Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cast of characters

Following the advice of Steevo I am creating a cast of characters in my blog for those new readers, or those who have forgotten who is who. Lots of clickable links in between the commas.

The Guy
- Met him off of craigslist a few years back. We originally met for just sex, but then it developed into something more, basically a relationship that lasted for about a year. Now we are just good friends. He has helped me in all aspects of my life- school, work, family.

The Guy's straight trainer at the gym whom he fell for. Many times. A sexual and emotional relationship ensued between Josh and The Guy. He is in his mid 20s, tattoos, bodybuilder. Josh is either extremely closeted, a user, or both.

Jeff- The Guy's good friend who is 25. We are cordial toward each other, but don't hang out unless The Guy is around.

Gonzo- One of my best friends. I have known her since elementary school. She is the first person I came out to. She goes to college, has strict Mexican parents, and is engaged. We like to go shopping together.

Viv, Marci, Joe, Darla, Eddy- all good friends I work with at the high school that I tutor at. We like to go out together and do stuff like this, or this.

My dad- I'm out to him, he's a teacher. Lets my sister get away with a lot.

Sister- I'm not out to her, she constantly harasses me over things like sexuality, is kind of out of control, is all about herself, she is 20. Doesn't get along with most in the family. Likes gourmet, classy food... choke choke!

My mom- not out to her, she's a teacher, I consider myself closer to her than my dad. I still can't seem to tell her. Doesn't let my sister get away with a lot. Strong woman- if she can handle a boss like this.

Best friend- Lives in Mississippi, studying to be a pilot, slightly redneck, very Christian and conservative, had a big issue that I am gay, but is learning to accept it. Told me I just hadn't had good experiences with girls, just needed to feel what a girl was like to know I was attracted to them. He even stood up for me this past July.

Carl- constantly recurring acquaintance from Spanish class. A guy I befriended, he came out to me, he had feelings for me, he constantly got pissed off at me, he was mad I didn't go to Disneyland with him for his birthday, the world revolved around him. He moved to Texas and now wants back in my life- he misses me.

The Mike's- Former h.s. friends who I no longer associate with. They have had a hard time accepting my sexuality, plus what my sister did. I don't need friends like this.

Dennis- Good middle and high school friend. Very introverted. He has an easier time opening up to me than most people I feel. Teacher. We go to drag shows together.

Linda- My mom's best friend, a fellow teacher. I sub for her whenever she is out. Like a 2nd mother to me. Very obsessive compulsive. Thinks of me like her son- keeping tabs on me like her son, always wanting to be sure I am fed. Constantly trying to keep up on my whereabouts.

Lesbian cousins- I have 2 lesbian cousins in Oklahoma (one is 15 and then her mom is in her 30s). I have a 22 year old lesbian cousin who did porn a few years back on my dad's side out here in Cali.

Cousins- occasionally mentioned- refers to either 1 specific, or a group of them. Most often refers to my 2nd cousin, the one I went to Universal Studios and to see Faith Hill with, is pursuing a makeup career, is 25 years old.

Aunt in Nor Cal- Woman I despise and hate for the hell she put my grandma, my family, and myself through. The time, money, and time my parents have had to take off of work to deal with her is unfortunate.

John- a friend of The Mike's, but I have known him longer. He is much more understanding.


Doug said...

Wow thanks for the comprehensive cast of characters complete with links to background posts! That's awesome! I may just do that for my own blog too (if I have time.. hehe)

Thanks for the birthday wishes!! And looking forward to catching up and reading more from your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

how old is The Guy?

JO buddy was in there?