Sunday, May 13, 2012

Move In

Thursday Night
Went to Mike's, mopped the floor, watched The Office, and relaxed. I went to bed about 10. He got in about 11:30 from the airport. I said a few words to him, remember kissing him, and that was all I recall.

Up early for a pretty good, yet long day at work. Get off work about 4:30 and head to Mike's. We go out for the evening after he finishes work and showers. We head to return the speakers we'd bought during the weekend. Stop at Offise Deepot and then down to Chevee's Mexican for a couple margaritas. While there we chatted about our week, our coworkers, and then I complained about how hot it was on Tuesday night when I was at home. He said, "well you can always move in with me so you won't have to put up with that." I said, "I might have to," and was surprised, so I didn't say anything definitive. He went on to say my responsibility was taking care of the yard. We then chatted about food or something totally off topic after. Is this how I expected the invitation to come? Yes. He's not the type to build up a big convo and make it some dramatic event- just low key. After 2 margaritas and proclaiming I was at 96% alert and only 4% gone from the alcohol we headed out- he said I was much less. We head to WalMart, try on a few shirts, then head home. We fall asleep on the couch after lots of tickling and touching. It was uncomfy.

We wake up about 8:30, shower, and then do some cleaning. He gives me a chest for clothes and I put all that had been in my travel bag next to the bed in it. We then go and retreat to the couch where we watch TV. We eventually head to Kohle's where it si packed for mom's day. We get a watch for $5 after lots of Kohle's Kash. We go back to the Mexican restaurant for more margaritas, flautas para mi, and chips. Good stuff. We head home and warn each other to not fall asleep on the couch. We watch the Thursday night shows I'd actually watched on Thursday night, then head to bed.

We are up about 7:30 after hearing Mike's screams about the mice guts on the floor. His kitty got 2 mice in the middle of the night. I didn't hear anything. It traumatized Mike, so I cleaned up the guts and I snuck outside to get his birthday gift. I got him a speaker and a cup and a few other things. He was surprised and liked it. We go outside and dig holes in the yard for plants, plant, and then mow the yard. Good times. I shower and then head home to meet mi madre for Mother's Day. I give her a purse. Family got her some flowers and necklace. We're going to lunch and then I'm heading back to take Mike out for his birthday dinner.


fan of casey said...

Mike: Yay! So you got the green light to officially move in. Or do you think it wasn't sincere but just a polite gesture?

Aek said...

Woah, big step (or not?)! Hope all goes well. :-)