Monday, December 24, 2012

The Big NYC

I'm home, guys!

Oh how I miss the big city when I'm not there, and how it feels so weird to know that the city is still moving even though you aren't there. We hit the city in full force.

Tuesday -
Arrived about 5:30, checked in, then hit the city in full force. Was emailing DaninOKC back and forth to try to meet, but he had plans, and we were hungry, so I found a turkish restaurant. The people smelled Mike thought, so we went to a Thai place. Went back to the hotel and watered ourselves at the hotel.

Wednesday -
Mike had breakfast planned with his friend Kat, and I made plans to meet with DaninOKC. Got on the train and headed down to Times Square, then over to Penn Station area. Finally, the 2 of us met on a street corner and made our way to Penn Station so I could nibble on food. We talked a lot about work stuff, heard about each other's adventures, and more. Wished I could have introduced him to Mike so he could give a critique ;-). Glad we got to meet up again after all these years. Here's to meeting again, but not with so many years in between!

Found the BF back at a cafe where his friend had just left. We walked to Central Park and up on the upper east side. Spent the afternoon in Times Square getting tickets for broadway. We saw WarHoarse at Linkin Center. Had a lot of fun beforehand doing some shopping uptown at Century 21 stocking up on ties, before heading to dinner at a Tapas/wine bar. We drank a bottle, then headed to Linkin Center to the expensive restaurant there for a drink - we liked the bar atmosphere as it wasn't pretentious and it was classy. WarHoarse was amazing. The plot was very thin and weak in my opinion, but what redeemed it was the mechanics and choreography with the horses. Back to the hotel for another drink, a toffee Christmasy thingy.

Thursday -
Up and off to SOHO. HAD SOOO MUCH FUN!!! Loved SOHO.  Had breakfast at a french bistro. My new favorite store there is Fish and Eddys. Shopped 5th Avenue and went to Uniqlo where I bought a scarf, then a couple of universities for postcards etc. for my classroom. Headed uptown to the hotel and to get prepped to meet up with friends of Mike's who he was reconnecting with. Met them at our hotel, went to Therapy, the gay bar, for a therapy session where we got to know each other better. Walked down to a Thai place in Hell's Kitchen. Back to the hotel for a drink.

Friday -
Up and ventured to Brooklyn, but turned around when we didn't like the area the train dropped us off in. Went back to Manhattan, found a Russian restaurant, and enjoyed some of Mike's favorite dishes. We walked up to Linkin Center area again for Century 21 and a few other areas. Met up with his friend Kat again for dinner with her 2 friends Mike had met at Thanksgiving. We went to Ching's, the drag queen, show place, for so-so food, and the big bowls of drinks that you all share. We downed 3 between the 5 of us. First time ever for me doing one of those big punch bowl drink things. After, I was insistent we go to a country bar I found on Yelp. Her 2 friends were 2 latino guys who didn't like country, but they played along. We sat, talked, and swayed/danced to a little bit of the stuff.

Cowboy dancing at the country bar

Hate the song, but it was so funny watching a group of gay guys dance to this shaking their asses. The jukebox never played our song, "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?"

Found another bar down the street that was cash only, and we ended up being the center of attention as we danced to random stuff. Went to a diner down the street for breakfast/a smoothie.

Saturday -
Off to Jersey, got a car, then went to his parent's. Grabbed his mom and went to a polish deli. Got grub and then went back to their house. Went to the mall, then his favorite pizza place. Met up with his Friend LaR. DELICIOUS PIZZA. Went to a liquor store and then hotel. We all drank and ate cake in the hotel room. We settled into bed and at 1:50am the fire alarm starting ringing telling us to evacuate. We didn't see any smoke outside the window, so we got up, got dressed, packed up all of our electronic toys, and walked down the stairs. We get to the bottom when the alarm stops and we see a flood of people making their way out. We go back in and get undressed. LaR called us to say there were a few guys smoking MJ in a room down from us that sat off the alarm. Mike was livid at the hotel.

Sunday -
Up at 10, off to a Joisey breakfast, the pork roll thing, then off to the shore to check out what remained after Hurricane Sandy. In some areas, not a lot. We went back to Mike's house and his mom made perogis, stuffed cabbage, kielbasa, and more for LaR and I. YUM. Went to Lord & Taylor at the mall after. LOVE THAT STORE. Got a $225 blazer for $39. I'm gonna be styling at work.

Monday morning-
Up at 4:30, at the airport by 5, 6:00am flight riding first class, baby.

Merry Christmas, guys!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Party Time

Wow, this week has been full of parties...

Principal had her goodbye party - it was one of those must attends as she walked through the building shooing everyone out to go to her party. It gave the impression she was taking attendance and her wrath will remain for those who didn't go. Sissy and I show up about an hour into it as we were stuck at school, and after the principal did her first shot of tequila. We ordered our drinks at the extremely slow bar, found our seat, and chatted with the math teachers. We watched the principal do her 2nd shot of tequila, and she became social. That lead to her thinking she and I needed dinner plans when we come back from Christmas break, and well, she put it on her calendar on her phone... hmmm. After, she sent out an email guilting those who didn't attend...

Had a Christmas party for all the tutors I work with at Mike's. It was a potluck and white elephant. We had like 10 people show up. Hilarious to watch all my coworkers dance to Just Dance on the Wii. We stood around talking a lot. Mike taught everyone to play poker, and Sissy had a good time. Sissy and I danced to the Ting Tings. We played poker until nearly 11, then after everyone cleaned up Mike and I finished the wine left over. Bed about 12:30

Up at 6, and that was tough. Drove off to work. No students!!! We got to enjoy a day of doing grades and getting organized without admin or students. Good time! We had a cookie exchange, Sissy and I had baked chocolate chip cookies in our inebriated states the night prior. We also had cream cheese cookies I baked. Sissy told stories about her daughter having fun at the party too. She's 2 and danced along with everyone. She refers to me as Uncle Mike, and Mike as Uncle Mike 2. It's too cute!!! Mike's heart melts for her. She wanted chicken nuggets and he made them up for her, he found a kitty for her to play with, it was all too cute.

Weekend was good, relaxing. Now it is off to do errands before NY.

Found a most awesome bar I am going to be at, a gay, country, line dancing bar, in the Hell's Kitchen area, called Flaming Saddles, on 9th Avenue. Should be fun.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

NYC Holiday

About to leave for my NYC holiday and planning my stops.

So far this trip will be acting like a local. We are going to do some window browsing at Macys, Lord and Taylor, etc. We will be doing lots of local eateries. Holiday dinner with friends there. Exploring Soho. We want to explore Brooklyn. May also meet up with Dan in OKC. May see a show if there are cheap tickets... BF doesn't want to see Avenue Q.

What are some must dos? Any thoughts?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Gifting and trips and the like

What's happening guys?

Let's see what's going on...

Bought Mike's Christmas gift, but may return it, as I have several other good leads and ideas based on shopping with him this weekend.

We are going to go to NY from the 18th to 21 of the month, then to his hometown through Christmas Eve. I jet back to Cali on Christmas Eve for Christmas con la familia y entonces un viaje a Vegas con mi familia. When I arrive back we are jetting off to Texas to do a roadtrip from Texas/Oklahoma to Cali.

My birthday is right after we get back. I would love to do a dinner at Mike's with my friends like Gonzo, Sissy, The Guy and his BF, Mike's friends J&B. Or maybe go to a nice restaurant. Maybe go to brunch at the fancy hotel nearby. A surprise party may be cool.

It is going pretty well. I have another observation sometime in the next 2 weeks, most likely this week. Fingers crossed hoping it goes well. Please don't come into 9th period.

Moving in.
I paid my first bill living in Mike's house tonight - the water bill.

My leg, my supposed torn meniscus, turned torn ligaments, then shin splints are still undiagnosed - going to pester the doctor for an MRI. Physical therapist determined therapy wasn't working and referred me to orthopedics. Need to make an appointment with them.

For my medically inclined friends, I have a popping still in my knee. After a day of standing I have what feels like a pulling pain in the muscles below my knee along the inside and outside of my leg. It can occur on either leg. Shin splints? No sé.

Elex Michaelson just came on ABC7. This fool can't tell a story to save his life. He also needs a haircut. And a nose job. I'm waiting for Robert Holguin to come on before I can go to bed. Robert does it for me.

In Flo Rida's video he seems like he is trying too hard here.