Monday, December 17, 2012

Party Time

Wow, this week has been full of parties...

Principal had her goodbye party - it was one of those must attends as she walked through the building shooing everyone out to go to her party. It gave the impression she was taking attendance and her wrath will remain for those who didn't go. Sissy and I show up about an hour into it as we were stuck at school, and after the principal did her first shot of tequila. We ordered our drinks at the extremely slow bar, found our seat, and chatted with the math teachers. We watched the principal do her 2nd shot of tequila, and she became social. That lead to her thinking she and I needed dinner plans when we come back from Christmas break, and well, she put it on her calendar on her phone... hmmm. After, she sent out an email guilting those who didn't attend...

Had a Christmas party for all the tutors I work with at Mike's. It was a potluck and white elephant. We had like 10 people show up. Hilarious to watch all my coworkers dance to Just Dance on the Wii. We stood around talking a lot. Mike taught everyone to play poker, and Sissy had a good time. Sissy and I danced to the Ting Tings. We played poker until nearly 11, then after everyone cleaned up Mike and I finished the wine left over. Bed about 12:30

Up at 6, and that was tough. Drove off to work. No students!!! We got to enjoy a day of doing grades and getting organized without admin or students. Good time! We had a cookie exchange, Sissy and I had baked chocolate chip cookies in our inebriated states the night prior. We also had cream cheese cookies I baked. Sissy told stories about her daughter having fun at the party too. She's 2 and danced along with everyone. She refers to me as Uncle Mike, and Mike as Uncle Mike 2. It's too cute!!! Mike's heart melts for her. She wanted chicken nuggets and he made them up for her, he found a kitty for her to play with, it was all too cute.

Weekend was good, relaxing. Now it is off to do errands before NY.

Found a most awesome bar I am going to be at, a gay, country, line dancing bar, in the Hell's Kitchen area, called Flaming Saddles, on 9th Avenue. Should be fun.

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