Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm just doing my thang

Yep, that's what I'm doing

Monday 4/30- Spent with the boyfriend
Tuesday 5/1- Family time
Wednesday 5/2- Spent the evening with my bf
Thursday 5/3- Retirement dinner for M- went to that, then came home to my bf. We talked about the retirement and hung out on the couch.
Friday 5/4- Bad last period class. Meeting after work from 4-6. Met him at his house after where he made his pole-n-tuh dish. We watched TV and chatted.

Saturday 5/5- Cinco de Drinko. Fuimos a 2 centros comerciales to shop, Target, WalMart. Breakfast at Panara Got dolled up to go meet J and B at the steakhouse we like. Good times. Lots of talking about pink slips, work, and random stuff en general. Went across the street to another restaurant para beber y dance. Durante our time there we watched an interesting crowd that looked like Dolly P in the 60s, los vaqueros, y the old men who were going to score that night. Weird variety of music from stuff like Spanish Harlem being belted out by the Italiano guy to common Spanish party songs. Mike fell. Ran into a friend of my mother's from the retirement. Mike was ok. I was glad.
 Sunday 5/6- Wake up and fool around. Eggs and pan for breakfast, then play around on the computers before heading to pet shop and Sears. We end up at a car dealer or two, then head to Olive Garden for a bite. The 2nd Sears trip came later in the day for their friends and family event where we got some shirts and stuff for 15% off. Woo. We head home and relax. I lesson plan. Boo. Boring. Grrr. No bueno. 

Monday 5/7- Work away, call the doctor because my knee was killing me, make appointment. Let my bf know. Arrive at his place and he accompanies me as we go to the doc. Stop at Chipottle. We stop by my house and I look for "the airport," but I can't find it. We head to the doc where my mom also was for another leg injury. We never ran into each other. He was a trooper and critic as he said listening to my situation and all of that. The doc said I have an overextended and torn ligament that I need to wear a brace for, need physical therapy, and so that's not fun. The leg pain has been going on for months. The doctor was about to get kicked last night, let me tell you, cause that hurt like a mofo. Stop to buy a band. Head home where we relax and are in bed early due to his 6am day.

 Tuesday 5/8- Family time again. Long day at work.


fan of casey said...

Mike: Hope you make a speedy recovery from your knee/leg pain.

Anonymous said...

Im a physical therspist. Go! Have them give you exercises you can do with out them and at home Do not let them let you see a PTA. They are assistants. Your medical insurance should pay after deductible. Have them recommend different medical equipment such as braces/splints. Good luck.

Aek said...

Stick to the PT exercises your doc gives you. They don't work if you don't stick to them rather religiously. I hope it gets better soon!