasn't playing. His brother will play with us later he said. The Guy went on his brother's WOW account and added a game card, but also took his brother's credit card number out, and put his own in to bill HIS account for the whole year, not his brothers. Again, what a nice brother. Seriously, my sister would never do anything like that for me, although I would for her. The Guy told him that I was going to play, and that was reason to also. We played around afterward watching Apple movie trailers.

Then at 3:15p.m. we went back to WOW. We finished leveling my character to 67, which took a good 2-3 hours. We kept trading computers every few minutes during some of the quests because I didn't know what spells and techniques The Guy wanted me to use to kill the stuff, some of the stuff was also real difficult to kill, and so I played The Guy's level 70 character. His character is easy- you just press one button on the keyboard over and over, whereas I have to lay down 3-5 totems, then use 2 other keys to attack the enemy, so my job is considerably harder. During a couple breaks we had, The Guy got up to go to the kitchen. Then he came over to me once and leaned down and moved my computer. He pulled down his pants and stuck his dick in my mouth. I sucked him off in the middle of his living room. It was still light outside and if someone had been at the door, would have seen. HAHA. He leaned over and played with my dick, which was in my pants while I was sucking him. He came back 2-3 times for blowjobs, which was funny. Then afterward I laughed and he asked what was so funny. I said nothing, I just thought that was funny and hot in the middle of the living room.

About 8 or 9 we started a group with all of his friends who were online. I decided to just heal in this instance. That meant I could hang back without having to be up in there, doing all the killing. I did pretty well, and The Guy agreed saying he thinks I had found my calling. One character Mag died because he kept getting out of my line of sight, so I couldn't heal him. Ami died once because I was under attack, as were they. I reincarnated myself and went back to healing. Then about 10:30, while still playing the same instance, The Guy told everyone to get in a little room in the game, everyone did, we were all under attack and I was tossing out group heals, but it wasn't enough. I died, The Guy died, then all of the characters we were playing with except for Diz, who somehow managed to escape. The characters we were playing with were all level 40-55 or so and the instance was for level 55. We all went to the graveyard to resurrect ourselves and decided to call it a night, because it was 10:30 and the instance was still not done, but it was late.

I got home at 11:00 from THe Guy's. My mom's friend was shocked I was gone for so long, but I reassured her everything was normal and this is how it is with my family. They know I have a cell phone and if there is a problem or need to know where I am, call me. My mom's friend did call me about 7p.m. while I was giving The Guy a blowjob to say it was hailing where she was. I did call her back and just told her it was raining and that I'd talk to her later.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Next week was supposed to be finals week, but my teachers were nice enough to give their finals early. My Spanish teacher gave hers last Friday. My film and history teacher had papers due today, and those were the finals.

I have a 2 week Spring Break, and have been on break since 10:32 this morning!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Helping him and his neutered dog

The Guy called me at 1:00p.m. yesterday as I was driving home from school with my mom. He asked if I was coming over and could do a favor for him. He wanted a new cone for his dog that had just been neutered- he was looking for an inflatable cone as opposed to the large lamp shade cone he had. The Guy was refusing to leave the house to be with the dog. I said ok. I get home, drop my mom off at the house, and get in my car and go to Petco. We chatted most of the ride home with my mom in the car about random stuff- how was your day, etc. My mom had no problem with it.

I had a hard time finding the inflatable cone at Petco, but asked a lady there and found it. I called The Guy and he told me buy both the extra large and large cone.

I get to The Guy's house and he opens up the cones. He blows up the cone and puts it on the dog. He thinks the large one is too small, but the extra large is too large. We fiddle with that for a while and just hang around the house. We go into the den where he is just checking his e-mail and talk. I tell him about the latest with my dad and he was a sympathetic ear to just listen and that was so nice. He basically reassured me he is there if I ever need anything, and just told me things I should do if I can to help the relationship.

We eventually go out and lay down on the couch. He lays on his dog and I do too. Our heads are against each other. We watch an episode of "Law and Order." Then he asks me if I can go to In-N-Out for food for him. I said sure. Then he said that he needs to pay me back the $85.00 from the stuff from Petco. He looks in his wallet for money, then he asks me to check if there is money in his pants. There is $65 in his pants. Then he says that he needs more money and gives me his ATM card to go to the bank to get money. He changes his mind and says for me to go to the liquor store and see if they'll give me $80 cash back. Then he changes his mind again and hands me all of the money in his wallet and the $65 to go to In-N-Out. Then he decided he could write me a check for the Petco stuff. Then he said he didn't know what he wanted, but maybe I should just go to Wells Fargo, get money, get In-N-Out, get drinks, then come back and he'll figure out how to pay me. I came back with money and he gave me the $85 he owed me. That was difficult, but hilarious since I was about to walk out of the house 3-4 times, and he changed his mind each time.

I didn't want In-N-Out because I wasn't hungry. I had just had lunch with my mom a couple hours ago. While he was eating we talk about my mom's friend Linda again because I had substituted for her that day. We sat on the couch- he played WOW for a little bit. I just sat with his dog on my lap (OUCH- his dog is 115 pounds) and watched "Law and Order." Finally about 7p.m. I said I'm going to get my computer. I had a lot of things on my mind- I needed to work on my paper for my film class. I am writing about how "Sex and the City" is a literary show (like a book). This topic perplexed me. I'm out of practice on literature type essays where you do this sort of thing. Seriously, in college I've really only done research essays, then in Spanish it is always either a narration, a description, or a persuasive essay; so my mind wasn't in tune to do something like this and I felt really stupid because it is not as if I didn't know how; I just forgot/had a mental block. When I was asked to figure out how the show is like a book I was stumped. My mind hasn't been working that way and I felt stupid. The Guy kept asking me what I was doing and I said I was looking for information online. He reminded me who was sitting next to him, and I confirmed yes, I should have asked him because he is the answer man. He mentioned the frame of the show, the archetypal characters (Charlotte= aspiring housewife, Samantha=slut, Miranda= career minded, etc.). That was PERFECT. I had written 3 pages of my paper on the frame, but the archetypal characters was such a great idea and I was a little disappointed I hadn't come up with that. He just took a huge load of stress off of me. YAY!!!!!!!!!!

We pal around doing other random stuff, then he goes into the office and cleans up his desktop because it is going to his work, then he played WOW for a little bit. I left about 9p.m. because I was tired. We hugged and I thanked him for EVERYTHING he did, told him how fun it was. Then he thanked me profusely for running all of those errands for him. The Guy has today off work to care for his dog; even though he usually works today, then goes to work tomorrow, but wants someone to stay with his dog all day. He is such a worrier and cares so much for the dog.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

It was comfortable to be with him

The Guy wanted me to play WOW here at home last night. It didn't work out- the game kept lagging. He has such a fast internet connection compared to me. My DSL is only 1.5mbps, whereas his is 6mbps. The Guy and I logged onto iChat to screenshare my computer, he fixed my Airtunes that he gave me that wasn't working. Then he adjusted some settings on our router. That is too cool he can do that from his house. HAHA. We chatted a little bit up until about 8p.m.

This morning at 12 or so, he asked me if I was going over to his place and why I wasn't there. I said I didn't know. I told him about my morning helping my mom's friend Linda for 2 hours on the phone trying to help her buy tickets for a basketball game her son was going to be at today in San Diego. Then I told him about something that happened that is going to change a lot of things in the near future for me.

I went over to his place and brought him 4 Monster Energy Drinks. We played WOW and I talked on the phone with my mom who called to give me updates on the thing. Then The Guy made a lasagna about 2p.m. It was pretty good. Before it was done though, The Guy told me to check my e-mail, I have mail. He sent me a pic of a guy's ass. It totally came out wrong and I asked, "is that your ass?" and I knew that it wasn't, but I spoke before thinking. I meant to ask "whose ass is that?" The Guy took offense. He said "oh no you didn't just ask that, etc. etc. etc." He went on a guilt trip about how he didn't want to feed me for just asking that. I tried to explain. HAHA. He knew I didn't mean it, I think. The Guy has a much hotter ass. We ran around afterward in WOW with a group of 5 of his friends and that was fun.

About 6:30 he wanted to take a break and get away from the computer. He played until 2a.m. on WOW with a friend last night who was playing my new character The Guy gave to me. Then his friend Dan came on and convinced him to stay up all night playing. The Guy pulled an all nighter and he was saying how he hasn't done that in years. We went out to the spa and talked. He gave me advice on the current situation and he told me I am too defensive, which is a part of the problem. I need to step back. It is true in some aspects, but, but, but, but I'm not defensive. HAHA... ok... just a little. But seriously, it was ok. Then we chatted and he made me take deep breaths with my eyes closed, which ended up with me laughing so hard and me admitting he was right, that I am defensive. I laid back on the lounge seat outside laughing and he just told me I am laughing because he knows I'm right.

We went back in at 7p.m. and he said he was going to go to bed. I said I was going to take off though I didn't want to. I left while it was still light out, which is a shock. Doesn't happen often! We hugged for a good 30 seconds, then I told him I'd see him and his SEXY ass later. He laughed and said "oh yes, I will."

Saturday, March 8, 2008

One of my favorite things

A transistor radio- I got this from my grandpa after he died. I love this little radio. Some nights when I can't sleep I lay in bed listening, playing, seeing where the farthest away radio station is I can pick up. I can almost always get KCBS AM out of San Francisco, KGO AM out of San Jose, and KKOH AM out of Reno Nevada- all are news stations. I'm in Southern California, so that is awesome. The radio however doesn't pick up AM radio stations out of Los Angeles well that have strong signals like KFI AM 640, KNX 1070 AM, and KFWB 980 AM.

Just a fun night of hanging out

I instant messaged The Guy about 4:30p.m. yesterday because I needed help with my Spanish presentation. I was trying to embed a youtube video into my Keynote presentation (Powerpoint) on my Mac. We also talked about the iPhone and my dad's answer of no, I don't need one. Then he told me I need to come over to pick up the speakers he was going to give to me because The Mexicans, his cleaning people, were coming.

I get over to his place and he is working in the kitchen cleaning up before his cleaning people arrive. He tells me his dog is doing better- what he thought was a tumor was only a skin flap. That put The Guy's mind at ease. He also said his dog is getting snipped (neutered) this Monday, his teeth cleaned, and x-rays.

I put the speakers in my car- they were sitting on his dog's cage. When I came back in he gave me an Airtunes for the speakers and told me how to set it up. Then he asked if I had DirectTV, which I do. He had a DVR from them that he never used and wanted to get rid of. He went out and put it in my car, despite the fact I said no, it wasn't necessary. He said if it doesn't work to bring it back to him.

We fiddle around doing random stuff waiting for the cleaning guys. When they arrive we take his dog for a walk in the park across the street from his house. We talk about what we've been up to, how The Guy wants to diet, how he has been eating so healthily, and why he doesn't go out to clubs or bars. The Guy is afraid of seeing his ex and his ex seeing him while he is fat. The Guy wants to lose 30 pounds- he is not fat, he just has a stocky build. The Guy, however, would be happy just losing 10 pounds. Believe me, he is a very sexy guy, even with a few extra pounds. The Guy talked about how he might buy himself a cruise to go on to encourage him to lose a few pounds. We get back to his place and they're still cleaning, which is no surprise. We talk about going to Ballys to workout, but I don't get there and he doesn't go to LA Fitness like I do, so that was crossed off the list of options. He decided we needed a trip to the farmers market. I drove because his car was blocked by the cleaning guys. He calls his friend Joe on the way to say his dog is ok- Joe is studying to be a vet. In the store we get brie and bread, the ingredients for meatloaf, some TV dinners, and blueberries. They always play such good music at that farmers market. They mostly play oldies and we were both singing the Troggs song "Love is All Around." We were both walking through the store singing that and not caring if anyone was around, which they weren't. I noticed he was singing along and then I began doing it too.

On the way back I am flipping radio stations and there were 2 songs that they played The Guy liked that I'm not a fan of. I passed over "Take Me There" by Rascal Flatts, but since he liked it I went back. I do like some Rascal Flatts, just not that song. I like "Prayin' For Daylight," "What Hurts The Most," "Fast Cars and Freedom," and most of their older stuff."We get back and put the stuff away.

We're feeling a little mischevious while they are still cleaning. We went into his office and looked at guys posting ads on craigslist, manhunt, and realjock. That was a little awkward with the cleaning people also there; they're both sweet gay guys, but to not really know them and to be looking at porn was awkward. One of the cleaning guys did see us looking at that stuff. The Guy showed me an ad he posted on craigslist of a random pic he found off the internet and made the ad really dirty, lied about his age, and random stuff like that just to see what kind of responses he got. He got some pretty funny responses apparently. None that interested him though, I guess. He wrote that he needed a slave to come in, let him fuck, and stuff like that. We also found his cleaning guys ad on craigslist later where we found out they are also certified massage therapists. We had to laugh.

The cleaning guys left about 9p.m. We played WOW on the computer for about 2 hours afterward. The Guy let me play his level 65 shaman. I had been playing his level 25 shaman. BTW, The Guy has 5 WOW accounts, about 30 characters, and all are about level 20 or higher. It was fun- kind of- I got to go with a group of 3 other people and The Guy and kill stuff. I'm the main attacker in the group, so I have the responsibility to do that and heal diseases, and make sure everyone's mana count isn't too low. So much responsiblity for a newbie.

After playing, The Guy put the dog in the crate and went around admiring his clean house. He laid down on the bed and said I needed to admire the clean bed with him. He pushed me down to his dick and I began to suck him off. I sucked him for a while and he told me I should jack my dick off while doing that. He was really turned on by me jacking off while sucking him off. After a while he wanted to fuck me, so I let him do that and I nearly fell off the bed twice because I was so close to the edge. We kept going back and forth- suck and fuck. Then finally I end by sucking The Guy and he jacks me off. I shoot my load and then he says he can't shoot his because his stomach is upset from something he ate earlier in the evening. Having another guy's hand on my dick just does it for me.

I left at 12:00a.m. exactly. I thanked The Guy for the Airtunes, the speakers, the DVR, and the sex. He laughed and we hugged. I made it home at 12:30a.m.

I'm chatting with him right now before I go and eat breakfast. I'm telling him about my mom's friend Linda who brought breakfast and demands that I get dressed before we eat at the kitchen table. God doesn't want to see me in my night clothes and Linda offered to help pick out my clothes for me. HAHA. She's a nut, she has OCD, she is crazy, but I love her. The Guy gets a big kick out of her and some of the stuff she says and does. She's one of my mom's best friend's, so she is around our house a lot, or goes out to eat with my mom, or our family quite a bit.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sorting out my problems

The Guy hasn't called me or been on AIM since Saturday or Sunday. He im'd me after he signed on about 3:30 today asking me to come over. I said I'd be over shortly.

I got over to his place about 4:30. I got out my computer and we played WOW. He had me install 2 cheats to help me. They helped somewhat. Am I enjoying the game more? No. My dad called wanting to talk to me about what iPod I wanted (since mine broke the other day) and favors I need to run for him. The Guy asked what was up after I got off the phone and told him what my dad said. He was as put out as I was. I have to wait around for the dishwasher repairman, go to the bank to deposit a check, call my aunt in OK, call my uncle in the next city over, and some other family stuff.

The Guy and I laid on the couch playing WOW until about 6p.m. when he asked if I was hungry. He said he could go for Bakers Square. I said I could too. He said I'd have to go get it because he was busy playing in an instance. I said I was busy playing too. I gave him a hard time about that, but then said ok. I called in our order, then went to pick it up. The waitresses decided to skimp us on ranch dressing again. I asked for extra ranch dressing and they said they had to save some for the salads. The chicken cheese melt I had was pretty good.

We watched "Law and Order" and The Guy played with his friends online. I continued playing by myself. It was sad... haha.

Now here is where the story gets convoluded and I'm intentionally being vague, but I'm kind of sorting things out in my mind as I write this and I'm a little hesitant to post and ramble about this because I don't want this to be a pity Mike sort of deal- it is my issue and I'm fighting and doing what I can with it. I am just posting about it to flush my ideas out as well as document what went on with The Guy and I:

About 9:45, The Guy asked if I wanted to go out to the spa with him. I went out and sat on the side, while he got in like usual. I need to keep a swimsuit at his place for when he goes in. Honestly though, I enjoy this time because we always talk and catch up. He told me about his ad he posted on craigslist to meet other WOW players and how he didn't like who he met. The Guy said he was Mexican and wasn't. Then we talked about how he has been playing WOW for the past 3 days, all day, nonstop. Then The Guy asked if everything is going alright with me and the family problems. I said no, things haven't improved and my aunt in Nor Cal is harassing me with early morning phone calls and stuff like that. That's an issue I don't want to go into, but we're dealing with- BELIEVE ME. She is going to regret doing this shortly. Then we talked about my dad and the iPhone. I want an iPhone- it is no secret- partly because my iPod broke this weekend. I have been buttering up the idea with my dad this past weekend saying how it would help me since I could sync my Mac to it and everything would just be there, unlike with my Blackberry that I currently have. Basically The Guy and I went back and forth about how I should try to convince my dad to let me get one. I am MORE THAN WILLING pay for the phone, as well as the extra it costs per month to have the iPhone, but my dad is of the opinion that I have a computer and don't need an iPhone; despite the fact I'm willing to pay. He won't let me add the iPhone to his account- PERIOD. I tell how my dad bought my sister a new cell phone- no quips, but with me he is making it such a big issue and saying no. It is not just because it is an iPhone, but anything I want it is always a struggle. Basically The Guy and I talked about all that I do for my dad and how I'm not rewarded or thanked for it. I understand in some aspects why I'm not getting rewarded- it is kind of expected I'll do all of this stuff. All of the reasons why I stayed close to home for college are finally unraveling and I am able to handle all of these problems. Because of this I spend a great deal of time being a social secretary for my dad (and mom- mom thanks and pays me, so she is off the hook for the mostpart) and I'm not getting rewarded. I'm fine with that because it is important for me to be here for my family in this difficult time, but it isn't just the problems that are occurring now that I have to thank for this. This has been going on for years- me doing favors for my dad and not getting any sort of thanks- either verbal or monetary. If I fail to do something my dad gets upset and tells me how irresponsible I am when I do do nothing, or if I don't meet his standards. Then when I want something I always have to fight to get it, whereas my sister just has to ask. My sister does nothing- and I even help her and don't get anything from it. My sister came into the mix because she doesn't help with any of this stuff because she is nowhere near as responsible as I am. She does nothing- she sits on her computer all day on her days off. I don't- I work close to 20 hours a week, go to school full time, deal with family issues to help my parents out, and still manage to hang out with friends. I don't have a lot of free time though, in comparison to my sister. I am constantly working to help myself and others. My dad doesn't realize that, or takes it for granted. He does anything for my sister and shelters her excuses- he denies it and just says he loves both of us equally. The thing is though, is that she just has to ask for something and gets it. ANYTHING. I have to ask, I have to beg, pout, I have to say why I need it, how it will help me, etc. etc. I don't ask for a lot- in the past 3 months I've asked for my dad to put $500 down toward my Macbook Pro, but I paid the rest and that was my birthday gift. I don't ask for a lot. My dad looks the other direction when it comes to me and I've called my dad out on it, my mom has too, and I've even written my dad letters (thanks to The Guy's encouragement). Putting my foot down, writing letters has done nothing. My dad won't listen to anyone- he just says he is fair and loves both of us kids equally- that's it. No arguing with that. Anyways, I just got real worked up tonight about that, but it was good because The Guy was there to listen and it just made me feel good to talk to him. He was able to encourage me to seek out a couple other ways to talk to my dad. It isn't going to do any good since my dad is so hard headed, but I'm going to try. I love The Guy, seriously. It just made me feel a lot better talking to him seeing that I do a lot for myself and others (even though my dad chooses to look the other way). It felt good to be able to say how much this stuff is hurting me. The issue with my dad isn't just about the iPhone, rather anytime I ask for something big or small. It is about fairness, which my dad refuses to see. I could go out and just buy the iPhone, or anything else I want. I do have a job and everything, but I don't want to spend $60.00 or so a month on a cell phone plan. I've already started cutting the cord with my parents in some ways financially and this may just have to be one of them. It just upsets me though with the whole fairness issue.

I left about 10:10p.m. and got home at 10:40. I told my mom that I was out with The Guy (used his real name). I said we had dinner at his place and worked on homework. I'm now using The Guy's name around my parents. YAY! That's a step!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Mom's comments

There was an article in the paper today that the California State Supreme Court will be meeting tomorrow to discuss the definition of marriage. The article title on the front page of the newspaper was "Gay marriage issue at debate." I knew my mom would comment on it, and she did. Her response was "I don't want gay marriage. That's not my definition of marriage." I just kept doing my thing trying to ignore it.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Every Sunday Morning

My dad turns on ABC7 Eyewitness News. Then he says how much John Gregory and Lisa Hernandez, the anchors look like brother and sister. Then he says Indra Petersons talks through her nose and she always wears pants- never a skirt or dresses.